Dear Mr Kavanagh,

There have been 5 letters of complaint.  The first was in 2012 where in Mr Howell’s response he was going to bring the matter to the GCC in a meeting on 24/05/12.  Three other letters of complaint went in this year before I was removed from the register, all to Mr Howell, and one final one to Mr Dunshea.  Perhaps you could explain why the GCC’s complaints procedure, as advertised on your website, was never adhered to.

The law says that not only must you be transparent but also that you are being seen to be transparent.  How can Mr Howell remove me from the register whilst he has 3 complaints which have not been dealt with hanging over him?

Mr Button has all the details.  There is no point making another complaint as you have not dealt with the others.  I did ask Mr Dunshea to add all of the correspondence which I finally got back from Mr Howell to the appeals bundle.  This is evidence again of more breaches of protocols and procedures, receiving paperwork 6 months after the statutory time and a solicitor’s letter.

I would appreciate a prompt response as to whether my complaints are being dealt with or ignored.  I have no paperwork back from the GCC at all on the subject. Therefore, until we have clarity I cannot make my decision on representation or whether the GCC’s actions are illegal.


Howard Lamb

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