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1st May 2012

To David Howell, CB, OBE, MBE.

Dear Sir,

I have been running a research project and full case study for the past 20 months with one family, due to patient confidentiality, I am unable to offer names or documentation at this stage.  I have examined thousands of documents and talked to several experts in each aspect of this case and multiple agencies on behalf of my patient, as mentor and Doctor of Chiropractic and finally guardian.

I diagnosed this young man ten months before being able to have it confirmed by an independent specialist in September 2011.  He is now in safe hands and hopefully starting a long road to recovery.

Through this whole process I have not convinced one professional that a Chiropractor has the ability to diagnose.  Please read the documentation for his educational tribunal.

My clinic is funding his school whilst a corrupted system continues.  Once settled, I will be able to switch attention to the tribunal and subsequent litigations and compile, with a lot of help, my case study showing with good documentation, step-by-step, how the system failed due to wrong diagnosis.  My research has lead to the absolute conclusion, the earlier a diagnosis, the less stress to the Autistic child and therefore less complex side effects.

I, as a Chiropractor and hence my profession, have not been listened to by those professions outside who should have the best interests of the child at heart.  So we have no voice to speak up for our patient.  Our full potential has not been recognised by the government and its departments so we have no credibility and this is affecting our ability to help our patients.

What can the profession, particularly the GCC whose role is to protect patients, do to improve our credibility so we can make a difference?

“If you do the same thing in the same way, you will get the same results.”

Unless this system is changed many more children will be put at risk.  This family have been very traumatised and I expect that my patient’s confidentiality is not to be breached.

I have sent copies to my associations and College of Chiropractors and would appreciate your response for the record.

If you do not diagnose children they are invisible.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me via my research assistant, Jamie Devereux at our clinic.

Yours faithfully,

Howard Lamb


Proud of our record of 1 million patient treatments, both animal and human, without insurance or professional claim since 1936 and 30 years as a training and research facility.


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