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26th October, 2011

Letter to solicitor (A.M. Phillips & Co.)

Dear Adrian,

Re: C

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the assessment of C.  Since we last spoke Dr W has dropped C from his list.  As he was only dealing with his conduct disorder which has since been removed from his diagnosis this only causes us a problem with his medication.

As you are aware Dr W refused a second opinion on several occasions.  After Miss X’s final conversation with him it seems that there was nowhere else to refer him to in the Dacorum area.  I have had several conversations with Arc regarding respite care and fostering for C.  Obviously Social Services refused funding but the point was that there are no specialist foster carers with specific skills in this type of autistic child.  C would crash again.

As for re-assessment I really can’t see the point because Herts County Council has no schools suitable for C.  As you know we have spent the last two months researching schools for C and again Miss X has sent you the details of the only schools that are suitable.    Much of C’s problem stems from the inappropriate teaching staff who have physically and verbally abused him, so it is vital that only suitably trained personnel are involved.

I have invested over 1500 hours in C and he has improved vastly from the depressed and suicidal young man that I met just over a year ago.  I am the only primary healthcare professional of consultant status who is involved with him, and as such will not allow him to be abused any further by Herts County Council or their agents.

C has refused to get involved with any more assessments, and as such will not comply, and so it will not be possible.  I have mentored C in meetings with police, Council Officials, Social Services, Dr W, and of course John Hall.  My billable time for John Hall’s diagnosis would have been over 30 hours, or £12,000.

C needs to be in the correct protected environment as soon as possible.  If we are to go court to achieve this I suggest that we start very soon.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Howard Lamb



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