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23rd May, 2016

Dear Mr Howell,

I believe that you and Mr Button were clearly informed (13/14 CPD rejected plus letter) about child abuse and did not fulfil your mandatory obligation. You shirked your responsibilities by deferring to the local ombudsman whose final report I have just read. It would seem that the Council is at fault over some relatively minor mal-administration. This has not solved the family’s problem and has left me severely out of pocket with probably damage to my reputation.

I believe that you have been potentially criminally negligent due to not fulfilling your role as a regulator.

Potential breeches:

1). Duty of care.

2). Support for diagnosis as stated on page 1 of the Chiropractic Act.

3). Non-compliance to mandatory obligations regarding child abuse and fraud.

4). Freedom of Information Act.

5). Transparency Act.

6). Disabilities Act.

7) Non-compliance with advancement of the profession as set out in the Chiropractic Act.

I am sure that in time you will hear from the family regarding their costs and damages, which I hold you responsible for. Over the next few weeks I will be instructing, after comprehensive advice, a solicitor to contact you. By then I will have decided whether to go down the route of judicial review, High Court or civil litigation, criminal law or compensation.

This letter can be seen as enacting your complaints procedure, if you have one. I assume that you are not protected by legislation, as I believe the army is. Please can you let Paul Gardener know if you are, otherwise send details of your insurers. I believe that you have 2 weeks to reply as in our code of practice, etc.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Lamb,


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