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19th September, 2016

Dear John,

I know that you are tied up this week. I have a 7 bundle heavy box of paperwork from the solicitors who worked for the BCA insurers. The case was flawed. The GP who signed the patient back to work was not sued. He could have confirmed my diagnosis and that there was no need for a scan. The hospital which diagnosed him was not sued after his collapse, and had treated him and x-rayed him 5 weeks previously after a fall on ice. They could have confirmed the condition’s acute nature and that there was no case to answer. A flawed case, manipulated to make something out of nothing. Fraud makes insurance null and void so nobody gets paid. It was OK for my life and finances to be stressed with no comeback. This small amount of the total paperwork which covers a case against 2 chiropractors, 1 physiotherapist and a GP (different one), resulted in 4 people’s lives on hold with massive effects on practices etc,etc. Two letters could have stopped it before it started.

If my diagnosis had been listened to and acted on there would not be a sea of paperwork on Child X. How much of it do you want? The box regarding the Flynn case is un-opened and as sent by the solicitors. I shall send it direct to the GCC as back-up evidence for my complaint regarding Mr Howell and the BCA for being complicit in fraud as they took no action. Potentially fraud because everyone got paid by the insurance and nobody called the police.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Lamb

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