From: Lamb Chiropractic Clinic  Sent: 10 June 2016 16:11 To: ‘Jamie Button’ Subject: My complaints

Dear Jamie,

My complaints are from me as a chiropractor and for my chiropractic patients (Child X and family) who I have been in contact with the GCC about, repeatedly, over the last 4 years.  I believe that my Associations have been in contact on the subject but have been limited by my patient’s confidentiality agreement.

Whilst on the subject of CPD please send me details of your CPD and Mr Howell’s, and also your CV which I am still waiting for.  This should be covered by Freedom of Information and Transparency legislation.

I have attached copies of my trilogy of complaint letters (dated 23/05/16, 27/15/16, and a third letter dated 06/06/16 which accompanied the e-mail of the same date.)  So far all I have received is a line to say that Mr Howell will deal with  the letter of 23rd May on his return.  This is certainly not the way to handle a complaint as seen in our protocols and procedures.

Howard Lamb

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