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20th January, 2016

Dear Jamie,

I believe that I have been in contact with Mr Howell since 25th November, and I believe that my Associations also have on the subject of CPD. Please get your facts straight.

The 30 hours that I need to retain my position on the register are ‘with others’ which is quite legitimate, in fact my CPD form is technically correct. I could have added lots of other legitimate hours but as CPD is a box-ticking affair I felt that the minimum requirement would save time and paperwork.

Much of my CPD over the years has been based on developing the profession with pioneering work on autism, cerebral palsy and other research and development areas. Last year my hours would probably have been in excess of 150 hours, as it is most years.

I believe that the sticking point on this year’s has been the fact that I have been looking (and am continuing to look) into the GCC and why I feel it has failed the profession. If the profession is being restricted it cannot advance. Your attitude towards my CPD is censorship of the worst possible type. Obviously if there are no complaints there are no problems, and if there are no problems you must be doing a great job. Yet when I asked for support of my right to diagnose and refer (page 1 of the CoP states I have this right) to help protect an autistic child who has been abused by the system, through, at best, wrongful diagnosis, you failed me. When I’ve brought up the subject of fraud, again nothing was done.

You may not like the way I have handled this but you have not understood the nature of my high functional autism (Disabilities Act and Discrimination Act). Because of your failure I have started to look much deeper into your function and it’s affect on the profession. As regulators I believe you have had instruction to focus on public safety, yet if you do not stand up for the profession how is this possible? The safety of Child X has been in jeopardy for at least the three and a half years you have known about him, yet you did nothing.

You have not mentioned an appeals process, which should be my right, or an independent complaints procedure. Without this transparency you are acting in a totalitarian fashion where censorship rules, and you control by box-ticking rather than doing the job expected of you, and that we have been paying you for. Yet you say that my CPD has nothing to do with advancing the profession. No arbitration, no appeals process, no independent complaints process, just CPD, run by a non-clinician who would have little understanding of the profession let alone advancing it, overseen by an Army solicitor with no clinical qualification and a limited understanding , it would seem, of the laws of the land outside the Army. (Possible breaches of law: Freedom of Information Act, Transparency Act, Disabilities Act, Discrimination Act, Duty of Care, Mandatory Obligatons, Human Rights, etc etc.)

Whether you like what I say or not is irrelevant as my CPD form is technically correct and you have no right to censor it. I believe that my Associations have explained this to Mr Howell. If he did not get that understanding I believe that I have now made it clear.

If you are still unable to process my application, please explain with precision as to why. Saying that you do not feel that it is advancing the profession is not good enough particularly as you are not a member of the profession, just an administrator. I will need to know from whom and what technical advice you received to back up your position.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Lamb


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