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28th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Letters in the post and should arrive tomorrow.

Due to the holiday season prob nobody will see them till Tuesday, so I’ll put them up next week.

Howard Lamb

28th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Over the hols I’ve been busy. 

A friend’s niece is training to be a psychiatric nurse and has been taught to restrain. She was concerned that they are not taught to talk them down or see the early signs of a melt down and know how to defuse the situation. Restraint during a meltdown will be brutal on the patient and prob damage them further. They are there to stop the patient hurting themselves or others. They have no understanding as to why it is happening and often use restraint to show their authority without understanding the damage they do. Heaven help the child because no one else does.

Like the minders Child X experienced whilst in care. Just follow him around and if naughty restrain him so he is taught not to be by abuse.

This is happening every day all over the country. Ramming square pegs into round holes. When traumatically stressed and at the end of your emotional tether, restraint often puts them into a much darker place. I could rattle on for hours as to how they feel during and after restraint, none of it good.

Whilst all this is happening, the people responsible are on holiday having a good time. 😡

My New Year’s resolution is to get justice for those who have none. Often not diagnosed or wrongly and with human rights withdrawn, what chance do they have?

Once the next batch of letters are ready to go out, hopefully before the new year and on people’s desks for when they are back to work, I will copy you all in. 

Text to a friend:
Re ADHD, even the bloke who invented it, said it was not correct before he died. This clearly did not suit the Gov’s purpose, and they ignored it. 👍 Goggle it if in doubt. i.e. Who invented ADHD and what did he say about it before he died? 👍 It’s up on site prob 2 years ago or so. But better to check what I have said, just to be sure. ✅

It all depends on staffing levels, if all my staff have caught Covid, it will be all hands left to the pumps.

I’ve been isolating so clear, first 3, BBC, cc to sky and the guardian, if time one to Panorama. Next wave to Lords, Commons and regulators, next wave to police commissioners and chief constables.

If no response at the correct level, I will have ticked all the boxes for the ICC. If for political reasons they fail, court of human rights. If that fails we know for sure Europe and UK are in a political dictatorship and democracy/justice has been resigned to history, and the kids still suffer.

Been working on my letter to the ICC and it’s nearly done. 10 working days to respond as all professionals have or we go for a trip to the Haig.

Same letter and attachments just posted to someone else with a compliments slip, ✅ job done.

Works better than restraint and cheaper in the long run 👍 National Autistic Society – Autism Dogs CIC

Maybe nurses and teachers could have the same training. Sit. 👍

The SS could go to Battersea and right bad reports blaming the dogs for being abused. ✅

Text to a friend:
Gov should prob show the death rate of non-vaccinated people in comparison to those with jabs.

Just saying. 

Howard Lamb

24th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Another year nearly over but still no justice for autism.

As long as those responsible will not take responsibility nothing will change. 12 years ago, when I took on Child X, I thought it would only take a few months, how wrong can you be. Thank you for all your help and support, I’ll make sure it’s not been wasted.

Once Open Reach finally sorts my landline and Wi-Fi, I will continue the fight.

Have a great Christmas and keep the air you breath clean. 👍

Howard Lamb

22nd December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why do donkeys do that? Well they have a routine, girl comes to gate rattles bucket of nuts, donkey knows time to go in. ✅ Why won’t you go through the gate donkey? Waiting for my dinner, sod off.

No communication. If the bloke had engaged with the donkey and given him some nuts, after the donkey had thought about it for a while he would go. However, any aggression and you are back to, and who’s army. Talk to the hand. 😂

I had a patient yesterday who suggested that the country goes on strike at the next lockdown until Boris resigns.

Lots of anger out there.

Howard Lamb

21st December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 

Well at least Openreach turned up this morning and if I get lucky they will have me back on line tomorrow.

No chance of getting anything out before Christmas.


Howard Lamb

20th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Where do doctors and the NHS come into this corruption of the system? Good question. There is no other condition where non and wrong diagnosis is acceptable. You might have some symptoms of cancer so we will put you on a waiting list to infinity and diagnose you at post mortem. Doc’s get struck off for less. 

So why is it ok with autism!

ADHD, all part of the spectrum, means they tend to do the opposite i.e. You must go through the gate donkey. Why, I’m happy here? Let ‘s make him. You and who’s army mate? You lead a donkey and give him some nuts and tell him how handsome he is, and he will follow you anywhere.

No exactly. Never get involved with a battle of will with an autistic child, always find the soft root, you must engage and let them want to do it and then they do. With their own will.

Why not autism and ADHD only? Well, you put naughty boys in their place and make them toe the line. With autism you have the right of special needs and it cost the gov.

Blame the mum for having a spectrum child. Job done. ✅

Sight, sound, taste and speech. All autistic kids have trouble in one area or more.

All ADHD is, is a mental dyslexia, where pathways are crossed so you don’t get the right response to the message. We deal with it in time, with the right help and environment. Short sharp shock and a rigid regime defo not the right treatment plan. 🤔👍

The brain is complex. Through experimentation over years, I felt the brain was affected through malfunction of the brain stem, disrupting both cranial and autonomic function leading to the symptomatology of autism.

Now I realise that creating your own new pathways to make better connection is the way forwards. The brain stem relays to many areas, if processing is down in one small area it can butterfly effect the rest. Hence ADHD. Big topic limited space. 😂 Try running a circuit board when the circuit is not properly connected. Brain far more complex so it can adapt but not function fully in all areas. Iie. The genius who can’t tie shoelaces. 👍😂😂

Butterfly effect. If control to chemical function is impaired or the normal levels are compromised or exceeded, add mental health into the equation. Fright and flight is a last option and rare in the norm. Once traumatically stress and burning cortisol 24/. Time and reason go out the door as they just need to run away.

Even the steroid freaks had to change their cocktail as cortisol will damage your brain. Psychotic incidents back in the day. ✅
No, the docs don’t do it on purpose. Has to be policy. Clinicians diagnose, Eurocrats don’t.

Howard Lamb

19th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Boris was at no 10 before Christmas, so technically should have been at no 11 throughout. I have not got full recollection but think he went to the country estate at chequers. 🤔

A scots minister had to resign for that, the eye testing driver had to go. 🤔

Why would you go, their flat is huge and had 100k spent on it 🤔

What went on at the country pile over New Years. Only saying 

Bet the press or WikiLeaks know. 👍 

There has to be a record of comings and goings. Security and all that.

Good point. Yea the date of dep of Ed letter was 2nd of December yet arrived 14, long out tray or Christmas post, or? 🤔

Another Miss Marple. 

Prob sent after they received my last letter to Boris to deflect and cover arse. Well, we did do something after all. 😡

Not at all. I have great sympathy for social workers and teachers who are sent into battle based on the corruption of the norm. 

Naughty child in class has to respond to the norm, the naughty child is normal but needs to be handled differently. No facilities so no chance. Not good for child or teacher ‘s mental health.

Same with the SS only option is expensive council care with training for the norm and try and normalise a traumatised spectrum child, recommend fostering then cheap and someone else’s responsibility. Lock up the rest and abuse them further, sod human rights.

It’s those who tell use black is actually the new white that I have problems with.

Chinless wonders, job worth spec and the tickers of boxes that corrupt the system.

You can’t write it, Boris on diet because of obesity and recommends everyone to live on take a ways to save the high street.

I’m British and the virus can’t touch me, even though obese, over fifty, unfit except for PR pics on a bike, heavy drinker and recreational drugs prob in the past. Oops nearly die, thank you NHS. Blame my mother! She said if you don’t let something in through the front door, it tends to find its way through the back. Hence my stance on drugs. Humans have always used them.

If you don’t let them in and control, put back and tax, you have a trillion-dollar illegal industry fuelling trafficking, prostitution loan sharks, fraud on a global scale, etc. 

Just think how many more bobbies on the beat solving car theft and burglaries rather than searching a Rasta for some herb. 👍😂

If drugs were legalised and taxed, without growth in the industry, the revenue over a decade could revitalise the who country and lead the world in the new green economy. 🤔

Only difference is people who were acting illegally are now legal and have quality control, the criminals are potless. ✅

Too radical for me and hard to police but your right. Criminalise more than 2 units of alcohol a day and the NHS and services would save billions in health care and police time dealing with piss heads at home or out on the town. Why is that ok and everything else is banned.

Are we adults over 18 who can make our own choices and learn from our mistakes which is human, or pain in the arse voters who have to be controlled and not listened to. 

Harsh penalties for drug sales to the under 18, and maybe over 21 for chemicals, let the brain develop first before messing with it.

Yea a phone app that the new chemical and herb shop, so let’s say cocaine will have a max per month which you are not able to exceed. 🤔

I’m sure if there is a will there will be a way.

That could be the answer, Boris had all his kids and mothers over to chequers for a late family do so they could all be segregated in a Manson rather than not socially distanced in the flat. 🤔

Legalise sex workers as oldest profession, tax payers like everyone else.

You can prob plug your personal member into a virtual reality, but I would expect not quite the same as reality. I have no expertise so could be wrong.

Equal pay for women.

Starting to sound like a party political/Sunday sermon. 😂😂😂😂

People use drugs, then start to sell to pay for their own habits and often get dirty habits. If you take that out of the equation it must help. 

Howard Lamb

18th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Of course, if they all did Christmas parties what chance they stayed in for new year piss up? Only saying. 👍

Press prob have it already and will start between Christmas and New Year. Boris prob had Trafalgar Square closed so whilst pissed could dance in the fountain like in bygone years. 😂😂😂😂

All on CCTV but Dick couldn’t find any evidence.

New Year’s resolution. Hold people with responsibility responsible for their actions. A bit like everyone else has too.✅

Your right it must be a sad time for Boris not being able to be with all of his kids. I bet he let his hair down last New Year. Home with new bride and baby for days. 😂👍🤔
Is checkers a New Years game then? Oh, the place. Helicoptered in top nobs, got your drift now.

I do love a Miss Marple over Christmas.

Howard Lamb

17th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

I got a response this week from the Department of education, who the gov had referred me to. Letter from Department of Education More deflect and defer I’m afraid.

At least I know for sure they have received my letters and done nothing about the issues I’ve brought up.

More cover up and perverting justice but when there are two sets of rules, what did I expect.

Well done Shropshire. ✅ And Amersham and Chesham who started the rot. The people are saying very clearly, they have had enough of the lies.

I have put the letter up today (Letter from Department of Education). Working at home and still have no phone or internet.

Text to a friend:
One for the profilers who got it wrong again. 😂 This is London calling. Tallyho 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 I repeat Tallyho. Over.  😂😂👍

Well behind, have Boris, the Christmas message, on the go. Letter done to media but still looking at the profiles of possible recipients, avoid yes people if you can. 

Phone and internet still down, prob trying to keep me quiet. 👍

Child X duty over weekend as mother washed out and having a three day break. She has had one hell of a year.

Next week chaos at work. Prob all go Christmas Eve, or not. 🤔

Derr, fox has broken cover, let loose the hounds. Tory thing so I thought appropriate. 

4 Jacks? SOS to Parliament. Morse. ✅

4 parts of Britain bar tax free zones.

Depends on who asks really. 😂🇬🇧

PS Leave the unvaccinated alone. Many will have good levels of immunity, as have been exposed to it for 2 years. Some will have had mild doses and have natural immunity prob for life. Some it’s religious, others it’s their way of life. 

If you are tipple jabbed, you can still carry and infect others. Clean the air and a new cheap test that takes minutes, like pregnancy test but oral or nasal. 

Had to be the second option as Parliament on holiday till prob second week of Jan after their new year bashes.

Why do their holidays coincide with disasters? Well, they don’t have to answer awkward questions at home. Order, order, mines a gin and it, rub some cream in could you. 💋 

The Irish accord. Do a Monaco to Northern Island, vat only tax. Open borders and it will act as a safe buffer. The Irish are trustworthy and religious people so can be left to sort their own island out.

EU will export to the south and UK to the north, then it’s down to the Irish how they move forwards. 

About bloody time. ✅

Howard Lamb

15th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
So the American who drove on their side of the road and had a tragic accident is coming back to face the music.

Let’s hope that a deal was not done to send Assange to the USA to take her place.

They couldn’t be that cynical, could they?

Howard Lamb

14th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Working hard on three letters. Not ready yet but should be gone by the end of week or beginning of next.

Interesting few days ahead with Commons vote and Shropshire by election. 

Still no response or any responsibility from the gov. 

Is justice just a thing of the past? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Long day, one of those, sort one thing and two more pop up. Everyone wants treating before the next lockdown, no appointments left till new year and trying to squeeze in emergencies. My staff have right hump turning patients away then others non attend. 

Oh, sorry was it today! Obviously feeling better.

I got a bulletin from Dick Brown, world chiro association saying, wash your hands etc. Follow WHO and I’m on over 100k a year and done nothing. Well, he was at the bottom of Child X handling by the BCA when he was chair, so sitting on or behind the fence is par for the course.

You thought his name was Richard. Not after what he has done to the profession. 👍😂

Not being harsh. He was part of the Singh cock up, he got rid of me because I wasn’t diversified and had an impeccable track record at the highest level of conditions and showed crack and crunch up. He didn’t stand up for Child X and diagnosis and is responsible for our therapist status. He shafted the profession so not harsh enough. ✅

Why so busy at clinic? 

It goes back to Dick. Covid rules from public health England rubber stamped by the GCC/Regulator and BCA.

To comply we have lost 75 treatment slots to stay within the rules. With a practice with over 20k current patients it’s just under a quarter of all appointments gone. Yet with our covid clean air protocols we have been open virtually all the way through without any infection to patients or staff.

Can’t learn that from behind a desk, adjusting your keyboard. Same goes for PHE GCC/Reg.

Seems nobody wants to listen to a naughty therapist, and that’s Brown’s fault as well. 😡

Howard Lamb

13th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why wannabe? Patel, a very common name.

One for the masses not the elite. But maintains the princess attitude.

Whip their own! I refrained from members. Ok.

Do I think Boris will go before Christmas? Prob will go down with long Covid and have to retire between Christmas and new year. But pos in first week of Jan. Start the year off with a bang and not a whimper.

Depends on the puppet masters behind the scene who will not want my letter to the BCC to go when all avenues are exhausted. 

It will take a month or two with nobody at the helm, prob do better as the Crown Services take up their proper roles. 👍

Dear Santa, 

I have been a good boy all year. Please could you help move things forwards to help all the kids who were not as fortunate as me. 💋

Howard Lamb

12th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 
Yea can’t wait for Boris to tell the truth at the public inquiry. Firstly, that will be a novelty. My experience of PM’s is that people can be shown to have lied their tits off and nothing is done. Multiple experts and legal teams. 

They have had plenty of time to get their story’s straight. All briefed and ready to go. Then after years when we have forgotten what was said. The conclusion will be mistakes were made but let’s move on. 👍😂🇬🇧

Oh of course, mistakes made by those naughty scientists who we listened to then didn’t do what we were told should happen. No PPE you see, and we need to make Britain boom after Brexit, then Boris could retire from Parliament, write books, have more kids and get pissed at after dinner speeches, at 200k a pop.

Wake up Boris, you blew it. 👍 Whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

You can see why he doesn’t want child abuser anywhere near his C/V

Indian prince etc. Sunak and Patel (wannabe) Interesting case studies. Wheels within wheels. 😂👍🇬🇧

Well India is a very rigid class structure and elitist. Don’t need that after Boris.

Lots of immigrant genes in the cabinet but no Scots, Welsh or Irish. 🤔🤔🤔 

Oh yea, big time. Javid floundering at NHS.

Science says it could be disastrous. And they are being C’s and just not B’s

In terms of lock down. Clean the air and Covid will go. Left to run rampant we know what happens. Take viruses out of the air you breath and then you can’t catch it.

Very good. 😂 The offshore islands prob have the most influence. ✅

Don’t get me on to nutrition, I’m still at clean the air and don’t pollute the water stage. We are what we eat! Eat shit and you die young and often horribly.

Here’s one to try at home. But and cook your dinner from say Tesco’s. Then check, by analysis, what nutrients it contains. And then compare to what it should have. ✅

All that lead from petrol, pesticides and industrial pollution has been leaking into our soil and water table for generations, all ingested by our livestock, veg and fruit etc., that we eat. It’s not rocket science.

Have I ever thought of a public life? 😂😂😂😂

I passed wind as a baby, once the barons want a change that would be the end of me. Well unless I have info that could protect me. 🤔 That’s how politics works!!!!

Hopefully the gov will lay out all the mistakes made during Covid and what’s been done to correct them. This will give a base line as the rest comes out and we will see the truth and not the lies. ✅

We have ministers for the home nations. Yes, but the ministry is there to make them do what Parliament wants, not stand for the people. Can’t their MPs do that??

What’s the whip for? Drrr should have said, weak or no opposition and whip your own.

Howard Lamb

11th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
It would take 50 MPs (con), who want to save their jobs, to cause a challenge to Boris and get rid of him.

So, write to your conservative MPs and demand they follow the voters advice.

Then lots of sodding about before we get offered a failed idiot. Mrs May, God bless her, would never normally have been PM. Who else is there, the Indian prince and princess, Gove who has become invisible? Good reason. 👍

Man from the foreign office who likes to be away in crisis running a ministry, who did the same. 

Dead pool, no shining light.

You might as well give the Queen back her country as she actually cares about it. Prob do far less harm.

Howard Lamb

9th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister

Text to a friend:
Letter should have hit Boris by now. Doing all the others letters over the next few days.

Dear Miss Dick,

I know the police don’t deal with theft or fraud any more or deaths in custody but if you still look into child abuse, please see my 23 letters to prime ministers. The family would be grateful for any help, as would all the others who will be restrained and abused over Christmas through wrong and non-diagnosis. 😂

A bit harsh.

Should be named after her rather than Peel, Bobbys or Peelers. ✅

Check out the stats and see how things have changed over the past few decades. ✅ Home abuse and rape figures are shocking. Prob just all bad mothers so it’s ok. 🤔

Not just me then. Guardian article – I was Boris Johnson’s boss: he is utterly unfit to be prime minister

Not just me then, catch the video of Boris up north being sniffed by a police dog 😂 Business Insider article – Traces of cocaine found in the UK Parliament, including near Boris Johnson’s office: report

Howard Lamb

8th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Boris top up ready to go, short but not sweet. The media follow up will go early next week. All takes its own time as this is not my paid job.

Foreign office showed their true colours yesterday. Oops on reflection, Sir Chinless with large pension, thought he might have cut his holiday short but did phone the office. Nobody there of course as they are all working from home.

Total disgrace, how many Afghans died. 

Just think, if they all came to work and did some, thousands more could have been saved.
Who cares a few Afghans and a hole load of old people dead. It’s not as if they are important people like the ruling class like Sir Chinless. 😡😡😡

We did not realise it would collapse so quickly. You are the foreign office for god sake, you should have done.

Text to a friend:
Yep, more piss takers. ✅

No, you can’t sack Sir Chinless or his union will get him a huge pay off, like the head of the SS over Baby P. It’s a mess. 

How many letters are there to prime ministers? At the last count 23.

One response from May and one from Boris referring me back to the council.

Not just me then. Guardian article – As we turn away, Boris Johnson is grabbing more power. Where is the opposition?

Howard Lamb

6th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Re care homes. Just look at the ads. Wash hands and don’t touch your mouth then social distance later, to the new ads where smoke comes out of your mouth and fills the room with replication and will infect everyone unless you open the window and infect those outside the house. Sure, open windows when sunny as UV light can deactivate or kill the virus. I remember old people waving at relatives from their closed windows to protect them.

The gov knew it was airborne. They had no PPE so wash your hands was all they could do. Wrong lots of ways to clear the air of infection. Why didn’t they use them and instead took away their rights to be resuscitated and duty of care? How many extra deaths did that cause?

No total disgrace. All on web site in the chronology at the time. ✅

Don’t get me on the subject of the latest Baby P. This one killed by his stepmother rather than stepfather. Missed by everyone who had a duty of care.

I would love to do a case study to find out what trauma twister the stepmother to be so wicked. Most prob more failings in social care.

The first cruise ship infected had active Covid still lurking in dark places 3 weeks after all the passengers got off, might have been a hint as to what happened in care homes. Prob why the Chinese sprayed anything that did or didn’t move with disinfectant.

As for everyone taking the piss. Someone has stolen my car, never mind sir, insurance will cover it, we only deal with proper crime. Well, someone hacked my computer and stolen out of my bank account. That’s fraud sir not a proper crime like murder. Banks crashed the world economy and we will have to pay off the debt for ever, well did anyone die sir? Mmmmm

How many people or what percentage of murders were carried out by policemen? Can’t tell you that sir as a D notice on it.

The gov has been systemically abusing children through wrong and non-diagnosis and kids have committed suicide.

That may be sir, but we are not allowed to investigate as they are our bosses. ✅

Anyhow we have no resources for that scale of investigation as most of the chaps are investigating activists who want to make democratic change. 👍

PS Sex as a hobby. Well, if you can’t have kids, what else do you do with that time. 🤔

Just heard Boris on the radio giving it large about recreational drugs and his crack down. (Sorry about the pun) Society takes drugs for everything. They put kids on speed for god sake. Yet you can’t use them to have fun. You educate everyone to take drugs then say no to recreation. Prob why it’s all in such a mess.

Legalise cannabis and get tax off it. Make sure that small businesses thrive by control of amount each can produce. The harder and more expensive drugs like cocaine which are cut on the streets with all sorts of nasty things should be legally controlled and taxed. Party pills put together in an illegal factory should not be allowed on the streets unless they have a mark of approval and taxed. 

The billions in revenue then can help the addicts and country not fill an offshore account for the criminals.

To many people use for it to be illegal. Several million pot users and party goers.

If pot is illegal how can alcohol not be. Look at the damage to health and society that has caused. It’s ironic that Boris’s generation did alcohol and Charlie. 

Maybe the Cabinet should have a line or two so they can actually get something done.

More effective than curry on the cabinet table and that’s a fact. 😂😂😂

Isn’t alcohol recreational? Yes but makes people fight and go home and beat the Mrs and kids. You can’t do that if stoned on the sofa.

Exactly, pop round all the toilets in gov offices, no 10, 11 and 12, Parliament for traces of cocaine like Gordon Ramsey did at his restaurants and I’m sure we would all be shocked by the results. Spot alcohol and drug tests for all civil servants and we would really have a staffing crisis.
Well the armed forces have to do it and they won the war on amphetamine. (bennies)

If Boris was really interested, he could have the sewage monitored from all gov buildings and tested for illegal substance. Prob have already so blame someone else. ✅

Howard Lamb

5th December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If the midwifes are ruled by outside politically correct pressure groups. How perverted has the gov got from capitalist pressure from business which have fortunes to throw at them? Just a thought, not in a position at the moment to show proof.

Well, they are not that stupid any more. Distant cousin, head of a shell company run out of the virgin isles, who knows, old withers DG had an office over there for several months.

The Cox Papers. 😂😂😂🤔👍

Who in their right mind pays a solicitor millions if it’s not doggy? Only saying.

How can you waist 34 billion on an app? I bought one the other day for next to nothing. 🤔😂 Even if they skimmed one percent, where could they put it? 😂 Job for Miss Marple, follow the money.

World beating. Scam Boris should have added. All part of their callas criminal incompetence I expect, cover up and prob perverting any form of justice. All’s fair on the uneven playing fields of Eton. 👍🇬🇧🤮

Registered under an assumed name for security. Then if hacked would not show on an algorithms, there must be a million ways since Panama. You all got exposed and nothing happened so crack on boys and hide you ill gotten gains.

Who is going to pay for the conservative waist and capitalist actions? Yes, our kids, and prob theirs, but as they will be living in caves again through global warming. No responsibility will be accredited or punishment handed out unless we start now. ✅
Prob should have been a Chinese girl and a South American boy to be non while pc. But I get where they are coming from. Love who you want, be happy. I really don’t care. ✅

So it seems that the political class (pc’s) are correcting us and then using it so only pressure groups write law which they can then manipulate to protect themselves further and tie everyone else up in trivia so they can’t see what’s happening in the real world.

You can’t say woman in a maternity ward but it’s ok for the system to abuse children. How do you get your head round that one? 🤔

A bit harsh. 

If they got off their vibrators and found true love, they would be less active as content. 😂

Don’t get me into the criminal negligence at the care homes, sent home infected, closed widows and everyone died.

Yea true love not about sex. ✅

Gay people I have known seem to look at sex as a mutual hobby. Often enjoyed with others. Just like golf, but always with a happy ending. Their relationships were based on love. Nice people.

Well 50% of golfers are dissatisfied as losers. 75% in foursomes just playing with each other in a group. I bet the stats would be totally different with a rainbow game. 😂

If Freud, founder of modern psychology, had been drug free he might of made some such comment.

It’s a sin, well until enough MPs got done, so had to change the law.

Would you get more exercise with golf? Not really but you prob would get some fresh air full of Covid because every window in the country is now open.

If you can’t look on the ruling class as a spotlight for ethics, honour and good behaviour and give poor example. Everyone else who can, seems to take the piss as well. As seen in today’s society, all for one and anther one for me.

Why were the Ten Commandments smashed? All in the history. 

Howard Lamb

3rd December, 2021

Dear Patient,

A wasted week, my home phone and internet been down and no contact from Boris.

Kids are still not being diagnosed, with Covid everything is on hold, millions of people caught in the back log and extended waiting lists. What a mess. 

One hopes the new variant, omicron, even though more complex, will not kill as many as the delta strain. The Spanish flu started to weaken after the first few waves. Finger crossed.


Text to a friend:
Have I heard back from the profession? No not as yet but an official letter of complaints will go if I haven’t had a response. 

I know the membership is fed up. They got no protection or financial help and many practices have been damaged. Let alone those with long Covid. The regulator, not being a clinician was clueless and just followed the party line and did not protect the patients or profession. So much for independence.
Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, no need for a mask, just keep patients at a social distance. Not much help with a deadly airborne virus.

The tower tragedy inquiry is still going on. How long will the Covid inquiry take? Prob until we’ll past the next election. Well, a fire started and was not stopped, is far less complicated than the Covid cock ups that killed 150k.

When the National Health is locked down, they are all still paid and the waiting lists grow, when we were locked down our overheads still had to be paid. Rent, loans etc. Some help on the lower wage scale but in truth a total disaster for many.

How are the letters going? Top up to Boris done, lead letter to media done, doing letters to others over the weekend. 

Checking for additional paperwork to add to the equation. Then early next week pull everything I need off the computer at Pinner and send.

Well, they will all be off soon for a nice long Christmas break, ironic as a time for children, except those who are naughty and are abused instead. 

All viruses have airborne capabilities. But no PPE. So, let’s just distort the truth and hope we can muddle through. ✅ Shame about the dead but they will get over it in time. Scandalous. 

Don’t get me on the EU. They have been worse if anything slagging off our Oxford jab so their companies can make profit.

USAx3 don’t even go there. Kills the poor and blacks, no problem then as they don’t vote. Well, it’s the USA. The poor and blacks can always be replaced by new immigrants. ✅

That’s what happens when you get the stats wrong. 40k a year die of flu, Covid will only kill 20k. So, go through the motions and protect the economy after Brexit.

Oops got it wrong says Ferguson. Change direction so time was lost. Whilst still ramming punters into trains which were not disinfected or mask appropriate. Any bugger could fly in from anywhere, ports open for business and not tested on arrival. Others it was self-isolate with no checks. By then 

I had disinfected, carbon filtered, essential oil mist to encapsulate and switch virus off, salt in the atmosphere and UV lighting at entrance to kill or switch off Covid at the door. An antiviral barrier cream for hands and face, mouthwash and gargle. I wore cotton clothes in clinic which would absorb and dehydrate Covid not plastic where it could survive for days. No cases at clinic. ✅ Not to shoddy for a naughty therapist. 😂

Sage, who are they and who was involved in this scam? Well, you have to ask the question, or you will never get an answer. Mark you even having asked the questions over Child X, you still are not guaranteed to get an answer anyway but at least I can’t be prosecuted for covering up child abuse. Law says you are equally guilty for covering up a crime. Just criminal, well past corrupt. ✅

All professionals if told of a crime have to report it. I don’t write the law just abide by it.

Aiding and abetting, perversion of justice. It’s ok though that right honourable, truthful chap Boris is in control. No worries then. 


Very funny. Ferguson had to be hugely well endowed to still be socially distanced with his mistress. 👍😂😇😎

You’re on a roll. Sage must have worked with onion to stuff the country. It’s ok though most are knights or will be when the heat is off, defo no corruption. 

Major cash for questions, Blair cash for honours. Cameron just worked for cash.

At least the small fortune paid to the Princes Trust got put to good use so a charitable act worthy of a knighthood.

No, they are meant to be top scientists. They knew it was airborne and said nothing and followed the party line. Public health England should be close, and Sage disbanded and something with ethics should be put in its place. 👍🤔😡

We will listen to the scientists, especially those on our pay roll or in our pockets.

What other conclusion can you come to after the latest gov UK radio and tv campaign re airborne transmission? Open your windows and infect those in the street. Nearly 2 years in and that’s the best they can do. Heaven help us.

Only thing I’ve agreed with mini micron the frog Prince about. He is a clown. 😂😂😂

No national insult, more fairy tale. Abducted by the wicked witch and waiting for a Covid free kiss from a lovely lady or any that takes a fancy.

Well Boris is one of ours so something had to be said, I could not defend him so had a pop instead. 👍😂😂

Yea yea, glass houses and stones. Keep your nose out this is for us to sort out.

PS not looking good for him over there so rattle the racist anti Brit rattle to get votes.

A total abbreviation of the Danish king’s name who could not turn the tide. Starts with a c.
Premiership to be regulated? Are they mad? Look what regulation has done for my profession.

Metaphorically all regulators who are not truly free from privy council manipulation, should be shot at dawn for abuse of power and cowardice.

Well, you did ask for my opinion. 👍🤔🇬🇧

Full investigation for criminal incompetence, cover up, and perversion of justice for both Covid and Child X, and I will believe in CHRISTMAS again and have good will to mankind, wildlife, planet, etc 💋

Howard Lamb

1st December, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to profession:
Right at the beginning it was wash your hands, don’t touch your face then later be socially distanced. Now it’s airborne open your windows. 

It was always airborne hence the controls I put in to protect my staff and patients.

I was right about that and I’m right about child abuse. Who listens to a naughty therapist 😡 though? Just wrong. 

All chiropractors and staff and patients were put at risk because the GCC and public health England were totally incompetent. ✅

Only need PPE for wild animals if you remember. 

How do I put a complaint in? 🤔

Howard Lamb

30th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

You would have to laugh if it was not so serious. The new gov Covid ads re black smoke out of your mouth and filling the room.

20 months late but better late than never.

It’s a long way from wash your hands and don’t touch your face. No masks needed and try to not get to close to people.

They did not understand and did not do the right things or give the right advice. Every clinician I talked to was sure it had to be airborne.

Sage must have known so what was Chris Whitty or the person at public health England up to. Or was he being pressurised by the gov who had no PPE at the start in 20.

The only PPE we needed was with wild animals. After the lockdown we had to wrap up like a sausage roll and try and stay social distance whilst treating your patient, clueless to what we do, GPs do it on the phone why can’t you, derrr.

How many lives would have been saved if they had done the same as us in clinic. Clean the air first, triage to limit infection entering the clinic. Still no linked case and we have been flat out.

Why has it only started now not before. Prob having to sort out what they will say at the public enquiry. New variant, nasty, had to up our game, can’t trust them as far as you could throw them. Christ I couldn’t pick up Boris let alone Chuck him. 😂

Howard Lamb

29th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Spent my birthday yesterday with the mother. We talked lots, watched a Christmas film. Child had a day’s work. So I didn’t write my letter to the press. Mark you at 67 I am retired so can take my time. 😂😂😇.

The Beeb are investigating the thousands locked up. They have programmes on and presenters with autism, then try and see both sides.

Perfect people to send it to. Can CC in all the others.

This is London calling. 

This is London calling.

All hands to the pumps, I repeat all hands to the pumps. 


Sorry just playing with their psycho analysts.

Profilers that the name. 👍

Text to a friend:
Can’t wait to see what they have said in the paperwork. I expect that’s why they have not sent it. 😇

What will the letter say?

Dear Beeb, 

Please find attached my letters re child abuse by the system to two PMs. I have not had any form of proper response.

The mother and child are still waiting for answers. Please could you ask the gov why, for them?

Much of the information you will need is on

Please let me know if you take up the gauntlet and any answers received.

H Lamb

Naughty therapist 

PS I have told mother about that nice Scots woman who made documentaries for you, lives near a lock, riding with her new hip, just retired like me. 😂

Would love to work with her, a favourite patient, lovely lady of rich life experience and lives by the truth. 💋

Is the director gen off Beeb a Beeb or gov man? Good question. After wrong reporting the gov would have taken a pound of flesh or two. 🤔

Well, we will find out, whichever way the gov will get the message. 😂

Naughty therapist. Badge of honour like desert rats 😂😂😂👍😎👍

All hands to the pumps. To bale the ship out and put out the fires whilst our political class have abandoned ship. I’m sure there will always be a hidden meaning. But that means it means something to someone else. Profile your way out of that one. ✅

Well, he would have to do something if no the worlds media was cc’d in surely. 🤔

Where are the pc’s? (political class) Dreaming up draconian measures to protect them from us and our rights. ✅

Retirement over back to work 4 days a week, better than 6. 👍

Howard Lamb


27th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Politics, don’t you love it. Gov says move all patients out of their care as was often inhuman, care in the community is the way to go. Council put in charge and as not clinicians were clueless, so drug them and then it’s all down to them.

As they didn’t know what they were doing they started traumatising kids and when their behaviour got worse, they blamed the parents and forced the kids to do drugs. So, no facilities, no diagnosis (otherwise they would have had to pay for facilities). And it’s all down to poor parenting. ✅ Then corrupt the complaints procedures and just lie. ✅

How does the gov know which tribunal Child X attended or the judges’ comments when I have not given them the details? 🤔 So just ignore him, trash his reputation and finally they always go away.

Trouble with autism is your stubborn, relentless and never know when you are beat. Can’t brain wash us as we see straight through. 😂😂😂 We can also strop for Britain if wronged enough. 
If they had bothered to read the judgement and checked with the placement how much money was paid and why they still treated him as a naughty boy, they would have clear evidence that social services did not comply, causing further mental health issues and physical restraint, or child abuse. All in the paperwork.

If they did receive the paperwork from the tribunal as seen by my regulator and the child’s MP. It’s a clear-cut case of abuse. Which means they have covered up. So you can understand why they refuse to engage with me or apologise to the family. Arsewipes that they are. 👍😂✅ When dirty least you can bin them. 😂😂

Can’t be brainwashed. Well, that’s what they try to do with rigid intimidation. And nothing nice for you if you are naughty, if it does not feel natural to a spectrum child, they will not do it. The more you force them the more donkey they become. Never try and push and shove a donkey through a gate or he will bite and kick you whilst going nutty. A little girl who loves the donkey calls him and rattles a bucket of nuts and he’s through the gate without any fuss.

Spectrum kids go into fright and flight easily especially when young. Without diagnosis and understanding he has or she or all possible genetic combination as equal human beings. 👍

Will block more and more, withdrawing into their own world and protect themselves.

Yea Putin taking the p. Well, the more the west tries to f him over. His people feel poorly treated and the homeland that millions have died to keep together. Is finally broken up by the Yanks. So Putin’s your man to hold it all together and p the Yanks off. Win win. No more Arabs to kill so the arms industry after decades of growth may take a big financial toll on them, so we need to spend billions on a war that can never happen.

America will sanction and try every dirty trick in the book to break up any competition. So Russia needs Putin. 

What, all twelve year olds are we. What a mess. 

If the world limited the arms industry to defence only, that might help. And the trillions saved over the next decade would allow is to get to -1 in temp change by 2040. All easily done when singing on the same hymn sheet.

Lucky China built a wall otherwise it would break it up to proven kingdoms ago. 


Well if you limit stack capability, you will not need such big defences. Has to be a win win situation. A safe and healthy planet paid for from the profits of war.
The problem is they never forgets and will have aggressive tendencies towards those who tried to ram him through the gate. Will feel anger towards them for ever.

The donkeys are no different.

Howard Lamb

26th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still. Yes we would love to investigate ourselves for systemic abuse of those with special needs or no democracy anymore and we can do what we want and we can’t be touched, you work it out.

Howard Lamb

25th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Sky did a thing on the news channel re locked up illegally for 20 years plus, family who had a gov gag order on them. Sky News helped them lift it and got a tragic story of no care in the community.

Even the presenter was moved. Over a hundred locked up for over 20 years and slowly dying in solitary. That’s without the thousands with less than 20 years incarceration. And tens of thousands crashed through the system and spat out the other end. Not just me then. 👍 

How do you find out if you’ve been gaged but they haven’t bothered to tell you? 🤔

Good idea to get Sky, RT and the BBC to ask why there has been no investigation into the clear cut and very well documented Child X case. 😂

Yep Miss Marple, where did the budget for care in the community go? Councils were paid. Prob went on refurb to their offices, civic centre, important things. 😡

Their getting vast sums of money from central gov, rates and community (that’s a joke) tax, grants etc. Yet they refuse to help the poor with special needs, even though they have to by law. Prob why duty of care had to go 👍 

Once they pay their chief executives and the higher echelons, I expect there’s not much left. 😂 

Check it out. Herts County Council and sub councils. On public record. Not always clear, well what do you expect, honour? ✅

Exactly that, once wages, pensions, overheads and staffing there is nothing left for the care, but the system is being paid for. That’s why the SS write endless reports about complex children they haven’t seen let alien have the technical ability to write it in the first place. Nice new office for them though. ✅

All they do is write bollocks, so they only give help to nice people not naughty boys and their skank mothers.

Not just me. Got a couple of my patients who foster, to draw back their paperwork and they were shocked. When problems arose always their fault. Foster parents never told much about the children. These children had known a family they missed and never fully integrated with a new family they never wanted.

Why would there be a problem? Child was perfect when fostered, must be the parents!

No not being hard on the council and SS + Ed. They had the opportunity to investigate after the tribunal. SS underfunded the child’s placement and had him treated as a naughty boy, knowing it would fail and save more money. Child abuse, simples.

If the regulator and GCC had stood up for my right to diagnose as per the chiropractic act, would it have made a difference? Defo big yes to that one. 

Just for the record. The truly missed Sue at the BCA stated on paper that the BCA backs diagnosis so why didn’t the GCC and regulators, unless they were on another agenda? It’s after she retired it all seemed to fall apart. New management, new ways, didn’t go well as now therapists. Should have shown they were worthy of a doctorate to stand for the right to diagnose, didn’t so clearly just therapists. Hung themselves, not my fault ok. 

Yep, SS and ED not insured so comes out of their limited budget. Explains a lot.

Why again and again? Why have they no facilities or staff why are they using expensive poor outside contractors and why are they not diagnosing? Lots more. 🤗

Human aerosol. Masks good to limit how mush escapes into the atmosphere but bad for the infected as breaths back his own infection and C02. 1st wave no masks 40k dead, 100k dead wearing masks. Only saying. I haven’t seen the stats yet for mask wearers and long Covid.  

Early diagnoses again. Gov prob working on a new app you place on your anus and will tell you if infected or not, or was that the French? 🤔

Howard Lamb

24th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Have I done my open letter to the media asking for help for the family to find out why they had been abused by the system then covered up? Give us a chance. Flat out on hols catching up only on everything I’ve been too busy to do.

Could just send a copy of the letters to May and Boris and see if they can ask why communications have been so slow to appear? 🤔

More than one way to skin the cat. I’ll give Boris till the end of the week and if no show I’ll sort at the weekend, well Sunday as back to work on Saturday. 👍

Yea, pisses me off. They are all on good wages to block the exposure of systematic child abuse by the state. Me, it’s unpaid, labour intensive and whittling away my pension

Yea good wages I’m paying for as a taxpayer. You couldn’t write it. ✅

And you wonder why they don’t want to put their hands up. Corrupt, simples. 👍

When you are autistic and young, a word has a meaning . Unfortunately, words can mean different things in different contexts. 

Child X had no sense of humour. I tied lots of joke to get a titter, finally in desperation I tried what’s got 200 balls and F’s a rabbit? A shotgun. He fell about. Yea that would F a rabbit.

He finally got words can say one thing and mean another.

Corrupt, read the dictionary definition. Works for me. 💋

Why so important to make a naughty boy laugh? Due to trauma, traumatic stress, from past and into the future. He was locked into fright and flight mode and in the adrenalin /cortisol/never ending cycle and suppressed serotonin or the relax I’m happy drug. Laughter releases serotonin and is a start for rebalance.
Prob not the right message for the poor right now. Mirror article – Moment top Tories flood out of lavish donor ball to vote for £900m care hit to the poor

Howard Lamb

23rd November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 
Loved the gov spin on Covid yesterday. We made mistakes, unprecedented situation well except for the plague, Black Death, Spanish flu etc. and everyone else cocked up. Not true. Check out the world’s rankings for dead per head of population. 

All those who put money first are right up there.

Well, he couldn’t say oops we killed 120k more than we expected, could he. I think sage said 20K dead at the start.

Bit like in the New Testament, sold out for pieces of gold. 

Boris is a classics man, he must have known about the plague. 🤔

Yes, I heard the ad on the radio. Covid 19 is an airborne virus, open your widows to clean the air,

18 months late. 

We were doing that in clinic and home, when they said it got into your mouth from touch.

Even if it did saliva and digestive enzymes in the mouth would encapsulate and kill on the way to the stomach. It settles at the back of the nose and dips into the back of the throat, so protect the air you breath and your nose and back of throat by gargling. Not that difficult to do. 

How many lives could have been saved? 🤔 Unprecedented cock up at best. 😂

Google it. Once you know the truth and then look back it can be quite a shock. 🤔👍

Putin Russian capitalist or Tzar. In two minds. I hope as a patriot he bequeaths his state to the state and the good of his people, a Brunel and not an American prick. 👍 

How did I know Covid was airborne? When a super spreader sets off multiple chain reactions without kissing anyone on the lips or touching them, you had to ask why? 🤔

Howard Lamb

22nd November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister

Text to a friend:
I haven’t seen The A word on the BBC. It does not surprise me that parents don’t want to believe their kids have autism.

Back in the day it was seen as the mother had been cold to the child, so it was her fault. That was back in the Victorian era. Things haven’t changed much with social care since then. Bad mother poor parented child, now where have we seen that. 😡

Well, I turned out ok. Taxpayer and world expert in my fields. 

We have a ton of info now on the genetic nature of the condition but it’s still the mother’s fault. Why would they give a bad mother anything and then didn’t? All in the paperwork they don’t want to read.

Diagnose early and train the parents, carers, teachers etc. Then most of these kids can be saved. ✅
The grandfather of the A word child asked if there was a cure? Treat the child right and you don’t know they have a condition. They are not the norm so do not treat them as if they are because that’s what causes them problems. So cute the system and it will all be ok. 

Only 30 percent of diagnosed cases are through the family line, the rest are an environmental or created by man. The question has to be how? 🤔 Autism Speaks article – Genetic Testing for Autism

If you don’t diagnose, how can you find out what’s causing it? I bet they know and are covering that up as well. ✅ Prob only take 10 years to be referred to the correct department after all. 👍

So, 70 percent do not necessarily have a hereditary gene. 🤔 Explains why families with no history are a bit confused, and don’t feel the need for diagnosis. Explains why they don’t want to diagnose and blame the mother if they know why all these kids have been damaged and done nothing about it. Too big to fail. ✅

Why do so many people not want the Covid jab as rightly or wrongly the MMR got the blame. 👍 They know the truth

Just think, if more were genetically tested, we might work out what is switching off genes in embryonic development, or later. That might help. 🤔

Let’s hope it’s not toxic air from diesel, smog was mainly coal fumes so lung disease and cancers. The Germans are looking into paracetamol. 👍

I wonder which German company gave the bung that said diesel was cheap and clean, when tinkered with emissions, and caused toxic pollution which has damaged kids, particularly in the inner-city areas where it’s at its worst? Dead fishy if you ask me. 👍

They would say, had to protect jobs in a competitive global market. But at a very high price for their customers and their families.

Health and safety said diesel much less likely to blow car up in an accident. ✅ Save lives.

Why are tree numbers in London dropping at an alarming rate, mature trees not saplings? Branch drop.

Well, you can’t have a half ton log hit cars or people can you. 😆 So don’t routinely mange and prune as costs money. Chop them down and plant a twig. Much better. ✅

We planted 10,000 twigs but a mature tree absorbs more carbon and releases oxygen to clean the air. ✅

If any survive and mature in 60 or 70 years will there be a planet left for them? 🤔

Austria of all places laying down totalitarian law over Covid. No wonder the man or any gender on the street is a bit concerned. 🤔

Howard Lamb

21st November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I have seen the foster system at its best and worst. If they gave the families the same amount of money the foster family gets, you would solve most of the problems. Basic payment per child is around £370 a week or roughly 20k a year. How much would that help a single parent family?

All I can say from what I have seen is when an out of control child with special needs, undiagnosed, is involved they take the good children and give them to nice poster parents without children and leave the bad one with the bad mother, ✅ job done.

Not in all cases but enough for concern. Then at 16 the naughty one gets cut off and expected to fend for themselves. 👍

Strategic planning. Guess what’s going to happen over the next decade and then stick rigidly to the plan and make it happen.

Right or wrong?

Howard Lamb

20th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Control of the church? Well, if you’ve been covering up there child abuse for decades, how could they speak up for autism abuse by the gov. Just politics, nothing to worry about 😡

Dictatorial state. Control the media. ✅ Gov propaganda machine, red herrings, deflect and defer and no consequence for their actions. ✅ Just lie and it’s ok. ✅ You work it out.
Extra control and security to protect the state from its people’s.✅ Send a new train to Leeds, lie. ✅

No proper complaint mechanism for the gov and its departments. Only had 1000,000 complaints this year but only 4 were upheld. We didn’t do anything because there were no complaints to deal with. ✅

Not the real figures but if you look into them, it’s plane to see that complaints don’t get very far. 

Don’t even go there, ombudsman, they broke the law, never mind, have 30£ for your trouble. ✅

Howard Lamb

19th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Vaccine passport. Well, you can catch it and carry it after vaccination. Some people have T cells that react quickly in the early stages of infection and deal with Covid well, others have had it and have good natural immunity, so what’s the point?

Testing, with a test that works properly is the only safe way to make sure people are well.

If you have had 2 jabs will the passport cover you if you don’t want the third. All red herrings but they have to be seen doing something. 👍

Weissenbach states only one percent of all infections are a second dose of Covid in either the vaccinated or not, new variants I expect will alter that as time goes on. Those who were not vaccinated are statistically more susceptible but on so few cases the difference is not so much,

Do we need to be vaccinated?

Long Covid and or death without, higher survival rate in the over 65’s.

Do kids need to be vaccinated? No, they have super immune systems, can they infect others, yes but with or without vaccine.

All this should have been sorted before the pandemic. The report out today shows what a shambles it was. 50 people from the cabinet workforce of 8k did their best I expect. Clearly not good enough.

It’s airborne, clean the air and protect your throat, easy to do, so why haven’t they? 😡 

It would be sensible for the House of Lords to have a registry of people who each year have for filled the minimum requirement to have a vote, some good deeds, hours logged working on something proper, not just a call from head office to get their vote when needed.

We need to check the quality and use of their work, even lords can be dumb arses. Just here to make up the numbers and killing time before lunch, another brandy please. Maybe an hr in the secret cigar smokers’ room. 🤔 Hard life at our expense, don’t you know! Maybe I missed that lesson. 😂

Lords non-political and unbiased to protect the people from the worst of House of Commons.

Well, knock me over with a feather. Never seen that in my life. Who twisted that one in the dim and distant past? From watch dog to lap dog in a century. Explains why the country is in the shit. 😇

If you can manipulate the Commons, House of Lords, Privy Council and church and can only arrest himself, we are already in a dictatorship.

God bless parliamentary democracy. It works but only if you untwist it. All on same hymn sheet and singing in tune. Like a top orchestra fine-tuned to perfection. Then nothing is unsolvable because no blocks are put in its way, internally or externally or buy lobbying.

How cool would that be? 😎 


The 2 tuna photos were taken by a guy on the boat with us today but the best view no one caught as it was so quick and close to the boat was a 400-500 lb tuna completely out of the water. So memorable. 🤩

Blue tuna on our south coast. Global warming, sunfish a few years ago. Their hungry and should not be here at this time of year, if ever, bait fish depletion and the shoals left over a much larger area. Not good.

Howard Lamb

18th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Long overdue but all I can think is someone will take a bung and it will go away in time. Guardian article – Environment Agency launches major investigation into sewage

Well, think about it. They have illegally been discharging for years, every time it rains, under the supervision of those who will now investigate. 

Yes, they broke the rules tons, and we didn’t notice. 

Needs to be independent otherwise we will get a political solution, i.e. no wrong doing move on. ✅

Says it all, Independent article – UK ‘dangerously close to elected dictatorship’ under Boris Johnson, Ken Clarke warns

Text to a friend: 
All this need solicitors to make good law. What a crock that is.

We have things called Law Lords. Rare breed and rarely seen but between them I’m sure they could do a better job than a solicitor who works for Withers.

Makes you wonder how he has helped change things and to who’s advantage.

Absolute power corrupt, if there is no responsibility or downside to your action people take the piss As seen in the political class. Not all but if a bad apple has flourished, since Major’s cash for questions scandal, hence the code of conduct. It’s very deep and protected because they have slowly corrupted the system to protect themselves.

That’s scary 

Old American, years ago, whilst marlin fishing in the Azores, told me he always voted for the new guy who gave a shit. Never again as by their second term they have been corrupted.

I laughed but now see what he meant. 🤔 

Withers, another rabbit hole. I started there pro Bono with an outstanding human being and top solicitor. Long story but didn’t go well for her, I wonder why?

Hence my solo effort because no one else can get hurt. Especially a good friend. Personal on several levels. All power play and bullying. I was made for the job. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

17th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a day.

Positive clinic, finished top up to Boris and hopefully will go Friday and up on site Sat. Gov will prob be looking at it as I text. 😂

Not the letter I wanted to write but Boris has the attention span of a goldfish unless written by Shakespeare, being a classic man. Half a page or so but he will get the point.

The rest of my evening is putting together a document to a solicitor over my landlord where I live and Savilles their estate agents.

One is so tight no water gets in, like the duck. The other as useful as a hole in the head. One says the estate agent is unreliable and I agree, the other one says it’s the tight landlords fault. I was without heating for 3 months one winter because they cocked up. Money I pay to keep the grounds is not used to do so. Long list.

Should have done something sooner but been busy and didn’t need extra stress.

Then they took the piss again. 🤔 Not going to go well for them ‘ I expect. 😁👍😇

Text to a friend:

Coal power, they want to extract the CO2 from the hot air from coal power stations, pipe it 500 miles or more to store it under the sea in the empty gas fields. 

Why not use the heat to generate more power and either on site or pumped to a facility where the air is filtered and wash through an algae farm to produce oxygen and a cash crop animal feed? To simple and haven’t given anyone a bung to sort it I expect. 😡

Mining coal is not environmentally friendly and causes huge amounts of greenhouse gas. All plant should have a CO2 recovery system then they can convert it to oxygen. Algae not the only option.

I wasn’t having a pop at Putin. The people’s party manage to improve the life expectancy by 45 years. Mark you Hitler and Stalin didn’t help. As for the nasty Ruskies after the war. Poland was the only one I felt sorry for the rest had killed 20 million Russians. So was never going to go well in captivity. It’s not the sort of thing you forget in a hurry.

Yea prob the same between China and Japan who murdered millions in their quest for empire.

If the Brits had been like that in India there would have been no Indians left except slaves. They were part of the empire freemen not slaves. Well not fully true but point made. ✅

It makes you wonder. France and UK declare war on Germany for invading Poland, what about Russia who took the other half? Surely Russia with its non-aggression pact with Hitler we should have gone to war with them.

Mark you Stalin would have said and rightly so, what’s it got to do with a little island off Europe and a country everyone’s beaten at some stage. Good point.

If we had not declared war. No Dunkirk or battle for Britain as Hitler was on his way east. I wondered how it panned out in the multiverse?

Howard Lamb

15th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If we had known from the start Covid had been developed as a tactical weapon in the first place, we would have had a better idea of how dangerous it was. It will keep evolving so it will be impossible to wipe out.

I’m sure it got out by accident but why would you develop a tactical germ in another country? 🤔 Because you are not allowed to do it in your own.

Ironically it backfired on America and hundreds of thousands are dead. No one will ever be prosecuted. What a world we live in.

As for the non-existent gold reserves to back the dollar, once it has been shown the world will be bankrupt. USA x 3 ✅

Can’t wait. Pay 5 cents on the dollar and global debt will be removed and we can afford to go green and save the planet. Where is the world’s gold?

You have to feel for Bojo, voted in to stop Brexit from dragging on and walked straight into a pandemic.

Clearly not told by the Yanks it was their fault and Trump played it down, clearly was going on under Obama and not his responsibility. Just like Boris with systemic child abuse. Things need to change.

Apparently, Germany wants their gold back from the us and haven’t received it. You have to ask where they got that much gold from after rebuilding from the war and we were potless paying for it.

Swiss have billions still, corrupt from top to bottom.

What happened to all the gold Japan stole from China and the rest? Well, I expect it was paid for their new industrial societies which plundered the world and created much of the green houses gases.

The whole idea of gold reserves was to cover national debt and underpin the currency. Has America got multiple trillions in their reserves? No chance. They haven’t even got enough to give back to those countries that stored their national wealth with them for safe keeping. Too big to fail so goes on regardless. ✅

More gold on paper than there is on the planet, including what’s still in the ground, you work it out.

No wonder the Yanks keep quiet on what’s in their reserves. inspection of one vault at Fort Knox which was full.

The other 12 were prob empty, and the gold reviewed was another nations, like their mates the Germans who want nukes on their borders to protect them from those communist Ruskies who had their gold stolen by the Nazi’s.

Where did America’s gold go? Prob fuelled the arms race to have global dominance. What do you reckon? 🤔

You would have thought that our debt at the end of the war would have been passed on to the losers, but it would seem we got shafted and the Yanks, Germans and Japs rebuilt on stolen gold. I haven’t finished my research yet, but it looks pretty clear at this stage.

America can just print money not backed by the gold standard and then rig the markets so they can earn a fortune on a worthless currency. Exactly backed by paper gold that does not exist. ✅

I expect Trump was told it would burn out after a short while and stay local to China. That would explain a lot.

Win win, mess up China and leave them the blame. USA USA USA. 👍

I expect Russia’s debt is so low because the west will not allow them to borrow money. ✅ World Population Review – Debt to GDP Ratio by Country 2021

Work out how much global debt minus gold held by individuals and industry etc. in comparison to what has been mined, minus that which has been lost or sunk or buried. Then you start to see the truth.

How much does a few billion wedding rings weigh? 🤔 Gold teeth? Bangles, necklaces processors, catalytic converters, long list.
An ounce coin from 200 hundred years ago will have eroded gold powder at a microscopic level and weigh less now. Complex equation but you will get there, I’m sure.

Gold prices are high, and gold is in demand so sell lots of paper gold backed by the dollar and make a killing. Nice people. Let’s print some more dollars.

The French sussed it back in the day. Got everyone to pay them in dollars and cashed them in for gold and made a huge profit.

USA x3 then stopped linking the dollar to gold because they had run out nearly. Then the carpet baggers got to work.

No wonder Bin Laden hit the trade centre for being corrupt. Robin Hood to the Arab nations, Darth Vada to the west. No excuse for killing the innocent with no blame.

Look what Russia has done with low debt since 1850 where the average age of death was 29. 2021 it’s 73, just behind America. Ours was 81 in the figures I checked but sounds a bit high. Shows what a great job our Doc’s and NHS has done under bad management and under funding.

Hence the crisis in care living longer, costing the state more in pensions and care.

At the end of years of austerity because the banks turned out to be thieving bastards followed by pandemic. 75 years of hard work to up the average death age and a huge retro step due to pandemic and longest waiting lists ever.

What did communism and totalitarianism do for the average Russian? Added 45 years+ to their lives. ✅ Not all bad then.

Hence Blair and co opened our borders to bring in young people to keep the economy afloat as we can see by our new multi-cultural society, and they wonder why some of the indigenous people to our islands got the hump and we saw the start of racism. All Blair’s fault. 😂😇

De Gaul, God bless him got screwed by the Yanks during and after the war. He must have died a happy man knowing he had screwed them back and set France, his true love, on the right track only to get screwed again in later years by the Yank, Germany and Japan coercion.

Don’t even ask what they did to Italy for being on the wrong side and Spain/Portugal for abstaining.

All shameful as pr’d for freedom and democracy when it was morally bankrupt and hard capitalist intent.

Putin makes me laugh. He gently takes the piss and rattles their cages. He’s a Russian capitalist and does not want war. What could he possibly gain? Let’s beat up the hysteria and the dumb F—-ers will not see what we are truly up to.

Why was de Gaul screwed by the Yanks? You work it out, he turns up with free French and Vichy troupes backed by the allies and they would have ports in the soft under belly rather that the carnage of his country and the lowlands that took place. Give that snotty little French bloke a chance to be Napoleon, not a cat’s chance in hell. ✅

Sleaze round every corner. Guardian article – Almost £225,000 in wages and freebies taken from gambling industry by 28 MPs

Howard Lamb

14th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Struggling with letter to Boris.

Can’t do the subject justice. Mark you it will not be long before Boris goes and so does his protection and open to criminal investigation.

The walls are closing in. Does the Tory party want a man in charge who is going to get slaughtered by the pandemic inquiry?

Women coming out the woodwork. Sleaze round every corner. And his misses doing satanic art. He doesn’t look well. Sick of Covid but not infected maybe.

If I don’t get it done tomorrow it will have to wait to my holiday week from the 21st. First week off since last September.

It can be added to the list. Will let you know. ✅

Not just me then. Help Guide article – Helping Your Child with Autism Thrive

Text to a friend:
I have a lot of patients in Boris’s constituency which borders on mine and I’ve been told by some of you, that plans are afoot to deselect him.

Prob just hot air but you never know. Almost worth joining the Tory party to have a voice. 🤔😂

Wow who sticks to that anymore, certainly not Boris. National Gallery Article – The Seven Principles Underpinning Public Life 

Howard Lamb

12th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Well that’s how they do it, by stealth. Bit by bit, year on year.

Gov has removed its duty of care. It did the same for the councils a few years back, prob to stem the tidal wave of litigations. Recently the ministers code, oops, I didn’t realise I was bullying, never mind I’ll try not to do it again. Good enough for me says Boris. ✅

People change but the damage done to the system continues.

For me to get anywhere in this country I would have to make a citizen’s arrest and private criminal prosecution. Boris is the only one who can sanction an investigation into his actions. So much for democracy. And more kids hit the grinder which will ruin their lives. 🤔

The Privy Council self protects, where the perpetrators of crime are in a position to control and will manipulate any outcome or in plain English cover up and arse.

When it comes to cash offshore and tons in the bank, how can you have an honour system. I just can’t work, greed or the right thing. Let me think about that one for a microsecond. ✅

No brainer. Let’s slowly twist everything so we can do what we want and never have to face responsibility and can grab a ton of cash. The big problem with that is it spreads throughout the country. Follow our leaders. 👍

All goes back to Blair and the Yanks.

The cabinet system in UK got demoted and the all-powerful PM came in.

Exactly, Tory party behind closed doors decide policy and the donkey make sure it happens and are expendable but protected for life through manipulation of the Privy Council and offices. What a mess. Well at least we can see the truth, how to make them make change is something else.

Sorry GCHQ. Donkeys as in donkey work not a personal swipe. ✅😂 Proof in the pudding. If they had honour and were working for the greater good, why would they feel the need to cover up? 🤔

Have to sign off, mother just called, Child X on way over in a bit of a mess.

Child ok, ego a bit battered and looking into the hopelessness of his life. Got it off his chest and hopefully some guidance. 👍

Back to the Privy Council. If it was honourable and working for the greater good, why did we have the bloods scandal? Years of hidden perversion with child sex abuse by the church and councils etc. Chilcot and the crocodile tear from Tony. Windrush, tower inferno and cladding, white wash pandemic and a ton of other stuff. 

Prob why the Cabinet Office is so over staffed keeping everything under control. Sod justice, everyone for themselves.

Who would have thought that by going the extra yard with a child in need we would end up with corruption (Sir K gave a good definition) at the very top.

I did say right at the start I was told an unbelievable story, but as it turned out it was all true. 👍✅Yea, old Brunel paid off the national debt with his fortune.

Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc. have helped to create national debt by tax evasion and self-interest.

What do the two messages say about how we should all behave? 🤔 Bit too deep for me but hate American pricks and loved Brunei’s work. 🤔

Beats me why peers are party political as all should be working for the greater good and not politically motivated. Let’s fill the Lords with our type of people then we can corrupt the vote to help our party. How does that not become a conflict of interest or abuse of power? 🤔 Always more questions than answers. ✅🇬🇧

How does strategic planning fit in? Well, if you want to cover something up and can move the bar so it gets twisted and ingrained into the system, so it can’t ever surface. Having control of the planning. 🤔 Bit of a help I would say.

Why did all this happen in the first place? Good question! On best guess as have not seen all the paperwork but from experience walking through their systems I would say.

Short sharp shock would solve autism so no need to diagnose, only a delinquent child through shit parenting after all. A few years of that and the number of out of control kids shot through the roof but as deliberately underfunded could not change.

If truth came out it would cost financially and politically so much better to twist the system so no one could win a complaint. To be able to do that the system has to be perverted at all levels so the donkeys get a tick in the right box.

Just my thoughts, they can’t take them away, or can they? 😕

Howard Lamb

10th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news. Letter being revamped and prob be sent end of this or the beginning of next week.

I’m having to be careful what I say as they will look for any excuse to debunk it. 

I will then send one to the Welsh cat, old sixth’s dad, with an open letter to the press asking if they can get some answers for the child.

Text to a friend:

Yes, very true. You would have thought that education would have moved on from the 50’s & 60’s , the only change, and not for the better, is instead of canning regularly, the kids are restrained and drugged instead.

Just like restraint, canning mainly didn’t go in the book because it would go on your report and the parents might ask questions. As was clear from Child X.

Bad mother, we will show the little fecker what discipline is. Piss taking little £&@? ✅ 

Yep, not only their special needs not attended to but disciplined constantly for being themselves and not being understood. You do that for a while then you avoid diagnosing traumatic press, post and present. It doesn’t go well for them.

Why do I give them names or misspell their proper ones? Messes up their algorithms. 😂😂😂😂

When everything is based on the honour’s principles, and they have become a thing of the past. There is no honour, ethics or justice in any of this shame on our nation.

In the old days I expect so many got shot at dawn or run through in a dual that only proper people two stood for honour survived. Prob make good pay to view. 🤔

Sir K v Bojo. Who would pay for that? Nothing would ever happen. 😂

Well, how can there be an opposition when they created the situation and started the cover up. 🤔

Well, they are going to get a shock when their algorithms didn’t pick up on some major points. 😂😂😂😂👍

Why boxing when so young? Show me how to control my aggression so I could learn Latin, I expect. Defo failed Latin Sweet left hook. 👍😂

Even the Italians don’t speak Latin, so what was the point?

It’s impossible to explain the damage done by rigid discipline with consequence to a young brain in chaos.  You try and force what we can’t do and cause blocks which effect the rest of our lives.

Only a naughty boy and bad mother after all. ✅

Howard Lamb

8th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If the child did so well at mine, why did it all go so wrong? He was only at mine part time. He got restrained at Roman Fields, the school he was at after standing up to someone who was verbally abusing him. So that placement had gone, as had lost the child’s will to be there. Later there were several incidences of bullying in the community where he lost the plot and went into mental decline. 

I paid to have him go to the placement some time before the tribunal because he was not safe.

Why hasn’t Boris stood up to the plate? Yes Prime Minister, you don’t have to worry about it as we have it under control, more important things for you to do. Then when it breaks it will be well we did tell him. ✅

Well, the mandarins don’t like people coming in and changing things, what next?

That’s been my problem with the top up letter. I don’t want to pin the tail on the wrong donkey.

That’s true, we will only know with a proper independent investigation.

Thanks for that, I’ll pin tails on a few donkeys and see what happens.

Exactly, it can’t just be one person covering up. There is prob hundreds involved. So much for democracy and the democratic process.

The placement was full of good PR but one dimensional in its application. SS had influence as was paying half, which they never did and backed by Dr W’s reports showed he was just a naughty boy and the mother had conned the system. For God sake they tried to restrain him in the first week after promising they would find other means. Child told me when I went to see him. I know it was true even though they denied it because I had to re balance his wrists that had been over extended when he tried to break the grip. An injury I had seen before after restraint.

That’s why it will be 3 volumes, mother, child and me. We could just take the money, but the jobs not done. ✅

It’s all in the early letters to the GCC and cc’d profession worldwide. More letters for a rainy day. 😂

Well, I can still be a bit thick. I thought I would get some help but once thrown out of the profession by the GCC and BCA who were affiliated to the ECU and world organisation. The Penny dropped I was on my own. No change there then. 👍

Good old BCA with help from the UCA. I have resigned my memberships a few months before it came to a head to see what would happen. The BCA did nothing and the GCC overstepped the mark. Oops luckily, I had anti sips ted that and didn’t need much help to be re admitted to the register. And when you poke a major general in both eyes, you tend to know what they will do. 😂😂

Why would the BCA do this? Politics. 

Yes, yes, you will have consultant parking in all NHS facilities. But you have to be standardised crack and crunch only, so Lamb needs to go.

How did the mother con the system? You will never guess. She had a new bloke in her life (me) and wanted to dump the kid.

No, I will not talk about the placements except to say money first, kid last. I hope in time there will be prosecutions for the lies they told and the abuse they child received through wrong diagnosis and do not want to prejudice and future prosecution. All in mothers’ paperwork.

Yea, fancy man and naughty therapist. Prob why they didn’t listen. 

Well, when Dr W gets it wrong who is going to listen to someone outside their normal circle, so the myth turns to legend and the child goes through the grinder.

Due to the complexity of the child. W missed the autism and traumatic stress. Only thing he could do as no other options but drug him into submission. That’s when I came in.

What about SCA? I presume they were out the loop. Otherwise, I’m sure they would have painted their arses blue and gone all brave heart. Lots of kids in Scotland are autistic and not diagnosed. Hardly any diagnosed through the pandemic so will be 4 years to past infinity.

Fancy man the naughty therapist, of course I needed the back up of my main association and regulator. They decided to trash my reputation instead. Horrible man, we had to throw him out of the profession but got back on a technicality. When you have total power and no morals this is what you get.

Luckily in criminal law you are innocent till proven guilty, and you hear both sides of the storey. The mandarins can’t do it all, somewhere in the Privy Council beats a heart which is black and rotten to the core. 

Read out load by 8, I was and still am crap at reading out allowed. I had a public inquiry and made a huge hash of it, much to the pleasure of my opposition. Luckily on paper and stitched them up like a kipper. 😂😂😂😂

How do they make the system work? 👍 Break the will of the child and he will normalise. If that’s not mental abuse, what is? If he doesn’t conform, drug him. All the same so no need for change.

Prob old 6ths dad the new keeper of the secrets backed by the perpetrators who are still alive. Get rid of Boris and I get top job with total power. 🤔🤔 Just thinking out load.

It makes sense, if they have been blocking the truth, scapegoat Boris and put your man in charge. The new earth Vada sorry that’s Darth. 

The easiest solution? Stick to the code for public service, honour breaks out, or Boris actually sees the light that he has been set up for the fall and stands with us against them.

Yea we’re screwed. Pork chop hill again and again as normal. 👍😂

Howard Lamb

6th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Good old John Major having a pop at Emperor Boris the Tsar. So, he has some honour. So we don’t need to go back past Blair to get to the bottom of it.

Why some only? Curry on the cabinet table Leads to demerits. ✅😂😂😂

Fed up with racism. There will always be arseholes on both sides so never about colour. It’s bullying full stop. I had much when young. Naught boy call Lamb. Ba Ba Ba, black sheep, lamb chop, woolly jumper. All the way to sheep shit in later years.

I got bullied, lost it, someone cried, I got the cane. And they wondered why I would not engage. Don’t wait for Lamb he is dense said the teacher.

You stand up to bullies. If in the changing room I had been bullied, I would play reverse cricket where my stump hits his balls, then go for a pint and become mates.

I forgot were in the 21st century where we have been worked to death. Hay ho. 

In my case the headmaster told my mother I was a disgrace, and she was a bad mother. Just before she slapped him. My last day at that school. 🤣 I remember thinking there is a god. 🤔😇

Not my fault, the silly sods taught me to box from the age of 6, got medals and cups. Not so much for French and Latin when I could not read out load till 8. Just dense in those days.

All part of why Child X and I bonded. Similar experience and fishing. He never knew he was in therapy otherwise he would never have come to my place to begin with. I was the first person who understood him and explained it was not his fault.

I was a bit childlike with him. The mother at times could not tell who the worst had been, but he was able to talk. Fears anger and frustration, no confidence and no trust, traumatically tressed all became clear so I could then see the autism and special needs. Hence my diagnosis. 

I’m sure I could throw something together if anyone would like to know. 😡

I had a large double garage and storage room I didn’t use , so put some tools in it and a mini moto to be rebuilt. Had to sauce parts work out cost, use internet etc. Duck to water, 3 moto projects and a concept bike later he went to the placement after the tribunal.

Good days, no meltdown or bad behaviour. Never saw him as was busy. 

Why mini motos? He was bike obsessed. A hook to catch a little monster. 😂

Howard Lamb

5th November, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a week in politics. Boris tried to save a mate and make it more difficult to get a result against corruption.

Mark you when it comes to a criminal act, there is none.

The rules say the PM would have to resign and then face the music. 

Only he can make himself resign. What a mess.

Howard Lamb

PS Still no news, no surprise there then.

What’s the chance that Boris would be a rt hon gentleman? About zero, maybe less.

Text to a friend:
All in their rules and regulations. Boris is meant to above reproach. 😂

In reality what happens is they cover up. Then the baton is handed to the next in charge and they bury it as not their fault. All aided and abetted by those in charge of the Privy Council.

They use our taxpayer’s money to protect themselves and justice is avoided by those who are there to oversee it. As Sir K said, corrupt. ✅ 
What about the kids? Spend billions and have reputation trashed or ignore their plight because they are poor and have no voice.

Vote Con, look we just waist money on these poor parented children. So what’s the point in wasting more. Better to look after the rich, because they look after us. ✅

Yep, airtight case and caught red handed. But I’m innocent. On appeal, case thrown out on a technicality. Told you I was innocent.

Look at the Singh case. I’m allowed to be wrong because I’m press. Because I’m allowed to be wrong, I must be right. I was gob smacked at the time. 

What loophole did I use on appeal to get a win once removed from my profession? 😂 I didn’t need to as the regulator did not understand his own regulations. 👍✅🇬🇧😂😂😂😂 To be precise the form for retention. 🤣

Well that’s what you get when you have someone without clinical experience or knowledge running a clinical profession. A major general who battled with a pencil as a solicitor throughout his illustrious career but knows how to control those in the ranks. ✅

You work it out, he had to do a huge u turn and replace me on the register on exactly the same paperwork as before. Considering he was under complaint, at the time, which was covered up and trying to pervert justice over child abuse and doing nothing. Of course, he retired and it got buried again. All in the paperwork, on file and on the record. ✅

Good soldiers do what they are told. So, who in the Privy Council told him to act like he did? Always more questions than answers.

Of course, I know what the government will do and has been doing for decades because I had a trail run with the GCC, structured by the gov. In a one suit fits all system they all work the same. 🇬🇧 Very good. We work to the norm so only deal with the normal. Anything else gets buried.

All GCC members appointed by the Privy Council, hardly independent then. GCC publication – GCC Governance Manual

I did offer the Major General a choice of having the complaints heard at the Privy Council or GCC. He did neither.

The system is built on trust. Everyone should fall on their own sword for the greater good. 

Well that clearly history because you can’t trust them one inch to do the right thing, especially if you could lose votes. And the only one who could give the justice these kids need is Boris. 🤔🤔🤔

I resign and arrest myself. Not in his brief for today, there’s a surprise.

A totalitarian head to a parliamentary democracy and hundreds of thousands of kids suffer. Tends to explain why I’ve got the hump. The system will get there!

No, it hasn’t and hardly likely to if someone has to take the blame. Cover up and run away. ✅

If things went wrong, sort them out. Don’t hide from history or try and change it to your advantage, otherwise the lesson is not learnt and the cycle of abuse continues.

3rd November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Two weeks are up and still no response. My top up to Boris will have to go next week rather than this due to staff hols etc.

I watched Biden prattle on about the great American democracy. 240 years of it. The first 80 still profited from slavery, the next hundred had blacks segregated from whites and the last 60 years blacks were accepted if rich and famous. 💥

Maybe they should look at how they teach their history in schools. 

Howard Lamb

PS Blacks got the right to vote in 1870. Some democracy for 150 years, never let the truth get in the way of bullshit 👍😂

When did women get to vote? 20th century. 🤔 Are women and blacks treated the same as white males in their democracy? Paid equally, etc.? But Joe said so, so must be right. 

Text to a friend:
One for COP26! We have over 13,000 wires on our rivers and each river has tidal flow, each can create energy from turbines. Just a thought. 🤔

HRH has an Archimedes screw on Windsor weir. How cool is that? Eco friendly and does not kill fish 👍 or Crustacea. 

Water mills could generate power, been around for thousands of years, derrr.

Cost gov f all. Private consortiums, landowners. If built to last will generate power for a very long time and prob cheaper than our windmills. Most the weirs, like everything else are old and nackered so win win. 

With the excess energy you could split H2O through electrolysis and power cars. 🤔 Plus, release 02 into the atmosphere. Already doing it in Shetlands. 👍✅

Text to a friend:

Hadn’t thought of it that way but see you point. If Macron was so great, why are there tens of thousands of refugees leaving France? Having to swim the channel to get away. 👍😂🇬🇧

Same thing was happening at the end of the 1930’s, Poland and Germany having a tiff, the Italians fed up. Greece, Spain and Portugal have huge Debt and sunshine economies.

North Africa is a mess, the Bulkcans are still smouldering, and the list goes on, Middle East through Burma.

What an F ing mess. 

Times short. 

Wow what a shock, who would have guessed. What you get with 240 years of democracy. 🤔 Guardian article – US oil giants top list of lobby offenders holding back climate action

1st November, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why didn’t Doctor W not diagnose high functioning autism, ADHD and traumatic stress? I can only go by what I saw and he showed no interest in the child and argued with the mother about medication. Suppress the naughty boy. Nothing else put in place, anger management, back up care for mother and child, treatment for his special needs, etc. 

Instead, he needs strong adult drugs that may suppress brain development. ✅ Next. 

I saw the lot right at the beginning. I mentored him at psychologist, police, council on false charges, solicitors, SS, cams. Saw the whole system not working for him as was just a naughty boy and bad mother. ✅ All in the paperwork plus mine they have not seen, done at the time and in storage for a rainy day. Hopefully theirs. 😂

Any doubt about diagnosis? Well, his paediatrician when young, top Ed psychologist, me and two different NHS consultants say he is. Doc W just gave him drugs.

And accepted by the judge at tribunal but it really pissed the SS off, naughty boy ripping off the system, blame them then pervert justice. 

Of course, Boris knows. Cabinet Office has 8k+ employees. When you are on Mount Olympus and think you are untouchable, this is how you act. 🤔

Why will they not communicate if they know your right? Good question. Prob gone too far down the wrong path and the penalties could be extreme. All a bit python, run away. 😂

They all had to portray me as a naughty therapist to hide the truth from a qualified clinician, recognised and regulated, with vast experience in the area.

Who in the privy council was pulling all the strings? You know who you are, soon we will work it out. 👍

Child still has problems with basics. Everyone forced him to be normal which alienated and rejected him emotionally, so he blocked. Reenforced by multiple traumatically stressful daily occurrences. No difference to the psychological torture used by USAx3 over the years. And they wonder why he can’t normalise.

Cop out 26 years on. People will change, business will change. The only ones stopping it are the politicians and greed. ✅

Evolution not revolution, and you can’t evolve when suppressed by outside nondemocratic influence. Who’s pulling the strings there then?

Oops I expect the CIA will send in seal team 6 for that one. 🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

When child was told to leave from the psychologists’ clinic, did I go with him? Had to as was banned, unfairly I though, having not said a word but I was explaining to Child X what he was saying to the mother about him in terms he understood, call it autistic brail. 😂

Apparently did not go well. Prob why he blocked the mother’s chances of a second opinion. All in her paperwork.

I thought at the time why would he do such a thing, then it all started to become clear. All in my notes from the time. 🤔

What, no racism when all the planets people speak as one. Great but how do you do that? 🤔 The one planet and one voice party. Would that help? 👍🇬🇧 How would that work? 🤔🤔🤔

Well only top people of varied experience who want to help people and save the planet. Should stand as candidates. So con + planet friendly. ✅ Or SNP + or the Taff and Micks. And a Gove can form from planet friendly people no matter who you vote for. Ethical business saves the planet with our help and guidance and Parliament as was goes to the natural history museum. Any help?

What about the Lords? Leave them where they are as moving old people can damage their health. Luckily their brains still work and are old enough to remember when things worked properly. I’m sure if they could mount their steeds, they would join the battle.

15% minimum world corp tax. Behave, they will just hide the profit and still be legal. What could a planet wide people party do?

Look at the big picture and make the global changes to bring the planet together and all sing from the same hymn sheet or the correct individual religious artefact. Bloody political correctness when they are not correct themselves. 😡🇬🇧 

No shit Sherlock 👍 Guardian article – Ministers’ conduct needs to be properly policed, review says

Howard Lamb

31st October, 2021

Dear Patient,

The rules are in place, check out values. Same their bosses perverted it. Government website – Civil Service values

How does wrong or non-diagnosis and then writing fiction about the child, fit into their values?

Text to a friend:
Well, the mother and gov have all the paperwork and all the fiction written by the CS and SS over Child X. If you wrongly or do not bother to diagnose all that is written is bollocks. 👍✅

So, they write bollocks to tick their box and the next level can tick theirs as well, tick, tick, tick. Then Boris says it’s ok.

Well, they can’t all be wrong. ✅ Well they are because it’s a wrong or non-diagnosis so opinion at best. Not medical opinion leading to diagnosis but that of the person on the street without any real qualification, certainly not to diagnose. So myth turns to legend and the kids suffer.

All in the paperwork. I took quite a slagging. 😂😂

Well, you can’t have someone who knows what they are talking about poking around can you. 😂 Some bloke who cracks necks. Not highly qualified. Consultant status, most experienced in Europe for control and management of complex musculoskeletal injuries affecting and affected by the CNS and autonomies with a 30 year history of treating autism. 🤔

No different from the letter I sent to the major general at the GCC for the family. No new revelations there then. 3 or 4 years ago and in the archives. You work it out. Gov has all paperwork so didn’t need to ask the mother and Boris playing Possum. 🤔

If you go back in time to the original chiropractic act and read it. I’m doing exactly what it said on the tin. 

Never cracked a neck in my life. 😡

Howard Lamb

30th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Not just me then. Guardian article – Hundreds march to remember those who died in state custody

Howard Lamb

29th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, putting together another top up to Boris next week about aiding and abetting. If I hear anything I will put it up. 

Howard Lamb

PS Good luck to Assange.  

Text to a friend:
Already written just having to tone it down as very harsh at moment but deserved.

What did I think of the budget? Smoke and mirrors. A crust to the masses paid for by the middle classes and the rich get richer. ✅

Exactly, how can you get justice if the gov is aiding and abetting by perverting justice. Questions asked but nobody wants to respond. 

If they do it will give my work credence, if they don’t it will be buried as soon as I stop.

How do you make Boris actually do the job rather than ignore and try to cover up?

Did cross my mind if it’s time to send the next letter with all the others to the press and ask them to make sure Boris has seen them before I move to a different angle? Why would they do such a thing?

Well Blair deliberately underfunded, all in a report from the Commons up on site in the archives. Cameron made it worse, may fobbed me off and Boris the same. Defo cover up. All you have to do is research what should be done when child abuse is reported. Defo two sets of rules.

How’s that possible in a democracy, when reputation is more important than those with special needs in your care. 😡

Whole thing needs sorting out. Strategic plans need to be put together with joined up thinking.

How can you do that with a classics or PPE degree? So, leave it to accountants who do profit and loss only.

Exactly that, it will cost several fortunes to sort this mess out. They haven’t got the money so cover up. Criminal 

They cock up, kids suffer, then they cover up the mess they made. Defo not best practice

How do they see themselves? Good question. On Mt Olympus and untouchable.
We will see Very good, 😂😂 do an interview with Piers Morgan. Would Never go out as would not be able, not to call him a C all the way through due to his testimony at the hacking public enquiry.

Not Ross either due to his actions to a man of my age from Barcelona. 😂✅💋 

Not my fault, autism always gets me into trouble as need to find the truth. Can’t have truth can we even though that’s the message rammed into us from birth.
We are trusting people where truth matters.
Defo not parliamentary material. Must make them psychopaths or other instead. 🤔

Child X is no different, but he has been living someone else’s. Truth and reality so lost faith in humanity.

I truly can’t blame him. We will sort you out promise. Then stick him through the same grinder based on him being a naughty boy. Yet by not understanding his autistic needs he ended up with the same problems he started with and no education. Plus 20 years of traumatic stress. It doesn’t go well for them.

Diagnose early and educate, how hard can it be? 

I’m warming to a short podcast which they will have to take down. You have to see this it’s been banned. Should spread like wildfire. 😂😂😂😂

Why call him a C? Technique I learned from Child X at the psychologists. Once he showed he was a W, the child called him one until thrown out. 

I, in 40+ years seen a professional so angry and losing the plot. Prob scarred the pompous W for life. Karma

Yea the bloke who drugged him to the point of paranoia, falling asleep at school, whilst being bullied, reacting and restrained. 

No fantasy here, all in the paperwork to the tribunal he won, or did he?

The SS hated being beaten so underfunded his placement and had him treated like a naughty boy Mother has all the paperwork.

My case study has chronic Allen the process. Prob why they have never asked for it as know it’s in black and white, accepted by the court, council did not defend.

Why would he trust the system? A rebel like his mother, who has worked for the greater good.

Yep, it was when it dawned on me the same system was working in the same way all over the nation. I met quite a few X children, had experience with own grandchild in Herts.

Came up with a guesstimate of the thousands going through the same thing, my blood ran cold. 

A saw the light moment without hopping out the bath and running around naked.

Something changed in me, not just facts and figures anymore humans being treated inhumanly.

Once, I do believe the system had honour and got there in the end. Now the vote is out. 👍

How’s the child? He’s been in a state for last few days as got rejected from something due to personal hygiene. Been working on cars and bikes to get his legal ped on the road and losing money in the proceed, so in debt, all clothes smell of oil, diesel sweat etc. and trashed, flat needs his mother’s living touch again as was smashed in anger again.

Lots of tears and suicidal thoughts. Every day a different trauma which is why his mother won the tribunal to set him up for life and give him the skill sets he needed.

Clearly didn’t happen, so you have to ask why?

26th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Duke of Wellington to the rescue. Only 399,999 cases next year. A reduction. ✅ BBC article – New legal duty promised over sewage as Lords forces issue

If they stopped HS2 to Birmingham, the billions left, which is budgeted for, would be enough to stop polluting river, the sea and all wildlife who rely on the environment to survive. Job done. 👍

Birmingham 20 mins quicker or save the planet? No brainer, but that’s politics for you.

Howard Lamb

25th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Not just me then. Guardian article – UK government ‘waging secret war against transparency’

Makes you wonder what else they are trying to cover up. 🤔

Text to a friend:
They don’t see covering up as perverting justice as they have always done it. Perk of the job, two sets of rules. Wrong breaking the law is the same for all of us.

Text to a friend: 
Over 8200 people work for the Cabinet Office. It would have taken a few days for one of them to have checked out everything that had happened to Child X and all my stuff. Ignoring it took seconds. If you know the answer, why would you have to investigate and stonewalling it shows the truth. If what I’ve said isn’t true, why would they admit too it when covering it up does the trick.

What do 8200 people do in the Cabinet Office? Protect the system against the people I expect. 🤔

I expect that during our days of Empire and ruled large chunks of the planet, no radio or computers and planes not even a figment of the imagination, the Cabinet Office was prob run by less than 20.  Where did it all go so wrong? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Why is the gov trying to control us? Good question, I expect that they have crunched the figures and realise there is no chance of saving the planet because everyone is pulling in different directions and need law and order to stop civilisation breaking down.

I blame the Yanks. Good old American know how of making a buck.

Whole planet needs to sort the problem.

You can’t do that with the old blue bellies running amuck and sabre rattling all over the place.

German puppet state rattled the banner for USA x3 

What’s the point of nukes if you don’t put them on Russia’s borders so they get cheap gas from the new pipeline, sod everyone else, I’m alright Fritz. Japs Germs and Yanks, an unholy trinity considering war fatalities on all three side plus the millions of civilians through camps or atom bomb. Yet more billionaire than the rest of the world put together, add the middlemen Swiss and you can see how they stitched things up after the war. They screwed France as bad as us. Hay ho.

Howard Lamb

24th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 
Yes, in the archives on site. Letters to two attorney generals who did nothing about child abuse, well if they did nothing there must be a reason.

Me, I would say cover up, but I’ve seen that from the start, at tribunal and before.

How do you get justice when all the gov wants to do is protect their reputation to be voted in again? 🤔 

Howard Lamb

22nd October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Exactly, if cases of child abuse have to be investigated, why did the GCC ignore it and contrived to throw me out of the profession? Something very rotten at the heart of all this.

Possible, only the gov and its departments are allowed to abuse children. But it’s ok because it’s them doing it. 😡

Well, more likely that legions would end up going to jail for the cover up. We can’t have that as who would be left to run the country. 🤔

How long will the booster 3rd jab last for. Nobody knows for sure. But prob no longer than 6 months on previous experience. No wonder the doc have the hump, spending all their time jabbing for Covid whilst the queue’s build in the NHS. Same again next spring and autumn.

If they had used my clean air protocols would we be in the same mess? Prob not.

Of course I don’t want thousands to go to jail, they only did what they were told to do. It’s those who put the stratification plan together and those who enforced it knowing it was wrong. Hence going for Boris, he could and should have done something but never did.

Always ends back at the privy council. GCC, Cabinet Office strategic planning and a twisted system to protect them, sod the children we will be ok. 👍

Yep, that would be a milestone when politicians work for the people and the greater good rather self-manipulating power for self-preservation and political gain. Whatever next? Why has it gone on for so long? Economic bullying. ✅

If you question your superior, you lose your lively hood or no chance of advancement with inability to pay your mortgage and no fat pension at the end. So it just grids on, wasting billions and damaging the kids. ✅

Hate whistle-blowers. Apparently, the CIA had put plans together to assassinate Assange. I wonder if MI5 have drawn up a plan for me? I would like to say at this moment I’m in good physical and mental health. I drive carefully and don’t go near trains. 😂😂  Oh yes and I’m christened by the Methodist church so don’t drink, with only the rare social but never on my own and run a non-drug therapy clinic so no chance of an overdose. 👍✅😂😂😂😂

Economic bullying. As they have no power over me but could take my licence away my patients will still come because of results and personal recommendation. So if you can put your head above the parapet for the greater good, you should, so I did. 😇

Howard Lamb

21st October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister

Howard Lamb

20th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Letter gone, mother on player. tonight at 7. Worth the listen. ✅

Howard Lamb

19th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Sent Bojo’s hot mail to the office for final correction, should go out Wed and up before the weekend. I expect those nice overworked chaps at GCHQ have by passed the need for a stamp and delivery charge. So, they know what’s coming, but I’ll play the game.

Why would I blame GCHQ? They are doing a great job keeping the nation as safe as they can and cannot control political meddling. ✅

Chaps, term for all sexuality not gender specific. Think I got away with that one. 😂😂😂😂

Boris like Chamberlain, peace in our time and everyone loves us? Then look what happened. Churchill came in as a man with huge experience of the system. Learnt from multiple cock ups and was in his mid 60’s. 

Boris has been having kids, writing for a paper and did ok as the figure head of London. Not quite the same, defo Chamberlain. ✅

Boris deflects and shifts blame to avoid responsibility so never learns from a mistake. 

Howard Lamb

18th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, 2 days to draft my top up letter to Boris. Had to be in plain language factual and without insult. Easier said than done. Pinner will get it out over the next couple of days.

On another subject, I saw two conflicting views on nutrition. One said a poor diet leads to lower intellect as the brain can’t function properly without correct nutrients. The other said in a group study people who look supplements died younger.

Let’s clear it up, fed up with miss information.

Your body needs 50+ ingredients a day to stay healthy. Proteins (18 different) fats (9). A spread of carbohydrates, vits, mins and trace elements. However, if you overdose on certain vits it can have a negative action on the body.

My diet is mainly ok but there are times when it’s not, I work out what I may be short on and top up until diet is good again. Most months I do a detox, increasing water and anti-oxidants with some liver support.

Do not just cover rda with supplements and eat a good diet. And if you eat crap, it doesn’t matter how you supplement it you die young.

Howard Lamb

PS Calcium was the exception. The more the merrier, milk is healthy then. 👍 Much better than a coke. Images of milk

Rubbish acid high diet, calcium to create ph balance. 🤔 Plus sunshine for vit d replication so the body can absorb calcium to strengthen bones. 👍

Back to SAD light bulbs for our winter.

Text to a friend:
Defo not the letter you would like in your in tray. 😂

He asked for it by not communication in any serious form. Much too big for me to leave alone so got a blunt autistic one, showing my true colours. 😂😂😂😂👍✅

16th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I did say peace was the way forwards. I checked world stats for murder. Belgium in the lead for Europe, then us, France, Germany but not much in it. The better the law and order/justice the fewer the murders. No surprise there then. Japan and the Isle of Man had hardly any. To be fare in Japan, family loose face and death penalty. 🤔

America up there as guns account for 64 % of all murders globally. Sharp objects second.

Any ways, Shipman and others have caused glitches in numbers. We are running at about double (without glitches), at 15 per million, since the Tories came in. Can’t help myself, sorry. 😂

PS China had very few as well, Russia not to bad either. 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Food for thought

8 of the top 10 were Central America, Caribbean islands and northern South America. Nothing to do with tin pot dictators and cocaine money then. ✅

If you take a large chunk out of the Americas and parts of Africa out of the equation the rest is quite civilised by comparison. 🤔 

Don’t start. No, the deaths in care homes would be negligence leading to death, defo not murder, yes it would case quite a glitch. 

I might lower the bar for traumatised kids who end up committing suicide. Attention seeking, that all it was. 😡 Experts.

If the gov is like the councils, it’s a closed shop and they will only listen to their own people.

The problem is that if you do not have any real talent in house and you don’t listen to others, you have what happened during the I pandemic. No joined-up thinking and bash on regardless.

No plan, no joined up thinking, economy was placed first and that never really changed.

Not what we needed after Brexit. Boris was going to refloat the boat, but the pandemic sank it.

The fact he did not get the seriousness until he caught it, is a problem for me, duck’s not in a line. Was he so arrogant or badly briefed? With all disasters, it had to start somewhere. Always start with the history because it’s there in black and white, no room for wriggling, so to speak. Huge success vaccine role out. Of course, it was it was run by clinicians and nurses who do it every year with flu.

Howard Lamb

15th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Sounds great but only if you diagnose correctly before being labelled as naughty.

No infrastructure to diagnose early. 10’s of thousands of job vacancies. More pr than fit for purpose. Two years to infinity after the age of 6 for diagnosis so years lost and damage done. Special Educational Needs Code of Practice pdf

Text to a friend:
Stunned, another MP killed in cold blood. Not IRA related. Two in under five years. What is happening in our country?

The shock his family must be in.

Please, always try for a peacefully found solution. Murder never achieves anything but pain. 

Howard Lamb

14th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Angry from pinner. Had an old hand in yesterday, both her and her husband are over 80 and had been double jabbed. Both got Covid, she survived, he died. No booster jab. Another avoidable death. She was still in shock and waiting a month or more to bury him. What could I say? I’ve known them both for 30 years.

Yes, I saw that on RT news about the French churches abuse of mainly boys between the ages of 10 and 13. 330,000 of them over 70 years, the church knew and shielded the priests. Gob smacked.

Well, it’s impossible that their gov didn’t know, it explains why Macron been stirring things up to deflect and defer. 3k priest involved for god’s sake.

Mark you our gov has abused a million kids over the years with wrong and non-diagnosis, prob why you have a million on benefits who are unemployable. 

Blame the mother. ✅ Job done.

Howard Lamb

13th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I was pleased to see two Tory lead committees had to tell some truth. Well, if they had covered up it would come out in the public inquiry.

They say how well the gov did with the vaccine. Not really true, our science community did the trick, if it had been left to a gov department I hate to think what would have happened.

The gov statement was a disgrace. These people are paid to deal with tough decisions and like everyone else there should be responsibility if wrong. No evidence of that happening at this moment in time.

Like the Child X cases, bury it and hope it goes away.

Howard Lamb

12th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

The papers are full of Covid cock ups. I chronicled them at the time on this site.

If they had cleaned the air, as per my clinics protocols the death rate and infection rate would have reduced. Even now it not too late as flu is also airborne and 60 k lives are at risk from flu this winter. But who listens to me?

I expect it’s the fossils at Public Health England who did and are still doing the damage.

Gov will try and blame SAGE but they were not responsible for having a pandemic plan, PHE was. 

Text to a friend:
Fossils at PHE. Only experience was with mad cow and foot and mouth. Not suitable for the human module as all infected herds were put down and burnt, but that didn’t stop them, herd immunity which was normally achieved with the death of the host and any animal near it.

Trains were not disinfected. Traveller’s and lorry drivers were not tested. Big events were allowed to go on because we are British and Covid would not dare to damage our economy. 

Even if their plan has holes in it, no PPE in storage etc. So much more could be done rather than don’t touch your face and keep people at arm’s length. By this time my practice was cleaning the air and not spreading infection.

All covered at the time in my rambling on site. 👍✅

Howard Lamb

11th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news.

Boris letter going well.

Having complained to every part of the system, all in the paperwork, I have realised that people tend to cover things up rather than face the problem. I expect that’s why I haven’t heard back from the PM. Someone in a back office making sure I don’t rock the boat, just like Yes Prime Minister, so Boris clueless. It could be that he knows and doesn’t need another scandal. 

Not my problem as kids still suffering from the effects of the abuse. Hopefully letter will be ready by the end of week.

Text to a friend:
If you read between the lines, you will get a better understanding.

With the GCC reporting to the privy council that I am the worst type of chiropractor. They then tried to disprove what I have said. The prob with that is the investigators will have seen I am telling the truth. This leaves them with a big problem. I’m telling the truth and they have done nothing to solve the problem of systemic abuse due to deliberate underfunding and the use of non-diagnosis to cover it up.

As I have not gone away, they have covered it up further in recent times so have acted criminally.

Prob not possible to put their hands up now and the investigators wanting answers.

It can only change from within, my hope is that in a dark corner somewhere there is still some ethics and ethical people to fight my corner. If not, my path is clear ✅

Why the worst type of chiropractor? I expect that came from my association at the time (BCA).

Well, I don’t undress my patients unless I have to and never use their standard technique (diversified or manual adjusting with the crack and crunch).

Why would I use out of date technique when our patients improve better than theirs? Full clinics and waiting list from recommendation not a marketing machine to earn your money. If the patient doesn’t improve the machine will get the next through the door. ✅

The Cabinet Office will have put it into safe hands (for them) to make sure it goes no further and would not have a clue as to how to sort it out. Prob has a degree in media studies or home economics.

The Cabinet Office will have made sure that my damage is limited to my justice site. They can’t close that without me appealing and opening the doors wider. So a battle of wills persist. This is about children not ego and now criminality.

Why home economics? Well kids at home with no money or prospect of a good economic recovery. One NHS trust had the operating theatres run by a sweet shop manager. Clearly as a 

manager he would cope. Wrong. ✅

If you had a degree in philosophy, they would have you running a sewage plan because people think waiting for a movement. Only time to read the paper before it’s proper use. 😂😂😂

Well, if the media have been and are being suppressed after there last parliamentary cock up charging people in power with child abuse, as it turned out, with no evidence that was creditable, you can see why they are being a bit sheepish. Not Child X’s problem. His post traumatic stress and illiteracy will hold his potential back for ever. No rush then. 😡

When you look back in history. The press got it wrong re abuse. Then Singh lost his case with the BCA. Prob why they came out so hard on my profession for his right to be wrong.

Whatever way you look at it, it’s gone terribly wrong. That’s why I had to ask why? I think this site has explained it.

Now all I need to do is get the gov on board, as was deceived by the Cabinet Office covering for May turning a blind eye, as Thatcher had in her day.

What happens if they don’t? Well, we then know who is truly to blame and the grounds for Child X’s ICC case. Remember I prob have special delivery to the top via GCHQ . So, I know they have been told. 😂😂😂 I expect I’m no1 on their pain in the arse who could do damage list, so nothings secure. 👍😂😂


For the greater good, no chance, to pick up intel to hang me out to dry would be the top of my list.

Haven’t a clue who you would write to, to see if you are being spied on by the state, as the state ordered it. 🤔 I’ll think about that one but the expert who checked us for hacking says we were. Patients in every walk of life, thank God.

Had to be verbal and no trace so they didn’t know I knew.

In my view the press owes me one!

Well, if they had said Singh was wrong but had the right but is sorry he got it wrong in the first place, as court decided.

My professions reputation would not have been damaged, which lead to constant manufacture complaint, non-patients. Which lead to our drop into the therapy’s zone rather than clinicians, always a butterfly effect if you look for it. Self not linked thinking. Shirk of responsibility.

No morals or ethics when it comes to self-preservation. i.e. News of World. Yep, it was only him and he owned up honest guv. 

Us, 🤔 no. Defo just him.

Howard Lamb

10th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
NHS to take over care. Bad idea. They will take control from people who know what they are doing but don’t have the correct funding and put it in the hands of NHS staff who have no experience and prob even less funding.

Once the money goes into the central coffers it will disappear into a black hole, never to be seen again. Waiting lists for care homes, or like autism years to diagnose to avoid responsibility.

Take my clinic. Senior management (me) working on the front line and looking for excellence, practice manager who makes sure it runs and 10 staff. We have been at full capacity for over 70 years. Adapted and updated treatments to evolve with the type of condition coming in through our doors with virtually zero complaint and no malpractice.
I make decisions between patients, limited paperwork to the minimum requirement so most of my time is sorting out my patients. No committees, no group discussion, no top-heavy management structure, each member of my team has to pull their weight. We have always been in profit, no debt and mainly happy patients.
Most complaints are from people who have had to wait for appointments because due to PHE, we have had to lose 70 appointments a week due to Covid rules. I’m asking these people to write to the pen pushers who have no clue to what’s happening in the real world.
They could have mounted cameras in cabs and kept test centres open but there was no box to tick.
My clean air protocols mean we have not had staff or patients tracing back to us and are safe. No box again, so let my patients wait and become more chronic and more difficult to solve.
The 70 pts a week list is our profit margin and some but when you are on wages why would you give a shit? All they have done is reduced my tax bill so there is less money going to the gov. Bit of an own goal really.

That’s the point, without joined up thinking and responsibility, this is what you get.

No CO2 means no pork or turkey for Christmas. The department knew months in advance but supply not on their tick sheet. Must be old Fred down the corridor territory. ✅ Not mine says Fred. ✅

Prob need a committee to tell us what to do in two years once they have looked at their findings. No room for common sense as we can’t have people acting just in case they get it wrong and more people sue us. ✅

Yes, that’s right the committee found no wrongdoing so no need for change. ✅ It’s like global warming.

How is natural gas a green fuel?  You burn it! Use O2 and produce CO2, shame pigs can’t fly to harvest their own CO2. Prob be a threat to aviation. 🤔 Killed by flying pig in mid Atlantic, farmer said some left the gate open. 😂😂😂😂😂

The turkeys could have been grown naturally and released into the environment so poor people had a chance of a Christmas dinner. Open season for the blood sports people in the new year. Good idea but turkeys can’t fly, so would have to be stop on the ground. Prob cowboys on an executive day would end up shooting each other, not a bad thing but I’m sure health and safety would not agree, unless the gov did it and in 30 years the inquiry shows there might have been a hint of a mistake. ✅

Man from the ministers can only pick the boxes he has budget for. ✅ If not in his budget there is nowhere for him to tick. In on budget, job done, have a knighthood. ✅

Knights don’t grass each other up do they. You are now officially secret bound and defend the knighthood and our dirty little secrets. ✅ Masonesk one could say but no trouser or hand thing I expect.

Those who have cocked up the most whilst in charge float around the privy council to limit damage and pervert the course of natural justice. All in plain sight and they have, like Saville, got away with blue murder. 🤔 All in the history books. Got away with blue murder with control and manipulated information.

When caught also got away with blue murder and made his millions, all in plain view, Blair, your our type of chap. ✅


The Blair Degree. Lie your tits off and become a very, very rich man.

Prob more use than a PPE. Least you would be taught how to lie convincingly and cover up properly. 🤣

Boris got a classic degree. Comedy of errors was prob main stay, 0r pride with prejudice😂😂

No, all easily sorted. Take the last remains of parliaments Norman past and finally work for all the peoples who are free in this land, Magna Carter, everything will fall into place.

If system twisted, straighten it out.

Once the eyes are level and heads on straight, like all patients, 😂 the body follows.

Happy days. 👍

Miss Marple was never wrong. Always follow the money.

Howard Lamb

9th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yes prime minister very like Jimmy Saville. Out in plain view, so everyone is fooled by the joke and the reality is much, much worse.

Mandarins in charge of the ministry and mandarins in charge of them.

I expect they got so fed up running the country with light weight politicians at the helm doing u turns all over the place, then run on damage limitations only, as clueless idiots at the helm. 

The privy council is where scary things that bang about in the dark, roam unchecked as they are the keepers of the secrets and can use them to their advantage. Some very nasty bits of work I would have thought. 🤔 The heart of the matter and their strategic plans.

No! On the country the privy council has shown itself to be a good thing but since our EU adventure a rubber stamp for profit situation seems to have crept in. Once they are updated to cope with the greater good rather than self and chums, we can move forwards as a great nation of weirdos from all over the globe, who think we can be the best and work flat out until we are. Happy days. 😂

Yea the cat or Mog in charge of council. I hoped an intellectual would have sorted it out by now. I expect if you can think, or more than 5 kids names it was too much for him. 

That’s the problem with bright people, they solve a mega problem in one field but clueless in many others. 👍😂😇

Of course the cons new about it I wrote to their association and got blown out. They had the power to investigate their members but choose not to. I’m sure it’s all on site somewhere. 

I’m not the person to talk to re punishment for their crimes as I’m very Old Testament on the subject. Eye for an eye maybe 😇

Don’t get me on mini macron. Pissed Algeria and other French colonies off, Lebanon, turkey, Mahalia is it. US, AUS and the UK.

Presidential elections not doing well for next year. Rattle sabre. And try to up the patriotic vote. France like Britain has no empire left, he is hanging on to the past as only a member state now.

We have Queen and commonwealth. 👍 

What do I recon on the gas shortage? Blame USAx3.

Stop the nasty commies pipeline to supply Europe. And sell them our expensive gas from fracking. 

At least by disrupting supply it’s going to knock back the recovery and the EUs which will give them advantage. 

Howard Lamb

8th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

What chance of justice for autism when the PM feels he can lie with immunity?

It’s a shame I can’t write how I actually feel about non diagnosis to save the system money but damage kids with special needs along the way. Ruining any chance of the life they should have had.

When you are at the top, I expect all you do is set who gets what monies and say that nothing else can be done. However, covering up the abuse, as we have seen so often in the past, is a criminal offence. 

This tends to explain why they don’t want to start digging around just in case more is exposed, then the abuse goes on and nothing changes.

At no stage has there been proper contact, no one wants to see the evidence, how can it not be a cover up? 🤔

Boris’s cordial letter should be finished over the weekend. Let’s see what happens then. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS I am looking to go to Europe at the beginning of November, so hope to have moved forwards by then. I hear Belgium is lovely in the fall.

Text to a friend:
They know what they did, the system cannot corrupt itself.

Hiding information, miss use of power, breaches of protocols, procedures, laws and criminal acts.

They would have to acknowledge what they did and are doing before change can be made.

It’s prob gone too far for them to put their hands up, so cover up is there only option as careers are on the line.

So much for democracy and the greater good. 

Text to a friend:
Look at their qualifications and life experience. They can do no more than tick the box.

Treasury brings in X amount. Each ministry will get their percentage share and the autocrats at the ministry do the rest guided by the privy council who need to keep the secrets.

Tick, job done let’s do lunch then turn up at the commons and make some noise. Order, order Jack and coke please. 😂

Man from the ministry, dinosaur with Colonel Blimp syndrome who is allergic to change, especially if it affects pension and future job potential. My new entry in the dictionary.

7th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Not just me then. Independent article – Eight false claims made in Boris Johnson’s Conservative party conference speech

Howard Lamb

6th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Yesterday I was quite hopeful. Boris leaked parts of his speech. I thought a change in heart and they are admitting things have been covered up in the past and we need to change.

Today it’s back to reality.

Boris wants to draw a line. No matter how many kids abused by the system and NHS (no diagnosis) or for how long. We must move on, we can’t afford to change anything and have no policies, so he gave a good performance and blew up our bottoms, again.

I can finish my top up letter to Boris now.

Howard Lamb

5th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
How would I have handled it? Good question. At the start in 2011/2 if I was a major general in civies, I would have fought for the people, not for my position.

As Mrs may had already been looking into abuse before she was thrust into the role of PM. I would have passed me to the investigation team. Prob wasn’t one as didn’t want to poke around in the graveyard of secrets. Tends to explain her inaction.

Boris prob lied too, as he had enough on his plate as a lightweight rather than a political force. Smile for the picture after ruffling the hair, job done. ✅

Who has lied to who to keep the secrets? All of them I expect because they will protect their own arse first. ✅😂

Read that lot and if it’s not transparent what’s happening you have to be blind, mark there are none so blind who want see. 👍 BBC article – As it happened: Latest Pandora leak updates as PM defends donations

Howard Lamb

4th October, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still, the PM clearly doesn’t want to deal with his gov’s abuse of the old, young and anyone who needs money spent on them.

The cover up is a national disgrace.

How do you get justice from a system which is designed not to give it?

Text to a friend:
This greater good thing only works if it is for the greater good and not self-interest.

Protecting party and personnel from criminal charges cannot be seen as the correct way to do things. Yet that is what we have. The gov feel they have the ultimate power and can corrupt the system to protect their cover ups.

Thatcher knew about the bloods cover up as she created it.

Blair went to war knowing it was illegal and got away with it. Blair even avoided stamp duty worth 350+k a few years ago by buying a property via the purchase of a shell company, exposed in the Panama papers.

Brown gave away our nation’s gold, Cameron gave the Crown Jewels to the banks to save them and covered up illegal trading.

Long list.

It tends to explain why I’ve been cold shouldered and ignored, even though it’s all in the paperwork that has not been removed and is in my or the mother’s care. So much for democracy and working for the greater good.

I wonder what Mrs May ‘s report said. She had to know the validity of what I wrote to her. Wikipedia – Child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom

Oxfam for god’s sake. Who next? Much better to cover up. ✅ The Week article – The biggest British scandals of the 21st century

Text to a friend:
That’s why I wrote to her in the first place as she had already been investigating. ✅

Howard Lamb

3rd October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Can a PM be prosecuted for a breach of criminal law? (child abuse) Yes.

Has it ever happened? No.

He would have to be forced to resign first then prosecuted.

Amazing what you can find on the internet.

Covering up child abuse is a criminal act.

I wonder which department is in control of prosecution.

Well, if Blair can take us to war illegally and not be prosecuted. What does a PM have to do?

If you do a private prosecution, it can be taken over by the crown and continued or dumped. Clearly as they are totally protected no one has ever been charged, I do like a challenge. ✅

That’s the problem! They clean house, remove or move staff/paperwork. Replace with new people working on cleaned up information, so you can never win. Power used against the greater good. 

Blair illegal. Well criminal actually. If the war was illegal he had to be responsible for the murder of innocent people in Iraq.

Prob not a big enough crime to be prosecuted. How about the Huguenot numbers abused by the system which has and still is being covered up? 🤔

They have been covering up their treatment of autism for so long they prob think it’s normal to do so.

In recent times they have had to make the choice to change or not and have not changed.

Knowing they are damaging children but feel that a scandal of this proportion would damage the nations interests.

So much better to hide it in the nation’s best interest. 

How twisted is that? 🤔

Howard Lamb

2nd October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Where do I think they are at? Lots of ifs and maybes from my side. If someone has got to the bottom and found the truth, maybe a solution can be found. If someone has not got to the truth, nothing will be done. 

They have had centuries to learn how to avoid answering damaging questions, so the machine just grinds away.

As they will not communicate, I have to assume the worst and move it forwards. 2012 saw justice from the tribunal, whose wishes were not carried out by the SS and education. Causing more trauma to a child who they had already traumatised for years.

They have had nine years to sort it out but have persistently avoided doing so. How can that not be perverting justice. Then we have the systematic cover up leading to where we are today.

My best guess would be there is panic in the ranks, if the child wins lots of people will lose their jobs or worse. If they win, they keep their jobs and more children are traumatised.

There should be an independent body, like the police have to scrutinise those who have been complained about or suspected of being bent.

They didn’t do too well with rape and murder recently but at least they have a structure. 
Doesn’t really matter. Easier for them to communicate, preferably by phone, as verbal communication is my strong suit. Then we can clear the air and move forwards to help children in need. Doesn’t have to cost much as education through CPD and internet.

If the parents understand why the child is not conforming to the norm rather than constantly pressuring the child to act normally, usually on professional advice. They don’t get mentally blocked from a young age.

Once others are involved, they must all sing off the correct hymn sheet. Then happy days, happy child developing not traumatised child going into its shell and blocking. La la la la la, not listening. Six one-hour videos on YouTube would do it.

How much would that cost? Done well and you could get change out of 500k for all six. Or two years of care for one child like Child X.

Prob why the dumped him on the streets and saved a fortune for not complying with the tribunal judgement. 🤔👍✅

Doesn’t really matter. 🤔

Well if they decide not to communicate we will just go to the next level and bang on that door for a while.

Knock knock. 
Whose there?
Howard who? 

How would you like to stop abusing children? 👍🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

1st October, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
It’s fascinating, what’s happening in the world right now.
The EU putting the boot in over everything from fuel to fishing, I think they are trying to F us. 🤔
America giving Boris the cold shoulder. 🤔
Why? The city, the jewel in the crown. Dismantle the city and carve it up. Nice people.
Russia pissed as can’t trade because of American sanctions, and the Chinese still pissed that the Americans supported non-communists only. 🤔
Boris on the ball, so nothing to worry about.
China does not have to invade anyone. They lend money to poor countries with assets. And when they can’t pay, they remove the assets.
They will put infrastructure in so they can get the assets out.

Howard Lamb

30th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
With America being cleared and not having to explain how they managed to kill thousands by mistake at the ICC, it does not mean that I can’t be successful there.

All in the paperwork and watertight. Let’s face it Boris will not have the same influence as Biden. Europe hates Boris for lying about Brexit. Might be easier than I thought. 😂😂😂😂😂

Would Boris get help from Biden or Macon etc.? Prob not.

Would I get a fair crack at it? Prob not but you can’t see how a system has been twisted until you hit it head on with truth and pure forensic logic. 👍 

Don’t make me laugh. Decency, common sense, honour and ethics have nothing to do with this. All about keeping power by control of the system. 

Howard Lamb

29th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news as yet. 

How do you get a prime minister to do the right thing?

As shown by Thatcher and cabinet, when in doubt cover up. At least with the bloods scandal they stopped the bad blood but did not want to pay out compensation. The trauma these kids are going through is ongoing.

I expect they can’t afford the shame or compensation and still get re-elected so like gas prices, fuel shortage and emptying shelves, they will just sit in the headlights and hope not to get hit.

I will send Boris another reminder. 👍

Howard Lamb

27th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 
Why is there no accountability for their actions over the X children? Good question. I can’t know for sure, best guess would be that their legal team, at our expense have told them to stay silent and hope it just goes away. 

They can’t attack me because I will expose all the paperwork and prove my case. Hopefully in time this will be shown to be true and they will be looking at perversion of justice and get struck off.

Well, they are perpetuating child abuse and earning a few Bob in the process. As that nice labour woman said, scum. ✅

A new week in Parliament, let’s count the cock ups. 😂👍

Not just cream that float to the top, oil, grease, scum and crap do also. 

Just got off phone to a mate in Scotland who was told that her son would be diagnosed in a year, 3 years ago and is still waiting. Her husband during the first lock down applied for an HGV licence to get out of catering, he is still waiting. She says that 40k applicants are stuck in Swansea paper trail going nowhere fast. 🤔 That might be the problem  

I expect all the test stations are on overtime to catch up. No chance far too simple.

Why did the mother not sue the gov? Her limited finance against the gov’s ability to raid the public funds so the sky is the limit to protect reputation. Then a 3 to 4 year battle to grind her down and slag her off. To be offered a pittance on the court room steps because if she loses it could cost her tens of thousands she hasn’t got. Obviously with a silence agreement. So much for justice. 

Well, this case is criminal and not civil. So, where’s the prosecutors, of course in the gov’s pocket.

How do I know? Well, I wrote to two attorney generals to no avail. ✅

Historic child abuse has no time limit, so onwards and upwards we go. 🤔👍

Yep, I know. Take Lambeth scandal or bloods or any. How many people got prosecuted? 🤔

Where were the police when they were needed? Hence bypassing them and going straight to the AG.

Dear Police Commissionaires, this has been happening for at least 30 years.

Reply if they are allowed. Our bosses are in control so we can’t help. ✅

Exactly. Kill lots of people and severely shorten the lives of thousands, cover up for 30 years, then Thatcher blamed as dead and can’t defend what she did on the limits of information she had. Then Fowler lets the cat out of the bag, 🤔🤔 you have to ask why now? 30 years after the event. Did he mention why compensation did not come from the USA times 3. 😡
Well if you are intent on covering up you don’t want old bill poking their nose in do you. My best guess.

Defo two sets of rules. Cabinet gets away with perverting justice. Yet I can be removed from my profession wrongly and had to be put back, just to shut me up. They are out of control and are trying to save their arses using the system to protect themselves. Justice UK style ✅

Con Bloke whose wife took the points, and he went to Jail for perverting justice, good example of law working. What should you get for covering up thousands dead with contaminated blood and ongoing child abuse? 🤔 The virgin queen, back in the day, hung, drawn and quartered before head on pike outside the castle gates.

Have we gone so woke that it’s all ok 👍🇬🇧

The whole cabinet of Thatcher perverted justice, all been drawing pensions and privileged position.  Two sets of rules. 

How could the bloods be a matter of such national importance or for the greater good to be lawfully covered up. Save arse and reputation of gov for Major to take over and win an election.

All in the history as with Tony being chucked out. One thing said whilst the truth is nowhere to be seen.

Just another day at work in Parliament.

Howard Lamb

26th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

Thank God Parliament only has five long days a week. It seems that the gov’s cock up schedule and strategic plan has fallen off the rails.

Let’s review the week. No CO2 in storage, all in the atmosphere. The Long and the short of it is no turkeys for Christmas.

Why? They were told before the spring but were not capable of change so just stood there, like a rabbit in the headlights and blamed everyone else. 

Next, during Covid, all test centres for HGV were closed. So as people left, they could not be replaced. The drivers are health and safety controlled so can only do 35 hrs a week. 

How many months will recruiting foreign drivers take?

They saw it coming and were unable to make change.

Extend hours during crisis, 10 hrs a driver on special pay and a mate in the cab to stop him falling asleep.

Can’t organise a March due to draconian fines, sit on the tarmac and go to jail.

No petrol to get to March in first place.

Boris was going to drop many parts of his emergency powers and allow the press to do their job.

Didn’t. Far too busy being blown out by the states with no trade deal.

Well, a few Welsh chops in a couple of years as long as they can ship us tons of rank chicken beforehand. USA USA USA

That’s one thing a day that we know of.

So, they know they have and are still abusing children with special needs, are stuck in the head lights and hope they can get away with responsibility by corrupting the system so there is no complaint. 

Only if we allow them to. 👍🇬🇧🤔

Howard Lamb

25th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What have the family gone through and what duties were unfulfilled? Wow, where should I start with that one?

 I’ve shielded them from much of the site and what I’ve been doing. The bad mother worries about me, so mums the word. ✅

It has been a privilege, I have never seen someone under so much pressure, a daily war zone, with no help or back up and still took on the system. Selfless.   

She has worked tirelessly to give her son a chance in life, better than she experienced in her own childhood.

She has self-improved over the past 12 years and amassed an impressive amount of qualification.

From NLP, clinical hypnotherapy, reiki etc., on her quest to understand/help her child and seek self-healing.

Because of wrong diagnoses and non-diagnosis of high functioning autism. Stress and post traumatic, over a long period of time, whilst stabilise by heavy duty adult drug which led to paranoia.

Out of control and highly complex. No education and learning difficulties. At the age of hormonal early teen changes. 

I do like a challenge. 😂

Duties, we all have them. ✅
The child or man of 24 as is now. Is a lovely, intelligent bloke whose head has been severely messed with by opinionated amateurs who had much influence in his life. Well only a naughty boy after all.

Howard Lamb

24th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, I wonder why. 🤔

Howard Lamb

22nd September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Strategic plans.

We have x amount of money. This limits what can be done and we can only afford to look after our voters. Feck the rest. ✅

Once the legal team pull back everything for The Hague, we will start to see how non diagnosis of autism evolved.

That’s a large chunk of the cabinet, with heads of departments and a chain of subordinates. Prob have to do community service as the prisons are full. 😂😇

After all Thatcher was at the bottom of the bloods scandal by not compensating. Makes you wonder why the Iron Lady didn’t recover it for the victims, from the Yanks who were responsible, then covered it up. You have to ask why? Special relationship prob, what did she get in return. 🤔

They could not walk in a straight line if they tried. 🤣

Howard Lamb

22nd September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If everything like climate change is in the strategic plan, nothing will change, all you will get is a few bob thrown at it from a contingency budget and things will not alter. Like autism over the past 30 years.

They know that kids are being abused but budget before justice.
Why? Good question, you will have to ask the PM and all the others in control over the past 30 years. Prob because they only help those who vote for them. 🤔

Of course, all on the record, in black and white. Any plan has to go through a process and here we will find out who orchestrated it and who followed it through. 

Nobody wants to look, that could be a problem.

How involved were the privy council? Up to their arse I suspect. Privy can’t look at it as has conflict of interest, with the Crown there is still hope.

If it’s light peters out, only option is The Hague and a new venture into the unknown. 

Howard Lamb

21st September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Two webs on Sage who advise the gov, but clearly not listened to. Sage journal – Mental Health Collection

Boris should have at least skipped through this. Bit long winded but full of facts – The SAGE Handbook of Mental Health and Illness 

What does it all mean? Well, if you are poor you will have a crap life, your kids get stressed and underachieve creating long term mental health issues. If with special needs much more so, and don’t forget the diet. And some fell on crap ground with low nutrients and did not do well.

Text to a friend:
What would I do to change things around? Rewrite all the strategic plans based on the patient/client.

Move the NHS into this century with Heath not just drug longevity.

Stop the waste and scams.

Clean the air and limit air born viruses.

Clean the water and stop polluting our ecosystem.

Then the second week. 😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

20th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What do I think is happening behind the scenes? Everything and nothing I expect. Everything to plumb the leaks, nothing to rock the boat.

It’s within their nature/DNA and have been doing it for so long they think they have the gods given right to do so! Not a hint of the greater good but cover arse and let’s move on.

Boris, 6 months before the Covid inquiry, multiple gov cockups during and since. They got rid of Thatcher for less.

The party that just lies nonstop, all Sir K has to do is tell the truth and he could form a gov. Which would be worse? So, the knives are out.

To be fair to Boris he did have a lot to deal with. Very little true talent and ability based on experience and knowledge in the cabinet or party as a whole. So the problems run deep and are not easily fixed. Cover up much better and con and control the people instead.

Re Child X. Well they haven’t been able to keep me quiet because I find the truth and blog it to you my patients.

Much too big to fail as someone will have to take responsibility. Child abuser on cv. 🤔🤔🤔

How do we stop that, for our own self-interest not greater good? Still working on it. 😂😂😂😂👍
Why does he hold on to 30+% of the vote? He holds on to those who are doing nicely and don’t want the boat rocked because it could cost them money.

What a World.

So more rich people means more votes and a con gov. This makes more poor people who are disillusioned and don’t vote, win win.

Yea you have to blame Europe. Imagine if what we have is less corrupted than them. All boils down to money and power, always has I expect.

Says it all Sage Journal article – The Genome- and System-Wide Response of DNA Methylation to Early Life Adversity and its Implication on Mental Health

What about the civil services roll? It all starts with the strategic plan. Once in place they have to comply as that’s their job. ✅

Who is responsible for the strategic planning? 🤔

Howard Lamb

19th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a country we live in. The people at the top have known the system is abusing kids, not just with special needs, for a very long time. They do not want to change otherwise they would have to explain their actions.

So, the cycle goes on. Every time it boils to the surface like in Lambeth, the bare minimum is done and all those who knew and should have stopped it and didn’t get away Scot free. It needs to change.

Boris has known for quite some time now and has done nothing and ignored my complaints. How can that be justice? Yet the kids still suffer. Makes my blood boil.

Text to a friend:
Exactly, how can it change when those on high are covering their arses? Who wants honourable gentleman and child abuser on their cv? Will I go to the ICC at The Hague? Letter already to go, just giving Boris his last chance.

Do I expect that to do the trick and justice to follow? Prob not as the corruption is very deep, but I have to stick to the rules and regulations even though they don’t. 

However not all a loss as there is always going to be stuff coming in from left field and not from me. 😂😂🇬🇧

What do I think the opposition to change in the gov is doing at the moment? Trying to ruin my reputation so they can poo poo anything I’ve said. So much for justice.

Well, they can’t beat the evidence so they make sure it never sees the light of day.

Look what they did to the clinician who suggested there was a link to vaccines and autism. I don’t know what is causing the increase in cases but I think we should have a proper look, not just destroy a reputation because you don’t like what is said.

The clinician had to believe what he said, otherwise why put your head in the lions mouth.

Of course, you can change anything with data, just depends on how and by whom and for what reason. Follow the money and who had most to lose and gain. We selected the data we needed to make our point. ✅

Ironic. They collect our data to find better ways of selling us stuff we don’t really want. They then predict our future needs 😂 and twist it all to happen. So they can manipulate us on the basis of nobody’s needs.

Who saw that Cummings, sorry coming. Simples, gag press, control media, abolish the House of Lords or control them from within. Control of Parliament, no opposition.

Voters, no real choice, vote to stop one party or other, no hope for change.

Are we there yet? Two legs better than four. Can’t say the word anymore, just in case you are blocked. 🤔

Truth will always come out in the end. If it’s not a natural action, it may take time and hard work but  out it will come. Their choice is in a controlled fashion for the greater good or hit the rocks as there was a lot of fog in the normal channels. 🤔 Controlled from within! Bloody privy council has fingers pulling string everywhere. Once in the pocket nothing has a chance of beating the system because it only looks after itself.

Sorry Cummings! Well, he picked a perfect career for a little liar. ✅😂👍

Data control can be very useful in the right hands and reasons. That’s not the gov way, after all.

Smoke and mirrors, no complaint, deflect and defer, are the norm, so they need to predict their solid 30+% of the vote who will not vote Labour and they can do what they want and still cling to power.

Boris swore to look after everyone. 🤔 How does that work in a democracy? 

Why do I have to stick to the letter re protocols and procedures? It’s only when you enact them, that you can see what the response was in comparison to what the protocols and procedures say should happen. 

I have been asking questions which should have had an appropriate response and at no stage, from bottom to top, did I get one. All in the paperwork, much on site. It can’t be changed as on record historically.

😂😂 4 legs better for running about and doing work. 2legs better to sit on arse and push a pencil. 😂

Don’t think that was the moral of the story but in truth I can’t knock it. 👍

No, it takes a few years to build up to a pen. 😂😂😂🇬🇧 Key pushing box ticker of nonspecific gender, does not have the same picture for me. I’ll stay old school.

No matter how hard the sheep bleat, nothing’s going to change as part of strategic plan which must be adhered to.✅ Guardian article – Universal credit cut will push 800,000 people into poverty, Boris Johnson warned

Howard Lamb

17th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news again and yet another week ends. A new generation of kids about to enter the grinder. If your normal, for a system based on the norm, they should be ok. If you are a square peg for the systems round hole, or have special needs, you will be rammed through and blamed. As has happen with previous generations.

It’s just wrong at so many different levels.

Text to a friend:
Exactly, if they are handling me like this, how many other things are they covering up? They know that when it’s yesterday’s news they can bury things, which do not see the light of day.

Take child abuse, home after home, council after council, scandal after scandal. Let’s move on. ✅

Nobody goes to jail. It can’t be by accident.

Text to a friend: 
How did Jimmy Saville get away with it for decades? Good question. I can’t get away with a parking ticket.

Something very wrong at the heart of this. Prob why they don’t want to talk to me. 

Autistic kids are as good as gold, as long as you know how to handle their special needs. They became a nightmare without diagnosis and blamed for being naughty. How many lives are they willing to ruin to keep their dirty little secrets?

Exactly, if they can’t get staff for care homes what chance they find the staff to diagnose and enact the correct treatment plan. Much better to just blame mother and child. Think how much that has saved. Ok trashed lots of lives along the way but who cares as the ones that vote are mainly labour supporters, and it was Blair who set the stage for what we have now.

I talked to many Tory voters in clinic re national insurance hike. They seem to think the poor are all benefit cheats and it’s fair. Heaven help me. 

So much for the party of the people, solving the north south divide. How can you do that when the poor are seen as scroungers. 😡 

How can they admit to what they have done? Ooops we have made it very difficult to diagnose autism so we can save money. And blamed the kids to cover arse and then covered it up.

Prob not going to happen, hence them stone walling me. ✅

If there are approx. 700,000 estimated with autism in this country and about 1 in 45 have it, there are prob 1 million who have not been diagnosed or estimated. Tends to explain a lot. 

I have no evidence that they know what is causing so much autism and in families with no history. But it doesn’t mean they don’t.

I expect that as so much of it is going on they think it’s normal, now move on NSPCC article – Research into the prevalence of child maltreatment in the United Kingdom

Howard Lamb

15th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Gov reshuffle. 😂

Raab goes for spoiling Boris’s holiday, change in education after the exam results which were big’d up so why the change?

And Boris still there. Nothing going to change as normal just the under experienced sheep. 👍 

You would think that all the cabinet should be there if the PM on a well-deserved break. 

I’ve lost my mother and heart goes out to anyone who is just going through the grief. 

I had 2 half days off, one when I found my mother on the floor dying, just before my clinic and one for the funeral. 

I had too many patients at critical level to be able to stop, but you pay for it in the long run.

Howard Lamb

13th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister

The top up letter to Boris is most prob in a long queue with record amounts of other complaints.

They can’t really deal with it without communicating with me and I’m the last person on the planet they want to talk to. 

So bottom line, they will not be in touch, even though their protocols on child abuse means they should. So I am starting my letter to the House of Lords asking why and how they can get away with covering up child abuse by the system they control. 

I will not hold my breath for a response though because it has happened under their noses, and they have responsibility.

Text to a friend:
Yea I fought Sir K back at school where the kids articulated their points better than him. 😂 Explains why the CPS stopped prosecuting. 😂😂😂😂 Very funny 

Doing a better job in opposition to the gov than him and labour. True. 😂😂😂😂

I’ve been quite impressed by the common sense of the new lady who took over that big union. When the BCA was throwing their weight about unions got involved to help sort it out. Prob good place to send a letter. 

Labour never got back to me after 1st contact response. 🤔

Oh sorry, to ask GCC why serious complaint from 3 chiro patients, me, mother and child ✅ were not heard and covered up 

Only been involved with the profession since 1978. I had my first adjustment in 1954. 👍 Defo patient first. 

Why is first contact so important? It shows the opposition has received it and is looking into it before the respond in a month.

Well, everyone else has to do it, except those who have a second set of rules. How’s that, so to speak.

Why was I adjusted in 1954? Well, I had colic, apparently my father did a light fingertip toggle on c1 c7 and l1. Cleared within 48 hours, so I was told.

Why those 3 adjustments? Prob because big baby in small woman and had compress my neck and overextended it negotiating the birth canal.

How the fech would I know, I hadn’t been born. 👍💋

Howard Lamb

PS Each baby is different for different reasons. Diagnose, treat or refer, simple as. Hence DC not therapist. 

10th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Boris top up letter on way. My profession in shock after the regulator showed his true colours and the BBC full on about child abuse and autism/mild learning difficulties. What a week. 

Boris has a lot to answer for as the abuse is ongoing and he has propped up the national health to lower the 5 million on waiting lists who are dying without care. Leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

Vote Tory because we don’t and cannot care. ✅

Text to a friend: 
Yes, I saw, a young labour MP coming back to work after a touch of PTSD. Strange how an MP gets it but abused children don’t.

When am I going to contact the GCC again? Not that simple. If I am in the naughty boys room, they will not respond even though by not telling me I could not use my right of appeal.

So, I will have to write to my association and ask them to find out first. Sounds simple enough but they will be up to their necks pacifying their members after the regulator stabbed us in the back. I’ll give them a bit of time and then contact them.

Exactly, it could be they already know the answer and didn’t tell me, like the BCA when I was removed from the register.

GCC have not stood up for justice and downgraded us from Clinician to therapist. 💥 All those years of training and worthless e.g. Degree.

It just goes to show the power the gov has to help them cover up child abuse. 

As a clinician, I had the right to diagnose, at a time of great shortage of docs, as a therapist you have not. You work that out. ✅

What’s the evidence against the GCC. Too long for a text. 

1st one clueless, nearly bankrupted us by listening to complain from non-patients against the chiro act, did not advance the profession, only listened to BCA even though all registrants have the same level of qualification. Then went sharply downhill from there.
What about the grandfather clause? Everyone got in on the grandfather clause as nothing was recognised before. I’m 00024, I ticked all boxes and got in, like everyone else. ✅ 

Then if you didn’t comply, they could prosecute us through complaint. That’s the irony as they avoided multiple complaints themselves. 

Well, the BCA went all doctor/doctor on us and decided that they would control and form chiropractic in their image. And here we are up shit creak without a paddle.

BCA and the whole profession got scammed by Singh, the scientist who could get it wrong because he had a right to free speech as a reporter. 

Sorry I got it wrong but had the right, would have been nice but he continued to abuse the profession and I feel is directly responsible for the GCC to wash their hand of diagnosis. Wheels within wheels.

The press should be ashamed, but they have no shame, so crack on to the next slant of truth to keep our profit up. ✅

You said if you had to retire early to for fill your quest, you would try and link up with Singh to battle the BCA.

As a CBE I am sure he will be horrified at the butterfly effect and will want to correct any mistakes.

Keep your enemies close covers it. 😂😂 

We haven’t got enough boats in the navy to stop migrants. Maybe the gov could give the French bounty of millions to stop it, to the RNLI who could drop them back safe to France. 😂😂

Howard Lamb

9th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Top up letter to Boris complete and ready to go out tomorrow and up on site at the weekend.

It is stronger than those before. 👍

Howard Lamb

8th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Sussed it. The 12 billion a year is the interest payment on the money they are raising to cover the Covid debt. Only thing that makes sense.

That means the Tories will have borrowed over a trillion pounds even with austerity.

Don’t tax the rich and pile debt on the poor. ✅

Yea follow the money 

Nothing in place to sort out the abuse of our vulnerable kids, throw some money at it on paper and say, well what can you do with naughty children and poor mothers, makes my blood boil.

10% turnover tax, do the same to all the others and you will get a good care and health system, simples. BBC article – Amazon pays £492m in UK tax as sales surge to £20.6bn

Text to a friend:
Funny, America had Obama Care. UK has Boris who doesn’t. 

Howard Lamb

7th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What a result, gov recons Covid shutdown cost 34 billion.

Loss of tax and vat, large drop in economy, millions on furlough over a year or more. Benefits and extra costs. 

Can’t be right surely.

Howard Lamb

6th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Nothing going to happen today by the looks of it. Maybe tomorrow. UK Parliament – Find out what’s on in Parliament. Day by day events for the House of Commons, House of Lords and Committees.

I’ve been looking for the right box to tick for them, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

We have won at ombudsman and tribunal; citizens advice was outraged and Boris will not communicate. 🤔🤔🤔 All smoke and mirrors 

Busy doing nothing working the whole day through, trying not to find things that we have to do. ✅
Local MP ran away from it, so Boris and the Lords left. 🤔🤔🤔 

Who should get the next letter? 🤔

Text to a friend:
What was my game plan at the beginning? I take it you mean from when it became clear it was all rigged to the gov’s advantage.

I knew it would be a long job so I thought I would have some fun along the way. By pissing these pompous, pen pushers, who think they are above the law and its rules and regulations, to get a knee jerk response and some red mist, they then do something stupid, knowing they can do what they want with no penalties. I then chronically it, explain. Researched what should have happened and didn’t. Dug their own graves so to speak. 👍😂 Post mortem first. Then the last rights. 🇬🇧

What else could I do? Not family. No back up from BCA or GCC. Just severely pissed from Pinner. 👍

Yep all in the paperwork with much more to come. Happy days. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

No, the major general took orders from a proper one or someone like, the questions are who and why. 

No. Laughing as they are on my battlefield. I have back doors everywhere and traps etc. I must have really pissed the cabinet office. Can’t wait to see the paperwork. 😆😆😁😁🤣🤣😇

Plan was activated by my chronicles on justice for autism site for my patients. Apparently global now. 😎

Yea I saw that, higher than normal cases of seasonal respiratory illness, I expect it won’t be long before someone asks if the vaccine has lowered normal immunity.

Can’t have because Bojo said it was safe.

Howard Lamb

5th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

If Boris needs to raise billions to cover his gov’s shortfall on social care, from us, you would have thought he would explain in depth, 😂 no chance because doesn’t have a clue, what and how he will do with it. The back-room boys, who are also clueless as to the state of its clients, will have dreamed up some figure based on God knows what. Blair went to war on the grounds of stuff taken off the internet, if I remember. The whole time they are messing about kids who are knowingly being damaged.

How can I put all that and the rest in a letter without being rude? 🤔

Mark you the sheep are back to work tomorrow so let’s see what Parliament can do.

Text to a friend:
What a mess. Let’s mess about with social care of 10 billion a year and forget to mention how we are funding the 100’s of billions Covid has cost. Classic smoke and mirrors. Abused kids used as pawns in the political game, for power and profit. Makes me sick to the stomach.

Why are they all so clueless? Good question. I’m sure the answers will become clear if we ever have the postmortem.

Best guess. 🤔 When we joined the EU, they ran things, passed laws and made Parliament obsolete to a degree. It evolved into look we are really busy rubber stamping and need more departments. Because they did nothing but tick boxes you could hire people who don’t know anything to do the job.

Brexit really screwed them because they had to do something and clearly since they have had problems achieving anything. ✅

Very good, Boris can’t even find the box to tick. 😂😂

If I had to look at the darker side. It’s all about control of the masses giving the elision of democracy.

That’s another issue burying the dead without examining the body because it was you who were responsible for the death. Once you corrupt the system to the point we have in the UK, where you can bury the truth, it can’t end well.

I expect the gov has raided pension funds to keep us afloat. Yet millionaire are made every few minutes. Always follow the money. ✅ 

America prints it, then sells it at face value or lends it out and the profit goes round but not for us dumb f—ers who pay for it. 😡 That covers democratic capitalism. 😂😂😂😂

Yes, then corrupt and manipulate the currency market and your home and dry. I knew banks would be in there somewhere!

So, they borrow money that’s not worth anything then launder through the markets and it’s happy days for profit all round.

Mark you I’m only a naughty therapist, what would I know. 👍👍🇬🇧🇬🇧😂😂

Classic, how much gold is actually available in comparison to how much is owned on paper. 🤔

Howard Lamb

4th September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The problem with people like Boris is they are not capable of thinking things threw. When briefed he will understand things from his own limits, hear the bits he wants to hear and does not listen to the rest before making a decision then opening his big mouth.

No increase in NI contributions. And world beating virus control to avoid any more lock downs. 😂✅

Let’s have the vulnerable boost jabbed and give them a multiple flu vaccine on top. If that doesn’t kill them, nothing will.

I’ve seen hundreds of over 60’s have strong reaction to the flu jabs, add a good twist of Covid and it will be lethal to some. But others will survive. 

Just clean the air then people will not get ill from airborne viruses. ✅

Just like my failed CPD (up on site) I ticked every box so they could not refuse. As proved by my retention.

So, what happened? Let me think, 🤔 oh yes that’s prob it, the MG wanted to clean house. As he retired, so I had to go. 🤔

Could not risk my allegations of cover up and dereliction of duty etc. seeing the light of day. So, I had to go. 🤔 What do you think? 👍

Not just me then.  Thomson Reuters article – Who regulates the regulators?

Howard Lamb

PS My appeal cost me 10 k and I did not see a penny when proven right and reinstated without one change to my CPD. Criminal abuse of power if you ask me.

Catch 22. Once removed from the register your association and block indemnity insurance all stops as only registered chiropractors can be a member of the BCA and royal college.

Luckily the MCA put me in contact with a good brief, who I paid for and his back up solicitor. Prob the same with other clinicians and solicitors. Unless the BCA were just being total arseholes, and not for the first time.

It bores google, who Regulates the Regulators? Needs a whole revamp as not fit for purpose.

Unless it’s been set up to control the professions, then it does its job. 🤔

Bloody privy council again I expect. Terrorise a few young professionals and the rest follow the party line.

Do that, me, why? Cannot help it, part of my spectrum gift. 😂😂😂🇬🇧

3rd September, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a week. All religious organisations have covered up child abuse for centuries, who knew?

Afghanistan going back to the dark ages.

A new Covid variant, etc. etc.

It’s ok though, Parliament back next week from there long summer hols, and they will sort it all out, 🤔😂😂😂 No chance.

As for justice, is it just a thing of the past and we are so evolved we don’t need it anymore. 👍 Tell that to all the poor parents and their naughty children who have not been diagnosed and are pushed through the grinder and blamed.

I’ll finish my top up to Boris over the weekend and he should get it next week. He will not be happy.

Hay ho I’m over it, it’s just a shame the kids his gov are abusing prob never will be.

Howard Lamb

PS So if you are the head of a religious group and you knew about the abuse, three hail Mary’s and it’s ok because they are going to hell, hell no they need to go to jail first, then explain themselves at the pearly gates. ✅ 

PPS Look at the abuse the Irish have had to put up with. Kept poor whilst the church amassed a fortune. It’s just wrong 

Text to a friend:
Good idea. Send a letter to the Pope reminding him of the Ten Commandments and scripture and suggest he hands himself in for covering up child abuse worldwide. As the Mexicans or any of the poor RC countries can tell you. At least the Taliban, who openly abuse child, don’t cover it up.
Just think the Vatican bank? How many churches have their own bank? 🤔 With All the stolen artifices and papers, deeds etc. in the catacombs they are worth prob hundreds of billions. Yet many of their people can’t afford water let alone the pot to piss in.

When Moses broke the tablets, he melted the golden idol and pored it down the throats of those who worshiped gold. 3,000 years later we need to learn that lesson again.

Love God but religion has always been corrupt and abusive. Take the Spanish Inquisition. Taliban prob doing in now.

Why keep them poor? 

  1. Have to pray for a better life.
  2. If you get a better life you don’t go to ⛪️ because your prayer has been answered. Look at the C of E, lots of lovely empty churches. ✅🇬🇧✊😂

2nd September, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Re GCC being independent. We were expected to work in the first wave without PPE, except for wild animals because the gov was prioritising NHS. Mmmm. What is the point of the regulator if they just rubber stamp?

Why do I keep going? No choice because if I don’t, they will damage me to ruin any credibility, so it never happened.

Let’s face it, there was PPE about at the beginning as long as you looked outside gov channels. So, the GCC put the profession and the patients at risk. That defo not in their charter.

One patient offered me as much as I wanted as he had just had two containers full come over from Holland. ✅ Luckily, I had put my clean air protocols in place. Other practices were not so lucky.

I don’t need proof as we had to wrap up like a sausage roll and avoid going near our patients whose treatment plans were shot, during the second wave. 🤔

If it were right for the second wave, why was it wrong for the first?

Incompetence at least but there is always something else happening below the surface. ✅

Second wave, if we did not comply, they would remove our insurance. 🤔

Howard Lamb

1st September, 2021

Dear Patient,

As Boris was on hols and then is dealing with the Afghan cock up, I will finish my letters over the weekend and give him a bit more time to respond.

Re the GCC. They took on a profession of doctors, with specialised treatments covering paediatrics, geriatrics, sports injuries and varying normal treatments for acute to post operative and managed to level the playing field to try not to treat anyone. How was that even possible and who is to blame? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Dealing with pen pushers who have no clue as to the professions capabilities so down grade to make it easier to tick their boxes I expect.

Howard Lamb

30th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why is the GCC/regulator so important in all of this? Well, they report to the privy council. i.e. Horrible trouble maker and everyone hates him. Who then report this to the gov who then stonewalls. So, it has to be untwisted to move forwards.

Brown DC, Penning PM and the Major General have questions to answer. The gov will not send the paperwork, I wonder why. 🤔

Gov clearly does not believe in the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me GOD. Cover up best policy to get voted in again. Good this democracy, isn’t it. 

When you can be lied about behind your back and denied the information or appeal, that’s Parliament democracy and not the proper thing. 👍 It took over 2 years to get my paperwork back and that’s pretty much all I received was my paperwork. Mmmm.

How’s that possible when they have covered everything with protocols and procedures with a ton of paperwork. Doesn’t add up. Ducks all over the place not a straight line in sight. 😂😂

Howard Lamb

PS Still waiting for BCA and UCA paperwork, that’s years now. 🤔🤔

You can’t have a doctor making a diagnosis if he is about to be a therapist after all can we. ✅ It’s ironic 

Da We have had qualified (by educational standards) Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) in our family since Feb 1939. 80+ years of correct diagnosis and no complaint with clean record. High volume practice and at a very high technical standard.

Yet even with political recognition we have not been listened to and downgraded.

It’s all about perspective. Our profession knows how hard we have worked to keep our educational standards high. Multi technical and clinicians. The regulator knows nothing about the profession and its capability so ties us to a basic tick box control at a base level. Bit like sending Miss Marple a book on how to write who done its, if you get my drift. 🇬🇧

The GCC in the charter was charged with advancing the profession. Defo f for that one 

Why did gov stonewall? By the time they realised what had been going on, it was too late. So, they continued building a bunker to hide in. I’m sure it’s more complex but as simples it works. Cover up and hide away. 👍✅

Yes, I explained all that to MG Howell in my complaint letter from the family back in the day. Up on site somewhere. Complaint from a patient not complied with 🤔mmmm.

If they had done their jobs at the beginning, without political bias, I would not have had to explain what happened in detail on justice for autism. This is a side show in comparison the main event of non-diagnosis and why it has happened.

What was MG’s response? Not my problem F off somewhere else. In simples, why would the police follow up on wrong diagnosis if my regulator is not interested. 🤔

GCC independent 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧😂😂😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

I told them of irregularities in malpractice litigation. Nothing, no action, confirmed by no paperwork returned.

What about the MCA? I’m keeping them in reserve until they can help instil fair play into the system. Something they have been fighting for since and before recognition. They can go all feral if they have to, otherwise they would not be here today. 👍💋 
After all I did promise the Prof not to bring harm to her nice ladies when I joined up

29th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Still looking for the last letter I got from the regulator after my complaint to the GCC over the major gen where they did not answer any of the questions I brought up and threaten to ostracise we and put me in the naughty boys room if I didn’t move on.

Will prob just send Boris the complaint letter and let him find the response but will go to Pinner and look again tomorrow. 

Why bring the GCC and regulator in at this stage? Well, they are at the bottom of this. To ignore complaint of child abuse they will have had to trivialise me and down grade my occupational position to show I’m just a troublemaker and hence not listened to. Once they have their fingers in their ears and were yelling la la la. We get what we have, hence writing to Mrs May in the first place.

Just a bad egg, ignore. The shame is kids are still suffering because of their inaction.

Prob send two letters. One to Boris and he will be Cc’d in on one to the regulator. Even though they said I should back off, how can I when kids are being wronged.

Can they end my career? They have failed so far.

If they communicate that I’m a naughty boy and sod off. I will appeal and it all comes out. If they don’t respond I’ll start a vigorous complaint about them not doing their job and denying me my legal right of appeal.

I’m getting quite excited. 😂😂 Clearly there will be a plan C and D if needed. ✅

How can they down grade the profession when they broke the law to hide child abuse? 😂😂 About to get messy I expect.

Howard Lamb

PS If I am already in the naughty boys room of isolation and they forgot to tell me and denied my right of appeal, that could be jail time. 😂😂🇬🇧

Those who just sides and abetted fine and disbar.

Well, you have to start somewhere. Just think how many people know. As a professional you have to report wrongdoing, and who has. 🤔

What do I think the associations are doing? Simples, no need for laxative. So many questions and zero answers.

What the F Went wrong?

I bet those who do policy by committee in gov behind the dark veil of secrecy, will not need anything to purge either. 😂😂😂

Predicted all that a while ago, up on site. Guardian article – Covid cases in England are 26 times higher than a year ago

27th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Mass complaints. They started after the Singh case. The first regulator made a fist of it. She tried to take downcast information about my Clinic. Even though the information was on a patients site whose child had been treated successfully for colic. She had already removed most information for chiropractors’ websites on colic (infant).

She phoned me, It didn’t go well for her and I put in a complaint to both the UCA and BCA who dealt with it for me.
I told her at the time she could only deal with patient complaint or those who are against chiropractic and have not been treated.
It wasn’t long after that she left. She damn near bankrupted the profession bless her.

Yes, I’m an MCA member but back then I was uniquely qualified to be a member of all three. Insured by the BCA and ordinary with the other two.

The BCA did not stand up for diagnosis of a straight chiropractor or defend me before I was removed from the register and the UCA was only interested in building its membership hot compete with the BCA. MCA stood by me during my malpractice suit, even though I was insured with the BCA, hence just the one Association now. ✅

Why did I not complain to the MCA as well? Because none of their members were involved except for me. All the cases at that stage or vast majority were with the memberships of BCA and UCA. I kept them in reserve, 😂 just in case.

Uniquely qualified AECC graduate with a degree in animal chiropractic from the college of chiropractors and a faculty member animal. You could only be a member of BCA if you graduated from the AECC in those days, MCA was for their college members and I was prob the first non-college member, certainly the first BCA member to join and the UCA took anyone. ✅

Why join all three? So I could see how all sides of the profession worked and not just a bigoted BCA mantra.

I set the UCA and then the BCA onto the regulator. In the vain hope that they could work together for the greater good. Unfortunately, I had no plan B.

When I said MCA stood by me, I should have said and Stu or Dr Taylor as he can be known 😂. This gave me a unique opportunity to view two associations handling the same situation. More importantly their indemnity insurers and to be frank they were both pathetic.

Blind leading the blind in a wolf pit. 👍 Needs to be looked at and multiple past cases reviewed.

Who do I blame at the BCA?

Howard Lamb

26th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still nothing back from the PM or his office. However, the regulator of our profession had a video conference with the membership yesterday to talk about what we can expect over the next 3 years.

Being an office Wally, he decided to have the call between 12.30 and 1.30 yesterday. Most of the profession would have had to cancel and re arrange patients (with loss of income) effecting their treatment plans. Why not after 8 or on a Sunday? Prob didn’t really want to talk to us at all but had to.

I’m sure I’ll hear over the next few days how it went. 

Text to a friend:
The gov is there to serve the people, not themselves. ✅

Text to a friend:
Poor old profession years of mass complaints to the GCC by people who are anti. The GCC had to process hundreds at a time. Nearly bankrupted them, trashed our reputation and made many chiropractors lives miserable.

Yet the GCC was designed to respond to patients only, none of the complaints were from patients. How does that work? Now it will be move on, and we will down grade you even though it was us at the GCC who got it wrong. 

What a mess.

We can’t have the whole truth and nothing but the truth then. Guardian article – Attempt to force release of Johnson’s messages on Covid in care homes fails

Howard Lamb

23rd August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Q. What’s it like being ADHD spectrum, dyslexic and mild learning difficulties? Great, thank God I’m not normal, is the short answer.

The long answer starts with abuse as a child because you will not conform, the anger it causes blocks you for much of your early years

I was lucky having great parents who allowed me to find my own feet and backed up and supported me when needed. After 66 years at the helm, I think I have it pretty well sorted. What do you think? 😂😂😂🇬🇧

I remember being caned lots. When my mum sussed what was going on she confronted the headmaster. I got expelled and he called her a bad mother, just before she slapped him. Happy days. ✅ Mum flew as straight as an arrow, unless you messed with her. Even I didn’t do that 😂😂

Why did it take the caning so long to come to light? I never told her because she would have told me off for being caned. It was only when she saw 6 welts on the top of my thigh I had to tell the truth. 

Luckily, she ended up going mental at the headmaster. I would have loved to be a fly on that wall. Exactly, I had to conform at home as dad was always in clinic there. How it was, so normal.

Text to a friend:
Q. How can politicians get away with it? The ends justify the means. Only so much to go round.

Me, I would say that’s for a judge to decide. ✅ I would prob add, if we got rid of cover arse, incompetence, negligence, corruption and waste etc. there would more to go round, get the thieving bastards to pay tax and educate parents teachers etc. and get rid of the SS. I am sure the books would balance. ✅

When the ends are based on covering up, the means are justified to hide the abuse secret and get re-elected. What’s the chance of that with 3 years to go? 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

22nd August, 2021

Dear Patient,

A big 2 weeks ahead running into Parliament opening for business again in early September.

What are the chances that the gov will step up to the mark and do the decent thing?

Thousands of children robbed of their future due to deliberate non diagnosis to keep within budget. Blamed when it’s not their fault. Abused leading to mental health and social problems. Isolated and on their own.

Who is standing in their corner? Thousands in and been to jail or secure facility without charge or treatment. What a mess, how many have died at their own hand? I think I just answered my own question. No chance of them stepping up. Far too big and has been going on for years.

Thatcher balanced the books and took humanity out of the system. She is dead but Major, Blair, Brown, May and Boris are still with us and need to come clean or the system will continue to be dysfunctional. “Oh, we do our best, but these children and their scummy families are beyond help, let’s move on” is not the answer.

What is the answer? Truth simple as. Unless you start with the truth it will never change.
Text to a friend:
Yea, remember care in the community, they closed down mental Health and prescribed pills. No need for back up or support. How much did that save? Where did all the money go if Thatcher balanced the books. 🤔

I forgot to add Cameron to the list of PMs. He gave the Crown Jewels to the banks crushed the poor with austerity and is cleaning up as we speak. 

Who is going to pay for it all, including the Covid cock up? Us. Nice. Follow the money Miss Marple. ✅ I’ll give you a hint. Global Corps bypassing rules and regs., tax, law, responsibility, morals and ethics.🤔 Much longer list. But always above the law.

Howard Lamb

21st August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

If an American/global pharma co was experimenting with spicing a new sequence to Covid, which when unleashed, caused the pandemic, was your train of thought. Outside American protocols and procedures in China, one assumes released by error, rather than act of war.

Who is responsible? All of them for the cover up and profiteering from their mistake.

No wonder they are trying to exterminate freedom of speech and the right to whistle blow.

Howard Lamb

20th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news. They have 10 working days to reply. Not that they ever do but I must stick to correct procedure. 

I will top up Boris next week, whilst putting my letters together for Milldank, House of Commons and the team re freedom of information. I don’t know if I will cc it to The Hague as yet. 

Child X’s sister went to hospital with Covid, mother in isolation so will be tied up running around for Child X.

So much to do and so little time to do it, Stu on holiday at the end of next week and the clinic is bursting at the seams.

Hay ho, all in a day’s work.

Text to a friend: 
If there are two sets of rules that by itself could been seen as a crime against the peoples of the British Isles.

Does my evidence comply with the ICC rules of engagement? The UK already has been investigated over our troupe’s activity in Iraq. To qualify you need to have murdered people. Well refusing a diagnosis and traumatising children causing mental health issues and suicide. 🤔

Rape, well 700 kids in care were raped over a 30-year period. Each had a social worker and teachers, but everyone missed it, girls groomed for sex up north, long long list.

Illegally detained. Well, 2k are still banged up without charge and a court has ruled it was against their human rights. Could be a long letter.

No google it long list of reasons to complain I think I’ve got most of them covered but I’m sure they don’t have to have done them all to be prosecuted. 👍🇬🇧

Derr, how’s it possible to have sets of rules in a democracy.

Check out genocide criteria, killing the old off, DNR orders to save the NHS. 🤔

You know me, I like to be clinical. 😂😂😂

Yep, all over the news. The wonder drug that saved Trump a year ago, will be released soon to save the day.

How did they have a cure so soon after the start of the pandemic? 🤔 Gives more credence to those who feel America was working on biological weapons of mass distraction in China and added a sequence on to the virus. They would need to develop a cure to save their own people. Covid escaped before it was ready. 🤔

More likely big pharma made a killing on vaccines first, now will make a long-term killing on the pills. 

What a world. 6 million dead and counting.
Always follow the money, unless it is offshore then you are screwed. 😂😂

After going through cases about crimes to humanity, the UK’s soldiers got done for following the US’s lead. Yet it being an illegal war and the politicians giving the nod to the military to follow the yanks, they are not mentioned. 🤔

Defo two sets of rules when they need to cover arse.

Howard Lamb

18th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
When I get five mins I’ll sort out my letters of complaint. All you have to do is go onto the GCC website to see none of them are mentioned, yet I have them in black and white.

I’ll give Bozo a few days and top him up with paperwork and a little more explanation. 

Somewhere on JFA is over a dozen pages of gobbledegook from the then chair of the GCC, protecting the Major General, just before I turned to May.

Yea Ofsted has a lot to answer for. All schools under their duty of care. Oh yea Boris made it legal not to do care and Torys made it ok for councils to F up and have no responsibility. 

Of course they know and instead of sorting it out, they protected each other’s bottoms. ✅

Howard Lamb

18th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Parliament called back to decide if to go to war illegally again. It’s such a shame they can’t discuss my letter instead 👍 Please read my latest letter to Boris

Howard Lamb

16th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Boris letter on way. Read this and see if anyone is telling porky pies. Mirror article – World education league table for maths, science and reading revealed – and it’s grim news for Britain

All you have to do is go back to the Trojan Five. Proven not to be terrorists but good professionals who were getting kids to pass exams, well beyond the norm. They couldn’t have that could they? ✅

Teachers marking unbiased by upgrade and no Ofsted or mark it right and get one, just came to mind. 🤔

I did say in my opinion for the tribunal that education had not learnt from its mistakes, nearly a decade ago. How many more hidden cock ups have there been since? Well, someone has to ask the questions. 🤔

Based on clinical evidence and basis for diagnosis, not the opinion of any old git. 😂😂

Howard Lamb

PS Vietnam did well so leave the Afghanis alone and see what happens. Defo no more war.

15th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Confused dot com again! 

Record results on exams when kids don’t go to school? I’ve asked kids. They could get more work done in much less time at home but missed the social. Until then I assumed the gov had just milked the figures.

Can schools built for the norm be that crap that kids educate themselves better without school? 🤔

How can you tell if they made the papers easier or move the boundaries i.e. 45 % for an A? We will never know. Let’s hope it’s the kids and not corruption to get a result. We fixed the exams now everyone loves us and we can move on. ✅

If kids do better schooling at home and part time school for a social and ed guidance, the kids who need the help could then get more attention. 👍 Result.

More kids do badly so it changes the average so others look like they have over achieved. High on probability chart at the moment. 😂

Nobody has asked the question, how many didn’t pass anything at all? 🤔

I was on the war path long before Child X. I do love a challenge. 😂

The family were perfect for my case study allied to my free clinic for kids with special needs.

Just went from there really. Never had any control as not Child X or mother and could only advise and support through their quest for a normal life. Got bored waiting so spread the net.

My type of autism is you learn on the job. An obsessive clinician so was able to cut deep. 11 years later, here we are. ✅

Howard Lamb

14th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

Two letters to Boris ago, I mentioned dereliction of duty. Well, if you know you are in the wrong and still defend your position against and not for the people, then run around like a headless chicken trying to avoid responsibility, I think it was a fair shout. ✅

Confused dot com. If you catch Covid, you will still have antibodies that could trigger a positive test prob up to 3 months later. So, if someone has a mild dose the body dealt with, they could have a positive test later and have to self-isolate with everyone else in their life.

That can’t be right surely. 🤔

Howard Lamb

13th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The problem is they have defended from day one, rather than seek the truth. They know what the truth is, so have no option but to defend. How do you change that mind set from protect ourselves to protect those who should have been from day one? They have the power to but would have to take responsibility, which of course is a huge political No No. 🤔

Them not knowing the truth and just running around like headless chickens is also high on the probability chart. That means a different approach and a trip to the EU.

Well, they will defend using the power of the state? A bit unfair I would say. Defo not honourable 

If it ends up on the court room steps, would I settle? No chance, I would love a month or two in court helping proceedings. They damaged a child in My Care. Not going to go well for them.

Howard Lamb

PS Only a naughty therapist after all, what could possibly go wrong? 🤔😂😂😂😂

PPS Could you imagine America telling the truth? Big stretch. 😂😂😂

If it were a game of chess, anyone with a bit of decency would have conceded many moves ago. If that’s not checkmate, I’m a monkey’s uncle. ✅

Ok naughty therapist uncle to monkey. Happy.

12th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Let’s see if she says the same when it comes to Boris. I have my reservations. Guardian article – Prince Andrew allegations: Met chief says ‘no one is above the law’

Happening All day long, all over the country. Guardian article – ‘Systematic failings’ in England’s care system as boy restrained in hospital

Howard Lamb

11th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

So much to do and so little time to do it in. I’ve tried to tone down the next letter to the PM but in truth it’s not possible, let me explain.
Boris has been informed of a criminal act, perpetrated by people below him. Instead of dealing with it he has covered it up, which is another criminal act. So, no safe ground. If the PM acted now, it would be “but you did this that and the other (new child on way 😂). So, you have participated in the crime, go to jail, do not pass go and pay back what your earnt during your illegal activities “.
Now, for him to have got into this mess the cabinet and office had to be involved, as did those on high in the ministries. So we are into the hundreds, then those down the line who have done their bidding which again is aiding and abetting of a crime and that will run into the thousands.
You then have the watchers. Those who make sure everything is above board, who have had to be compromised or I would have heard from them by now.
The list goes on and on.
Or keep shtum and he will go away.
There is no leadership or will to put right what went wrong so the next generation of kids is about to enter the grinder in September.
I hoped that decency would shine through but clearly not in this case.
I hoped my profession would grow some and finally back me up but that hasn’t happened so it’s now open season for them all.
Happy hunting 😂😂😂😂😂 Is all I can say.
The Hague, unless something happens pretty soon, will be busy for years to get them through and the family the right result. ✅

Remember I have watched the mother and child win every battle, there have been many, yet live from hand to mouth and are stigmatised by those in power as a bad mother and naughty child, which to this day is all over there records. 

Mother remember has been getting back all paperwork, even today. I’ve watched them struggle but they stay undefeated. They just need help to get over the line. And several miles up the road if I get my way. 👍😂

Text to a friend: 

No, they deserve it. My profession has had multiple opportunities to get involved and haven’t. I am prob the last of the HIO straight chiropractor in this country and close to retirement age and have put up with a lot of crap from them for over 40 years.

I’ll make Simon Singh look like a novice. 🤔

Well, the profession which has covered up child abuse. 🤔🤔🤔 What could go wrong for them there as I have all the paperwork to back it up?

No, all I have to do is send Singh the paperwork and a potted biased history and he has the structure in place to do the damage. 👍

All the associations and GCC/regulator had all the paperwork at the start plus a lot of other letters and text, all time and dated.

No, they have done sweet fanny adams for nine years.

London calling, London calling. It’s arrived, I’ll repeat, it’s arrived. Over. 👍🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

9th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Look at Blair, middle class boy with a fortune of 100 million plus. Backed the Americans and went to war illegally. No brown paper bag full of readies. Top positions with their backing and the cash rolled in.

Not a dicky bird from No. 10, you only hear from them if it makes them look good. Clearly systematic child abuse by the system isn’t good news so they just try and avoid like the plague.

No, still no news, what can I say.

Cameron is using all his contacts to earn a few bob. Sod the greater good as it’s my chance to clean up like Tony. All as bent as a nine-bob note. ✅

Yea 20 years of meddling in the Middle East and the Taliban are about to take over again. They should be asking Blair for the money back.

Well Cameron was all set up with his offshore accounts. Had to close Panama, so where did it all go? Clearly not going to be on his tax return. 😡 No wonder they want to give whistle-blowers 14 years for telling the truth. 🤔

The more you think about I the worse it gets. 

Blair/America manipulation of the Middle East and Blair and comrades in the privy council. A Chilcott whitewash and it’s done and dusted. The free world at work. Nice.

What skill sets did Tony have to earn a huge fortune? Barrister, so in charge of a team who twist the law to their client’s advantage. Cabinet was the same but Tony was the client this time. Can’t be by honest toil then. 😂

Pity he wasn’t a solicitor because the job never gets done. Unless you are talking lady of the night. But who would pay to shag him? 🤔😂👍✅ America, of course. 

Tony, Americas call girl! Has a ring to it. 👍 He fitted hand in glove with the EU. What could have possibly gone wrong? Explains Brexit (simples)

Yea you can guarantee I’m in the hands of their solicitors whose advice to the crown will be keep shtum. You can’t win it, but we can drag it out past the next election, solicitor gen I expect.

Wealthy Gorilla article – TOP LISTS The 20 Richest Politicians in the World

Mmmmm Politico article – Brexit Party heads list of top earners in European Parliament

Says it all at the end of the clip. BBC News article – Rich politicians: Times lists wealthy MPs and peers

It makes you wonder how much tax they have all paid.

Ooops Guardian article – Government refuses to reveal how many times contact tracing turned off on Covid app

Prob twinned Guardian article – Dido Harding to step down as chair of NHS Improvement

Text to a friend:
This is London calling.
This is London calling. 
The dung on route to fan.

Howard Lamb

8th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yea Parliament on hols till September. Care on the back burner again. Mark you, that’s standard procedure, look at the bloods scandal, care homes for abuse, manmade disasters like mad cow and drugs stopping Limbs from growing. Smoking, illegal wars, diesel, lead from petrol, insect pesticides, sewage mixing with storm water and released into the environment, just to mention a few, where justice not was not done because there was no political will and a need to cover up the truth to protect the gov’s position? How is it possible to have a democracy with rules for us and none for them? Spin is the norm so truth is not.

Yea asbestos, how many are still dying? I had a patient in, who has lung cancer and was blamed for smoking, yet the gov new the damage and did nothing until they had no other choice, it makes you wonder who took the bung.

Howard Lamb

7th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What would be a great outcome? Good question.

Vote of no confidence like they did to the Iron Lady. Con party has a purge and replace dead wood by elections, Labour etc. the same, so a general election where candidates stand for all of their voters and not just the party line.

They fund the family to save my pension fund and pay me for my time and effort.

Made a Lord so I can get into House of Lords and privy council to make sure change for the better occurs.

The title is not for my ego but to open the door to Narnia. 😂 Lord Buck of Bucks Hill. Captain of Team Buck that catches monster around the planet (fish that is but flexible). 😂😂😂😂 See got it all worked out. 👍

Where I go big cat fishing in Spain, I’m known as Uncle Buck, ask Ed Brett if you don’t believe me, he’s one of the founding members .✅

Howard Lamb

6th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news,

I am pleased to see cases of Covid dropping, as you would expect through the summer, as happened last year. Let’s hope the booster jab is rolled out quickly and no new variants take hold.

Approx. 6 million have caught the virus, many have had a mild version as will not be in the stats. Approx. 400k + have long Covid. Kids can poss have it for life. The vaccine is not lifelong and in some the immunity is short lived, millions are waiting for postponed treatments and operations. NHS staff are tired and due holidays.

Is the pandemic over? You work it out.

Text to a friend:
What do I think is happening behind the scenes? As the modern world seems to run on best scientific guess, I’ll have a stab at it. Firstly, it depends on whether the system is so corrupt it’s beyond redemption. Then it’s a trip to The Hague, as no option left. Take a couple more years to achieve but defo a possibility.

If the system is able to redeem itself. The law lords should be on the loose and tying up all the loose ends and because they are involved no one else can move. 🤔 Except me of course. 😂😂😂🇬🇧

Option one is in the pipeline if needed, option two I’m giving a bit of time for it to happen, if in a week I’ve had no contact the next Boris letter, will not be sent by Cupid, but from the heart instead. ✅

If the corruption has taken over the crown services through the privy council, the law lords have their work cut out. I’ve had patients, as did my father, who live in their worlds and I’ve been impressed by several, so I still have faith in them to sort the system. If they can’t we have already become totalitarian, they just forgot to tell us. 🇬🇧

Time running out for no 2. To get the max affect from The Hague it will have to start before the run in to the next general election. But a week can’t harm. 👍 How’s that for strategic planning?

How do I know the Law Lords are involved?  Well, I pushed every button and rang the bells for protocols and procedures in ways that they had to be involved. If they aren’t it’s been perverted.

Howard Lamb

4th August, 2021

Dear Patient,

To understand the scale of the problem let me use 2 examples I’ve seen in clinic today. 

  1. An 80 + woman with a spectrum son in his early 60ies. He is in residential accommodation, the mother had to fight long and hard to get it yet the mother worries about what will happen when she has gone, he is not capable of looking after himself. The mother has power of attorney. Yet who will look after his needs when she has gone. The SS or council who are on their own agenda, not likely.
  2. A 65+ mother with a 42 year old non diagnosed autistic son who thinks he is normal and blames everyone else when things go wrong. Again, no help and no voice. Mother at the end of her tether after 42 years of battling to understand her son and protect him. Only once she had read the site did it dawn on her he was autistic.

Son in denial and will not get a diagnosis. Even if he did, he would prob be discriminated against.

So, the prob has been around for ever. Prob a million plus not diagnosed and very limited facilities and help for those who are.

The fact the gov knows what it’s done and what their predecessors achieved makes it a very bitter pill to swallow, especially as the next generation start to be fed into the grinder.

 When you have seen a few they tend to stand out from the crowd. Lots of cool info on the autistic sites. Just because the child is a bit weird, not necessarily autistic. Article by Sick Kids Staff – Characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Text to a friend:
Covid number dropping. Prob all those people who dropped the app and then did not take a test because of isolation. Summer sun is what we need. 

Text to a friend:
How would I sort out my profession? 👍 Do what the chartered accountants, was it 🤔, did. There’s a letter from one in the early part of jfa. Lovely man, just past, good heart.

Independent, you can then have people from the profession with understanding and a vision for the profession in the top ranks rather than an army general who was good with Blarney at cocktails but knew nothing of chiropractic.

The college must teach a three d module of a ironical dysfunction and how the different techniques can be adapted.

Consistency at a high level to start then the ability to improve and advance capability with patients.

The quality of our work will speak volumes.

Those who missed the toggle training should have to do a catch up CPD to full register.

Instead of the crap we have had to put up with in conferences, CPD etc. The is never anything on how to improve your technique. The most important thing.

Well, if you only have to waggle a neck about and crack it, no point I expect. Not hard to do and tell the privy council to f..k right off, in a loving and woke way. 😂🇬🇧

Those who can’t be arsed to catch up can stay with the therapist under unjust regulation or set up the structure for consultants, professors and specialist in multiple disciplines .and stride forwards at long last. Look on the bright side, NHS is slowly being privatised so there will always be opportunity.

As for showing the signs of autism, complicated by trauma and masked by many, it’s easy to jump to wrong conclusions, that’s why doc have to do it. 

My fear is the unscrupulous use it to try and milk the system. My little Johnny has all of that, give me some cash. ✅

Howard Lamb

2nd August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Due to extreme limits of finance the mother has kitted out her house cheaply. She already had several salt lamps used to help child sleep, (long story) she bought an oil diffuser and oils on the internet and got change out of 30 quid and a carbon filter unit to exchange the air for 25 pounds. 

Didn’t bother with the UV light as very few people go to the house. Hundreds a week go to the clinic. The UV light at the clinic cost £45 and my large salt lamp £40. So, for a total of 55 quid she protected her home at a minimal level.

My Dyson was 500 quid + times 3 and diffusers times 5. Oils will cover every inch of the clinic, the salt lamp works better when on but will work 24/7. Saltwater gargle for staff, pennies. Listerene a bit more.

If it had been rolled out last March or before, when I did the clinic would 150k have died. 🤔 Just a naughty therapist, who listens? 😡

Most people have spent more on masks. ✅

Text to a friend:
Why oils so expensive? Because she bought a year’s supply or more. Only need a few drops of each. Why three oils? Until the scientists work out the best, I covered all bases with 3 of the top 5 from my research. Much of which goes back over 30 years, not just topped up recently. 👍 2 were very expensive so I settled for tea tree, cinnamon and oregano. Plus, the fragrance was the best on trials. 

Health risk from the quantity of oils breathed in is prob zero, much more dangerous following a diesel car.

Did the salt lamp help the child sleep? Not by itself took all colours that stimulate out and the room, amber Himalayan salt lamp with a natural aid did the rest. No computer or tv on, bright light and spectrum blues bouncing around the room and noise. Calm child for an hour. Then sleep time. Not rigid as it depends on how tired he is on any given day. Teaching him how to switch off, takes the time.

Natural aid, melatonin, is it? Bedtime story to calm us down in my day. Wolves trying to eat people, or fingers cut off. Did sleep but had nightmares. 😂😂

Why amber? FFS. Think traffic lights green/blue side of spectrum means go. Amber/red slow and stop. Not hard but complex.

Anything else? A SAD or white light bulb in the room that comes on when they wake up. Bed side light, main light. They are crap at eating so are usually nutritionally depleted, a good kick of Vit D first thing can’t harm. 

If child will only eat foods of certain texture or flavour find a good quality shake with a flavour the like crammed full of vits, mins, proteins and fats, often makes a big difference.

Another book another day.

Howard Lamb

PS Triglycerides, all nine essential fatty acids which lubricates the brain. Does more than that but let’s keep it simple. 👍

1st August, 2021

Dear Patient,

Why has Boris not acted, was a question from a patient in clinic yesterday. Good question, only he will know for sure, but I do have some thoughts on the subject.

  1. You can’t have an honour system without honour, that’s a totalitarian state.
  2. Statistical normality means you don’t change because that’s how it’s always been so the future is always the same. We did the wrong thing in the wrong way and got the wrong result. Then plan for the future to repeat itself. Innovation not statistical dogma🤔
  3. remove the right for care with DNR and remove responsibility for duty of care, as they did with the care homes, or in English, let them die and cover our arses, ✅ job done.
  4. My letters have been on the PM’s desk (May and Boris) for three years, clear explanations from years of clinical investigation.

How can you say oops, who knew, now? So heads will have to roll. But if we ignore it there is nothing he can do to make us put our hands up. 

Don’t say a word chaps. 👍

Text to a friend:
No point writing to Cameron as was prob always out on a business lunch. Very good. 😂😂😂🇬🇧

This phase of abuse goes back to Thatcher. The country was riddled with child abuse, and she cut the budgets to the bone and balanced the books. Blair deliberately under spent, trashed the 

system further and tick boxed itself with full staff protection.

Why do your job when you can tick a box that says you did, then do it time and again?

Re clean air in clinic. Salt and essential oils preserve mummies for thousands of years. Salt kills everything it touches through osmosis, essential oils envelop anything that touches it . Covid tinny so if encapsulated easier for the carbon filter to remove in the air purifier. UV light in entrance, kills or inactivated Covid, oils then encapsulate or salt from a salt lamp will kill it. Staff gargle to protect their throats, not hard to do and cheap as chips. Smells nice as well. 👍 But too new age for sage I expect.

Certain oils seem more effective than others, as carried on the wind they get everywhere the Covid does, surfaces have a thin covering of oils and salt from settlement. The carbon filters will trap and kill more Covid with oils and salt in its catchment chamber. Sanitise surfaces regularly and your home and dry. ✅ 

Why do some oils work better than others? Well, that’s for the scientists to work out, I’m just the clinician. 😂

Text to a friend:
Good idea for a Boris T shirt but I’m sure he won’t wear it. 😂

If you pee nonstop on the way up, be aware you will be shat on all the way down. ✅🇬🇧 

Howard Lamb

31st July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The next Boris letter is nearly there, I have tone, content and backing paperwork. It’s just how far do I go at this juncture.

Boris cannot ignore my letters anymore, so they have to do something but as reputation, arrogance, power and two sets of rules at stake, I can’t see them in a rush to deal with it.

If you do not find out who is accountable, where the system failed and why. And make the relevant changes, everything will stay the same and the system wins again.
Yea, that’s us, a model of democracy. Dysfunctional and twisted for the few.

Least my dysfunctional and twisted (by the system) kids are innocent of any crime, except for their abuse, that is. 🤔 Heavy.

Well, no quatre was asked. 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb


30th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Everyone goes back to the privy council, or central control. What we need to find out is, do they work for self-interest with position and power or for u? What we know and what can be proved is something else. 🤔

They prob have specialised departments to deflect, defer, debunk, releasing nonstop red herrings and pervert justice to save the gov from endless incompetence. Paid for with our tax money.

Let’s bang up all whistle blowers and press who tell the truth. Control of the media is always the first thing to happen when slipping into a totalitarian state. Not me saying it but many over the years who actually lived through it.

If nobody is accountable, we are in deep manure, for want of a better word. 👍🥲

Howard Lamb

PS Did I miss the new care stuff Boris was sorting out or has it been postponed? 🤔 If you have had Covid you will produce you own antibodies, if you are jabbed you rely on pharmaceutical companies to keep your antibodies high. So, a two-jab passport discriminates against those who have developed natural immunity. And both groups can catch it, carry it and infect.

Clean the air we breathe from Covid, as per my practice protocols etc. and if there is nothing to breath in to infect you, you can’t catch it and at an affordable price, until the profiteers start I expect. 😂 

Clean water without Covid in the environment every time it rains would be nice as well as clean air. Sky article – COVID-19: Sewage surveillance reveals ‘widespread increase’ of coronavirus in England last month

Text to a friend:
Old Mogg seems to have no sense but has a sixth. 😂😂

As for Boris we have a PM who can’t even open a brolly properly without turning it inside out. Heaven help us.

The problem with Sage is there are too many scientists and not enough clinicians. All brain and no common sense.

Everything that’s happened was written in history in 1918 and the first pandemic, wave after wave going on for a decade and vaccines in use to control flu a hundred years later. 

As a clinician I looked at the multiple ways to kill the bug and put together a system to kill the bug and not harm my patients. It worked. 👍

What has Sage done except chronically the disaster with best guess scenario’s which didn’t protect the people. Imagine a Covid free environment for the old in care. How many lives would have been saved. 😡    

28th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The list grows. Baby P, grooming for sex and other care homes. Blame the child and don’t listen to complaints. Then the gov can do what they want.

How many autistic children have committed suicide or had their lives ruined before it started? I’m sure we will never know for sure but it’s thousands and thousands. Criminal, not just a disgrace. Who serves up justice when the system is to blame?

Why? Well, if it makes the gov look bad it’s covered up. What other explanation can there be? ✅

Exactly. Covering it up is complicit to the crime. Tends to explain why I’ve not been handled within normal protocols and procedures with my case study. 🤔

Quite clear in transcripts of the Baby P case what should have been done and wasn’t. 

Who is to blame? It has to be the privy council. They are in charge, they are in position to suppress and doctor information to stop it reflecting on the gov. Take child X, I reported abuse to my regulator, the regulator reports to the privy council, I get thrown out of the profession. 🤔

Text to a friend:

Olympics. Tears by the bucket as emotion let’s rip. How things have changed since Roger Bannister did a sub 4 min mile in plimsoles, then went down the pub for a pint.

 A bit of a shock being British as defo not the norm. Let’s hope it continues with happiness. 🇬🇧👍
Whatever next , the stiff upper lip has gone. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

27th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

700 complaints from former residents and nothing was done. It’s quite common then. ✅

Sky article – Children in Lambeth Council care subjected to ‘cruelty and sexual abuse hard to comprehend’, inquiry into historical abuse finds

Another triumph for social services. 👍 Rotten to the core. Who quashed the complaints at police, council and social services? Where were the safeguards? Who was over seeing it?

Who put them at risk? Who was responsible at the ministries? Who was in charge at gov level?

Question after Question.

Howard Lamb

26th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Well, I did much of the 8 points. 6 meant no police or council staff and I told profession, regulator and tribunal. That was in 2012 and since. Hence my contact with the PM and attorney generals.

No correct response. NSPCC article – What to do if a child reveals abuse

Howell suggested I go to police after reading my letters and the judgement after I wrote to him on behalf of the family. I expect that letter will be part of the next bundle to Boris.

Well, the police have records going back for years as he was a naughty boy. Hardly likely to get a fair crack of the whip.

How could he do anything else as he virtually blanked it from early on. 

Well why didn’t you do something before? Prob as the truth came out, those who should have done something and didn’t decided to protect their arses. 🤔

If child abuse is reported, you have to do something by law, not defect, defer and blame. After all I have. 😂😂🇬🇧

Howell did nothing when told of child abuse, avoided my complaints and the threw me out of the profession and had his arse covered by the temp chair of the GCC. The problem was I got reinstated on unchanged paperwork. No cover up there then. 😂👍

I think it was after the GCC chairs response I wrote to Mrs May. She referred me back to the abusers and then blanked me. Ditto for Boris. Hence asking for an independent investigation, repeatedly.

Howard Lamb

25th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Where do we stand? If anything I’ve said is untrue I would have been in jail myself by now. So they must have worked out the truth and have still done nothing about it which makes them complicit to child abuse.

I had a long chat with Child X yesterday. The damage done to his long term mental health is enormous. I tried to explain how lucky he had been not to be put in care by the mother because he would have ended up in prison for life with no charge because he didn’t fit the norm and was destroyed by it. If his mother had not fought for him every inch of the way, he would not have been diagnosed, no benefits, no roof over his head, with no education or interactive skills with others.

But that’s ok by the gov as they live by two sets of rules and have stitched the system up so there is no complaint. They can then tick their boxes and everything is ok. Naughty kids and their poor mother, what can we do?

Text to a friend.
No it will cost more not to do anything than sort it out. A few quid at the beginning with early diagnosis, education of parents and any staff involved. A confidential mentor with social services not allowed anywhere near them, and a tax payer at the end, not a never ending drain on budgets. An untrashed asset to society, a bit like me. 😂😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

PS let’s not get carried away with a fall in infections. You would expect that in a heat wave and high UV. It’s more of a concern they didn’t drop by much. The Euros taking their toll on Europe as summer cases rising. Oh god I’m going to hate this winter.

How’s the child? I don’t know, had to give him some tough love as was flying around in coo-coo land. Touched base to reality so has the right hump. Ooops.

Being a mentor not just about holding his hand it’s about helping him to understand the truth and change what needs to be changed. Change cannot happen unless he wants to, clearing blocks is not easy. But we are miles further ahead than when we started.

How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? Well, it depends on whether the light bulb wants to change in this case. 😂✅

As child said my life’s shit, and who gives one, so why change. I’m happy at this moment. Then the walls come tumbling down, again and again, repeat. 👍

He’s a walk in the park in comparison to dealing with the system, believe me. 😂😂😂

Well at least you can have the conversation with him. ✅

Where were all the professional big guns when it was all left to a naughty therapist and a bad mother. 

Defect, defer and blame is to blame. All just smoke and mirrors to cover up the abuse. 🤔

Well, we got to the truth, the question here is who serves up the justice. Without justice there is no need to make change. There’s the rub of it.

24th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
So all the old and vulnerable’s antibody counts, dropping as we speak and they are going to boost them from September and all the young are getting jabbed up who don’t die from it. It will take 3 to 4 months to jab the old, what could possibly go wrong?

As for silted up waterways, due to the years of untreated sewage and chemical flushed into the eco system. The sludge is toxic and can’t be just dumped on the bank like the old days and is expensive to move and detox and land fill. So it will cost several arms and legs to sort out. They have cut the environments budget and got rid of expert staff because they didn’t have to pay out for dredging anymore, but it’s ok as spent all the budget for one big sewer through London.  Clearly well thought through by a dyslexic ten year old. 🇬🇧😂

So Doc will be jabbing for ever and no time for patients other health worries. Covid will soon be everywhere again and we are at a worse level of infection by miles in comparison to last year.

Why did the PM put people at risk by moving from his flat to checkers? I expect all staff were removed and Boris drove the family himself, not. It’s a very bad joke. What next Javid kissing a bloke on cctv whilst in isolation.

Howard Lamb

23rd July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I see old princess Priti at it again. 14 years for whistle blowers and press that cover it.

My maths is not that great but it will prob be, so the law covers the time that Assange got + a bit, to cover arse once he is released. So transparent. 😂

I see Germany flooded into the Low Countries again, another EU triumph. 

During the 50’s and 60’s they straightened all the rivers to run the water off quickly and drain the water meadows to build on and farm. Regular dredging was needed to keep the depth, EU wants to save river Crustacea so stopped dredging. 🤔 Rivers silting up and can of carry far less water, and interlinked with flooding sewers, for god’s sake. More rain and less river capacity and you get the tragic deaths of our EU friends.

No, you couldn’t write it, all true, check it out.

Agreed, shelve HS2 and sort our drainage out both storm and foul. Prob cost about the same but will add years of health to the end of life. 😂

All you have to do is look at age of death with very limited medicine in the 60’s and then subtract those who have lived longer with modern medical intervention, you will prob see that the nation is sicker now than then at the cost of trillions, keep them alive, don’t worry about healthy because that allows for repeat business, don’t you love capitalism.

PS Why can’t you rehouse the crustiest and liberate them back into a clean and with thought, a better environment.

Woke or what, becoming a modern man during old age melt down, better late than never. 👍😂😂😂😂🇬🇧  

Howard Lamb

22nd July, 2021

Dear Patient,

So, Delta is uncontrolled and the vaccine effectiveness dropping quickly, 🤔 what could possibly go wrong in the autumn or flu season. Guardian Article – UK scientists back Covid boosters as study finds post-jab falls in antibodies

So, everyone in the country will need 2 jabs a year for ever. Not good.

Howard Lamb

21st July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, well what did I expect.

Oops we have not diagnosed autism and trashed tens of thousands of kids going through a system without care and vulnerable children put at risk. Not good on their manifesto so cover it up instead.

They have had 9 years to deal with it since the tribunal in 2012 and haven’t. They have blocked every move and trashed my reputation instead.  

When they police themselves, they can run two sets of rules and still get a knighthood, whilst trashing more children who enter the corrupted system. Defo not men/women of honour. Yet it’s an honour system. How does that work? Well for them but not so well for those with special needs.

Text to a friend:
Your right, anyone else would have gone to jail for the abuse of the child but when done by the system it’s ok. 😡

Exactly, deflect and defer so nobody goes to jail and the kids just get punished time and time again, it’s just wrong. 

Agreed, 82 years of unblemished practice, no complaints to the GCC. Yet I’m a terrible chiro and clinician. 🤔 How does that work? 

Dad qualified in America and sat his Californian state licence in early 1939. That’s 82 years. 😂

Luckily for our patients that means 82 years of ongoing professional development. Not just limited to our basic education like they are now, what a mess.

Californian state licence to be able to trade as a doctor after the correct qualification. Pre-med in the UK and then 3 year degree as was common in all medical fields.

Let’s face it, if you were trained to motion palpate a neck or other areas of the spine then mobilise it, you really don’t need a medical degree. So by ignoring anything else and excepting thats it, that’s all that needs to be done. The profession has not helped itself. I blame the BCA because they have tried to eradicate my side of the profession, and only allowed their basic view and techniques which have dumbed us down, so to speak. 

Physio’s can do that so why do we need chiropractors as well. Not rocket science. So physio’s rule the roost at the NHS and all chiropractic is out in the cold and downgraded to therapist. And therapists can’t make diagnosis, 🤔 explains a lot. 
How do I know? I have a mctim graduate who has been with me and developed over 15 years. I’ve had graduates from the AECC and Glamorgan who could only motion palpate and mobilise. The AECC graduate was, to be fair, adapting well and developing her technique and understanding of muscular skeletal dysfunction and developing skill sets to get the body to help through antalgia with specific neurological stimulation, but had to leave for personal reasons. I hope that what she learned at our clinic has expanded her capabilities.

It was a much slower development than the mctim graduate who had a more rounded technical ability to start with.

As for Glamorgan it took a while for them to realise that crack and crunch didn’t take much thought, taking a 3d listing and understanding the dysfunctional anatomy before you do anything, does. ✅

Diagnosis and BCA. They did not stand for mine, so gave up the right for theirs. That sort of explains it.

Classic nobody listens to your diagnosis and then you can get sued for wrong diagnosis, righty or wrongfully as I found out.

Should have done better. ✅ Guardian article – Dozens of English care homes lost at least 20 residents to Covid, data shows

Howard Lamb

20th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I can’t believe the rubbish talked re Covid. If you are double jabbed the chances of death are low. You can still catch it, carry it and infect others so must go with a negative test. Difficult as profiteers are charging large sums of money for them.

Masks did not make a huge difference, more people died in the second wave wearing masks than did in the first wave where they didn’t. The masks worn may restrict breathing in Covid for a short while but moisture from breath dampens the mask and stop its effectiveness in 15 mins or less. The majority leak breath so the infected can still infect. Social distancing helped but 10 meters would have been better. 

It’s an Airborne virus so clean the air and you can’t get infected if there is no virus to infect. Herd immunity will be at about 80+ % due to the Delta variant being more infectious than the previous strain. 50 + % have been double jabbed. 

Gov plan was working until they lost control of the Delta variant but politically, they had to reopen.

What’s going to happen now? Only God knows. ✅

 Working on my next letter to Boris, what can you say to a man who will not listen? 🤔

If you are going to mix with others, at least gargle with salt water or Listerene before and after to give your throat a chance to get rid of an infection before it gets hold. 👍

Howard Lamb

PS Profiteering, I have had patients paying over 100 pounds for a test, Astra jab costs under a fiver. 

19th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Well worth the read. Definition of Duty of Care

Mmm interesting. Care and support statutory guidance Updated 21 April 2021

Text to a friend:

Crimes against humanity, hang traitors were two of the slogans outside parliament today. Both subjects covered on the justice site. 🤔 Not just me then, 😂😂😂🇬🇧☔️⚡️🔥🌊💥if you get my drift. 👍

Boris must be depressed. All the complainers together with a single voice against him, and he needs to be loved. (sex love addicted) or is it more the ladies not for turning, carry on regardless.

Maybe he could finish the flat whilst in isolation again. Then he will have time to book a hol and finally use his paternity leave. Prob borrow a mate’s jet and another’s island. Have to be secret though. 

Well if the Talaban didn’t have a go, half of England, Scotland, Wales and all of Ireland might!

Why are they protesting? Because everything the gov does turns to crap in the long run. Removed duty of care from the old and frail and honoured them with a do not resuscitate order. 

Many angry people in many different ways. No post mortum on Covid so the delta Covid took hold. Third time unlucky for the gov. Long list. Only with justice will they have to take responsibility. How do you do that in a parliamentary democracy?

Classic nobody listens to your diagnosis and then you can get sued for wrong diagnosis, righty or wrongfully as I found out.

Howard Lamb

18th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Where are we in history if it repeats itself? Late 1700’s, the people of Britain, through judgement, ruled that all men were free. Back to the Magna Carte. Seemingly it did not apply to British women without any vote. 🤔

Global warming is the slave trade, we have started in the right direction but if civilisation and all life not accounted for, we go back to the times of the biblical warnings. As freedom rippled out, machines did the work and polluted the planet.

Let’s try again, like that Scots bloke said, let’s get it right this time. 👍🙏🏾

Spain, Holland and Portugal aside. America should have known better. Slaves had no money so had to work on the plantation again, like it or not as his family would starve. 

Gold is the false idol of capitalism or crimes against the planet and humanity. ✊

What about the French? Fellow Celts like the Irish, not northern hoards (Vikings and Danes) Norman common to both. Nice people who will do the opposite to what they have been told to do. Just like us southern Celts who endured the Romans. 😂😂 Will that do.

Javid and half the gov in isolation again. I don’t believe in coincidence. 

Care changes looming but everyone on the sick. Wait till there all back from hols in September and we will try not to sort anything out until we have no option. Good old gov again, doing what they have always done. How do you do that? 🤔 Ah cover up. ✅

Howard Lamb

17th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still, I’m sorry to say.

The 2016 letter to Howell is just one of a series up to and after he left, then a whole series to the next 2 regulators and the chair of the GCC, who did not respond but I did get a letter afterwards for the regulator saying, “get over it and move on or you will be excommunicated from professional life”.

Clearly showing how all the systems work. If someone screws up they are retired/moved elsewhere and protected. The new people distance themselves and do nothing.

I never received any details of their complaints procedure and was falsely removed from the register and labelled as troublemaker. They avoided any contact. Prob why they don’t want to send back my paperwork.

The way I see it is Howell was doing what the privy council had put him in charge to do and finding out how the system was putting children at risk allowing them to be abused was not part of the brief. I embarrassed the BCA worldwide over diagnosis. They said they would stand up for it and then never did. They haven’t sent back any paperwork either, there’s a surprise.

More at play than meets the eye. Helping disabled chiropractic patients was never going to be on the agenda. Yet the GCC only exists to protect patients. How does that work?

Always more questions than answers.

Did the tribunal judge talk to Howell? Did Howell talk to Penning (major gen not active but legal and a para that did not jump out of planes)?

Who was in control at the privy council? We got recognition under the Labour party so Cons are trying to demote us because of that? 

How do they live with themselves? I had a thirteen year old boy in my arms sobbing uncontrollably saying he can’t take any more and wants to be dead!

I believe the site goes back to the beginning of trying to remove me from the register, so most of went on after that is already up. 

Text to a friend:
Howell and judge. On the day of the tribunal, I told the panel 3 times, I was a Doctor of Chiropractic and needed to explain stuff about the child and was not allowed to do so. Could be, as the case had been conceded he felt no need as he was education only and not in his realm even though I had to write to him later to explain he had diagnosed the solicitor wrongly (long story), or my credibility as a clinician had been compromised. 🤔

I’m not on medication but am feeling a bit paranoid. 😂😂😂😂👍
Adrian the solicitor, had been unwell, had a grey moment when putting in expenses and didn’t send the day of deadline so I ended up paying the full bill and extra’s. The judge ruled he had a previous illness which was the same so no excuses bye bye.

I was proved right later when he died of something different and not the same condition. Great letter, lots of contempt. 😂

Of course, the judge blowing out costs allowed the SS to say a clerical error, so the judge did not award costs. ✅ Defo naughty boy.

What does a social worker actually do? Good question. Put at risk due to not knowing anything about their clients except what others have written about them and the info is often wrong and from people who don’t have the tech expertise to write it. They are good writing reports based on limited expertise and opinion. And then holding lots of meetings to decide what not do as they have nothing to offer. And a never ending complaints system which ends up showing no case to answer. ✅ 

Text to a friend:
Boris thinks that raising 10 billion will sort the care system out. But does not want to tax the rich. So do the turn over tax, where if you are turning over but not paying tax you get taxed on the basis of turnover. People do not want to be seen as thieving bastard so will not want their image trashed and will have to cough up some cash. 

Put in my practice protocols to clean its air and irradiate Covid, across the country we will not have to go back into lockdown due to gov reacting late for the 3 time with this delta virus.

Good question. What is happening behind the scenes? Yes prime minister when the 5 nights straight on stimulants comes crashing down. 😂

D Day on Monday. Marches/demos intertwined. Parliament about to go on hols whist everyone else can’t.

Time running out in multiple areas and hoping Parliament closed will delay as much as they can for as long as they can. If they put half the effort in to solve problems not work overtime to avoid them, we would be half way there. ✅😂

Where will it all end up? Boris has a choice, come good at the last minute or it’s all downhill to the Hague.

Well, if it’s all cover up and no justice. Let’s see how corrupted the next level has been. In for a Penney so to speak.

Do you know anything about group funding? 🤔

You could not write it, of all people. BBC article – Health secretary Sajid Javid tests positive for Covid

Howard Lamb

16th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

I wonder why I got thrown out of the profession, then reinstated without changing my CPD on appeal? 🤔

Howard Lamb

11th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

This is the last update until Friday as my web man is having a holiday. 

Text to a friend:
Three lions, not so worried about a win but the whole countries depression if we lose. The EU want an Italian win. Prob Welsh, Scots and Irish. Let’s hope VAR is working properly so at least it’s fair. 😂

If you do the same thing in the same way, you get the same result. Gareth has changed things so let’s hope he gets the right result, England, repeat. 👍😂🇬🇧

Yea I saw all that stuff about Canada and pulling down statues. Not just native kids. Poor Irish, Scot, Welsh and English went through very similar things.

USA just had a policy of genocide to their native peoples, so you don’t hear much from them.

You would think we would have learnt from those mistakes, but attitudes haven’t really changed that much. 

Justice for autism. 👍

Enjoy the footie. 

Grumpy patient said if it ain’t home by now it’s prob dead.

Long live the King and the boys say I. Is that sexist? Confused dot com.

Howard Lamb

10th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Interesting – Google search for how do you impeach a prime minister

Mmm even more interesting – Google search what are crimes against humanity

Mmm – Google Search what constitutes child abuse

Text to a friend:
Who should be impeached? Good question, the problem is you would not have enough left to form the committee.

Thought so ✅ Google search – aiding and abetting

1 the country 2 parliament including the lords – Google Search dereliction of duty

Howard Lamb

9th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Says it all – Definition of complicit

Text to a friend:
Who is complicit? All of them, BCA, GCC, SS, Council, Education, Ministries and Government. Otherwise, how could they get away with it. 🤔 That’s why it’s to big to fail.

Hence the need for an independent investigation into those who feel child abuse is OK. ✅

Why stop with complicit, if you have been told of a crime against humanity and you don’t act, you are then in the frame for the crime yourself, etc. Well that’s in a democracy. Makes you wonder what we have. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS If any of my patients in the media would like to use my letters on the justice site, crack on. If you need any of the others, please let me know and I’ll put up a few more. 👍✅🇬🇧

8th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Prob thinks he did a good job of protecting himself. There must be a better way. 👍 The Guardian article – Boris Johnson performs another masterclass in evading MPs’ questions

Text to a friend:
If I were you get away before the end of August. Gov says 2 million more cases causing variants before the autumn. They don’t know how long the vaccine lasts for. In early days they hoped for a min of 6 months to a year. 

New variant, vaccines effectiveness warning and tens of thousands spreading it before we move into flu season. Another shot in our foot, ta Boris. 

Howard Lamb

7th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

The mother supplied all the correct paperwork to back up what was said in my letters, with arc and social services agreeing he had special needs. Unfortunately, the SS changed their mind and tried to pervert justice instead.

What a world we live in. 🤔

Howard Lamb

5th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Letters are winging their way to no 10. Had problems finding my letters from 2011/2012 which are attached. Lucky we kept them in hard copy as well. ✅ It’s all I’ve done for a decade so there are tons more. Some will go with the next letter to Boris .

I already have the tone, why is the family still waiting for the correct response? 👍

Text to a friend: 
100% impossible that they didn’t know. 🤔 There are at least 20 others of importance. GCC took a peppering, May, Boris and two attorney generals. Mark you stuff for ombudsman and judicial review to make the council house him, even though they were obliged to do so by the judgment at tribunal, where everyone lied, except the mother. Lever arched files full of them.

Yet according to the GCC and Prime Minister office, there is no paperwork to send back. You’ve read some of it on site. 👍✅ How’s that possible without a cover up? 🤔

The series of open letters to my associations worldwide are a disgraceful episode in our profession’s history. 😡

How far have I tracked the abuse back? Thatcher changed society. Right to buy so get off the dole and have a taste of capitalism.

Some needed the benefits and social care which went out the window whilst like any good shop keeper balanced the books.

Old Curry’s bit on the side ducked, Blaire twisted it, Brown rubber stamped, Cameron made it worse and May froze. As for Bojo, all about self. If it doesn’t make me look good, forget it. ✅ 

The malpractice suit was a farce. I treated a man who had wrenched his whole back and sprained his clavicle. He got better and the doc signed him fit for work, I was in charge of his traumatic injury, his doc normal health. Later he contracted multiple myeloma. It suddenly became my fault because I had not scanned him. 🤔

He was not insured and was improving, he had already had clear X rays at the time of the injury, so did not for fill the NHS guidelines and would not have got one. Total scam. I’ve got boxes of paperwork from everyone involved and can prove it. ✅

Exactly his doctor was the only one to request an MRI but he signed him back to work. If the myeloma was active at the time, he would never have improved, let alone go back to work. The devastation it caused in just 3 weeks from X rays to scan was unbelievably aggressive. 6 months later. 🤔👍😡
Paperwork, all except the BCA. 🤔 It’s a shame it didn’t go to court as my barrister would have shredded their expert who was not an expert in HIO or it’s complex shorthand. Expert cracker so talked bollocks with venom. 

After my notes were thoroughly looked at by peers, the GCC had to change some guidelines. 😂😂😂😂

Did Curry get job for banging Major, good question? After spitting image not an image I want in my head, thank you. Well, the cabinet table had to be used for something. 😂

Howard Lamb

4th July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yea I saw that on the news. Disabled woman committed suicide because they wrongly removed benefits.

Over the last few years, I’ve had disabled patients have their disabled badges removed then have to appeal to get it back, causing them a ton of grief in the process. Tick box thinking.

Instead of tracking down cheats they just remove benefits and scare a few cheats off, in theory, the truth is that many are not capable of dealing with it and don’t re apply. ✅

The press focus on those with big houses, loads of children and a huge state bill. For the rest it’s a daily struggle to keep warm and fed plus a roof over their heads. Removing benefit should be a last ditched solution once the case of fraud is proved, not because some nob in an office has quotas and budgets to stick to and not enough money to go round. 😡

Good slogan for the cons. Unless your worth a few Bob and have a job, don’t vote for us. 😂 Who knows, honesty might catch on. 🤔😂😂🇬🇧

Been a busy week, clinic long waiting list, mother was up a mountain in Wales at a retreat, so was on child duty. The letter to Boris took a lot out of me, and today is all housework as didn’t get back from work till after 6.

Mother and child have gone up north for a week with family, so will be able to crack on next week. Wales mountain.

No proper, double jabbed and tested, social distance, outside in tents. To the letter of law, not like have it always Handcock.

Yea they crack me up. Defo no vaccine passport, no, defo not. Well, you can’t travel on hols without one because no one will let you in without it. 🤔 Defo passport. ✅

Re the removal of my patients badges, it does not make sense the way they do it, you reapply with the same information and are then refused when the criteria is the same, not just one but a few. 🤔🤔

What’s the tone of the next Boris letter? As if dealing with a top man who knows what he’s doing. Type of thing. 🤔😂😂✊

Just think if you were double jabbed and tested and they had sorted this huge cock up out, millions would have had a dose of med sun and helped their vit D intake to combat the autumn variant.

Why are they still messing about? If we don’t comply, we cannot trade with the EU. Drrr. Guardian article – Rights groups join forces to call for UK corporate accountability laws

Just think if you were double jabbed and tested and they had sorted this huge cock up out, millions would have had a dose of med sun and helped their vit D intake to combat the autumn variant.

Howard LAmb

2nd July, 2021

Dear Patient,

Found the right tone for the next letter to Boris. Will post it Monday so put up on Tuesday. Still no response so I’ve had no option.

Howard Lamb

30th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yea as soon as FIFA sorted its corruption England got to a World Cup semi and quater finals of a Euro. 🤔

No hand of God with cameras or dodgy refs. Disallowed goals or all the other stuff we normally get, and Germany suddenly useless. How far does corruption actually go? 

Can’t find the tone for my prequel to Boris but it will come.✅😂😂
Of coarse the Germans would cheat, it is within their DNA. Just look at their history. Poland, invaded them and pass the speed so we can do France.

Anyone can be a super race when speeding off their tits. 😂😂🇬🇧

Bring back the Bennies for the armed forces, due to the cuts we need each person to fight for 3. ✅

Howard Lamb

29th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I proud night for Scotland who England could not beat. 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

28th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What do I expect now my letter has hit home? Well, if it were me, I would read the tribunal paperwork and then start to pray. It’s damming.

It would take an expert several days to read it all so the earliest response would be by the end of the week. By which time I will have done the prequel and that will be on its way, followed by the postscript the following week. It makes you wonder why I’m having to do this as they have had all information since 2012. 🤔

What type of response do I expect? Well, it’s hardly going to say sorry is it. Admitting fault, we can’t have that can we. 👍

No, it makes me feel sick to my stomach watching Child X and family struggle because they will not admit wrongdoing and just try to cover it up. I did send the judgement to the GCC regulator, and it all seemed to go quiet. 🤔 I wander why? 
The major general was a lawyer, of course he understood it, why did he go out of his way to remove me from the register after I had shown the malpractice case was a sham, you have to ask why I was not protected by the BCA? In fact, their expert tried to nail me, all in the paperwork. ✅

All politics, after the first regulator caused such a cock up with the Singh case and had to go, privy council put in a safe pair of hands to take the profession through deregistration from clinicians to therapist so could not stand up for us making a diagnosis, I rocked their boat so had to go. I did not change one word of my CPD and had at least twice the hours I needed, yet I won the appeal. Either the regulator was incompetent or there was a political plan.

What could the BCA gain from trashing me and siding with the regulator? I can only Hazard a best opinion, as only they know the truth. For years they have been trying to get rid of my side of the profession by not teaching straight chiro practice in their colleges and have constantly tried to kill of the Mctimmenies. Only BCA member could work in the national health and crack/crunch becomes the only option.

Me, I was a fly in their ointment. Highly successful in practice and the only clinic to had given out over a million treatments without cracking anything, technically or physically. The exception to their rule. ✅

Let’s face it the GCC’s brief is to protect and serve justice to someone who has had chiropractic treatment or poor treatment by a chiropractor. The multiple complaints were never from patients. So how did that work and why? 🤔

Singh was the darling of the press. The expert who got it wrong and the reporter who didn’t get it right, but he had a right as a reporter to get it wrong. So, regulator bottled it and sold us down the river. 

How did the BCA master plan work? Physio’s rule the NHS and we are listed as therapists with a clinical degree. Total faux pas.

What put me on to child’s dyslexia? 🤔 Both mother’s side and father’s side are. Mother diagnosed after leaving school (helpful). Then I asked him if words jumble up and he said yes. 🤔 Next. 😂

Yes, it’s important because all schools and placements missed it. The so called Ed psychologist at the last placement had him drawing circles to check up his capability. 

Bless the child who patiently took the piss and then made her life miserable, after-all he is high functioning, brain works super quick but not fully connected. Was insulted for the hundredth time so I let it slip and he got on with it, don’t think she came back. 😂😂

Child could not speak and made noise for communication till about 7, with optic problems as well, potentially cranial nerves not connecting or switched on fully at the brain stem. HIO from Palmer was designed to 3D adjust c1 and c2 stimulation of the brain stem to cause an antalgic response within the body to reset. Hence my effective treatment of his conditions. Or good results and still trying to work out why. 

Howard Lamb

27th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Do I really think Murdock will get involved? No chance, to many unopened cans of worms, Maxwell’s daughter singing like a canary, nearly a billion in pay offs for Milly at the News of The World, trumps election and news corp. A very bad man who is past redemption I expect. He will pass the buck to his son and cover up and protect his empire, like he always has. Might help to get Wikileaks out of jail though.

Certainly not just one bloke hacking, ask Piers. 😂😂 Oh, he can’t say otherwise he will have lied to a public inquiry. ✅

If the sun did for Handcock isn’t Murdock already involved? Put that down to internal politics I expect, an editor and staff doing the right thing. ✅

Could be just a promo for his new news program who’s lead man has just left. 🤔

Your right. ✅ Mark you at 72 Andrew did well to launch. Be careful, I’m 66. 😂 Should have been called fossil news. Very good, prob why it’s failing. 👍😂😂😂👏🏻🙏🏾🇬🇧

There is a question, who whistled and sent the footage and when? 🤔

Not more hacking surely. Just google the size of our feet, just in case we have a go at Russia. It is OK if you want to nuke someone but can’t stop migrants crossing the channel. Clearly no ruling of waves, more a sabre rattle and hide behind the Yanks.

Not just me then. Guardian article – ‘We don’t need to be cured or fixed’: writers speak out on autism

Howard Lamb

26th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Latest letter to the Prime Minister

That’s just one of the 3 letters to Boris I’ve penned. The next will cover the short sharp shock at school when young, how mother stabilised him then how the council and its agencies destabilised him to the point the press and MP had to be brought in the restraint and his breakdown for the second time. So, a prequel. The one after will be the postscript up to now. Covering ombudsman and the verge of a judicial review again. Just to get him homed. His final NHS diagnosis which confirmed mine, the educational psychologist and his paediatrician who had scored him high on the spectrum at 5 years old etc.

Mother has every piece of paperwork from birth to now through all agencies involved with her child, Oops.

Text to a friend:
Long long read mostly done at the beginning of my journey with the family.

The child was extreme, the mother was brilliant with him as was his sister and her boyfriend. So something had to have gone wrong somewhere else, the mother told me her story which was hard to believe, once the paperwork started coming in from all areas it became crystal clear she was telling the truth. ✅

Once I had diagnosed post, present trauma, autism and learning difficulties partly due to his dyslexia. The paperwork became farcical. 👍

All the prequel was in the testaments to the tribunal, including my letters to the MP, regulator, tribunal and solicitor where I showed how they were going to twist their case and told him to crack on. ✅

I think they are right at the beginning of the archives. 

The tribunal paperwork as a bundle was 3 ft 6 inches from the floor when measured against a wall. 😂

Why hasn’t the mother sent it all to Wikileaks? We did talk about it but a naughty therapists diagnosis and a banged up Assange did seem to gel at the time but who knows what the future will bring.

Even better a copy each to wiki and Murdock and get the old Auzzie rules going again. Never leave a Cobber on the battlefield.

My god, Javid the banker/carpet bagger, running the NHS into privatisation. How stupid do they think we are?

Howard Lamb

25th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Letter done and on its way. It will go up on site once it arrives at no 10. ✅

Text to friend: 
Re Boris number lots letter. The tone is polite and factually accurate. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it will not be viewed that way. Defo not the letter you want in your in tray. 😂😂

Exactly, I’m only a naughty therapist whistleblowing after all, 👍 what could possibly happen? 🤔

Howard Lamb

24th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

My response to Boris is done prob go out early next week once tidied and corrected. Very pleased with it and no punches pulled. 👍

Howard Lamb

22nd June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read the letter from the Dept of Education

It’s what I’ve said all along. No matter how hard you try, when the system is twisted, you can never get justice.

The tone of the next letter to Boris will have changed a bit. 🤔

Howard Lamb

22nd June, 2021

Dear Patient,

I received a letter today from the Dep for Education.

Once I’ve digested it, I’ll put it up. Clear case of deflect and defer. Mentions the Send code of practice. Quote, “schools should develop a personalised approaches to support the unique needs of individual pupils.”

I expect the thirteen schools and placements were not aware of that, otherwise there would have been no need for the tribunal.

Quote, “if parents are dissatisfied, they can complain, well the mother did hence tribunal, non-contested, showing the school, social services and council put the child at risk.”

Exactly what Mrs May tried.

The reason I took it through my profession is because you can’t beat the system even when you have won your case against them.

Pa and why did it take so many letters to Mr Johnson to get a response, and why now?

Prob due to white lower-class kids being neglected by the system as in the press today. ✅

The cover up continues. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Already covered all complaints processes which is why it went to tribunal which we won. ✅

21st June, 2021

Dear Patient,

No rush after all, its failed so why advertise that fact. Guardian article – Government postpones ‘do or die’ meeting on social care in England

Dereliction of duty again I expect. PM, chancellor and health minister. (Mr Hopeless) Same names keep cropping up. ✅

It must be nearly 2 years since autistic prisoners without charge, who are still locked up, were deemed to be held against their human rights and law. 

Who worries about a little thing like that? Clearly not the 3 musketeers.

Text to a friend:
Priti thinks she is a princess above all the riff raff, but she is the 4th musketeer. Able to control and manipulate as she has done all her life to become the princess who wants to be PM. In debt to Boris so standing by his side at the moment.

Paperwork has been deleted I expect as the cover up gains pace. However, they can’t touch what the judge said and the non contested paperwork from the tribunal back in 2012.

The council put the child at risk on countless occasions through wrong and non-diagnosis and incorrect treatment plan. 

Justice must be for the people, not the perpetrators.

The child did not get the help that the judge said should happen and at only a fraction of the cost due to him being treated as a naughty boy so the placements would fail and put him on the streets homeless by 18. Mother had to fight with a judicial review to get him housed by 20. How can this happen? Mother has the paperwork. Placements accounts will show how much they received in comparison to what the judge ruled.

I’m sure they are trying to reform the system behind closed doors, in which case it’s just a word and nothing will happen.

Vote Con? Well people, we cocked up lots and put some band aides on to hold it together, but we would love another crack at it, big ta Boris. Vote Con. ✅

I did say in my paperwork to the tribunal that the SS seemed to have a vendetta against the family.

Around 20 different social workers, some even wrote reports without seeing the child. 😡

I also mentioned first page syndrome. Bad mother naughty child on the front page so who helps a bad mother, slag off and do nothing. ✅

You can always look at it the other way. How much did child cost placement and how much was profit. Another scam.

What caused the vendetta? That’s for them to answer, my opinion, if I had to have a stab at it, I would say the short sharp shock he got at school, blame the mother and naughty child, rather than a child put at risk and then abused. 🤔

Ha ha, more people would have been on the marches in London if 1.1million of them have long Covid and couldn’t be arsed. 👏🏻

Howard Lamb

20th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why dereliction of duty? Well a prime minister has to look after all the people, you can’t do that if your gov has removed children’s human rights, then physically and emotionally abuse them through wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment plan, can you?

If you read his remit, oath and codes of conduct etc. He has rammed a truck through them and over stepped the mark. Removing duty of care must be a dereliction of his duty, surely.

List. ✅

That covers it. In the dictionary. 👍

Howard Lamb

18th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news yet. Boris obviously feels that dealing with child abuse has no political gain. So I am writing him another letter. I’ll try not to pull any punches this time.

What else can I do? Well, I’ve always hoped that somewhere along the line decency would prevail. Luckily, I’ve always got a plan B 👍 

Text to a friend:
Tories thrown out of Chesham/Amersham, just up the road from me. The delta variants factor, I expect. 

The third time he didn’t close the borders. It would seem he is doing a Stockholm syndrome, keeping us captive till we fall in love with him. 😂😂😂

Text to a friend:
No, no logic to an extra month of lockdown, deaths low, hospital emissions low, recovery rate high. 

Must be political, don’t have to lift D notices, limp through to parliaments summer 2 month break, and don’t have to answer awkward questions.

That’s a parliamentary democracy for you. Vote them in and then they can do what they want, spin and deceive, control media and just lie to get voted back in. ✅

Text to a friend:
Have the last sentence for BJ letter. All I have to do now is explain why I have come to that conclusion. In the front end and middle bit. Trying to condense information from pages to paragraphs or less and in straight common tongue. That’s the bit that takes the time.

I charge you with dereliction of duty, aiding and abetting child abuse and then it’s cover up. 

I hope that will be clear enough. 👍✅

Text to a friend:
Draw fair result, poss 3 home nations in the last 16. Not bad for a poxy little island off the coast of the EU.

That would be an original Churchill V 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

16th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Institutional corruption, dishonest etc. that’s the Met Police back in the day, then you have the Yorkshire Police covering up the death of Liverpool fans.

A clear cover up with the bloods scandal, cover up of illegal war under Blair. So not just a one off. To save their corporate image is how it was put yesterday. No prosecutions again.

As for Child X and his little mates, the cover up of their abuse needs to go on for 30 to 40 years, or until the major witnesses are dead or retired before the gov will say, ooops how did that happen, sorry and let’s move on.

It’s just wrong.

Howard Lamb

PS Old Dick of the yard still in her job as the police would have to investigate. Same as Boris really. Cover up and tough it out, that’s the way to do it. ✅

Let’s face it if Boris wanted to get to the bottom of child abuse by the system he would have been in contact by now.

Long history of abuse going back years church, institutions, NHS etc. Cover up has been the norm. It needs to change.

Text to a friend: 
Trojan five case cover up. Muslim radicalisation which turned out to be better than average exam results. Long list of corruption. 👍

Text to a friend:
Good idea, give the gov armistice, so they can release all their cover ups in one hit. Then major prosecutions on any they haven’t owned up to or new ones in the future.

There must be hundreds of them. Only the few who keep going for 20, 30 or even 40 years come to the surface.  

Hundreds of thousands of autistic kids have not been diagnosed, I wasn’t in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s. Naughty and needs the cane. Was the diagnosis, instead of the cane it’s restrain which is infinitely worse. Needs to change.

As you can see from the Met’s cover up of prob a police murder. Once justice is perverted in the paperwork, the next lot accept it as just another troublemaker and block even harder. All you have to do is look at the general chiropractic council and regulators to see how it works. They cover arse and blamed me and tried to remove me and my reputation, from the profession. Easier than facing the truth. But once they lie everyone else has to follow suit. 🤔

I can’t disagree with Cummings . Worth a read. BBC article – Boris Johnson calls Matt Hancock hopeless in texts revealed by Dominic Cummings

13th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I would love to see the case histories of those who have been locked up without charge. I would expect to see a high insistence of autism, learning difficulties and post traumatic and continuing traumatic stress caused by non diagnoses and their handling by the state. 

No wonder they are out of control, easy to blame them and their families rather than take responsibility and actually treat effectively. But what would I know as a naughty therapist. 😂

Agreed, if you take the human suffering out and put it in financial terms. Early diagnosis and correct treatment plan would have cost a fraction of the fortune it takes to have someone banged up in solitary for prob the rest of their lives. Not rocket science but politics.

The UK gov is perfect and has always been so. Well according to them, that is. 😂😂

Well done. You have put my air cleaning protocols in place so the air you breath does not contain the virus. All we have to do now is roll it out throughout the country and there will be no need for further lockdown. It’s here to stay for good so, kill, encapsulate, UV eradicate and carbon filter it. Then, breath where you want. 👍👍👍

G7 Instead of sausage wars. Merkle, Macron and others should be standing up for Assange. Bloke from Pink Floyd recons Boris and Biden are trying to kill him. What a world!

We can’t have freedom of the press, can we? Where could that lead? Much easier to cover up if they are on a leash. ✅ Then they have the cheek to vilify Putin for doing the same thing. 😂😂 

On RT channel last night. Bloke was giving it some, well impressed.

What’s the difference between Russia and the West? Russia has open democratic totalitarianism whilst ours is not open. 😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

12th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister

Not just me then. Sky article – Thousands with learning disabilities and autism still being held in mental health hospitals

Howard Lamb

11th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Bojo’s letter is now winging its way to Downing Street. Once it’s arrived, I will post it on site.

Clearly the gov wants to avoid the fact they are involved in a twisted system and are abusing children who have had their human rights and diagnosis removed from them.

They will want to cover it up and get to their summer break and loose it in the possible 3rd wave this autumn or flu season. Let’s hope I can get a result before then.

After all why should I have had to look after the family for 11 years when it was the gov’s responsibility. Only time will tell I expect.

Text to a friend:
Why haven’t I gone for a court ruling? Good question! Well, if they can be done for abuse and removing human rights from the 2000 they have locked up without charge in appalling conditions and done nothing to resolve the issue, what’s the point?

Who prosecutes those who have done wrong in government? Nobody, so they get away scot free and can keep doing it, by spinning it into something else or like me, ignored.

Is so wrong and defo not democratic. 

The rest of the world pretty much doing the same so capitalism can survive. What a world we Iive in.

I’ve been researching the high court and judges. None have been struck off. Once I would have seen that as a positive, now all I wonder is how many things have they covered up?

NHS seems to be in the lead, when it comes to serious cases. Hunt and Handcock rule OK.

You could not write it. World beating for cockups only. 😂 Guardian article – Rapid Covid tests used in mass UK programme get scathing US report

It makes you wonder who took the bung.

Same old American special relationship.

Of course it works limey, that’s why it costs so much! 😂

I see little Napoleon took a slap from a yellow vest over in France the other day. The bloke got 4 months inside. Prob should be commuted to zero for his good behaviour. 😂😂

Text to a friend:
Agreed Biden looked like some greasy salesman. Bojo needs to make sure he still has his fingers after the hand shake. 👍✅😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

9th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news so I’ve completed my draught letter to Boris, once sent and received I will put it up.

Text to a friend:
My understanding was that after replicating numerous times the virus would weaken, yet new strains seem to be doing the opposite. 🤔

You have to ask the question, if it’s not acting naturally has it been tinkered with by mankind? Too scary to contemplate but in a capitalist world where life is cheap, who knows for sure anymore. 

Bloody EU at it again, trying to sneak Northern Ireland into the EU with Eire. NI is British so why can’t they eat British mainland foods?

EU tinkered in the Ukrainian situation with the Yanks. Will history repeat itself? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Fauci papers said pretty much what I put up on site at the time.

Masks mainly a placebo as give minimum protection and if infected will not protect others and by breathing in your own infected air and co2 you are more likely to get a heavy load. 1st wave no masks, 45k dead. 2nd wave all masked and 80k dead, 🤔 mmm. 

If we can’t get them to put their hands up for 96 Liverpool fans, what’s the chance of getting to the truth of Covid? 🤔✅

Travel ban to Portugal Spain etc. prob part of the childish tit for tat going on after Brexit. Can we have some adults please. 😂😂 
That explains tons ✅ Guardian article – UK government loses legal battle over transparency of ‘Orwellian’ unit

Well worth the read. BBC article – Why are people talking about Dr Anthony Fauci’s emails?

Howard Lamb

7th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
No you don’t get it. Sex love addicted means it’s all about self. How he can manipulate the situation to his own advantage. He truly only loves himself.

Ethical problem means he has to work for the greater good, not self. ✅

Not doing very well at It so far.

Howard Lamb

6th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

My draft next letter to Boris, he has missed all time limits again.

Dear Boris 

I am still waiting for clarification on 3 main points.

  1. Why I have not received my requested paperwork, details of your complaints procedure (first and full contact) and why you have not reported yourself for breaches of the ministers code, for breaking disabilities, Transparency, equal operating and disabilities law, whilst removing children’s human rights?
  2. Why labour (under Blair) deliberately underfunded special need/autism, then tick boxes the system to protect it against the people they had a duty of care to support? Continued under Brown, Cameron, May and yourself.
  3. When told of child abuse, caused by the system you oversee, why have you not acted and allowed it to persist, effecting literally millions of people, directly and indirectly?

I do understand your reluctance, but this is not going away anytime soon.


 H Lamb

I haven’t gone into the cover up because it’s huge. Boris apparently has the attention span of a gnat unless it has breasts, so limited it to 3 points only.

Text to a friend:
No the question is, if black holes devour dark and light matter what influence has that on the expanding universe, time and gravity? Leave me alone, busy. 😂😂😂😂

God, pearly gates think positive and negative energy. On death positive soul energy goes to the light or positive, dark or negative goes to the black hole, huge heat and compressed or hell. All ties up as a simple way to explain the meaning of life I expect.

You could say Boris in a black hole already. Very good. 😂😂😂✅👍🇬🇧

Boris prob sold his soul to get where he is, so his path is already destined, unless he repents, well more that a hale Marie or two I expect. 😂

What evidence is there of two sets of rules. 😂😂😂😂😂

Try justice for Autism. ✅

Text to a friend:
I stand by sex love addicted for Boris. Tend to have addictive personalities so separate from spectrum. 

Needs physical and emotional love and when he doesn’t get it he will move on to the next crutch, so to speak. some trauma issues from childhood and spoilt prob.  


What chance the world? Good question, I have hope at last. 👍🙏🏾🇬🇧.

Britain linking with coasts and islands of the North Atlantic and North Sea from Denmark in the north on the eastern flank. China and Russia talking and opening the old Silk Road with influence on the Middle East. America more isolated and on route to the naughty boy’s room. 

Green thinking not just profit. A long way to go but we have started. ✅

Red Cross to UNICEF, NATO to UN and who all need to stop the jollies and pull their fingers out and the forwards momentum is up and running. 🤔

Handcock is a wing nut. Delta 40% more contractable with far more it prob always has spread that quickly people tested than in the early stages so cancel sorry, finished for day. 💋 

Howard Lamb

5th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Cover up of police cock up that killed 90+ Liverpool fans and traumatised thousands who lived and the whole city. Police must have worked it out by the end of that fateful day. 30 years to get part of the truth. What a disgrace, privy council and government would have had to have control and influence. ✅

Move on have a couple of quid. 👍 Principles out the widow again. Not principled , no honour or ethics, that’s parliamentary democracy for you.😕

Luckily, I’m a Chelsea fan, if I had been a supporter in red, I would be asking further questions. 

Who covered what up, and how high did it go?

Howard Lamb

PS Never happened again and crowd safety is high at all events. So, the system did well but the cover up was a disgrace. Would that have happened without the pressure put on by Liverpudlians?

So you saved lives and shamed those responsible, well done. 🙏🏾

4th June, 2021

Dear Patient,

It would seem if you are a person of ethics and honourable and you advise the gov, you end up resigning because the gov does not want to hear about doing a proper job, so you either swallow and do as they want or end your contract. Nice.

A new super prison has been built to help those who need rehab. Yet staffed by people who will be clueless to their needs. That’s the way to do it. ✅

Still no news and they are overtime.

What should I do next? I could talk about how this abuse effected Child X. But I was hoping to leave that for criminal prosecution.

I expect next stage is to inform the police as to the abuse and cover up, the chances of biting the hand that feeds them is low, but for a judicial review I need to have covered all options first. 👍

Text to a friend:
No it’s all about programming. Those in charge have been programmed, since birth, that this is how it is.
The SS back in the day used to take children off teenagers who got pregnant, so the child could have proper parents not just a silly child. Going back further they were put into institutions. Mothers with autistic children had been cold to the child, so it was their fault. Bad mothers! Time to catch up with the 21st century. Where it should be a privilege to serve rather than the privileged class who have the right to inflict their own wills, for their own good and not the greater.

They try and program the naughty children to be normal and trash them in the process, why? Because that’s what they have been programmed to do and know no better.
Education is key but they don’t want to spend the money.

Well, first they would have to admit there is a problem but they can’t do that because they would be blamed. So it’s much better for them to cover it up and save money and reputation. After all who cares about naughty children and bad mothers? I do, because they are not bad or naughty, just autistic kids being abused.

Yes I know that the country is potless due to Covid and trillions in debt. If they reprogram those at the top and let it filter down, big positive changes can be made that would not cost the earth. Educate to understand the truth and you are half ways there.

That’s the problem, the blind leading the blind and trying to protect their arses. How does that change without re-education? None so blind as those who will not see. ✅

No agreed. What is the point of having been vaccinated if you can’t travel abroad without having to self isolate on your return for 10 days when the stats show you are protected from infection? Another knee jerk reaction because they were to slow to act again on the Indian variant.

A Meg test on arrival or before the return home and a back up 3 days later should be more than enough. 👍✅
Tests only to make sure you are not carrying or caught on transit.

Exactly who did not stand up for the carers and clients, as per their charters? All of them. 🇬🇧✅
Look at the GCC, we don’t deal with child abuse, even though we should look after the profession and patient. Your on your own jack.

GCC independent my arse. PHE and Privy Council tell them what to do. Rubber stamp it and tick box.
For gods sake, you can have a coffee in a Costa without a mask yet we have to were gloves, plastic, mask and visa and try not to go near your patient. Remember at the start we needed no PPE except for treating wild animals. ✅

Again, office wallys on committee, blanket ethos, no room for anything but their norm. From no experience or understanding of the problem.

We have virus free air, a cleaned safe room for those who are at risk. Temp check, triage. And mainly vaccinated people. Barriers to protect staff and never close face to face with our patients. We had no related staff or patient cases till now. They are not just taking liberties but confiscated my liberty instead.

I also have an exemption to masks as autistic but they will still remove my insurance cover if I don’t comply. Arseholes Privy Council.
Code of practice for Social Care Workers

Do not resuscitate, not to the clients advantage. What can I say? Tends to explain why they dropped their responsibility of duty of care and don’t want to start it again.

Well Liz 1 had a special treat for those she considered traitors. Much more effective than just burning her sister did, I expect. 😂😂😂

I know , modern times so will only shed a tear like Tony. ✅

Look at the figures. Spain zero deaths, Portugal 3, Switzerland 2, Israel 1, Italy 59. Greece 39. When infections have doubled from 2 to four and you don’t realise infection rate was small and the deaths low, it sounds bad.
Keep in the salt air and sunshine, and you should be safe.

Let’s hope so with the football starting soon. Fans will travel, safer on the beach. 👍
Defo want us to spend in Britain to help pay for there cock ups rather than spend it abroad. ✅

What about the airlines? They have prob looked at an industry that pays little tax beyond paye and those who survive the bull market will monopolise the skies. Let’s hope it’s not British Airways owned by the Spanish.

All you have to do is look how careers and clients were handled during the pandemic. Or what’s done to the naughty children to see it’s another expensive structure that doesn’t work.

Howard Lamb

2nd June, 2021

Dear Patient,

I wonder why? Guardian article – No 10 advisers who have quit Boris Johnson’s government

Howard Lamb

1st June, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

Gov’s dilemma. If they admit to wrong doing, huge amounts of families to appease and tens of billions to put right, but doing the right thing. Or hide and ignore and in time they might get away with it and stay in budget. Just so there is no confusion.

What would an ethical man do? 🤔 If you take honour and ethics out of the system. 

How do you get justice from those who made the mistakes?

Howard Lamb

31st May, 2021

Dear Patient,

What do you do when you know they are home and will not answer the door? I was told an unbelievable story of abuse. I checked it out and improved my patient’s condition and diagnosis. On this matter I have dealt with multiple levels of the SS and education through involvement in the case study I was doing on them.

The family won at tribunal, yet the council covered their responsibility to protect the child and not put him at risk. Which they did, time and time again. All in tribunal transcripts.

I was blocked professionally over diagnosis and child abuse, brought to the attention of the GCC and associations, worldwide. Removed wrongly from profession and royal college, blocking my case study.

I hounded the new regulators until I was put in the naughty boys room. By then I had been in contact with Mrs May and now Bojo, who has not replied.

So much for the honour system. ✅

If the system only caters for the norm, and everyone is educated to teach the norm. You get a system just like ours. Dysfunctional for 100’s of thousands who don’t fit the norm. Blame the mothers and suppress the children or tens of billions to sort it out. Could explain their dilemma. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS On going case study with relevant paperwork and understanding. 😂😂💥🔥☔️🌪🇬🇧 Clearly they feel child abuse is not urgent when done by the state, again or church or other of influence. 🤔

Text to a friend: 
Did I hear back from my association? Full response within 3 working days. Can’t fault them at all. 👍

PS Boris only married so Mrs can’t stitch him up is a tad harsh. Can’t testify against husband, is that true? 

Anyway 3rd time lucky I hope and love flourishes. Never been personal only his lack of professionalism. ✅

Boris need a new sports car and he’s completed that middle aged man thing, again harsh but if he is happy who cares. 👍  

30th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I does make you wonder. If Covid vaccine developed in months and working for all variants. Yet with flu new vaccines needed every year and not always effective. Has that been another profit making scam or just how it is?

As for Boris’s big day. I expect he will take his paternity leave whilst on honeymoon. 👍

Just been reading the details of minister’s code. They can’t lie or twist stuff to their own needs, must be proper people, straight and honest. That had me in hysterics.

Bottom line, they are responsible for their actions and policies in Parliament. If there is a complaint, the cabinet, Secretary and Prime Minister have a chat and decide what to do.

Because the PM is meant to be beyond reproach it’s an honour system.

What happens if there is no honour? Who charges the PM and how is that done?

Take what Cummings has said. Clear breaches of the code but the word of honour is accepted even though honour is long gone.

All in black and white – Ministerial Code

They might as well just say that ministers can do what they want as long as they have the PM’s blessing. ✅

PM is meant to rise above party politics and work for the greater good. 🤔

Not allowed gifts. So Boris has taken a huge drop in income and ravaged by another divorce. Yet by magic he paid for the new divorce out of his own pocket. No chance, particularly when earning 800k a year down to 250k and a tax bill for 300k. Unless he went off shore and been tax avoiding. 

Child X, the gov has twisted the system so there is no complaint or justice and covered it up. Not a lot of honour there then. 

Will the gov try and keep no duty of care after the lockdown ends and the threat to the nation under control so the D notices go? Interesting question. With D notices gone they will be open to prosecutions but if they have no duty of care, who can be sued? 🤔

I think your comments on Harry were a bit harsh. “Born into privilege, retired from the air force, got paid as a royal and had a 20 million fortune. Every door in the world open to him but his dad did not love him enough.” See where you are coming from though. 😂

Indian variant not resistant to vaccines. Track, trace and protect our borders from infection and we should be good to go in June.

Howard Lamb

28th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

If you remember they virtually stopped testing for Covid once it got to a certain point last year. Which tends to show the gov did not ring fence or protect care homes, as they stopped the tests, then when they realised hundreds of thousands were going to die, they the ramped it up to 100,000 tests a day.

All in the history and chronicled on this site.

Howard Lamb

PS All island countries around the world did well except us. In fact, our deaths are prob more than the rest put together.

How comes they all got it about closing borders and we didn’t? Even now with the new Indian variant lesson have not been learnt. ✅

Text to a friend:
When China was getting it controlled before it spread to the UK, you would have thought our gov would have got the SP from them and learnt what to do before it became out of control in Britain.

Gov says who was to know what was going to happen, well 3 months of watching China and all Asian countries, Japan Taiwan etc. and it was still a surprise. No wonder they needed to spin the truth. 

Boris most prob got advice from Trump, explains a lot, open for business, you are on your own. 👍

27th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

No point writing to Boris as he does not care, how do you get justice? BBC article – Winterbourne View: Families demand overhaul of ‘broken’ care system

If Cummings is lying, as Handcock says, surely there should be a proper investigation to get to the truth. ✅

Text to a friend:
I would if I knew how. 👍 Internet vote for judicial review and crowd funded, only way to get to the truth and find out who’s telling porkies. Cummings or the rest, backed by tory MP’s.

If people are truly fed up with the lies there are lots of subjects that could do with a review. Not so much one stone from David/Goliath but a public stoning where all can lob a brick, if they want justice. ✅

Well Cummings is a bought and paid for liar. Otherwise, Boris would not be PM. But he is not being paid to stick his neck out and commit professional suicide.🤔🤔🤔🤔

Another difference between Churchill and Bojo. Churchill banged up suffragettes and never listen to his Mrs. Boris sex love addicted and being influenced by someone not voted in. 😂✅ 

At minimum Cummings testimony should be heard and acted upon by the Whistleblower department and investigated within. No chance as once you start to dig up the burial site, you never know what will be dug up next.

I bet Cummings is laughing his tits off. Has all the relevant paperwork in triplicate. Well he had access to all the data. “Not us gov we are innocent. “

Well, if that’s so why did so many die? 🤔👍 Need much more than a public inquiry but which police force will stand up to the Tories? 🤔

I bet the papers were meant to say brave Dominic just off his death bed, recuperating in the fresh air. Getting back to work soon. At a time when the gov in tatters. 

But no, a Brutus moment and his credibility gone. Would explain why he is so pissed.

Old Fergie got caught not socially distancing from his lover. 🤔 So those who rock the boat, walk the professional plank, then keel hauled if possible.

21st century not 18th. Time to move on.

Old porky Handcock at it again or do the figures lie? Independent article – Matt Hancock wrongly claims ‘tens of thousands’ being jabbed each day in Bolton

Howard Lamb

26th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

So, Handcock lied about testing people who left NHS care to go back to their care homes and thousands died.

And he is still in his job. No wonder autism has got nowhere under his control. Why is he not diagnosing them? Why are they still being abused?

Always more questions than answers. ✅

After 7 hours of evidence from Cummings, only a few questions remain. Boris and young Matt responsible for multiple thousands of deaths which they covered up and once their backroom spin doctors twist everything they will have no case to answer. If they can get away with that, what chance of justice for our kids with needs.

Did they mean to kill tens of thousands, I suspect not. However, they incapability to do their jobs was to blame.

That will be our fault for voting them in. The con party as a whole should be looking at their more selection process to find better people for the top jobs.

What other industry could you kill tens of thousands and still be in a job, not jail? ✅

Text to a friend:
Good question. How did the gov use notices to cover their tracks, so using their powers against the people, to cover their crimes against humanity.
Me, I would sack the lot, except the MP’s who sorted the vaccine. ✅

Once away from parliamentary privilege, open season can begin. 😂

Death through criminal negligence is a crime against humanity, isn’t it?

No, Boris is a nasty bit of work, look at his track record and his independent rise from outside the PPE’s. 

You don’t do that by being nice. Only person he is capable of helping is himself, of the rest, particularly if over 80 and clogging up the NHS resources. 

Howard Lamb

25th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Let’s hope it’s not a let down. 👍 Guardian article – Dominic Cummings says PM had no plan to protect vulnerable people from Covid

Howard Lamb

24th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Another big week has just started. Cummings is possibly going to spill the beans so to speak. I looked back on this site last year, where I made comment and chronicled at the time. They had a flow chart which was wrong. I said at the time, due to its high replication, the virus would not flow in a controlled way but form a lake which would drown people in their own mucus.

Child X, I did quite a lot of work with him over the weekend and am pleased with the progress he has made.

The PTSD will be with him for life, as will his autism. Yet the gov has clearly washed their hands from responsibility. Only a naughty child in their books so who cares. That’s what you get with poor parents. 😡

Another big week has just started. Cummings is possibly going to spill the beans so to speak. I looked back on this site last year, where I made comment and chronicled at the time. They had a flow chart which was wrong. I said at the time, due to its high replication, the virus would not flow in a controlled way but form a lake which would drown people in their own mucus.

Child X, I did quite a lot of work with him over the weekend and am pleased with the progress he has made.

The PTSD will be with him for life, as will his autism. Yet the gov has clearly washed their hands from responsibility. Only a naughty child in their books so who cares. That’s what you get with poor parents. 😡

Howard Lamb

PS Did a rerun of gogglebox just to check my facts, before the gov use deflect and defer, smoke and mirrors and tough it out. 

After all who wants to be held responsible for thousands of unneeded deaths.

Hope Cummings tells who emptied all the elderly people from the NHS without tests and infected the care homes. ✅

Text to a friend:
For all I know Cummings is still working with them and once they can poopoo his evidence they can move on without recourse. 

I couldn’t find it all on gogglebox but luckily, I saved much of the press coverage at the time. The gov’s response was pathetic in hindsight. Mark you, I thought it was pathetic at the time.

Good question. Why does the gov have an 18 point lead in the polls? Well talking to my patients it seems that they want someone continuity after so many elections in so few years. They want answers and to move forwards as a nation. 

No confidence in Sir K, most don’t know who’s in charge of the Lib Dem’s. No stand out candidate to take over from Boris. Most fed up being lied too. Isn’t democracy working well 

Yea agreed. PM qt on video with social distancing much better than when the piss heads had had a few and were sticking up for their side in the chamber. Order, order, mines a Jack and Coke. ✅

It’s always handy to go back over stuff before it hits the fan. Truth first then their answers once you are able to see the lies.

Just been back through the farce in the care system where genocide was mentioned and denied, I expect. 🤔🤔It will all be in the wording. The gov early in said that they were doing stuff thanks to the scientists. Yet the scientists had nothing but the herd theory from foot and mouth/mad cow (kill and burn). Explains what happened in the care homes.

So, it’s the naughty scientists fault, that we pay for and work under the gov. Gov has full responsibility as they rubber stamped it. The only PPE we had at the time were people with that degree running a pandemic.

The gov policy was to follow the science, they had a moral duty to get it right. ✅

All a con, how many deaths after 28 days of a positive test from Covid related symptoms. How many extra deaths as the NHS was pretty much closed down? Long list. 👍

I’ve heard of people who struggle on for months and finally die. All around the time our world beating track and trace was failing. 

No gov policy, true ✅ as the scientists came up with it, they just lead the herd down the path to the slaughterhouses which care homes turned out to be.

No, I haven’t got the figures yet for how many in care homes were infected and survived in comparison to those who went to hospital. Per age class of course. 👍✅

That’s the way we do it. Help mates sod the voters. ✅ Guardian article – Priti Patel accused of ‘cover-up’ over Daniel Morgan investigation

22nd May, 2021

Dear Patient,

One of you asked me, in clinic today, why is it taking so long? You have a ton of proof!!! 

I had to explain that politicians have different rules and can pervert the system and not be brought to book.

They would have to say they were wrong and I was right, what politician is going to do that?

However the pressure is on and will continue until they have no choices left. 

Then that causes them problems because knowing about child abuse and trying to pervert justice will cause them bigger problems, so when in doubt do nothing.

Text to a friend:
I agree, the problem with Harry is, he needs to blame at this stage of his rehab. I hope to god that if his marriage breaks up in full worldwide mode and turns nasty, as many in the country know too well. He will be able to protect his kids from the horrors that it can bring. People make mistakes, harm is done, forgive and put to rest, then move on. 

Scars don’t go but you do heal in time. Not his fault but how it was. The most important thing he is doing is publicly bringing PSTD and its long-term effects into sharp focus. I will drop to a knee for that. ✅✅
I had to laugh, Child X has a squaddie mate helping him build his bike. We were talking about recreational drugs, as you do. He said they had to be clean as are tested. What’s good for the army, he said, should roll out to politicians. Prob too big to fail as well. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ooops, can’t wait. Hotting up nicely. 😂 The Independent article – Government’s original Covid plan was ‘herd immunity by September’, Dominic Cummings claims in rant at ‘incompetent’ former colleagues

Howard Lamb

21st May, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a week, lock down eased and cover up after cover up hitting the press. I assume the gov wanted them all out the way in one hit so they can hide the rest. Courts opening and class actions in the pipeline, I expect there is much more to come.

Re Child X. What sort of monsters does this to children and then go out of their way to cover it up.

Email went to my association so waiting for response.

I’m with Child X today who is building a bike in my garage. Another project. 

I will scan the press later, Lady Gaga raped and left with child and PTSD. What a world. If rich and or powerful, you can get away with blue murder it seems. ✅

Text to a friend:
From the cradle to the grave, abuse of people in care. No diagnosis at the start and do not resuscitate at the end. All to save money and reputation. It stinks to high heaven. 👍🥲

Why does the gov want everyone’s mistakes in the open? Good question, logically it would be to cover up their stuff when the heat is on others?

GM crops causing wheat/glutin allergies. Tons of pesticides and nitrates leaching through and damaging our eco system and wildlife. Algae blooms which deoxygenate the water, ending up in the sea. Huge amounts of health risks but big farmers in control. The list seems endless 

Yea just like Covid, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it can’t kill you.

True, if the Beeb and News Corp cover up their mistakes, Diana and hacking, who exposes the villains? Rotten to the core and ruined the whole barrel for sure.

Howard Lamb

20th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

No wonder the poor are not getting a fair crack of the whip so to speak. BBC article – How the civil service is posher than in the 1960s

Text to a friend:
Just seen it on news, Diana stitched up. Finished her relationship with Charles in bitterness. BBC knew and just watched the harm they had done, management covered it up for 26 years.

Just like Child X and all his little mates, wronged then covered up from bottom to top, justiceforautism ✅

Again and again. Cover up after cover up. BBC article – Archbishop of Canterbury issues ‘personal apology’ over charity abuse

Ironically reported by the BBC.

Howard Lamb

19th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Gov watch dog slates gov for chronic shortfalls in care over years. Just as I have said. The question is why have they no teeth to do anything? Guardian article – Virus exposed government weakness, finds Watchdog

Text to a friend:
Huge cock up in the early days of the pandemic. Wash your hands and don’t touch your mouth. Who came up with that bollocks? Should have said don’t breath as it’s air born. 

So, wash your hands and socially distance, yet it can travel on air for miles. It’s smaller and lighter than pollen. You can have hay fever if you are in the house with doors and windows shut.

It’s still all right to yell and scream at your horse at Cheltenham or at the footie allowing airborne virus to spread far and wide.

One in three with no symptoms, when infected or super spreaders. No wonder the elderly care homes had so many problems. Gov ‘s answer was to not resuscitate and stop the hospital’s from crashing. Big political no no.

Not an ooops. How could they have got it so wrong if they had actually talked to proper experts? Always more questions than answers.

Well we might as well have our inquiry before they sanitise theirs so we can see the lies, when they come. 😂😂😂

Exactly, that’s why on top of triage we added purified air and staff gargling to protect their throats from infection. No cases in clinic, staff who were carers for elderly or confirmed case back to the clinic from patients, and we have seen thousands of patients. If they had learnt and acted, how many lives would have been saved?

Everyone in the East knew. Washing down and spraying the air, isolating infected. Long list. What did we do? Open for business and there are plenty of big rolls now. ✅

What about opening windows? It depends on how much infection floating about and could enter you Covid free home. In dilution in air, its far safer than a heavy dose from someone spilling it out all over you in the street or shop. ✅

Open your widows in Delhi, you would prob be infected in no time at all. 👍

Why is our air so polluted and effecting so many children? Solid fuel scam. You work it out. 

Gov gets 80 % of petrol etc. at pump in tax. Electric cars charged at home no tax.🤔

Fags kill but as more people give up the price goes up to cover tax loss. Need the money so stick head in sand and hope it goes away.

Prob end up with a tariff one for the home and one for the car with gov tax on it. Price per cell charged rather than litres. Prob the end of petrol stations. Brown field sites for housing. 👍

Their owners will be legally lobbying to stop or slow their demise, as will the oil companies. 👍

Could take a while then.✅

Good idea, historic gogglebox of wash hands and don’t touch your mouth and explanations given, now knowing it was airborne and spreading like wild fire.

Not much care for these girls then. School therapist heaven help me. The Sun article – TWIN TRAGEDY Teenage twin sisters ‘killed themselves after sex abuse claims were not believed’

Howard Lamb

18th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Yesterday the gov changed its mind on scientific evidence. Covid is airborne not tactile, which is what I have said for 15 months and by cleaning the air in my clinic, no patient or staff were infected. Just imagine how many lives could have been saved if they had got it right in the first place. I remember yelling at the telly when they were saying, it gets on your hands and you transferred it to your mouth. How many died due to that cock up? 

Text to a friend:
I know I wrote pages on the subject of it being airborne and all up on site. So they can’t say they were not told, the results of my practice protected air are brill, no infections in 15 months. ✅

Exactly, if right about clean the air, what chance I’ve been wrong about child abuse. 👍

If they had protected the air in care homes, how many lives could have been saved, prob 10’s of thousands.

Wear a mask and breath back your own infection and get a heavy load. ✅

Open a window is good as dilutes the infection. Carbon filter it and emulsify it with essential oils, gets rid of it. ✅

No wonder they don’t want an inquiry. 😂

Howard Lamb

17th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

No, I didn’t see the prog on Nelson last night. Loved by his men as was fair and led from the front and they had all earnt from his wins. Hated by the establishment for telling them what he had done through writing about it. Seduced by a northern slapper, I should be so lucky, drop dead gorgeous and sexually charged. Then died at the top of his powers

Well, we are still talking about him 200 years later. Good role model I would say. 😂😂

I will try and avoid the death bit, but 2/3rds the way through. 🇬🇧

Remember I’m in the naughty boys, so don’t even know if my association will respond, not worried about that but I’m having a problem with the correct professional ton .✅

How can it be antisemitic if done by other Semites?  News can be confusing.

Howard Lamb

16th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

A busy week ahead. First on the agenda is a letter to my association asking for clarity re opening up clinic and the new rules as lockdown eases. At the moment we have waiting lists of patients who are trying to get in. We have had to reduce patient numbers to comply with social distancing etc. I expect they are waiting on the salaried people at public health England. What a shambles they have been. Don’t need PPE just crack on to, wrap yourself up in plastic and mask with shields, gloves and don’t touch anyone. No understanding of what we do. Obviously never been near a clinic.

Second will be the beginning of a series to top people in jobs asking why the gov is able to cover up child abuse?

All part of my learning cycle, getting to the bottom of this.

Afterall, if you have seen the abuse firsthand and reported it and nothings been done, what choice in good conscience, have I got?

Text to a friend:
My research into which of the professions is killing the most patients is going well. Chiropractic, stats wise, is virtually unblemished.

Moving onto injured or on maimed. 

Solicitor’s stats for disbarring or jail are impressive. 👍
Barristers don’t get done so much. They tend to become judges. 😂👍😀👍

I expect the GCC have it sorted. All the stats on how many clinics were able to stay open, how many clinicians and staff had to isolate, how many track and traces to clinics there were, etc. etc. Was that a pig I just saw fly by my window. 😂😂

This is London calling. The French Tarte, is stolen, the French tarte is stolen, over. Vive le Resistance ✅

You can bet your bottom dollar that the GCC has no clue to the huge financial loss to a self-financing clinical health care profession. ✅ Let alone stand up for us to get financial help. 

If they (GCC) don’t look after the doctors, how can they (docs)be expected to look after their patients? Which is what it (GCC) exists to do, or not as in this case again!

How do you research banker’s bonuses and increase over a twenty year period? 🤔 Well, if they did sod all during the Covid waves, what chance of doing anything about some abused kids? 😡

Privy Council for your eyes only, tends to explain why. PHE rules and their last herd experience was mad cows and the herd was put down.

Privy Council eroding our clinical status and classifying us as therapists. How could they stand for my diagnosis and right to defend it? 🤔 You work it out.

Text to a friend:
Grief is a terrible thing. Harry with PTSD after his mother. Traumatised and pushed the boundaries. Father had a difficult job on his own. Death of Grandpa, isolated from family and controlled by Hollywood rules. 

My advice is to continue with the therapy and talk privately until balance is restored in his understanding.

Howard Lamb

14th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still.
There was a very good program on BBC 2 last night about PTSD and how it affected some young people who had been traumatised whilst in the army. The symptoms they showed were exactly the same in many ways to Child X. But just a naughty boy and defo not the systems fault, when it was. ✅

How many other are smashing stuff up and being blamed as naughty when they are traumatically stressed? Just restrain them, that will help and then people can write how naughty they are. It’s just wrong.

Howard Lamb

PS Restraint is prob the worst thing to do to someone with PTSD and will make it worse. ✅

Text to a friend:
Yea great performance from Cameron the capitalist who twisted the facts to show he was doing it to help the country. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Prob putting the profit in Panama, just to help out their economy. 👍

And don’t forget Boris and his CCJ. Nobody bothered to read the letter at Downing Street. Show that you write, and it goes in the bin. Tory democracy. Can’t have binned mine as Teresa May answered so on record. 

The cons who listen and care. But don’t read their mail. 👍

Oops BBC article – Boris Johnson’s lawyers confident of cancelling court judgement

The CCJ prob screwed Boris’s credit rating, just when he was taking out a large loan to pay for his Mrs going out on no 11. I would love to know what he did to piss the other person off. 🤔

Defamation of character for under £600. Online as well. ✅

Could you imagine the conversation Boris had to get the money. Well Mr Johnson, your income has dropped by 3/4s. Your overheads have remained the same but have a new child and a CCJ.

So who did he borrow the cash off, another mate? Like the one who lends him a helicopter or jet, so he can go on a bike ride photo shoot. 🤔

You don’t have to lobby when old fashioned bribery seems to work. 🇬🇧👍

Yea, always follow the money. More at the bank. And I believe, Mr Johnson your ex has her hands on your future profits.

Can you put forwards someone who will cover your debts if you fail to pay. ✅ Ha ha, how many JCB’s will he need to uncover all the cover up’s?

Still laughing. 😂

Yea Churchill like Boris was potless during the war. But his Mrs held it together and never decorated no 11. 🤔

I expect it’s as bad as finding out Churchill took back handlers from the Nazis during the war.

But I now believe the system will get there in the end. 

Politics seems to run by the better you can lie and twist without being caught, the more money you earn. Cameron into the millions, Blair into 100 mill. Boris potless, well his lies and infidelity have come back to haunt him, but will still pull 150k for a free dinner and a 30 min chat about himself. What a world.

I didn’t hear all of the Queen’s speech so I prob missed the bit where all gov officials are band from making profit from their time in office. No after dinner stuff, no profitable directorships. F all but the wage and the joy of helping the nation.

Maybe next year. 😂😂😂😂 

Sure, if it’s pre or post experience but a black hole on the gov’s part. ✅

Lessons learned and whistleblowing are usually not the subject for after dinner stuff. Most are pissed by then so hardly going to matter.

Good question, why have the Indian variant areas not been put back into lock down? Why are the houses not sanitised etc. etc. Never mind next summer they will look at what went wrong, unless it goes wrong again, then it will be put back. ✅ That’s the way we do it.

CPD learning cycle is now complete. New learning cycle starts Monday 😂🇬🇧✅

One dead patient in chiropractic and it’s front page news, yet who has heard of deaths at the dentist. NCBI article – Death Rate of Dental Anaesthesia

PPS How many different ways have people died at the dentists is a good search? 👍

Be in for a shock if you do the same for the National Heath, unnatural deaths. 👍

Try how many people die unnaturally in care.

How many people in social services get prosecuted per year?

Always more questions than answers.

12th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Mother and child are not being harsh about jail and I know that that has never happened before but what’s been done to them is just criminal.

Due to patient confidentiality, I cannot give you a blow-by-blow account but it is very bad.  Watching them struggle and people going out of their way to make their lives a misery. Treated like something you would scrap off your shoe and then blamed so others can get away with blue murder, that’s why there has to be three books. Each story from the individuals own eye, then you will get the full picture.

I would love to be able to question all those involved in a court room environment where I could cross examine. 😂

How can it change? Simples, a change from don’t give a sucker an even break to an actual duty of care which is achieved. i.e. not bad mother and naughty/poor parented child but diagnosed with a treatment plan that works. ✅

Well, the dipshits who advise the gov will tell them it will cost billions, but I’ll tell you it will cost far more if they don’t.

If you diagnose early and educate the parents and all who deal with the child so they will not scare them to death in the first place. That would help. ✅

Is scaring a child to post traumatic stress level a crime? Well it is in my book, but with two sets of rules the gov disagrees.

All in the paperwork. Prob why they want to tough it out. 😂🇬🇧

8 hrs of CPD, if correct would be enough to start the ball rolling. How cheap is that? If everyone is educated and they are handled with care, whilst they are finding their feet. They will thrive. ✅ I did, so why shouldn’t they? 😂

CPR on internet. 2 hrs how to spot spectrum traits. 2hrs how to engage and get the most out of the child. 2 hrs on how to deal correctly with abnormal behaviour, how to mentor and enthuse children one on one as needed with spectrum kids.

I’m sure the autistic experts could knock something up in no time. It’s not hard, think puppy training. Simple commands. Sit. Not well today puppy we will want you to sit down soon la la la la. Stop. 

Will you behave, no running around screaming, oh you behave, ahhhh. I know, I like puppies.

As a child I never heard the first word. Don’t go near the fire, ouch that hurt, why has my skin bubbled, what are you yelling at me, you told me to go to the fire in the first place. Life is unfair. Don’t go near the river. Splash, stop, this is a fire. Bad. Never touch it.

Howard Lamb

PS Boris wants Covid inquiry summer 2022. Why because there may be a third wave? Is it me but if we work out what went wrong for the first 2 waves, so you could do better for the third and save life’s, that would be the action of someone trying to save arse till the memory has had distance, rather than someone who actually cares. He knows all the mistakes made, why do we need an inquiry? ✅

Dear Country,

On hindsight this, that and the other caused etc. etc.

Terribly sorry but will try harder. 

Luv Boris 

We should have had the postmortem last summer after the first wave. How many lives could have been saved? To be fair to Boris, political infighting over Brexit in his own party. No trade deal. Had to have borders open as still in EU. No PPE or EU plan.

Caught it, long Covid, still there holding his position and increased his vote.

No because he is great but because the options were worse. This has empowered him so he can do what he wants. Ooops.

Plus, they will all have the story down pat by next summer with supporting paperwork. Attorney and solicitor gen prob working on it now. 😂😂

11th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Why has the gov avoided action on social care? Well, when you have deliberately under financed for over 2 decades the catch up cost will run into the tens of billions they haven’t got. So, fudge and deflect and defer. ✅

I talked with the Child X family, they are not too worried about compensation, even though that would help, but not in 5 years after the solicitor have had their fill. It’s justice they want so that it stops and people go to jail for the suffering they have gone through. 👍

Howard Lamb

10th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still, if you took out the waist and effort waisted in protecting themselves. We could have a good working system for the same price. And a just system to boot. ✅🇬🇧💋

If Boris has just missed the 10 days to have first response due to legal interference. Do not contact unless through us. I expect the 28 days to supply a full response is out the window. That will be next week when my staff are back. 👍😂

Why would you hide from your people behind solicitors (in general 😂) if you have nothing to hide? And if you have something to hide, how is a protective legal defence join to help justice? Tough it out, right or wrong, needs change.

Four legs are great and much faster than two Napoleon.

Text to a friend:
In general, attorney and solicitor working to protect the system against the people, how does that work in a democracy? Let’s hope the judiciary still have a few teeth left, and not past it. 😂

Not my fault, blame Nelson. Keep firing until the white flag or sunk. Another spectrum child who made good. ✅

No fear or concept of defeat, do things in his own unique way. Avoid convention. I’m sure there’s a list which would end up as high functioning.

How the hell have we got back to gravity? The way I see it is. Space is like an ocean. The ocean salt is dark matter. So if a light globe will float and does not displace water but a heavier object will displace water and the wait of the displaced water causes pressure. The bigger and heavier the object the more force, which is gravity. Simples.
How does tectonic movement effect gravity and our electromagnetic planetary protection? Lots OK.

Howard Lamb

9th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

I’ve said to Boris “How hard should it have been to get one child properly diagnosed and treated? “

Those who have read JFA will tell you, very hard indeed. With full paper work in hard and electronic forms, that nobody wants to see, I wonder why?

When I first met Child X, he was chronically stressed, post and ongoing. It took months to let him allow me in. With his masks down diagnosis was easy.

Then nobody listened. We won the tribunal as case not contested. At no stage was anyone looked at for repeatedly putting the child at risk. 

I communicated professionally to our regulatory body who was there to protect the patient and ended up being removed, wrongly, from the register, only to be put back on with the same paperwork, only to be put in the naughty boys room an excommunicated from my profession. Numerous letters to 2 PM’s and attorney generals. To the latest which should be up on site by now.

Defo no cover up of a failed system to protect itself, rather than the child with needs. 😡

Text to a friend: 
Who’s fault is it then, gov for deliberately underestimating the numbers and left the whole system severely over stretched and underfunded, then covered it up or the county council’s capitalist stance to save money and brown nose their mate’s with real power at Whitehall? Overseen by the privy council, influenced by past politicians who are the able to cover up their own cock ups.

I think you answered your own question, all of the above, me Lord. 😂😂😂😂

Brown nosing/lobbying what’s the difference? All about who you know, not what you know. Except a few who know everyone and everything. Find them and you will see what needs to change, then the how becomes simples. ✅ 

The excuse was to stop benefits cheats and still portray benefits people as scroungers, then those with no voice could whistle, so to speak. Very dark indeed. Cheats still cheat so we know it was all bollocks.

I know, the letter from the family, through me to protect them, to the major general explained what was happening and he didn’t even feel the need to contact the family, having seen the tribunal paperwork, he just turned them away through me. 😡 You have to ask why he bypassed every protocol and procedure in the book to do so? Child abuse is a crime and when reported cannot be ignored unless you are protected. 🤔

The twist had to come from the very top of the pyramid. So twist it back and the rest, in theory should change. Not simple to achieve but simples if done right.

Remember, all systems have been normalised and regulated. So what’s wrong in my area of experience, it will be the same in the rest. Domino effect. So too big to fail means fubar, as the Yanks say. Cover arse and keep going. ✅

No, I had great hopes for Cummings. The photo shoot that got him into trouble was prob staged, instead of safe to start walking about and the gov is still functioning, he got abused for taking the piss. In the real world he had a year looking to make sweeping change to the structure of the system, clearly had to go as was rattling feathers. I bet being a bright chap he has the evidence to show I’m right. More than one game in town. 😂
I know, all goes back to the tribunal. A clinician has diagnosed autism, posttraumatic stress and learning difficulties. The case was not contested, and he got a placement. Nobody asked why he was traumatised, which is child abuse. How does that work or not more likely? System at fault, move on quickly and nobody might notice. 👍✅

Howard Lamb

7th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister.

Howard Lamb

7th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Letter to PM done and just off to be posted, I’ll put it up on tomorrow.

I mentioned the breach of guidelines and laws. I did not put down a full list, equal opportunities, disabled legislations, human rights etc. Wasn’t the time or the place.

Looking at the Bi election result of Mandleson’s old seat, huge con majority. 

People prob watched the killing of Tony Blair. 😂😂😂

Mark you with a turnout of 42.3% an MP was voted in by under a quarter of the voters. 57.7% have lost interest in voting so hardly democratic. 

The question has to be why have people become so disenchanted? Hollow victory because nobody turned up. 😂😂😂✅

Howard Lamb

5th May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Well elections tomorrow and results on Friday, so nothing going to happen now. Next week I have staff on holiday so will not send extra invites to the party until the end of the following week. However, I have the time to bang out a quickly to Boris, just to keep an iron in the fire, so to speak. Let’s hope the peoples vote is a kick up the bottom for them and finally we can make progress in all areas.


PS It’s about time our inner cities turned green to save lives. Rather than labour who have had their fingers on the pulse of the corpse and say they are doing well for you. Stats show the truth. Who brought in the drive for cheap diesel, which was clean, defo not damaging air quality? ✅

Text to a friend:
I know I said anyone who wants to make change but are now plumping for the greens. Well, they need experience of government before the general election and beyond and are the most likely party to help save the planet. Simples.

Exactly, there is no economy without a planet that can sustain life. ✅ Talking of iron in the fire. It’s not just Vit D. Iron for haemoglobin to help oxygenate the body for long Covid, C for etc. The nutrition in the food sold to us is low. We need prob upwards of 65 individual components in our diets to stay healthy and live long lives. 18 amino’s, 9 essential oils, vits, minerals and trace elements. You can live on less, but your body will not thrive. All you have to do is look at nutritional values of fruit and veg in the 1950’s and compare with todays.

Polluted air is taken out of the body by anti-oxidants like C, if you pick a fruit before it is ripe and then ripen it without the nutrients supplied by the tree or earth, guess what it contains very little C.

Long list running into a book in the subject.

Yea big headache for McDonald’s. Each meal sold must have the nutritional balance of a main meal, which it is sold as. 

At least with a kebab you get fats, proteins, salad and boil rice. Not a sugar drink with fried chips, bread that doesn’t rot and fat with off cuts of intensively farmed animal of low nutrient value and a ton of E numbers. But at least they look after their work force and contribute in tax. Not a lettuce leaf, a slice of tomato and two thin slices of pickled something do not count as a salad. 🤔💋

PS Anyone who starts to take some iron, go for gentle iron so no constipation. ✅

When you vote remember that trillions of gallons of raw sewage with untreated hormones and chemical pollutants is released into our eco system and water table, every time it rains hard. 👍

How pure is your air and water? Vote green or anyone but the big 3. When your local river goes brown after it rains, you know why now. 😂😂

It’s not that hard. Pure air to breath, pure water to drink and good nutrition are the founding blocks of civilisation. Pure water with minerals, not washed out after being through 3 people on its way to London. 🤔

Howard Lamb

3rd May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The killing of tiny Blair or was it Tony/I. A telly documentary by an ex-politician. Well worth the watch. The ex-politician clearly has no like for the man but not been sued. 👍✅😂

Well apparently, Tony shagged Murdock’s Mrs. And labour fell out of bed with the press. Murdock had the right hump I expect, who wouldn’t. I cannot say it is true as only 3 people know what actually happened. It would explain much. 

After the phone hacking at the News of The World, Cameron and May got the press back under gov control. That explains the mess it’s all in now.

Let’s actually have a free press for a while, that would be a nice change. ✅🇬🇧👍😂😂😂😂😂

Yea he had sold his soul to the Yanks so thought he was invincible. Teflon Tony remember. If you rig the system so you are never held responsible, you can get away with blue murder of millions in Arabia. 🤔 Then he made his pile off the back of it. You could not write it. How was it possible, who is responsible? Well as old Agatha used to say, follow the money and you will always end back in Wall Street. ✅

Take football, JP Morgan at the heart of the new super league. A finger in every pie, including Boris I expect.

The original JP Morgan was a burnt earth capitalist who never gave a socket a break. Things don’t seem to have moved on much since then really. 

Hence the Twin Towers. Erected to the false god of finance. Not an attack on Christianity but rape and pillage of faith and deep religious beliefs via global industrialist invasion and the false god of capitalism.

Of course, Gordon knew, and could prob blow it wide open but would implicate himself. Clearly not just cream that floats to the top. Oil and grease, fungus and bacteria, scum shit, just to mention a few more floaters.

They only float if full of grease and fat. So Bojo is a little floater.😂😂😂😂

Howard LAmb

2nd May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Bojo may think, who stumped up for his Mrs’s curtains, is trivial in comparison to his cock ups over covid, that caused thousands of extra deaths.

However, if he is in breach of written or assumed codes it is important because a PM must be beyond reproach. Goes with the title.

However, Blair shed a tear, Cameron with Panama and lobbying, Bojo just following their example. Then they all cover it up as best as possible and then covering arse in the privy council, or parliamentary democracy as we know it. ✅

All you have to do is think of the city of Liverpool’s shame of drunkards killing themselves. Within hours it was known it was a police cock up. Quick call to Murdock and The Sun and they are off the hook and the argument rumbles on for eternity and red herrings persist. Well, that’s my opinion. 

Exactly, American company lobbied to get cladding to be put up. Now after the fire, homeowners pay the bill. Parliamentary democracy at work. 😂

Tony has much to answer for as the richest self-made PM ever. 😂😂😂 

Much of his fortune came because he covered Bush’s arse due to illegal war. Back up the war for us and no matter what we will see you right. Why would the man who helped rip the heart of Arabia out be in all the negotiations? 🤔 Not rocket science is it. 👍

Must have someone with big tits in team for you to get this excited. 👍😂😂😂

Sorry mate Alan commentated about women Chelsea doing their but 👍👍far too enthusiastic so had to be another reason 😂😂 not to go up.

Text to a friend:
Blair sold his sole to the Yanks and integrated us into Europe and ended empire and commonwealth. Stooge or willing accomplice. Defo all politically motivated and less risk for the Americans as we have lost all our power. No referendum, sneaked in the back door. Then earned a fortune. 🤔

Yep, favour now, in clover later. Then the example is lead from the top and everyone who can, follows, well if he got away with it, so can I.

Because there wasn’t a referendum and many felt their voice not heard, resistance was started that ended with Brexit. People do stand up for injustice but because it starts at the top, they never seem to get anywhere. That’s another big WHY, don’t you think?

Yes. 😂 Churchill gets thrown out and a new approach, NHS, unions to curb the excesses of capitalism and the start of equal opportunity. Then it got political and been a game of ping pong ever since. Let’s try the labour way, ah power corrupted, let’s try the cons. More millionaires and fewer unions, strange how that works.

No way it was a one man job with Blair, Mandelson and others had to be able to manipulate the system to achieve America’s goal of global control on their terms. After all, how difficult should it be to complain about child abuse? 🤔

Brits tax paying for the American blood, why? Army wife kills boy and can’t be extradited, Assange banged up for ten years for not wearing a condom and charges dropped. Two sets of rules time and time again. ✅

And the yanks have influenced gov’s all over the world and then bitch at the Russians tinkering on the internet like all gov’s do one way or the other. Treason, but what do I know?

If I had to start a new political system, what would I choice in less than fifty words? 👍😂 Democratic communism. Cut all the messing about out. A plan based on the health, care and improvement for all. A national identity. All posts voted for without restriction so the actual people can actually have a choice of good candidates who are not influenced by party but the good of the nation. If the top man is not ethical etc., he can be removed and shamed. ✅ Close. 😂😂😂

Obviously overseen by wise and well lived people who have gained understanding, a bit like the House of Lords should have been. ✅ Nobody questioned Mrs Thatcher over lobbying 👍😂😂🇬🇧

Did Boris save the day with vaccines, even though his inaction and willingness to keep the country open, piled bodies up during both waves. Science and greed came to his rescue and the NHS staff did the rest.

Long read but made sense article – 19+ AMAZING Stock Market Statistics to Know in 2021

Again, a long read but the gov did say that vit d does not help. NCBI article – Vitamin D and Immune Function

Howard Lamb

1st May, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

I watched Boris and Sir K as well.

Sir K asked the right question but could not cross examine and then Boris red herring and slag’d Sir k off without answering the question. Democracy at work.

Who ate all the pie, then tells porkies.  

How about Sir k asking how are we going to pay for the pandemic debt and improve survives? 🤔

Or is he happy the poor are getting poorer. 

Is he the right bloke to write too? he knows the battle for power can only be at the next election in 3/4 years time. His only way to hurt Bojo is through breach of parliaments procedures which will have to go through Bojo’s office as he’s in charge. ✅

Very democratic and just I expect from what he would say. 😂 

Howard Lamb

29th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why is it taking so long when so important? Well Boris has ultimate power over complaints. So if the complaint doesn’t make him look good it is smothered and put in the slow in tray to infinity.

So, the criminals can run both cases and then judge themselves. Mistakes were made, let’s move on. Far too busy for an inquiry. 

What can we cloud the waters with next so everyone forgets and assumes something is being done? ✅ Yea all in the chronicles of JFA. 

Cover up after cover up, all professionals, all had to report it to someone, even if they did, no action was taken, maybe Sir K knows why. He was at the crown prosecution service in the right time. 👍 All they seem to do is scratch each other’s backs and brown nose when needed. 😡

Explains why the PM’s office will not send the paperwork requested. If none exists, you have to ask why?

I know, bored of waiting and watching the family struggling with no end in sight. Will prob get a bit sharper as the final countdown begins. Well, they only have themselves to blame, pride before the fall and all that.

To be fair to Boris on piling up the dead, a third lockdown would bankrupt GB. So, he campaigned to leave, left and bankrupted the country within 18 months. Not what he wanted to chronically his triumphant history with. 

Simple clean the air, healthier for people full stop but if you remove the virus, it’s safe to breath. ✅

An interesting article about how the other half live and need a million a year to keep their heads above water.

Also his ex has mullered him in the settlement and babes future income. No wonder he is too busy for an inquiry. 🤔 article – How much is Boris Johnson worth? The PM’s wealth explained, amid the row over who paid for his flat renovation

I expect I ethically could not hire his ex, as a human rights lawyer, to defend Child X.😂😂😂😂 That would put the cat amongst the pigeons. Prob can’t due to privileged information she has hanging over him. After all, hell hath no fury. 👍😂

Prob had to dump human rights to get the top job.

Don’t hold your breath, the electrolyte commission is still looking into the 15k Christmas holiday from 2019, 16 months ago. 🤔 Defo impartial and just being  prudent. 😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

PS Did you know the Murdock empire was in contact with UK gov 206 times in 2018 alone, you have got to wonder why.

Sounds like lobbying to me. 👍

27th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Bored twiddling my thumbs. 

If economy shrunk by 20 %due to Covid/Brexit. That means much less tax for the gov who has been throwing money at everything and run up huge debts, a huge problem that ping pong will not solve.  It costs a fortune to make staff redundant so keep the staff and the only thing you can save on is the services they provide. So everyone looking to make huge cuts. Foreign aid for starters. Which of the candidates has a solution for that? ✅

That explains why they are too busy for the pandemic inquiry, they have to muddy the waters to cover up their current mistakes, let alone the ones from the past. Busy, as those with lack of moral strength are when trying to avoid issues.

Who am I voting for in the locals? I live in the same area as Child X so will defo not vote conservative. Will prob vote Green or the battered wife candidate who wants to make change.

Ping pong Boris? Well, he sees himself as Churchill who never played ping pong in the sodding blitz, now did he. 🤔 Well not for a photo shoot any way. 😂😂 Especially as the pandemic has caused enough deaths and seriously injured, to rival our losses in WW2 

At least Churchill surrounded himself with geniuses like Beaverbrook, was it? Boris thought that a few kids with a PPE would do the job. 😂😂
In truth the death toll will exceed prob both wars. Thousands not being diagnosed, those who have been, are deteriorating whilst a huge back log in the pipeline is cleared and over spent resources during the pandemic. Which candidate is talking about that? 🤔

Over the years I have seen a disproportionate balance in the favour off those whom can stand up for themselves and those that can’t get hammered proportionately in the cuts. But if they have no voice, who cares. ✅

Yea that’s another conversation about lobbying and it’s abuse and perversion. 👍You finally got midget Aus. 😂😂

Exactly what was at the end of the yellow brick road? 👍 I am not Dorothy or the dog. Prob an amalgam of the others, stiff in the morning, no heart for a relationship, and gets blown away occasionally. ✅😂😂😂

Lobbying, I’ll wait to see what the investigations turn up, might give so hints on the way though. 👍

How do I see the UK/Ireland and Covid? Battle for Britain is won but the blitz goes on. As summer comes the north of the planet will improve yet the environment for Covid improves in the Southern Hemisphere. So, the hot spots change, and the virus unchecked, like India, will be able to mutate. Not over by a longways, check out WHO on global Covid, not just me. 

Yep, if you can’t get rid of staff and cut the budget to suit, the system fails further, so need to hire more people to fill in the paperwork with no funds for change.

Classic Yes Prime Minister if you ask me! The bigger the department the more power it has, and on and on to infinity I expect. Just like a diagnosis for autism. 😡

Could Cummings bring down the gov? A Dara man with all the data and a brief to sort it out. I expect his eye test in open view was to distance himself if he had to abandon ship before it all went bang. Yes, defo he could. Makes you wonder what they have on him which has kept him silent. 🤔 Whose hand is in play? 🤔 Always more Q than A’s.

Why is there no money? Good question. Thatcher balanced the books and stabilised the economy. Curries special friend/Major got vertigo. Blair spent buckets full and upped the pension problem, Brown gave away our gold and deregulated without watchdogs, money crashed and Cameron went with the banks and capitalist’s whilst the rest paid, 3/4 of a trill loan to cover expected debt through May to the sleeze ridden lot we have now. One explanation. ✅

Re names for letters after no show, how about trading standards.

Good one. They could find out what was done rather than what a good gov should have done. 😂😂

Spot on, see who has some moral fibre because they are meant to be of good character. Says in their mandate and codes.

Howard Lamb

27th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

I’m fed up with the elections already, Boris playing ping pong and Sir K denied a drink. 

We are skint Boris, everyone is cutting budgets and you won at ping pong?

How are you going to solve this besides self-guarding yourself? 🤔

Why is it photo opportunities rather than facts figures and solutions rather than the piffle we get? ✅ 

Howard Lamb

26th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
No, I expect they are going through me personally at this moment in time, to try and find something to discredit me. Much too scary to look at the truth. 😂😂

This is how these people who work outside the law do things.  But the clock is ticking and no box in sight. 👍✅

Not just me then. The SS report is important in many areas, courts, care homes or just care in general. Child X has literally hundreds of flawed reports from social services, due to low grade professionals who pontificate on subjects they have no expertise in. 🤔 Community Care article – Watchdog criticises council over ‘flawed’ social work assessment

Naughty boy, don’t give then a Penny. ✅ Then cover arse in the paperwork. Which goes through the system and everyone else ticks their box and saves more money to pay their wages. 👍✅

Struggling to find. The SS watchdog for a letter. I expect care home are charging for all their Covid precautions as well. 😡

Well, if they lost half their clients through Covid there must be a huge hole in the budget. The grieving should check the bills. ✅😀

And the legality of, do not resuscitate orders, when no care was available. Died to save the NHS but no George Cross medal.

Exactly the council’s case was flawed on purpose to win the Child X tribunal and once caught the council had to concede, judge called it maladministration. More on the perverting justice side, myself! Is there a watch dog covering that? 🤔

That explains it Google search – who oversees the gov uk

A question to Boris, what would an ethical man do?

Howard Lamb

25th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Too many questions without answers and your not helping with more.😂😂

The press, global capitalist, mega powerful and run by, often, one person who plays at god. Like the midget Aus and his son. Clearly not the environmental one. Far too much influence on what is and isn’t news and what angle to take. 

How can what has happened to the children happen if the press where free? Editors do what they are told as company policy, as seen by the News of The World hacking scandal . Loyalties as all still on pay roll 🤔

Good journalism at the Beeb and multiple exposures even with gov influence, who hold the purse strings. Most the other channels have chipped in. Even the Sun is online with autism but not crowing for blood.

Needs a good sorting.

Thank god for satellite. On EU news, Merkel caught private lobbying in China, two of her gov done for profiteering over face masks. All over the EU we see corruption, whole Dutch gov had to resign over racist behaviour. Least we can see who taught ours after Maastricht.  
It does make you wonder how much lobbying and manipulation the global heads have been up to over a very long time. 

Told you, always more questions than answers. 

Done letter to Sir K. Let’s hope he is not like Sir M. Who didn’t jump out of the plane. 😂😂😂

All god-fearing people I expect but think they are untouchable bar anyone except god. 🤔🤔🤔


Once in EU they could sit back as Brussels running everything and line their pockets as the middlemen. Or middle women/gender specific. Nearly fell into a pc trap there.👍😂

Exactly, where did Boris get 300k to pay for his Mrs extravagance, least Harry had a fortune after Megan splashed the cash in refurb. On his after tax salary and 👶 support he will have f all left. 😂🤔

Why Sir K first? Well, he made a pigs ear at the crown prosecution service and got a knighthood, so I’m giving him an opportunity to stop brown nosing and earn it. 👍

Sir K will not take on a case he could not win, so, crown didn’t prosecute that many. And when forced to didn’t do that well. If you don’t believe me check it out. Police don’t arrest unless the case is strong, so much crime, car theft burglary, cc fraud is seriously under policed. Accepted as an insurance issue rather than crime. Change the goal post so can tick the box without anywhere near enough coppers. Just another corrupted part of the system.

Why is midget Aus pc? Last time I heard they were dwarf tossing and that was ok. 🤔
Text to a friend:
Yes, I saw the lively member resign over our military being prosecuted for doing what they were ordered to do. 

Gov had a kill policy to wipe them out, so how can you blame the troops who would have been court marshalled if they had refused. 🤔

Gov not really thought that one through unless they have kangarooed it with misleading evidence to keep their distance.

Howard Lamb

23rd April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Bored and twiddling my thumbs. The Oxford jab and clots. If the recipient is dehydrated and the blood is already a bit thick, could that lead to clot formation? Simple enough to make sure patient has drunk a bit of water for 24 hrs before inoculation. Just a thought. 

Let’s hope Boris’s WhatsApp stay encrypted. If he gets the same stuff we all do he’s in big trouble.

Text to a friend:
Going back to the Cameron riots, lots of reports and finding but once the dust settled no real changes were made, well except banging up a load of sheep who just followed a lead and got carried away in the heat of the moment of their freedom. Very embarrassing for the gov so someone had to pay.

It’s all that scum on benefits fault so let’s make sure they can’t afford to do it again.

Exactly, the ones abandoned by labour under Blair. Which is prob why riots happened in the first place. 😂

Just sorting my letters for no show. Sir K has to be the first. Labour was told and said they would get back to me. 🤔

I will send all my letters, from Tribunal/MP/GCC and profession, through to the last Boris, and ask why he has not fulfilled his protocols and procedures. 

Have 20 on the list so can go out in batches. The list covers all angles. Then we can see how deep this goes before we take it further. 👍✅😂🇬🇧

Logistically it would be much easier to have a member of staff run off all twenty plus in one hit next week as bored and will give me something to do. Well, no quarter given and all that. 😂😂😂😂 
Is it too late for Boris to save his day and skin? Good question. If he says they have been investigating my complaints and is horrified as to what has been taking place, 50/50 or better.

No show means the gate is shut and I’m off to the gallops. 😂😂😂

Will Boris act? He would have to drop everyone in it to save his own bacon, is he that sort of man, to stand alone and do what’s right, or huddle together to weather the storm.

I’m not a betting man, but one option is odds on favourite. We will see soon enough, the clock is ticking. 🤔 8 days and counting 

Boris would become the whistle blower and end his career. Well how can you get things done with a grass in your midst. Isn’t politics fascinating. 

Howard Lamb

PS All professionals are legally bound to report child abuse. That’s a key protocol and relevant procedures job. ✅
All the breadcrumbs are on JFA. As planning and researching I was talking in real time what might occur in the future and have planned for it, if it goes that far.

Been fair and told them first so my conscience is clear. If not carried out on purpose this could be seen as an attempt to pervert justice. Only one set of laws for all, after all. 😂 

Boris must play the white man either law and democracy or capitalist enslaver of those with special needs. That’s going to be a special chat at the pearly gates with St P. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤔
God was his witness when he took the oath. Karma. Hell on earth.

For those who are not god/gods friendly just to be pc. 👍

21st April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister 

How do you get rid of parasites, particularly in a parliamentary democracy, rather than a proper one? It is impossible for them not to have perverted justice, yet they think that’s ok as it’s the way it has always been done and they are untouchable. I don’t believe that for one moment. Where there’s a will there’s a way. 😂😂😂

Text to a friend:
I don’t blame the teachers. They are taught to teach the curriculum to normal kids. Social services can only do the job they are paid to do. Doctors are kept out of the loop as the child is under a specialist who drugs them. Council ticks a box, the gov counts the ticks and it’s all in budget, job done. ✅

All paid to do a job, so it’s those who perverted the system that need a good slap. Personally I would give them life, for taking and ruining so many others and protecting themselves so not to get caught.

Exactly, if privy council influenced and distorted by the few. They have ultimate control of the judiciary. What hope is there for justice?

Private prosecution of Boris for perverting justice over child abuse. Group funded. ✅😂😂😂😂

Irons are in the fire so on the job. 👍👍👍

Karma. The chance for all those accused wrongly of being a bad mother to put there 50 pence worth in. 😂😂

Yep, I’m sure the high court would stop it but it would leave the gov with many questions unanswered. The judges prob hand picked of course. ✅😂😂

No! Even in my most pessimistic mode, it’s not gone that far, but I have planned for it if needs  be. Just moving into the next stage of my battle plan 💥🙏🏾🇬🇧

Don’t. I could always turn up at Pinner police station with the local cub reporter and ask them to investigate wholesale child abuse by the state and see what happens.

If I got blocked at high court, I would have to move straight to the crimes against humanity people as justice has broken down in UK. So well worth the 50p.

All this happening and Sir K gets thrown out of the pub. You could not write it.

Canvassing during a pandemic? I didn’t bother reading it.

All those Labour peers in the Lords should be old enough to have had two jabs, maybe it’s a job for them. 😂👍

Lord Dim of Dimchurch on your front doorstep. Who? Slam. 😂😂😂😂

Not yet as they have ten working days. I’ve been fair all the way so I’ll just sit here twiddling my thumbs until it’s a no show, then I’ll take it on from there.

Howard Lamb

19th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, written my letter to Boris, 

How it is letter? Need to type it up and send to practice. Checked and sent 3 weeks after the last one.

I’ll put it up once it arrives at no 10.

Howard Lamb

18th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Treason, well if those on high tried to stop Brexit, against the will of the people because they had sworn allegiance to the EU, what else would you call it?

Blair and co, Brown, Clegg, and Torys. All up to the their necks in the child abuse scandal, so why not?

Why would they prefer the EU. Safe hands where corruption is rife and they have no appetite to deal with it. 

Well, I can’t be nicked and doing really well, not in my interest to rock the boat. 

Thank god for two sets of rules.

Let’s not get ahead of our self’s, sort the British Isles out first then sort the EU and world. 😂😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

16th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news, over two weeks and no response from Boris or his office. Clearly happy to continue the abuse of our vulnerable kids to save his political position. Very sad but what other conclusion can I make. 🤔

Text to a friend:
Makes you laugh, cronyism was invented by labour and it continues today, it’s been around for a very long time. Fill your boots because you can’t be touched. 👍 It was disgraceful back in the day, even worse now because it never stopped. ✅ 

Text to a friend:
Look at the way the honour system has been abused. Cameron’s hairdresser for gods sake. Make sure you cover my arse and there’s a knighthood in it for you. Not how it’s supposed to be. But how it is. Better join the privy council to make sure nothings done. ✅

I know, how much is Blair worth due to an illegal war. King of the cronies and roll model for those who followed. Tony the American mouthpiece to protect the Bush administration. Also you have to look at the privy councils roll in Brexit, the majority were in favour of staying in the EU, as had sworn allegiance to Europe over the sovereign state, how did that go. ✅ 

Ethics, old school, all they do is munch on Eton mess, nowadays and fill the coffers. Ministers code allows for capitalist ventures, so greed will always win. Particularly if there are no penalties. 

Take Patel who broke the code. Boris says never mind move on and the civil servant is made to resign. So much for justice. As bent as a nine bob note, if you ask me.

Bet Boris is still working with Cummings, well Boris was never the brains behind it and Cummings was in the middle of it all and then had to leave. All as transparent as mud. ✅

As for conflict of interest. Take the regulator of the GCC who had been complained about for doing nothing re child abuse and non-diagnosis, which he had been clearly informed of, had the complainer (me) removed from the chiropractic register and then had his arse covered by the chair and subsequent regulators. Corrupt or what. ✅

History, if you don’t learn from it, it will keep repeating itself time and time again. But who is going to change it when all the power is in the criminal court?

We abused thousands of kids because they had special needs and cost money. But did not break the minister’s code. ✅ All in my paperwork and some up on JFA. But if suppressed for long enough it tends to go away. Luckily historic child abuse means there is no time limit.

Yep even told the Major General about conflict of interest at the time. Well above his pay grade, so like all good soldiers he must have followed orders from those above i.e. the privy council who he reported to. Mmmm.

Prob why nobody wants to send me any paperwork so I cannot follow the trail of bread crumbs to the very top. The mg refused in a letter to my solicitor, Boris is over a year late. Mmmm. So much for democracy and justice. Well, the privy council run the judiciary so what do you expect. ✅🇬🇧

Take law and order, prisons full and in a huge mess. So let’s not prosecute people unless we have no option, that will solve the problem. Ask Sir K, he will tell you, it can be the only answer considering his history at the crown prosecution service, he particularly failed on rape and abuse crimes to women. Check the stats, I have. 😡

Fraud/tax fraud. Cost billions every year, yet who went to prison? 

The whole black economy worth an unbelievable amount of money. Who went to jail? One kid joy rides and gets a year. 🤔

Mark you most of the kids don’t get caught because the police keep crashing trying to catch them. 😂😂😂😂😂

Exactly, budget 20 billion, covers the cost of 60,000 inmates. So, the privy council fiddles it so they don’t go over budget. ✅ You couldn’t write it. 

Let’s hope that Sir K has a change of heart, now he’s in government, from rape is hard to prove and traumatic for the victim so don’t bother prosecuting. To a more human stance. 👍

If Cameron had done it to save the steel industry and given any money received to charity, I have no problem, as an honourable thing to do. However, we should be looking at the deal to see if lobbying was done for profit only and not the right deal for the industry. 

If Paddy Power gave odds and I took a bet knowing what I do, I could be done for insider trading. 😂😂😂

Many of our young joy riders are spectrum/ADHD/learning difficulties/dyslexic and can’t pas the driving theory test because it’s not disability friendly. Maybe the police should get them through their tests and then would not have to chase them. ✅

Exactly. The test is for the norm on average assuming that the educational system hasn’t let the kids down by not educating them. If you live on an estate outside town and missed the last bus, how else you going to get home. 😂😂😂😂

Take Child X. Motor bike ✅car a dozen fail’s. He learns by doing. But gets confused by the questions. Makes the same mistakes because even though he has since learnt the right answer, he often will make the same mistake because he learnt the wrong answer first and has problem remembering which one is right. Out on the road he is as good as gold. 😂😂😂😂 Same road for a bike as a car. 🤔

What’s the stopping distance at 40 miles an hour? About by that big tree past the lamp post mate. 👍 You can see the problem.

Matt the pratt or Handcock , which ever you like, seems to come from a long line of capitalists. Why is he head of the NHS which isn’t.

Makes you wonder, the depth of the lobbying scandal with billions in the pot, like flies to s—? Sharks in a feeding frenzy? Make your own up but where there’s muck there’s brass . ✅

No, not some poor woman sold and trafficked for sex, money!  Well you don’t know yet for sure, what they have been up to. 😂

Some dodgy donor to the Tory party that gets an ear or two. Where could it lead without ethics? Mmmm.

Cameron’s riots filled our prisons for a limited cost of damage, then they got rid of the old prison staff who knew what they were doing and put people with degrees in their place. Suicides up, prisons are not safe for staff or inmates and no change in sight. Prison system has been shown to be in a state by report after report, I would look to see who has profited out of its privatisation. ✅ Don’t bother with rehab as we can make money out of repeat business.

Much of it is done by, do the favour now and get your clover once everyone has forgotten and moved on. Hard to prove so never a prosecution. It’s just wrong.

I know, in the old days the scum were black balled whatever that means. 😂 Reputation in tatters and avoided like the plague. Now the bad behaviour is so common it’s the norm and there is no chance of punishment. Two set of rules, time and time again.

Haven’t a clue if black balled is racist. I assume it referred to a kick in the nads turning them black before blue. What else could it mean?

So, once you have corrupted the system and can control any flack, corruption becomes the new norm and a perk of the job.

Not all but one is too many and it will run into thousands who got a nice job after retirement.

Keeper of the secret in clover. There has got to be a better way. 

If you expand into the EU, States etc. the greed is unchecked and nobody goes to jail. 

How far does it go? UN, who everything that politicians have touched I expect. G20, G7, not for the greater good, just some of its members.

Howard Lamb

15th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Privy Council is full of arrogant tossers who think they can do what they want with impunity. 

No transparency. (Cameron’s law 😂👍) So who knows how much their souls are worth. As in sold to the devil, ex PM’s covering their mistakes in retirement and turning a few Bob. (millions I expect) Part of its function seems to be secrecy, as it is such an important part of gov we should know all about it. Texts, emails etc. should be available to see what they are up too. Rules and reg, protocols and procedures like everyone else. Regulator. (independent) Not as it is now. 

The pr blurb says they work for the greater good. History shows that’s not the case. When fiddling everything has been ok for centuries, they will have no interest in change. It’s overdue, don’t you think?

It’s all a bit like me lying to my patient, not getting them better, charging them a fortune, falsifying my notes and no regulatory body to stand up for my patient. I can then show reasonable doubt ✅ and win any prosecution.

That’s how the gov works.

Howard Lamb

14th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

The Sun has put more up on web re autism, I’ve been told. Well worth the read.If Bozo can set up an investigation into Cameron, who sanctions an investigation into him? 🤔 Bozo himself I expect. Mmmm how’s that going to work?

Here is the list of privy council members. How can all this have happened to Child X if they did their jobs properly. Who investigates them? List of Current Members of the Privy Council

Privy council is not democratic, you seem to only need an honorary type to fill the roll. Who polices the privy council as the time for honour is long gone?

I wonder how many extra little earners they are all on. Cameron/Eton, need I say more.

I expect Cameron did no wrong as was just trying to safeguard the steel industry he nearly finished off when he was PM. Another crock. 👍

Howard Lamb

12th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news. Why, if they are innocent? Why, if this is a democracy,have the kids with special needs not got a voice? Why have I had to take this to the extreme to find justice? 

I’ll give them the rest of the week and then contact Boris again, as he is the key to solve these issues. Or move on and I’ll start again with the next in line.

Text to a friend: 
What do I think is happening behind closed doors? Lots of red faces and anger. They must have been close to talking to me on several occasions but felt I would run out of steam and they could get away with wholesale abuse due to deliberate underfunding and corrupting the system to come in on budget. 

This will make it difficult to say they didn’t know and I was spammed. Caught red handed and with egg on their faces means they will go the extra mile to cover it up. My reputation which they have left in tatters with everyone except my patients, or theirs. Mmmm, I wonder what will happen next 🤔 

In 20 plus years off the GCC, no patient has complained so far, prob be a land slide soon. ✅😂😂

Exactly, guilty as charged and covered up. Their remit is to stand up for my patients. Yet they didn’t and tried to remove me from my profession. Luckily court marshals have appeals in the real world.

No, you are right, more like a kangaroo court. And returned on appeal without one change to my CPD paperwork. Mmmm, not biased then. ✅

I can’t help feeling some sadness for Boris, Brexit, pandemic, two lockdowns and suppressing child abuse because the privy council are trying to cover it up. All those involved can have a say on how to handle it, then Boris told what to do. I expect Cummings still in Boris’s ear if not more. Let’s hope he gives the right advice. 👍🇬🇧

Agreed, Bojo not been right since Covid and not had time to rest and recover. Middle aged man with young child, lockdown in flat above the office, or close by. If unwell he needs to pass the baton.

He sees himself as Churchill, well I believe Churchill had a couple of heart attacks and was back to work the following week and still won the war. 

Not stupid enough to catch a disease, which he had been briefed on and nearly killed himself.
Cameron with his Panama hat or was it papers. Offshore to start then influence the home front to build his fortune.

Look at labour Tony. 100 mill +. Police guard at all his homes I expect at the taxpayer expense, whilst he influenced the Middle East. After causing the mess with an illegal war. 👍 Defo not going to heaven. 

Gordon having a pop at Cameron about PM’s using their influence for profit. He gave away our gold reserves and made a huge loss. Can’t see that’s any better. 

Not meaning to be harsh on Boris but we were seeing around 250 patients a week face to face without PPE (unless dealing with wild animals). And we were in one of the early Hotspots. No confirmed cases at clinic. Air purification and UV light/ antiviral air born particles in fine mist/salt air-born particles/ gargling. Proof in the pudding, so to speak.

Read the site 14 months ago, it’s all there.

Just look what a placebo masks are. No masks and 40k+ dead. All masked up and 80k+ dead and a million disabled by long Covid. 🤔

It’s air born and tiny so if you breath in infected air you get infected. You have to breathe. Hence make sure the air is pure and infection free.

So, EU has nearly a million dead. Most deaths around the planet. No wonder they want to blame us for pre ordering our vaccines. article – Cumulative number of coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom

Extra deaths and long Covid victims show the scale of the disaster.

America with 50 odd States and a similar size population doing real well in comparison, but being Yanks you can bet your bottom dollar, the figures have been sanitised. Why tell the truth when you can get away with it by lying.

Howard Lamb

11th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

If what I have been saying is not true and not based on ten years’ experience of being involved and understanding where the system has gone wrong, why have I not been challenged??????? Cover up after cover up.

Kids still entering the corrupted system and history repeating itself, again and again. More emotionally crippled children, more waisted lives, more suicides.

The gov doesn’t care, it’s a threat to their power, position and reputation. 🤔

Defo explains their need to cover up. ✅
Text to a friend: 
If they spent their resources on the normal kids and deliberately under resourced those with needs, you would expect great results from the norm whose suicide rates are rising. Oh I forgot the normal kids had to set up their own help line to get the gov to act. Not gov run schools so they are not to blame, so they pulled out all the stops. 👍

Deliberately under funded from Blair’s time. Somewhere in the archives is an article on the findings of a parliamentary group and its conclusions. He got rid of labour voters to capture the white-collar middle classes. So, no complaint at the ballot box because have different voters now. ✅

So, once you start a lie, you have to keep lying to cover arse. They all had to know, Brown, Clegg, Cameron, May and now Boris. And cabinets/offices/mandarins/civil servants. It will run into thousands who participated in the fraud against these kids.

And you wonder why every time one of these nobs get knighted I howl at the moon so to speak. Defo not pc about them. 😂

Exactly once you know they are going to twist it to protect themselves, give them enough rope and they have hung themselves. Lots of people chaired lots of committees into all sorts of things, x child minister etc.

A patient is researching answers for me at the moment. They will drop findings to Pinner on paper so I have no electronic finger print, well I’m an old school type of man. 😂😂😂

Re USA and the worlds billionaires. If you add all nations debt together and then subtract the billionaires fortunes an amazing thing happens. World debt ends up at about 5 cents on the dollar. 🤔

So, if we swapped the wealth of the top 1000 for national debt we could get on and save the planet.

By not diagnosing the children they could show statistically they were spending the right amount of money to uphold the lie. Very sick people. (pc version)

Just imagine how much they had to twist the system to come in on budget. Complaints could not be possible otherwise someone might have to do something, god, we can’t have that or the lie might be exposed. 🤔✅🇬🇧

Remove their human rights and call them naughty/poor parented child. No diagnosis needed, F off. Well, it’s worked for twenty years so hats off to them for getting away with it for so long. ✅

Good question. How much money, time and energy defending their position over the years? It’s a well-oiled machine to slow down, denigrate and then spit out complaint, leaving enough doubt so nothing is ever done. Billions I expect over the years. I did say very sick people. 👍

Who wins with the weight of the state to contend with?

I don’t count as autistic and just doing my own thing. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yours sincerely, the Naughty Therapist. 😂😂😂😂

I told you I like a good Miss Marple. Joan Hickman, was it?

Time for the dozy detective from Scotland Yard to take them away. Problem is where can you put them all to be processed. Ah Wembley, that will do. ✅ 😂😂😂 Like the logic. No lions or tigers as endangered. But good metaphor. 

I was more in line with processing the ring leaders for the royal courts of justice, televised so we can see the way they try to worm out of any responsibility.

I’ve said a prayer, just to see if god is still about, so should be ok. 😂😂

No, my prayer was to work with the lead barrister on each case. Karma. 

Strange question. Would I have got on well with Phillip? House on fire. High functioning spectrum, 18hr a day Duracell bunny. Hates pompous sphincters, gets things done. True knight. He would probably have lead me astray and had a great time, perfect fishing buddy I would expect. 💥😂😂

Howard Lamb

9th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

A sad day and my heartfelt sympathy for our Queen and family. He died tainted by racism with no way to defend his position. Such a shame considering his tireless work for his nation.

A great man if there ever was one. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS From what I can gather it was fools he hated and not colour. 

Text to a friend:
I hate gaps in education. I found out during the week that China only holds 10% of USA debt.

Japan holds the most, 🤔 Japan has a huge national debt. 🤔

How does that work? Lots of billionaires and a shed load of debt for us. 🤔 Ducks defo not in a line. Mmmmm.

Gives me something to do on Sunday. ✅

I know that Germany is up there with them. The 3 powerhouse economies post WW2. Two from ruins to dominate the capitalist economy. 🤔

Stats don’t you love them. Take the billionaires from Switzerland, Germany , Japan and the USA. Calculate population and divide. Then do the same with the rest of the world and see how they match up. 👍😂

8th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news yet, Boris had the last letter for a week now.

What’s his problem? Well, he can go forwards and dump all his colleagues in it. Or stay quiet and hope he can block it.

Let hope for justice. ✅

Text to a friend:
Blocking it would be a criminal act. 

Well, you would have thought so but apparently the gov does not have to stick to the law?

Just like Covid. Mistakes were made but we don’t want an inquiry until after the next election at least and before the next pandemic in a hundred years, just like the flu. ✅

Howard Lamb

6th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Makes the vaccine from Oxford look super safe. ✅ article – Death from drug poisoning by paracetamol in England and Wales 1993-2019 Published by Conor Stewart, Mar 12, 2021

Howard Lamb

5th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Talking about rebirth, I’m spending some time with Child X a bit later. He is going through the last stage of brain development, later than the norm and prob due to the serious adult drugs he was put on as a child. In the past year some of the frustration and anger has come out and his head is on straighter than it was. It’s nearly put mother in an early grave but he is improving.

Imagine what could be done if he actually got some help from the system as well.

Howard Lamb

PS They can’t help him because it would show he needs help and our case is won. Well if he needs it now he’s needed it since birth.  Much better to ignore him and save our jobs and pensions. 🤔

What other answer can there be?

Text to a friend:
I’m still working on cause and effect with him. When you did that, this is what happened, which caused that and then created what has come back to you today. Simple stuff but not so simple if you are blocked and don’t get it. ✅
Remember, in the child’s eyes he is normal and everyone just picking on him and having a pop. He is normal as autistic but when labelled a naughty boy it’s always his fault. 🤔

Can’t blame him as disabled, but they do.

4th April, 2021

Dear Patient,

It seems the Romans/Christians tinkered with our dates. The year started with the spring equinox, the planet coming to life. So good place for the rebirth of Christ, party on the longest day or start of the holiday season, harvest Sunday followed by the birth of Christ and the new year after the shortest day.

So, Christ’s resurrection shows the start of the new cycle.

It’s not religion that will save the planet, it’s the understanding of it and it’s cycles. The damage has not been by the hand of god but greed. The ancient battle between good and evil, covered by many faiths in ancient text. So, it’s the meek that will inherit the earth but only after we pull our fingers out and change the decline in our habitat.

The rich don’t care because they feel they can survive it all, just fewer others, or us. Capitalism works for the few and rapes the planet and its inhabitants, not just us. If the gov cannot decide what is not child abuse, what’s going to happen to the planet? 🤔

How much is politics to blame? Personally, I would say, the vast majority. Lots of tinkering over thousands of the years, what would you say?

Text to a friend:
No bible. Good read, the teachings are clear and simple. Love the whole consent of just the one god. Blame the religions for selling their souls to the devil to maintain control of the peoples. One god for all but under, different forms. 

 Norse, a top man and his war lords. Arthur and round table. Jesus and his circle. Buda etc. Indians (came from spaceships but top man and war lords).

Don’t go down that rabbit hole with religions record of child abuse. You naughty monk, go and say a few prayers and is in gods hands. 😡😡😡😡

Yea I read about the racist young black comic who said they were worried about turning out like him, how could they be worried about having a handsome talented man in their family but because they are white, the racist card can be used.

Assumption of racism is racism. Assumption is the mother of all cluster F’s.

In England it is normal to have extended families, one mother, several fathers, multi race. Don’t see much of that in America.

Jesus is all about passive resistance and doing the right thing. So Christianity was sent to the lions and cross. St George a good example, so how did it all go so wrong? 🤔

Simple message. You shouldn’t kill, don’t nick your next doors neighbours Mrs, wealth or assets. Look after the old and those less fortunate, it’s not that hard. 😂

Don’t care if monk is kept out of circulation, church paying for his up keep rather than state so he can pay for his sins.

It’s the cover up of the flock being fiddled with that I have a problem with. They knew and it went on for years. 😡 

Most of the world sticks to the code, it’s only the elite who feel they are above that sort of thing. Hence two sets of rules. ✅

Passive resistance. Don’t buy goods if produced via pollution, tax goods that are all profit and no environment. Long list. But as you close down or prune the old, spring growth will start and everything starts to grow and flourish. Planet saved, job done.

Don’t bear false witness, 👍 that’s one. First thing they learn to do as a political candidate. 😂😂😂 i.e. don’t lie. ✅

Alien intervention with our understanding of god. 

what’s the point, unless there is a god, or an advanced sense of humour. April fool is not the best choice for first contact.🤔

Prob why the church is touchy on the subject. False relics to build cathedrals, go and kill the Muslims because we are potless and need to leave our Mark.🤔 Not a great start to the modern IRA.  

Don’t pray to false idols. ✅ Yep another of the ten.

Huge church paid for by the poor people, one way or the other. Things don’t change at the core it’s the packaging that differs.

Howard Lamb

2nd April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Good Friday and the planet has been crucified. The West has lowered pollution by shipping production to the East who is pumping it out at all time records, forests cleared, oceans raped of wildlife and on and on. 

Something to think about over the next two day.

Happy Easter.

Howard Lamb

April, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to the Prime Minister – Letter to the Prime Minister

Howard Lamb

31st March, 2021

Dear Patient,

It can take a long time for the doctor to refer. Then it’s a to infinity wait. Then often assessed by their drug man who will deal with their symptoms but not put in place what the child needs, as I have seen and all in the paperwork.

I’ll only put the Boris letter up tomorrow as it’s self-explanatory. 

Howard Lamb

PS They don’t like to diagnose before the age of 6 but autism is from birth, every year they are not diagnosed it causes more problems for them.

Text to a friend:
Imagine for ten years the child is forced to be what they are not, the stress and anger causes behaviour problems, so you are drugged to fit in to a normal environment. Didn’t go well for Child X I can tell you. All in the paperwork.

Never a mention of autism just a catalogue of wrong opinions. Finally diagnosed at 18 so the system doesn’t have to do anything. Naughty boy, bad mother. ✅

PPS When diagnosed he got nothing, the mother had to take the council to an ombudsman and start proceedings on a judicial review just to get him housed,even though the tribunal in 2012 said he had to be cared for until at least 23. So much for justice if it costs a few Bob. 

All you have to do is the maths. Approx. one in fifty on the spectrum. So well over a million and a quarter in this country and how many are registered? Mmmm check it out 
Hope she wins because her career will be in tatters as a whistleblower exposing wrong doing. Guardian article – Police watchdog accused of skewing report to back protests clampdown

30th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Apparently, The Sun did a big thing last week and is all over Facebook about non diagnosis of autism. I’ll check it out later. Not just me then. 👍😂✅

Letter to Boris has gone and will be up on April Fools’ day where it’s legal to kick someone up the bottom if they have been very stupid. ✅

Howard Lamb

29th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still nothing from Boris or his office, so finished letter and sent to Pinner. Hope he gets it April Fools’ day or before. It’s a blunt object but effective. 🤔

Text to a friend:
They could have built the Covid vaccine plant, half way over each border between the north and south of Eire. So that dose goes to EU, that one to Ulster. 😂🇬🇧

Double edged sword of course. As more and more different vaccines hit the marketplace, the EU will say I want to cancel the rest, as that one is better and cheaper. Sorry old girl but you signed on the dotted line. 👍😂😂⚡️💥

Where do I think the gov are? Interesting. 🤔 Well their whole case about me is off the back of the BCA’s, GCC’s and regulators, who didn’t back me up and protect me as they should. So for political reasons, I got the professional chop. Slagged off behind your back with no chance to defend.

Yet everything I have written is with truth, if the evidence shows change is needed I’ll adapt not bury. That leaves them a bit messed up as the truth shines.

Abuse is happening now so they can’t say it didn’t happen. What can they do to save their skins? I watch with interest.

Good Suez open, big rolls inbound. Thank god for that. They recon it’s cost the global economy more than the gulf war. What a world.

Cameron and his transparency act defo not working. 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

28th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

EU rattling sabres over vaccines due to their late start on purchasing. We must give them our supply. Sorry mate but any surplus should go to the Commonwealth not you. How many people in the Commonwealth have been vaccinated? I bet it’s not world beating numbers. Mmmm. Maybe the press could do a “how’s the commonwealth coping” type article to let us know.
Good old Boris and his capitalist greed. Pfizer said it was charging more to the rich and discounting the poor. Have they? Oxford jab cheap for all. German company producing Pfizer vaccine and the Oxford vaccines reputation trashed in the EU. All smoke and mirrors.

Can’t have us Brits leave the EU where everyone is suffering and show them the way and control the virus that was spread to us from Europe.🤔

Sod the people because we have all the power. Not much change there since the Egyptians. 

I know, Rabb the Hypocrite. 2 thousand in jail without charge and against their human rights and he is having a pop at the Chinese for doing the same thing. All about power not people. 🤔 

Germany, as corrupt as F. Politicians having to resign over profiteering over masks. Another tip of the gravy train I expect. I wonder if it got to Westminster OK? 😂👍🇬🇧

Well, it would not be democratic if their corrupt, profited more than ours. 👍

China must be respected. They had running water whilst we were still s–ting in the woods. Long, long history. And they are still there after thousands of years and just about to become the worlds global power. 

I’m sure if the Muslims lived in harmony and not try and convert to Mohammed anything that moves, with their own laws and history of destruction. China prob would not have to radicalise them to communism.

All men/women are equal in the eyes of god. We haven’t quite sorted that but for ourselves yet.

Iran has signed a trade deal with China, so they can’t be too concerned about it. And China has told America to F off. Fun and games ahead then. ✅ Prob why Biden fell on the steps because he just got the news in his ear piece. 😂😂😂

A good why. 👍 Why did Bozo not make sure we had the manufacturing capability in the UK? Not hard right staff, right equipment and raw ingredients. How hard could that be in a year?

Gov thrown money at everything but not to guarantee supply for us and the Commonwealth.

I bet there are bank accounts bulging everywhere, yet life for the rest is the grim reality of their actions.

Yea I bet the boat wedged in the canal was a statement. Don’t have to blow things up to have an effect. The wind of change had a helping hand.

America’s fleet can’t get to the med so bottled up. 🤔🤔🤔

Was Biden about to invade over non-existent nukes? Who knows but we all should care. 🙏🏾

Communism won by being better capitalists. You couldn’t write it.

You can bet our and EU PPE is in the traffic jam. Of course, old Bozo made sure we had the manufacture capabilities in the UK, in a year. Gov ordered several hundred million doses of vaccine from half a dozen different worldwide companies. How much is being produced in the UK? Another Brexit trade opportunity missed I expect.

Falls into the catchment of, “any arsehole can spend money but only a few can wisely.”

How hard would it have been? Large production plant for Oxford and produce via licence any other vaccine which works well with ours. Could be supplying the world rather being perceived as Billy Bunter.

I like that theory. Someone hacked the boats computer and moved the rudder in the storm. 

Job done, who knew. 😂

Thinking about it, I bet if you dropped one engines rev’s so one prop slows a small amount, the wind and prop imbalance would do the rest.

All we need now is the Somali pirates, kitted out in us garb, running amok in the super tanker log jam. 🤔

Howard Lamb

27th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I am so fed up with gender. The French have male words and female words, tends to solve the problem I suspect. To be PC. Don’t care if you cross dress, in the wrong body etc.

Be happy and the rest is none of my business. Happy with myself, so happy for you.

Yea I saw that in the press today, kids who suffered abuse at school have had to set up their own help line. Rightly they are anonymous. Must be fake then, no sensible, the wheat can be separated from the chaff behind the scenes.  

That’s just from a small section of the private sector. 500+ and counting, ooops our complaints systems had a glitch, once the spotlight is off, normal services will resume. 👍

Abuse can scare and change a life. Some fight their corner and end up doing their own thing. (naughty) Some traumatised and are still in shock. Others etc. etc. Where was the help for them?

You want to see what it does when on the spectrum when you can’t understand why it’s happening and then treated as and expected to be normal. 

Howard Lamb

26th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

I had a lady yesterday, at Pinner, who had been vaccinated. Yet 3 weeks later was tested positive for Covid, she hardly had any symptoms, even though over 60. It would seem, on limited evidence of one case, that she had good protection from the vaccine and had a mild dose whilst waiting for the second jab to give full immunity. Roughly in line with what the scientists had said. 👍

The infection rate has flattened out because millions need a jab and virtually everyone needs the second.

Europe, what a mess they are in. 😂 Everyone else’s fault but their own. We saw we had to go alone due to Brexit and did, bought tons of vaccines before the EU could have a ton of meeting to not decide what to do, now it’s our fault. 🤔

Re top up letter to Boris, I’ve had to re write due to circumstances of legalities. Hopefully ready for April Fools day, appropriate timing is important. 😂🇬🇧✅ 

Text to a friend:
OK, it was the only thing they got right and are making the same mistakes for the third time, e.g. thousands of untested drivers entering from Europe ‘s hot spots. They are truly dense when it comes to anything other than themselves, then we see the genius. 😂🇬🇧

The patient caught it from her granddaughter’s teacher who she talked with confidence to because she had had her jab. So still be careful out there. 🙏🏾
I expect the problem will be that those who have been jabbed may not know they have been infected and pass the virus on. For god’s sake clean the air you breath everywhere and then slowly open up. Whilst infectious viruses are in the environment there can always be an outbreak. If you don’t breathe it, in you can’t catch it. Not rocket science for even us less gifted than those at the top. 😡
Oh you have giggled the origins of April Fools days, Scots did it for 2 days. 😂😂

April Fools, Good Friday then we could see the spirit of Christ resurrected. Well I’ve said my prayers, you never know. ✅ First the father, then the son, followed by the Holy Ghost. Must be the spirit, works for me until I have more evidence one way or another. 

Must be sons of god, can’t forget old Mohammed and his legions, more Muslims than Christians or the other way round. God, Moses, Ten Commandments then politics F’d it all up. He’s my god and I have his power to do what I want. Mmmmmm Not quite how I was taught.  

“With the power of god invested in me” I rest my case. It’s never been about the power of god, just power and perversion of the message.

Does god exist? Bit of a moot point scientifically. Our conscious awakening to its potential will be being played out in an alternate reality so must exist now. ✅

So there is a god. We created it in our own image. Dyslexic science but works for me.

Isn’t it about the same as when Moses left the mountain and smashed the tablets of the ten commandments then killed all the wicked praying to false idols of gold? 🤔🤔🤔 

Clearly all before Woke and PC. Evolve not crimes against humanity. ✅ Exactly, bang them up instead. Prob why we can’t get justice. 

If you break your own rules and the countries law, you should do the time, elite or not.

Howard Lamb

24th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

If you have read much of the justice site, you cannot say I am not a whistle blower. I told the chair of the GCC just before I was put into the naughty boys room professionally. Yet as a clinician I had informed both regulators and chairs of child abuse. Incompetence or cover up, the Whistle Blower act is clear what should have been done. 

I told May, attorney generals and bozo too. Mmmmmm. You work it out .

Much of the paperwork is on this site, except a few bits that would be handy in court. 😂😂

Lots of acts ignored I wrote to the Major General OBE MBE about it, a while before he wrongfully removed me from the register and refused to send his paperwork after a solicitors letter requesting it. Says there wasn’t any. How’s that possible, when I got some of it back after he left? 

Text to a friend:
If you can’t smell a rat by now, I give up. 😂😂😂😂👍🇬🇧

They had obviously read the Whistle Blower act as requested which part of the act was I talking about. 

You couldn’t write. Like most of the acts, much of the basics are covered on the front page. ✅

Yea me too, I feel for Scotland. Old Sturgeon after her salmons eggs. 👍😂 Bozo and Sir K. What a choice.

Defo don’t get the rub of the green. 

Just think, if they don’t vote and they all loose their deposits, they could start all over again. 😂😂😂

 I told you I had a gift for politics. 😂😂😂

Why wouldn’t they respond correctly to you if whistleblowing against them? 🤔

Defo two sets of rules then. ✅
Exactly , how do you get justice when the system has been corrupted. My exact point.

Did you know that we had one King of England and all of France. Henry VI Crowned in England as a yearling and at Notre Dame two years later. He sort of turned monk like as he grew up and did not want wars. He built Eton college whilst the French did one. To educate those without means. So due to him we ended up with Bozo. How did it change so it’s mostly the rich and famous with the odd poor boy like Boris.

It explains the tiff with pure blood Cameron who could pay the fee.

Sorry, part of his love sex addiction. Disabled whilst young. Outsider at school. Got bullied and prob passed it on. Just more background for my diagnosis if ever asked. 😂

The thing about the UK is even though invaded, we have kept our unique languages and communicated in one, English. Not French or German.

The same goes for Europe and the world really. It is our identity, roots to the past and reason to be where we are. Unique like every snowflake (no racist intention but science) Yet we set everything to the average and norm. How’s that been working for us? 🤔⚡️💥

Me, I panicked the thought of having to learn the new common EU language when dyslexic and only semiliterate in my mother tongue. Thank god Esperanto, was it crashed and burned, back in the day? 😂😂😂

Where does Peter M get fitted in? Good question, I’ve always wondered. 😂😂😂👍 Sorry fitted. 👍😂 Not proven as yet.

Howard Lamb

22nd March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Monday again and still no news.

The gov has very few options. Admit there have been serious mistakes made and give a blue print as to how to resolve the autism/special needs situation.

Or go down with the sinking ship and hope they can turn it round using their normal tools. Nothing to lose as have covered up.

What a country, a model of democracy.

Put April Fools day in your diary. The Covid restrictions are up for a vote to renew.

Gov will pull out all the stops to keep them as the relaxation of D notices could be very embarrassing. NHS can talk, scientists who were not listened to and the Hollywood gov version in tatters.

Big majority, let’s see what happens.

After the News of The World was shut by the gov. The press barons took the knee to the gov and turned its back on the crown.

No man is now equal, speech costs and complaint/justice is a thing of the past. The power of globalisation. ✅

Text to a friend: 
Are we there yet? No ! 

I’ve put pressure on and told the truth. But that doesn’t seem to cut mustard when it comes to our political elite. After all who would vote for child abusers. So, they have nowhere to go and truth is not an option. What a country, I blame the EU for much of it.

Clearly since Maastricht our politicians have only had to tick EU boxes and had no power and have been show boating for years. Doesn’t really matter because child abuse is still child abuse even if you ticked your box. 

Agreed, it tends to explain why we have so many second eaters in Parliament, only there to follow the party line. Can’t have decent in the ranks can we.

So our EU MP’s had a vote at the EU but had no say in Parliament who just rubber stamped EU law. 🤔🤔🤔 How did that turn out? ✅ The pandemic shows how bad our lot are but the EU is in a worse situation, what a surprise.

Laws put together by one lot and then manipulated through by the EU MPs and then everyone used to turn up for a nice lunch and rubber stamp in Westminster. Not exactly how democracy should work. 

Exactly my point. What has Parliament been doing for the past 20 years. Frightening! Mainly perverting law so they hold no responsibility for their actions. Defo not working for our democratic rights. More, fill my coffers and make sure I can’t be nicked. 😂

They know how to raise money and spend it, but if you don’t know what you are doing there is huge waist and nothing gets done because Europe is in control, or was. And you have to tick their box only.

Take the EU’s handling of the pandemic. EU is all about open borders, freedom of movement and a single market. Prob why borders were not shut when they should have been in the early stages which has cost 100’s of thousands dead. All island states closed their borders except for the UK. Their total deaths are prob lower than ours alone. So yes, we will have an enquiry but in 20 years time as normal where more could have been done but time to move on. ✅

It’s not as if they had not seen what the Chinese’s, Japanese etc. had to do to get Covid under control. Yet in the EU it was business as usual. ✅

Prob because they had no pandemic plan or PPE. We were told that the only thing we needed PPE for was wild animals. Then it was, you will have your insurance revoked if you don’t wrap up in plastic were a mask and triage all patients. Mmm. Like to see how they explain that one. 😂😂

Luckily, I had put my clean air theory into practice and none of my staff or patients were infected in my clinic up to and including the time since they all were vaccinated. But who listens to me?

Not bad when my local hospitals in Harrow and Watford both got overrun in the first wave, lots of kids came back from ski trips from the Alps. 

Yea last week on the BBC, a year of Covid. A politician was asked about why we never closed our borders? He said something like we never really thought about it. Even though the evidence was there for all to see. Why? Didn’t the scientist tell them. 😡

Well, he couldn’t say it was a total f up but vote for me at the next election.

I know, even after mad cow/foot and mouth. Once you isolate the cattle you shoot them and burn whats left. Not a good plan when dealing with our older generations, but that’s literally what they did. 😡🥲 How else could you explain sending 25 thousand back to care homes without Covid checks.

Yet Handcock is still in the job and steering committees re National Health. 

Great idea all marches have to be socially distanced, on a beach, in the UV rich sun shine and salty air. Please start at the top of the tide, so going out, then if you do get wet you will not die of Covid. 😂😂😂

Yea nobody has to travel as all people who have something to March about can band together whilst masked and socially distanced. Token gesture to speak for the rest of the country who are more than seven miles from the beach. All phone filmed and sent to the BBC etc. Told you I have a gift for politics. 😂😂😂😂

As those vaccinated or post Covid could be shipped out of prison, as care homes have become and have a nice day out by the seaside, best medicine ever. Sun and fun. ✅

I expect it will be banned through health and safety as carers may put their backs out, pushing full wheelchairs up and down sand dunes. 👍

For those who want to March to defend your human rights. Just remember you can’t stand up for them in an incubator gasping to keep your life. Use brain not brawn. Mark you I would not put it past the gov to create a riot just so they can get more power. 🥲

Best medicine ever? Well once your will to live dies you are not long after it. Looking forwards, making plans. Adds years. 💋

How corrupt are they? Well, they have the potential to solve the ageing population problem and reducing long term strain on the NHS. ✅ Job well done, saved a fortune for the country, so we can waste more.

Who knows, but until it has been properly investigated by independent experts who submit to a court, we will never know. Just incompetent, or other? 🤔

Everyone could have a bitch on a T shirt or banner or costume etc. on their own bubbled daily exercise and put up on internet. I’ll give a prize of £5 to charity for the best one. 😂😂😂😂

Just had a vision of someone dressed to look like Bozo with a rope around his neck. With the t shirt reading Hung Parliament. Well you have to have a sense of humour otherwise what’s the point? 👍🇬🇧😂

Yea back in the day you got into Parliament by buying the election. Things don’t seem to have moved on since then if you think about it. If you vote for us we will put money in your pocket. Good! Now that’s over we can do what we want. Just imagine what the country would say if it was a political decision not a cock up, sending 25k home untested. 95%+ over 70 in the stats. If they are capable of covering up child abuse.

What else wouldn’t they do? ⚡️💥

Howard Lamb

21st March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Not Child X. We as a family have prob treated 90k patients since1938. OST go through without problem. The few that didn’t, always have a story to tell.

A mother, e.g., came home to find her special child, drained of blood, which was trailed all over the house. She was told it was a cry for help. Yet the depression was never treated and she carried the guilt Because she could not save her child. Long case history of non-diagnosis.

It shocked me then and that was back in the 80’s. Many more tragedies before and since. 

The patient was in a state of grief and shock, this caused her to be in a hugely tense shape for a number of years. Finally virtually every muscle in her neck and shoulders seized.

It was only after we had the why do you think your not getting better conversation that she blurted it all out with tears. She was a single mum who thought it was her fault so had not asked for help.

The patient, what happened to her? With the right help she has rebuilt her life and is able to have some joy but her nightmare comes back and haunts her from time to time. Nice lady. 

People can get into very dark places but once they have gone, a legacy is left for those who remain.  Only bad mothers so can’t have a heart ✅ move on, next.

Not all people jump under a train. I’ve known families where a parent has been found. Dangling in front of the family once home cross dressed.

Another who incinerated themselves. Leaving a message about their own anger and crippling there nearest and dearest at the same time. What a world we live in.

Mother’s nightmare, same dream, scrubbing her daughter’s blood off everything whilst her daughter running around screaming. Wasn’t a vision I really wanted in my head but that’s what you get if you ask the question. 

All those who cried for help and died in the process seem to have one thing in common. They can’t live their lives how they feel they should. Well, how many times does a person have to bang their heads on a wall before someone takes notice. 🤔

Child X stop banging your head on the wall, you strange child or we will restrain you to protect ourselves. Child just wants to leave the building because he has had enough. Then paperwork says he was noncompliant. Nice. 

Child was talked down by the police from a railway bridge he was sitting on, just passing the time of day, he said. 🤔

How many more weren’t so lucky?

Non diagnosis and wrong treatment kills in any form of medicine, except for autism which does not get diagnosed unless there is any other option like blame the mother. None of them will fit the norm of society and have been forced to comply.

Causes much anger in the child, so at any stage they can do stupid things. All locked in their own world because the norm does not understand.

Well, that’s my spin on it.

Howard Lamb

20th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Don’t go down the committee route. Money for old rope, if you ask me. This is what the result will be. Do you want the job. 😂😂😂

Of course there are plenty who want to make change. You don’t have to pervert them all. Just enough people to sway the vote and keep the secret. ✅ Mark you if they don’t know what’s going on but suspect it’s not kosher -(or halal). You are clearly not elite material, so why are you in that job?🤔

Text to a friend: 
Can you say Vaz is a committed rent boy when it comes to committees? I think I would just say he is probably richer now than he was. Impressive CV though.

Wow that’s an impressive amount of committed. All chairs voted in by MPs. So the govs candidate can always win? Information on Government Committees

Howard Lamb

19th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The Tower. How hard was it to work out? Who was the driving force to bend planning? That’s your murderer. The rest aided and abetted the crime. If it’s a Yank, Extradite him and prosecute. 

The rest, those who implemented the plan, are resident so what’s the problem? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Ah politics, mmmm. 

How about a multimillion pay out from the Yanks to cover the replacement of cladding and personal claims, in exchange for Assange released and they serve time in the States? Defo got a gift for this politics lark. 😂😂🇬🇧

Well has to be better than what happened to the bloods scandal where contaminated blood came from the Yanks penal system and nobody went to jail. 👍🤔 Yea and 30 years later an inquiry bungs some victims a few Bob and now will you move on. Injustice leaves scars that don’t heal. How can you move on? 🤔

Defo pattern, Illegal war and our dead and wounded brave services persons. 👍Well done for  getting a crocodile tear from our Tony, but nothing really changed.

Why ASSANGE? Wellbeing spectrum based, non-diagnosed (only an autistic child could do what he has done and the mess he got himself into).

Well, I’ve added him to the 2k behind bars, whose only crime is they are not understood. 👍✅

Baby P the classic. Sacked head of the SS won her tribunal for wrongful dismissal and laughed all the way to the bank. Labour Tossers. ✅

Defo not elite If you are only pissing off people at a few hundred thousand at a time, it is not enough to sway an election. Happy days don’t change it, from a political point of view. The harsh light of reality. Power and greed, with full arse protection. 

A modern parliamentary democracy, or

Howard Lamb

18th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
After the inquiry over abuse of children in football, you can see why Mrs May did not want one, even though I asked. ✅ Exactly that, protect reputation and sod the child. 

Unfortunate pun turf and football. 😂👍

All those in charge during and after who covered it up aided and abetted the abuse. More than an apology needed then. ✅

Everyone one failed, police, social services, Gov departments, football clubs as well. Everyone is in safe comfy retirement, so the current owners have to apologise even though it was no fault of their management.

Sorry, but can we draw a line and move on. Nobody brought to task. I wouldn’t mind so much if they actually learn from the mistakes. Abuse from 20 years ago, just been put to bed. And they have made the same mistakes with Child X. 🤔

The Tower was how many years now and no prosecutions. The police must know by now who twisted the system to allow substandard materials to be used and those responsible for making it happen.

The stadium and Liverpool abuse. 

Well someone was a naughty boy but we can’t prove it. Just move on will you.

Howard Lamb

17th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I do not have a clue as to why the medics of the national health have allowed this to happen, fast track doctors who can’t diagnose I expect.✅

Not a mental health issue but brain dysfunction. So why psychologists only? 🤔 Yep a neurological condition, lucky for me our chapter (chiro act) says I can treat these conditions. Well the original one, prob changed it by now as naughty therapists. Even if they have. It was legal at the time.

Public health England have a lot to answer for, that’s for sure.

Howard Lamb

16th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yep they think it’s all about money. How much did they save and how much it will cost to put right? 🙏🏾

Rather than justice for the abuse. We will see. 

Text to a friend:
Had an interesting chat with a nurse today that was sticking up for the jab that the Eurozone has started to ban. Apparently it works out at about one in a million has a clot problem. Well worth the risk. ✅

Howard Lamb

15th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news yet again and a knew week is on its way.
I’m just working out the list of people I will cc into my Boris letter. As I did at the beginning to the chiropractic world and then see what happens. All in the paperwork. 😂
It’s such a shame it’s had to go so far. I can see their problem. There is no political solution when justice is involved. 🤔

Text to a friend:
Exactly see how they are able to twist the system to abuse their power to get the solution they want. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧
That’s the way we do it, says Punch.

Howard Lamb

PS White ginger scot. Irish and welsh had flame hair as Celtic cousins. Sign of ancient genes. Certainly not olive Greek.

Combinations for Archie were enormous. I expect that’s why we were chatting about it at the time.

Yea I could not beat the system, so It had to change 👍☔️ spectrum brollies help.

14th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Strange in it. I started with the lack of care for a patient and ended at corporate greed, a twisted system and a cover up by our political elite. (or not as the case may be) Where do we go now?

If the capitalists will not pay tax, you can’t save the planet or its vulnerable children, women, well everyone bar the one percent. The elite in both camps (business or politics) work hand in hand so how does it all change. 🤔 That’s today sorted then. 😂😂😂

Wrecking the planet and not paying tax is more accurate. ✅

Could we be close to capitalism’s Waterloo? Nice thought. 

We could try something without an Ism. (cap or com) Do and ice (justice) then see how it goes from there. Very good. 

D Ice. (democratic justice)

So, we can D Ice the frozen in time system. 😂😂😂🇬🇧

D for notice as well, got it. 👍✅😂
All right clever clogs. 4 horse persons, end of days. Final battle between good and evil, Pandora’s box wide open, only hope left. Then the meek shall inherited the earth. 🤔 Something missing ok. 

Kill a young girl then upset the mourners. Not the best PR day for the met. At least they didn’t arrest our future Queen or do her for no mask and social distancing.
Actions speak louder than words and a picture can say thousands. 🇬🇧

You can bet that her hubby not best pleased with his sibling. Shock waves through the generations. Well done Kate quiet dignity and a troubled brow. Heart, not photo shoot. ✅

Better pic for the world than Lady Megan the undignified. 😂😂😂

Phillip’s battery on the blink and waiting for his century and telegram, the Queen has had a Brutus moment from the inner sanctum and I bet she has not missed a beat, god bless her.

Our Queen is one of the best of the very best. Shame she got so let down by those who followed their own drum.

Well Charles is on the tree hugger side not tyrant, Wills seems to have turned out well. Then along came Megan. 😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

13th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

In a strange way covering racial abuse and Megan we got to the heart of the matter, big business and tax not paid. If the thieving bastards paid up at the correct and appropriate level, all governments would have the correct finance so they can stop abusing our vulnerable young.

I would recommend a turn over tax for those who have a high turnover and low taxation. 10% on top of VAT, that they can absorb or pass on, would solve most of the problems. i.e. you turned over 60 million last year and made no profit. 

Not a problem, 10% or 6 million please. 👍 And it should be made known that they have had to do that so the customer can see who is ethical and who is a thieving bastard. 

Just saying. 😂😂

Howard Lamb

PS The Queen, a white little old lady who is unable to defend herself against the allegations. 

I wonder how much tax Megan paid as a low level actress in a mediocre soap. 🤔

Text to a friend:
What’s my take on Diana, Hewitt was it and Dodi f? There are odd gingers in Diana’s family tree and she was taken advantage of by someone who should have known better.✅ Her death had nothing to do with Charles 100%. 

Dodi the son of a gun runner made good, doing all the good stuff that Muslims shouldn’t. Dating and marrying a worldwide glamorous Christian. Muslim hit defo. But prob just an accident and cock up.  Diana is dead in a car crash in Paris. Defo clue so 

Commonwealth covering 2 billion people from the empire, all born as free. America abuses niggers around the world, in all their colours, because they can’t have them at home anymore. ✅

The n word in this instance is as a general term for minimum wage slavery or less and sometime less than that. 😡

Don’t get me going about what big business has done to the planet ⚡️⚡️🌪📐🌊🌧❄️⛈⛄️💥⚡️🔥💦☔️ and more 😂

Yea I know, the 99 % means we all is niggers to the capitalist system a unless you are in the 1% and its show time, 24/7.

And sod the rest is that still pc. I think is related to turf rather than gender preference. Who knows anymore? 🙏🏾🇬🇧

12th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend: 
Bored waiting for bozo to respond, I have three prototype letters for him but I can’t quite get the truth on paper. 

I am so fed up with racism, apparently the whole country is just racist. 

Not true. Indians are not always keen on Muslims/Pakistanis. Neither like the Bangladeshi. West Indians not happy with all East Indians and poss red. Long list I expect. Scotland and English, Welsh and English, Irish and English. Maybe it is true. 😂

Colour is there to protect the body from the sun, that’s it, full stop.

White and ginger Scots, no sun and a poxy climate.

Ebony from the very hottest and every colour between suitable for sun absorption or protection. Vital for replication of vit d and good health. So colour not the prob.

Slavery was the problem. The Scots triangle of slavery was only possible if the countries buying the slave had made it legal. No slaves in Britain as law was passed 1773. Hence the war of independence so slavery could stay legal. Slaves escaped to Canada, who as British, all men/women are free by right.

The start of capitalism as we know it. 

Don’t give a sucker an even break, twist the system so you can’t get caught. Then milk in dry, and some. Or America as she is today. America bought the slaves, treated them like shit ever since. What has that got to do with the queen? 😂

Admittedly the offshore islands were exempt from British law but it did ripple out to the commonwealth over a period of time and was shameful profiteering from the capitals in control. But America kept going for a very long time, Brazil was being exploited even after that, Spain and Portugal’s wealth came off the back of slavery. If not god fearing Roman Catholics you were worthless. They had to take African slave to the Americas because they had already killed all the locals. But, as a Brit, it’s all my fault.

The industrial revolution made slavery less profitable I expect , not a change in heart. So no welfare or jobs but your free. Segregated until the 1960/70’s. Similar to what they did to the Scots and the Irish they replaced. So red necks and African Americans have far more in common than they think, as both got screwed by big business. 

The industrial revolution used millions of poorly paid workers in dangerous conditions. Where all members of the family had to earn to survive. Chain Ganges to build the roads. If you keep people poor, you have a poverty trapped work force you can abuse. God bless America.

Us brits went through all that as well. Prob the whole world.

I was sorry Megan was so upset by a national interest of the gene combination that Archie would get. There was a lot on what’s app at the time. People were not being racist but interested as royal fans. Particularly, as Harry turned out so different to Charles and Diana. 

Just done some research into Harry and Megan’s finances. 100 million from Netflix, so the tv interview was a loss leader to raise their visibility. 40 million from someone else. On the internet so never quite sure it’s the truth but their deal with the royals was not to trade off their titles and position. Well that doesn’t seem to have happened.

Text to a friend:
It would be hard for the firm to sue for breach of contact now Megan played the race card.

I feel for them having gone through the Singh year professionally where lies are perpetually used to muddy the truth.

Oprah earned millions so I’m sure she was pleased to do it. 👍✅

Howard Lamb

PS Megan clearly has problem with white people like the Queen who she has abused, a lady who has done so much good in her 90 + years for all her peoples with multiple colours around the globe.

10th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Still no news. If they have nothing to hide, why? 🤔

Text to a friend:
I have no problem with the elite, as long as they are actually elite. Take Bolt the sprinter or Botham the cricketer. The best of the best. SAS, para’s etc. They have done their time to be expert and top of their fields. 

PM’s, lords and ladies, not so much, yet they have total power over us. It’s the elite, that are not elite, that I have a problem with. 👍
Re the Queen, she is elite, not due to her position but due to the exceptional job she has done, that no one else could.

Most of the royals have done theirs but, the list of good things is very long but not advertised. The firm does not like slackers who want the glory but did not take to doing the job. 

There in a nutshell you have Megan’s problem with them, f all to do with race. Hollywood diva slung out by the Crown. 😂🇬🇧

Apparently enjoyed the balls but not opening a Tesco’s on a cold winter’s day up north. 😂😂

Maybe I should write to the Queen and ask her to explain the importance of protocols and procedures to her prime minister the next time they have a chat. 😂👍✅

You could imagine the conversation. Archie is a prince and I’m a princess. No you are not, nor is he and as a duchess you will open supermarkets. 

I am off you racist bastards. 😂😂

Exactly when the political elite are not the best of the best, we as a nation are in the shit.

The Queen, I truly believe, loves her peoples of the Commonwealth, how can she be racist?

If I were the Queen, I would have a quiet word with Lord Ha Ha at MI6 and dig out the true Megan. Luckily for Megan the Queen is above that sort of thing. 👍 She might look like a little old lady whose husband is poss dying in hospital, but I’m sure she has Britain on her side. 

Harry never had a chance. Prob used the mother memory and then set up her demise to trigger more. Him doing the dinner circuit. Book, film after Opera. Quids in and world profile. Diana must be spinning, she protected him, not used him for help. Well best quests so far, Bored with it, can we move on.  

Anyway, Shakespeare did it better, plus she is not that type of actress. 😂😂😂😂😂

Don’t start. Has Shakespeare been done for non pc, and sexism yet? Only time I expect.

Ok, just to help Lord Ha Ha. Check out her normal body language before Harry. Then check her body language with Harry and the stages up to now. Then cross ref to Diana. 🤔 Did her homework and created her part. ✅

Yes, I’m sure she never met Epstein.

Prob why the royals tend to mix in limited circles and are no easy to get close to.

Not walking through mine fields and all about self and whether we have a toss if she has a tan. Really. Ironic it all hit on women’s day and stole their thunder, sold into slavery, killed and abused at home. No has Megan been on the sun bed or not? I give up.

How do I know? Well I’m an expert on body language having dealt with the sheer number of patients we have treated.

I remember at the time how Diana she could be. And said bitch. Once you spot one tell it’s easy to make the others.

Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York not princess. Defo not the smartest puppy of the litter. But full of animal cunning.

Can’t work out if that is still pc or not. 

Megan just the victim of cuts. Royals having to pay their own way, princes up the pay scale. So only directly to Crown. I thought she would have understood there was no room for parasites, everyone at every level has to contribute. 😂 No expert on Royal Household finance but seems logical.

Can’t wait. Guardian article – Failure to investigate ministers could erode public trust, says ex-ethics adviser

Howard Lamb

8th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Megan up for and Oscar. Well scripted, total bitch, feel sorry for Harry, Prince love sick, tin hat and the trenches, on his own. Bless him. 🇬🇧

Bet she gets an Oscar every time comes, or goes I expect. 

No, I’m sure Prince Philip didn’t put prince sambo in the pot for the name of their first born. Do we know how much she earnt yet? 👍✊🇬🇧 Or will the book and film come next. Megan playing herself and a body double for Harry. 😂

Well, Covid stopped the paid dinner circuit for mega bucks for Harry I expect his Mrs just chipping in.

I expect she has deep rooted father issues and can’t trust men, so she uses them to get what she wants instead.

Only my opinion from a limited knowledge though, before she sues me.

Princess to queen of kiss and tell, what a world. 

Howard Lamb

PS If the Queen and Phillip are racist why would they have communicated with every colour on the planet? They are elitists so they think they are better than everyone. ✅

With nearly a thousand years of Norman reign, why wouldn’t they feel elite. Explains our elite Parliament and the clear two sets of rules. How else could they have got away with child abuse for so long? 👍✅

Yea and before then you became elite because of your deeds not right of birth. 

Kings died in battle for god sake, not just popped their heads out of the bunker to see if their position was safe. ✅

7th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Lots happening, yet still not diagnosed. Spectrum article – Broken protein bridge linked to Rett syndrome traits

If you diagnose when young, you can work out the shortfall in neural interphase and take steps to help the child connect their pathways. Rather than ignore and block them totally. ✅ A total parliamentary cake mix, if there ever was one. 😂🇬🇧

Text to a friend: 
Porridge, 😂 good night from me and a good night from him. Where does Bernard fit in? 👍😂😂😂

I know, the council still work on the principle that a cold mother produces a cold child. The rest of the real world got past that 60 years ago and more in many places.

Perfect profiling for tick box thinking. ✅

Blame the mother, job done. ✅

Has the Sun shone over Liverpool yet? People do not forget wrong doing. 💋

Not being rude to the council.

I have read everything in the Child X case and that’s quite something. However then viewed as them barking up the wrong tree it’s disgraceful. 🥲

Now you get The Hague and crimes against humanity. 👍 You can bet the EU would be on the mother’s side and not Boris. 😂😂😂😂

Maybe a letter to that dopey cow who runs the commission and u turns about every 5 mins. Mark you AUS a UK friend and trade partner and look what they’ve done to their vaccines. Canada prob next.

If all States do the same thing (EU rules) then the EU commission has to be the centre of it. 🤔 Politics means they would have to back Boris. Just thinking out loud. ✅

Howard Lamb

5th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
😂😂😂😂 Parliament is like a comic cake mix, you start with a Brian Rix farce, what a Carry On, through Dads Army and Fawlty Towers, a few ounces of Spitting Image, after seasoning with Yes Minister/PM and finish off with political re runs of Goggle Box. Brilliant. ✅

EU relations run by AloAlo

You are on a role. 👍

Howard Lamb

4th March, 2021

Dear Patient,

My letter To Boris is Nearly done. It will go next week.

It makes you wonder what else they are covering abuse up when they don’t deal with child. What else they are covering up When they don’t deal with complaints about abuse?

Text to a friend:
Why are they not communicating? Because they don’t have to. If I go through Parliament, they are in control. If I go to the police, they run the crown prosecutions. Press prob under D notice. They can deflect and defer for years as we have seen with other cases.

Where there’s a will there will always be a way. 😂👍🇬🇧

Exactly, they know what they have done but don’t want to face their crimes. I expect that’s the same for all criminals but you expect better from a government. ✅

Howard Lamb

3rd March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I have some sympathy with the gov, when everyone has sanitised the paperwork they have nothing to answer for but unfortunately they do as are responsible. Oooops.

All about what should have been done in comparison to what actually was. Don’t you love protocols and procedures. ✅

I know, ask the MG regulator. He will tell you I’ve got them off pat, 😂 otherwise he would not had reinstated me on the same paperwork, just before he retired. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

Yea, it might be the PM’s prerogative to turn a blind eye for sake of national interest but defo not a regulators job. Unless it came from the very top. ✅

We are back to who, how and why. Even though we know the answer to one. (PB)

Defo no cover up then. 😂👍🇬🇧✅

I expect I should change SB to SOB until full diagnosis. ✅

If you had been brought up by a bitch of a mother, you would prob hate women so SOB is more appropriate.
Who is it? Well, look at the players. The two scots followed by the common name, to bozo. From them you have their henchmen, privy council and Crown. So, all bases covered and then can do what the F they want.

Yep, one rotten apple, if not spotted, will rot the whole barrel. So only one person guilty?

No, those who came after knew what had been done, then took advantage and started to dominate power. Not really very democratic, I expect. ✊

How does Mandelson sit amongst all of this? Well, it’s all in the history I expect.

Howard Lamb

1st March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I have some sympathy with the gov, when everyone has sanitised the paperwork they have nothing to answer for but unfortunately they do as are responsible. Oooops.

All about what should have been done in comparison to what actually was. Don’t you love protocols and procedures. ✅

I know, ask the MG regulator. He will tell you I’ve got them off pat, 😂 otherwise he would not had reinstated me on the same paperwork, just before he retired. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

Yea, it might be the PM’s prerogative to turn a blind eye for sake of national interest but defo not a regulators job. Unless it came from the very top. ✅

We are back to who, how and why. Even though we know the answer to one. (PB)

Defo no cover up then. 😂👍🇬🇧✅

I expect I should change SB to SOB until full diagnosis. ✅

If you had been brought up by a bitch of a mother, you would prob hate women so SOB is more appropriate.
Who is it? Well, look at the players. The two scots followed by the common name, to bozo. From them you have their henchmen, privy council and Crown. So, all bases covered and then can do what the F they want.

Yep, one rotten apple, if not spotted, will rot the whole barrel. So only one person guilty?

No, those who came after knew what had been done, then took advantage and started to dominate power. Not really very democratic, I expect. ✊

How does Mandelson sit amongst all of this? Well, it’s all in the history I expect.

Howard Lamb

1st March, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What has been my biggest disappointment during my time of involvement? Small mindedness is probably the biggest thing. People protecting their position and not the children. How do you get round that? At this late stage they cannot admit wrong doing or it will go horribly wrong for them. Hence no contact. Which would be an admission of guilt. So much for the democratic process. ✅

Prob due to high salt content in the air. Not that tough to work out. Dehydrates and kills. BBC article – Covid-19 in north Norfolk: The part of England largely untouched by the virus

Maybe the stat boys would be better off analysing the air in low infection areas and high-risk areas and look for the difference.

You can bet your bottom dollar, one would be clean with mild salinity the other full of pollutants. Sure, cramped space not helpful but Hong Kong managed and there is no space. 👍🤔

I expect once the cars stopped and the clean sea breeze came in that really helped Hong Kong. 👍

If they admit the air is not clean, then you have to ask why? New generation of clean fuels after lead removed. Well, that didn’t go so well, then you have to ask why? You get the picture.

So better to not say or do anything and we will get away with it, 🤔  as we have done plenty of times before. Then you have to ask how and by whom? We know the why! (psychotic bastards)

If you have targets for emissions, you can’t have clean air. ✅

Pb is a clinical observation, it’s the only rational explanation.

Howard Lamb

28th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Good news for a change. Flu deaths which had been running at 40k per annum were down to 4500 in the first ¾ of last year.

That was with vaccines. So, lock down saved flu victims lives.

If the air is clean of viruses, you can’t get infected.

If Covid is much nastier than flu, how many annual deaths is acceptable, 100k a year?

Clean the air and nobody dies. 🤔

Text to a friend:
To be fair, many Covid deaths would have been flu victims. However the principle is sound. Look at global flu deaths with vaccines in place. That’s been acceptable. Covid has just raised the bar. ✅

Howard Lamb

24th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

The tartan fishers (Salmon/Sturgeon) going head to head, the ex-French ambassador slagging Boris in her book as a total little liar, prob explains Brexit difficulties because you can bet your bottom dollar, all the EU ambassadors said the same.

Finally jabs for those with learning difficulties, prob not for those banged up without charge and those with autism can whistle.

No news yet. My top up to Boris stuck in the out tray. I need to tone it down a bit. It’s hard to be pc when you just want to yell abuse.

Howard Lamb

PS I am still trying to work out how it is possible to prove the vaccines, when nobody is mixing with others, is 85% plus effective.

The stats show the effect of lock down, similar into late spring last year. It’s only when we start to mix will we be able to see.

Text to a friend:
If mother stands for St George and the greater good.

St Andrew is still alive in Scotland as my fishing trip showed. St David built Glastonbury. 👍

At Patrick, Bernadette and others have spread the word of god, all over the planet.

What did the Normans do for us? 😂😂😂😂

St David, Glastonbury and the Arthur legends. Written at a time of Norman conquest. Alfred and his small band of knights camped on Avalon in the marshes and started the progression to unity. Good deeds not murder. Makes you wonder.

I like the Welsh. Mothers Tafy solicitor was a man of passion and stood up for the family when nobody else would. A decent human being.

Best mate/fishing buddy Edd. He is proper Irish, and a little diamond.

So if the home nations are sound, what went so horribly wrong?

23rd February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

A perfect case. A double-edged sword, one side the perfect case to pick, as they broke every rule/protocol in the book and perfect case when presented to the tribunal. Hence the council conceded.

We were robbed our day in court and the issues were not addressed. Well, if they had been, this case would be have been the blue print for all the other cases, now we can’t have wrong doing exposed can we, what next, Truth!

No news yet, I mean what could they say? It’s been several govs policy to abuse vulnerable kids to save your taxes but as it was the norm we just carried on, oops. Never mind.

Why was there no money for them? Because of the huge waste in cock ups 3 plus billion a year on medical neg, rigged stuff, non-functioning computer systems, pensions, long list.

Selling assets and renting them back at an inflated price, for ever. Shameful.

How much money did they throw at Covid? And still got it wrong, only to be saved by big pharma and the dedicated NHS.

Let’s face it who is going to vote for a politician who was involved in child abuse? Tends to explain why there is no contact. If there is no political gain, don’t do it. ✅

They all worked under EU law, so they have all been at it, stop complaint, mute the press and carry on regardless. ✅ Goes with carry on abusing and carry on breaking the laws. 😂🇬🇧

All in the paperwork. Even down to the council drug man blocking the mother from getting a second opinion on her son’s multiple diagnosis.

You could not write it. The person the child called a wanker and was excluded 👍and covered in our stuff to the tribunal. Every dirty trick in the book to save reputation.

Yea, mother has it all, I expect the Child X tribunal papers are worth a few Bob to her and the Child X treated like a mutant so works.

Howard Lamb

PS The wife was right, I broke my promise, it was my choice to party, aided and abetted by a tartan fishing village. I did not fish hard.

Wives are good at protecting their families especially single females.

But a fishing buddy is something else.

Caught little in Jamaica but the wife could topless sunbath on the boat and couldn’t on the beach. All about balance I expect, never truly got the hang of it hence, two times looser and 16 years clean and single.

Retired injured. 😂
Yes of course it’s institutional. This is how it is, this is what we do.

Need to change.

22nd February, 2021

Dear Patient,

What do you have to do to get justice for autism or those with learning difficulties with special needs? I have watched them put at risk, wrongly diagnosed and labelled. Who helps a naughty child and bad mother?

The system was stitched up so complaint could not be heard, so no change was needed. I have done everything in my professional powers to expose what has happened and been sent to the naughty boys room after being removed from my profession.

My reputation tarnished by bogus malpractice. Every trick in the book used to stop me.

Yet I am still hear.

What cost justice? Clearly more than I have done.

No news I am afraid, top up letter to Boris doing well.

Howard Lamb

PS I did tell Mrs May I was doing a fly on the wall approach and witnessed everything, first hand. So, they can’t say I’ve made it up because I am backed up by a mountain of paperwork. 👍✅

Just the tribunal paperwork, without external stuff was over 1000 pages. Naughty boy who needs fostering said the council. The rest said different. 👍

Let me explain why fostering this child was such a bad idea. He had been put at risk in a main stream school without the correctly trained staff to cater for his special needs. Bullied by staff and pupils who did not have a clue about his needs, drugged, crashed out of school after school. Each time the mother rebuilt him and stabilised him. Each placement started well but education had not learnt from their previous mistakes and crashed him again. By the time of the tribunal he was in a very traumatised state and only listen to his mother who by now, only had limited control.

If he had failed as a foster child (normal people who would be strict on a naughty child) which was invertible. Through council control his condition would have deteriorated and he would have ended up like the 2000 held without charge. But it would have saved money.

Saved the council budget but cost the country a fortune and the child a tortured life. ✅

If you constantly force a donkey through the gate and he doesn’t want to go because by now he hates you. It is likely the donkey with fly buck and cow kick anything he can. There in a nutshell you have Child X. Autism makes you stubborn just like the donkey, so no insult meant. 😂

All in the tribunal papers if someone in the gov would care to check. Bet they have and are having a squeaky bum moment. 😂🇬🇧

After all it was a perfect case and totally stitched them up in a multitude of ways.

So why have they seemingly done sweat fanny Adams since 2012? 🤔 Can’t just say I’ve been busy with Brexit and Covid.

How can there not have been a cover up of wholesale child abuse due to the system being perverted to save money? 🤔

Text to a friend:
No. No excuses, it’s just evil.

The wife and I came to an understanding for my next vacation. Ten days in Jamaica and I could go marlin fishing for 2 days. 😂😂😂 As she said at least she could sunbath on the boat.

21st February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why the death notice in the Times? Well, I gave them plenty of time to sort their act out and didn’t. So, I had a pop to remind them I knew what had been done. Hence the way I have handled the whole thing.

Whilst Bollocking the MP involved I told him I would use professional routes. Hence professional curtesy to start with in all contacts and giving time to respond, knowing what should have been done then chronicling what was.

The tones of communication changed as each showed their true colours. ✅

After all I was told you only had to say it once. ✅
They must have heard, but apparently child abuse is the norm so nothing needs be done. ✅

The MP Cameron gave an unexpected knighthood to after never jumping out of the plane. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Wife not impressed. I had to promise to fish hard and not just sit in the pub. 😂

Just had a visit from the mother. Battling chronic fatigue whilst being the 24/7 career for her Duracell Bunny autistic son.

I updated my progress and gave a choice. Go media/book and film, utilising funds gained for the EU adventure to The Hague. Or press on and stand for all the families and sort the bill later.

Classic George.

She took the plight of others before her own. 👍🇬🇧
It was a hurricane my pet. Well, we had no wind down here. 😂😂😂 It didn’t help that the pollock we had gutted/filleted and frozen to come home for my fishing partners mother and I had a very large bar bill.

20th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Sun (UV light), salt (kills virus through osmotic dehydration) ,alcohol protects against the virus. Mmmm. Guardian article – How the beach ‘super-spreader’ myth can inform UK’s future Covid response

Howard Lamb

PS I think I mentioned all that at the time.

The prob would have been in the services on the way home. Dark, humid and not always socially distant from others, back in the early days.

19th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I forgot about Jimmy devolution and the reign of the fishers, salmon and sturgeon.

Highest suicides, drug related death, premature death through lifestyle but we are doing a grand job of brave heart and haven’t actually helped the people.

Loss of all major industries except oil, which will run out soon and no new jobs in the pipeline.

No wonder the Scots are sick of politics.

No love the old tartans. Was shark fishing off Luce bay, hurricane Gilbert hit and could not stay in the caravan on top off the hill. During Thatcher’s time. Had two great days locked into the pub with the locals and had some great times whilst whisky tasting over many hours. 💋

Thank you for the warm hospitality, all I had to do was agree Thatcher was shot and I was home and dry. 😂🇬🇧 Shit.

It was before the GCC. So, ended up treating half the village and got some great results with the two day hangover. ✅ And a stupendous bar bill, the buggers. What price for a port in the storm. Worth every penny.

Trailed the boat for 12 hrs to get there and 14 home. 3 days of rough weather. 2 days out in the boat. One take which was dropped and a freezer full of pollock to take home. You can plan the trip in advance to fit schedules but can’t control god’s forces. Back to work on the Monday. Wife was not happy. So, a day in the pub was the best of it. ✅

Text to a friend:
All makes me sound like the grumpy old man I am. 😂 Easy to change.

England needs to devolve from Parliament. Irish, Welsh, Scot and England’s MPs voted in on deeds done not some party line. They then cater for the needs of their peoples. Parliament and gov have to respond to their wishes and not just do their own thing.

Even as a party system the Viking north, Danish Mid lands and Anglo Saxon’s lands added to our Celtic cousins could be the alliance we have all been waiting for.

Yea, whole of Ireland listened to, the south reporting and eliciting change through their own independent Parliament.

Common fishing policy, common territorial waters, police armies and forces to co-ordinate to make sure the islands and territories but mainly people and environment is safe. ✅ The United Kingdom’s party, a thousand years late. 😂😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

18th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

Yea Boris was Lord Mayor of London at the time of the public inquiries on planning. Then like now he never got back to us. I wonder why? I expect Cameron was forcing him to build more.

What could he say, oops sorry about your hedgehogs? ✅

Strange really. He doesn’t seem to care about anything with special needs except himself. Sociopath. ✅

Boris top up letter will have to go next week. I can’t get the right tone. It’s hard to bollock someone in a nice way.

Cameron the Scot, was in charge and must carry much of the responsibility, he had the opportunity to help the kids and wild life but cut their budgets in real terms, May never had the time and Boris thinks it will go away in time. Covering up child abuse is an in prison able offence. Prob why he is keeping his head down.

Blair, Brown and Cameron two born up north and one with a common name. Look at the collective damage they did. I think we should have a referendum to get rid of Scotland, so they don’t need to have one themselves. Would save us a fortune. Only my opinion. 😂

Bit harsh on Scotland. Thatcher killed the Tory vote, Blair and Brown did the same for labour, the Lib vote never recovered after Thorp. So, when tosser Cameron came in and pissed them off they decided to run away and not stand and fight. Bit like they did in 1066 which caused all this shit in the first place.

Howard Lamb

16th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Then the 2012 Ed tribunal for Child X. Council didn’t even get their defence after it was shot to pieces and got caught out by falsifying evidence or ops how did that happen, must have been a typo for several made up pages. I thought after they had to concede we would be home and dry, anything but and the child abuse continued, to protect reputation and save money.

Multiple letters to GCC as well as a malpractice suit who I explained to the BCA in my first letter as a scam. They never asked why and in came my insurance solicitors and experts.

Bottom line we treated a bloke with a collar bone injury. He improved and doctor signed back to work. If you leave the doctors evidence out they tried to say I was negligent when the man’s symptoms stated after a heavy fall 5 months later. Clearly more complex.

That’s what this condition does. Comes out of the blue yet at other time burns slow and mild multiple symptoms gradually increase until it is spotted.

An X ray showed no myeloma, after his fall. Yet three weeks later it was everywhere and had eaten through at least 2 bones. Fast burn and out of the blue.

So, my side hires a neuro surgeon whose expertise was never utilised by the treated patient. Not an oncologist so not his area of expertise. He labelled it wrongly and caused emended problems. Truth will always out in the long run. But do hold all notes from everyone involved for later use, a bit busy at moment.

Put the Dear Sue letter up in the archives which covers it more.

Then it was the fun and games over CPD where I was removed and then reinstated without changing my CPD.

Lots more letters to regulators who had not followed protocol/procedures.

Sent to the professional’s naughty boy room. Then letters to PM’s and AG’s. Who again have not followed their own rule books.

This is about abused kids that they are trying to hide, what other possible conclusion could there be?🤔✅

I did say at the beginning it was an unbelievable story, but truth can turn out to be so. Certainly not a story for children!

Howard Lamb

15th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The importance of our wins in planning stopped redevelopment of Metroland, before presidents were set and the gardens could be used for parking. Prob why council didn’t pull its finger out as would of help solve their build targets. Even the council could not have been that incompetent?

Hence the victory had to be complete. It was important.

During the planning battles, rats had been released from the sewers during a local redevelopment. The council had closed its pest control department and we lost our hedgehog, grass snake and toad populations with a big dip in mice, voles, frogs, newts, a long list.

After all we can’t let nature get in the Way of development for profit, can we. ✅

Why were so many species affected? Well, if you hibernate you are a cool snake for the active rats when everything is frozen. Eaten alive in a dormant state. Horrible.

All 12 of my hedge hogs would have died that way and I had been their carer since I embraced the Metroland philosophy as a young boy.

Harriet, the last of her clan, hedgehog’s picture, is in the front entrance to my clinic. She was bitten in the eye and nearly killed her, blinded by a rat and the secondary infection meant she could not be returned to the wild. My practice manager adopted her and she became a house hog who watched Man Utd. You Couldn’t write it.✅

Yea the next to the obituaries Harriets dead notification in the Times. No civic responsibility was mentioned as the cause of death.

I expect that was a big blot on my copy book. Couldn’t help, leave me alone. 😂

When it comes to the Queen’s business acumen, I expect her department of limited business opportunities to save the public some money, did their job.

The less the state pays for its existence, the more ways they have to turn a buck to survive and uphold standards. As my father used to say, standards have slipped.

Always two sides at least for double. ✅

Howard Lamb

14th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why were the public inquiries so relevant to this case? It was a three prongs of the trident, so to speak.

1 Was my battles and two other locals at around the same time.

  1. Old law/solicitor mate, who got the hump over pathway access in the country.

3 A mate of his doing his own thing in a different area.

We all examined the experts from the opposition and they often fell very short on expertise but good at influencing the process. Blow them out the water with the truth and the case falls apart. Lots of lessons learned I’m sure.

Often, they were only told the once and they got it. ✅

PS Ours ended up in a new conservancy area and no new builds are allowed and no parking in the gardens.👍

Safe move on and then got side tracked with Child X. I told them all how it was. Once at the tribunal, cc’d to GCC, BCA, EU and world, oh and the royal colleague.

Then a dropped malpractice suit, removal from the register, as it turned out wrongly, multiple letters, the my first to t’s May then AG’s then Boris. Mmmmm, no cover up then. 😂

Defo, the council has housing quotas, prob why there was no wild life officer who could stop the building. And their bargain basement legal person. Felt at the time, the council was just going through the motions, not helped by the head of the council’s planning was just about to retire and become a developer. No evidence of wrongdoing but diligence to the end would have been nice.

Yea I told my mate what I had found and it’s influence. He found anomalies and told his mate, a few texts and the scene was set.

Our acoustic expert said nobody would hear anything due to his six foot acoustic panels. To prove his point, he recorded sound for less than 24 hrs. The sound he measured was on one side the quiet. space behind the house and the other the top end of the garden to show you want to hear the traffic?

Of course, one should have been exposed to the traffic and one in the garden, then you could differentiate how much noise would be created for 10 cars in the same space.

I did question how his 6 foot fence would stop me from hearing the noise rattle around the back of the building that control noise entry and exit.

In the judgement, it was deemed unsafe for parking as the noise would rattle around the inside of the parking area and not suitable for the occupants. Job done, lesson learned. ✅

What happened afterwards? Not a lot realistically. Truth in my case has been suppressed just in case I do the same again. Least they have done something about the experts. Oh yes they did, didn’t they. You now have to qualify you are an expert in one small area and then you seem to be and expert in all as I saw in the tribunal, malpractice. So even when I won there was no change. Afterall how many times was the inquiry system breached before my cases and how many could or should be re looked at ?

The GCC tribunal appeal was in front of three chiropractors with practical experience and full understanding. 🥲 No power so no change. With all of this, to have happened, as it happened. It could not have happened without political intervention at multiple levels, influenced by the privy council. 🤔🤔🤔

Yea the outside toilet for the knobs, so to speak. Where shit is held in a dark place, never to see the light of day, bottomless pit of secrets I expec.t ✅🇬🇧

After all the barons have been about since before the Magna Carter so the Dunny in AUS parlance, has been at it for the best part of a thousand years. Very deep pit, not a political pun.

Howard Lamb

12th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news still. Top up letter arrived over two weeks ago. I will send another next week.

It May take a while to get the right tone and angle, I don’t want repeat myself, children are suffering and they know it, but haven’t got the money or gumption to sort it out.

So, let’s just ignore it and in time it will go away. 😡

Howard Lamb

PS When I was dealing with public inquiries a decade ago. They told me I only had to say things once. It’s a shame the same level of professional commitment doesn’t expend to the top. ✅

PS When I was dealing with public inquiries a decade ago. They told me I only had to say things once. It’s a shame the same level of professional commitment doesn’t expend to the top. ✅
Text to a friend:
Yea you have to get to the bottom of things, which is why they cover their arses. Never too big to fail just a bit short on responsibility. ✅

Hence, London calling, the duck will sink, over.

Well, it used to be the BBC who have been banned from China for telling the truth. What a world.

10th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I blame the Normans/French. Alfred saved the day, his daughter brought peace, her son brought the United Kingdom’s together as a band of brothers who helped each other in time of need. 1066 England failed and in turn each country in the union failed as the UK was conquered. Stories of hardship and atrocities go back to them as one king ruled with a rod of iron. H8 took the control to a new level and by G3 Parliament had taken control.

1773 we abolished slavery in the UK but offshore interests still made profit. In the UK we used our poor like slaves. Children up chimneys, down mines, shot for drumming and years all at sea. Capitalism, don’t you love it.

Time to go back and make the union just that and not the Norman barons plaything. ✅

Pressed army and navy or prison (hard labour) in the colonies. Defo fits the bill for slavery.

Even the French got fed up with the Norman greed and control and had a revolution and chopped off all their heads and decided to conquer Europe. Didn’t go well. 😂

Napoleon got done big time by the Russian winter, got pushed out of the peninsula, trashed at sea twice by our navy, and finally not the boot at Waterloo. Don’t think I missed much.

Just think of the bad image our Cross of St George has which is about giving life to save others, with the Norman Templars who kill everything not Christian.

I bet syphilis came from France. 👍😂

Richard the Lion Heart. Norman French speaking, believed never to have been to England. That could be where the cross confusion started. But the English got the blame, as usual.

Howard Lamb

PS Which of H8 ‘s wives were French and beheaded and you will prob find the kings first infection. Just saying.

Did he pull out of the Catholic Church because he wanted to divorce the Queen that he got a dose from? ✊

Don’t you just love history. ✅Exactly. Who did the French turn to in 1914and 39?

Politics you can’t beat it.
Re Queen and Charles protecting the Crown and its lands. It’s not exactly what it seems. The Queens wealth is her position and it’s handed down to keep it intact. It’s an expensive process, ask the National Trust.

Again personal heirlooms tend to go down the line as well .

In gen Elizabeth 2 has done a great job holding so much national treasure in safe hands.

Organic farming, recycling etc. have been Charles’s mantra for decades. He’s still got plenty of bee’s at high grove.

Where were the Scots, Welsh and Irish when the Normans beat the English?

But blame us for their lot when they helped cause it. No thought for the average Tommy on the street who was going through the same hell.

Barons rule and always did for 900 plus years. 🤔

Queen could always do some weddings on the lawn at Buck Pal but not the image the world should see.

The queen has stood for all her people’s, home nation or Commonwealth. She can’t control the Barons and they are out of control.

7th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a mess the EU are in without us. 😂

  1. No pandemic plan.
  2. Slow to react
  3. Out of date PPE.
  4. Did not support each other at time of crisis.
  5. Abused the populations of Europe with the biggest death toll of pushing a million, without the extra deaths on top, all massaged. Long list.

Millions of clubs restaurants coffee houses, hairdressers and the fabric of EU society, have gone bust. Hotels, hospitality on life support.

Now we have the vaccine wars and the people have had enough.

Our politicians are not saints, but they are not in the same league as the EU Sinners. 👍✅🇬🇧

Why has Britain been able to vaccinate 11M in one country when the whole of Europe hasn’t managed those type of figures?

The French even have their own Brexit party. Dutch resigned in shame, Italy all over the place, Merkle going.

Happy days. If they don’t start to listen to their people soon, it will all go tits up for them.

We got overrun by EU citizens and others, to the point where everything got so stretched whilst coming out of recession, it was becoming unsustainable. The people got so fed up of not being listened to they voted Brexit, after all it was achievable and now done and we are still afloat. Hope again for others.

This is London calling, the duck will sink. 😂😂😂😂😂

I expect we could not close our borders to EU citizens which was a major factor in our high death rate.

So, the dye was set. ✅

Text to a friend:
What happens if we do not stay afloat? Win win situation. We go bust and take the EU with us. World economy goes bust. 👍 Pays 5 cents on dollar to creditors, reset the dials globally and off we go into a positive circle of healing the damage done, not so much for profit and rape. Or stay afloat and lead by example not the normal bollocks. 🙏🏾 Only my opinion though.

In a nutshell, to me, Brexit was the people saying that our ethnicity was being destroyed, no money to help those who are and have had ties to the country but given money by law, with housing we have not got, ill Heath without enough staff and facility.

Then not listened to the dissent?

Us multicultural Brits can still bight and hence ✅for Brexit.

The next few years was EU trying to f us up so we did not start a trend in those who put in rather than take out.

Why a duck? Has to be water tight or will fill up on high speed water landings.

Happy. 😆

Howard Lamb

5th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

If giving mental health problems to children with special needs is not child abuse, what is? 🤔

They knew what they had done and then covered it up to save arse. The abuse continues.

How’s that not a crime? ✅


Text to a friend:

Against humanity hence all my research about the Hage all those years ago. No wonder they are and have fiddled with the human rights laws, 😂🇬🇧 Good old Britain ✅

Just need to choose the lawyer to send the letter. 😂👍✅

Syphilis re H8. Goes through prob 4 phases. You get symptoms which finally clear but still infected, in a different stage, madness at the end.

H8 to G3 ended up barking so would have been rife throughout. Tends to explain, only marry a virgin and don’t dip your wick either, then after marriage bang away. 👍 😂

Look over there in the Americas no clap, let’s start a disease free life, pilgrims progress. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Don’t do the red skins because you might catch something. And so the modern world begun ✅

Would I talk to them if they asked? Yes, this is about saving the children. If change is needed so be it.

Terms of engagement so to speak but I’ll put no bloke on progress. 💋

Even Shakespeare talked about pox and rub chains on it. Not exact quote but only skimmed through it to fail the exam. 👍

4th February, 2021

Dear Patient,

It’s not exactly a secret over a year ago now ✅ Guardian article – Special educational needs reforms ‘failing generation of children’

Howard Lamb

3rd February, 2021

Dear Patient,

They have had my Boris letter since last Wednesday. No news as yet.👍

Having dealt with autistic kids who can mask at will, Boris’s sex love addiction would have to be linked with a heavy load of sociopath. Just saying. 🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

2nd February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Please read my latest letter to Mr Johnson (rt hon) dated 25th January 2021. Knowing my luck, he will resign soon as he says he is responsible for so many deaths with Covid and I’ll have to start all over again.

Sorry for the delay in posting but it got lost in transit the first time it was sent.

Howard Lamb

PS Yesterday (26th January) the press was full of thoughts about why Covid hit us so hard. One says it was because we are a travel hub. Exactly why we should have locked down our borders. ✅

1st February, 2021

Dear Patient,

Well, that’s obsolete and nothing put in its place, total stitch up if you ask me. ✅ UK Parliament Impeachment 2015

No wonder they feel they can get away with blue murder. 👍🇬🇧

This will prob allow them to drop human rights of autistic children without the need to put it through Parliament and cover there cover up. Guardian article – UK government use of Henry VIII clauses to be challenged in court

Howard Lamb

29th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

No news I’m afraid, no paperwork as requested, no transparent investigation, no change for these kids with needs, special or not.

There has been stuff on autism going on up in Scotland I believe, in the press. A friend of mine up there told me today. She is still waiting for her child to be diagnosed and the child has been put at risk without one.

Round and round we go and the buck stops with Boris.

Boris being sex love addicted only wants to be seen in a good ligh,t so I expect this to drag on. It’s just criminal what they have done. The cover up is the worst crime but who prosecuted those who can’t be touched. So much for democracy.

Howard Lamb

PS Love sex addicted, not having a pop at Boris but my professional opinion based on his history from childhood. Needs to be loved and creates the situation where he is, all about self and no understanding of other’s needs. Tons on the internet about it. Look under addictions. ✅

Shot himself in the foot by Covid killing off large numbers of elderly tory voters. One of the papers should do a popularity poll, that will put the fear of god into him. 😂😂

Text to a friend:
If Boris is addicted to making people like him, he was not the right man for the job when he needed to lock down the country in the early stages. If he had been brave, thousands would still be alive.

Can’t upset big business and the Tory heart lands so sod all the rest who don’t like me. 👍🇬🇧

Prime ministers have to work for all the people, not just those who keep him in power. 😡

Exactly by keeping UK plc open he ended up trashing the economy. One in seven companies going bust. Whole industries devastated. People losing their homes and sanity. But it’s ok because Boris been out on his bike and a photo shoot with his child so everyone likes him. God give me strength. ✅

25th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Letter to Boris done and will go once typed and checked.

Those who like stats should check out how much the NHS paid out for damages done to patients before they started fast tracking doctors to where it is now. What a mess.

Text to a friend:
And they have the check to label us as quacks. 😂

Now days GP’s can’t refer back suffered to orthopaedics, they have to refer to physio’s who are less qualified than them, how insulting is that?

I expect the next stage is online questionnaire and pills in the post then any idiot can be a doctor. 😂👍🇬🇧

Just sign here before the pills go out. ✅

When Blair brought in fasttrack doctors, at least they had a structure for ongoing professional development which was paid for by the NHS. But due to cuts that was removed at a later date, after that the lawyers took over to stem the tide of complaint, all they managed to do was complicate the system further and cost more money. 😡

I would not be an MD for all the tea in China. (Covid free that is)

Let’s face it after a 80 to 100 Mr Week you are then meant to do your CPD at your own expense in your well-earned family time. Mmmmm how’s that work do you think? 🤔

No wonder the divorce rate, drug and alcohol abuse rates, for doctors, have risen so much in the last 2 decades.

Much is hidden because it can cost your licence. ✅

Yea it’s the norm again. If you are normal, they can deal with you but if you are normal why would you need a doctor? ✅

If fast track doc’s need CPD to catch up. They know nothing about autism and rarely refer. Even with referral it will take 2 years to infinity to get a diagnosis because it costs and there are no facilities. What a mess.

Yep, the whole system is F’d. As long as you tick the right box it’s A ok. And nothing needs to change. Next. ✅

If I was a GP I’m sure I would be asking the BMA what the F they have been up to?

GPs are the gate keeper or the centre of the hub and the most important because of that. So why in god’s name would you hang them out to dry?

Shipman has a lot to answer for. 😡

Well, we can’t have GP’s running’s around giving out lethal doses all over the place can we.

Doc’s often used to leave the family some extra morphine, back in the day for those who were not going to survive and were going through hell. I expect that went against them, but the families were very grateful. ✅

Now of course you need a court order to turn the machines off. What a mess.

How do I know so much? Well having seen more patients than most over my 40 years I have listened and talked to them. High court judges, consultants, doctors, nurses, carers, SS and teachers by the thousands. ✅

Occupation and stress are two big factors in chronic low back pain.

BMA is prob the same as the BCA. Job for the boys, not much use as a doctor hence have the time available, cover arse and destroy anyone who does not toe the line.

Mark you that is the polite version. ✅😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

24th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

I was not having a pop at GP’s calling they fast track doctors, it’s just how it is.

42 years ago, when I started my chiropractic journey, your average GP knew his patients. He/she had often brought some of them into the world, knew the family and did a good job administering to them, now it’s take the pills, can only deal with one complaint at a time, instead of the whole patient and for anything else we will put you on a waiting list. Not their fault but what has been done to their profession by others.

Yea just like my profession, our qualification was recognised as a doctorate by education. We were recognised as doctors, primary health care and now being downgraded to therapist through political intent.

After shipman GP’s were slowly castrated and fast tracked.

Back then we did 4800 hrs in 4 years, covering most of what doctors did in there 4200 hrs to qualify, the extra was for the ability to take and develop X-ray with the ability to diagnose them. For my animal qualification was an extra 3 years. ✅ Just a naughty therapist now though

Most of their degree. Main difference being spinal biomechanics and we went to chiropractic clinic when they did general medicine and ward rounds. The foundation of education was the same, hence educational recognition. ✅

Needed 3 A levels in science at A grade to enter, same as medicine.

Howard Lamb

23rd January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Let’s look at why Mrs May and Mr Johnson have not rectified the problems that our kids with special needs have.

Why have they not taken the bull by the horns?

  1. It will cost billions, retraining everyone from carers, SS, teachers and GPs who in gen are fast track doctors who just prescribe drugs or refer to someone who knows what they are doing. Putting in the infer structure and more staffing is beyond this gov’s ability.
  2. Due to the deceit, dishonesty and cover up, someone will have to be held responsible, we can’t have that can we, where could that lead?
  3. You need people in high places who understand the problem and have the skill sets to solve these problems. In my experience they do not exist.
  4. Ignorance is bliss and assumption is the mother of all cluster f’s. So we need the people at the top to understand what they have done otherwise nothing will change.

I could go on but those of you who have followed the site will see other issues.

How can this situation change? The most important step is to admit there is a problem and from there we can move forwards.

I’m still working on my letter to the rt honourable gentleman or PM. I’ll post it after I’ve posted it to him. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Even when Child X was referred, it was to the council’s tame expert who didn’t bother to diagnose but suppress the child with drugs. More corruption of the system.

22nd January, 2021

Dear Patient,

I’ve just been looking at the stats on Taiwan. A smaller island than the UK, population around 23 million, high tech economy. Has to import and export just like us as offshore from Asia/China. Economy grew last year by 2.5 percent during the pandemic. Covid stats 870 cases, 769 recovered and seven dead. No vaccine. Check that against UK stats. Who did the better job? 🤔

New Zealand, population 5 million, export import like us. 2670 cases, 2,166 recovered and 25 deaths.

Australia, pop 25 million, Covid cases 28750, recovered 25952, recorded deaths 909. Another island/continent export import like us.

Singapore 27 deaths aggressive testing with track and trace from the start and isolating before it got hold, with hospitalisation for all infected people even if not unwell.

Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated places on the planet. Island nation like us,

9,797 cases, 8,865 recovered, 166 dead.

We are an island and could have closed our borders, and aggressively tested but did not. No wonder Boris doesn’t want an inquiry.

No island nation on the planet has major problems like the UK and Eire but still looking at the stats.

SriLanka 274 recorded deaths.

Iceland 29 deaths.

Greenland zero deaths.

Japan, pop 126.3 million, 347k cases, 265k recovered, 4779 deaths. A bigger economy and population island state. 🤔

Philippines, population 108 million, 506k cases, 467k recovered and 10,042 deaths.

Malaysia, 630 deaths.

Boris has made us world leaders OK. 👍🇬🇧 If he had locked down the borders, tested and quarentined. Track and traced, ring fenced the, like all the others island nations did from the start we would have had similar results. Incompetence a truly concerning level in my opinion.

Howard Lamb

PS Our world class scientist recommended the herd theory to let it rip through the population, so not all Boris’s fault.

PPS Poor old Southern Irish never had a chance because they could not close their border to the UK. 🤔

Text to a friend:
To be fair to our scientists, they were left with very few options, considering the total cock up at the start of last year. No PPE, no checks at borders, no serious testing, no track and trace, no ring fencing the old, long list. ✅

If there had been an inquiry they could have stopped the second wave, but nobody wanted to take responsibility.

All the evidence of what all the other island nations were doing was there. How hard could it have been once the R rate was below one? 🤔

Exactly when politics is put ahead of the facts, this is what you get.

Yep taking the controls out in September was suicidal and caused the problems we have now. Oh, flu season about to start so we will let everyone out of lock down and keep our borders open, derrr.

Hence criminal negligence. All the facts were there to be seen and they were ignored. No wonder Boris said mistakes were made and we will learn from them for the next pandemic, could be a while as the Spanish flu came back in multiple waves for a decade.

Prob will not be before the next election because they want to hold on to power.

No wonder Biden see’s Boris as another Trump. ✅

They even knew about the new virulent strain of Covid in September, which is more infective but still opened the country, why?

Always more questions than answers. 🤔

Well, we can’t have an election during the pandemic if Boris and the cons have to step down, Sir K has not instilled me with confidence labour would do any better and the judiciary is invisible, what a mess.

Good question, why hasn’t the press been pointing all this out? No idea but all part of the same corrupt system I expect.

When it comes to extra deaths, we are out there in the lead again. No other island nation has the same problem because they got Covid under control.

None of their health systems were overloaded like us, world beaters again. Only way to combat the virus was a vaccine so tread water until we got one, causing prob an extra 100 k extra deaths so far. If that’s not criminal I don’t know what is!

With Boris reading the classics and Handcock with a PPE what did you expect.

David Schneider tweet – Alexa. Show me proof that the government doesn’t give a flying toss about the fishing industry.

21st January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Boris does make you laugh. He said, during PM’s question time, the conservatives have driven down crime. The truth is that the Covid lockdown has, not him.

On Priti Patel wanting to shut down our borders last March, Boris says we have some of the most locked down borders in the world.

He seems not to be able to tell the truth, deflect and defer with a good touch of spin seems to be the mark of the man.

Boris on an inquiry into the pandemic, sometime in the future, unreasonable to spend the money at the moment, mistakes have been made, but this is not the time in the middle of this pandemic, but it will make us ready for the next one. 😡 Or I hold no responsibility and want to move on.

He then went on to spin the fishing industry as a success and all the problems on form filling. He then ignored the question on freedom of movement for musicians etc. in the EU that hasn’t happened when promised.

I could not watch any more as I was starting to yell at the telly. Been locked down to long if I’m having to watch PM’s question time.

Howard Lamb

20th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

The establishment has consistently blocked my progress, you have to ask why? Everything I have put up on this site is true, as my research continues and new evidence shows change, I correct the information. If they could disprove me they would have taken the site down. Equally they have not communicated, as they do not want to show guilt, what a mess.

Trying to finish my next letter to Boris today but struggling to keep it civil.

If the establishment don’t think they have been and are covering up child abuse why have they not come clean with details of any investigation? 🤔

Text to a friend:
I watched the news last night on care homes. Spraying disinfectant to stop the virus. A chap was saying that no matter what they do they can’t stop transmission. Well don’t just spray stuff around, purify the air and stop the bugs ability to infect.

Of course, the establishment will try and block my progress because the stakes are so high. Imagine PM’s charged with covering up their incompetence, that would be a first.

Text to a friend:
I see the Home Secretary has dropped Boris in it by saying we should have locked down our borders last March. Boris must be really pissed with her after saving her job. Rats leaving the sinking ship I expect. ✅

I was talking to a friend who had lost someone to Covid in June who was fuming over the subject. At least Trump goes today, another capitalist to take control. Not going to end well for the world.

Exactly, only 100k deaths because of our mistakes but tough it out and we will hold on to power. ✅

Howard Lamb

18th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

If you check out the ministerial code, prime minister only mentions Brexit and not child abuse, prob where I have been going wrong and why he is not engaging. However, it does say that they are responsible for their actions. How does that work?

He did have to swear allegiance to the Queen and Crown. I expect the Queen does not agree with the mass abuse of her most vulnerable subjects, again, how does that work? 🤔

Prob have to write to the Queen and see if she agrees with child abuse by her gov or not. 🤔

I am fed up waiting for decency, it’s clear that there is none so will have to move forwards. Question is how so justice can be done? Complaints procedure

Clearly there is a complaints process.

Text to a friend:

You recon. Because I complained to Boris and not the right department they have used it as an excuse not to deal with it. No, I do not agree, Boris is not for turning, except for multiple u turns that we have all seen. To big to fail otherwise they would have to face prosecution for the cover up.

Yea I saw the pr stunt with his 8 month old child. Shame he can’t be bothered with the others.

No classic human Boris, cycling in the park and out with his son. Pictures say a thousand words. Not one copper in sight. Where was his close protection unit on both occasions?

Just happened to get his picture taken. Bollocks, PR stunt to help image I expect.

Well, he is a politician and they do interact to get the right pics. Loving husband who is not married and his other kids not in frame. How could this loving father cover up child abuse? ✅

No, the EU meeting in Jan to sort a Covid plan was delayed by two weeks because one of the panel was under investigation (Croatian I think). You couldn’t write it.

If I had to make a charge, for Brexit, Covid and non-diagnosis of thousands of kids with special needs, putting them at risk and abuse, would be criminal negligence and cover up of the crime. ✅

Well, there are prob 100k families who are grieving at their Covid loss, a million families affected by the non-diagnosis scam and most the country over the Brexit farce who would agree.

How, when the code of ministers’ state they must be loyal to the Crown can so many have fought for the EU. 🤔

Totally out of control. The country voted out and the politicians wanted to stay in, conflict of interest, covered in their code.

Again classic, Gov a great deal for our fishing industry.

So why are the fisherman’s lorries parked up as close to no 10 as they can get. 🤔

Once lies or spin stops and truth prevails, we might actually get to the bottom of things. Amen.

World beaters. Means more deaths per head of population than anyone else.

Vaccines will solve the problem. Short life for vaccine and may not cover mutant strains. Long list. ✅

They just lie to avoid responsibility, make sure you can’t win a complaint and get away with blue murder.

You only have to ask if the vaccine gives permanent immunity to get your answers.

I believe 13 people in Norway died after being vaccinated. They all had underlying health issues, they are not vaccinating that group anymore. So, the vaccines only safe for people who could fight the virus off naturally and survive. What’s the point? To show they are doing something as they failed up until now. 🤔
Why did Boris get in with such a big majority? Because people were scared to death what Corbin would do. Not exactly what democracy is all about.

Figures today from stats agencies show 105k deaths which are Covid linked. Gov telling porkies again. Check the article in the independent. ✅ Doesn’t cover the extra deaths, what a mess.

To be fair, if the USA put state by state fugues up like the EU does, theirs would not look so horrible in comparison.

Roughly the same amount of people in each block after all.

Gov says it’s locking down our borders to protect us from variant strains from Brazil and South Africa. Shame they didn’t do the Same thing early last year when the pandemic had only just begun. If that’s not negligent what is?

Add sending 25 thousand out of hospitals without test, infecting care homes, massaging the figures, not disinfecting the trains. Allowing hundreds of thousands of drivers to enter without test and prob millions of travellers by plane. Long list.

It’s just criminal how they have handled it. Hence criminal negligence. 👍🇬🇧

All you have to do is look at the airports and motorways to see the main areas of infection.

It’s all in history now so they can’t change it. That’s why we get a large haul of red herrings and spin so they can avoid responsibility.

They are hiding behind the inquiry sometime in the future which will end up saying , mistakes were made but due to the unique situation no one is to blame, now let’s move on shall we. ✅

Well we can’t have a gov made responsible can we. Where could that lead?

Exactly, loads being thrown out of office and others going to jail.

Then you have enforced do not resuscitate orders on autistic, those with learning difficulties in their care, with duty of care and in old folks homes. A death sentence for many. That is criminal or does manslaughter not count due to incompetence. 🤔

Howard Lamb

17th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why were they so stupid? Good question. Without talking to them, my best guess would be they felt keeping the UK open for global trade with Brexit looming was more important than British lives. The same mistake Trump made. You can bring back the economy but not the dead. 🙏🏾

Look at China now, virus under control and economy doing ok. All done without the aid of a vaccine.

That was the other big mistake thinking a vaccine will solve the problem with a virus that mutates. We go broke and the pharmaceutical companies are in clover.

The EU did the same and are in lockdown again as the R number rose. They had no pandemic strategy, did not replace out of date PPE stores and acted late due to committee delays getting the right people together.

But it’s all our fault for not behaving, derrr.

PS If the Dutch gov resigned over fraud what should happen to ours after covering up child abuse. 🤔

Exactly China was first, we saw what happened and how they got it under control and then did our own thing which has cost 10’s of thousands of lives. Their life is back to normal with border controls and testing, any infection that is found is dealt with. We however are locked up with no end in sight. A total cock up.

Con’s tried to keep business happy and made everyone else sad then crashed business as well. Debt up, bankrupts up, deaths up. Not a good picture.

First wave hit us at the end of flu season, we were not prepared. The second wave, like the Spanish flu, hit us at the start of the flu season. Lessens were not learnt. Criminal.

Total deaths for the EU as from 15th Feb 2020 till yesterday was 623K. The UK at 81K world leaders for being all the wrong reasons. Sobering figures

It’s Europe, of course they have massaged the figures. With extra deaths the true figure is prob over a million by now. 😡

We had no chance as locked into trade with them and thousands of travellers and lorries came in untested.

I was staggered by these stats. Hundreds of thousands of lorries and not one driver checked for Covid. 😩 International Road Freight Statistics, United Kingdom 2017

Howard Lamb

16th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Dutch Parliament had to resign. Apparently, they fraudulently claimed Bach child benefits from people who did not owe them anything. Caused huge trauma to families, selling homes, divorce etc. Certain names were targeted, the gov knew but covered it up.

It’s ok though because the gov will still stand at the next election I 2 months.

I’m gob smacked. How corrupt is that.

No responsibility so can do what they want, just like ours. 🤔

Yea if they have done that, what else have they been up to?

I remember early last year when the Chinese locked down. Sprayed everything with antiviral spray. PPE, masks, nobody out or in. I remember some journalists that were tested and then made to do 2 weeks proper isolation. They understood the importance of containing it and eradicating the infection. A year later with the whole country locked down we have only just started to test at points of entry. Criminal negligence in my opinion.

Howard Lamb

14th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

I would put up my letter to the GP, a true corker but patient confidentiality stops me.

What a mess. By now you must see how this cover up is still affecting these children. It’s just wrong that politicians can use their power base to avoid responsibility and the truth at the expense of those with special needs.

They do not want to speak to me as it would show that something has gone seriously wrong and accept the consequences. They need to be brought to task or there will not be any change. Remember if they have not done anything eating there is no need to change. 😡

I’ll finish Boris top up over the weekend. Him on my 5th draft but all sound rude even though true. I’ll get there. 👍

Text to a friend:
How do I rate Boris as a leader? Well we went into Europe with commonwealth and world trade partners and came out with reduced fishing rights and not much else.

Wash your hands and don’t wear PPE as we haven’t got any. Don’t close borders or test, send the old home from hospital to infect all the others. Plan for second phase without out tests at borders and have one of the highest death rate on the planet.

Did nothing to protect the air we breathe and happy to have taken civil liberties.

Long list, not capable of doing the job as we have seen. Avoided the huge child abuse scandal, so far. Brown nosed Trump so Biden is no friend. List just keeps growing.

Can he be impeached? 🤔

We are at about 10,000 deaths a week plus extra deaths and no end in sight. Prob well over double to our nearest EU rival. Only the corrupt capitalist out front, America , Brazil and us. Why has to be the question.

French gov being sued by it’s own people, good on them. 😂👍

They don’t stand a chance as the Italians and French developed political corruption since before Christ’s time and ever since. 😂

Just seen the news. Neg test to enter the country and isolation, 10 months at least after the Chinese. Hence our death toll infinitely higher.

Supermarkets a cool and damp environment, perfect for the virus, people in masks breathing through their exposed noses, what could possibly go wrong?

UV lights, dry carbon filter air and essential antiviral mist. And gargle before you leave home and when you return.

They are prob waiting for the third wave of a mutant strain and their customer base shrinks, affecting their profit before they act.

I expect all the lorry drivers coming through or ports, are seen as essential workers and will not need the tests. Must help keep our supplies coming in so the supermarkets can fill their shelves. 🤔

Cider sparkling wine rather than foreign imports, whisky vodka and gin.

Bet you can’t find a mature 10 year old skunk, 😂😂🇬🇧👍✅ outside of the Houses of Parliament that is. ✊🇬🇧

Dear Boris

You have failed to protect the young and old with special needs and are responsible for countless deaths from Covid and suicide. You took us out of Europe with far less than we went in with.

China has a population 20 times our size but with a fraction of the deaths. You made mistakes, time and time again and think it’s correct to stay in power.

An ethical man would have resigned by now and called in MI5 and special branch, over seen by the judiciary, to get to the bottom of all these failures that have cost tens of thousands of extra deaths on top of the Covid martyrs.

You have failed the country and need to be investigated and prosecuted where needs be.

Still can’t get the right tone but will keep trying. 👍

Howard Lamb

13th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

My top up letter to Boris is on hold. I’ve spent the day writing a letter to Child X’s GP who is making the mother jump through hoops to go through the process to get her son safe secure housing due to his special needs.

People only read bits of the front page, especially in deep files.

So, if the child’s diagnosis was never updated he is still just a naughty boy.

Welcome to his mother’s world.

Text to a friend:
Got you, how long will it take to vaccinate 7 billion people worldwide? Prob will not be over for Easter.

Expect that’s why it’s called a pandemic. 👍

Until it cannot be transmitted it will come back and with new varieties developed globally, the vaccine may not be effective long term, so 7 billion x 2 jabs for next year to keep you topped up.

Re Boris the bike. No chance La La cycled 14 plus miles. No close protection unit with him, so driven there push biked to get some pictures and back indoors for a few more mince pies within the hour. ✅

Prob for the USA to show how safe it was for politicians in our capital.😂😂😂🇬🇧

Let’s breath viral free air and the deaths will drop.👍✅

Boris The Bike. La La looks like a Womble. Must be super fit as not one bead of sweat on his face after 7 miles up hill to his photo opportunity. BS👍

That must breach lock down.

Nice sunny day, as a bit of a lump how can he not of perspired in a trench coat, scarf and woolly mittens, woke, of many colours. 😂

PS Bike as in too many riders. 👍🇬🇧

Could have been worse.

Don’t visualise him in Lycra full bike kit. Not a pretty site, lights off then. 😂

Yea I know, first page syndrome, I brought it up in my tribunal letters and GCC back in 2012. 🤔🤔🤔

Howard Lamb

11th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Good idea! Get the political historians to analyse if the Blair new labour or the con’s actually worked for the good of all or just to maintain their power base. Perversion at base level would prob be exposed. 👍✊

Exactly, they could point out what actually happened and not the spin left in history. Dodgy use of data, so black is white and white rules. 😂😂

Are women equal yet after nearly 100 years of the vote, are more rape cases won, has domestic abuse stopped, long list.

Why are women not paid the same for doing the same job, as well as a man or better? Because they have always been ripped off by the capitalists who have cultivated a cheap labour force and don’t want to change their profit. ✅

But like smoking. Sales down in the 1st world due to cancer etc but soaring in the third world where profit is more important than life.

So don’t equal pay or protect the mothers for rape or domestic abuse. Don’t diagnose their children and then blame them as bad mothers.

Ugly, no other word suitable really.

As for gay rights. Love is love. Leave them alone they are in love. 👍🇬🇧

F all to do with gender as far as I can see. Had hundreds of gay people and couples as patients and they listen, get it, heal and move on, just like everyone else who does the same thing. To love is human and humans come in many forms. ✅

Everything judged by the norm or that balanced point for stats which covers the middle percent only. So the system is working for one percent it is designed for, just like the profit made from capitalism.

I don’t believe in coincidence as a clinician.

More importantly what do you think, and if you do, who is going to listen and make the changes that have to happen for justice to prevail?

Did heavy for a Monday but struggling with the tone of my next letter to Boris. 🤔

Howard Lamb

10th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

87 million worldwide have had it and only 47 million have recovered with 2 million deaths. That’s without the extra deaths from delayed diagnosis and treatments for other disease. Yet nobody is protecting the air we breathe. Why?

We have the tech to do it, so why hasn’t it been done? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Well the gov would have to take responsibility for it and we can’t have that, can we? 😂😂

Easy, make business and property owners responsible for cleaning and making the air in the premises safe.

If they start now, it will be ready for the relaxing of lockdown and allow us some freedom before the summer and the easing of the flu season.

Agreed figures most prob inaccurate as they will all be massaging the figures. All you have to do is check how many deaths worldwide there have been in comparison to the 5 year norm. Quite shocking.

Retro fit carbon filters to air con units. UV curtains and essential oil mist or other nontoxic antiviral agents, dry the air with salt etc. etc., not hard or expensive. Did a house for under 100 pounds. Those scientists who havn’t done there research will feel it’s a placebo and not correct science. Well placebo works for many and would save life. 👍

If anything in the High Street survives, shops could have a body temp sensor at security. I’m sure the Brits could lead the world in ingenuity.

I blame Europe for having no pandemic plan or PPE. After all that money we paid in, the first time we really needed the EU they were missing. 🤔

Yea we were always going to be the worst hit because of our open borders to the world and commonwealth. Having to import everything.

Our govs problem is it did not take the bull by the horns because they were protecting business.

By purifying the air we breathe it will help protect us from all airborne bugs including Covid 20 the new strain and the next mutations. ✅ 😂😂

Yes, the universities should look at improving their degree in politics, philosophy and economics because it’s been a disaster so far. 🇬🇧

Maybe in should be 4 or 5 years like us as clinicians with constant ongoing development. 10 years to get consultancy. Then stand for election.

That’s exactly it. An easy degree and a couple of years at the Bank of England to understand how to budget then brown nose the right people and in a few years you could run the country. That’s another scam. ✅

Yep more carbon filters the more chopped up and burnt trees. Must be a solution. We have tons of coal, compressed micro pellets of coal, maybe. Brits are by nature ingenious, cheat and efficient ways of cleaning our environment and protecting the planet, much bigger potential market than vaccines. 😂

Who do I blame? All of them. If you knew and did nothing or you were so incompetent that you missed it, or thought it was the right thing to do, you hold responsibility.

Thatcher’s young Etonians who now controlled and have done so for at least 15 years since Cameron took over are just as responsible as those who formed and run new labour (sod the poor and needy we have gone white collar to get power) under Blair and his chronic entourage.

That shift moved us closer to the Republican Democrats system in the States. One wants the American dream and get rich, the others is capitalist and want to rape the world for money.

Who stands up for those who cannot do it for themselves? Most of you don’t vote so you are not missed at the ballot. who cares anyway, not going to get us power.

I like that idea, a group action over the EU’s inability to protect us from Covid. No plan or PPE, slow to respond and inadequate.

Got it still members in Jan and all this year we have had to do things as per terms of our entry. So where was the plan or PPE. Britain had to pull away and do its own thing, heaven help us. But like hungry and vaccines to protect its peoples.

That’s why they run everything through data. If it can’t affect your power base you don’t have to do anything. ✅

Howard Lamb

8th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

What a week. My letter to the PM (no response as yet), Brexit, lockdown and 1k deaths a day and riots in congress. Police undermanned and Trump still giving the orders and tweeting. 🤔🤔🤔.

2021 certainly started without the normal fireworks but made up for it in the first week. We are locked down till the end of the flu season like last year but in a much worse state, just like the second wave of the Spanish flu.

They don’t seem to learn from history. That’s certainly the case for the systems abuse (young and old) of the most vulnerable in society.

Writing my back up letter to Boris to go at the end of next week, he has ten working days as a professional to respond. Not that he will, shows the mark of the man.

Keep the air you breath at home etc. clean and stay safe.

We will be open and safe if you need us. 👍

Simples, if you cover up your mistakes, you didn’t make any, no responsibility and no change is needed. ✅

Text to a friend:
Drone New Years display. To be fully woke, Mr Khan should have been in the picture to accept the fist. 🤔

Re hide responsibility. All paid at the taxpayers’ expense. We have been CON’d 😂😂😂🇬🇧

The gov has been running on assumption in all areas as not expert. And this has been a classic case of assumption is the mother of all cluster f…s ✅🇬🇧

Understood. Our fault for assuming they knew what they were doing when voting for them.

Strange how this started and there was no PPE and all you had to do was wash your hands, why?

Well, if all you have is classics and many with a basic PPE degree and no experience with any of the departments they control, this is what you get. More deaths per head worldwide and developed a new super bug. Crash the economy and have limited trade ability.

Would you have voted for them?

Yes, I knew most of this back in 2012 and my papers to the tribunal, under the section, opinion and diagnosis, will verify. Very frustrating. It made me wonder why I got no support from the BCA and GCC at the time on diagnosis. 🤔

For me that’s where my cover up starts, mother of course goes back much further. ✅

All the associations, UK, EU, and world were kept in the loop, so they can’t say they didn’t know.

To be fare it was only the head of the BCA and regulator who could have done something as they were the only ones who were in the position of power to do so. ✅

The major general and president of the BCA aided and abetted by a Singh in both camps who will sing under pressure I expect. 😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

6th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
In Boris’s first year he Brexited with less than we went into the EU with. Covered up mass child abuse and we hold the record for the most deaths per 100k of anywhere in the world and produced a super bug of our own due to not getting it under control. The economy is F’d and the deepest recession in history is about to hit us hard.

Wow, who could of seen that happening? Oh, I did and it’s all chronicled in real time on this site.

What else can go wrong?  Well shall I do a list or are you depressed enough as it is? ✅

Howard Lamb

PS A job for a journalist. Check extra deaths in comparison to the five year norm, worldwide and we might start to see the truth. 👍

I am sorry for Germany’s losses on one side but felt it is a bit of karma as when we first got hammered, they were very smug about how well they did. Politicians around the globe have a lot to answer for. 😂😂😂😂

If I had to pick 2 Covid moments that changed our world it would be:
1. Releasing 25k people at high risk back to homes who were not ready or equipped to combat the virus.

  1. No testing at airports or ports, allowing constant re infections so it was impossible no matter how hard we tried to self-protect and protect others, to do so.

But it’s all our fault. The French have been marching and mixing but closed borders so doing better than us. ✅

Where are you most likely to catch the virus? In the shared confined space called home. The gov, stay at home, don’t go out, open a window. Purify the bloody air first then keep it pure, add anti-viral agents, oils and salt, gargle and disinfect surfaces regularly, drrrrr.

Yea, that would be great. Eurostar passenger numbers last year and how many were tested before they hit the streets of London? That’s without city airport and all the others. How many untested lorry drives entered in tested?

Wash your hands and isolate doesn’t quite do it on its own. 😡
Exactly you can follow Covid by motorway’s M1 Watford , Hemel, Luton, Bedford, Leicester and all stages north. ✅

Yep, Airborne so purify the air. Even Germany’s rocket scientist, Merkel, didn’t get it so there is some excuse for ours. 😂

I know, told associations, accepted CPD on subject but who listens to me, just a naughty therapist after all.

Mother of Child X just dropped me over this she picked up today for £30, half price. £10 for an oil diffuser and £15 for the 3 oils and your home is much more protected for less than the cost of a jab. 🤔

4th January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a patient:
About safety measures in clinic. Prob should copy Boris in. Scientist don’t treat patients, they develop vaccines.

I have a UV light at entrance hall to clinic, 3 Dyson carbon air purifiers, 5 essential oil diffusers with 3 proven anti-viral oils large Himalayan salt lamps which keep the air dry and kill the virus through osmosis, my staff have to salt or Listerene gargle to protect their throats.

No cases of Covid linked to clinic and still seeing 200 patients a week. Masks temp check and triage.

Will be a couple of weeks before you get results so fingers crossed.

If you clean the air you breath it must help.

Howard Lamb

PS All the research was part of my CPD to retain my licence and was accepted. ✅

3rd January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If I see that Covid ad on the box one more time I’m going to scream. Open your windows and allow the virus to escape and infect others.

If a sunny day with high UV I could understand but letting warm, Covid full air out that will circulate and infect others is clearly the wrong advice.

What about cleaning the air you breath? Carbon air purifiers, antiviral essential oils, UV light, salt. What about alcohol, salt and other effective mouth washes to protect the throat and help restrict covid’s replication?

We will be in 5th tier soon and the run in to early summer will cost more lives because everything is on hold for vaccines with limited testing. Classic scientists?

The only way to deal with it is to vaccinate everyone at least twice a year for ever as has happened with flu, which mutates.

If you want everything to reopen, clean the air we breath. 👍

What’s worse is the gov will use it as an excuse for not dealing with their abusive system and more and more kids will suffer. Like they did with Brexit for 4 years. Ahhhhhhhhhh, that’s better. ✅

The Problem with vaccines is they only work on the virus they are designed for, you guess which ones will be active the jab everyone with it. The other year it was 95 percent useless because a new variant hit which was not in the vaccine.

Unless you restrict it in the air, we will always be behind the game. Ahhhhhh.

Howard Lamb

2nd January, 2021

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yea, happy new year and Independence Day.

The sky hasn’t fallen in on me yet, due to my latest letter to Boris, I am defo not depressed so unlikely to do harm to myself and if I do my solicitor holds a letter to be released on my death. Well you have to cover all eventualities when poking the bear in the eye. Next week I have a choice, move forwards with the complaints procedure through gov channels or send my letters to May, attorney gen’s and Boris with an open letter to the press asking them to get a response for me.

There is always a third option but I hope that this can be resolved sensibly.

On Covid, will all those who have had it need vaccination as are already immune or will it be the normal gov thing that everyone must have it whether they need it or not? 🤔 Easier to tick their box than do a proper job. 👍

Talk soon. 💋

Howard Lamb

PS After Mrs Patel went through the complaints procedure and got a get out of jail free card from Boris. So if push comes to shove it will have to be the press, not ideal because they seem to be in the gov’s pocket, well I can’t pre judge at this stage so it will reveal as we go along.

I’ve said before that there has been great journalism and program making on the subject of autism but the media as a whole have never fully got their teeth into it. You have to ask why as it’s the scandal of the century and a sizeable chunk of the last one. ✅

So, you recon, technically the press would be seen as aiding and abetting a crime. 😂😂😂

So if complaints are not upheld or investigated and there is no freedom for the press, how’s that not totalitarian? Four legs good but two legs better. Good old Napoleon. ✅

Exactly, always comes back, historically, to controlling the herd with two sets of rules. ✅

31st December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter sent to Prime Minster on 30th December 2020

Howard Lamb