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31st December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter sent to Prime Minster on 30th December 2020

Howard Lamb

30th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
The letter should be on its way by now. 👍

What do I feel about the vaccines? I have no worries about a single specific shot. My worries are the multiple types where people have shown symptoms of autism afterwards. Prob by overloading the systems in some people causing a form of auto immune reaction in the CNS and autonomic nervous systems. Even if the reaction is minimal percentage, that’s a lot of children over the decades. ✅

Hadn’t thought of that. Ignoring the autistic children who don’t exist because the jab could not cause spectrum difficulties.

Only time will tell if the effect will pass genetically to the next generation. 🤔

How much do heavy metal have to do with it. The planets atmosphere was saturated with lead. I could be wrong but trace elements of other heavy metals were used in vaccines, add unregulated neuro toxin pesticides, in the early days, and saturated soils in modern days. 🤔

Always more questions than answers but it might have a lot to do with degenerative brain disease in the elderly and a multitude of other health issues. Long list.

Bet is all our own fault for smoking when the gov said it was all OK. 😂😂😂

Exactly. Big business influence to keep the money coming in. The gov does nothing until they have no choice and then it’s done and dusted, put on the back burner and no responsibility for the damage done in the future. When the damage becomes apparent, muddy the water and blame the victims to keep the secret. ✅

Howard Lamb

29th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter should go tomorrow and then up on Thursday.

Re Covid how many of the deaths have been in those who regularly were vaccinated for flu in comparison to those that didn’t?

How do you get that information?

Howard Lamb

27th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve just sent my letter to Boris, on my new CHRISTMAS iPad, to the office to be checked and then sent, hopefully before the new year.

The fossil (me) finally entering the computer age, what next? 😂😂😂 To be fair, I’ve only just mastered bits of my I phone, so don’t expect too much. 👍

Not being able to visualise or remember the key board (spectrum difficulty) and dyslexia for stupid web addresses. With constant use I’m sure I’ll improve. 🙏🏾

Text to a friend:
Yea more breaches of disability and equal opportunities acts. They know my preferred communication is verbal, yet they still will not talk to me. 😂😂😂

I have been transparent, the gov has not.

More evidence of two sets of rules, I expect breach of law as well. 🤔✅

Howard Lamb

26th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Where else could you have the duty of care for children and then put them at risk, restrain at will and mentally abuse them through wrong or non-diagnosis? What other medical condition would be ignored, and a label put in its place? It’s costing the NHS 3.6 billion a year just to cover their normal cock ups let alone those with special needs and unable to stand up for themselves.

I expect that’s why to gov did it. Abuse people who can’t stand up and have no voice (human rights have been removed remember). Too many questions unanswered. Were they just following Eu law? How many counties are worse than us or are we world beaters? 🤔 Only time will tell.

Text to a friend:
Good idea, at the next cabinet meeting they should all be restrained, as these children are and then discuss its effect on normal people, which will be much less than the naughty. The naughty kick off when they are already at the end of their tether and the restraint magnifies the emotion.

Why would they not be at their wits end first? They have been put at risk, blamed and then forced to be normal when it’s impossible because they are not restrained and then rejected as just naughty by unqualified people whose ignorance is bliss.
Ironically the gov is not ignorant to the children’s needs but have to cover up to save face and reputations.😡

Of course, and evade responsibility. ✅ As they have with Covid and Brexit. Time will tell.

Press release, they are all nice chaps in the gov and worked tirelessly to the best of their ability, any how it’s a democracy so it’s your fault for Voting for them. ✅

Great having a free press

The gov’s problem is that two sets of rules is not a democracy, it’s totalitarian. GB a politically dictatorial state.

What a state to be in, maybe with the law shenanigans with Brexit we could rewrite democracy and human rights in a positive way to set the global tone for the rest of the century. 🙏🏾✊🇬🇧

Courts for justice not manipulated law. That would be first on my list. Prob should update web title to justice for anyone who doesn’t fit the norm. ✅

Howard Lamb

26th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

The child was put at risk on multiple occasions. The council, education, SS, NHS and government do not feel it’s worthy of investigating. Why? Because they already know the answer, they corrupted the system and disadvantaged the child to save money and in time, reputation due to the cover up. Not just Child X but generations of vulnerable children and then blamed the victims and families. Not much good will to mankind there then. ✅

PS Brexit is no more than smoke and mirrors, May’s plan with a few minor changes. It’s re writing the law to their advantage which is being hidden. Last min so it’s all rushed in at the end and no chance of changing it. British law suitable for capitalism and no responsibility.

I’m no expert but I’m sure those, bought and paid for, are doing the job they have been told and paid to do. 👍✅

They removed duty of care before the pandemic for councils so it is ok for them to cock up and not be sued. The Pandemic was killing people through incompetence, so duty was removed and now rewritten the rest of it. Is even that legal 🤔? Totalitarian so law not needed. 👍

Re pandemic the gov needs to take cleaning the air we breathe and gargling far more seriously because their measures have failed miserably, and we are on Tier 4 with a mutant bug ripping through. I covered it repeatedly over the past year and was part of my accepted CPD. If it’s not in the air you breath, you can’t get infected, simples.

Once bug is past the masks and enters the throat, colonising it. It will replicate. You then will breathe into your lungs and infect them or breathe out virus to infect others. By regularly disinfecting the throat with salt water and kill the virus through osmosis or Listerine type, you kill the bug at source and restrict its infective capability whilst the immune system works it out. ✅

Text to a friend:
I had to laugh, I went up to the garage for milk and noticed a newspaper headline (gov properganda), it went something like Britain has the deal that will allow us to rocket forwards etc.

Classic politics.

Well if we fall flat on our faces it must be our fault. Can’t be them because they worked so hard for 4 years to get it perfect after all. 😂😂

Howard Lamb

24th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Merry Christmas and let’s pray for a happier new year.

2020 has shown the best and worse in us. Understaffed HS without PPE. People died trying to help others, George cross at least.

Child X and his mates however have not seen the best of it. Constantly put at risk through non and wrong diagnosis but too big to fail otherwise those in control would have to be held responsible. So nothing positive has been done to help solve the nightmare catch 22 that they and their families are trapped in.

The evidence is clearly there but if those in power do not want to see it, clearly nothing can be done to force their hand.

If it were only Child X and was just a comedy of error, that’s one thing but it’s not comic and the system has been corrupted to save money and blame the victims of the crimes, then covered up to save more money and reputation. Child abuse by any definition.

How do you get justice when there isn’t any? 🤔 Spare a thought for those who are imprisoned in the UK without charge or diagnoses living a personal hell and being blamed as the victims of ignorance and worse. Who have been so damaged by the system they can never be normal again.

Post traumatically stressed, abandoned by society and abused by their keepers who are clueless as to what they are dealing with.

I will be alone in my bubble over the holidays, as I have been for the past few years working on the correct solution, where there’s the will there is always a way. ✅

PS I’ve stopped celebrating Christmas until I see some good will to mankind, especially children who are special and not the norm. 👍🤔

Text to a friend:
Don’t even go there with the houses of god who preach the good books and turn a blind eye to the reality. 💋💋💋

Defo going pagan on the shortest day next year as they looked after their own, anyway a few naked witches dancing around a big fire would piss my neighbours off, win win. 😂

Text to a friend:
All everyone does nowadays is risk assessment. To take the risks out of life and you then have to tick a box. 🤔 So how can you put children at risk by wrong and non-diagnosis, then traumatise and blame, with no one wanting to investigate? No cover up there then. 😂😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

22nd December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Do you think the vaccine works on the new strain, or do we have to start again?

Pfyser say they could knock up a new vaccine in six weeks. I expect it will still need testing so 6 months.

We have hundreds of flu varieties and vaccines that are not fully effective because you are getting vaccinated against last years epidemic not the new variant. What a nightmare. There will be different variants all over the planet, not just here. Ten vaccines at a time and it’s not going to harm us. 🤔

They will say anything whilst they have their feet in the trough and billions in the bank for legal defence when needed.

A big concern. ✅

Howard Lamb

21st December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter to Boris on hold. I really don’t think it will get us anywhere. Having already been pushed from pillar to post by May, I have no confidence in the gov wanting to sort this problem out. So will look at options over the next few days. Another Christmas where children will be ignored. Shame on them.

Covid cocked up. Brexit cocked up, 4 years to be back where we started. And thousands locked up with wrong or non-diagnosis.

No wonder the pound has dropped through the floor and no end in sight.

That’s what happens when politicians don’t have any responsibility for their actions. ✅

Text to a friend:
EU was never going to allow the UK to leave on good terms, where we could be successful without them. Much better to trash us as an example to others who want to leave. So much for democracy.

They didn’t listen to their member state, caused the referendum and then have muddied the waters ever since so they can damage us and then we are no threat.

Let’s hope Boris has a plan. 😡

Happy days are here again, Britain will have a great Christmas, even when apart we are still together. After all we are British. ✅ Guardian article – ‘Captain of a rudderless ship’: Tory media turn on Boris Johnson

Howard Lamb

18th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve been going back over my multiple letters to May, Boris and Attorney Generals. The only excuse they can come up with is when May put me in contact with someone in the civil service who told me to contact the council. Well, she did do something, it says volumes for the tone of my letter’s after.


All those of you who have read my stuff to the tribunal, PM and GCC will have seen how the child was put at risk, time and time again. Blamed, restrained and traumatically stressed, due to

the wrong diagnosis.

Backed up by the correct paperwork, arc, a top educational psychologist and not contested as the case was conceded before tribunal. Will see they haven’t got a leg to stand on. Prob why they don’t want to engage. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS The tribunals judge gave the council and maladministration and treat of a judicial review if they didn’t comply, prob because he could not prove they tried to pervert justice. All on record and in the mother’s paperwork and book. 👍

Text to a friend:

Yea if ours are truly one of best systems in the world, what must the total size of the abuse worldwide? A very sobering thought before Christmas.

Love it TV game for Christmas, spot the sociopath, parliament edition. I’d watch it. Done by spitting image, perfect. 😂😂😂😂

Don’t see how you could squealed 600 MPs and the same amount of peers into half an hour. 😂🇬🇧

PPS And the council were refused an appeal against the tribunals judgement. You couldn’t write it.

Oh, I did on the jfa site and chronicled in real time. As I’ve said before it could not happen by mistake. Had to be planed and co-ordinated for it to come in on budget, that’s why it’s too big to fail. Otherwise, the truth will out. 🇬🇧

PPPS How could they try and appeal the judgement when they had conceded the case 🤔🤔 before it started? 😤 It was all about saving face after that hence the cover up, the child made to fail and the mother constantly suppressed and fought for every inch only to be wronged by those who took revenge for her victory. That’s a book on a chapter

Why has there never been a transparent investigation? Because people of importance would have to go to jail. We can’t have that can we. What next? ✅

Text to a friend:
Defo two sets of rules. Time for evolution or go back in time to where a person’s word was their bond and reputation. Then things would sort themselves out. It’s always the little things that end up doing the most.

Well, HIO or whole in one was my basic training. 👍😂😂😂

16th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Toughing it out. You have to remember that everybody has covered their arses in the paperwork, when you overview it, it looks like there is no evidence. So, the gov think they are sitting pretty. However, when you cross reference what should have been done in comparison to what actually occurred it’s a totally different ball game. That’s why the mothers evidence and paperwork is so important, but once labelled a bad mother she has no voice.

The child was put at risk, repetitively yet the mother was blamed. Everyone has ticked their box and the gov will feel they are safe. How can that be? They have already started to put in place change, as chronicled on this site. If there was nothing wrong, why would they?

Clearly the gov has burnt its bridges, by toughing it out over the past 8 years. So are in a situation where they have nailed themselves to the mast. How can they now say, oops we were wrong?

Yet more children are being sucked into the system, which has been corrupted, every day and don’t have their special needs catered for because there is no budget or facilities.

You can’t say we accidentally abused tens of thousands of children because we twisted the system to save money and it’s gone on for so long, we can’t change it because the truth will come out and people will have to be held responsible. There in a nutshell is my problem, how do you overcome that? 🤔

Under investment over decades means that to put it right will cost huge sums of money, huge investment and huge amounts of compensation. Tens of thousands of trained professionals would have to be found and existing staff retrained. The gov is not capable of that so the best thing to do is say it never happened, move on. 😡

For god sake they could not ring fence the old and vulnerable over Covid and caused 10’s of thousands of extra deaths what chance on something much more complicated.

Yea agreed, all you have to do is look back at Baby P. All that press coverage and change that never happened. (if it had I would not be having to do this) What was the end result? The gov sacked the head of the SS without the right protocols and procedures and ended up having to pay a large golden handshake for wrongful dismissal. And the system just ground on.

If my regulator had for fulfilled its obligation I would have been backed up and not taken off the register. 🤔 No cover up then. 😂😂

Why was the tribunal so important and why was the child trashed and thrown out on the street? The exception makes the rule. If we were right on this case, they would be wrong on many, many more. Total disgrace.

Remember the mother has won tribunal, ombudsman etc. and ended up as fulltime carer of a child/young man who has been made much more complex by the abuse from the corrupted system. Just a naughty boy and bad mother so who gives a dam. Wrong attitude I suspect, certainly not duty of care.

Don’t even get me on the prison system. I’ve had several long chats with a mum whose daughter (undiagnosed autistic) who ended up inside. The quality of care and understanding was zero, in fact the girl was constantly provoked until she failed in suicide. Hence, I know for sure that the 2k locked up without charge or diagnosis is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, you have to be a naughty girl to end up in jail so no need for diagnosis.

Of course, it was vital that Child X failed at his placements to prove the SS right and there is no point spending money on a naughty boy.

Yea you can bet the SS have the gov’s ear and telling them what they want to hear. Bastards. ✅

Well the gov does not understand the correct protocols and procedures so easy to pull the wool over their eyes. I’ve read and understood them so not so easy to con. ✅ That’s why we have a tick box system. The politicians only have to count ticked boxes and don’t have to understand shit. 👍 Prisons are now run for profit so no money to help the inmates unless you are normal and just do your time.

All you have to do whilst waiting for me to put the paperwork together that the gov has already seen, is go to the early (2012) archives of this site for my undisputed letters to the tribunal, local MP and regulator to see that the child was repeatedly put at risk, abused (mentally, emotionally and physically) by those in or outside the system through labelling as a naughty boy and denied any form of diagnosis except for a list of orders and syndromes which clearly showed his autism and learning difficulties. He would not comply, derrr. Never try to get a donkey through the gate by beating it, because it will never happen.

The bit in my diagnosis about posttraumatic stress he suffered at the hands of the system caused him to mask, deflect and defer. To this day the anger inside him is huge and very damaging to his future.

Exactly, they don’t have to take my word for any of this. All it takes is independent actual experts looking at what should have happened against what did. All in the paperwork which can’t be massaged. Tends to explain why they will not engage, deflect and defer, lucky I’m an expert in that with 35 years plus of treating autistic children. 😂

Yep, the gov will not want to go there as it will show they are wrong, there has been wrong doing and people are responsible. So, in classic python style, Run Away. ✅

Does that make me the fierce bunny rabbit? 😂😂😂😂

Even if they did, they would twist that by having people on their payroll look at limited information, then shove it through committee to show they had no responsibility, and everything is tickettyboo. ✅ Twisted from top to bottom and from start till now. The cover up of this century so far. What else have they perverted? 🤔

How can I be so sure what independent experts will say? Well, I had some look at it back in the day. 👍✊

Stats help to back it all up. Take prisons, look at deaths and attempted suicides in the system before it was tendered out for profit and the figures since. Defo an eye opener. Apparently manslaughter is not a crime if the gov is responsible. ✅

Kids are not born criminal, it is what society turns them into. But it’s easier to bang them up and skimp on rehab, and blame the mother who was denied the help when it was needed before it all went tits up. I blame the gov for abusing power and ignorance. It’s all about them and their graveyard train, sorry gravy train. Power and position. After all they are only bad kids from bad parents so it’s all their fault. Some kids are born sociopaths etc. but they do well in parliament. 👍 Research it and you will see what I mean.

Howard Lamb

PS The abuser always blames the victim.

PPS No matter how hard I looked I could not find the protocol that allows education or the SS to put a child at risk. 🤔

15th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Why is this taking so long? No simple answer

  1. Change of staff, Cameron to May, May to Boris, back room staff removed and replaced. It happened on someone else’s shift, not our fault.
  2. Brexit, we don’t need another scandal at this time of importance.
  3. Covid, we don’t need another scandal so everything on hold.
  4. Everyone down the line has covered it up, with or without the top brasses approval. So the truth has not been fully uncovered.
  5. It’s within their power to do nothing and just tough it out.

I’m sure there will be other reasons but off the top of my head that will cover it.

Clearly there will be no contact before Christmas, so more rules breeched and the kids still suffer, Merry Christmas.

My next letter should be on their desks and online by Monday or before. All I can do is keep the pressure up. 👍

What’s to stop them from just toughing it out? Well suppressing child abuse is a criminal act and if proven they all go to jail. They don’t take risks so they will have to find a solution.

Well that’s my logic but we are dealing with fairly dense politicians, full of themselves and used to abusing power. 🤔 Prob not dense, just no skill sets to solve the prob, so clueless. ✅

Howard Lamb

13th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

French again. I am no expert on international law, so I have to use common sense. Whatever we took into the union with Europe we should be able to take back with us when we leave. Fishing rights for instance, otherwise its theft. 🤔

Never stopped the French before. Afterall they stole all our Norman lands in the 100 year war. 😂 A much to do about nothing really, smoke and mirrors as they try to damage us further so the EU can pick up the profitable left overs, banking, the city, industry etc.

Should have done hard Brexit 4 years ago and we would be in a much better place than we are now.

Total cock up from start to finish.

Well done parliamentary democracy, nothing like the real thing.

I’ve sorted my next letter to Boris and just need to put the paperwork together, the optimist in me says that it will not be needed, the realist in me says the war will go on for a while yet.

With Christmas round the corner have a thought for the thousands who are not safe and in abusive situations thanks to our corrupted system. 👍

Howard Lamb

11th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Still no news. The government clearly thinks that by toughing it out they can still get away with blue murder. Well teen suicides anyway.

I’m on the next letter over the next few days. I will prob send copies of the key letters to tribunal, and PM’s, just in case they have gone missing.

I’ll not bother with the long list of letters that went out to the GCC and profession as I will deal with them in a different way.

As always just need to sort out the tone of the letter, I’m well past angry from Pinner. 😂

Howard Lamb

PS The maternity scandal, blame the mothers, Brexit cock up prob just smoke and mirrors and a last min deal will be done otherwise the EU will lose out big time, and Boris needs something to show he is not totally useless. 4 years of damage to the country and ending up where we started. If we had hard Brexit, then we would be 4 years further down the road not hanging as we are now.

As they say a week is a long time in politics.

PPS Who makes the MMR vaccine, why is it so safe? Who did the tests and back up research? Do people with allergies get reaction as well? If highly safe why have so many had reactions after inoculation? 🤔 Always more questions than answers.

Text to a friend:
Why deal with GCC etc. separately? Simple it very personal so the solution will be very personal. ✊

Re autism and vaccine, I have no evidence one way or the other. But if it’s not the jab, what is causing the flood of autism we have now? Anyhow you can always fiddle data depending on the parameters used, ask Cummings, I hope his eye are better now. 😡

10th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

If they are bullying the Civil Service to the point they want to commit suicide, imagine what it’s like for kids with special needs that are not catered for. 😡 BBC article – ‘Grave concerns’ from union over ‘bullying’ in Cabinet Office

Howard Lamb

9th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

I bet Boris has not just been in talks over rubicons and red herrings. Our laws are all in tune with the EU, so what we have done to those with special needs will prob be the same. Huge Euro scandal in the making, prob global. So not just our lot covering up? Time will tell.

If we have 2k+ locked up without charge or diagnosis, abusing their human rights, how many are there in the whole of Europe? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Why do they not deal with the problem? Well, if they did they would have to admit wrong doing and someone would have to be held responsible.

They are politicians, so we can’t have that can we. ✅ Exactly, if they all were charged and convicted, through historic abuse, the Scrubs would look more like the House of Lords. 😂😂

😂😂 Free press, because they are not worth anything, very good. 😂😂😂😂😂

Why historic child abuse? Let’s forget about Child X and his 10’s of thousands of little mates, for a moment and focus on the 2k in solitary. I expect that’s a conservative number (excuse the pun).

It’s not like they have just rounded them up. So, we have a population developing over a long number of years. This cannot happen without an astonishing amount of abuse of power. So, they could have been locked away illegally for decades. No crime or diagnosis so the abuse by the system will have made their conditions much, much worse.

It’s OK though because they have been naughty. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Exactly, after abusing them for so many years they are hugely complex and will not be able to go back into normal society and will need huge amounts of help. What they got was do not resuscitate orders and left banged up. ✅ Job done.

Who had to be involved to allow it to happen, Home office, Attorney Gen’s, Work and Pensions, National Health, Cabinet and PM plus their secretaries (not typists) long list, so you can understand why they felt the need to cover it up?

Don’t forget the whips that keep the sheep at bay or the lords who covered their arses. So all of the parliamentary system. So much for democracy.

Who had to be involved to allow it to happen, Home office, Attorney Gen’s, Work and Pensions, National Health, Cabinet and PM plus their secretaries (not typists) long list, so you can understand why they felt the need to cover it up?

Don’t forget the whips that keep the sheep at bay or the lords who covered their arses. So all of the parliamentary system. So much for democracy.

So, they have been trading off as experts and damaged thousands. Prob should pay their wages and pensions back for not actually having the skill sets to earn the money in the first place. ✅👍😂

Why do I keep banging on about pensions? Well, once we get rid of 200,000 pieces of dead wood, ticking boxes and protecting their arse, there will be enough to pay for people with skill sets to solve the problems. ✅

As for conservative figures. Covid 19 Gov says 60k dead. Press say 75k dead and the extra deaths well over 100 k. Prob over a quarter of a million with serious damage to lungs, hearts, kidneys and liver. Whole truth not to their advantage so massage the figures to make them look better. ✅
As for the vaccine which has to be kept at -70 degrees. The company has shown in its past history it’s only interest is to make a buck.

The reason it used to take 10 years to develop a vaccine rather than 10 months is to see the long term effects. Like reactions to allergies etc. but as the gov has not been able to protect the old and vulnerable, killing a few more and then massaging the figures to cut red tape was a viable option.
So they haven’t protected the old and vulnerable from an airborne virus and done nothing to protect the air we breathe, or gargle to protect the throat, after all it will not kill normal tax payers/voters.

They have not protected the young and vulnerable and all the money goes to the norm, children of the tax payers and voters.

But don’t worry if you do not fulfil the norm, Boris and his gov are on the job. Well they had to do something with their time. 😂😂😂

Yea Cummings and his kind have a lot to answer for. As long as we keep our voter happy we can get back with as little as 35 % of the vote, who gives a toss about the old and young with special needs. No vote so we can do what we want. ✅ Especially as the system is so twisted you can’t win a complaint. 👍

All words that mean nothing. I as PM will rise above party politics and help the whole nation.

Bollocks in triplicate. 🙊

Howard Lamb

8th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

My latest letter to Boris Johnson

Howard Lamb

6th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter has gone and it will go up tomorrow eve, so they have had time to process it first.

It has also gone to an important third party.

If there is no contact, I will send another letter by the end of next week.

Christmas is all about children so it will be special. 👍

Howard Lamb

6th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
A clear example of passing the buck and changing staff is the GCC. One regulator for multiple years, who had to leave, then a few years until the next had to leave and I’ve lost count how many since then.

Once you corner them, their off and the next one just follows the party line with, “it was before my time so can we just move on.” 😡

Howard Lamb

4th December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letters done and will be registered to no 10 on Monday.

To be fair I’ll post it on site Tuesday. I’m happy with it, short and clinically sharp. Not that I expect a reply because of the cover up but I’m having to tick all the boxes before we move to the next level.

Not much point in saying more till the letter is up, so I’m having the weekend off, unless something crops up worthy of comment.

I’ll spend some time with the child who is having problems after a meltdown. Mother is stressed out and can’t get her heart rate below 100 bpm. That’s what 20+ years of constant high levels of stress does, confirmed by her GP. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Some pratt from the gov was saying yesterday that we have better scientists than anyone else in the world. How’s that possible when we have the highest death rate per head of population? If the science had been right how’s that possible?

Prob because the gov didn’t listen to them and did their own thing. 🤔I had my house in pieces looking for 50£ I had misplaced. The gov doesn’t seem too worried about a 50 billion £ hole in our finances. Wow how can nobody have noticed? A bit of a concern really. BBC News article – Call for probe into ‘missing’ £50bn of UK cash

People had to know, yet another cover up then. ✅

Only the black economy? Traffickers, money laundering, drug dealers, arms dealers etc., nothing to worry about. 😤

Prob offshore in one of the islands, channel, man etc. Or with Sir Phillip in Monty. With all the other billions from tax evasion I expect. Don’t forget Switzerland I expect Britain is a world leader in avoidance which is why there is no money for our disabled kids. It’s OK though because they prob all have knighthoods. 👍

2nd December, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I don’t want to pee on the gov’s triumph over vaccine but hundreds of drugs have been cleared for us only to be pulled later because of the damage which had been done by it.

Trials over a few months are hugely unreliable. When prescribing tens of millions of doses you must be sure. Just ticking the right boxes in a hurry because you failed to protect the vulnerable is not the right way to handle this.

But what do I know? 😡

Howard Lamb

1st December, 2020

Dear Patient,

If 75 k now dead from COVID the figures for extra deaths must be closer to 110k .🤔 Guardian article – UK coronavirus death toll passes 75,000

Howard Lamb

30th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

I have finished most of my letter to the PM about not sending my paperwork and not responding to his complaint’s procedure. It will be ready to post by the end of the week. I’ll post it on site as soon as it’s gone. Why will he find it so hard to comply? Well he has been briefed and as such is now part of the crime. Lawyers will have told him to shut up shop and only replay, if forced and through them only. God how they spend our tax to protect themselves from us. 😡

Text to a friend:
A friend just told me that during a cold morning, the other day, she noticed her daughter cough and saw how far the white damp air went. Told her daughter to put her mask on and went home till it warmed up. I said I had watched Formula 1 and realised that as the cars went along others made use of their slip stream. Just as the virus would do leaking from a poor fitting mask as they walked up the street. But as long as you wash your hands, it’s OK.

We have been running at 4 to 5 hundred deaths a day for a few weeks now. Mainly vulnerable people, that’s without the extra death count. Clear evidence that after the shambles at the beginning re care homes they have not learnt the lessons and more die daily because of their mistakes.

How hard is it to protect the elderly and vulnerable in society? They have already failed miserably with the young with special needs and vulnerable. Let’s hope Brexits not a cock up too.

Exactly that, if the gov only deals with the norm anything but the norm is not catered for in their budgets. Blair and his cronies have much to answer for. 👍
I expect that the super spreaders have a colony of virus up their nose which has not invaded the body of the carrier. Would explain a lot ✅

Well some data cruncher would have worked out that the old and frail, the young and vulnerable don’t vote so you can do what you want with them. 😡

Blair’s lot went recruiting lib and conservative votes in the middle ground and dumped the poor side of their vote who would never vote conservative. Politics, don’t you love it. 🤔

Sir K got his knighthood for failing to prosecute all sorts of things from rape to abuse. Can’t expect morals when you are in with a chance of a lordship if you don’t rock the boat.

I have finished most of my letter to the PM about not sending my paperwork and not responding to his complaint’s procedure. It will be ready to post by the end of the week. I’ll post it on site as soon as it’s gone. Why will he find it so hard to comply? Well he has been briefed and as such is now part of the crime. Lawyers will have told him to shut up shop and only replay, if forced and through them only. God how they spend our tax to protect themselves from us. 😡

Blair’s lot went recruiting lib and conservative votes in the middle ground and dumped the poor side of their vote who would never vote conservative. Politics, don’t you love it. 🤔

Sir K got his knighthood for failing to prosecute all sorts of things from rape to abuse. Can’t expect morals when you are in with a chance of a lordship if you don’t rock the boat.

Re vaccine passport:

  1. We only think in theory that they have a high level of protection. I would like to see the results in the vulnerable ages. No point having tested lots of youngsters to distort the results.
  2. How long are they valid for? A week, month, 3 months, we don’t know.
  3. Test at airport all those who do not want to be vaccinated.
  4. Why have those who have developed natural immunity got to have a vaccine stamp on their passport?

More questions than answers as always.

After all, if 18% of London has had the bug already, why would they need a vaccine? 🤔🤔

I only wanted to know how many excess deaths in total there had been, I’m sure it’s in the data somewhere but I’m buggered if I can find it. Classic gov print everything you can but don’t give any answers. Public Health England – Excess mortality in England, week ending 13 November 2020

One weekly figure shows 3k+ Covid mentioned and nearly 2k extra deaths. So, the true death figure is prob close to 100k by now. I expect that’s why they are not mentioned any more.

Would I be happy for crowds at footie? Masked and a yard apart. Flood lights with safe UV bulbs to restrict bugs in the air. Some form of antiviral mist wafting around the stadium and particularly toilet and fast-food areas. Checked for temp on entry, and or a fast test. Safer than sitting at home watching it with a family member with a cough, I expect. ✅

Don’t forget extra viral care on the tube and stations. Also some form of anti v mist in the high streets.

Text to a friend:
If it started under Blair, the conservatives were not going to change it as it was saving billions. So 20 years after the event kids are still entering a system that has been created not to be able to help them, Why? Because, they are not normal and the system is geared for the norm. ✅

Howard Lamb

27th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just been up the shops, I counted 10 people with gloves and masks with their nose exposed. Pratt’s, the nose is a sensory organ affected by pollen or virus in a moist non hostile environment (mouth very hostile to virus).

Would be better to bung up the nose and breath through the mouth. Most infection will enter through nose and drop into the unprotected back of the throat. It’s not that hard, is it. 🤔✅
I lost count of the people who are fed up de misting their glasses due to poor fitting masks. A viral, potentially, mist covering eyes, ears, head and shoulders. Then leaving a trail behind you as you walk about and breath back your own air.

That’s why as soon as you get symptoms, stay at home, do not pass go or your get out of jail card will be revoked. 👍
How hard is it to safeguard the vulnerable? Care homes- Staff tested daily, home de-virile regularly and the air kept pure. Rehydrate those on water retention pills for too long, high doses of Vit D, C, and trace minerals, high nutritional food, easy to digest and absorb, SAD light bulbs and mild anti-viral mist with air purification in every room etc.

Those at home with help must protect their environment and the carers must be tested, masked and de viral on exit etc.

The importance of pure air I cannot stress enough. Less virus in air, fewer infections, the less chance of multiple loads at different stages of incubation, which then overload the immune system, not good. 👍

Howard Lamb

27th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Dr Roger Hodkinson, President of the Alberta Society of Laboratory Physicians November 13th 2020 – On how governments responded to COVID
Not just me then. ✅

Air borne so protect the air you breath as I have done at home and in my clinic.

Why when we have Nightingale hospitals are the COVID cases going into the national health hospitals and disrupting normal services and inevitably killing more people? 😡

Why hasn’t the NHS protected the air in hospitals? The management will follow the party line from Public Health England and not the clinicians. They listen to scientists who play with test tubes and theories and don’t listen to those who are not on the pay roll.

Well we can’t have anyone showing the gov to be incompetent, can we. 🤔👍

Howard Lamb

25th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
What’s wrong with the people I say should not be involved with these kids? Well if your training is sociology and not clinical, you do not have a clue as to what you are dealing with.

If the consensus is that it’s a naughty child and a bad mother and you know no better you treat them like a naughty child and poor parents. Who helps a bad mother? In fact they seem to go out of their way to put the boot in further. ‘We will keep our limited resources for those who deserve them’. The problem with that is if you do not diagnose and then wrongly label them, they really don’t stand a chance.

Exactly. The SS decided not to follow the judge’s ruling and the child’s special needs and continued with their naughty child/bad mother theory and trashed his placement, then blamed the child so they could say they were right the whole time.

Saving vast sums of money to protect their limited budget. ✅

Leading to mental and physical abuse of the child who should have been protected. 😡

As you saw with Boris and pretty Patel, pressure was put on everyone to make it go away. Just imagine what pressures have been brought to bear over the Child X abuse by the system case. Not forgetting the tens of thousands of others.

With diagnosis from two years to infinity and labelling children naughty they have saved billions of the back of child abuse. An absolute disgrace.

What would I do to them? You are having a laugh. Go to jail, save on wages and claw back their pensions and there would be more money to help the abused children. What a Christmas that would be. 😂😂😂 How can you expect a pension for what they have done?

Do I think that is possible? If we have to move to the next level there will be little choice. 👍 Remember the system did not twist itself, it had to be crafted as it was so comprehensively done.

8 years + since the tribunal. The GCC/ BCA shenanigans. Child restrained and his own personal guard. Ignored letters asking why it had not been investigated. Me in the naughty corner and not communicated with, did not happen without external control.

All on JFA plus extra paperwork held back.

Howard Lamb

23rd November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
How can they come up with an arbitrary figure of 1 in 100 when they are doing everything not to diagnose autism?

Exactly if the diagnosis time ranges from 2 years to infinity how can their figures be right? All smoke and mirrors.

I bet after Christmas we go back into lockdown to cover the hard Brexit and stop people marching. There is always a hidden reason for everything they do.

Is it time for me to write my open letter to the press re autism, cover up and Boris not complying to his code of practice re complaints procedure?

Always more questions than answers. 🤔

Who do I blame and are they all abusers? Good question and no simple answer.

The gov will say that they gave the councils money, and it was down to them how they spent it. However in their published statement the gov says that labour, under Blair, hugely underestimated how many children there were and how much it would cost, so the council could never afford to put in the facilities these kids needed.

Once the dye was set the problem grew. Councils had to restrict finance and the kids were stuck in a loop. The gov not understanding what had been done, compounded the problem by cutting budgets further. Once non diagnosis became the norm more children became extreme.

Are they bad people and abusers? I expect not just doing their jobs as best as they can in difficult circumstances. However, once they started to realise what was going wrong covering it up and making complaint impossible is unforgivable. People made the decision to hide it and tough it out.

My original paperwork to the tribunal should have started an investigation as my language was clear, I should of had back up on diagnosis and my ability to from both the GCC and BCA, the child should have been safe and diagnosed and wasn’t.

Doing a Trump ‘People did bad things’. Why, because they could abuse their powers and have no come back. If you had watched what I have seen in the last ten years, you would understand why I haven’t and will not give up.

Who abused these children? The system. So those who put it together and perpetuated it are the abusers. Mark you, from what I have seen, many people are in the wrong position and should never be allowed near these kids.

Why is Boris being slow to respond? I can only guess he was mushroomed (kept in dark and fed shit), now Cummings and mate have gone, there is no excuse.

Howard Lamb

22nd November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Well the Priti Patel case shows how the Prime Minister does not think twice about perverting justice. It tends to explain why I’ve got nowhere by writing to him. Well if he tries to tamper with the Patel case over bullying civil servants, what chance exposing the abuse and bullying of those with learning difficulties and autism? How do you get justice when the guilty run the roost? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Perverting justice. He did not accept the findings of the investigation and wanted them changed. A man with moral fibre refused and resigned. Then the PM has ignored the findings saying it was just his opinion. Why bother investigating if you are going to ignore the evidence, just like the Child X case? Rotten to the core, I expect.

Clearly when the abuse and bullying comes from the top it has spread throughout the whole corrupted system. 👍✅ How else can you put a child at risk, traumatically stress him and refuse to accept his true diagnosis. Then blame him and his mother to avoid responsibility. 😡

To big to fail and has. ‘Not on my shift’ deflect and defer. It’s strange because that’s a trait of people who have been traumatically stress as a mirror image to their actions.

All in the figures. If 1 in 45 tend to have spectrum difficulties, over 1.5 million + will be affected in this country. Cross ref with how many the gov has registered and you will see the size of the problem. No wonder they wish I would 🤫shut and go away. 😂

Is it worth continuing with the complaints procedure as the Prime Minister can just ignore it? Yes, after all you can only get a judicial review if you have exhausted all available options.

Text taf

Why a judicial review? Well I need to see if they can be got at and then move to the next level.

I told you I like to be thorough. Having dealt with these people in multiple areas over many years they tend to try and escape through any little crack in your case. So has to be perfect. Just like diagnosis, otherwise how can you treat the patient?
Judicial review, nothing new. I have talked about it on site. In fact it was on my CPD that was rejected when I was removed from the register. Being the catcher of monster fish, sometimes it takes you years to catch the real monsters. 😂😂😂😂

Yea if you put the right bait in the right place at the right time. You are in with a chance, if your hook rig and end take have been thought through, your chances improve further. The monster has to be lucky every day. The fisherman just once. Odds in my favour as my big fish records of multiple species on 3 continents show. Always do your home work. You can’t catch a huge fish if it’s not there to be caught. ✅

Actually, to be precise the mention of judicial review was in my explanation of my CPD for the appeal.

Not on my shift.

Once Blair had under budgeted and tick boxed the system with the next wave of PM’s. The dye was cast, and Boris doesn’t to cop the blame. 🤔

If the children are not referred for diagnosis, they don’t exist – Government Statistcs

Remember the gov runs off in house experts who have pensions and jobs at stake. If they are working on the figures after diagnosis to work out the numbers and they are diagnosing under half. You can’t trust their figures. Google how many diagnosed autistic people live in UK. They only give estimates based on 1 in 100 even then they say it has a knock-on effect to 2.3million via the ripple out effect to family.

Maybe someone can find the truth because it’s not easy to find.

20th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

If we go back to the early days of COVID, wash your hands as you wipe the side of your mouth and can infect yourself. They knew it was airborne but because of no availability of PPE that was the gov’s stance. If they had pushed the message of gargle with effective agents to protect the throat and social distance as well thousands would still be alive.

Why wasn’t transportation sanitised regularly so support worker could get to work safely? Why were care and normal homes with COVID not sanitised and tested? Why were our borders open all the way through? Why has testing become such a farce? Long list.

If you remember the gov was going to let it rip until scientists broke ranks and made it public. Even now we don’t know how many people are dead as the figures have been massaged as they say 53k but extra deaths are now pushing 100k. Mass immunity via a jab can only work if the virus does not mutate, which it does. So, we will need new jabs every year like with the flu that still kills in its thousands yearly.

If the gov had gone for clean virus free air and throat protection would we be in lock down again, I doubt it. We are going to have to live with this and the next virus to come along for the next century, like the flu, with no end in sight.

Safe UV lights, safe antiviral mists, carbon air filters. Salt drying the atmosphere and hygiene (bleach) not hard to achieve, cheap to do. But they would have to admit they got it wrong again, and that doesn’t happen. Look at what they have done to generations with autism and learning difficulties. Can’t change their fortune because someone may have to lose their job. 😡

Howard Lamb

PS For example, my clinic has added air purity to standard procedure and are adding more where we can. I’m using a hand barrier cream which protects you and kills the virus for up to 4 hrs.

PPS Last Oct/Nov somewhere on the JFA site you will find me talking about hygiene and flu, with what I would do to combat it in schools, aeroplanes etc. so nothing new.

With clean air, clean water that’s chemical/hormone free and nutrition devoid of traces of pesticides and high value, not the over cropped soil with low value that our fruit and veg come from nowadays. The health of the planet would improve no end. Just because it kills you slowly doesn’t mean it’s OK. 👍

Text to a friend:
If Trump was our PM and it got about he hated being seen as a looser. I would bet my bottom dollar that thousands of people in pairs would be marching all over the place yelling Trump is a looser. Well you know what us Brits are like. 🤔😂😂😂

Yea you could do it to Gordon is a moron. Boris or Donald is a looser, I would watch the news for that one. 😂

Even better after the Queens speech, a big dinner and alcohol on your own or house mates only. Then go back in and have a toast to the death of retail and large events.

Of course, if you are dealing with job for life jobsworths, their job is important to them so they will do anything to keep it and nice pension, paid for by us.

No such thing as the truth because that can get you into trouble. ✅

Just think, if common sense prevailed, Jan 1 2021 could open a new era. Fast tests and passports. Test at airports tests on arrivals and tmp checks. Planes decontaminated after every flight etc. If have or had antibodies, passport for free access to normal life.

Night clubs could test all who enter as part of door price antiviral essential mists, purified air exchange, UV lights, etc.

Home antiviral kits to protect the home. UV lights and antiviral mist in shops and high street with purified air exchange and testing where appropriate. Easy to do but you need leadership.

Oh I forgot, Boris in isolation again. Prob should furlough him and try again. 👍

I’m still trying to get my head round vaccinating every one and draconian rules if you don’t want one.

The fact is, most  people will build their own immunity safely. As long as they stick to the rules. As soon as symptoms start, you stop and rest, do not tire yourself and keep going because you will make it much worse, look at La La.

Gargle and eat small amounts of high nutritional foods which are easy to digest. Take immune support supplements and personally I would do a hot toddy to kill the bug on the way in and help clear you lungs as you breath out mild alcohol fumes creating a hostile environment for the virus through the night.

Those in the danger zone should be vaccinated but within the realms of human rights (do not resuscitate for autistic people 😡) staff who give the injection first, then the old and vulnerable, that will take some time. So until then make sure the air is pure and you don’t breath in the bug through your mask as none of them can guarantee your safety.

Hot toddy. How do the police find drunk drives, alcohol on their breath, not rocket science but common sense?

Has Cummings gone for ever? Who knows? Been close confidant to Boris throughout the leave years prob has shared skeletons in the closet, who was the leader and who was the bitch? Vote still out on that one I’m afraid. Equally guilty but In political terms, it never happened. ✊🇬🇧

I know multiple species of animals, pets, zoo and farmed.

Yet every time it rains hard in the UK storm drains overload the foul water system and the excess, including the virus, is pumped into the environment and eco systems. Does not bode well for our under resourced wild life. 😡✅

No COVID worse than the Spanish flu. In those days if you got to the stage where you needed oxygen you died because there was none. COVID replicates quicker, and infects more. Without clean sterile air multiple strains of mutated virus will give many a heavy load and then even the young are vulnerable.

Sewage, virus’s and hormones released into our eco system and they wonder how the bugs can mutate. Derrr

I expect those that have been enriched by cocaine are more aggressive than those who were brought up on weed. 🤔👍😂 If you give nature a smorgasbord of chemicals in a correct environment it will surpass. Primeval soup comes to mind.

I wonder if anyone has thought why CO2 seems to be important? Lungs breath in air with oxygen content the blow out air with the oxygen removed and full of CO2. People in inner cities with high pollution/CO2 levels statistically more vulnerable. Sunlight and photosynthesis converting CO2 to O2 and dark reversing the process. Bug settles in the darkest place in the mouth, at the back of the throat. 🤔 Not to worry I’m sure they are on the case.

17th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

If you go back to March/April I made all staff gargle and put it up on JFA repeatedly. Why has it taken 8 months? Make you throat hostile environment and give the body a chance to combat C19. BBC News article – Covid: Mouthwash ‘can kill virus in lab in 30 seconds’

Just think if we had washed hands, gargled and wore a mask when not social distancing, how many lives would have been saved.

Howard Lamb

16th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Boris can’t get the right end of the stick. Primary care/key workers are tested and then tested again and are back to work. But with Cummings and co out the door and 10 days of Brexit negotiations ahead I expect the prime minister has gone into hiding before it all goes tits up. Smoke and mirrors.

The test and trace finally worked and took out the key player in this pandemic. ✅ I hope heads are rolling. Who is responsible for keeping key members of the gov, COVID free? Prob will get a knighthood for service to their country, poss the EU and a remainder. 😂

Why smoke and mirrors? Well how many people were in contact with Boris? All of Downing Street and spread through the ministries. But if Boris disappears for 10 days, we can close a blind eye or there would be no one at the helm. ✅

Let’s hope the Brexit negotiation team are all well. 👍

As for Cummings, I expect the large cardboard box he left No. 10 with was full of memory sticks as he walked away with the Crown Jewels of data to earn a fortune from, bless him. He had no scruples when he ran away on holiday up north in the first wave. Why would he have grown morals now. 😂

Text to a friend:
Of course Boris should talk to me one on one via the telephone. Clearly Cummings lead him up the garden path, I expect that’s why his partner through her toys out the pram. She is a clever girl, check her CV.

All is not lost as yet. I can see a happy outcome, either the buck stops at May or it flattens him. Which will the 1922 committee choose, do you think? Well the abuse of autism goes back further than that so they can’t be trusted.

Well if a clever girl is standing her corner to stop the child from carrying the title of Son of Baffoon, I’m sure there will be more words. Let’s hope the flat is well insulated. 😂😂

Stuck in doors with a wife who, at this moment in time, hates you. Steep likening curve like the rest of the nation.

There’s a lot to be said for living on your own deep into the countryside with relatively few houses within half a mile I expect. 😂😂😂

I’m not surprised that all those making a fortune in after dinner speaking must be feeling the pinch. Shame, I’m over it. 👍

Try and help Boris. 👍 EU did not fulfil criteria set out in Maastricht so they have to give back shed loads. Tie them up for years in courts and appeals, then open civil claims on block for damages to business. Then you don’t have to break law because you are trying to work within it.

Once EU realised their budget is F’d for prob 5 to 10 years as they can’t afford to lose, they may come round the table instead of taking the piss. ✅

Free market to Maastricht where over 50%of the people had to vote leave because they were not listened to or in acted about. Not what it says on the tin, so to speak.

Why five to ten years? Well it’s taken me 10 years to get where I am today, and I’m prob a bit brighter than them. Anyhow we can start it off at the courts of justice (royal). I would love to see the EU directives on autism, prob civil due to human rights, strange how that works, or doesn’t.

Howard Lamb

15th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve had a reflective day.

We lost on appeal to Simon Singh, due the press’s right to be wrong. Obviously, we had let the side down as we managed to get the press off the hook after McAlpine etc. So, we did not deserve to be doctors. Hence Howell building on the damage done, by the first regulator, through incompetence, arrogance and nearly bankrupted the GCC. I would love to see what she said in her closing statements to the Privy Council. I’m perfect and they are arseholes I expect.

The rest is in the history and paperwork.

USAx3 has the same prob with the democratic bias of the press. All I see is the CNN’s of this world wanting to lynch Trump, yet thousands are on the streets supporting him. The usually silent majority of decent people who have had enough of the bullshit and don’t know who to believe anymore.

We are only a year in to this pandemic yet the strains on the capitalist world are ramping up. Yet the rich get richer and more are put into a life of no hope and no chance of recovery. End of days as we knew them, I expect. Is that a good or bad thing?

It depends on us. If the lessons have not been learned and all on and including the planet are not served with equal zeal. Civilisation will continue on its current course and end the millennial cycle. Christ to Norman/Templar and then to us. 🤔 Gets a bit depressing really. 🤔😂🌪⚡️⚡️✊

Lucky for Trump he’s Republican. If he had been a Democrat, I’m sure a Republican would have done a JFK or Pope or Reagan or was that a plot from a B movie.

Thank god for the BBC. Try to show both sides when allowed by the gov. 👍

Bin Laden crashed two planes into the heart of Wall Street. Not a random act. A reminder to the USAx3 that once the Ten Commandments were broken the false idols of gold were melted down and pored over the tribes. So not so much a war on terror but to protect big business globally.

The wars against the Republican guard. Not democratic so had to change. They can’t help themselves. French at the bottom of it with their Republicans. Vive Le Republic.

All over the world from yellow tree fruits to America herself. The whole thing about a republic is it should be democratic but that doesn’t work for dictators. 🤔

What a world.

Howard Lamb

14th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Exactly if they have the bio tech to graft parts to viruses to educate the immune system they must have the tech to have grafted it to COVID in the first place.

The plot thickens. Who earn’t money and baled out, and why would he do such a thing when there is huge long term gain? 🤔🤔 Follow the money. ✅

Assange mistake was he got it right. Well if he had got it wrong the press could have stood up for him. 😘🙏🏾

Oldest trick in the book, keep the king hostage and control his people. Made an example of Assange and spectacle for the world to see. Look what happens to a Whistleblower. ✅ Control 101 and cover arse.

Well that’s my opinion, building on a firm diagnosis but still arranging the mosaic out of the jigsaws. 😂

For Americax3 to have spent so much effort on Assange there is something missing they don’t want Assange to have or use. 🤔 Why pervert the free press’s rights otherwise?

Manning hasn’t got it, Snowden has something otherwise Putin would not have pissed the USAx3 off so much.

Assange as a sexual offender was discredited. If he had it he would have used it by now. 🤔

So, who has got what and what’s it all about? It’s got to be big. I bet someone has it but clueless as to what they have. Prob cherry picked what they wanted and never looked at and got the whole picture. 🤔 Prob the Epstein files under a code name. 😂😂😂😂

I wonder if Snowden left a back door which Assange and papers have missed or Manning for that matter. You would have thought she, when pardoned, would have said, so they couldn’t go back on their word.

Another bloody Miss Marple if you follow the breadcrumbs. The butler has a watertight reason to be off her list, in the spy world you hide your failures and illegalities. So why make such a huge fuss? 🤔

Howard Lamb

13th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Still no contact. They have not communicated, prob why their head of communications has just resigned. No such thing as coincidence if you look at things scientifically. 😂

I’ve got the tone for my next letter up the chain, just not sure of content, I’m sure that will come. ✅

Text to a friend:
That’s a great conspiracy theory. Pfyser Bio Tech were working on COVID in China when it was released and that is why they could come up with a 90+% effective vaccine so quickly. ✅👍😂

Well look at their history. Bank rolling docs to sell addictive pain killers, very long list of multimillion fines. Scoundrels, one and all. 🤔

Yea that would explain why that bio bloke been locked away 24/7 to stop the whirlwind pandemic they released. OK though because we are going to clean up. 👍

Always follow the money, not my fault, Agatha Christy started it. 😂😂😂

If Trump has shares via a Shell company through the Ukrainian, it would explain why he wanted everyone except himself you already had the vaccine. This could grow legs and run. 😂

Yes, those pictures of Americans all gunned up reminded me of so-called terrorist groups in the Middle East, fighting to regain their countries from infidel invasion. Republicans v Democrats just different name. 👍

Agreed Trump not got the hump but up to something. He will try and put a wrench in the machine and tweet about how shit it is constantly to the next election. Where everything is much much worse and then can say, I told you so. All about power and money, F all to do with his people. 🤔
More people voted for Trump than any other Republican ever.

Once Trump has run a mock you will see the humble Trump bitching on the way out to seal the divide. Defo not seen on the apprentice. 😂

Why have the press barons been so quiet? 🤔 None of them are being done for publishing and comments, re the leaked material from Assange. 🤔

Deals behind closed doors maybe. Following on from multiple false claims of high-ranking child abuse. Blame chiropractic and stick up for Singh. Muddy the waters about press and its right to be wrong, then are in the gov’s pocket. Still waiting for more pieces to that jigsaw. 😂

If COVID-19 has an extra sucker thingy to flu. It’s handy that biotech has manufactured the extra bit so the immune system can combat the virus. Prob follows on from their China experiments in the early days, before accidental/man made release.

Howard Lamb

11th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Does this mean all autistic kids have problems with the hippocampus? No. My opinion, given the information I have up till now, leads me to believe that the brainstem which may be normal on MRI or CAT scans has not switched on properly due to genome dysfunction, not allowing ease of access to all relevant areas of the brain. A scan 20 years ago would have been a good reference as to whether the area of brain at that time, before the stress and adult drugs, was normal.

It’s possible that the hippocampus was not properly connected from early on as when I first met him he still forgot to clean his teeth and wash, he would constantly loose stuff or leave stuff somewhere and forget it was with him, but he was traumatically stressed so that would be normal to a degree. He is now 23 and his brain is maturing in its last phase of development, so nothing can now be done to change it or eradicate the traumatic memories, the thing that have been burnt into the memory banks, as near death experiences tend to.

You see if you don’t understand, diagnose and put in the correct treatment plan you are responsible for the damage done to these naughty kids.

If the brain stem is not involved, why were my adjustments to his atlas/axis effective in improving his mental capabilities? With brain tasks and practical experience in the right environment, he had many a light bulb moment as his brain connected pathways. ✅

Each child is unique. Never seen two the same. Even though they all share similar spectrum traits. So how they are handled makes a huge difference. The knock on effects are enormous and a child’s life can end before it had a chance to start. If your short term memory is impaired through stress and constantly want to leave the hostile environment you were placed in.

What little they learn is not absorbed and no memory held. So, sending them unprotected to school can kill any chance of an education. ✅

You also have to see the autism. Teeth from child’s point of view. I cleaned my teeth last year and they haven’t dropped out so what’s the point, I don’t get it. Once we understand the reason why we tend to comply. Sometimes it takes a while for the Penny to drop. Child much better since he has had teeth removed and abscess pain. ✅

Yea, all in mother’s paperwork. Remember she has been my researcher and chronicler of their story. Tons of it showing all the protocols missed, mistakes made and lies told. 😂 Mother was only person entitled to draw it all back and gave me permission to see it all as the only lead clinician involved.👍
Yea I know, it all ties up with birthing reflexes, compression of cranium and brainstem when women have been trying to force a baby up hill by its soft skull, whilst engaged and not coming out. Long list of potential problems that nobody is looking into. ✅

How is Biden going to heal the country and bang Trump up at the same time?

Trump had gone into Caesar mode and doing a Putin job for life and dynasty. So, for 4 years he has been twisting the system to his advantage. Once Biden gets in and the magnitude of what he has actually done hits home. Well I’m sure there will be tears.

If I stand up for the boys, it’s only right someone stands up for the girls. Why is it only us asking the questions? Guardian article – Siena Castellon: ‘Autistic people are really struggling with how uncertain things are’

Howard Lamb

10th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

After years of trying to get a brain scan, the mother finally got the NHS to fund one, prob 20 years late but better late than never.

They found anomalies in the hippocampus a small part of the brain. They are going to investigate further.

It’s possible that years on fright and flight mode causing cortisol production and the effects of adult drugs on a forming brain did not help. Please read about the hippocampus and how malfunction affects people, in the description I lifted off the internet.

So, my diagnosis of autism/traumatic stress and mild learning difficulties just got stronger.

Shame they can’t check his brainstem at the same time. Oh, I forgot only one condition at a time. 😡

What happens when you remove the hippocampus? – Sam Kean Watch as explains a lot about myself and Child X

Simple’s. Article on Effects of stress on memory

Howard Lamb

9th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Logic dictates that if you have worked in a corruptive system for 47 years you must have been corrupted to have survived.

Does Joe see things now with wisdom of age and hindsight to move the world in the right direction or is truth the new spin word for our roaring 2020’s.

Donald will I’m sure sort out his departure until every vote is counted verified and recounted in multiple states. Once due process is complete, we will start to see if it’s been another con. Then Biden can show his teeth. Let’s hope they are not in a glass by the side of his bed.

Mark you I have a lot of Indian mothers (ages) and some are fierce protectors of their family position and reputation, so expecting great things from the Vice. 👍

If you are going to set a thief to catch one, Joe’s your man, knows every trick in the book. Nothing wrong with capitalism if it works responsibly for the planet and its indigenous species. Not good if it exploits its peoples for the benefit of few, with extinction for species and a minimum wage which is little better than slavery.

Billionaires seem to grow on trees in the USA. Is your average American better than anyone else on the planet, so how is it possible to create so many [700 +], if the system has not been corrupted? Well, let them get on with it, history will tell.

Still nothing from PM or office, checking out the next level of complaint, who to contact, how the process works and how independent it is. Then there is the type and tone of the letter to consider. 🤔

One last thing about old bible bashing Joe. He will understand that Moses smashing the tablets, melting the false god and making the responsible tribes drink the hot liquid.  3 religions of god predominate from that time, not just Christ’s view. All the tribes from Jerusalem. Let this be the last crusade for the holy grail of truth and justice and the coming together of his peoples.

Amen. 👍😂✅

Not just me again. The University of Edinburgh article – Salt water solution could treat COVID-19 symptoms

Vit D vital in a healthy immune system needed to fight C19. It can’t fight the virus but is part of the bodies defence. No Vit D or depleted stocks will inhibit the body’s ability to kill it.  Nutra article – The UK government is to reassess its stance on the use of vitamin D in addressing coronavirus after the country’s health secretary incorrectly said a study had concluded it to be ineffective.

Howard Lamb

8th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

The democrats did everything they could to screw Trump up during his presidency. Reds under the bed, impeachment etc. Yet now they are in power they want to help republican voters. Not going to happen.

Trump did revamp their economy and fought for his country’s economy with good affect re world trade. High levels of employment etc. Re COVID, free trade is what built America so not trading was never on the cards.

Trump is a bad looser. I expect all billionaires are, and he will not go away, he is a fighter who does not know when to stop.

Don’t you just love politics 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS And trump pulled back from Obama’s war in Syria and did not start anymore. Trying to do a deal in Afghan war and business with Arabia, not gone to war with. 🇮🇷 👍

How far do you have to go back to find a president who has not deploys forces abroad, only on home soil? 😂

You have to feel for Trump, rejected by his father and now the country. Being a billionaire who prob creamed it during his presidency, he will do his own thing as he is a billionaire and doesn’t give a toss about the voters.

It’s just one big round of golf for them, a few side bets and a skin full in the club house after the round to get a bit of business done.⚡️🌪👏🏻

Toss about voters. Come to my rallies, I’m immune so just infect each other and we can get the economy on track. ✅

Biden the good catholic boy, must have put a shiver up any Muslims spine due to their history. Is it going to be about the people or does history complete another cycle?

Trump in his arrogance never thought he could lose. Prob will hold out to get an immunity deal not to mess things up over the transition period, whilst he cleans house, the republicans white man’s house that is. 😂

It’s strange how the election in America is about the same split as Brexit was over here. 🤔🤔🤔 You don’t need a third party to confuse matters more you just need the truth and vote for those who are not creaming their position. That would be a revolution in evolutional terms.👍

Text to a friend:
The English Parliamentary party would be a great start. How comes we have no say? Scots, Welsh and Ulster men all have their own gov. Yet we are run by everyone and have no voice. Independence for Cornwall say I. 😂

Governed by the national UK parties but without one of our own, how does that work? Maybe the Midlands and North would get a fair deal. 👍

You would then have lab and cons down south and the national parties would be in majority. ✅

Re trump and COVID, his inaction has prob cost more American lives than all wars and conflicts since Korea.

7th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Scot Trump replaced by Irish Biden.

Heaven help us, let’s hope he has moved on.

Big opportunity for the open Irish border and open back door to Europe. Time will tell, let’s hope he sorts America out rather than inflict death and corruption around the world like Bush and Obama.

Howard Lamb

6th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’m having a few days off. Practice is only capable of seeing 60% of pre COVID numbers. Which means we are struggling to get people in and haven’t taken on any new patients since March.

We could see more safely but are being hamstrung by the GCC and PHE. Rules put together by people who have never run a safe practice, one who has gone the extra mile to make sure the air in the clinic is viral hostile and hopefully free of disease, ever vigilant.

I’ll be putting together what directions and actions to take from Monday. Clearly nothing will get done until after the election in the USAx3.

I have not taken to much notice but it seems America is split between red neck and blue collar republicans who like the white life and capitalism v multi ethnic’s and white collars who want to be billionaires.

Trump used to bullying his way to the top and lies fluently yet increases his vote.

So voters agree with Trump or are scared of the democrats.

Obama lied nonstop but gave great speeches and entrenched USAx3 in multiple wars.

At least Trump hasn’t gone round killing people.

Howard Lamb

4th November, 2020

Dear Patient,

14 working days are up and nothing from Boris or the cabinet office. You can see from the Cummings farce that when you control budgets and power over people you can evade justice. It’s wrong at so many different levels.

I asked May to investigate why there was no investigations into child abuse in the Child X case, after the tribunal was not adhered to at the detriment of the child. They have made change, so we know an investigation was done, behind closed doors. So, they know they are in the wrong. I have stuck to the letter of the law and protocols in my handling of the child but they don’t want to know my findings. Deflect, defer and muddy the water, they have been getting away with it for centuries, I expect. Defo time for a change in attitude, law matters. ✅

Let’s run through the why’s that need answering:

At the beginning why was the child who had clear problems put at risk by being at a normal school with no facilities to deal with him?

Why did the new head feel in necessary to control the child in the way she did and left him traumatically stressed?

Why when the child had been stabilised was the same system not adopted by the council when he came back to their care?

Why was he put in a mainstream school where the bullying and trauma totally destabilised the child?

Why when the newspaper and MP were involved, was he not dealt with correctly?

Why was he restrained so much, making his state of mind far worse?

Why did he go to so many schools and fail?

Why was the mother not listened to and blamed?

After the tribunal why was the judge’s recommendations not achieved at the placement?

Why was my/ Ed psychologist diagnosis not confirmed for 6 years by the NHS?

Why was he restrained at the placement to the point he complained to Ofsted and won?

Why was he allowed to live rough at the second placement when they had a duty of care?

Why did the mother have to get lawyers involved for housing him at 19 when the judge said he should be looked after till 23 then reassess his needs?

Lots more why’s but you get the point.
If the system is not changed it will still be happening all over the country. Multiple that by the 8 years from the time of the tribunal and that’s tens of thousands of children with special needs being abused by the system concocted to save money and expertise. Any idiot can tick a box and go home and sleep at night because they don’t understand what they have and are doing to these children. ✅

It’s strange how Cummings wanted to recruit people who think outside the box when the system can only work if you don’t think and just tick. I expect it was to find people to help him twist his data to show the gov is doing a great job. ✅

Text to a friend:
Re Depp, Disney looking to do Pirates of the Caribbean adult only. Where Captain Sparrow shows his true colours. Skull and cross bone. 😂😂😂 Pirates of the Caribbean, Sparrow does rehab. 👍

Yep another piss/coke head who gives the other half verbal and physical abuse, like the thousands of others terrifying women and children all over the civilised world. Arseholes.
When political will overrides law and then covers up, how can it be a democracy? 🤔

Howard Lamb

3rd November, 2020

Dear Patient,

Who is to blame? The gov will be saying it’s the councils fault. They give them the money and it’s up to them how they spent it. Yet to non diagnose the NHS must be involved. And spending is the gov’s responsibility as seen when they published the fact they under estimated the amount of children that need help. The council will say they were under resourced. But that is not an excuse to abuse children by removing there human rights.

Does any of it matter? No, because it has happened and it’s well chronicled and has wronged many children and their families who have deliberately been abused. They have twisted the law to their own advantage for a long time, yet if we let them get away with it only superficial change will take place and the abuse will continue.

How is it possible they can obstruct and pervert justice, as in the Child X case and can get away with it? The gov will say they didn’t know it was happening. Again a lie otherwise they would not set up the system the way they did.

No news from Boris re complaints procedure, not a surprise as Mrs May avoided hers. All on this site.

Howard Lamb

PS Why don’t they talk to me? Well that’s simple because the mother and my paperwork’s show what really happened and they don’t want the truth to come out. Rotten to the core. You can’t just go oops we removed child rights by mistake, how did that happen, must be the councils fault. ✅ They can hardly say we have been getting away with it for decades and generations. Never mind we have moved on. 😂

It’s a real shame they didn’t spend the money to help the children rather than millions defending their actions. Well blocking complaint comes at a cost after all, and not just financial. 😡

Even Handcock said it takes 2 years to infinity to diagnose these children. No it doesn’t. An expert can diagnose quickly, shame it’s been severely under budgeted and we are thousands of experts short. Well if you don’t diagnose you have no children with special needs so you don’t need the facilities to help them. ✅

Well if you have the complaints processes stitched up and complaints are not heard, you can do what you want, and helping these kids is not on the agenda. 👍

Imagine if they were genetically tested for autism at birth you could automatically see how many there are and appropriate action taken (education etc). Can’t do that as the back log would bankrupt the gov. 🤔

Best just cover it up, blame the naughty councils, education and SS and move on without the changes needed. Defo not the naughty child or mother’s fault as victims to the system. And who would vote back in child abusers?

Don’t you just love politicians.

Whitty would have to admit he was wrong first and in principal locking down and protecting those who are vulnerable was not achieved in the first lock down through stupidity, ignorance and a lack of understanding of the C19 virus. Wash your hands because it’s an airborne virus, heaven help us. Guardian article – Chris Whitty decries Great Barrington plan to let Covid run wild

That’s what they tried to do at the start back in Feb/March. However they emptied the wards and spread C19 throughout British care homes and killed thousands.

If they did the same thing again and had protected care homes and workers properly it would have prob worked but that would show they and the gov screwed up and we can’t have that that can we, so lockdown it is.😡

If you want to keep your job, you do what the gov tells you to do. Even if out of lock down before Christmas we will be back in again before the end of Jan 2021. If only 10% of the population has been infected up to now, thats 90% to go. You work it out. Extra deaths will get much worse as well because of low diagnosis and waits for treatments.

2nd November, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news still, well if La La doesn’t comply and obstructs justice, what hope of getting to grips with child abuse? 🤔 Obstruction of justice another good read. ✅ Especially once cross referenced with that section on it’s law for everyone, including Boris.

I expect that was put in so there is only one set of rules for everyone. 😂

Look at it from the mother’s point of view, she has beaten the council at tribunal and ombudsmen, yet nothing has changed for her or Child X. 8 years since the tribunal was perverted. So everyone I have written to and have got nowhere with, has obstructed justice. Prob why they don’t want to communicate.

Howard Lamb

1st November, 2020

Dear Patient,

What’s the difference between taking the points on your driving licence for your partner and going to jail, as happened to a parliamentarian in recent times? If you lie you pervert justice.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god. All true on jfa so someone must have told porkies. Tends to explain why they don’t want to communicate with me, what do you think? Prob just a touch of obstructing justice. Changing the law to protect themselves, no duty of care. Long list. But when the criminals rule the roost what chance for justice? 🤔

Text to a friend:
Criminal is not a bit harsh, if you cover up criminal activity you are a criminal, not me, the law of the land. Well it was but who knows what they have done, changing the laws at Brexit.

Yea, it will give us all something to do constructively during lockdown whilst we watch our lives and businesses go down the tubes.

If you can’t march educate. ✅
Re media: Why are they so quiet? Mmmm. 🤔

Not all, great work from journalists and program makers. It’s the owners that have got in the way. Until there is a change in heart, the gov can get away with blue murder. ✅

Re Covid: We will do the same as Europe as they must have a clue. Oops they got it wrong again and we are in the shit once more. 👍😂

Yea follow the herd 😂😂😂😂😂

Only the law can decide if the law was broken, not Boris La La Johnson. Obstructing justice is an interesting read,

Ok I’m sad, old and bored. 😇

That’s a question for the opposition parties to ask La La. Why did he feel it necessary to obstruct justice and so perverting it, so save Cummings arse?

Interesting times. Boris is underpinned by Trump and a good trade deal, so nothing going to move until after the election. If Biden wins, UK back to square one and the clock is ticking.

Brexit up in air still when the country should be fired up and ready to go.

Laws re written and supervised by political intrenchment.

If one in a hundred could die, (700k) much greater than our WW2 loss,

And we know it’s airborne, why is nothing being done to help purify the air we breathe. It always becomes clear then you have all the information and not just spin.

Howard Lamb

31st October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend re Covid:
If they recon as per TV last night, over 100k are being infected a day with a death rate of nearly 300. That means if the virus has not weakened, as stated by the scientists, over 300k + per day would have been infected when the death rate peaked, earlier this year.

So, all the figures they have been working to are wrong. Furguson said 1% death rate. On the telly, this week it said prob half that but that would be 500 a day not 300 per 100k infections as we have currently. Average death age high. So why the lockdown that is coming? If they had ring fenced the vulnerable and elderly, which they haven’t even now, the deaths registered would have been far fewer and immunity far further advanced.

At the beginning when they were slow to react there was talk of up to 2+% deaths when it seems that a quarter of a percent is closer to the true figure. The vast majority over 65. On telly the other night it gave an average age of 82 but I haven’t had the chance to check that figure yet. What a mess and run by the politically motivated clueless. 👍🇬🇧

Also, C19 is seen now as an airborne virus and even though good hygiene helps, it doesn’t stop you breathing it in. Hence all the work I did at home and practice to sterilise the air to keep staff and patients safe. If it had been used nationally, we would be safe to roam free, eat out and even party as long as under 65. If you breath virus free air, guess what, you don’t catch the virus.

For those who wish to avoid long Covid, rest at the sign of first symptoms, regularly gargle to kill bug in the back of the throat and tubes (warm salt water or alcohol). Increase vits and minerals and quality foods to feed the immune system when it’s working flat out. Rest until symptoms have gone and ease slowly back into your life. Boris made the classic mistake of trying to ignore it because he had a lot on. Look what happened to him and shows why he is not the same as he was.

As for Trump, he prob never had it. Miraculous recovery and economic upturn, just to swing the vote his way. The playing fields of Eaton still have a cricket pitch or did that go in the cuts by the common Scottish bloke.

Hand Barrier Cream
Better than plastic gloves were the virus can live on for hours to days in the right conditions. Bit around your lips and nose as well has hands. ✅

If you multiply 42k dead 300k infections or more if only .25 of a one percent of 100k we will get a better idea of how many people are now immune.

Ducks not in a line. 🤔

If you divide 70 million people in UK by 42k dead you come up with 1 in every 1,667 already dead and only 10 % or so been infected, by their figures. I’m Figure much worse if you use the extra deaths of over 70k. 🤔

So, by the end the figures will drop to just about 1 in a hundred and Ferguson was right. ✅ More confused than ever. Defo someone telling porkies

Defo not two sets of rules then 👍✅ Guardian article – Dossier alleges Cummings may have perverted course of justice in account of lockdown trip

Howard Lamb

30th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Nothing as yet I’m afraid. Just in case they have miss read the rules and are working on 14 working days not 2 weeks, I’ll give them until next Wednesday. As you can see from Sir K sticking to protocols and the law is important but the government doesn’t seem to care.

Mrs May avoided and ignored complaint, as Boris has so far. Child abuse seems normal for them and they just don’t care.

How can they be forced to do the right thing and restore these children’s human rights? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS How can removing children with special needs rights be within the law? 🤔

PPS That is another question for labour and teflon Tony Blaire the born scot, I expect. They didn’t just abuse the Jews after all. Don’t forget the other Scot, Brown, or the con man with the common Scottish name (Cameron). Covered up from start to finish. ✅

Why con man Cameron? Well when you have had a child with special needs but your gov takes their rights away you have to ask if that is the type of person who should have been in

Parliament in the first place?

Strange how it’s always a bad mother when it’s usually the father who has caused all the problems. ✅

It wasn’t that long ago that the gov had to conceded that they removed the human rights from these 👶 and still have thousands under lock and key for 23 hrs a day in solitary. They lost the case but by conceding they have bypassed the law and kept doing it. 🤔

The gov published that their strategic planning had been hugely wrong and underestimated numbers and cost by loads. Yet the budgets haven’t changed. Why? Well if you do something to correct mistakes, it is clear you made some and were in the wrong. We can’t have that, so they do nothing and then nothing is wrong. ✅

Only about one in four people are diagnosed with autism so three quarters are not. This has affected literally hundreds of thousands of kids over a long number of years. Now you know why it’s too big to fail. For if the truth came out, some would go to jail.

Text to a friend:

The reason I became lead clinician was the family decided to help the child off his meds and wanted a referral for diagnosis but his clinical psychologist refused and said the drugs were the only way. Mother talked to GP who’s hands were tied as child under a consultant. So that left me. I was involved daily. Bonded and engaged with child. Mentored with multiple agencies and had the skill sets to improve my patient.

We cold turkeyed him over a long weekend and within 2 weeks he was a different child. Less paranoia, clearer mental processing etc.

Prob should write to Sir K and tell him about the gov breaking law and protocol. No point really as he knew as head of crown prosecutions. I wonder why he has kept so quiet? 🤔

Someone else’s mess before my time, can we move on so I can win an election, I’m sure there are worse explanations.

It’s the sort of woolly thinking you get with no experienced PPE’s. Prob 150k a year to lock them up without charge or diagnosis, for as long as they live. Or give the family the money to pay for staff and treatments to bring the child back from the gates of hell. Clearly under the correct mentor system. Logic not stigma or dogma
Why prison? Different budget to NHS and the SS. So, hide responsibility. Not our prob, try down the corridor, next. ✅

Just think of it from a child’s point of view when the dad F’d off. He or she feels rejected and you can’t understand why. Father often does not contribute so the child never has fall. Father must hate me as no birthday or Christmas presents, days out. Must be my fault he left. Low confidence and self-esteem, not good building blocks for a successful life.

How could many of these children have attachment disorders to their mothers if they were bad? 👍 Blame the mother, cheap option. Most of the mothers I have come across during my years of practice deserve the George Cross. ✅

Fathers often with other women or jail/remand. The previous generation of not diagnosed children crashing through normal people lives. Mark you there are many females who want a baby so they can get housing.

Nothing is ever simple when dealing with the complexity of mankind. 😂

You then have those with 5 kids from 4 fathers. How complex is that when the mother only wanted a family?

Rejection, being alone, low self-esteem leaves you in constant fright and flight mode and affects your health. Cycle after cycle. Add love sex addiction and obsessive personality. Complex indeed

The parents need help to stabilise an often-impossible situation.

Not victimisation due to gov cock up and cover ups.

How many good girls have been touched by naughty boy’s only to crash off the rails themselves?

Defo complex and not shown on the balance sheet or ballot box. 🇬🇧

Well human suffering only gets votes from a few sick individuals.

So spin if you want to stay in. 👍I like that. 😂😂😂

29th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend re Covid lockdown in Spain:
Well once you cut the politicians wages because the country can’t afford to pay them and their pensions you might see a change. 💋

Howard Lamb

28th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Mother won her case, hands down but because the council conceded, she was robbed of their justice. All makes for interesting reading.

The council said they cocked the paperwork up by mistake, truth was it was no mistake but predicted in my letter to the mother’s lawyer which started the process of tribunal of. Well documented.

She only won because we cocked up the paperwork, still a bad mother trying to milk the system.

Councils, who would have them?

Not much of a prediction when you know it means they would have to take responsibility for their actions or the tried and tested cover up of and blame with minimum expenditure. ✅

Then black list the mother and make her life as difficult as possible. Clearly seen in her paperwork. How long does it take to heat a council house? 3 to 4 years and an ombudsman. How many letters about planning breaches and access? Long list. Child also excommunicated.

Why bring mother in at the end? That was our agreement. She dealt with her side and chronicled whilst I banged on the doors of power. And hopefully come together at the end.

Yep mother been kept busy over a long period of years. More War and Peace than Mills and Boon. 😂😂

👍 Let’s home the peace bit is yet to come.

Is putting it all on the internet counterproductive re books etc.? No, because they will be the shared experience that each of us went through and our thoughts as it happened. True story, warts and all. Anchored by the paperwork.

Well they were never going to put their hands up or talk to me, where they. So, this was always the plan. They can’t say I didn’t tell them. 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

26th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
If council conceded at tribunal and the mothers case including specialist reports in specific to the case areas, were accepted. A watertight case. 👍 Then nothing. 🤔 The question has to be, what happened next that perverted the course of justice? ✅

C19 Who knows? Is it possible that post infected people breath out antigens that can help others immunity, would be nice?

Until we know I’ll stick to hygiene. Appropriate levels of PPE. Carbon air filters, essential mist, salt, positive atmosphere and a UV light at my door. 👍

If all those who have had it become very social. Every time they inhale a virus the body reacts, and antigens released, or immune system clicks in. So, the throat and lungs would have an auto immune reaction, every time that virus is detected. This must be showered from the body, the same way as the virus. Just a thought.

The body will have a genetic memory even if tests are negative. Those who rely on vaccine may be more prone to re infection as body not solved the problem so incomplete genetic memory. Just saying. 😂

Why mothers case? Only guardian and to this day has power of attorney. Only person, Lawyers Tribunal etc would listen to. Just not very hard! She put the case together with her lawyer who was autistic and expert. I backed up and the clinic financed.

You will see what I mean when Wikileaks get the disc of everything concerning the case and court stenographer all paperwork back and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all. 😂😂🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

25th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

You can see how the scam works. Don’t diagnose then you have no kids with special needs. If you have no kids needing, you don’t need facilities so no need to budget for them. Exactly what I said 8 years ago at the tribunal in my paperwork.

The other part of the scam is, only allow clinical psychologists to diagnose and drug, then downgrade anyone else.

If the PM has not got back to Rashford in two months about feeding the poor, how long will I have to wait re them abusing these kids? 🤔 Prob longer than Thursday when he should. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS I also mention in my opinion, which was the basis of my understanding for diagnosis, that education had not learnt from its mistakes and that the SS seemed to have a vendetta against the family, prob, in hindsight, to cover up the child’s early years at school which started the rot off.

Maybe if Jamie Oliver joined with Marcus, they could teach the children to cook for themselves at school if the country supplies the ingredients. 😂

If my diagnosis as lead clinician in the Child X case, had been accepted at the tribunal, the government would have had to do something and admit being wrong. So, they did what they always do. Deflect, defer and cover up.

If you have read the, A book by now, JFA site, draw your own conclusions. ✅

Will be a bit quiet till Friday? Reload with shot, and off we go again. 👍✅😂😂😂😂

If I hadn’t been the lead clinician why would I have written to regulator, involved member of Parliament and tribunal in the way that I did? 🤔

If faith were easy it would be called certainty. Faith in yourself and in those who can and should, may fluctuate but the truth will always come out. When is a different matter?

How much is relieved and is anyone involved still alive? Something else!

Good old Jimmy. 😡

24th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news or paperwork as yet. Well that not strictly true.

I did get 2 emails through, back end of last week. The first said that common sense re PPE had been reached and these are the positive changes which had been sort by the alliance. (SCA, UCA, MCA). Next day an email to say it’s all changed and we are back to square one.

At the beginning we were told only to use PPE on wild animals, now at ICU levels. So much for the GCC being independent. 👍

I have my hidden disabilities badge so am exempt from wearing a mask in a shop but am wrapped in plastic, mask and visor to earn my living. Yet again disability law out the window. But as they only tick boxes, who gives a shit? ✅ Clearly not the privy council. 😡

People started to march and 10,000 fines hit the organiser. Kids partied and got the same. The gov has got the hang of this and should hand out the max sentence for covering up child abuse. 👍😂 Or are there truly two sets of rules?

Why did they change the rules back? Well if we are treated like sensible doctors and not wear PPE like all the other therapists. We would be seen as doctors. Can’t have that can we? 🤔 After all as a doctor I have the right to defend my diagnosis.

As a therapist I don’t.

Howard Lamb

23rd October, 2020

Dear Patient,

All about ducks in a line. Take the judge at the tribunal, referred to me (in his paperwork) as a good friend to the family. Not as the family chiropractor who has stabilised, diagnosed and treated whilst sorting out his treatment plan via this tribunal. Why? Insulted or cover up 🤔 or other.

So, ducks all over the place.

If you are treating the symptoms of autism, you have to be able to diagnose them surely. Chiropractic has been treating these children with varying degrees of success for a very long time, worldwide. The GCC even accepted on my CPD the year before they failed me that I was treating autism.

Defo ducks not in a line there either.

Both CPD forms are on the site somewhere. 👍

Not all chiropractors are capable, as seen by the lack of support from the BCA. Luckily their philosophy is not the majorities. No insult intended but they tend to be on the musculoskeletal side not the neurological or combination.

If you use the musculoskeletal module you are in line with the physio’s mobilise and rehab. If you are neurologically based you are more in line with neurologists to up the neurological function, in our case working with antalgia, autonomic’s, CNS etc. as well as mechanical dysfunction.

As history has shown the GCC has only really engaged with the mechanical side of our profession which suited their module. The majority were out in the cold.

How did the profession get involved with autism back in the day? We are at our wits end over our child, nobody can help him is there anything you can do. As a HIO specialist I would automatically check c1and c2 atlas and axis and rebalance, stimulate the brainstem and autonomics. After a few days, particularly with a lateral atlas, there is often change in the child. Do we know it all? Miles away but we are working on it.

The ramifications of the GCC and BCA’s actions are huge. Take education, I have had graduates from both the AECC and Glamorgan who were not taught the toggle and are limited to basic motion palpating then free up the spine with lever motion adjustments. They did a great job with education as I am nearly the last of HIO. Only Abingdon left, but the BCA has systematically tried to kill them off, before, during and after recognition.

All the ducks were shot at and are in hiding, covers that one. 😂


Can an atlas adjustment cure autism? No. Can it alter the flow balance, due to turbulence in C.S.F from mechanical in balance or does the release of a subluxation cause a neurological stimulus effecting antalgic check and reboot of the CNS. Long list no true answers.

Patients get better and over years normalise as best as can be expected for their types and levels of disability.

SCA Scottish Chiropractic Association. A fiery lot from north of the border. How can there be a British chiro ass. when the Scots have naffed off and formed their own? 😂😂 BCA might need to look at advertising standards. Poss new name Much of Britain chiro ass. BCA bar Scotland ass.

Scottish chiro ties to Scottish Parliament, rules and regs and GCC. Not same as rest of Britain prob why they formed their own association and the draconian limits of the BCA prob didn’t help. If you are going to call yourself the British chiro ass you should be representative for all not just your own ideology. If they had have been, you would not have 4 associations. It should be The British Chiropractic associations as one voice not the political shambles it is now.

Howard Lamb

21st October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Why were they going to demote us? That goes back to our first regulator who was a hard faced bitch, knew nothing about the profession and was a nightmare. She nearly bankrupted the GCC. Had to sell their freehold and rent it back. I covered much in my letters to the third regulator. Clearly could not be the regulator fault so must have been ours. The Singh cock up and mass complaints. Nothing to do with the fact she was clueless and knew nothing about what we do. So she was replaced by the major general who had a legal background and again no knowledge of our profession. Safe hands to get the job done.

Re deaths from C19 rising fast. More cases due to more testing, which shows that during the first peek the spread of the disease was much greater than was thought. Ferguson’s 1% mortality was not correct. Scientists say the bug is exactly the same as before and not weakened. Check out the figures in June when the death rates were similar.

If the original data was wrong, so is their approach based on those figures.

Well how could the GCC regulator stand up for the child and my diagnosis when his brief was to downgrade us to therapists? Only a clinician with the right skill sets can do that. So ignore and trash my reputation. Prob why they have never wanted to send the paperwork. ✅

If you look at our ancient history there is a reason why we are not French land. Only problem we have ever had with the French (land of the francs) is Norman family wars otherwise good trade partner. Revolution and Napoleon is the exception of course.

England, Scotland, Netherlands, Ireland, Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland, ten points for the right answer.

Normandy, Germany, Italy there’s a hint.

Switzerland. 🤔😂✅

New order and an island of neutrality in its midst.✅

Why have politicians got so much power over everything? Because they took it bit by bit over the decades when we thought they were working for the greater good. 😡

I forget how many regulators we have had now. They seem to change the whole time. Always the same though, it was before my time so let’s move on.

How did I hear about the major gen? Back in the day I was at a posh do, up town, as companion to mate Jen the lawyer. Met lots of forgettable people and my will to live was draining away. I was standing by a military type who said the word Howell in his conversation. In time we were introduced, and I mentioned I had heard Howell, was he talking about bla bla, I thought he had retired. I got the feeling he did not like the man, and he had a bit of a pop. 😂 As you do when half cut and with your type of people. ✅

Howard Lamb

20th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Do I think they have not forced me to defend my diagnosis because they knew I would pull them apart and blow them out? No, it’s because the thick bastards didn’t know it was possible and so no point in discussing it, I expect. 👍✅

You can imagine the conversation. One of you chiropractors reckons he is able to diagnose autism, says the judge. Major Gen and MP. No chance, just giving the mother one and trying to dump the child onto the system. Even his association didn’t stand up for him. We had to throw him out because nobody likes him etc. 😂😂😂😂
No . You can’t just hang people out to dry just because they are thick. Prob someone loves them, after all. It’s the depth of the cover up and shirking all responsibility and tried to them trash me and the family.

Remember my hero Nelson, keep firing until you see the white flag. ✅

How do you fix it? 👍🇬🇧 Well politicians do politics and leave the rest to top people who have significant experience and team with life experience of that industry. Decimate the layered management ticking boxes and not fluent in the professional speak and understanding of that industry. Check through their work and you could fire most for incompetence. Rules are there to guide not restrict growth of knowledge.

Free up the medics to going back to doctoring and not just be the pharmaceutical stop gap before the surgeons get hold + tons more. 😂

Changes in the understanding of the accumulated effect modern society and the criminal things don’t to us through life has done to generations. Keep smoking it’s good for the economy. Diesel has links to cancer, great clean fuel, so clean it’s killing people in cities all over the world + tons more.

It’s only once you see what the problem is, can you put in a feasible treatment plan. Basically, cut out the bollocks and get on with it, the system has your back and excel so more patients get better sooner and take the right steps to stay healthy. Simples. 👍

Did the Major Gen do it on his own? No chance he was a soldier on his mission. Only a minor general so someone was pulling his strings.

All on this site for those who look and see. 👍💋

I was told that as an OBE, CBE, he was on his last mission to get his knighthood by taking away our doctor status and downgrading to therapist. I wasn’t there and only know by chance from someone else.

I can’t think of a better scenario to fit the evidence. Again, once I get my paperwork, more pieces of jigsaw. The picture we show.

Howard LAmb

19th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Last on the Templar/Mason takeover of the British colony in the Americas. Well, cut a long story short. Look what happens when white/European extract, and Christian Capitalists. Go back to Jerusalem.

Yea, don’t you know it. Trump did not pay tax for years as his business was in trouble again and was not earning shit. Prob why the Russians were laundering money out of trump tower. 👍😇

Templars worked for free and gave their worldly wealth to the order and preyed and killed lots. Not much change there is there in 2020.

I liked Roosevelt but some of the next ones. Kennedy’s fortune was from gangster bootlegging by IRA supporters.

Don’t get me going on tricky Dicky or the Bushes, father and son with special needs. Con the public, cover each other’s backs and then do what the f**k we want. Land of the gullible with no chance of freedom more like.

Yep I see the irony. IRA trained the Arab terrorists. ✅

Bit like Moses, saw the promised land and died. Roosevelt would have changed the world for the better but as god does, he gives us the choice. As you see from history it always goes tits up in the long run,

This time we have no choice, we have read the writing on the wall and when it says end of civilisation as we know it. You have to make the right moves.

Howard Lamb

18th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Thank you. So, if you adjust billionaires per head of population things change. China drops to UK type level, America goes second to the Swiss.

Explains where the Templar/Nazi gold went. ✅

Yep the trillion dollars profit since the pandemic would go a long way to heal the planet.

Laws for them, controls for us. ✅

Yep you have all the gold and it’s time to rebuild the world after the war. I bet they filled their boots.

Germany has far more oligarchs than Russia without adjusting for head of population and up there with Japan with a similar head of population count. So Swiss, Yanks, Japs and Gerries are the axis that was formed during the commie Cold War, to carve up the world and its finances. 🤔 Whilst trying to kill off Britain and its Commonwealth. Finished off by German control of Maastricht. ✅

Yea thank god our islanders don’t lay down without a fight. 😂😂 900 years since magna carter but we are slowly getting there 🇬🇧.

That’s where PPE degrees came in after Maastricht. EU running the show so all we need was tick box experts to rubber stamp, with a basic knowledge of how the world economy works, how parliament works and must have a capitalist twist.

Of course, we know what we are doing, how hard is it to tick a box?

Then when things are not working, blame someone and have the financial and political power to choke off complaint. ✅

Yep the Swiss the last UN conquered Norman stronghold. Templar friendly and the continuation of world banking started by the Order back in the day. Neutral in all areas except world finance. Great scam, you do have to take your hats off to them.

Skim the cream of the top and leave the rest for us, not just cream floats to the top. 👍😂

Do I hate the axis? Your cave rage German, Japanese or Yank are as good as gold, the ruling class, well that’s something else.

Defo Canute’s or the northern translation from danish.

Prob why we had to set up the Bank of England to get any finance at all, then look what happened to the nation.

Competition causes problems I bet. Take the French and what they have had to put up with. Hostile invasions since before Rome. Templars remove vast sums of wealth. Then the knobs got their gold out before the chop. Not a gram left after the Germans were thrown out. It seems most of Europe has taken liberties with them. The only way they can complain is to wonder around in yellow jackets. 💋

Not much mystery to the Templars, Spain and the Maltese Falcon to protect their back door to Islam and the sea fairing Portuguese opened up trade routes from India and beyond. So Spain got the army, Portugal got the navy and the Swiss got the banking/finance part. Pope and the French king on own agendas, so everything was done in secret. All in the history 👍

Templar navy prob explored the world to find a place safe for their form of religion. From the north via the Scandinavians and northern isles of Denmark. South via the conquests of Spain and the world trade and colonies of Portugal.

Didn’t need the finance side as exploiting resources and people who were not white and Christian. Raped Africa once they had killed off the locals through virus or STD. How civilised was all that?

Britain had to grow to survive. We did bad things because it was the norm for the world but we changed it as all men are free. ✅

I will not bend a knee for anyone, as I have no shame or responsibility. I would bend my knee to anyone who helps these children as a mark of respect. 😪

Most of the world is not white, Christian and capitalist, tends to explain a lot.

Japs didn’t need the Swiss as had raped all the eastern Pacific’s gold.

Only wooden infra structure with some brick so not expensive to fix. Then competing and crippling our motor trade during the 60 and onwards. 15 years after the bomb. It’s like a few good old boys building the pyramids in the same time scale.

Look what has happened to the Middle East, they are not in a position to feed themselves after 15 years.

Windrush is turning into the titanic for the gov, why?

Not the institutional racism of the nation but the few whole only uphold the law for people like us. On the sports fields of Eton no doubt.

Howard Lamb

17th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

What do I think they will do? Good question! Well their legal advice will be to do nothing and not give anything away.

The prime minister is only accountable to the voters at the ballot box, go away. Or you are in a queue but at this moment, due to-heavy demand, prob want to get back to you till sometime next century.

When you have a monster fish close to the bank, they fight the hardest. So, I would expect some form of attack, credibility possibly.

The GCC says you are a naughty boy, so we don’t have to listen. Deflect and defer will be the name of the game as that’s what they always do. Tried and tested over the centuries.

What can I do to bring this to a conclusion? Nothing, as a totalitarian parliamentary democracy they can do what they want.

What if they want all the paperwork. Once duplicated so it doesn’t go missing I’ll send it to Wikileaks and they can put it all up on the internet and communicate with them for the family and give the papers a clear explanation. Then sell the book and film rights. 😂

Let’s face it, they are prob getting thousands of complaints letters every day. You would think that with all those unemployed they would have taken on more staff to deal with the workload. 🤔

Silly me, they don’t want to deal with complaints so are prob making people redundant.

Did you see the worlds billionaires have increased their fortunes by about 10% during the pandemic. Apparently on a world chart, USA has 700+, china 300+, Germany, Japan and the Swiss with over 100. We didn’t even get in the top ten from what I saw.

So if you think our politicians are greasy bastards, they are a long ways down the worlds rankings.

You can’t get that rich without political influence after all.

Yea so they hold funds of over 10 trillion dollars whilst billions have no hope or future.

Sick really when you think so few have everything stitched up and the rest go from hand to mouth.

Every commercial break is please send 3 quid to help children who are going blind, dying from no clean water, sold into the sex industry or just abused for the pleasure.

Time for a change I expect.

Text to a friend:

Pop ups. Second or third hand computer that had not been properly cleared.

Spiked Online article – ‘We could open up again and forget the whole thing’

I don’t believe all he says is right because we don’t know for sure but interesting stuff from a man who is expert. Interesting what he said about gov influence on scientists. 🤔

Howard Lamb

16th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

You can’t have your cake and eat it! Or can you? Letter to Prime Minster dated 14th October 2002

The letter should have got there yesterday via registered post, as always, so they can’t say they didn’t get it. 😂

As for May getting back to me after she had seen the evidence, well if that were the case you might of expected her to have seen all our paperwork and explanations, which were never asked for. 🤔

The mother and some other locals have not heard hide nor hair from their local MP and are complaining. To this end I researched what they could do and all MPs, including La La have to comply to a complaints procedure and 14days/10 working days to reply. Or do they?

Cover up from start to finish. ✅

PS Home alone child. When you get dragged into the council for abusing the disabled (wrongly) and your computer is sent to the police to check for child pornography (none found) and the word gets out, believe me you are not safe. As your reputation is that of a nutty child, disabled abuser and paedo. Hence the placement. Abused and restrained at school. Abused on fight to get home, abused by neighbours (mentioned in my stuff to tribunal) then humiliated by the police after a very long traumatic day and expected to go back to school the next day to repeat. ✅

All in the paperwork.

How did it get out? PC big mouth the local special, clearing up crime.

Howard Lamb

Text to a friend:
Yep it is only when you put all the prices of the jigsaw together do you get the true picture. And then that explains why the child was so extreme when I first met him.

Miles off the chart, so to speak. 👍

A normal child, a few pages. Child X boxes and boxes of hard copy, a CD rack and prob half the cloud in storage.

You work it out!

Quick fix?

Blame the mother. 👍✅🇬🇧

PC big mouth was in conversation with one of his eyes and ears who turned out to be the local fog horn. Fog horn told mother and rest of world and said where she had heard it from. Not rocket science. Breach of protocol and ethics.

His computer is being checked for child porn and he has been in front of the council for abuse of an elderly disabled couple. (ringing the door bell and running away)

Child porn were pop ups, not his fault. His sister was making him embarrassed because he had pissed her off earlier that day but overheard by the obese arc worker assigned to the case. Soon got rid of him and the next one went that extra miles and gave a long report to the tribunal.

Rumours and legend with no truth but the police were on his case.

Apparently, he was seen in the street where the offence took place on more than one occasion. Well he only lived 50 yds up the same road so he would be. Clearly a nutter, must have been him. Wrong as the right persons where found and told off.

It seems justice is a thing of the past. Consortium News article – Julian Assange’s ‘Trial of the Century’: 10 Reasons Why it Threatens Freedom of Speech

14th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter done and I’m very happy with it. Short and not so sweet. 😂

Why did the child not run away from the first placement? Well the walk from Somerset to Hemel a bit longer that Bushey to home. Anyway, he had a 24/7 minder to make sure he didn’t. ✅

Howard Lamb

12th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ll be a bit quiet over the next period of time.

I hoped by now there would have been some form of serious communication.

I’m putting my next letter to the Prime Minister together. I can’t have 30 professors on mine but I have written before. 😂

I am, as is often the case, stuck on the tone but usually that comes in time. To La La the clown or the PM, the other professional responsible for this child health.

Naturally I start as angry from Pinner, it’s just whether I tone it up or down. 😂

Need to chase up the paperwork that I have not had. Better check with my solicitor if my request was sent first. 👍

Howard Lamb

11th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

The fishing trip:
Against placement rules to reward a naughty boy, so we’re not happy. The child was away from his mother and not thriving. I took him to a foreign country with people he hadn’t met before and he learned how to work in a team, his reward will be happy memories from that part of his life.

I stabilised him and his head was in a good place. Not my fault they would only listen to the SS at the placement and put in the wrong treatment plan, not prescribed in the judgement from his tribunal. ✅

Text to a friend:

Yes, fish oils are important to the neurological development and function. They contain complex triglyceride chains not usually found on land. Not all down to correctly balanced nutrition but it helps. 👍

Not that silly, back in the day. I am of the generation who got a spoonful of cod liver oil whether I wanted it or not. 😂

Why didn’t I do more when it was clearly going tits up? As a naughty therapist I had no voice. The mother slowly crashed into ME due to relaxing down after long years of intense stress and the placement told her they were experts and knew what they were doing. I also had the bogus malpractice case to deal with. Once complete I was back banging the doors of the GCC. ✅

Why the mini moto’s? He took everything apart and never put things back together again, lost bits, then scrap. He was and still is a petrol head and obsessive to beyond the point of normality. No brainer. Don’t stop a horse in mid-flight harness it and ride for your life.

Simple he loved bikes and we had a common bond. Me with a big empty double garage and a box of tools and he spending most of his time chasing parts to put his new bike together. Finished articles were checked but a 3rd party mechanic, sprayed and ready for sale. Gave him the reason to be at my place and he looked forward to coming over. You cannot drag a donkey through a gate if he doesn’t want to go. 👍

With the bikes he had to find the parts he needed at each stage, scrapyards through to internet. Budget the project and come to me and ask for the project to be financed. I did a lot of deep neurological work on him and with his improved abilities to understand maths and not be blocked, allowed progression. Start of my work on cause and effect with him.

Donkey at the gate. You have to remember at the start of my involvement, Child X would try and escape out of the taxi to school particularly if the driver had pissed him off. The institution he had been placed in, had restrained him. So he was always trying to escape and go home. Police even sent helicopter to find him when he had escaped during a meltdown.

Home alone all over. On his ways back he had to avoid the police and those who would harm him. I did write half a day of his life to the tribunal in my letters. The mother was being threaten with fines if she did not get her child to school and she was pot less because she could not work and was always chasing round after her child.

So, if you piss an autistic child off, he becomes a stubborn donkey on steroids. Only by his will would he come and stay at mine. Didn’t try to escape once. Mark you I never restrained him either. ✅

The mother is not the type to give in quietly. Tons of paperwork but nothing changed. Who listens to a bad mother who is wasting short resources.

Taxis, these were supplied by the council to take him to school, but the drivers were always different and not trained to deal with kids with special needs. 🤔 What could possibly go wrong?

Mother wasn’t flavour of the month after the press and MP came to her aid. Well if the mother was right it means the SS were in the wrong. No box for that so ignore and carry on. ✅

You should have seen the anger one top SS showed when we one the tribunal. I should have seen the warnings then.
Angry SS, case cost her budget 120k a year for up to 8 years. Over a bad mother and her spoilt naughty child.

Howard Lamb

10th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a Friend contd:
Last about the Child. When he started with me at my cottage in Bucks Hill, he was building mini moto motor bikes. He stripped old ones and finished 3 in prestige condition to be sold. Taking something from start to finish. These sessions started at an hour and ended up as weekend stays. The mother was always there, two reasons. The child had an attachment disorder with the mother (safety and security) and an old man should not have teenage naughty boys in a remote cottage, on his own. You can’t win, I expect the tongues waged anyway with the mother staying in my 3 double bedroom home. ✅

He never melted down or broke anything. It was only apparent after exposure to the outside world. Hence the tribunal and placement who got 240k a year to sort him out by judges order. How did it all go so wrong? Mothers got all the paperwork. 😂😂 /

Household dynamics. I’m the same age as the mothers father. Work it out.👍Where was the real grandfather?

Good point, prob the same reason the mother ballooned up to 35 stone and became the darling of Herbal Life when she lost 25 stone. Unhappy child hood I expect. ✅

Then she came back to Herts with a stable child and a growing business.🤔🤔

Phase 2 stopped all that.

Girly about putting hand in cats mouth. No fear of being hurt but not wanting to make a mess of it and fail in front of us. A bit of encouragement help him I believe. Stop being a tart and grab its jaw with both hands boy. 👍😂

How long was he with me in bucks hill? It took about a year to sort the tribunal from start to finish and a year to diagnose, take off drugs and get a basic stability in the child and my role in the situation. All flying by the seats of our pants but it had the desired effect.

What was the desired effect? Well that was all part of my ten year study I was going to present to the Royal College, when I was a member. Membership was cancelled at the time of my removal from the register. I never rejoined on principal. How can they remove my membership as they gave me the degree in the first place and animal chiropractic is not govern by the GCC ✅


Howard Lamb

9th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Vive le France and Liberty. Rebelled and chopped all the knobs heads off and it’s brill, Russians do the same and the French turn their back. 🤔 Rounded up communists at the end of the war, but Napoleon showed what the power of the people can do. Communism by any other name. 👍 That’s the French for you

How did I learn so much from a fishing trip?

When I first met the Child, he could not settle for any length of time and had to be on the move. One week in a swim with strangers a big ask. Big cat fishing is hard work and long hours. A 4 man team sport at this level.

Child X was the swim bitch, had to learn and replicate everything needed to be an asset to the team. Learn how to and use motor boats, drop baits in exactly the right spot 200 yds from the back. Guided in by your team mate on the bank holding the rod. How to play big fish of over 100 kg. Tie hooks, understand rigs, baiting patterns, etc. etc . Then bait, hook, land and glove a cat over 150 lb. Then he graduated to junior member of Team Buck. He had cats to over 170lb and carp to 48lb, not bad for a stupid naughty boy. The cat was bigger and heavier than him. He had to grab the fish by the mouth and jaw to land it. This was at 11 pm in the dark and he had been on the rods since 8 am. ✅

The carp was caught on my step sons rod, Child had turned the alarm off and watched the rod and took the fish. He got special credit for thinking outside the box. 😂😂

My step son beat another team member to my rod when he hooked and landed the river record at 234lb (since broken). Poetic riverbank justice and much banter.

Water full of snags being a sunken valley so vital to hit the take and get the fish under control ASAP or you lose the fish. So first to the rod is the gen rule. If your turn and you are beaten to the rod by a gentlemanly distance. Oops, should have been on the rod.

Why team buck? Well at the time I lived in Bucks Hill and some nice chats from Liverpool (reg cat hunters to Spain) had nick named me Uncle Buck the chiropodist due to my size and nature, well so they said. 😂😂

Why a 4 man team sport? Well it takes 4 of you to get a 100k fish up the bank to weigh. One evening we had 3 x 130 to 160+ fish on at the same time. The biggest hooked up the arse so it head was 8 ft from the bank and the water was 20 foot deep, pitch black and only 3 of us. Each fish took 20 mins + to land. Great fun.

Long hour so two who are not on roads can go and shower, eat and rest. 18 to 20 hr days etc. etc.

How old was the Child? . Can’t remember exactly but under 16 because the 48 pound carp he had was the local junior record. Edd will have all the pics, as will Daisy my life long mate who with stepson were all there. Playing a fish of that size from the bank, not boat (big difference as cats drag the boat around and not the angler) after dark and did it to perfection. He had had multiple cats between 50 and 130lbs during the week and then it all came together for him at the right time, ✅very proud of him.

Howard Lamb

8th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Clearly the gov will still try and avoid these issues and try and blame Covid, economy etc. and wait till after Brexit and their changes in the law to protect themselves. It will be interesting to watch how they try and do it.

Historic child abuse so it will not be simple for them but they are trying to save reputation and pensions. ✅

Howard Lamb

7th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Early this week I talked about diagnosis and how I have not been allowed to defend mine. Much of my role in the early days was that of a secret shopper. I had already diagnosed Child X with posttraumatic stress. This covered much of his symptoms and got confused in a multitude of observational diagnosis from a sting of low level professionals mainly non clinical bar the councils drug man.

Once I had seen through that, his high functional autism and learning difficulties became obvious. We got him off the adult drugs and took the council to a tribunal, as they refused to accept anything that did not come from their drug man. The council put the wrong information into the court and got caught out and had to concede the case.

After that we should have been home and dry but the placement would only listen to the SS who were trying to lower their financial loss and made them treat the child as a naughty boy who needed structure and controlled discipline and did not put in place anything the judge wanted put into place. It was 5 years or more before he finally got his NHS diagnosis.

To late to help him, as his placement had failed due to wrong treatment plan and at an age where the council can just wash their hands of him. After ten years the council are still just ignoring his needs. A blow by blow account is chronicled on this site.

Diagnosis of child abuse was put forward, carefully at first at the tribunal through my letters to an MP and regulator of my profession, and harshly towards the end of my communications with the GCC, BCA attorney generals and prime ministers, don’t forget letters to both Labour and Tory parties.

I researched at each stage what should have been done and then chronicled what was done. As seen by the changes they are making re education, they have known something was wrong for at least 8 years and have covered it up. Facilitating child abuse and then covering it up is a criminal offence and people should go to jail. 🤔

What caused his PTS? A combination of bullying by peers and others. Dragged around a school by the head teacher, intimidated to the point where he had to sit quietly in isolation. This to a child who could not string a sentence together due to his disability.

The second phase got so bad that the mother went to the press and MP to stop it. Due to wrong diagnosis he was put at risk and blamed when it was not his fault. ✅ Bless him, the child learned how to break the grip of an arm restraint by over extending his wrist, it happened so often. Shame he didn’t learn to read, write and do basic maths. 😡

I would love to restrain Boris for 30 mins and see if he thinks is suitable for children, I bet he would be in tears after 5 mins. ✅

Well classic cover up, they knew what they did to him first time, so could not change, as that would show they had been wrong to handle him like that in the first place. Once you start the lie it has to continue or you drop your colleagues in the shit. After all only a naughty boy and bad mother.

Howard Lamb

PS If she had been a bad mother I would not have started this case or taken it as far as I have. 👍

Text to a friend:

Yea it’s slowly getting there. We know the gov will try an tough it out. Crimes against humanity will take time and money to set a president. Press are castrated, wiki leaks got their hands full.

Courts and CPS will not bite the hand that feeds it. Privy Council in it up to its neck.

Interest in the trilogy of books and films waiting on me to finish mine but a good way forward. Money the family desperately need and a huge kick in the nuts for all concerned. ✅

Works for me.

Could the first book be out for Christmas? Depends.

Joy for family time not how thousands of children are and have been abused by the system.

Council responsible for short sharp shock at the school with an army trained head teacher who took over after failing its ofsted.

How did I pick the pts. 30 years of pro bono work with rescue animals.

So understood fright and flight with prolonged periods of stressing what it can do to dogs, donkeys or any animal that’s abused. 👍

Animals who have been physically abused often have spinal/soft tissue damage hence my involvement. They get caught in a vicious cycle. Mental stress aggravates the physical pain, the physical pain evokes more fright and flight. They have no trust in humans and even if trying to help you may increase the problem. One dog, I had to meet 6 times before he trusted me to touch him. Once you release the physical pain and gain the patients trust they improve really well.

That’s why the Royal College had to give me a free digger as I was trained by an expert long before there was any qualifications. 😂

Yea I miss treating the animals but to be fare I’ve been a bit busy over the last decade but, it’s still my retirement plan.

I see my hero Botham is now a lord. A couple of joints with Viv and the boys and look what can happen 😂 seriously, he has walked through pain to help others. More than most can say in Parliament. And single handily won everything in cricket (with tons of help) how many sacked England captains are in the Lords? Sorry. 💋

Let’s hope Beefy knocks the abusers for six. No change but a truly nice thought.

Yea all that walking when not giving his body the chance to recover is prob why he advertises that leg circulation thing on the telly. 🤔👍😂

If I did not have the right skill sets, why would I take his case on. Derrr

Which bit helped the most? In the process I had to communicate with him in a way that involved him, so we could engage. I swear mother bollocked me as much as the child as she didn’t understand my need to communicate in this fashion.

Once in, I rebalanced his spine and stimulated nervous system to clear multiple old bits and bobs picked up because he have no fear and don’t understand boundaries or the limits of actual physical capability. At the same time we were talking and as trust and friendship grew he let me in further.

That leads to our fishing trips to Spain and his ability to work in a team and shine, once he got the hang of it, and with strangers in a foreign land, all big things for him as he had not settled in his placement.

I learnt that if handled in a good way these kids could thrive and achieve.

Happy days.

6th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

But Trump says nothing to worry about. Well he is rich, white and has unlimited access to everything. He has nothing to worry about it’s just everyone else.  VOX EU article – The US excess mortality rate from COVID-19 is substantially worse than Europe’s

Howard Lamb

5th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

It’s all about correct diagnosis and correct treatment plans. Not just Child X but Covid, the economy etc.

It all tends to explain why I was never given a chance to defend mine. Just a naughty therapist after all. 😪

Howard Lamb

4th October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Autism and learning disability training for staff consultation response pdf file

Learning Disability article – NHS and social care staff to receive mandatory learning disability and autism training

Mencap Mandatory learning disability and autism training – FAQ

You can’t say they didn’t know otherwise why would they follow what I told Mrs May to do? Nothing about all those they damaged and are outside the system or about help and compensation.

Defo no investigation into child abuse and who was responsible. If they were not in the wrong , why would they make changes? Prob just wallpapering the cracks rather than getting to grips. Where are the speciality schools and teachers coming from? 🤔

Look how clever we are ✅ but like everything else we do it is all spin and no substance. 👍

Look at the Covid cock up. Every top scientist in the correct field told them what to do and they still got it wrong, what chance has mencap. To fully train someone to understand these children’s needs and be able to respond correctly would take 4 years and a few years experience. A couple of hrs on the internet doesn’t hack it.

A teacher or assistant, career etc. are the eyes and ears. They are not equipped to deal with these kids they have to be accurately diagnosed then a treatment plan and the rightly trained professionals. Who is going to do that? 👍

Teacher I think little Johnny is on the spectrum, how do I attend for his special needs and look after and teach the other 29 kids? ✅

Spin and no substance. It’s a start but a very long road. To build the infra structure to diagnose and treat successfully will take 10 years at least. During that time if the political will goes it will never happen. Unless they admit wrong doing I’m afraid they are already just going through the motions.

Well it didn’t turn out as well as we planned because there was no money after Covid. 🤔✅

In real time kids will still be abused by the system.

Politics. For god sake don’t solve problems because it shows we made mistakes. Defo just muddy the water and run away from responsibility. Any way I asked May why there had been no investigation into historic child abuse and gave her some useful information. So what they have been doing since is irrelevant. Mark you, it does show the cover up. 😡

When you listen to experts it helps if you are educated to understand what they are saying. Christ we can’t have that otherwise a degree in politics is useless. Old Boris prob didn’t do the Cobra thing due to a degree in the classics I expect. Handcock had a degree in PPE (politics, philosophy and economics) close enough so he got the job.

As for cream floating to the top. As you can see not much evidence in Westminster and they want more power over the system, heaven help us.

If half of them have degrees in PPE, what other solution could they have come up with if it wasn’t PPE? 👍 To begin with they had no PPE so the herd was prepared to be sent in parts to the slaughter house. Then even delayed stopping everything so the herd got a good dose. 70k extra deaths 55k with Covid mentioned on the death certificate.

Had the summer to sort it out and did not. Guess what it’s all our fault. 😇Why would you do such a thing?

PPE Economics. Get it over ASAP so economy doesn’t take a big hit. Philosophy, Capitalist intent Politics. Spin it so it’s believable. Explains so much.

Text to a friend:
Yep another case in the making . Crimes against humanity.

How does that work? USA not a member, so exempt. Only poor destroyed countries held responsible and as long as you are a member state it’s OK by us. What a world.

I expect it would be a small list America hasn’t got sanctions on. 🤔

Old mini micro that French chap been running all over, got nowhere and pissed people off all to deflect from the second wave, far ahead of Italy, Spain and us.

Don’t you love all the smoke and mirrors. Only time you see them is when they want you thinking about something else. ✅

Howard Lamb

3rd October, 2020

Dear Patient,

Poor old Trump, you would have to say it was an accident waiting to happen. What happens to the elections if he dies or is crippled? 🤔 Interesting times ahead. The German chancellor said we would be friends and neighbour after Brexit. If you translate it to English and not politics it means we are going to try and ruin the city and our trade so they can get the control of it for Germany and their axis. 🤔 What a world.

Stalin took over a large part of the German Austria-Hungarian empire who they had history with over 2 world wars and left their allies alone. Then sorted the Japs out but did not colonise, mmm. Map of Europe about the same now as 1941.

America clearly on own agenda again. Swap Japan for China as the dominant force in the east and history is ready to repeat itself.

Covid will be a big tipping point.

The only difference is that the lands of Armageddon are involved. Next time you see 4 horsemen, panic. ✅

The Battle of Britain stopped the world from going over the brink but if Russia had fallen it would have been a different ending.

Mark you if the French had not purposely messed up borders when both Ottoman and German/Austrian/Hungarian empires were split up after WW1, we would not have had the ethnic and religious conflicts we have had. Vive le France and F everyone else. Nice people just run by arseholes, just like us. 😂

Text to a friend:
The billions for compensation had to come out of department budgets rather than a central fund. If a central fund, you would have to explain where and to who and why they got the money. Would show up their spotless tickity box system for the sham it is. 👍

Howard Lamb

PS Knowing Trump it’s prob a scam. If an American company was avoiding US reg and accidentally, through their Chinese partners, at a lab near the epicentre of the outbreak, they prob had developed an antidote.

All got out of hand so nobody has put their hands up and you can’t have a tested drug to counter it if you don’t want questions to be asked.

Head line, President saved by Superdrug just before the election. 🤔 How twisted are they?

It brings Sars into the equation. Was it a test run and did someone earn? Did they tweak it a decade later but it took a life of its own? Always more questions than answers

All around the time of US – China trade deal. CIA or black ops? Theory after theory but someone knows the truth. Prob not La La.

If you look at the USA it’s one of the few countries run by ethnic invaders. Freedom of religion and freedom as a white European immigrant. The down side was in taking over that part of the continent all the original population had to go. Take the lands of the tribes and fill it up with white Europeans and slaves to do the graft.

What type of W.E. were they? Some for religious or general persecution reasons. Many to make a better life for them and family. It was also a penal colony. Do I hang in Britain or bugger of to the States.

Open borders so every scam artist and criminal made their ways over as well. Not just cream that floats to the surface (oil, scum , excrement to mention a few others).🤔

The founding fathers wanting liberty (bloody french again) and took one, got away with it and then killed off the indigenous tribes to take full control for the white supremacists. What could possibly go wrong? 😂

I remember as a child watching cowboy and indian films and thinking it was a bit unfair shooting repeating rifles and people with bows and arrows. Not much has changed, look at the Middle East.

Early testing and diagnosis works. They have had the time but choose the wrong options. Guardian article – Surge of Covid cases in London health workers sparks fear of spread on wards

2nd October, 2020

Dear Patient,

By now you should be reading the game. Their lips say one thing but there hand is in something else.

Boris will blame May. May will say she was busy mucking up Brexit and blame Cameron. Cameron will say he was busy crushing the rioting youth and giving the Crown Jewell’s away to the banks when they crashed, dealing with BP’s pollution of the Gulf of Mexico etc. Wasn’t my fault, who knew about disability, it’s Gordon the morons fault for f**k ing up the city and selling the gold because we didn’t need it. Its Tony’s fault not mine.

Tony did shed a crocodile tear for the millions effected by his illegal war and earnt million. ✅ So that’s sorted Tony shed a tear, now will you just move on.

They wish. 😂😂😂

Remember it doesn’t matter how much you F**k things up because it’s covered up, suppressed and complaint proof. Those who spend the rest of their lives and have finance and infinite patients might get lucky and get less back than they put in. If it all goes tits up big time the costs come out of budget of the NHS and their budget to us gets reduced.

Those responsible are still there or on pension with good reputation.🤔

How can you possibly improve your system if you sweep everything under the carpet and don’t solve faults or problems because they don’t exist. ✅

Child abuse is still child abuse even when covered up.

Vicious cycle, 3.5 billion a year minimum prob double that in time and wages, out of budget. So 7 billion a year lost, computers billions and on and on.

Fewer staff and facility, mutinous staff under draconian rule. More and more cock ups will happen but blame the Doc who did 20 hrs straight. Even a lorry drive can’t do more than 35 hrs a week due to health and safety.

Must be his fault and as for that bitch of a nurse who stabbed me with a needle and on.

NHS staff are human, they make mistakes. The trick is to learn from it and then move on. If the lesson is learnt, it should not happen again. However if you do the same thing in the same way, you will get the same result. Said that in my first letter to the GCC back in 2012.

Imagine if we had put our heads together and initiated the correct changes. 🤔

Text to a friend :
Assange troubles started about the same time as mine.

If Wikileaks has been fully functional, would I have had to stand alone and blow my whistle.

You never miss something till it’s gone. 🤔

It just dawned on me why Scotland wants to break the Union, prob through shame. Blair, Brown and Cameron, 2 born scots and one with a common name. 😂

Not sure if true but Nicola Sturgeon born in England. Sturgeon were common in all UK rivers after all. Well until pollution and the virtual extinction of salmon, another common UK name. 55 year history with river pollution since I joined the ACA (Angler Cooperative Association) no qualification but libraries of information and I only drink boiled sterile water if possible.

Howard Lamb

30th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Re SS and training, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. 100,000 jobs vacant in NHS, very short on experts on mental health. So train the SS and they have done something but as always the blind will still be leading the blind.

Yea a 4 or 5 year specialist education done via the internet in a few short hours, clearly no point in a medical degree when the SS are that good. 😂😂

I know, most social workers would not have the a levels and grades to enter medicine in the first place, which is why they are only social workers and not clinicians.

Even if they recruited 25 thousand students to day, 4 or 5 years education, ten years experience to be able to deal with the more complex. That’s 15 years, half or more will drop out and then only another 90,000 to go. ✅

Where does all this supplements don’t work come from. The drug companies and their influence.

Well, if you are healthy, why would you buy their drugs? If you eat the right nutrition and go in the sun daily you should live to a ripe old healthy age. Unfortunately we don’t and the food is over cropped, manipulated and short on nutrients. 🤔🤔 Good business if you can get it, never ending repeat, nice.

Re Vit D, sunshine and virus, I went through my winter 84 fishing log the other day. Cold but frost and blue skies.

The last five winters at least have been mild and cloudy, prob why the whole country gets a bit low in Jan and Feb. So little sunshine and low Vit D replication may have something to do with all the Asian ladies I treat who have osteoporosis and low Vit D. 🤔 Hidden effect of global warming.

PS If you don’t believe me, check out on line what you need to have (qualification) to become a social worker. Look up mental health care as well. Then you will see why it’s all gone so wrong.

Without qualification, experience or any serious knowledge about their clients, their reports are listened to and acted upon.

By others who are clueless and only interested in budgets.

Exactly, first you diagnose then put in a treatment plan, if the SS are involved, that has not happened.✅ If you are 100,000 staff short, you have to prioritise. Naughty kids and those who need help. 🤔

Those who tick our box for safe profile, as in Baby P, where the mother worked the system to keep it off her back.

How do I balance my diet? I tend to eat around work . Sometimes I get my fruit and veg, fibre protein’s and fats, sometimes I don’t, so will top up what I could be short of and keep body stocks high. Sometimes I do sun rise to sunset fast. Lots of fluid. Usually with drops to detox liver and lymph system. Exercise most days through work. And keep my stress levels low when possible. If you put shit in, make sure it all comes out. 😂😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

29th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
No I didn’t know that the SS are retraining their staff to cover mental health.

Just what we don’t need, nosey Parker’s with hugely limited education on often complex situations. Need experts not 5 hrs of CPD. Social worker after CPD

I can see the whole family is nutty. Can’t refer so what was the point? ✅

Makes you laugh. Spanish flu came back for years and we have been using vaccines for at least 40 years and people still die every autumn and winter. The other year with millions spent, the jab was 3 percent effective.

All the drug companies are looking for 100 years of repeat business. So much for the greater good. 👍🤔✅

I like the Russian vaccine. It puts the immune system on steroids so it can fend for itself. I haven’t had the chance to look at the Lancet (prob from Lance it from the old days). Must be the way forward, strengthen the immune system and the body sorts it out. ✅

Some universities are now ordering test kits for students. What were they doing during lock down for God’s sake.  Positive to quarantine, the rest out on the piss. Alcohol kills the bug. Students banded from close proximity to over 50’s job done. If mixed halls of residence I bet transmission of STD’s is far higher than Covid. 😂😂

Yea I remember Moby dick, where the captain is tangled in rope and wrapped around the whale. Dead of course but his free arm still flapping about as if he were alive and waving. So you think that’s a bit like La La’s story. Wanted the job, blew it, politically died and in time he will wave goodbye. 😂😂

Works for me. 🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

28th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to friend :
On a cold winters morning, every time you breath, warm air vapour exits your lungs and as hotter than the air temp will rise and mix in the air currents until it cools significantly to drop to the ground. Hence autumn and winter more are infected than summer, or one of the reasons. So filtering the virus, encapsulating it or just killing it in the air is vital in our fight against the next wave. The Spanish flu came back 11 times over a number of years until the planet developed immunity. 🤔👍✅

I know, don’t go out in fog or mist as you could be walking into a cloud of suspended virus. ✅

Where did they go so wrong with Covid? Simple, they used political science. Look at how prepared we are, what structure is in place and then predict the outcome and we get the herd theory and Boris saying you are all going to die particularly in the care homes, so we will not register the deaths or those it crippled and die of complications.

Yea then they were shown the error of their ways and when it should have been ramped up they all either ran away or caught it. So been on catch up and bullshit ever since. 👍

It hasn’t helped the system to react appropriately when your whole game plan is plan A which gets shot to pieces and then a plan B has to be put together so ended up being counterproductive at times. Mixed messages and behind the Scenes skulduggery caused confusion through the ranks. With much outsourcing to what can only be scene as sharks.

May long the Indian summer last.

Howard Lamb

27th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Most of my CPD year was chronicled through this web site as it happened and you will know I have a UV light in the entrance lobby, segregated from the rest of the clinic and hand sanitiser. In the reception area essential oil diffuser and a ton of antiviral products. All staff are asked to gargle before and after shift. Each treatment room has a carbon air purifier sterilising the air every few mins. Oil vapour of 3 proven antiviral oils and a large light salt lamp to dry and protect the air.

The ICU standard PHE protocols on top. ✅  Defo took more than the required 15hrs. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS And temp check I forgot.

I say all this as an irony, I will not wear gloves whilst treating patients as I lose too much sensitivity and am less effective because of this. I do have 2 hand sanitising foam and soap on my sink in the treatment room to compensate.

Technically I’m in breach of their from PHE and if grassed up could have my insurance removed and could not comply with the GCC regulations and have to leave the profession.

Or is it just me? 🤔

26th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

As my registration so important to my patients and no paperwork back as yet I thought I would put my CPD up as best as I can so things aren’t done behind closed doors, transparency act. ✅ Click here for CPD file

Howard Lamb

PS The Thompson drop mentioned was the technique used in our only fatality. A very safe technique with millions of treatments worldwide.

As with all tragic accidents there is always a reason and am still trying to get to the bottom of it. My thinking is an area of osteoporosis covered by calcification causing an undetectable weakness in the bone. This type of thing could happen again with poor medical screening we have to put up with. 🤔✅

Text to a friend:
Yes I was talking to a patient re selling property. With changes to the law and probably a hike in interest rates as trillions have been spent propping up the stoke exchanges. When that dries up they will have no option but to hike interest. Years more on a mortgage and then no profit to be made.

Re our fatality, it all sounded a bit cold in reflection. The grief, shock and loss to the family, the trauma to all staff at the clinic and particularly to a fellow chiropractor who did it to the book and letter, this horrible accident will have left scars to all involved. Yet medicine has not got the resources to protect us and could happen again. Don’t even start me off with GCC on this one. 😡 Add to that their inability to act over Covid. We were clearly told that PPE should only be used on wild animals, so crack on as normal. Now of course it’s PPE to the hilt and a rack of regs from PHE which are not suitable outside ICU. 🤔

What should have happened but never does is the chiro is defended until proven guilty not assumption of guilt till proven innocent. Makes you wonder who gave the expert opinion on chiropractic. 🤔

I’ve had experience of them. Often failed chiropractor who have a myopic view talking about subjects they are not trained in. But the pay is good. ✅ But expert in being a witness. Filled in the forms etc. and follow the guidelines and you are an expert witness. 👍

Text to a mate:
Trillions from the fed to prop up economy. Yep well America does not want to go bankrupt in an election year. Better after elections and second wave. 😂😂

I can’t see why furlough should end, a little gold mine for the treasury. Borrow money at 2 percent and draw back an average 10%in tax = 8%profit minus costs. Genius.

Well if you just printing money and devaluing the pound it’s 8% minus cost, printing distribution management etc. 5% pure profit.

Looks good on paper but the real world is a funny old thing. Seems to have a mind of its own. 😂

On reflection, clarity, failed chiropractor, in this context one who did not have the correct expertise to discuss the case. Failed to understand the workings of a defuse profession and with a myopic point of view, due to that.

I’ve had a neuro surgeon discuss chiropractic expert short hand from a specialised branch. Didn’t go well for him I expect. 😂

My dear Sue, letter to the BCA in the archives somewhere covers that.

25th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’m just checking through my CPD for register retention, before it’s sent. I’ll post it once gone. Let’s hope I’m not thrown out again and then replaced because they didn’t understand their own forms. They have totally changed the format since then, lets hope they understand it this time, who would have politics?

As for the gov over Child X and his abuse from non-diagnosis.

When you mind set is naughty/poor parenting skill, you don’t know how to change the system, they have no money to do it, it’s riddled with mismanagement.

As a secret,who can they trust to deal with it and get the right result for them?

Ethics and law don’t seem to be getting a look in. How will that ever change? Well it is, slowly but surely. They can’t run and hide for ever. 👍

Howard Lamb

PS It’s gone but designed for security so not easy to post. 🤔 Prob because I put 2 retention forms, including the one I was ejected for, up on the site as a whistle blower. ✅😂😂

Text to a friend:
Your right LA La hasn’t a clue what’s happening to people.

It’s been great back at work, only two shifts a week but I have twice the time with a patient so I don’t run late.

Talking with lots of old hands and how it’s effecting them. People selling property and getting out of rental, people taking new career paths. Others hardly keeping afloat.

Some don’t want to go back to how it was, others not knowing what to do next. Some feel isolated and lack human contact. Many of my older clients are scared but try not to let on.

Some hate their partners more, others have found each other so nothing is normal anymore.

All feel it’s been a total cock up from start to finish, without exception.

24th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve had several texts from friends on the subject of why the gov are not doing anything about Child X and the other children.

I cannot say for sure as I’m a naughty boy and they don’t talk to people like me.

I would hazard a guess that they are relying on the blame game, happened before our time, not our fault and are busy with Brexit and the pandemic.

Classic politics, Cummings will have crunched the data and history shows they have got away with blue murder over the years, doing the same thing. Their problem with that is that once you know of the crime and have done nothing to bring in justice. You are then, also guilty of the crime.

I watched Sir K from Labour answer the PM. Not exactly top barrister having a go but a man trying to erode conservative voters who would vote for labour for the next election. Also if you remember I wrote to the Labour Party who said they would get back to me and never did. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS re happened before their time, wrong, still happening now. ✅

Text to a friend:
Yea, no excuse for Sir K. He was in charge of the crown prosecution service and did nothing, disgrace really as should understand the law. 👍 Mark you as much of the twist was under labours rule you can understand why he is playing Mutt and Jeff.

Text to a mate:
I missed Handcock telling everyone on telly that taking Vit D can’t stop you getting the virus so no point taking it. Pratt, you replicate Vit D with exposure to UV light. You used to be able to buy SAD light bulbs (seasonal adjustment disorder from lack of sun light). Most ethnically non white’s have pigments or colour to protect the body from various degree’s of UV/radiation from the sun.

I have seen hundreds of post-menopausal Asian women with low D counts and osteopenia/perosis partially due to D depletion and far less sunshine than their skin colour dictates.

Once infected D reserves in the body are depleted and not being replaced which effects the body’s ability to fight off the virus. Hence BAME with other important reasons. So if your D count is low get out in the sun or buy a light bulb that helps trigger D replication. If ill take D, C, zinc and magnesium, all important and as you are not eating much, hard for the body to replace.

Trail’s in the EU have shown that in large doses to the very ill it has helped. Russia the same though have not seen their findings. 🤔

Yea NHS could send them a light bulb as well as some nice non ethnic soup to help weight loss. 😂😂

Yea defo would help in ICU, if you can unwrap the patient enough to light up the forehead. Air temp to patients lungs should be at above 25c rather than cold which is more suitable for Covid and intravenous vits and mins proteins and digested fats, which are all important for a flat out immune system.

Get some dyson type charcoal air sterilises and some infused essential oil in the air and create a safer space for the team. UV light and salt/alcohol mouth washes and then PPE.✅

Once you have exhausted all your reserves of nutrients for a healthy immune system you damage it and then you are in trouble. The young get post viral syndrome some develop ME. But usually recover in time. Others the bug moved through the body and damaged everything it touched. Without medical intervention they would be dead but walking wounded and could fail due to a cold or flu.

Handcock your are dangerous, because you don’t know what you are talking about and in charge of the National Health, as I said Pratt.

23rd September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
At long last, something on the telly about those who have had the bug and months later are still not fit. It was twisted a bit to scare the young going into lockdown I expect.

They focused on the symptoms of post viral fatigue/syndrome which is common in most flu’s not just Covid. They did not focus much on those who had heavy dose/load or were vulnerable. How much damage to them, if they will recover etc. etc. ? I was left with the impression that they are not getting the care they need as no attention has been focused on the subject.

I expect it’s because they would lose more votes for another cock up so it’s not covered up but left on low heat on the back boiler until they are forced to do something about it.

It’s no small problem, check out how many people had it, subtract how many died and how many recovered. What’s happening to the rest? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Still nothing. I’ve been flat out on stuff so haven’t got round to chasing yet but the longer they are overdue more of my point gets proven. 🤔✅

PPS Those at home with damaged lungs kidneys and heart from the virus will need carers who go from patient home to patient home. Hard to bubble the family with people in and out daily.

A common cold or other virus could be fatal to the patient.

The other question unanswered is does the virus damage genomes and is the damage going to be passed through the generations?

That’s an interesting thought about the need to vaccinate the young, as the older generations were not vaccinated and have taken the brunt of the deaths and disabilities.

Not going to be that simple I’m afraid. It could be the originals immune systems were damaged or livers etc. from the first vaccines. Who’s going to open that can of worms?

Are vaccines safe? Well there’s no reason why they couldn’t be in small doses at a level that does not cause any auto immune reaction. However what looks good on paper is not always the truth of the situation.

Lots of can of worms to catch all those red herrings I expect.

22nd September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just me then, 30 people with world expertise in pandemics or the gov lot who got it so wrong at the beginning. 🤔 Guardian article – Covid UK: scientists at loggerheads over approach to new restrictions

Howard Lamb

21st September, 2020

Dear Patient,

You can understand why they are covering up what’s been done to the autistic. Admit wrong doing and open up the flood gates for more litigation with billions already owed.

Back in the day, autism was seen as the mothers fault for being cold to the child. So let’s just blame the mother and child and we can get rid of our responsibilities. ✅. Never let the science get in the way of a good story.👍

Howard Lamb

PS And who is going to put their hands up to systematic child abuse ✅ and ignoring the science? Just like Covid in the spring.

Safe guard the old then send 20,000 home to clear hospital beds untested. This time they have stopped carers from working in more than one home. But will have huge staff shortage and those who are seen by carers in their own home, where one carer may see 10 clients in a day, have not been limited to one client a day.

All sounds great on paper but not workable in the real world.

They can’t say they haven’t known. My letters to May were clear. All in the archives, with some of the letters to the GCC and tribunals, regulators, attorney general and finally Boris.

The truth needs to come out. 👍

Text to a mate:
With the low deaths per rate of infection, it tends to lend credence to a man altered bug, escaping or released from a Chinese lab who were working for the American conglomerate. And is now fading in potency.

Americans can say not their fault. Chinese can say it was due to the American company avoiding restrictions in America. I do love a good Miss Marple.

Was it released to damage China as part of the trade agreement to show what America is capable of and not just rattling swords. To early to tell yet. Scientists say there is no evidence the bug is weakening through natural causes, yet at the moment our death rate is low. 4,000 a day and 20 deaths even with a half a percent death rate not the 2 to3 percent in the spring. 🤔

Let’s keep out fingers crossed there is no tsunami in the wings.

Why a Miss Marple? Well it could be that the virus is less potent in warm UV times and you get a heavier hit in the cold. Warm moisture rises in the cold, watch your own white vapour trail on a frosty morning.

Of course the blood scandal pay outs will be coming out of NHS budget when it was the Americans fault. How does that work .????🤔

Prob explains 25 years of avoiding responsibility as did not want to upset the Yanks.

Absolutely not,  Parliament can do a question time via internet for MPs. There is no coalition so PMs have no input without questions with answers from the Commons. Parliament only done 4 months work in a year with all the closures. The gov must be made to learn from mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again.

While the blame game continues, nothing gets done because nobody wants the blame.🤔

Autism, it’s all about their mind set. If you truly believe it’s just poor parents and their naughty children, cold mothers caused the problem, you get the system we have now.

Well they did what they always do, listen to the science that suits their purpose and make sure it happens long term in the strategic plan. ✅

Mark you, with the bad mother theory you think they would have mentored and helped these families out of crisis. No we have the SS documenting to show they were right and it’s not their (SS)fault. Just a bad mother and naughty child, what can you do?

Just been yelling at the radio in the car. TFL are advertising the fact they are sterilising everything, which is good but why did they not do it in the spring with no masks in the tube or testing of staff? Could have saved key workers lives.

All in the archives as it happened. I think I came to the conclusion that the pandemic department had been closed due to cuts, so didn’t know what to do. 🤔

20th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I bit of democracy would be nice if emergency powers lapse ✅ Guardian article – Parliament surrendered role over Covid emergency laws, says Lady Hale

Howard Lamb

19th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Re 2.5 billion in litigation against the NHS, it’s not that all doctors are poor but overstretched and let down by the system. You cannot run a maternity ward if you don’t have enough or the correct staff, but you have to. Shortage of cleaners and MRSA. Not enough senior staff to develop the newer ones. Often not enough of either.

How many failed trusts had deaths have there been? Why, because it’s all run by people who do not have the skill sets to solve the problems.

Howard Lamb

PS Well if they had, they would have done. 🤔

If the NHS employed 1.4 million people. That’s over £1700 per member of staff going out, no win no fee. 👍✅ It costs the same to educate one child for that year or keep someone alive with an expensive drug. 🤔

You have to ask, if so much money is haemorrhaging out of the NHS, how much would the total be for all departments? Bum computer system, rental agreements, etc. etc. etc.🤔

Text to a friend:
Why am I having such a go at the USAx3?

Bottom line is they twisted being a free man from what it meant in the UK. Freedom was a mason thing. White ex Europeans only the rest are slaves or peoples we are going to eradicate as we take everything we can. 😇

They don’t seem to have changed much. ✅

Can’t be the doctors, if like us, have professional indemnity insurance,  that can’t be part of the billions. 🤔 Public liability insurance or is their record so bad the NHS can’t get any? 🤔

18th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I watched Jeremy Hunt on the BBC last night on news cast.  He left the health service in a terrible state and now is on the health committee. He blamed everyone else except his role.

Four winter crisis. You would have thought after the first they would have learnt and taken steps to make sure they filled the 100,000 vacancies, so it didn’t happen again. Waiting lists grew and moral plummeted. Autism wasn’t diagnosed and he locked people down without diagnosis.

According to him, he did a great job.

Clearly a political move on his behalf, in the wings waiting for Boris to go.  Do they have any morals at all, shifting blame onto NHS and not taking responsibility?

He said something like, each year we had a meeting and I was told there would be no crisis and each year there was. Not great management skills then, he did say that he ran a sales team when he was an entrepreneur. Prob why he had difficulty running the 5th biggest employer on the planet with skill sets other than sales.

Text to a friend:
In hind sight the summer was a lost opportunity. The under sixties in good health should have infected as many people under 60 who are safe and the vulnerable safeguarded.

Sensible advice and looking after yourself if infected and supplements.

Very low death count and much much closer to herd immunity. The more people who are immune the fewer to transmit the disease. The safer the more vulnerable are.

Just think, track and trace a hotspot, work with the council to identify all over 60 ‘s in that zone. Isolate and protect them whilst the bug immunity, to the safe, grows. ✅ Anybody at risk under 60. I expect the GP’s could help there.

Howard Lamb

17th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

No paperwork, no news.

Howard Lamb

PS I expect it’s because important people don’t want to answer the questions. Defo a bit short on democracy. Prob trying to shift the blame.  Prob is that they will as well and round and round we go. I was too busy with Brexit or pandemic or.

Well who was put in charge of the investigation of child abuse and what were the results? ✅ Prob not investigated as if they do find something wrong they would have to do something about it.🤔

Always more questions than answers.

Text to a friend :
Mason, a secret organisation who look after their members.

Many Masonic symbols on the dollar and in their building.

No native Americans, Mexicans or slaves, part of the club so not catered for.

Just wrong.

16th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I watched a programme on Assange by the RT channel and they said that America was using a law from 1917 to twist his whistle blowing into espionage. If he goes to America he will be tried behind closed doors in Virginia who have a 100% conviction rate, ending up locked away for the rest of his life. Pretty much what I have said. ✅

As for the Child X case, still no news.

As we have seen with Covid 19, the gov does not want to take responsibility for its actions. Don’t wear masks just wash your hands. Go to the races and footy. Long list. Don’t abuse children or you will go to jail, unless you work for the gov and then it’s ok.

How can you get justice when the gov’s normal route is cover up?

Politicians have too much power and are able to avoid the truth, this is not healthy for the nation, what else are they covering up?

Clear incompetence in many areas over Covid but the same team in control, Doctors have the hump with the gov, it would seem barristers are not happy either, yet the gov ploughed through regardless.

This can only change with honesty, yet the politicians don’t seem capable.

How am I going to get justice for autism and the army of Child X’s? 🤔

There has to be something wrong when it’s the Russians standing up for the freedom of the press. 😂 Apparently they are trying to show that Assange helped Nanning to hack the system. Hard one as Manning has not said anything and Assange hasn’t the technical ability to do so. Can’t wait to see how the yanks try to get round that. 👍

I must be getting old and boring as watched a program on the Magna Carta last night as well. The American constitution was built around it. Freedom and freedom to trade. Yet the revolution kept slavery until the civil war 90 years later, how does that work? Especially as the right to be a freeman was law in the UK 3 years before the revolution.

Boston tea party clearly all about slavery not tax. If we abolish slavery how can we make a profit from the plantations? 🤔🤔🤔. 🇬🇧✅ America’s freedom at what price to the world?

Howard Lamb

PS How is it possible to accuse someone of hacking by a law brought in during the First World War, when computers weren’t invented? 🤔

Text to a mate:
When nations go rouge what infra structure is in place that brings justice to those who have been abused?

Take America, 1773 we abolish slavery. 1776 America breaks away and has freedom of the individual and trade. Unless you came into the country as a slave who could only escape to Canada for freedom or wait 90 years for the civil war and 250 years to get equal rights. The females of our species will be pissed if the slaves get there before them. 😂

If we go back to the First World War for legal presidency, Blair through time to Boris would be in the dock for treason for their part in the EU fiasco. What world organisations can step in to bring justice?

Apparently if you are not a member you can do what you want and nobody can stop you. So much for peace in our time. ✅

No treason for their actions through the privet council to scupper Brexit and then breach international law to get the result. Mark you Boris locked us down under war footing so these treason laws may be active if we get lucky. 😂😂😂😂🇬🇧

Strange thing about American freedom. Fraud ✅ tax evasion ✅ illegal wars and destabilising countries globally. ✅

Non prescribed drugs and sex for a dollar and you are off to jail. Not exactly freedom then.

USA using the 1917 war act because of the war on terror, Assange showed how they broke the law and rules of engagement. Nothing to do with war on terror but a contrived illegal war in the Middle East.

I expect after the revolution they were strapped for cash and slavery fuelled their economy by under cutting the competition who abolished it. Look at all the Founding Fathers built and carved in stone, off the back of slavery and the free trade. Then Hollywood it and hide the lies.✅

With slaves, I expect they were seen as godless savages. So not God fearing Christians so rules don’t count in their case. Catholic Mexicans are indigenous people who pray to God. Not a proper white Christian influenced by the masons. As for Mohammed don’t even go there. I expect Buda been smeared over starting obesity.

15th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just me who recons beaver man QC not up to the role of attorney general. Guardian article – Brexit: barristers question selection of legal team leading UK drive to override deal

Howard Lamb

14th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Where did Boris and Cummings go so wrong? What looks good on paper does not always work in practice. Clearly they had no faith in the system, track and trace where the councils are having to do it independently. Did not respect the universities/medical facilities that had the capacity to test and took it out of the system and failed.

If you dont involve the system how can it function?

Getting rid of top civil servants in the middle of the biggest crisis to hit this country since WW2. So decent in the ranks.

Take the NHS where a third of doctor have fallen out of love for their NHS and the others not particularly happy. Nurses, porters catering cleaning staff not happy.

Boris seems to think that if you throw enough money at sharks in the private sector he will get the job done, and has failed.

Howard Lamb

PS With so few deaths from Covid even though infection rate is high. It would be nice to see if there is an overall drop in deaths nationally, or the Covid after effects are keeping it high i.e 28 days since Covid diagnosis yet the unrecovered victims will slowly die off prematurely after 28 days and will not be recorded. 🤔

You have to keep your eyes on everything they do because there is always an alternative reason. Anything to bring the death rate down and minimalise their responsibility.

Text to a mate:
No wonder the docs have the hump. They get 3 years at a hospital and then have to move. Why you might ask? Not good clinically constantly changing your team.

Must be to get staff to fill the gaps in places people would not normally want to go. (short staffed by over 100’000)

So every three years , potentially a doc has to up root his/her family who they hardly see, to comply if the main bread winner.

What have their associations been up to? Prob like mine, blocked and over ruled by committee and regulators.😇

As for the ex PMs breaking silence over Brexit. Well they all swore allegiance to the EU so what do you expect?

13th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

A busy week, La La had me in fits this week. 100 billion on testing when 5 months ago they stopped testing because there was no point. More smoke and mirrors. We have an educated population who in gen have tried to stick to the rules, eh Cummings. Track and trace on track at last as early diagnosis is paramount. We always had the capacity but the gov bypassed it and went corporative. The left hand has found the right but not exactly together as yet but I have great hopes. So what’s he spending the money on?

Re Covid:
Lock people down and then the whole Koi family can get it. So wash hands and saline/alcohol type gargle to help protect the back of your throat for the virus. Mask only when you can’t social distance 2 meters, remove mask asap and change mask regularly.

Home hygiene vital. Toilets, baths showers and kitchens should be regularly bleached, essential oils and saline in the air to purify and be hostile to C19.

Isolate the infected member of the family and mask, gargle and wash hands if entering their room. Dyson does a carbon filters air. Purifier that would help. I would recommend exposure to UV light in the home which is hostile to the bug and helps trigger Vit D replication by the body and vital for the immune system.

Keep the air you breath clean of bugs is the healthy option.

Howard Lamb

12th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
Yea I’ve just ordered the profile of Assange case judge. It would be nice to know if independent or leans towards the government.

Unthinkable but considering their track record you can’t rule a fix out. 👍 You have to ask why Manning and Snowdon risked so much to whistle blow in such a big way in the first place.

Who were they going to whistleblow to if America not a member of the ICC? (Int Crimes Commission)

So Wikileaks did the job instead. I’m sure America was upset that their security was so easily breached and the truth of what they were up to came out.

It’s a bit like the criminals seeking revenge on those who grassed them up. Yet we play this game of law, let’s hope justice is found.

Maybe The Hague could put a few words in to help Assange as they were not able to do anything about America crimes against humanity. They only got involved at the end of the Iraq conflict so knew what was going on.

If you are the biggest bully on the block you can get away with murder. Sorry, wrong intel ✅ or come to Cuba and try water boarding.

They are called the Royal Courts of Justice, not law. ✅

When secrets are kept to cover up wrong doing, its whistle blowing and should be immune from prosecution. Information given to a foreign power which is detrimental to the country, that is Espionage. How can America even have a case?

Well, if you go to war illegally with your mates, you have picked your camp.

How does all of this effect Child X? Well smoke and mirrors so the gov can push through Brexits new laws for the country, unseen by us, cover their arses if it all goes tits up. Second wave to keep us locked up. So the last thing they need is a child abuse scandal. Back burner again I expect.

How many more crimes will America get away with and how many have they got away with?

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. Millions of innocent people bombed, shot or maimed. No war though, just terrorist acts from a rouge nation. Unsettled gov’s all over the planet. Illegal war and remote controlled killing in the Middle East. Ukraine. Control the America’s. Invaded the Caribbean long list. Reds under the beds. Comi chinks. The Muslim terror. Yet there record on human rights is abysmal.

It all went totally tits up from Bush onwards. Well they still had a world to shape and mould for their best interests so manipulated things to their own advantage, then with the two towers it went out the window. How much vengeance do they need, or has the plan now changed with corporate interaction?

Well yes Assange and Wickileaks pricked there conscience. However the corporate world hasn’t got one. 😂

Trillions in beefing up arms, billions to clean up the mess and say sorry we went over the top. Trillions it is then as the dollar talks. Even in America whistleblowers are protected by law. Clearly not justice. So we have 007 Assange to get round their own laws. 😂😂😂😂

Assange is a lover not a fighter, look at his track record, with or with out a condom. Well he’s Australian and they can be a bit strange or Assange.

Howard Lamb

11th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Assange trial:
America is not part of the international crimes commission at The Hague, so I believe. Assange exposed crimes against humanity that America had committed and they want a pound of his flesh. How is this case even possible?

All that bull about the danger to their spies. I can not believe for one second that once security was breached they were not protected. Pics of some dead spies might clear up this part of the case .

Well if there are dead spies all over the place it’s America’s fault for not protecting their assets. They had the time. Set up. If they protected their assets, how can they have been at risk?


USAx3 pissed at being publicly humiliated and the buck stops here. Add Snowdon and Assange in their sights.

Not cricket to kill the messenger, so to speak. 😂✊🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

10th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Why are we still waiting for justice? Clearly by now, unless totally incompetent, they must know what’s been done, who is responsible. Who covered it up and who has been stopping Child X from the apology and financial support that he has been denied. The mother could then put in the correct treatment plan and help and support her child needs.

So we must assume they know. Why are they avoiding their responsibility and why are they able to break law at will? Why is everything done behind closed doors? So much for Cameron and his transparency laws. Why did he have to put them in place, in the first place? How long, in a democracy, can injustice ( known) continue for without the need for prosecution?

Always more questions than answers.

Always more questions. If in 1773 the slave/freeman ruling was set in our time it would not have got legal aid and global corporate interests would come first. 🤔 Can you put them in right order, signal low?

Text to mate:
Re my world bankruptcy theory of re setting dials and paying 5 cents on the dollar. 👍

So when we go back into lockdown, the money market will loan vast sums of money they haven’t got and charge interest for ever. Nice work if you can get it.

Just think of the benefits, 95%of debt gone, personal and national. The release of cash would fuel the green revolution and destress the world and the money men would be brought back under control. 🤔🇬🇧

Why does the USAx3 want to punish ASSANGE? Wikileaks caught them red handed and exposed their guilt. We can’t ‘have that can we 🤔✅

Need a head on a pike outside the gates otherwise they will all be at it.

These cases normally end up, based on, if the defence has unravelled the other sides little twists to make it happen, nothing to do with truth or reality just a point of law.

This is the world we live in.

I expect with the Assange case what is applicable in America in law holds no credence in UK or EU law. Was he a spy or was he doing his job ✅after the information had been stolen? Or was in the process of, would be difficult to prove and just a pretext to get him to America and bang him up for as long as they want.

Howard Lamb

9th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

I see the top Brit Brexit lawyer has resigned because the gov his trying to break the law to do Brexit.

I had to laugh, 2000 plus people in solitary confinement without charge or diagnosis and in breach of law. In fact this site has chronicled lots of breaches in law, protocols and procedures, prob the breach that broke the camel’s back. 👍He could have been a civil servant, not lawyer, or both, I was laughing too hard to read it properly?

Prob why they don’t want to see and listen to my evidence and paperwork and don’t want me to see theirs. The chronicles of JFA that is, not Brexit.

When a gov can break the law, protocols and procedures at will and have rigged the complaints system so it becomes a life change to get justice. Then a chap resigned due to the gov breaking the law it starts to get a bit surreal.

Re Child X and Brexit, Boris has a cunning plan. Rewrite the law so they are all safe. Let’s hope these kids are too.

Text to a friend:
All systems unified and tick box cloned, so if one is at it, they all are. Rotten from top to bottom and corrupted by greed and power. (self not the greater good) Then we have to wait till the next lot of liars to be voted in to protect their system. 🤔 Ducks defo not in a line.

The worry when a man of honour resigned due to his principles as a human being. Who do they put in his place, law or order so to speak?

Liars. Check out what they have said in comparison to what actually has happened since and the smoke and popularity mirrors evaporate and the truth is there to be seen.

What crisis? was a good example from labour. 😂😂😂

If you are not popular you don’t get voted back, so show biz took control and secrecy became the norm. Spin the truth and keep them in the dark as we need their vote, became the norm, them (the untouchables) and us (the herd, to be milked and fattened for eventual market)

Them and us attitude throughout the system. Slow erosion over decades. Someone had a plan, back in the nineties as Boris and Cummings have now. You don’t have to look outside the box to find the problem, as the box has caused all the problems. 💋✅

Corporate Britain not any better. Spent a day trying to get my ski back on line, spent another day with a computer person and still could not get a response. So sent long email and still waiting. Apparently they can sue you if you just stop paying. People don’t want this stress but corporate profit matters. 👍

Test and trace failing through inadequate lab space. Clearly left hand clueless and the right hand not listened to, I expect. Why do I still think Boris is the man for the job? Nobody else. Tories will already be picking through the carnage and looking for a new new leader, holding on to power.

Sir K and labour short of talent, libs and rest not capable. Welsh, Scots and Irish coming together and no voice for the English, ethnic or not. Right or wrong he has to see Brexit through. He has to rise above self and work for the greater good of the people. (in job description) Will he? Well we shall soon see. ✅

Text different friend:
Do you think they have had enough yet?

Well, I go back to work on Tuesday and the fun and games will really start. Then chronicling the second waves’s handling, Brexit and the New Year . Plenty of time to do a proper job. 😂😂😂

Well I could have put my theories and findings to paper and presented it to the royal college by now and be years on in my research so the longer it goes on, the higher the price and damage to reputations. 🤔

Who next?

Clean fuel that kills, long list.

People f**k up because it’s human. It’s what you do afterwards that makes or breaks the man.

The old Docs have had enough I see. Don’t blame them. 80 hrs a week, forced to work in unhygienic environment that could and did damage their health, not listened to, forced to be quiet and told they should be grateful to have a job. Try team building with that one.

True not all doctors, many will not rock the boat as doing very nicely thank you. Bet their associations have followed the money and sold their souls .

Nothing ever easy when self is involved.

PS Price not money but damage done.

Look at the Assange case, Cameron and co helping their mates who all went illegally to war and tortured and blew up wrong people and covered it up.

In some sick and twisted way, the yanks think that by locking him up they are not guilty of their crimes against humanity. Beyond me.

It was the yanks fault in the first place. Their security was shit. They were told what had gone and then stupidly did nothing to protect their own spies. Then blame ASSANGE, derr.

Howard Lamb

8th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
I don’t get the ASSANGE case. Ducks been blown off course. How can you be done for spying when you weren’t in the country that you are not a national of and broke no law in the country of residence? Or is it just me again?

Oh and they knew he had the information and would prob print it at some stage being a whistleblower and journalist. ✅

Back to the press, Murdock with Times and Sun will prob not rock the boat due to backlash on fox etc. in the States.

Barclays a bit busy beating each other up. Corp first punters when it suites us. 🤔 Not a good attitude.

Where’s Simon Singh right to be wrong in the Assange case? Heard tons from the free press then. 🤔✅

At least with Assange he got the info right from the horses mouth, as was his right in his position. How did he get it because someone sent it. Did he help? Well of course he would, it’s part of his job. Did he go too far? Prob not as America would have not made change.

A man did a huge job and needs to be taken down to show you can’t win against the system. ✅

Random text on different subject:

John Oliver, Brit done well abroad. Loves America so much he has earnt his fortune slagging it off. Class act.

I expect the press complaints commission will have a chat with the high court and stop this injustice with Assange. We can all see that America is bullying to get its own way, like a spoilt child. This needs to stop.

Howard Lamb

7th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Good old Doc Hillary Jones. He’s in my age bracket with similar education. And offered the same conclusions and one of his own, as I have.  All on “I wouldn’t say” Morgan’s morning programme. Not just me then.

We were taught about keeping our patient healthy! In our day. Where did it all go so wrong? 👍

Text to a friend:
Interesting point about quality assurance in testing . Bit of a worry as wrong data screws everything up. It’s what got us in this mess in the first place, that and the committee system. 👍😂 Who was responsible for that data, should be the question?

We will soon see if the press are too big to fail and did. 😂

Brexit could be the shake up that Europe needs. Gov by committee failed miserably during the Cov19 pandemic. Members called for help and there wasn’t one who came. The peoples have seen it with their own eyes. Evidence you can’t change with hind sight.

Change in the air. Where did all the money go? And who got it?

Freedom of movement great as long as you go back to your native land or the vast majority.

The idea of free trade to make all members strong ended up as mass migration from poor countries to richer ones. This problem is causing friction all over the continent add North Africa and Syrian migrants etc. etc. winter coming with the second wave.

EU should regroup, countries from UK north including Iceland, Scandinavia, Danes, islands and lands (ice, green and newfound) to protect the north Atlantic’s resources and free trade under a generalised law .

Central Germans, Poles, Hungarian, Rumanian, Bulgarians etc.

Or the lands which were Genghis Khan’s

Southern UK Dutch, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Albania, Greece, long historic ties and trade to the Middle East and east.

You might then start to see some progress. With common ties and goals and cultures.

Ease of movement within your area and work etc.

Then with the colonial ties, France, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish and GB the task would cover most of the globe. China, India etc.

Then America would not be able to trade, but by the rules 🌪 without smashing the Ten Commandments and giving in to all the deadly sins.

Poole want to live happy lives. They don’t want never ending stress and the planet needs nurturing back to health.

Long to do list. 😂😂

Well I’m a Doctor, isolate the infection, treat and nurse back to health. Simples.

Country file did a good piece on contamination from emergency releases of raw sewage during rain and rivers can be 40 x higher than a failed beach for E Coli. Not just me again then.

Apparently fishing on the increase.

My advice would have been wash hands, wear a mask, don’t touch anything coming out of the river. Social distance at all times, if touch please get medical advice.

Howard Lamb

6th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Sunday Sermon :
I was on the phone to a friend on Saturday. We were talking about how this should all end. Two one liners said it all:

Born in deception and started with a pen and should finish with one.

Once the new law is signed,the ministries and councils will reset and follow suit.

Injustice scares the soul and you never forget. Most who have been treated unjustly only want their names cleared, an apology that is meant and the problem solved. Not bucket loads of cash, that happens when the solicitors get involved.

A fair system. Celts had a good one. Death X amount, loss of limb Y amount, loss of wife or livestock Z amount. Simple so we know where we are. Everybody has a bad day or gets distracted, this should not be used to prejudice a professional, fair peer review.

If needs to imp CPD or and mentoring. Anything worse to full council. (illegal acts) Simplify.

If the NHS is hamstrung by different systems of tech, put them through a comparability hub which configured to the system it’s sent to and back from, how hard is that?

They have been translating on the internet since the start. 🤔 A big week ahead , let’s see what problems get resolved.

Howard Lamb

PS Can they be trusted to do the right thing? Prob not but we are on the case, so to speak. 👍

If an illegal act has taken place those responsible should pay and not the gov. 🤔✅

Text to a friend:
Yea, obviously removing something with Tipex totally different to the wrong kidney but the principle is the same just the margin for error is much reduced and the stakes are higher. Still human, and we have been known to error. ✅

5th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
Remember the riots and looting under Cameron. They were going to solve the causes.

Well if lowering benefits and not improving environment, schools or useful education solved it they did a great job. In truth the poor were predicted for embarrassing the gov.

I know, they created the problem and then blamed everyone else. Then shrank police, care, welfare and services. How was that meant to help? Knife crime and homeless seem to be their best result.

Did Boris really say he might resign in 6 months after full Brexit? Stupid thing to say if he did, Tory loyalties will change ready for the bun fight for leadership, remains etc. He needs to take a grip or it will go to shit, even more than it is now.

Test and trace is slowly getting there but needs someone who knows their onions about solving problems and making new things work properly. Soft wear prob fixable but 25k new jobs and making it work, a different thing.

Yep, you can’t run a pandemic by committee because by the time it’s been put together, sat and come to a verdict the virus has replicated so fast your well behind the game. Take the EU who had not replaced PPE and were still sending it to China. Health minister who chaired committee had to resign and it took 3 weeks to get the meeting sorted and did not do much. Italy asked for help but no member state did.

Great at spending money, not so good at getting the job done. Classic EU who make our lot, look honest.

Why is test and trace so important? If people are diagnosed early they do not spread the disease and are not having multiple infections so risk of death lowered. As I have said all along salt or alcohol gargle, try not to breath others air, wash hands and make sure your home is safe. Dry salty atmosphere, essential oils, bleach where appropriate.  Hot toddies allow alcohol vapour to protect your lungs whilst asleep. Anything which creates a hostile environment to C19. If D levels low use a UV light regularly and or take supplements.

In detail on this site as it happened.

A text to a different mate:
Strange thing about masks.

Short term effectiveness from catching the virus. Then, those who are infected are rebreathing their own infected air and re infecting themselves and anyone who goes near their head and shoulders.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story. 👍 Imp college has a finger prick instant anti body test.

All front line from NHS, Transport Police, army etc. then employer etc. should be tested.

They can then get an exempt badge and get back some life.

Howard Lamb

4th September, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news as yet but the pressure is building.

Text to a friend:
Yea, wasting billions by stopping the system from working properly and stifling complaint. Whole departments working against these children and families so they don’t get what they should by right.

A disgrace, but knowing what they have done and then cover it up is criminal. Certainly morally because they will have protected themselves in law.

Exactly, which is why The Hague needs to be involved. 10 years of fighting and got nowhere, how’s that possible in a democracy working for the greater good. 🤔

Makes you wonder what else they’ve twisted. 👍

How’s my plan going? 🤔 Well there is no plan as such, it seems to have a life of its own. I’m just chronicling my thought process to see the light a bit clearer. I should not be the man with a plan, as a naughty therapist, who would listen?

I’ve covered most bases and I’m sure what’s left will trickle out.

I cannot determine time. I thought 6 months when I started. Get diagnosis confirmed and put in place a treatment plan. How wrong was I?

That’s what should have happened but they don’t want to say why it didn’t happen, prob because the whole sorry story would unfold. Too many careers at stake in the corridors of power, so cover up and discredit. ✅

Well they have changed the law so councils aren’t responsible for their actions. So much to refresh. I’m sure others will have noticed other changes which consolidate power with no responsibility.

If no one is responsible, nothing went wrong, nothing needs to change and the rich get richer to hide their dirty little secrets. 🤔

The Child X case is historic abuse so a clever lawyer should be able to find a way. One who does not tell you what you can’t do, due to previous cases but one who has a plan to change and shake things up. Defo a job for a top silk but you need the solicitor first and that’s been a problem as most don’t want to rock the boat.

I’ve looked hard. Taken a ton of useless advice which leads nowhere because you are not on an even playing field and the state has it stitched up. At least the advice I got from a Belgium fishing mate made sense and helped with my direction.

Of course they have twisted it. Go back to the Baron of spin who had his finger in 32 committees at one time. I suggest not for positive input to get the right result but control to get what the gov wanted the outcome to be. 🤔

I noticed the charitable Blair on the airwaves going for sainthood, the cheek of the man, killed and earnt millions.

Exactly, if they have changed the law to protect their actions, well anyone else would be perverting justice. 🤔

So if they set up the system to fail, changed the law to avoid prosecution, and allowed all these peoples suffering to continue, having known from the start what the score was!

How could you possible say there hasn’t been a cover up? 🤔😡⚡️🌪🇬🇧 Yea I know, Blair’s career ended with someone else’s Thai bride and her other have had his pound of flesh. Need to revisit that one. Murdock shafted by Blair. Not going to go down well.

Prob where the story started about strap ons came from, you know how things get distorted in time.

So as normal sex and politics rather than how the countries run. Even Blunkett and dog were at it. Prob why Boris got the job. Most affairs and children out of wedlock. ✅

Then the Tories has their pound of flesh with the News of The World and a show case inquiry which got nowhere except they were all at it but no evidence to prove it. All a game, smoke and mirrors.

Yea I saw, La La looks like he has put on weight.

Howard Lamb

3rd September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Of course they don’t know what to do as it’s the first time they have been caught red handed.

Boris under pressure due to one cock up too many, the people are restless and his back bench full of remains. Thatcher went with a good majority. Cummings has pissed off the civil service so no help there. Attorney General should have acted but hasn’t and questions will be asked.

Meanwhile Child X was robbed today in broad daylight and threatened. Not helpful.

What should a PM do in these circumstances? Good question 🤔🤔🤔🤔 Sack all those who cocked it up and start again. Resign, no chance. 😂

Pushed out by the people and party. 3 choices: A politician is there to survive, so option one it is.

Long list. Cummings, Handcock, Whitty etc.

Has he got the balls for the fight? My vote is yet to be cast. 😂

The C in C organises his battle plan and fires anyone who fails. Check out the real Churchill. He knew the importance of North Africa. Shame they have been forgotten.

Re child:
He will not talk to the police, police can’t act with mother because it has to come from the child, even with power of attorney. Mother having to cancel cards ID’s etc. which were in wallet, each time to be told for security reasons etc. Whole day gone, all plans shelved and banged her head against a brick wall all day. Child stressed. Just coming out of last depressive state, prob not helped. Ground hog day

New cabinet office chap hopefully from an ethical background, will help I’m sure, I’ll give him a week to settle in and then write to see if he has found my paperwork yet. New brush I expect but to clean and not sweep under the carpet, would be nice.

A long read but puts C19 into perspective. Guardian article – Revealed: Italy’s call for urgent help was ignored as coronavirus swept through Europe

Howard Lamb

2nd September, 2020

Dear Patient,

10 crimes against humanity, the reason for The Hague.

  1. Murder, twist system and cause suicide.
  2. Extermination, do not resuscitate orders.
  3. Enslave, deport or transfer by force. Don’t diagnose children then remove them from their families.
  4. Imprisonments, over 2000 in prison, often in solitary and without charge or diagnosis.
  5. Torture, wrong handling, wrong diagnosis is a torture of the child.
  6. Sexual violence, multiple examples of those in care or on the streets.
  7. Persecution against an identifiable group, Autism.
  8. Enforced disappearance, see 3 and 4.
  9. Autism is the new apartheid globally
  10. Other inhuman acts causing suffering, injury, mental and or physical health.

After reading JFA do you think we have a case? Pandemic handling seems to have broken a few. 🤔

Howard Lamb

2nd September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Shakes and soups to aid type 2 diabetes, at last a step in the right direction. Dieticians should be involved to make sure the diet is correctly balanced for the individual as each person’s diet will be different and many people will add the shakes and soups and not remove other stuff from diet to compensate. I saw this when using Herbalife on a trial in the clinic to help some of my morbidly obese patients. Much better done in a group who share experience and are helped through the transition stages.

Never the less a positive step towards health rather than suppression of the disease.

No sign of anything as yet but they have only been back for a day.

Howard Lamb

PS The cynical side of me tends to think that if not handled correctly it will fail. That’s OK because they did something and it failed because of the patients. ✅

PPS It seems to be in the nature of government. Lots of fat ethnics dying of C19 so have a think ✅ change their diet, ✅job done. ✅

No, it is never that simple. Breaking long term patterns (addictions) takes time, back up and support, also a lot of re-education.

Weight watchers and others have been doing it for years yet we are the fattest nation in Europe. Never that simple. ✅

Cheap NHS option. No trained staff, no facilities so eat your soup and drink your shakes. ✅

I’m confused, go out and eat fast food to save the industry. Don’t eat fast food have a shake. Maybe we will get some guide lines. 🤔

1st September, 2020

Dear Patient,

Silly season is over and Parliament, ministries, schools and universities are back to work.

Even though the mortality rate is very low, infections are still high, around 1400 a day. This is good news as the virus seems to be losing some of its potency.

I’m sure masks, social distancing and washing hands has helped stop people from being multiple infected over the incubation period which, possibly, made the bug so lethal back in March and April before the gov brought in steps to control.

If we get lucky the mortality rate will stay low as we control this next stage. Let’s see what the politicians have to say over these next few days whilst waiting for my paperwork.

Howard Lamb

PS Right at the beginning, Trump was so sure the pandemic would not last long. Why? 🤔

31st August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just me then. Mirror article –  ‘Up to 50,000 unnecessary deaths’ in UK due to botched response, says top scientist

Howard Lamb

30th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

We clearly are going to pay for our gov’s mistakes. Not just with 65k extra heaths but billions in extra tax. Me personally would take it out of their pension funds. Daily Mail article – Britain’s middle class faces £30billion tax raid to pay for coronavirus bailout with capital gains and corporation taxes both set to be raised

Simple enough to do, limit pensions to no more than the average working wage and not 6 figures, that would work. All those who took early retirement whilst the rest of us are having to work longer.✅ No retiring at 50 and drawing a pension into your nineties. Pensions paid at retirement age and stop at average age of death,would cut the bill enormously.

I only got a grade one CSE in maths and can see that 30 billion is way off the mark as for the cost of Covid 19. Lost tax and VAT from most industries, long term unemployment, furlough, bale outs, etc. etc. 👍

So they got it wrong, acted late, been incompetent, (testing, app, PPE, confusing advice and the highest mortality rate per 100,000 even though they have changed the figures) now we have to work longer and harder to bail them out. 😡

We are still paying for the de regulation of the banks under Brown and Cameron’s austerity. Not factoring in the Brexit slump or the C19 depression. 🤔

Howard Lamb

29th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

All I have ever asked for is an investigation into the Child X case.

You have to ask why they clearly don’t want one?

I’m home and my leg has improved well, hopefully back in clinic in two weeks. 👍

40 years of no sick leave and once I had to stop work, it fell apart.

Will start some letters again. One to the Cabinet Office asking where my paperwork is? 40 days will be up and I will find out who sent me paperwork. And look for what’s missing. 😂

Back on the case. ✅

Howard Lamb

29th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

All I have ever asked for is an investigation into the Child X case.

You have to ask why they clearly don’t want one?

Howard Lamb

28th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Yep we have been a bit unlucky, they have hidden behind, firstly Brexit, then the pandemic.

This of course is a double edged sword, the longer they have avoided the truth the more they have been covering it up and the less likely they are to come clean. So the abuse and suffering of these children continues.

How can they now say, “Oops we made a mistake by not dealing with this sooner, sorry we covered it up “?

That’s not how politics works. Having informed the attorney general and prime ministers, being denied my paperwork and political pressure put on the chiropractic associations over a number of years, it is clear they live in a different world, where law and justice can be throw aside and the truth ignored.

I’ve been working on a solution whilst healing.

The press know but, I have to presume, have been muzzled somehow. Facebook etc. are now controlled and legal action would take years and put a huge strain on the family. You don’t seem to be able to get justice in this country and as a witness to the abuse I can start the process of at The Hague.

I had always hoped to solve this through professional channels and keep it in house but as I have been removed from this process I have no other options.

Mother putting her side together as and when she can and will go on the market once complete.

What do I think is happening behind the scenes? Panic I expect. Once they realise that there has been lots of miss information going on and inappropriate box ticking and they are on a very sticky wicket, they will close ranks like normal and try and do nothing. ✅

Again spot on. It’s not just a UK problem but global. Democracy is a sham and if you are spectrum you have no rights. Look at me, what is the point of equal opportunity, discrimination and disability laws, when they are not used? Don’t even start on basic human rights.

Autistic lives matter. All colours and creeds.

No that should not matter, if they want a chat with the aim of sorting this mess out I will guarantee confidentiality.

No I am a man of his word. I promised my patient he would get justice and am still fighting his corner, ten years later. 👍

Howard Lamb

26th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Let’s not forget what this is all about. Ten years ago I took on an extreme young patient. After drawing back all medical records and paperwork from education and social services it became clear that there was something very wrong going on. The child masked well but the signs of autism were very visible, his paediatrician, some eight years before had shown high probability of autism yet he was treated as a naughty boy. I mentored him with interviews at the council, clinical psychologist, schools, police and sat in on meetings with social services.

My diagnosis was ignored.

I financed a tribunal (education) and he received a specialised placement paid for by the SS and education. You would think that would have solved the problem but as it turned out it was just the start of another phase. The placement put in place a regime suitable for a naughty boy rather than a traumatised autistic child and restrained him, gave him a minder so he could not hurt others or himself and very little else, so failed. Child moved to a second placement by the SS and he ended up living on the streets.

The second placement was just a cheaper version of the first. He had care stopped at 18 and not 23 as stated by the tribunal and did not receive a diagnosis that the SS would accept or any of the important therapies that the judge had said they should give him.

After a year and under threat of judicial review the council found him a flat, and at 19 he finally got a NHS diagnosis of autism, 15 years after the paediatricians first stage diagnosis. I had diagnosed him at 13 and a top educational phycologist at 14 for the educational tribunal.

I was in contact with the GCC and BCA re nobody accepting my diagnosis, with over thirty years experience of dealing and treating these children and helping them. Clearly with any medical condition diagnosis is vital, and wrong diagnosis is prosecutable.

Not when it comes to autism, the gov has removed their rights as naughty children who are a danger and can restrain at will which only makes the behaviour worse, the family are blamed as well as the child and they receive no help or support. If diagnosed they would get all the support and help that they need, to save money they are not. Tony Blair’s gov twisted the system to avoid their responsibility to these children and labels them as naughty, if you have no autistic children you don’t need the expensive expert care that is needed or the special schools etc etc. So saved a fortune but caused a catastrophic hardship for hundreds of thousands of these children over the decades.

Obviously this is a brief outline, my beef with the GCC and BCA is they did not back my right to make and defend my diagnosis. If they had the child would not have had to go through the abuse he did.

All the paperwork is due shortly so I’ll have a better idea why.

Howard Lamb

PS Not just Blair but Brown , Cameron , May and Boris. Written to May and Boris lots after writing to the GCC and several regulators and got nowhere.

Why? Protocols and procedures are clear, why were they ignored, why was I removed wrongfully from my professional register etc. etc.? They don’t want the fact that their decisions have led to the abuse of children with special needs.

They even have over 2000 locked up without diagnosis and against the law who should have been released and have not been.

25th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

How did it all go so wrong?

I expect Mandelson had much to do with it. The baron of spin, finger in all committees, removed from office twice, one of the architects of new labour who forgot about their membership and became the new lib and left wing conservatives.

Revamped all systems and totally cocked things up but on a personal note did very well.

Mandy got a million for leaving

EU commission and working for Brown, nice work if you can get it. I’m still researching so will have more at a later date.

Still no paperwork, what have they got to hide?

Howard Lamb

24th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Toni Blair:
Born in Edinburgh. (another scot with Brown and Cameron) Oxford law degree and into politics in 1983 at the age of 32. 🤔(not much experience as a barrister)

Went to war illegally, had to retire in 2007 and then earnt a large fortune as special envoy of the quartet on the Middle East.

Gave the green light to mass immigration from new EU members, centralised power and generally corrupted the system and introduced tick box mentality. You don’t need to know what you are doing, just tick the box. Underestimated the special needs and under financed. Twisted the system so you had no voice.

But did shed a crocodile tear when he had to apologise for going to war illegally and causing prob millions of deaths from the subsequent carnage.

No wonder Scotland wants to leave the Union before we get another Scot Prime Minister.

You would not put any of them in charge of a business without a proven track record but they can run our country. Heaven help us.

All spin and hype. Lies and more lies, we need a change or it will only get worse. Maybe if caught out manipulating or covering up the truth they should go to jail, I’m sure we would see big changes then.

Not just a larger prison population. 😂

Howard Lamb

23rd August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Boris CV:
Degree in the classics. A career in the press up to editor. Took over from Heseltine at Henley. Got into gov and then lost his position after lying about an affair. Ran for Mayor of London and then back into politics, more lies over affairs and Brexit. Became PM, caught the virus and had another child. Clearly nobody’s fool .

The ease he has moved around the pres , parliament and Mayor of London shows strong political power.

I had hoped that he would have done more for these kids as he was not involved in the abuse. Hay ho, that’s out the window as he has known for some time now about the cover up.

Like so many liars, they feel they can get away with blue murder, so the cover up continues. Is a classical education and time in the press the right qualification for Brexit or C19? On the evidence so far I would have to say not.

Boris seems only interested in himself and his classical position in history. So being Prime Minister of a gov that has covered up wholesale child abuse, would not be good for his CV. It’s happening still on his watch, yet he has done nothing to make me think he will resolve these issues.

Dominic Cummings:
Clearly spectrum, loose cannon or has a plan. I expect I am seen in the same way by my profession. He does not suffer fools, no matter what position they are in and does not follow tradition. His degree is in history so understands how it repeats itself.

Could Cummings sort this mess out? Yes, will he? Prob not. He wants to get everything under control and bypass normal channels. This is very dangerous and another big step down the road to totality. Four legs OK but two much better. Single minded problem solver or pushes beyond the boundaries to get what he wants done.

So far all I’ve seen is the later, broke rules to achieve Brexit etc.

Boris is basically lazy so Cummings has been allowed free rein. So he will be single minded about protecting the gov to have the time to do what he wants to do. Clearly an abuse scandal is not on the cards and the abused will have to wait. 😡

Cummings had a long Association with Gove and was at his side during the Trojan five quashed scandal. Their aim was to unify exam results, so when a system that was getting better results than the norm flagged, instead of raising the bar, they got rid of it instead. ✅

Can’t trust any of them, they are all on their own agendas and that’s not for the greater good. ✅

Gordon Brown:
History graduate followed by a career as a teacher. 🤔 Sold our gold for little. Gave responsibility and regulation of banking to financial services authority and the Bank of England to set interest rates. Huge shake up of the system which nearly bankrupted the country when the banks crashed and social care budget evaporated. Well that’s what you get when you have a history teacher in control of national finance. But the maths and spelling looked OK. ✅

He basically created the Wild West of banking without the Bank of England oversight. The authority had no teeth or skill sets to see what was happening.

You can bet your bottom dollar that the people in charge were not those who understood all aspects of the industry due to having actually worked in it for a large number of years and have world expert capability in multiple areas. 🤔 What could possibly go wrong? ✅

In a round about way, it leads me back to my own profession. The General Chiropractic Council and regulation.  What we needed was expert help and guidance to for fill the chiropractic act.

As it turned out we got people from all walks of life but none who knew anything about the profession.

I expect it’s the same with all reg bodies which explains so so much.

Howard Lamb

20th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve just had a text from a friend who can’t understand why this is taking so long.

Well when Dr Fox and his mate were in charge, papers went missing, showing they were looking at selling off the NHS. This could not have happened without it being part of Cameron’s strategic plan.

Clearly the country would be up in arms so they do it by stealth over a period so we don’t notice. Hence Hunt and Handcock (political economists) do not have the technical know how to sort the NHS out but do know how to run to budgets and sell assets.

C19 put a huge spanner in the works because that lack of ability to understand a medical matter cost us dear. Prob 40 to 50k extra deaths. We still have 10’s of thousands recovering, NHS short of everything but plastic and masks.

They have not eradicated the bug from or shores so it will come back during the autumn and winter, with a vengeance . They will be looking for a plan to limit damage. Something like, we have found a problem in the system and lots of spin about how they are going to deal with it to take the pressure off and then do the bare minimum as they usually do. Then tell you how cleaver they have been, vote for us. Well the predominance of voters it will effect would be normally labour voters, so keep the tory heart land happy with bollocks, get voted back in and ground hog day persists .

One prob with that, as a gov you are sworn to look after everyone but politicians are not interested in the greater good only getting back into power.

Nice contracts and pensions once retired. Look at Blair, earn’t multi millions after helping the Yanks out with an illegal war and millions dead. 🤔

It’s all as bent as a nine bob note. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS How does this effect autism? Well if you are trying to flog NHS, you don’t want to show large liabilities other wise you could not give it away. So who cares about some nutty kids and their labour voting bad mothers.

No justice just self interest. Best way to lower taxes is to have a NHS dedicated to health and solve problems before your on drugs for the rest of your disabled life. Healthier people work longer and don’t draw benifit, and pay tax/VAT.

Have a sick nation reliant on drugs, prescribed or other (to deal with the stress of life) and fewer people are paying more because more people need care. ✅

PPS Cameron, yet another with a degree in philosophy, politics and economics. Sold off Royal Mail at half it’s worth and other gov assets, so has history. Reformed the welfare state and saved a fortune which cost thousands of families problems. Worked for the tories, then a short spell in the real world before entering politics and landing the PM job in his early 40’s.

It would seem that if you have the right degree and know the right people you fly up the Tory corporate ladder very fast. In the old days men of experience in life and accumulated knowledge were most important.

PPPS May’s degree was a second class in geography and work experience was at the Bank of England’s payment clearing service. Prob why she made such a pigs ear of Brexit.

I have nothing against economists but surely you need one who is a world expert not a kid out of college who has read someone else’s book. 👍✅

Most of them have worked for the Bank of England before moving into politics. Not a balanced Education or preparation to lead a nation.

Ok for capitalist intent to make the rich richer and keep the poor poorer and controlled so can’t complain. 🤔

Being economists they only bow to market forces. Justice for their mistakes and cover ups. A totally different thing.

Text to mate:
Yea you’ve got it. Osbourne and Cameron, both professional politicians, both vastly limited in knowledge and experienced came up with austerity.

Their mates in banking had to be bailed out and the money had to come from somewhere.

Don’t solve the problems, put them on ice and systematically reduce funding. Genius 🤔.

More for our voters, less for libs and lab supporters. That’s the way to do it.✅

Give it a good spin and we will get back in.

And did, then after two Scottish descended PM’s, back to back, he nearly broke the Union and screwed up Brexit.

I bet that joint Cameron smoked at Eaton, and got suspended for, must have damaged his brain to come up with what he did.

20th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Another with politics, economics and philosophy. Seeing the pattern, even got the young docs to strike.

Another NHS disaster. Waiting lists went up, staff numbers went down. Came in on budget. ✅

Wikipedia page Jeremy Hunt

Another product of private education, and Cam/Oxford education. Did well on internet to earn a few bob and then into politics and running things in his 40‘s with no experience. 🤔

Howard Lamb

19th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Ironically PHE was formed on April Fools day 2013, made up from seventy different organisations under the Tories. Cameron  PHE, Sage reported through Chris Whitty as chief scientists officer. Nobody else’s responsibility, Gov’s own departmental creation is now having its responsibility taken over by a new, new department. Who was in charge throughout?

Handcock (politically economic but wrong philosophy, as per his degree) I can’t believe that the best advice the gov got was wash your hands, don’t wear masks and don’t need PPE. Is that the best, £300 million a year over 7 years £2.1 billion, by you. My advice was better and free. 😂✅

Howard Lamb

19th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

I Goggled Chris Whitty from PHE, an impressive CV for a relatively young man. Has experience as a physician and disease control. Several important positions, prior to this post. I can not believe he would not have listened to Who.

His advice was prob based on what was achievable considering there were no beds to speak of and PPE was very thin on the ground. The gov probably worked from the scientists advice but acted later than they wanted. We will prob never fully get to the truth.

NHS run by a banker. PHE run by an expert on epidemics. 🤔 What could possibly go wrong, oh and did? 👍

Howard Lamb

PS re Handcock:
He had the power to make sure these kids with special needs were diagnosed and didn’t. He promised to release the 2000 who are locked up without diagnosis and didn’t.

Testing was and still is a cock up. NHS unprepared, short staffed, limited equipment and experienced staff. Protect the elderly, most at risk and released the bug into care homes. DNR notices even if you didn’t want it.

App that’s a total cock up. Bought faulty tests and PPE. Long list.

Somehow it’s PHE and there 300 million budget’s fault. Let’s set up a new agency and start again. The inference is that it’s others fault, when he was the captain of the ship.

18th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Whilst the gov is away on hols and is trying to avoid the damage done, the child is going through a meltdown. Mother hunting for him as in a very dark place. She is at the end of her tether once again.

Not able to help so stressed and waiting for news.

Howard Lamb

PS I expect the gov will not be to upset if he takes his own life, as he can’t complain anymore and they are off the hook.

Mother found child in a lock up garage with his suitcase packed, in a state and is talking him down. Ground hog day .

Back to Handcock, if your training was in the Bank of England, you clearly would not understand a pandemic. Testing, apps, Quarantine, patient recovery. Long list. Tends to explain all the simple mistakes that took lives throughout the pandemic.

Remember, wash your hands, ✅ no point testing once past a certain point. Priority to keep the old safe, then cleared NHS bed and sent people home untested which was disastrous, no ppe, do not resuscitate orders, whether wanted or not. Huge trauma to care home and NHS staff. Band from talking about it . Long list.

So Boris hired him and he was in charge, no wonder he is trying to fiddle the figures for those who died. NHS patients are and have been at risk because they couldn’t have ops, treatment or diagnosis, on and on. It’s ok though because they are having a well deserved break and try and ignore the mess they created once back in Sept. 🤔

16th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Public Health England is to be replaced due to its incompetence over testing etc. but will be left in place to handle obesity. I really can’t see the point as it did nothing about it previously.

Handcock of the National Health cocked up repeatedly but stays in his job. He still is holding people with autism and learning difficulties in jail, solitary for 23 hrs a day, fed through a hatch, after saying he would have them released.

After all having removed their human rights I expect he thinks there is no rush. I would bang him up for a month, as he has done to the others and then after the experience he might pull his finger out.

Still no news, I’ll keep in contact.

Howard Lamb

PS National Health under his control, cleared hospital beds to cater for the pandemic sending the infection into care homes due to not bother to test them, how many thousands did that kill? Not supplying proper PPE to front line workers in NHS. The list goes on and he is still in the job.

Well you can’t sack him or it would show wrong doing so keep him in place and just ignore what happened under his watch.

That’s the way they do it.

PPS No matter how they try to change the figures 65k people died above the norm. Many will have died due to the damage done by the virus at the time and later on. Check the figures, how many have had it, how many have recovered and how many still in recovery with lung damage, heart, kidney etc.

Blame the scientists, well they work for the gov. So how does that work?

New evidence suggests over 3.4 million have been infected which shows how pathetic there testing was in the first place. Everyone else to blame but the people in charge. They locked down too late and opened to soon, simples. 👍

If PHE was not up to the job, a gov department, you have to ask why? All on good wages and pensions, who was responsible for making sure they were up to the job and failed. How much does PHE cost per year and how many lives were lost unnecessarily? Death by negligence/incompetence is prosecutable. If PHE has been incompetent, what are the chances that any ministry is competent?

If you go through JFA and the departments and council involved, not exactly a shining example of success. 🤔

The gov can’t blame anyone else but themselves. They have been in power for a decade. It’s not just PHE that needs replacing. Thousands and thousands of civil servants ticking boxes without a clue. Where a handful who know their onions at the top and the right set up would get the jobs done, certainly cheaper and more effective. But when you have ministers who are amateurs and no depth of knowledge to guide their departments because all they have to do, once the strategic plan is in place, is count ticks and report to cabinet, then do the photo shoot for the Evening News.

They prob never understood they were abusing children but that is no excuse, they should have. When you only hear back from your own experts and department who need everything to be tickityboo for the minister, who can then tell the cabinet that there are no problems? What do you expect.

And the children suffer. 😡

So with non diagnosis, naughty boy/girl and bad mother, we don’t need to give them all that care for their special needs and we came in on budget, just one or two complaints but we dealt with them and did nothing. ✅ Well done everyone, excellent job, I’ll tell the cabinet how well I’ve done. 👍

A degree in politics/economics/philosophy, worked in Bank of England as an economist. Ended up under George Osborn got into politics and raced up the corporate ladder. No MD or medical qualification. No health care experience. No understanding of how the NHS should be run. A graduate politician with limited experience of economics running a complex structure like the NHS, what could possibly go wrong? Wikipedia Matt Hancock

You can only be expert in the field you are expert in. You are not expert in anything else.

Politics, philosophy and economics for 3 years does not cover a fraction of what is needed at the NHS . If you go back and CV check all Handcock’s predecessors, try and find one who at some stage actually treated a patient. 😂

What a load of twaddle, tests show if you have had it or have got it or not. If you are tested on the way into the country, you would pick up many who are contagious. That would help, even if it’s a 10 day incubation period before you get the symptoms, the test would be positive earlie. A second test 5 to 7 days later to confirm the first result and off you go.

The system we have now allows people to self quarantine, those of honesty will stick to it as best they can. The majority who have no symptoms will get back to life as much as they can. They still have to shop for food etc., so how can they be fully quarantined?

There is no evidence that bla bla bla will help, well that’s because this is unique and never happened before, derrr. Guardian article – Test UK arrivals to cut Covid quarantine times, scientists urge

13th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Still no news, no paperwork or acceptance of wrong doing .

I’ll keep you updated, silly season in the press as parliament on hols, so nothing there either.

Howard Lamb

10th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Re holidays abroad: The UK is still having more die than anywhere else in Europe, we are the slowest to recover and had more deaths than anyone else. We’ve been hardest hit off the G7 nations, most damage to economy, largest unemployment deepest slump into recession.  Long list.

Told everyone to have a British holiday to help economy and when everyone started going abroad, brought in quarantine to stop them. Now Boris on paternity leave and parliament on hols till September. Schools closed, economy in tatters, small business going to the wall with pubs, bars and restaurants, people needing hope and leadership.

It’s OK though because Boris going camping with his girlfriend and illegitimate child (not the mother or child fault I’m sure) up in Scotland. Is it just me or is this all so wrong?

Child X on hold as is everything else. And they have so much power, nothing can be done. Mark you it could have been Corbin and Abbot at the helm and a completely new gov, doesn’t bare thinking about.

It’s the way they twist everything to shift blame and avoid responsibility that’s given me the hump.

Spain Covid deaths on Google Search

What would I have done, chronicled in jfa. Temp test at airports, ports and any point of entrance. Test and addres , quarantined until test results come back. Planes antiviral sprayed with each flight, UV lights at airport for people and luggage. Antiviral organic mist and clean air carbon filters. Mandatory alcohol or salt water gargle. Not hard to do, it’s airborne so clean the air, mask when not able to be 2 meters apart and wash hands. Do that in pubs restaurants shops or centres and you will constantly be reducing the bugs ability to infect.

There are also lots of ways to clean air and environment.

And don’t forget to sterilise all air from aircon units which could speed the bug all over the shop floor or building. Dry air not humid as will stay in moist air for much longer. Dehydrate and it dies particularly fast with salt in the air which kills it by osmosis.

Gov , lets take a break and pray for a vaccine this winter. No one vaccine solved flu and we are constantly updating, Covid will be the same. Protect the air you breath and then we can move forwards.

I mentioned Lleida in Spain coming out of lockdown. Meat packing plant, so cold and moist atmosphere, perfect conditions for the bug to replicate and stay airborne.

The Spanish lock you down and don’t mess about. Huge fine if out. Only food shop and limited time to do it for one member of the family but if you don’t have a timed receipt, huge fine. If you look at the graph I put up earlier and see how effective they have been . .

Howard Lamb

9th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

I believe there was only one Covid death in Spain yesterday. Llieda was on lockdown when they allowed people to travel, lower rate of infection than Swindon, I believe. Out of lockdown now.

On face value they want us to spend money in the UK and not abroad.

Politics, what can I say?

Howard Lamb

PS All forms of police were active during lock down in Spain and if you were out and caught you got a huge fine. They didn’t mess about and ended up with far fewer deaths than us, so the irony is we have worse figures than them in all areas, but they have been penalised when safer than the UK.

Hence politics to keep the pound in Britain and help our own. No complaint about that, just the way it was done.

PPS No trade deal from Europe. No billions to shore up their finances. About time Boris grew some. 👍🇬🇧

Maastricht prob illegal anyhow as there was no referendum. Even if it wasn’t I’m sure the gov can tie things up for years, look at the bloods scandal. 😂

7th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Here’s a conspiracy theory for you whilst I’m radio silent.

If they knew the cause and what was going to happen, then they tried to hide the effects through non diagnosis.

Tends to fit

Who knew that would happen, never mind, that was years ago, move on.

Trouble is , without diagnosis and the correct help and understanding, you can’t move forward as trapped in ground hog day.🤔

After Shipman and the blood scandal, I expect “we damaged you and your children”, was not high on their priority list. 🤔

Well I’ve crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s so to speak and am ready for my holiday.

The powers that be have had multiple opportunities to talk to me over this very important issue of child abuse and have not taken them, why?

If the jfa site was riddled with miss information it would have been taken down long ago.

How do you get justice with such corruption at the top? Well I’m sure it will all come out in the end. Only with truth can you find the answers.

Nothing is to big to fail, it’s what happens when it does that is of key importance.

Howard Lamb

6th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

I think I’ve about covered the coverup. The system has been abused by those who have a duty of care and in turn the system abuses these children with special needs. All I’ve ever wanted is for it to stop.

Not much happening during the holiday season. Press will carry smoke and mirrors whilst the gov puts its plan together. Too many people asking questions so will have to do something or will they?

Can’t wait to see how they try to spin taking the rights of children and not for filling their duty of care and just blaming the families.

As you know I’ve tweaked my hip hamstring and Achilles. I’m going away so I can get treatment in a safe environment and 3 square meals a day so I can keep off it and let it heal.

So from Sat I will be radio silent for a while but if anything pops up I’ll let you know.

I expect they are re classifying autism at this moment. Not a psychosis or mental health (only after trauma) issue or pathological condition. Gene damage leading to neurological dysfunction is not a clinical psychologists area of expertise, so why is it only they can diagnose? Prob had to find them something to do. ✅

Well my experience with Child X was a diagnosis in the space of an appointment, then handed over to the non-existent team. ✅ No treatment plan just boxes to tick.

Text to a friend re filling cv’s and dating site forms:
To tell the truth we did try and fill a dating form for me on a fishing trip.

I gave up after I could not find the box for dribbles, passes wind and snores. Well I wanted to be honest but my mates said there was no point because they all lie. Well why would I date a liar? 🤔

I think we couldn’t find week bladder and nocturnal trips to bathroom and not sure if prostate still works boxes.

I think helpful boxes were added each day as we rewrote the form.

Truth is not always pretty but it’s a good place to start.

Howard Lamb

PS If you know the worst it can only get better.

Gov trying to take some deaths of the official numbers for deaths in hospitals and care homes. Yet they can’t change the 65 thousand extra deaths. Not even tried to explain them because they would have to admit 20k extra deaths or a third on top. Double Spain and Italy’s. 🤔

Why so many genomes being damaged? The 64 thousand dollar question. More and more of these kids. Well let’s look back at the sixties. The pill, lead in the air from petrol, early vaccines which were nothing like todays, experimental drugs, the list goes on and on.

We can now check for genome deficiencies with accuracy. Mother who may have been inadvertently genetically scared, for reasons unknown , may pass to the child, the child marries a different type of genome deficiency and a more complex child is born. Well that’s my theory, but it will change as more information comes to the surface.

I haven’t given up on an auto immune response, thinking the body has been attacked. An underlying genome fault will be responsible rather than random. The frustration of being benched when there is so much to do, I cannot explain to you.

I would check as far back as possible. Grandparents or great if poss through the generations of these kids with limited genome deficiency until the last generations, then we would have a time frame. Then look for common factors etc. Basic case work.

If it coincides with efficient multi vaccine rather than the limited predecessors, ✅if not have to look else where. Lead damages brain and CNS. 🤔 If you don’t look you will not find.

Can chronic nicotine or alcohol, coke. 😂 Can long time use of steroids, huge list.

If you don’t diagnose, there is no problem, so you don’t have to work out cause and effect.

We stopped lead pollution and dodgy pesticides due to the long term use risk to people’s health. How health is falling apart everyone has kind of forgot and like the pandemic, they moved late and prob damaged millions.

It all gets a bit complex, just because a genome is not properly functional it may just be part of your genetic past and has no relevance to our function today and how it effects what area’s. You start to need jumbo computer to crunch the data. Our knowledge of the brain is limited and full understanding of function decades off.

Just a few nutty kids why bother? Because it’s now affecting 1 in 40 and will increase with new generations. 🤔

5th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Even though I have some sympathy with the gov over c19 I don’t over the children. They have known a long time and covered it up. How else would you explain the need for JFA site if they had for-filled the protocols and procedures that they should have, going back 8 years to the GCC and tribunal. ✅

Hope I would go away and their secret safe. Well that hasn’t happened, so what next? Paperwork due in Sept, Parliament on holiday. How’s it going to change? 🤔

Every day of inaction causes trauma, pain and suffering to countless thousands, leaving them with long term problems. Easy to solve as seen in my letters to May and regulator on the subject. Whilst there is no will there is no way. 😭😤😡

When nobody has a clue how to deal with these children, what hope have they? Diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis plus tons of quality CPD on internet to teach GP’s health worker and teachers what they are dealing with and even better how to help the child normalise in a gentle care environment.

Mentor families. By people who have earnt the right and have had involvement with these children and can be a positive force in a struggling family. Not as now where they are handled like lab rats. Lots of paperwork but no actual input. General awareness of how autistic people are and more equality.

Gene tests at birth would prob help loads, then they won’t have to live through hell for twenty years and diagnosed as an after thought or pressure. How hard can that be?

How many people does it take to twist the system? Just one but they really must have wanted to do it. People only did what they were paid to do, after all. Buck can only stop at the top because they are the ones who are responsible and covered it up. What do you think? 🤔

Re knights and round table. Google what you have had to achieve to get these awards then cross reference what they actually did, Cameron’s hairdresser?

The honour system is good, but if you break the rules to be honoured at sort of defeats the point. 😪👑🇬🇧⚡️🌪🔥🌪 Remember it is all spun to look the part but an experienced eye will be able to tell.

Well, you’ve all done CV’s and dating sites so you will get it. 😂😂😂 For my age group and above it’s more of a shock as never had to do a CV or needed a rutting site. 👍🇬🇧 Failed miserably at the ministry. Normal promotions for turning up, top of the tree and not rocked the boat as have done nothing.

Arise sir Lancelot Doesn’t ring true, or does it?

Howard Lamb

4th August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Re Pandemic:
If we had had fewer cases, we as a business nation and centre for the Commonwealth, would not have spread so much around the world.

Bar code on bug shows it went from UK to the Northern Isles in the North Atlantic during January/Feb, before we knew there was a problem. A couple took it to Vietnam, a doctor brought it back from skiing, long list.

And a sobering thought. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Just read they are after Prince Andrew again for having sex with a teenager who could legally have sex in this country.

Epstein is clearly a monster. As for Andrew anything over 16 is legal. ✅

3rd August, 2020

Dear Patient,

It would seem the Russians are the first to have a workable vaccine and will be ready to go in the autumn. Let’s hope that politics don’t get in the way and we ask for their help.

Oh I forgot ours are on holiday, no rush to save lives again. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Suella Braverman took the job of attorney general in Feb. Prob to busy locking down the law for the pandemic to get around to child abuse, prob on holiday. ✅ You would expect a woman to stand for the rights of mothers and children, after all.

She gained her master in law in Paris. How effective that is with British law we will soon find out. 👍

If you go back through the archives and my comunications with multiple regulators , who distance themselves until they put you in the naughty boys room without telling you so you have no right of appeal. Same thing now with attorney generals, at least 4 had to know so far and prob more. How is it possible for them to get away with it??? Why no appeal?

Well I hammered the regulator at the last one who had to re ensnare me after he had removed me, without any change to my CPD. 👍 Couldn’t take the risk so I expect I’ll find out how they managed it once I get back my paperwork from the associations and others.

Clearly will have mention in the privy council so I wonder why the gov has refused to send that? Too big to fail and have miserably, prob at the bottom of it. Who’s reputation and pension would be safe if the truth got out?

Well that’s my theory a bet you have your own. 😂

I wonder how much of the can Suella already carries? New girl in the office sorting out law around lockdown. Prob a bit slow off the mark as she was thrown in at the deep end. New canister, lots of changes so lots of new boys and girls learning the complexities of their new jobs.

Then the new boss and No.2  go down and the ship was rudderless.

Now we have the cover up when the grieving for loss of life and their small businesses etc. want the truth to lay their ghosts to rest. ✅

Gov was euphoric back in Jan, finally have the power to get Brexit done and move the country forwards after 3 divisive years of bitter infighting. New Cabinet full of young lions and off we go.

Now we have the channel we will be OK. If they had shut down when the Italians and Spanish did orb 50k of the 65k extra deaths would not of happened. 🤔 Who’s fault nobodies and every bodies I expect. Those who broke quarantine or worked through a cold because you didn’t know.

We all share the blame. Truth heals and allows us to move on.

PPS  What do you expect from an attorney general? Judges have been scathing about the last few. This google generation have no fear, they think they know it all. Trouble is that without actual experience it’s all just words in a book. Not my problem now shall we move on. ✅

How many years do you have to be in politics for to get a top job? If you were already doing a top job , why would you change?

How many years do you have to be in politics for to get a top job? If you were already doing a top job , why would you change?

PSS re AG, Europe wrote the law the AG has had no experience of the job and was defunct, so nobody has a clue. Bring in a French trained lawyer and what could go wrong. For example JA demand or I ask. Translated As I Demand to parliament and off to war with the French we went.

Guardian article – Coronavirus: UK virologists criticise handling of Covid testing contracts

2nd August, 2020

Dear Patient,

Parliament on hols again, so poor MP/Minister had to come back from Spain and self isolate. I expect the rest are still in places that they can still fly to. So whilst the fat cats are away, we are going back to lockdown so that the mice can’t play.

Not rocket science. Can’t have a crisis, marches or the odd summer riot. Why? Well our MP’s are tired and need a break. La La will prob takes his paternity leave soon.

Angry from pinner. 😤😇 Why angry? Thousand of non-diagnosed kids living through hell, and they don’t want to know.

Order Order.

Gin and it please. 😘

Howard Lamb

PS Fed up with masks already, glasses mist up as masks don’t fit the contours of my face, derrr.

Salt gargle or alcohol gargle before you leave the home to protect your throat and the same when you get home,to kill off anything you picked up whilst out and wash hands.

Masks only have limited short term effect.

Dry hot days the best time to be active, humidity has a negative effect on bugs ability to replicate and hydration.

PPS I have to wonder if the 2,000+ UK naughty people locked up in solitary, 23 hr a day, have had a Holiday ever?  🤔

They are not going anywhere so they wait till Parliament is back, and prob a lot longer. Sorry but they have given me the right hump.

On war footing with pandemic. First battle not over and they have buggered off on holiday ,

So us Brits are in the middle of the rutting season. All the young cannot go to Spain to fall over drunk and rut a lot, much better to lock them down at home and blame them for being naughty and spreading the virus.

PPE v hormones. 🤔

Many will not wear condoms let alone a mask. 👍✅

Text to a mate:
Re Covid 19

If genetically modified it will rip through the population mildly and unseen and then burn out.

No profit to anyone a constant pandemic or it’s the real deal and unless we have a global rethink we are in the shit. Wrap up in plastic and breath through a mask for ever.

No live events and Covid testing for new sexual partners.

Use nature against it. Ultra violet, sterilising oils, dehydration and osmosis with salt, carbon air filters.

Simple but effective.

1st August, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news as yet.

It’s a strange old thing life, ten years ago I started with a traumatised non diagnosed high functioning ADHD child with mild learning difficulties and see where its ended up.

Why was it not dealt with when I started? After the tribunal, through the GCC? All good questions, I feel I’ve earnt the answers too.

I have a page full of why’s?


It is only a parliamentary democracy and not a proper one. Why was he not diagnosed, who knew about the damage they had done, why haven’t things changed?

That not the end of the first line on my page. ✅

Let me try and explain the mind set of those who had the responsibility to the child. Blair’s lot severely underestimated special needs and doctored the data to make things work, on paper anyhow. So the whole system is based on trying to make a budget fit the tsunami of special needs.

A young friend of Child X has a diagnosed child with special needs. Moving to a house built around the family’s needs and good structured benefits. No diagnosis, quids in. Not our prob, all down to parents and education. ✅

Somewhere in the archives is a press article where some part of the gov had twigged it and were going to sort. Like why they took the human rights away from non-diagnosed, without treatment plan, Kids. 🤔

Saved billions but at what cost? 😤😭

Then you wonder why they would prefer to cover it up? How much control did the privy council have over the GCC and regulator?

Moved on to line two. 🤔

Then you have the if’s and what’s. If they have done this over a simple diagnosis what else have they been up to? 🤔

Or if’s and how’s.

If they got way with it for decades, how did they manage it? 👍 Like if we won the war, how much did we get from Japan and Germany for our expense? Whilst we paid off lend lease by the millennium. Not allowed armed forces so could plough more back on themselves. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Why did the Irish not give in? Spectrum + so can’t be told. Ask nicely, mates for life.✅

It’s strange, Conservative party day they act on complaint. Ex minister charged with rape. Yet they did not want to know when I wrote to them, all in archives.

31st July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Let’s face it a pretty grim lot, if you think about it, Japan raped and murdered millions throughout Asia, whilst the Germans and Russians killed millions, including their own and then the saviours of capitalism (USAx3) who has killed millions through secret agendas Korea, Vietnam, Laos, (dropped more bombs than on Germany during WW2) Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Grenada etc. etc. Sanctions on all who don’t comply.

Us brits have never murdered millions, and we ruled the world. Maybe they should listen to us and save the planet. ✅

Why would they listen to us as they are hardly likely to listen to our idiots in control? 🤔 Always more questions than answers.

We brought justice to an Empire, judge and jury with good organisation. Only catch a cold now days. 😂

Four fine examples, America, Canada , New Zealand and Australia. India, Pakistan well long list for free people who where never ethnically cleansed.

American’s killed the indigenous natives. We traded and did deals.👍

Not all a bed of roses and we hold our fair share of shame. Genicide not much part of it. Did we ethnically cleanse Iran, Iraq or Saudi who were not forced into Christianity as free men? ✅

History on my side. ✊

Thought of the day:
If they can’t prove rape because the woman or chap or other asked for it, how are they going to prove jack shit against the gov? 🤔

I can’t help but think of Ireland where the barons took away their freedom but rebelled for centuries to get it back, well done my Celtic ancestries on one side. 👍😂

1917 the year Russia and Ireland had a revolution followed by the flu. Mark you women had to wait and go to jail before they got the vote yet they still don’t get paid the same and OK to rape. 🤔

Slow progress but getting there.😪

I bet America sponsored the Irish. A sword in the side of the union. 👍✅

What is the point of MI6 if they can’t break the law for national security. A diplomat in charge. I bet the worlds spy fraternity just pissed themselves laughing.

Howard Lamb

30th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
News flash, CPS have solved rape. They don’t prosecute because they can’t win.

Lawyers eh well worth a grand an hr.

So girls don’t put yourselves in that position if at all possible. Scream non stop and hope in a fortnight a copper turns up.

It’s ok because they have a new plan, Can’t wait.

Howard Lamb

PS That’s what you get with tick box thinking. If you can’t win the case, what’s the point of spending all that money in police, court and prison time etc. ✅

Much better as it is, leave it alone. 🤔

I’ll feel cheated if the gov’s lawyers stopping them from talking to me, through admission there is a problem, are only on a grand an hr. I would have been insulted. Even more so if it were some Pratt from CPS who’s on a wage and great full. 🤔

Yea classic example of sharp lawyers against low grade ones. CPS can never come out well. 😂😂😂😂

With rape why are their lawyers there? Doesn’t matter if he or she or other had partied with the household cavalry and horses, if she said no before entry your f’d . And so is she. 🤔

Yea, good idea tantric taught at school so no one is in a rush. 👍😂😂🤔😂

Classic spin from BJ. After we crashed and burned, we got it under control, slower than anywhere else in the EU. But to la la it’s a victory la la la.

I’ve been searching for a street cred name for la la Johnson PM. How about BJ SUP? Selfish useless prick. Got a ring to it. ✊😇

If you view the global picture from WW2 onwards it is not what we have been shown.

Who won? Well America, Japan and Germany. Look how the rest have fared. No global dominance for Burma and all the others who felt the force and will of Nippon. China isolated like it had the plague and Joe Stalin in the cold.

Who benefited the most? Japan the West’s first defence against China and Germany the buffer with the reds.

Why isolate the communists? Don’t give the average Joe a break! Can’t have worker’s rights and fare wages and create multi billionaires. 🤔  That’s not what capitalism is all about. 🤔

PPS If America was in deep recession during the pre-war years, where did the money come from to pay for it? 🤔 America, had to be a scam somewhere.

Oops I forgot Israel to make sure they had presence in the oil and gas rich Arabia.

Then sit back and rattle the sabre.

I can’t believe America did it from the goodness of their hearts being hard core capitalists. ✅

29th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Hope well.

Old patients dropping like flies in there 90’s, will to live gone during lockdown I expect.

Two who started with my dad in the sixties.  😪 One god bless reminded my patients what a naughty boy I was. She didn’t know the half of it and what her son’s and I got up to, happy days. 😇

China, torn by civil war and attacked by Japan and survived. Communism the new threat to capitalism so America built up Japan and sanctioned China. China ignored the rhetoric and built a competitive economy. They built a wall millennia ago to keep the west out and when threatened go back into their shell.

The Hans have it and if you threaten their State you get re-educated, as happened in the 1950’s and 60’s, prob all the ways to now. A strong nation who have never been conquered. What do you think rattling sabres will do now?

Russia has been a good neighbour and gave back Manchuria or where ever but bigger than Poland. Again sanctions and war footing for decades.

All needs a good re think I expect. 🤔

Howard Lamb

28th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Punch and Judy, I didn’t bring Judy and the baby into it, you know what Punch does to them. 👍 That’s the way to do it ✅

Cummings, he will tell you the importance of data for strategic planning. Once the figures are crunched everything is set up to do that plan justice. ✅ Is all everyone has to do, job done. Machine programmed and off we go for ten years.

Well when you crunch wrong data and the plan goes to shit, as has happened to these kids. There is no box fxxx’d up to tick so the system grinds on. Can’t admit to the wrong doing so the lie is self perpetuated.

To make this happen they have created a them and us war footing with the public and fight to prove no wrong doing with every complaint. No complaints won system tickityboo. It’s so wrong words fail me. 😤

Who is the main perpetrator? The wankers who, under political pressure, set the wrong parameters for the data. Then all those who kept the secret and continued the abuse. ✅

Oh hence COVER Up. After all they had no box for autism to tick so they couldn’t stop me. 😂😂😂😂 Sorry, I mean from a very naughty therapist. 👍

Why do the wronged need an apology not money? So they can know it was not their fault and start to move on with what’s left of their lives.

Maybe I should be No. 2 to Boris, I’d soon sort them out. 👍😂😂😂 Could I work with Boris? 🤔 I used to think he was a useless selfish prick. But I believe Boris has seen the light. Paul on route etc. Twin events of your first real near death experience and the joy of new born life. We will see long term neurological pathways are difficult to resist.

On my global plan why trade with China who are suppressing muslims in China? Take away the threat of violence and Muslim take over and dialog starts. Normal to re educate in China. Did it to convert everyone to communism back in the day.

America has 2 million people who they are trying to re educate in their prison system and failing so what’s the difference? Many for stoking pot which is now legal, great human rights record. ✅ Selfish useless prick. I did try to be as pc as possible, no gender, size, weight or colour. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS How can you stop advertising before nine? Every-time you are in the high street or row of chocolate by most cash tills. How can you not see it before nine? ✅

High energy drinks everywhere. Tons of caffeine not healthy either.

Needs a bit off research and thought to move the nations eating habits and save lives, I expect. What happens when la la falls off her diet? 🤔

27th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news yet. Waiting on response and overdue paperwork from the gov and paperwork from associations.

Last Text to a friend on USAx3:
On America killing millions in Korea more through ill health and starvation due to blockade and sanctions.  

And who helped create Israel and then caused revolution in Iran and then blown up nearly everything except open desert and oil fields.  I like to be through when having a pop. 😷

All in the name of democracy.  Well as you see from this country there is none, just a Punch and Judy show to keep us engaged but the true power is in house.

News flash
A crocodile was seen outside Parliament today, a young pc chases a dog trailing sausages from his mouth, through the House.

One chap yells oh yes I can, another then yells, oh no you can’t.

The House explodes into noise from those who have just had a good lunch.

Some Berko type yells order, order and they all go back to the bar. 😂😂😂😂😂

That’s the way to do it 👍✅

No wonder the country has lost its AA rating, well if alcoholic’s anonymous can’t help we haven’t a care system that can. 😭👑

Israelis left Egypt searching for the promised land, Moses died and they found and entered it. Killed everyone and ruled and flourished.

Not much changed there then, prob why Armageddon is Israel/Syria way. 🤔

How cool if the financial and business side of the jewish semites joined with the oil rich Arab semites to form the Untied Semite states of Arabia. Security guaranteed by Britain, Russia, China and France who did lots of damage in the day.

Spiritual freedom and the love of God. What could possibly go wrong, that already hasn’t? ✅

Hence Christ and Mohammed re telling the word of God as true sons only could. 💋

A general law to follow the Ten Commandments with no lopping things off for minor shit, no stoning unless with a pipe and good conversation. Common sense and justice. How hard can that be? 🤔

Love rather than hatred. Serotonin rather than cortisol. (fright and flight) Same with autism really. Let us be happy and we can move mountains, traumatise and we destroy our worlds. ✊

Why Britain, because our royal family has credibility. Why the French , because they screwed the borders up when splitting the Ottoman Empire. 👍

Russia already there and China their most ancient trade partners. 🤔

Some light maybe or not. Expertise without the power to act and oversee, I wonder? 🤔 Guardian article – Camilla Cavendish: the woman charged with shaking up social care

Howard Lamb

26th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Here we go again, miss the point then waffle. Ban fast food ads on the telly after nine. What about other media, newspapers after nine, Bill boards, trains, buses, taxi ads? Long list. Don’t check nutrition or warning on packaging. Wash hand and don’t wear a mask, comes to mind. 200 million loss to the ad industry is a conservative estimate if they do it right. The capitalist pressure groups will be on it already. So in several years after appropriate committees the bear minimum will be done. 👍

How much the cost, human and NHS through heart disease, diabetics, colonic cancer etc. etc.? 🤔 Don’t worry though I’m sure they are working on a pill. 😂

Win win, fast food industry saved and the pharmaceutical companies minting money.

Unfortunately the patient died. 😡

If you could reduce our intake of shit food by 50 % or more, over ten years you could save tens of thousands of lives and take a huge strain off the National Health. One kebab won’t kill you but regular fast food of poor quality over a number of years will, just like smoking. They knew about that and banned ads at motor racing.

Always check the history and then you will see the truth. After all we do have the right to kill ourselves, particularly if big business profits. 👍

Problem for the gov is they have a duty of care. In the small print and prob forgotten about now days as money rules.

Solution to the gov’s media nightmare is a big picture of a diseased heart and a slogan like eat this shit and you will die a horrible slow death and make the pharmaceutical companies a fortune. 👍

That will then open the market for healthy balanced nutritional options and break the cartel.

Howard Lamb

PS How do you stop ads before nine pm on the World Wide Web? 😠

PPS People, everyone wearing a mask and forgetting to wash their hands. 😪

24th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I watched a re-run of panorama on the Beeb last night, on the pandemic. Most of what I put up at the time was covered. NHS infecting care homes by clearing beds and not testing. The herd and minimum of 300k deaths. The gov going on the scientific evidence and didn’t. If they had locked down properly a week earlier 30k people would still be alive. If they had acted when others in Europe did, two weeks earlier, deaths would have been in the low thousands. The only reason the NHS was not swamped was because of the no resuscitation orders so people died where they were and not given a chance of life in hospital. The gov do not want a public inquiry as yet but if they don’t we will not have learnt the lessons for the second wave if it comes. (flu pandemic of 1918 came back in eleven waves)

What chance of justice for the forgotten kids when it’s all about covering up to protect position and power? Why have the gov not acted? I can guess it’s because the people who know the truth are still lying to them to cover arse. 🤔

Have much to do over the next few days so will leave you to digest what’s been said over the past 10 days or so and start again next week. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS They found vaccines for each flu virus and it still kills thousands every year. The other year it was under 3% effective. Strains mutate. Covid will do the same. It’s with us for the long haul.

So kill the bug in the air and on the ground so we can get our lives back.

PPS You don’t have to test everyone to see where Covid is active all they have to do is sample sewage and they will be able to pin point hot spots before they happen. All those poor infected rats, what will happen to them? Every time they escape from the sewers they will prob be carriers.

One last thing Trump not acted and look what’s happened but as it kills mainly democrats and not republicans you can see why. 😂😂😂✅

Oops same with Boris if you think about it, killing Labour voters mainly and not his white Con majority. ✅

And where was Labour? Recovering from abusing Jews. You couldn’t write it!

Apparently a quarter of Delhi has been infected which is more than the WHO figures for the whole world. 🤔 How does that work?

Told you so ✅ Guardian article – Lack of testing and PPE among key England Covid-19 mistakes, MPs told

Text to a mate:
They are doing the time line for the pandemic but nobody has mentioned Boris catching the bug, hospitalised and then recovered. 3 weeks at a critical stage where f all was done waiting for him to recover.

Yep when No. 2 was off sight seeing with his mrs, checking out his eye sight. 😱

Yea took the scientists advice and stupidly caught the virus and left the ship running blind.

Dereliction of duty or just bad luck that killed lots. 🤔

Some time ago I mentioned my patient (Mr Mole) who knows what’s happening in the corridors of power. The new attorney general having been informed about the truth from a legal person is keeping the brakes firmly on to protect the PM’s.

Well what would the world think if they went to jail? 🤔 Prob start a rush to do the same thing in other countries. 😊✊

Been laughing hard, reds under your beds. No wonder the west having a pop at them. The Russians have shown the capability of distorting satellites in space. Why the panic? Well America full on high tech, no gps, no working control centres and no communications, a bit of a field leveller if there ever was one. 😂✅

Let’s face it the Americans have never won a conflict without the Brits and the Russians. Good at bullying the weak and rattling sabres. Killed millions in Vietnam and lost, killed millions in Afghanistan and Middle East and ruined their ways of life, all to earn a buck. 🤔

Well with telly tubby Boris just washing his hands, prob the end of an era. Boris la la Johnson has got a ring to it. 😂😂😂✅

Tell a lie, America took Cuba from Spain and kept slavery and stole California, Arizona, Texas etc. from Mexico. Raped the Philippines as a colony, got involved with Korea and killed lots. Eradicated native Americans and stole their resources. Nice people you could defo trust and you wonder why the worlds gone mad.

To top it off they are all under economic sanctions so the USA X3 can manipulate world markets to their advantage.

Trump, if you notice keeps pushing his hands out so his thumb looks bigger. Well a man’s penis is 3x the length of his thumbs. Boys and their toys. 🤔

Shame he just rattled sabres and 🔥’s blanks.✅

If the Brits and it’s Commonwealth actually showed some respect to Russia and China, lifted embargos, used the city to full advantage, we could turn the world green and save the planet and all life not just mankind.

Yanks need to go into the naughty room until they learn their lesson. ✅

God works in mysterious ways. There is huge amounts of methane from land fill etc. over America. One day someone will light a spliff and the whole country will go bang. 🤔😂😂😂😂👍

23rd July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I re ran the program on Sky about the 2000+ autistic and those with learning difficulties held in solitary confinement and fed by a tray through the door. No diagnosis and so naughty they have to be locked away or so says the gov. Why have they not been released?  Simple, they have no facilities to send them to, the only option would be like they did to Child X, open prison with 24 hr minder care which would not help them and cost more than banging them up.

It’s ridiculous to think, after years of neglect and abuse, they can just walk back into normal life and everything will be OK. Prob why Handcock hasn’t got a clue what to do with them and they are all still locked up, without charge or diagnosis. An absolute disgrace. In terms of patient management, it’s a joke.

I have been thinking about an open letter to the press, so I can get them to ask the gov why, once requested, they have flatly refused to send me all the paperwork requested well over a year ago? (re cover up and wholesale abuse of those with special needs)

Prob no point as I’m in the naughty boys room and nobody is allowed to talk to me. On the other side it would be more evidence for later proceedings/public enquiry /The Hague. Do I need more rejection? 🤔 Prob not.

Why public enquiry? Well I’m good at them and am batting 5 nil. The opposition always try and twist the information to get their result. I diagnosed all day long. ✅😂

Please vote on web site Poll so I can get the numbers needed.💋

Text to a friend:
Derr, if they had nothing to hide why would they not send the paperwork which was correctly applied for. 🤔

Defo cover up, it’s just how big we need to find out. 👍

Yea the public inquiry will be fun. All that deleted paperwork on the cloud. 😂😂😂😂

Will I get come back from old Roger Murdock, prob not as he would have to get signed affidavits from all his wives and mistresses that nobody poked him in the arse. I’m sure some prostate massage to stay healthy is nothing to be ashamed about.

I don’t know how to find out if the 2000 prisoners of war against special needs are on do not resuscitate orders, the gov’s cheap option rather than diagnose and care.

Maybe you can check for me, as would not know where to start. 👍

How can a chiropractor diagnose all day long? That’s why it’s a doctorate, must eliminate pathology and other to confirm it’s a spinal or skeletal or neurological or combination, before we treat.

If you can be sued for potential wrong diagnosis, you have to ask why I had no support for making one? 🤔

As a profession there have been very few cases of wrong diagnosis over millions of patient treatments, the NHS should be ashamed of their record considering they have all the facilities and we don’t.

Bloody Handcock again and that prat he took over from, Fox and his mate were in charge whilst everyone who was naughty got banged up and not diagnosed. Why??????

When the gov concedes a case that they had removed human rights and a year or more later have done nothing about it, what hope is there for these children and many now adults? 😡

Defo no cover up and they are really nice people. 😂😂😂😂😂✅

Herts county council conceded the case with Child X and look what happened there.

Text to a different friend :
The high levels of complaint in the National Health often due to fast track docs who need a fifty percent pass rate or lower, which is why they google so much.

When it comes to suing, they play the old blame game, not my fault it’s theirs. No not my fault it was them and so on and so forth. Solicitors can’t get proper experts to sort it out because they want to keep their jobs in the NHS.

Lots of patients of mine have been through it and got nowhere after years of trying.

Another disgrace.

What sort of country is it where you can be put in the naughty room and lose your career for telling the truth, or if you whistle blow you have to reapply for your own job? ✅

The docs in charge of the 2000 were prob from the Mengele school of medicine.

Why have a pop at Murdock? Well some chap with breasts recons he partied in the day. It would have been more than enough for the News of the World to ruin reputation. Yet he has stood by whilst these children and now adults have gone through hell. Anyways he will have seen what Johnny Depp is going through to protect his reputation.

After all throwing bottles and trying to suffocate his partner was just an elaborate sex game. 😂😂😂😂

Yea why would you rock the boat when on full pay from the pressed national health, you can double your income by working privately as well. 🤔

Well he listened about food, has he forgotten child abuse. Guardian article – UK set to bring in strict new junk food rules including pre-9pm ad ban

And again. Guardian article – Cost of preventing next pandemic ‘equal to just 2% of Covid-19 economic damage’

As they haven’t found a cure for the common cold I expect it’s just spin. Guardian article – Government to develop £100m Covid-19 vaccine manufacturing centre

Howard Lamb

22nd July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Of course they will never admit to it, too much at stake.

How can you say, oops we have not been diagnosing children and then blaming them for being naughty and removed their rights so they can be restrained? (physical and mental abuse) All to save money and of course once we started we couldn’t stop because we would be admitting we were doing something wrong.

The cover up is huge and comes in on budget.

How can I make them put their hands up? I can’t, all I can do is chronical the events and put pressure on them to do the right thing. The problem is they have no morals and do what it takes to protect reputation.

The cost of Covid means they will not have the £30 billion to sort the problem out. Whilst waiting more families break up due to the behaviour of the abused, and more commit suicid .

It’s ok though it’s just some bad mothers and their spoilt brats.

My scatter gun to the GCC and associations should pave the way for other litigations, the book and film deal will pay for The Hague but it will take years.

Have you any bright ideas on how to speed things up? 🤔🤔🤔

If you are like me and want to right a wrong but can’t afford to put your head above the parapet write to Wikileaks who are back in the game after years of turmoil, I’m sure they will help.

Unless there is a voice no one is heard.

Has what I have done so far helped?

Education always helps. It’s a shame that the gov has and will not learn from its mistakes. ✅

If the gov shows me an olive branch I would listen but as they will want to protect arse I can’t see that as a ways forward. 🤔

What do you mean remember Nov 5th? 😂

They are just about to spend billions mending the houses, mark you prob cheaper to rebuild. 😂😂

Exactly in a modern internet society where working from home will be the new norm, why does parliament need such a white elephant as the Houses of Parliament? Then our MPs could work without having to stay up town and do some work for the people who voted for them instead of a subsidised bar and restaurants that they seem to spend lots of time in, waiting on the house. ✅

Yea all run by gov whips to pass a vote, not exactly democracy. 👍

I don’t know how you would manage it, Liverpool stopped taking the sun for good reason. If everyone stopped taking papers until they do their job prob bankrupt the corrupted barons and we could start again. 👍✅😂😂😂

Yea all that noise at prime ministers question time as the MPs fall out the pub.  Anyone else would be sacked for drinking on the job.

Yea I know they are special, with special needs. 😡

I know, smoke and mirrors. Let’s slag off Russia again and take their minds of Covid. As if Russia needs to effect the ballot when you have a choice of sheep a or sheep b.  🤔😡

Least in Russia the people know the score. 🙊

Why wouldn’t they love Putin? He has brought stability and growth, even though America has tried to stop it.

Trade restrictions and lies, mark you China has the whip hand over the yanks so the next few years are going to see change.

What could Britain do? Tons with strong leadership and the country will follow. Not wash hands, don’t wear a mask. Wash hands, don’t wear a mask be careful and socially distant. Wear a mask, plastic and anything you can so you can’t do your job and go back to work because we need our 6 week summer holiday. ✅

Howard Lamb

21st July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Boris and No. 2 now know what has happened to Child X and Covid 19. It’s going to show the mark of the men as too what they do now. To be fair they don’t need whole scale child abuse on top of trade deals, Brexit and the second round of Covid in the fall. Just think if they had done the right thing decades ago, we would not be in this whole mess now. 🤔

If you have been told about child abuse and covered it up it is much worse than the crime. That’s in my book, but there is no law when you have uncontrolled power. Mark you, you would have to build new jails if they were all prosecuted, let’s look at who would be needed to cover it up.

A list of Prime Ministers cabinets, cabinet office, all the generals, attorney and law. Whole civil service heads and entourages.  🤔 That’s just for starters, going back to at least Blair. I wonder why I haven’t had a proper response, or paperwork, legally asked for and long past delivery date? ✅

Committees and chairs by the dozen the list is extensive. House of Lords for allowing it to happen on all of their watches. Privy council that made it happen, where do you stop, the social worker who can’t do their job and just blame the family? ✅ They have failed our vulnerable children then covered it up. Look at the facts, years to diagnose if at all, blamed and abused through bias and ignorance.

I have watched and chronicled it for a decade. Many more cases all over the country. Why? To save a few bob to pay for their pension debt. Bastards.

They borrowed 700 billion the other year, prob why they can throw money at Covid and dump the next few generations with the debt. After all who would work for the civil service if it weren’t for a good pension? ✅  Tends to explain why the press and media in gen have helped where they can but not really sunk their teeth into the bone, so to speak.

Clearly after Millie they lost their heart and way, well with people like Murdock at the helm what do you expect. Then they accused a load of politicians of being paedo’s who weren’t, due to false testimony and just want to sit on the fence. 👍🤔 Third time lucky, maybe.

Sorry fourth time lucky. They stood up for Singh’s rights as a reporter to get things wrong and crucify a profession. Didn’t matter we were right and they abused ours.

Press and media full of good people but not allowed to do their job Politics, don’t you love it. Why didn’t the BCA argue at the time that we had the right to be right? Prob not admissible as evidence.

Text to a mate:
Can’t wait for the Murdock dossier. See if it’s just rumour that he likes being rogered by an Amazon with a platinum headed strap on.

Can’t be true. Mark you the previous one did stop the attack on him in Parliament.🤔

Good question what was the news of the world and sun doing whilst the children suffered? ✅

Yea I know Piers Morgan with his no I would not say at Millies public enquiry when his body language said guilty as charged.

Mark you the crowns barrister was not helpful.

Would you say you are guilty?

Let me think about it, no I wouldn’t, even if I was because we got rid of the evidence. ✅

As I am reporting what happened, I claim my right to be wrong. 😂

Howard Lamb

20th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I wonder what the price for books and film are now? Hopefully enough to pay for the mother and child’s case at The Hague. 🤔

Gone With The Wind, great example how to get a successful film from the book or Chronicles, in this case. ✅

I just caught up on news about multiple C19 outbreaks in Hong Kong just at the time their human rights have gone and will be on lock down again. 🤔 Not one duck flying straight, and that’s for sure. 👍

Maybe Field of Dreams, build the pitch and the crowd will come. 😂

Just a thought as not back working yet because I haven’t heard back from the UCA, whether I can treat without gloves as on spectrum. ✅

If Kev and Paul wanted proof I could have written the diagnosis for them and the reasons why. 🤔

Rabb on China, 🤔 let’s hope half a million Chinese come here with their fortunes and world wide influence. 👍 We could rename Clayton and market it as new Hong Kong by the sea. ✅ Brilliant.

Text re associations:
Let me explain, at the time of me being deregistered by the GCC I only had one association. BCA never tried to verify my side and dumped me out. 😭 UCA and MCA were not involved.

I joined them both later once reinstated and I choose MCA’s insurance so they are the main association.

So by the time we get to my exorcism no facts from me on file just the bollocks talked about me, hardly going to put your head on the block for that, particularly after years of Singh busting our balls.

Re MCA I told Bernie right from the start not to get involved as job for Ninja, one man job.

I did ask her to leave bread crumbs in the paperwork. She has to act on behalf of all her members, not just the one.

UCA had plenty of opportunities but did not want involvement as could not prove we treat colic. I believe I wrote to the MCA and stated that assumption is the mother of all cluster f—‘S. My opinion has not changed.

How many more kids get destroyed whilst they are pissing about?

Howard Lamb

19th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

NHS is estimated to be short of 80 to 100k personnel, carers, mental health, Doc even fast track. You will have to talk to a program soon that will have its own pill dispenser. Chronic shortage for decades. Yet in three months they could organise and recruit and train 25k for the NHS and the same for the app that doesn’t work. 🤔 You couldn’t write it. 😂

We, globally, spend trillions on drugs to keep us alive. If they spent a fraction of that money to keep us healthy, clean air and water, quality nutrition and lower stress, there would only be a limited need. Silly me, where’s the profit in that.

Re regulator at UCA conference, Paul and Kevin had to know. Why did they not protect their member? 🤔

Text to a friend re fast track:
Exactly , a robodoc machine on every corner, like atm’s.

Pills on demand.

No need for all those expensive GP’s and their clinics, expect it’s at chaired committee stage already. 👍🇬🇧😭

Right Sir Fred we have picked some sheep and this is what we want,  thousands of papers of bollocks which agrees with our plan.

What do you mean you won’t ? We have Epstein’s photo of you. Yes sir as soon as poss. ✅

Yea I know I should not have posted it but I was bored shitless, same old crap at conference, rally the kids, give them hope but don’t teach them technique but how to get more patients through the door. 😭

Clean air, not just for humans. When I worked up in London in the early 70’s you could not hear others talk at Leicester Sq after dark in winter, because of the birds that used to flock there. Odd mangy fox and a pigeon on the surface and billions of rays underneath, now days. Bad air kills everything in time. 👍

Water. On sewage transit, they can trace everything from the pill and progesterone, from detergent, to recreational drugs. Which is filtered and reused. Thames supplies and transits everything from Oxford to the sea . 🤔

Much room for improvement. Emissions should be monitored, not just when you know you are going to be checked, what the eyes don’t see, so to speak.

Quality nutrition, harder than you think. Vit values in produce in the 50’s was far greater than it is now. The way it’s picked early and ripen slowly to keep fresh for sale, devalues it’s vit potential.

Pigs fed on fish proteins and the sea being raped because of it, changes cell profile in pig I expect which is why it is bland and tasteless. Promoted fast food with high probable death rates, should be changed for high nutrients not cheap shit.

Are you telling me that you can’t make a healthy burger or kebab? 😪

Stress. Stop killing people, all over the planet for greed and power, we would be half way home. ✅

Good idea, fast food has to contain the minimum, after cooking, nutritional requirement for a main meal, including carbs at a realistic level, fats the body can digest and not just store i.e. the perfect balanced meal you love to eat and is healthy.

Yea agreed, pigs can live in and eat shit but they don’t live long, and if questioned they would prefer a truffle. 😂😂😂

Howard Lamb

PS Once the plastic of bottled water gets hot it contaminates the content with plastic, not good. I only drink boiled water, tea bag, brown sugar and un-messed about with milk, if you can get it. No chlorine or other disinfectants and broken chemical bonds for anything else you can’t see.

Tea, two sugars for energy. Milk, proteins fats and trace elements. Tea full of antioxidants to help detox the body, and sterile water. Built a nation. ✅

When I feel real posh I stop the milk and sugar but add a spoon of fragrant honey in my earl grey at breakfast. Like most men, you start to over think it and become anal. Cars, guns, rods , doesn’t matter.

Makes me happy, who cares?

18th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve been a bit denser, I have been wracking my brain as to why the MCA did no get back to me.

This prob goes back the UCA conference 2 years ago. The regulator who said I must do. No.

More on Child X or else had put a board up for suggestions xcomu. Well I did, I expect they can’t talk about it as I am excommunicated but she forgot to tell me. ✅

All in the paperwork when it comes back. 🤔

It makes perfect sense now and she could not tell me or I would have appealed and it would all of come out.

Defo no cover up then. ✅

Handcock is having a laugh. First it was deaths in hospitals, ignoring the rest, then it was deaths in hospitals and care homes. What about those who died in their own homes.

Gov figures for extra deaths show 65k+ and Handcock is trying to bring the figures down. It doesn’t matter if you died of a heart attack and couldn’t get into hospital to save your life, Covid is still responsible. I chronicled it all at the time as it happened.

You can not trust a man who promised to release 2000 + people with autism and special needs, living in the most dreadful of conditions (as highlighted by the media) and then not do it.

We are still waiting for the figures of those who have been permanently damaged and will never recover, prob 2 for every death.

As you can see from child x and Covid , you don’t get the truth if it’s bad news from the gov. Spin and fiddled figures, seem to be the norm. Defo time for a change.

Worst figures in the world based on head of population, (Belgium doesn’t count because it’s so small) America and Brazil have 5 times our population. (approx) Mark you China clearly fiddled their’s as did Iiran, you can bet they all have. Has anyone checked the figures for extra deaths in these countries, to get a better picture?

Oh yes, why did we have so many deaths in care homes? Handcock sent 25 thousand back to care homes without being checked for Covid. It’s not just incompetence, it’s criminal what they have done. ✅

ALL LIVES Matter. 👍

Old Cummings, No. 2 is prob crunching the data as I text to find out how many extra cancer patients are dying through lack of access to hospitals, diabetics etc., etc. He will prob publish his figures to show that the gov is doing a great job and fewer people are dying than normal. ✅

Three right wing capitalist countries (Britain, USA and Brazil) out in front of the world for deaths. 🤔 I wonder why? Greed and power I expect. ✅

Why have the hot States of America been hit so hard at the time of year when flu is normally dormant? Try aircon, cool metal surface like on the cruise ship that had active virus after 17 days and constantly being recycled to infect. 🤔

The gov is about to go on holiday. Summer break for our over worked MP’s. Parliament was suspended last autumn due to Brexit, election, Boris then went on hols, caught the virus, in recovery had his child and then furloughed parliament during lock down and now the summer break, good value for the tax payer, not. Well we can’t have the opposition asking questions can we.

Mark you with people like Sir K at the helm of the crown prosecution service and only 1 in 80 reported rapes being successfully prosecuted, Boris doesn’t have too much to worry about. ✅

What do you think the chances of a successful prosecution of the gov for industrial scale child abuse, zero or less? 🤔

Hundreds of young girls up north, groomed for sex and the police thought it was their own fault and did not want to be seen as Islamophobic. No wonder autistic/naughty kids haven’t stood a chance.

Boris can’t have it both ways, can he? If parliament breaks for the summer, the national crisis must be over? So reporting restrictions have to be lifted?

Then all those poor sods in the NHS who took the hit for the nation stories can be told. I can only work on logic not what will happen. ✅

It will be nice to have some company, all NHS staff who do not toe the line will lose career and reputation and be put in the naughty boys room with me. I have lots of NHS patients so I know what I am talking about. 👍

They muddy the water then don’t solve the problem, shift the blame elsewhere , do nothing that could damage reputation, then put it on the slow train to nowhere and hope in time people forget and move on. ✅ If they try to resolve the problem, like with Child X, it shows guilt. We can’t have that can we?

Text to a friend:
What helpful tip did I put on the regulators board that got me in so much trouble if it were anonymous?

The next time the GCC is told about child abuse, they should do something about it. H. Lamb DC

She was actually talking to people next to the board (thing you use for the 3rd form ,not a profession) as I posted it.

I expect my name on it gave it away.

Bet she took it down as soon as I left.  🤔

As my mum used to say “He has a bad case of the can’t help it’s.”

Howard Lamb

17th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Public health England needs shooting. This is what you get from the government. Don’t wear PPE and mask, wash hands and be alert.

What they meant was we are clueless and have no PPE so we will just lie. That must be the case because it’s now fully wrap in plastic, mask, shield, the practitioner has to fill in a form with the patient and this means we can only see under half of our normal workload and trade at a loss.

If we do not comply our indemnity insurance is null and void, this then opens up charges from the GCC for practicing without insurance. What a mess!This is what you get from pen pushers on wages with no clue as to what happens in the real world.

I have checked infection rate and deaths in my local area, virtually nil, much lower than before lockdown where we were told to work normally without protection.

My legal advice is that guidelines are just that and must be flexible to the individual needs. Masks are not safe, you breath back used air full of co2 which is not healthy. Plastic allows the bug to live much longer than on clothes or hands.

I’ve refused to wear gloves as with toggle fingertip sensitivity is paramount. I will wear a mask when I can’t social distance, toggle is an adjustment at arms length and never face to face. My staff will temp check and help the patient fill in the forms. Patients are phone checked for symptoms.

My clinic entrance is protected by UV light. I have essential oils circulating the practice with proven anti viral capability and large salt rocks which will allow salinity into the air and salt kills the bug full stop.

Luckily my Ltd Co has mega millions of public cover so indemnity is not fully needed. Yet if I’m not fully tickityboo I’m on charges. Arseholes.

Death toll over 65 thousand extra deaths. If the gov had not made sick a total pigs ear of it 40 thousand would prob still be alive. But why should they care as on wages with a big fat pension, we are paying for out of our taxes. ✅

Don’t even mention No. 2 Cummings, from his actions when he ran away at the peak when the cabinet were falling like flies, shows total lack of moral fibre, and he’s running the country.

Texts to UCA on subject:

Classic toggle as taught by the AECC during my time was anterior flexed pelvis and lumbar lordosis, curving back kyphosis to allow straight arm reflex adjustment powered by pecs and triceps, straight arm delivery.

There for 4 years you know or don’t you deal with the needs of your members?

Not back at work till I get answer and I would hate to bill you for my losses.

Hi, Howard Lamb DC here. How’s it going on my request about PPE? My loss for the week is prob £—-, why am I waiting for your RESPONSE?

As a member of your association I have right off access to all actions of the association, please send me all the paperwork to show what you have done on the subject of PPE for me. Thank YOU.

Or is it because your association hates toggle like the BCA and want stand up for it. 🤔

When I do go back and if grassed up by one of you, I will end up facing the GCC, well let’s hope the three chiropractors on the panel agree that I have taken full steps to protect myself, staff and patients. More wasted time I could of spent helping people.

That’s not what the GCC is all about. ✅

Oh yes and salt water gargle for staff and me before and after clinic to protect our throats from infection. Remember to be alert and wash hands. 😡

Bottom line, as being spectrum I don’t have to wear f all. 👍

On Monday please let me know if all staff are salt or alcohol mouth washing before and after clinic as set by my protocols.

Kill the bug in the air and on the ground, salt wash gargle to protect throat and don’t pray for a vaccine. Why? Look at influenza, it has mutated thousands of times. The vaccine is useful on the old strains but useless on the mutations, it’s a cold virus and there is no cure for the common cold.

All on JFA, also I chronicled their mistakes as the gov and PHE were making them. 👍✅😇🇬🇧

Clearly just a trouble making quack.

Much more to running a good clinic than dressing up as a Mars bar. 😡

Howard Lamb

16th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I was trying to find something on my phone yesterday and I span through a load of texts to Kev at the UCA.

They go back to the first regulator and my spat over child colic. I then later saw some stuff I sent on Singh which I had forgotten about, if he had acted then, how much grief would the profession have missed out on? 🤔. Why?

So if chair and reg in cohorts whist under complaint and throw me out of the profession. My unaltered CPD accepted on appeal. Whilst under complaint of breaches of code, practice and laws on a separate matter.  (not CPD) Then of course we have the lawyers defence from the new reg, which tried to brush it all under the carpet. The cabinet office doing everything they can to do nothing.

Where does that leave the mother and child who are in a never ending battle zone? 😡😡😡

I’ve tried to be nice 👍 but some people just have to learn the lesson and will not be told.

Reasons for cervical  adjustments on children. Birth once entailed waters breaking, to lube the tube. (so to speak) Mother squatted, babies head engaged and then popped out. The skull weight causes traction on upper neck which stimulates the brain stem, which enables the womb reflexes to switch to birth reflexes. Well, now we lay women on their back, flexed hips and knees up to force the babies soft cranium for hours through what should be a gravity feed shoot and turns out to be a hill climb. Epidural, muscle relaxants, pain killers etc.

Baby has compressed neck and skull, is numb and stoned with probable non complete switch to full birthing reflexes. And we are the idiots? 🤔 Sorry. 😐

Howard Lamb

PS When waters break and you should squat to engage head whilst tube is wet. We hold on to the baby until we’re in hospital to be pushed up hill. Or is it just me?

PPS A C section must be like an alien abduction to the baby. What surveys have been done to see if birthing reflexes switch on fully without the normal rigours of birth?

Oops sorry.

When cranium exits vagina, cranial nerves are sending input to brain stem and cortex. The traction of neck, as head pops out, prob causes a reflex action to change reflex from womb to infant. Research is a bit sketchy to none existent. ✅ Prob why they used to hold a baby upside down and slap its bottom. 🤔

Some to Paul at UCA when the Australian chiro’s under attack for treating Babies.

I know they acted on colic because a local chiro said we are a profession have been treating kids since 1938, my father at Palmer. I expect they got the credit for the information I sent and did not do the hard work when I asked.

Colic in children. The vast majority are trapped wind or allergy, others are where the intestine is not fully functional due to limited neurological control either through slow development or stuck birthing reflex. Very light specific 3D adjustment usually helps or clears these children. If symptoms persist refer to Doc for ultrasound scan to see if anything more serious going on or at any stage if symptoms increase. Appropriate advice on getting rid of wind or air block in the piping solved many cases. 👍

Mothers now days leave baby lying on its back gulping air and milk at the same time then don’t burp them properly, not rocket science.

PPPS I normally don’t charge the mothers as the baby comes in with the mother having treatment. ✅

Air and intestinal gas tends to want to float upwards where intestinal movement tends to be downwards. Once air block in place nothing can pass, so hold baby with head on your shoulder whilst gently rocking up and down with some side to side movement whilst patting the child on the back. ✅

15th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I finally got my incomplete paperwork back from the GCC after the major general left. So once Sidwell is gone from the cabinet office I will try again. Everything has protocols and procedures but what’s the point if people don’t stick to them, as clearly seen in the mountain of paperwork the mother holds? I believe the associations have had my data request by now, 40 days to comply. Takes us into September. Hey ho another year nearly gone.

Howard Lamb

PS How many more kids are going to be broken and traumatised in that time? It’s bizarre, whilst training for my doctorate, diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis, were the three most important things. 🤔

I haven’t sent my letter to Singh as yet. I’ve had a dossier put together on him. It would seem that he gets a fat fee for speaking and raises money for his charity to run down chiropractic, I thought as an MBE he would have been more ethical. Not the type of person I could trust with the importance to these children. All about self.

So it’s down to you and me. 👍✊🙏🏾 Don’t worry though as long as you are writing and stirring things up on the internet, I have a cunning plan. 😂

That’s the advantage of a large successful practice, I have and had, patients in all walks of life who are grateful for what I have achieved for them and are willing to help out behind the scenes. Like the dossier. 😇

I expect it’s been a good income stream for Singh and explains why he kept stirring things up. Sure we have some problems in the profession but the vast majority of chiro’s have the best interest of the patient at heart. God sake look at medicine, sued left right and center. How many unfortunate deaths a year, thousands? 🤔

Once the cancer of greed and power is removed from the top of chiropractic I’m sure we will flourish again. Mark you, you could say the same for this once great nation. 🤔 Remember it’s all about smoke and mirrors. Distract attention elsewhere and then get away with blue murder or child abuse in this case.

Text to a friend:
No point going to the press, the mother was on a local radio station a few years back, afterwards nobody would touch her with a ten foot barge pole. I presumed at the time that the gov had put a block on her. (bad mother causing trouble) Years ago I did contact them but I did not ask them to interview but to follow my site and help as and where they could, you can see from JFA, that’s exactly what they did. The same with Wikileaks who have worked in the background due to tarnished reputation over false rape charges and did not want to taint my case. All good things come to those that wait. ✅

How could they back some trouble making quack who was just banging the milf? 🤔

The mother, child and I have been very gratefull for their help, once the BCA and GCC are sorted I’m sure they will yell child abuse from the roof tops. After all if your reputation has been eroded to the point where you don’t have one, who’s going to help? When everything is decided behind closed doors, this type of thing is bound to happen, the can then fill in the paperwork to suit your bias, job done. ✅

I agree exactly that. Yep and by stopping complaint they can do what they want and it’s all tickityboo.

With Singh and chiropractic, he was the scientist who got it wrong and the reporter who didn’t get it right but on appeal he had the right as a reporter to get it wrong and been on the gravy train ever since. 🤔

Bad mother naughty boys (me and Child X) must be true as it’s got huge coverage in all the paperwork. NOT. 😡

Re Singh all you have to do is look at how many complaints he, through his chattily work have been upheld. All over minor shit, never a complaint by a patient, kerching. Maybe if the profession hadn’t been so tied up defending itself, year after year with huge damage to reputation. They may have been a bit braver on diagnosis.

The major general was at the heart of the complaints, by not dealing with Singh in the early days it’s helped his task to down grade the profession. Bastard.

How could he, being a lawyer and not a clinician, he was clueless as to the potential of the profession. I did mention that back in 2012 in my first letter to the GCC. Clearly on a different agenda. Why else would you have a legal mind in charge of a health profession? 🤔 Why haven’t I asked for the privy councils paperwork? It should have come with the request to the cabinet office that’s been ignored. ✅ 🤔 I wonder why? My letter asking for it is in the archives.

How can you get away with crucifying a profession because you have the right to be wrong? It beggars belief. I would have done something earlier but did not know until the dossier.

Also in the archives I said about the first regulator trying to pull my web site as it stated I treated colic in the young, after Singh having a pop. Told her in Anglo Saxon what she could do as the web was not mine but a patients whose child I had treated successfully for the condition. Both UCA and BCA were happy enough with me then. Why the change?

I remember telling her to do one and put the phone down because I was backing up with patients. The arrogance of these people on wages who think they have the right to free professional time. Can’t wait for all the paperwork. Why all three associations and not just the BCA who was my main association as insured by them? Well I can then cross ref there paperwork and the GCC’s to see who has perverted justice. ✅

Apparently the internet is not safe so you never know exactly what’s already leaked out. 👍

Not getting my paperwork from No. 10. Prob all down to a typo, 40 years instead of days. Or is that the official secrets act which they are hiding behind. 😂 Well you would have to keep the secret if you were responsible for child abuse on an industrial scale, wouldn’t you.

Once the other dossiers arrive, I’ll fill you in.

Need to be silent for a few days and assess what damage this last week has done and work out what needs to be done to save the children. Can’t tell you yet until I receive them but logic dictates, the 3 amigos, and the 3 PMs would be a start.

Singh: Chiropractic can’t prove they treat anything so they can’t advertise they can?

Me: You twisted lying bastard, come and talk to my patients.

Proof is in the pudding. ✅ MBE ✅

Where were the royal college when they were needed? Prob working hard to get more letters after their names.

13th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

The first placement was three dimensions, Chard Somerset. Great brochure . The child got full bored in a house, 3 meals a day.

A minder if he was allowed to leave the premises who was paid £6 an hour and access to a teacher in their small nursery type school next door for £225k a year. He had no access to anger management, or any of the proven therapies that the judge had ordered. No staff with any serious education, the manager had an A level in domestic Science. His teacher was very young and short on experience.

As it turned out it was one dimensional. Rigid structure, points system, do this and that and one day you might win a prize.

Nothing for or no understanding of his post traumatic stress let alone autism. Well they said they did not restrain children and did in the first week, then lied about it. (long story) I went mental and took the child off premises so we could have a relax and talk. The domestic scientist was not happy. Child was her responsibility bla bla.

There were other staff members, all young, no training and again on £6 per hr. The child started to bond with one of them but that didn’t last long as she left but before that the domestic scientist or was it home economist 🤔had changed her schedule because the child had become too attached, well that’s what happens when you have an attachment disorder and as an autistic he always needs one person.

Mother had gone down with her first bout of ME by now, once the child was safe she collapsed, remember he was a 20 hr a day Duracell bunny and she was on her own, looking after him and her daughter and trying to earn money to keep a roof over their heads, daughter was a grade A student and a model child. Some bad mother.

Why was the judge’s ruling not carried out? Well if nobody checks that it is, the placement and SS can do what they want. They cover arse in paperwork and blame the child for not cooperating. Making sure the paperwork is right for Ofsted. The child after being restrained at the placement phoned the Ofsted hot line and the placement took a hit from them but he was stuck there, now with even more hostile staff. They never tried to diagnose him in the 3 years he was there. They Did not listen to me or the mother because they were the experts.

The child left his phone on one day when the scientist/economist gave his mother a good slagging and blamed her for all his problems. I only listened to the first ten minutes and had to leave. I rarely have felt such anger and explains his attitude when he came home after the second placement failed.

Guess what, if you do the same thing in the same way, you get the same result.

The second placement was a disgrace and I understand why the child, after making some friends, for the first time since at the placement left it and sofa surfed for months. Mother did not know what was going on until she turned up and they hadn’t seen him for a few days. 😡

Battle fields in Shropshire, owned lots of properties, staff on minimum wage and no more than a b&b with evening meal and a 24/7 minder. How much did they get paid? Did they get paid whilst the child was at risk on his own, 150 miles from his family? Giving the child nothing that the judge had ordered. At least he wasn’t restrained whilst on walk about.

These placements only seem capable of controlling a child and stop them from hurting themselves or others. Not interested in putting a diagnosis and treatment plan together, well where is the profit in that.

Why did they not listen to the mother as the judge had stated? Well the SS were involved and the judge had ordered the placement and the SS were paying and they got all their business from the SS. 🤔 Not much room for ethics there then.

I would love to know how much of the £225k a year was actually spent because if it was more than £50 to £60k a year they were robbed. I don’t want to go down the route of the child’s mental health during this process because he was in a very dark place, lost all faith in humanity. Even gave me a mouth full. 😂 Mother has all the paperwork but who wants to hear?

Restraint was not so much a problem as the child was now nearly 6 foot and had developed a sweet right hook from his time on the streets. 🤔 How do I know? Because I had to rebalance his knuckles and wrist. Bless anything I can do. Had to do that quite a bit over the years from him punching walls and breathing out of restraint. He had been restrained so often he learnt how to dislocate his wrist to break out of the hold, very impressive.

Well if you didn’t put it in the paperwork, it never happened and who listens to a naughty boy without human rights? ✅ You want to read what both placements have said about me. 😂 I don’t think I’ll be getting a Christmas card from them.

Why couldn’t I do more to help? If my diagnosis was not backed by GCC or associations I’m just another idiot who cracks necks. 😡

The first time I had to read the riot act over restraint was at Roman fields in Hemel. A child hit my child and he hit him back, yet my child was restrained. All they had to do was lead him away and talk him down, techniques I learned from the bad mother. The red mist normally settled within ten mins, restrain him for ten mins and he hated you for ever.

Another reason I financed the tribunal and paid to send him to the placement before the tribunal as he was not safe and constantly bullied. I never received a penny back as the solicitor had a grey moment and did not get my expenses in on time as was not well. 😡 £50k that cost me.

After all only banging the milf to earn a few bob. Wrote a really shitty letter to the judge. The mother was mortified and stopped me from spending more to sort it all out and nothing I could do as not a parent and had no authority. As you have noticed those controls have been lifted.

How did the judge put it a good friend. Not professional who made the diagnosis. Man was an idiot who spouted his medical knowledge over the solicitor’s illness. I showed the error of is knowledge but to no avail. I’m sure there was contact between him and the MG/Penning but can’t prove it. What I should have done was restrained the MG for ten mins to share the experience but I would have been done for assault.

Let’s have a look at the council who had been embarrassed by the mother several times. What nasty bastards they are. Mother had been very busy until she crashed, boxes of hard copy and mega bites on the computer. They had put her child at risk and would only listen to their pet drug man or clinical psychologist. They ain’t going to heaven, defo.

Why? Cheap option £200 or adult drugs a year that stop the brain from developing properly or millions in infra structure to diagnose and put in place treatment plans. 😡

So where are we? MG covered up to down grade profession, BCA did not back because of technique and their lack of capability of theirs and a personal hatred of me, UCA are in the frame for reasons that will become plain in time. The child is 23 predictive text literate, mentally blocked and no self-esteem, scared and traumatised. He loves cars/bikes and mechanics but can’t pass his car test due to the theory test not being autistic friendly, no skill sets, no trust and on his own. Bastards.

Maybe if the police helped them get their test they would not have to try and catch them. 🤔

Child had been doing well up until recently. Because of his low esteem he tends to big it up a bit and it always catches up with him and bites him on the arse. Mother rebuilds him, then off we go 3 monthly cycle, 4 if you get lucky. Where is his support? Take the pills, next!

Oh you don’t want to take the pills because they make you feel ill, paranoid and not in control of your actions. Well there is nothing else to offer. 😡

As for the police, in gen they have been great but there is always a few who let the side down like a Sargent at Hatfield who is convinced you don’t need the whole truth for a nick and it’s down to the courts to decide. ✅

In truth I can’t blame him, he can only go on his records of what the council and SS have had to say, naughty boy and bad mother. Give him a short sharp shock in jail, that will sort him. 😡 Now you may understand why diagnosis is so important.

What happens when he crashes? He has sat on a railway bridge waiting for a train, luckily the mother had the police on it and they talked him down. All in the record, ✅ imagine how mortified the mother was when I got thrown out of the profession over her child. 🤔

No skin off my nose, one way or other. Being a worlds expert in my field the patients are happy and there is nowhere else for them to go. I was honest with my client base and got full support as my patient numbers were the same.

In my rejected CPD I had claimed points for the first conference where all 4 associations were under the same roof, I took the mother who hadn’t had a break away for a long time. I’m sure it was seen as a slap in the face and can’t wait to see what the paperwork says. We had 3 days in Glastonbury afterwards, I remember because my legs were sore from climbing the tor. Just because you share a room with a mate, doesn’t mean you are having sex. ✅ Especially at £200 plus for just one room. Twin beds work.

Mark you I did see an ex high ranking associate sneak into a room down the corridor, when his wife, nice lady, wasn’t there. People.

BCA of course. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Mother has power or attorney and I needed permission to put all this up. It’s not that she did not want justice but as she said, she didn’t want me to get into anymore trouble. Some bad mother.

12th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Now we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s examine how huge this cover up is. Council knew what was happening and blamed the mother and child. He was put at risk, time and time again. Aided and abetted by education and the SS. Child and mother won a tribunal, the judge ordered them to do certain things which they ignored, treated him as a naughty boy because some jumped up pratt with an ‘O’ level thinks he knows better that a consultant and a judge. No ability to complain. All knew they were breaking the judge’s orders. There’s a book there on their incompetence.

How do they get away with it? Child has no rights, bad mother and only listen to their boss who is trying to save her budget. All protected by the system.

I wrote to two prime ministers after getting nowhere with the new regulator, which took over from the MG. She was there to protect his back and did, the next one had to know and threatened me with profession, can’t remember how she put it but basically I would have to stay in the naughty boys room for ever and not have any say in the profession. As it turned out that’s what happened anyway.

This latest one did not want to speak to me at the UCA conference, trouble maker I am.

May knew and passed me round the houses and then blew me out yet she was involved under Cameron who knew he was not just cutting services with austerity but had already hugely under budgeted from the days of Blair, who twisted the system so all you had to do was tick a box rather than do the job you were paid for. Of course they never had any money, if you under budgeted but by not diagnosing tens and tens of thousands of autistic kids they just scraped in ✅and knighthood. They all knew what they were doing.

Every time I see Boris on the telly I have a tourette’s moment particularly the c word because he knows but can’t do much without dropping everyone else in the shit and Cummings will crunch the data and show they are all normal. So what’s the problem? I despair.

In between all of this are civil servants and others making sure it doesn’t leak out and everyone toes the line and tell the same lies. Big pension and a sold soul.

Let’s look at who in the gov is to blame. Let’s start with Handcock at the NHS. Why are these kids not being diagnosed? Mark you GP’s don’t come out of this very well at all. Are they all useless? It was not so long ago that your GP knew his patients and family, now it’s one thing at a time, take the pills, next.

How can there be tens of thousands undiagnosed, when they all have GP’s?

The chancellor at No. 11 who has consistently underfunded for decades and not allowed these kids a chance of life. The law makers, the generals, attorney and solicitor who took children rights away and knew what they were doing. The list goes on and on. I bet Boris will be pleased to know, it’s not just him.

If I’m a useless therapist and I can diagnose and treat autistic kids who have improved. What is the GP’s excuse? 😡

Mark you, if you think my profession is full of greed I expect we only followed the medics. What a state they are in, fast track docs, how does that work? Of course they google, sorry I’m not fully trained but it will be ok I’m sure, is not what patients want to hear. Just think if they did a little extra CPD, these kids could have some hope.

As far as I am concerned Handcock needs to go to jail for all the kids, without human right or dignity he has locked up and done nothing about. Bastard.

Then you have work and pensions who are depriving them of support and income. It’s all interwoven and well planned. Army etc. and environment are prob the only two not involved but look what the gov has done to them . All get knighthoods and a fat pension for abusing kids. 😭😭😭🇬🇧

You have Rabb putting sanctions on countries over human rights, yet his gov has taken away the human rights of kids and adults in his own country. Or is it just me, a trouble maker? 🤔 Or am I a good clinician who has gone the extra mile for his patient? ✅

How can there not have been a COVER UP? Proof is in the pudding. Have they made any changes? No. 🤔 Do they know what they are doing? Yes. Why do they not come clean? Because they would all go to jail. Lucky for them they control the law. ✅

Dealing with the gov is no different to dealing with the BCA and GCC. They are all on their own agenda and it’s got nothing to do with ethics. 👍

All in the paperwork that they haven’t wanted to give up. Doesn’t matter because the mother holds enough to hang them. I wonder why they have never wanted to see it? 🤔 Still waiting for paperwork after asking, from the cabinet office.

If the UCA check on file from years ago, they have a request but never got one thing. 🤔 That was when Proudman was in control, remember the guy from the penitentiary class. As a member of the association I was entitled nothing to do with data protection.

It’s a shame that Sidwell, is it, who was all powerful in the cabinet office is bound and protected by the official secrets act, otherwise he wouldn’t be retiring on a pension.

Bad mother naughty child who is just a trouble maker? Well she got the press and MP to put a rocket up the council because of the damage done to her child. Won an Ed tribunal for her child, won an ombudsman for her child and started to take the council (took a year whist her child was homeless) for judicial review to get a roof over his head.  Some bad mother, ✅ who has just won another ombudsman against her landlord, the council because she has had a new efficient heating system which is costing her 4 times as much as before and doesn’t work properly, even though crashed with ME because of years of stress fighting for justice. 🤔

Why couldn’t the child stay at home. He blamed her for abandoning him in a placement that treated him as a naughty boy and would severely trash her house. Well when the placement was blaming the mother for his naughtiness, and trying to brain wash him and restrain. What do you expect. Where did he live? A cabin in the back garden. 😭

Multiple Child X by hundred of thousands and you start to get the picture as to how big this is. It’s happening in every council in the UK, might be a hint. If you don’t diagnose the child you do not need facilities for them and can come in on budget. ✅

My clinic has sponsored the family for the last ten years otherwise they would have been on the streets years ago. I expect it’s been put down that I’m banging the milf and trying to earn a quick bob. Arseholes.

Howard Lamb

PS Where was the father you may ask? Apparently he had an affair with the mothers best  friend when the child was very young, left the mother in debt, had a new wife and more kids and then rejected his son as he did not want his behaviour to affect his new family.

On the spectrum and only aware of self. Undiagnosed, unbelievable story, but truth often is. As for where did it all go so wrong in my profession? The class of 81 penetrator at the BCA and Proudman at the UCA I expect. Heale admonished by the GCC, on record. Sponsoring the family would have cost about the same as a marketing machine. Lucky I didn’t need one. ✅

I’ve put a six page letter together for Simon Singh. Maybe he will have better luck defending my chiropractic patient than the GCC. After all that’s all he’s been trying to do. I’ve heard from a few patients who have written. Let’s hope there’s a lot more. Keep pushing Facebook etc. 💋💋💋💋

I’ll start on the placements next week and expose what a money making scam they are. Bastards.

Why have I taken things so far for this family. I’ve been dealing with autistic kids all my professional life, I have had hundreds of families with kids with special needs, who have had no help but this one was the last straw. I was wild and uncontrollable in my youth, but Child X was in a league of his own. Never seen anything like it.

Once I took some blocks out of him and he gained trust in me he could be a lovely child. But as soon as he went to school or bullied out and about his behaviour crashed time after time.

I could go into tech jargon to explain why, but leave it at over drugging by the medics and attitude outside the home will cover it. Ritalin and the other drugs for adults retard the brains growth, as seen on scans. Over use of cortisol will slowly damage the brain as well, (fright and flight) just ask any steroid freak. Hence the tribunal to get him the care and help he needed in a protected environment.

He was awarded 225k a year for his placement that both he and his mother had viewed. The long and short of it is that education stumped up there half I expect but the SS would not accept the judge’s ruling and down graded everything to naughty boy and only paid a fraction of what they should. Easy to prove one way or other. How much did the placement receive and how much did Ed and SS pay? ✅

That’s a year by the way and looked after till 21. He was on the street at 17 but I bet the second placement still charge and then cut off totally by 18, nice people. All his fault of course, only a naughty boy after all.

I wrote and cc them all as it was happening, not in the archives as will be used at the right time. Money regulator said that I clearly am attached to the child but I need to let it go and must stop rocking the boat. Bitch. Once you start perverting justice you can’t stop otherwise you could be caught out. Oops. Mother has all the paperwork. ✅

Why was I unmanageable in my youth? I was canned lots, often humiliated in front of others, told I was stupid and made to feel small and unimportant in front of others, a total embarrassment to the school and my family. That will do it every time. Hence Child X is a soul mate as I understood. The bastards never broke me and never will.

11th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

What’s left to say? I’ve contacted my solicitor who will draw back all paperwork from my associations. Later next week I will get him to contact the royal college, I was removed from their register when removed from the profession even though I hold a degree that they gave me. How does that work?

I am no expert in law but how I understand it, if you have know about child abuse particularly from a top professional, you are equally guilty for the crime. Tends to explain why they are huddling together and briefing up.


Howard Lamb

PS I mention the royal collage because I was going to publish the results of my ten year case study and can’t now. 🤔 BCA historically run the royal colleges and toggle doesn’t work, sod the children I expect.

Check out perverting the course of justice and see how much time they should get. 👍

Two reasons I was in the animal faculty. My father invented animal chiro in this country and there was no toggle faculty. I wonder why .

Ten years before MCT started his lay training. Nobody could afford to go to America after the war so the only training that was available to him was being trained by another chiro and then developing his technique. He became so successful he started his own school. ✅ Properly accredited at the time of recognition.

It didn’t stop the BCA from trying to finish them off and get rid of them from the profession. They didn’t crack and crunch in those days you see.

MCT had to accept diversified into their teaching agenda but the BCA and Glamorgan seem to have dropped toggle and percussion (hammer and nail technique from theirs) 🤔🤔

How do I know all this . My son in law was a student there when the BCA tried to close them down. Fine young chiro I’m justly proud of.

Why are there so few chiro’s using the toggle? Because it hasn’t been taught for decades, might have something to do with it. 😡 Prob why I am so short on staff. What you recon?

I’m nearly the last of the Mohicans due to the BCA and GCC. Total arseholes that they are.

In all the cases that Simon Singh brought to the attention of the GCC, I don’t think that any MCT or toggle people got done. Says it all. Ethical hub of the profession UCA/BCA not so much.

I need a break for a couple of days and will mentor the child, once stable I’ll go again.

Thank you for all your help and support, I could not have done this without it. 💋

One last thing. Why would you have to improve your technique when it’s the marketing machine that gets all your patients through the door? 🤔

40 treatments at £40 a time, already paid up front. £1600 a pop. 60% to the chiropractor. All you have to do is sell your soul to the devil. ✅

Child crashed and sleeping. When I applied to join the BCA, 3 local chiro’s who were not doing very well, blocked me from joining. I had to battle them at an AGM to gain membership. They had been telling patients for years that I was a quack as not a member of the BCA. My crime was being very busy and them not so much. Apparently I was shit and didn’t undress my patients or have an x ray machine. I was voted in 300+ for  3 against.

The only way I could get nips/ppp cover was as a member. I had to be 10 years experienced and as such consultant status. My two references where doctors, one vice chair of muscular skeletal part of the BMA, the other head of surgery at an orthopaedic hospital.

But toggle doesn’t work, bollocks

Ref for BUPA not BCA. My good mate Ian garrod sorted the BCA out for me as had recommended me. A diversified clinician with 3D toggle training and an ethical practitioner who has a 38 year track record and no blemishes.

I think that’s the same for all the class of 82. What went horribly wrong? Prob just greed and power.

The BCA chair at the time got done later on for improperly sticking his finger up a patients bottom and traumatised him. You couldn’t write it and if you did no one would believe it. All true and on record. ✅

How do I know? Well she was recommended to me after and we had a long chat or two. Councilling and helping her low sacral/coccyx prob without penetration. Should be on GCC record.

Defo not the class of 82

Kevin Proudman (ethical, as far as I know) was in the penetrator ‘s class and formed the breakaway UCA as he had had experience of the BCA.

Now we have Paul mc something that started up the whole pre paid and open plan system of treatment. I wonder why I didn’t get his support. McCrossin, that’s the chap.

I have mention Richard Brown chair and committee member of the BCA. I can’t say to much as he may be in the frame for some of what’s to come. He was a disaster from start to finish and finally got bumped up to chair the world organisation, heaven help us. Screwed up the Singh case and seriously tried to f me up over the Flynn case.

All in the paperwork I got back from my insurance solicitor and was responsible for not defending me, as his member and removing me from the BCA and Royal College register’s.

Garrod and I were at an AGM after Singh won his appeal. By the time we finished with the committee, the membership was ready to lynch them.

Brown was not happy, the vindictive little bastard tried to take his revenge, I say little but in reality he was a 20 stone fat lump and not a good advert for a heath profession.

Child awake and hungry.

On the subject of Brown you have to mention Sajid Singh and the major general, the three amigos who were responsible for not accepting the right of a chiro to make a diagnosis which lead to years more abuse of Child X. Some of the paperwork I got back from the GCC which took 18 months is missing, I hope once I get it all back from the BCA, it will fill the gaps unless most of the important stuff has been deleted. 😡

The MG at the GCC did not want to accept it because he was in the process of down grading us after Simon Singh damaged our reputation, year in year out. Brown because his crack and crunch could not do what I can with the toggle and would have to admit it worked after 20 + years of trying to kill it off at the BCA. Then you have the two faced bastard Sajid Singh who had worked at the GCC and was Matey with the MG.

What could possibly go wrong for the child?

PPS I would have loved to go through proper channels but no one wanted to listen. I wonder why? The amigos could not have blocked me on theirown, there had to be committee approval at the BCA. All associations were Cc in. The MG had to have backing from the privy council, and they have all perverted justice.

As a member of an association I am entitled to see everything . Hence paperwork request but don’t hold your breath took a year to 18 months to get it out of the GCC after the MG flatly refused to send it. My solicitor has the letter.

10th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

In for a penny, so to speak. Cummings, Boris, May and Cameron have all known about industrial scale abuse of our vulnerable children, hundreds of thousands over the years. But when criminal intent over rides law you can’t ever get justice.😡

Howard Lamb

PS If anyone thinks I’m joking about CPD to max profit and blame patients, I got CPD points for going and accepted by the GCC. Wankers.

BCA and UCA set up all of the lecturers. 🤔

Simple enough to prove. List all seminars that have been claimed for CPD and you will see exactly what I mean.

How to build your practice i.e. strong hard sell to book people 40 treatments in advance. How to maintain patients? Lets blame them and hassle them to keep coming. You can even earn off the back of finance for those who can’t afford it.

Often these are kids out of college who don’t know any better. Paid on a percentage of their turn over and not qualified or experienced to treat anything but simple and non complex problems.

For those in my profession who now hate me more and will want to shut me up, I’m whistle blowing with freedom of speech and only just started. As a member of all three associations I am untitled to access everything they have done.

Can’t wait for the paperwork and will defend aggressively any challenge to my rights.

Check out the recruitment ads earn £100k a year, 81 years of skeletons, excuse the pun.

The right applicant must be a hard nosed bastard who only wants to earn money. ✅

The problem is that when the top is rotten it spreads, thankfully it’s not the whole profession. Many are like me and have tried to keep out of it and do the best for our patients but greed and power is an evil combination.

My father told me the reason he left the BCA back in the day was they we’re recruiting lay crackers to swell their numbers. I can’t see why he would lie to me about it. Numbers game.

Who is going to recognise a profession of under one hundred without a college and infrastructure? Prob why diversified appealed as not trained in the toggle. ✅

Again easy to prove or disprove, cross reference all members with American state boards and colleges. ✅

Two hrs to go and then the ballon goes up, one way or another. I will have to miss it as child had a meltdown and I need to go and sort him out, office will pass on anything before 5.30. Nothing after counts.

If they did not have a American board license, they were not licensed to treat. 🤔

My fathers California state license is on show in our clinic, 1939. ✅

PPS I am with child and he wants to know if I’ve f**ked them up yet? What can I say to him?

Trying very hard, he does not have a consent of time so, one week later he expects an answer.

He’s just sick of living his life of no hope. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

I’ve stood up for my patient, isn’t that what the GCC was put in place for? Bastards.

All my patients, please get active on Facebook and media as it would seem you are his only hope. 😭

If you want answers write to the BCA and GCC. All you bad mothers come together and we will for an army to get at the truth.

He has left me in tears.

Ask them why they ignored a legal diagnosis and allow a child who had already been abused by Herts council for ten years, did not get the support he desperately needed?

Nothing from MCA or UCA. I’m on my own. Being autistic that’s normal. 😂

9th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I have just got off the phone from a friend who asked why I’m so pissed at the associations?

Well let’s take the BCA. They promised in writing, shared around all the associations, that they would stand up for diagnosis and didn’t. Why? Well at the time they had removed my technique (Toggle Recoil HIO) from the curriculum of their college, the AECC which they should not have done, against the rules for education in the profession, which is why they all crack and crunch.

How could they then back me after saying my technique doesn’t work? As far as I’m concerned all those who qualified from AECC and Glamorgan were only half trained which explains a lot.

How can you take 1500 people off the chiro register and make them do 400 hrs of CPD to qualify as a complete chiro, before they go back on the register? Anyway, by not backing my diagnosis the child was treated as a naughty boy, the placement failed and he was out on the street.

I think that would piss you off as well.

Howard Lamb

PS When visiting a chiro make sure they have toggle training which gives you an understanding of the structure in 3D. If not, all they do is keep rattling you around 3 times a week until bankrupt.

If you don’t give the soft tissue around the spine a chance to heal because you keep over adjusting, it never does, you feel better for the moment, but not long term.

I am uniquely qualified to have been a member of BCA, MCA, UCA and Rroyal College Animal Faculty. As such I have been sickened over the years, you can go on courses to exploit your patients financially, learn how to blame them for not getting better but not to improve technical ability.


No wonder Simon Singh through his toys out of the pram.

The problem with toggle recoil is its very hard to master, hence they down graded to basic mobilisation techniques.

I prob will not hear from the UCA tomorrow and I’ll explain why after 5 30 tomorrow.

I have faith that the MCA who have been severely abused by both UCA and BCA in a power struggle to control the profession, they are my main association and the ethical hub. I will understand if they don’t because they are already battle weary from not stop aggression from the crack and crunch brigade but if you have been told about child abuse and done nothing, your guilty as charged in my book.

I have no marketing machine. All my patients come from word of mouth. As we have improved over 81 years on going professional development, long before CPD. We get more patients better who send us more patients.

We are the only clinic in Europe to have given out a million + treatments to over 90 thousand people, yet the toggle doesn’t work. 🤔

As for the GCC and regulator which removed me from the register having completed twice what was needed, only to be reinstated without changing one thing because the regulator did not understand his own form. If you have read the paperwork it was after I accused him and his CPD henchman of covering up the child abuse. And you wonder why I’m pissed. All through these years I was hamstrung by patient confidentiality and they did nothing and I had to watch the child suffer. 😡

The UCA knew, the mother took a stand at their conference looking for new clients. What sort of people can just turn their backs?

When she was at the BCA conference she was ignored and shunned, least the MCA made her feel welcome.

8th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Why did the BCA say that they would defend my right to diagnose and never did? Much much more to this than meets the eye. Yet if they had the child’s life would have been much better? They have all been told of the abuse he went through at the age of 5/6 at the hands of Herts education. Where he was physically and mentally abuse by a head teacher. She had been put in place because the school had failed it’s Ofsted and she was getting rid of the dross to improve her ratings. The mother had to move out of Herts to get him the help he needed.

Why was he put at risk? Why did he not get the help and support he clearly needed in Herts? All questions people don’t want to answer.

It is wrong to drag children around. Make children sit in isolation, so they are so scared they can’t move.

The child was autistic and hardly able to speak, with learning difficulties. I am not a teacher but I am sure that abusing this type of child does not help with their education. Why was he not diagnosed until he was 19 by the National health? When he scored high 30+on the scale before 6.

All about money. If you don’t diagnose them, you have no children with special needs, so you don’t have to spend anything on them. Simple.

Blair made things much worse and the Tories with austerity have consistently underfunded. So this problem runs deep.

Then you wonder why I’ve hit a brick wall. It’s not just Child X, thousands of mothers all on Facebook are going through the same process  with their children. But if your child is labelled Naughty that’s it, bad mother so don’t get a penny. It’s wrong at so many different levels.

Still no news.

Being told of a crime, as child abuse is, and doing nothing is a crime in itself, then you wonder why they covered it up. Clearly justice is needed but it’s in short supply. After all there only damaged kids off a council estate.

The child at 23 gets PIPS and a roof over his head only because the mother fought so hard to get something her solicitors ended going for a judicial review before he got his flat. I wrote to his GP and he was referred for diagnosis otherwise he would have no PIPS and be another lost soul on the streets, which is happening the whole time with others.

All this after the tribunal where he was failed and 6 years after my diagnosis, he has difficulty reading, writing and mass. He has been left traumatised and abandoned like 10’s of thousands going through the process now. Tends to explain the cover up. They have been doing it for decades.

Why did I not write to the GP before? There was no point as the child was under a drug consultant who miss diagnosed and blocked his path. The mother tried to get a second opinion but the drug consultant knew the person and the mother was turned away as the new consultant had every faith in the drug man and would not take on the case. All in the paperwork, not me being a trouble maker.

All of this and more was in my paperwork to the GCC and they did nothing to stand up for a chiropractors right to diagnose and defend, if necessary. Why did the BCA not help? Why am I still on the associations case? Without their support I cannot get justice for the child. Well that’s not strictly true but taking the gov to The Hague is a big step. I do like a challenge 😂

The other option would be to scatter gun all the association , GCC and privy council, I’m possibly sorting that out on Monday if I hear nothing by 5.30 on Friday.

If the child wins, he will get the financial result he needs and the GCC and associations will be bankrupt. Win win as far as I see. I defended this type in case and can use the same scam. Get the one at the bottom of the list on a small breach and the rest get hung. ✅

Bankrupt. If the members end up responsible for the millions of debt. Prob more than the associations will go bust.👍 By not standing up for my diagnosis they caused severe hard ship to this child. Not a minor thing and 8 years of doing nothing will not help their cause, and they have had all the paperwork to prove it. 🤔

As normal I expect them to put their heads in the sand and hope it goes away. No chance.

In a pass the buck world, I have been suppressed that the associations haven’t got their act together and blamed the major general and Richard Brown. Get themselves off the hook and help the child’s case. 🤔 Child thinks they should go to prison. I tend to agree. There’s something very dark at the bottom of this.

The gov knows what they have done and have used the system to pervert justice, aided and abetted by the GCC. It makes me sick to the stomach. Anyone who has ready JFA cannot help coming to the same conclusion. ✅

I will be absent until Monday as I have much to prepare. I will scan the press daily and post anything of importance. Not one instance of abuse, day in day out over a period of time. Didn’t listen to the bad mother as on their own agenda.

Mother has all the paperwork, prob why her reputation was trashed and still is. If the law is run by the criminals, what do you expect? That was just for starters with the child, we moved into restraint and physical and emotional bullying at other schools in the Herts area. Well documented but nobody wants to hear. That’s why diagnosis is all important.

How do they get away with it? Genius, they label them as naughty and remove their human rights. ✅

The bullying was so bad the press and MP Penning, the para who didn’t jump out of the plane, had to be involved, front page.Why?

My letter to Penning was evidence at the tribunal clearly showing child abuse.🤔 Minor minister but got a knighthood, why? Con minister, con council and the old boys network I expect. Well cover up Sir Mike. Well worth the knighthood. 🤔

Told you, Boris is just the puppet. His no2 is really no 1, and Boris does the theatricals to keep us amused. Guardian article – Dominic Cummings to continue to take active role in government

Clearly not what I voted for. 🤔 Cummings has to be behind the Child X cover up, because Boris is clueless, or so it would seem.

Howard Lamb

7th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Have given the associations UK , EU and world a full broadside. All were CC in to all my letters to the GCC back in 2012/14 and did nothing. If I have not heard their game plan to help abused autistic patients by Friday 5 30, we will go to war.

Sorry I missed a bit, I have been severely hamstring by patient confidentiality, this has been lifted by Child X and at long last I can really get my teeth into it, happy days. 😊

Get 3 or 4 hundred thousand hits a day. I haven’t got a clue how it works but worldwide that’s without the spin offs where people post and share.

When Singh did his first hit on ads, I read some of them and could not disagree.

Howard Lamb

PS Why am I bothering with the associations? Clearly if the GCC under the major general have told the privy council that I’m a trouble making idiot and the BCA agree, I do not get past go, do not pick up £200 and stuck in a type of limbo or jail.

It is only the associations that can sort that out, until then, no matter what I say, I’m an idiot confirmed by the GCC and BCA.

The question is why did they do that in the first place? Politics, don’t you love it?

The BCA stopped teaching the toggle and then told everyone it didn’t work, yet I am living proof that it does. Cannot have me doing things they can’t with their basic crack and crunch technique. So lie and cover arse. GCC did not want to admit I’m a doctor and capable of diagnosis because they were already in the process of downgrading us to therapists. Nightmare.

It’s just a shame that the child became a pawn rather than got the help and support that a diagnosis brings. Whilst they covered up and protected their arses. The child went through much more abuse. 😡

6th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I spent some time with the child yesterday. We talked about the case and what he wants.

I will not cover his trauma at the moment until I can get advice about what he wants done. 👍 It was a very good idea 😂

Howard Lamb

PS After my chat I sent a series of texts to the heads of my associations. Bit of a hint.

After all the chiro report from the opposition effected my whole practice.

After all not just the BCA insurers involved in the Flyn case.

I spent some time with the child yesterday. We talked about the case and what he wants.

I will not cover his trauma at the moment until I can get advice about what he wants done. 👍 It was a very good idea 😂

PS After my chat I sent a series of texts to the heads of my associations. Bit of a hint.

After all the chiro report from the opposition effected my whole practice.

After all not just the BCA insurers involved in the Flyn case.

A series of texts to the associations:
The million patient treatments I mention was the result of just two people and one was not Stu, gives you a hint.
All those happy people reading theJFA and running the hits into the millions.
Big following worldwide .

Autism is not just for the English, even though it feels that way at times. 😂 I gave the child 3 choices, embarrassed on internet as we build our case, scatter gun GCC. Scatter gun BCA/GCC/ and privy. He said they and anyone who knew and did nothing, so hence f..k them all up. ✅
Working on it now.
That’s 3 PMs 3 attorney generals, well lots of generals. Big time or I will never have any peace. Bastards once injured are dangerous animals.

Me personally would have taken the whole case to The Hague crimes against humanity and start at the bottom and work my way up, publicly for the word to see.

You always have to listen to the patient. 😇

Well that will have to come later instead.✅

Millions have no diagnosis and no protection from the law because parliament twisted it, simple. Thousands have died tens of thousand have had their lives trashed.

Defo crime against humanity. I wonder where you stand on the subject? 🤔

Find out one way or Rotherham on Friday. 💋


Google The Hague, I didn’t have to as I have an old patient there who has given me the sp. ✅

He and his mates have been avid followers of JFA, as have all sorts of others. They can’t say they haven’t been told. 8 years late so very hard for them to move.

Bloody cheek no PPE and cut adrift with do not resus notice, if I remember. Guardian article – Fury as Boris Johnson accuses care homes over high Covid-19 death toll

And that is taking the piss when you see the gov record on autism after removing their human rights. Guardian article – ‘Magnitsky sanctions’: who are those being targeted by UK?

Still 2,000 on permanent lock down even though a year ago Handcock promised a parole. Even though they have never committed a crime. 😡

5th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

Guardian article – NHS England launches coronavirus recovery service

5 months late but better late than never. What had been done about them up until now? 10’s of thousands. Who knew? Well they did. ✅

I’m losing count, 65k extra deaths and tens of thousands disabled for life. It could and should have been handled better. Clearly shipping people home to clear beds from long term ill health and getting ready for the second wave.

Due to the respiratory damage they are more susceptible to other virus and colds which will take many away but that’s ok because it will not be a Covid death. ✅ Don’t forget the passive lung congestion putting constant pressure on a heart which was possibly damaged whilst infected by the bug.

Sorry but they are clueless. You have been traumatised and stressed, are depressed and feeling alone and isolated, you are not computer literate. But it’s ok because someone will get around to video call you, on a computer you haven’t got, for a 5 min chat and give you a couple of exercises which won’t change the scar tissue. Another one will then ask you what do you think has made you depressed? ✅

In the old days you had special homes for people to recover and rehab. Now it’s a quick call to tick a box and you are on your own jack. In a caring sharing way of course. ✅

 Part of a text to a colleague rallying support: 👍
72 years of the national health and we have been qualified and treating for 81 years, puts it in perspective. So we were treating backs with recognised qualification before the NHs even started to treat backs. But what would we know? 😡

Howard Lamb

4th July, 2020

Dear Patient,

We are open again. Dr Taylor and staff are fully PPE’d and practice is safe. I , unfortunately tweaked my hamstring and cannot work yet. We are segregating patients for risk categories and let’s see how it goes.

I have had contact with my associations and hope they are able to clarify the situation for me.

Re Child X, still no news, gov clearly think it’s fake news and they have not abused children. Wrong after all, all they had to do was talk to the child like I have and they would see the truth, like I did.

Their prob seems to be they do not look at individual cases. Well why would they, much easier to ignore the truth and steamroller through. ✅

Weighing up my choices for next week and what needs to be don . I will talk to the child over the weekend and see it he has any objection to me covering how he was abused and how it made him feel. I’ll have to tread with care as do not want to jeopardise future prosecution. His sister has been laid off so is availed to do some letters for me. I’ll also get an update on legal side and see what can be done.

Where there’s a will there’s a way, as my mum used to say. 👍

Text to a mate:
Epstein in new phase as Maxwell been found. Had to be in America as nowhere else was safe. She holds the crown Jewell’s so prob cop a deal and go into witness protection, if the CIA or Homeland don’t get to her first. Hope she is not in a suicide proof cell, like Epstein was.

The young women who were abused were living the American dream. Mix with the rich and famous and try and blag one, prob did not take much to turn them.  After all the dollar matters. 💋

Bet it not just Randy Andy and his Randy mates. Prob scandal of the millennium, if its allowed to unwind. 🤔 2to1 on, it doesn’t.

Getting very fed up with the racist abuse I am getting for being English. It was an ordinary English man, an English judge who abolished slavery in 1773. USA, Spain, Portugal and others continued up to the twentieth century. We could only stop it in the Empire. The rest of the world were xxxx. ( a very rude word )✅

Leave me alone. 💋😂😂😂😂😂

Always good and bad in people, f’all to do with colour, greedy bastard men have been around since Adam and Eve, don’t forget Cane and Abel.  The dollar’s life Matters, and always has. ✅ Abolishing slavery built the Empire. No slave labour so cannot compete in global economy. 🤔 What we need is an industrial revolution to even the playing field. ✅

Not all sun and roses for the windrush generation, many other instances globally. It’s time to put it all to bed. After All life matters. Unique planet with endangered rare universal /cosmic species due to greed. 🤔

I remember I wasn’t far into oral scripture lessons at school before I could see why God used to get pissed with mankind, can’t see him being happy now. 😂😂😂✅

God: Don’t do that.

Man: F..k off, who do you think you are, God or something , you don’t fit your box profile.

God: Oh for f..k sake how many times do I have to show you the 4 horsemen before it sinks in. Take that you xxxx. (very rude word in worst possible version ‘s)

Prob is no one left to tell the story this time.

When the bible was written it was for the masses first orally from the scriptures and later in writing and print. Much would not need to be said as was common knowledge so we have gaps in our understanding. Adam, Eve, Cane, Able. Oedipus or what? Or are we talking about the word of God as it spread through the people and the pit falls that should be avoided? ✅

Really, if aliens genetically modified our DNA to produce Adam and Eve, they were messengers from God and another of his creations. Who knows and it’s a bit late in the day to worry about it now. 😂

Cloning in the image of God, got it. Bloody hell, now everyone got an opinion. I thought in the image of God was more about the Ten Commandments and what he stood for more than a physical appearance. 🙏🏾

Thou should not steal, rape your mates wife or run off with them, kill anyone. (big defo) Use name in vain. Worship false gods like Wall Street and look after your family especially the old and help others if you can.

God sounds like a pretty all right type to me. ✅

All that stored universal information caught in a cosmic matrix which is interacting with the cloud, Interesting spiritual days ahead, I expect. 👍Well the cloud holds everyone’s binary code so why not. 😂

Let’s hope God has a harp and is sitting on the cloud and about to wrath. 😂

Binary code in the cloud so you can be judged on earth before you get to the gates. Live 21st century confession as you do it.

Wow this tech shit is getting good. 😂😂😂😂😂

Well at least drawn to the sun which is quite hot. Prob why the Sun God had so much power with the Egyptians, long dead so will never know the truth but may long the theories continue.

All children come into this world as a positive joy. It’s what’s done to them that make the difference.

Life of English celts and their forefathers pretty much based on the Ten Commandments but got caught up by Roman Empire and church followed by Danes, Normans etc. but the heart of the celts never changed. England is a good country because of the deep values of freedom born into each and everyone of us, except for those after gain.

Howard Lamb

3rd July, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve just scanned the press with my morning cup it tea. Gov going to hire a professional to run a daily briefing from No 10. Prob have filled the role by the autumn.

Well a professional giving a briefing will make a nice change and it’s clear they expect a second wave this winter, otherwise why a daily briefing? 🤔.

The north south divide at the moment. As the south was first to be hit and rippled out, you would expect a north south decide as it reverses. Down my way it’s the M1 corridor, north of Watford through Luton and Milton Keynes, up to Bedford. So travel still a problem.

5 billion up for grabs as the testing gold rush or production tender gets underway. That 5 thousand million pounds. I bet every trick in the book is underway to grab a slice of the action.

I got depressed about it then and put the paper down. Happy days

Mark you I quite enjoyed the one dimensional trio who socially distance to send the wrong messages. 😂

You remember, the press had to send questions to be vetted and then we got the party line. Answers all worked out so the Titanic could not be rocked, but the band played on. 👍

Chinese company prob win the tender and not be able to supply us during the second wave. They can’t be that stupid, or can they?

May bought NI for about 5 billion, so it can go a long way. Just a thought. Instead of a multi billion rail link you could invest in the north, centres of excellence in old areas of industry.

Test kit production for instance. Drug manufacture to lower NHS bill. Long list if you look. Algae green O2 farms, regenerating air and a cash crop. ✅ You could filter air from coal fired power stations and feed it through algae tanks, crop the protein and put O2 and filtered air back into the environment.👍🇬🇧✅

They could easily create steam to drive turbines first. 🤔

83% of BAME sports people been abused .

99% of the planet abused to some degree so BAME have done well. 🤔

Howard Lamb

2nd July, 2020

Dear Patient,

The prob with the Gov is that I am not a data specialist lead by opinion but a clinical specialist who has seen the film, read the book and am wearing the T shirt on this subject, having been through every inch of the system with the child and mother. So three testimonies and a full case study. Obviously they have not listened to the family or their clinician. Why?

Well if I am right people should go to jail. 🤔 Can’t think of a better reason to cover up than that. ✅

Guardian article – UK ‘air bridge’ plans labelled a fiasco by unions

It’s not just me then.

Howard Lamb

1st July, 2020

Dear Patient,

The Gov may be stopping their daily briefing but I’m not! You can sense the fear in the establishment, caught red handed but so far keeping the lid on it.

I cannot see them making the move that is needed to bring justice at a cost to their position of power reputation, future contracts and pension. Can you ? So what is the solution?

How can these abused kids get a chance at life, before all hope is gone? How many people have died because of what they have done? How much suffering do they have to do before justice?

Still nothing in reply to any of my complaints. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS All those who have written and got nowhere please write again and ask why.👍 Remember the Gov does not deal with individual cases, another scam to distance them from what they have done. ✅ Prob explains why nothing but a new box you may or may not have to tick, after the Baby P case.

Clearly if that box had been ticked, I would not be doing what I am and will have in the future. Prob a pen shortage due to cuts. 😂

That’s one for the stats people, how many more Baby P’s have there been since the scandal of Baby P. News of the world did bad things but the paper it was, exposing as it did, back in the day, is sorely missed.😪

All there arguments are a bit like “the wrong type of leafs on the railway lines cased the problem.” Native leaves ‘ landing on native soil. Wrong type of snow, same differences as always just a type you haven’t planned for. Can’t be abuse because it was the our system that caused it. ✅ For Gods sake, you can drive a train across Siberia in winter and through deciduous forests in the fall but due to budget restricts we only have so much resource to go round. Why all the spin?

Must be seen to be perfect. So anything else gets covered up. 👍🙊🇬🇧

I Never asked them to look into the Child X case, I asked why there was no investigation into clear child abuse by the system, on an industrial scale. Never about one case.

How can they sleep at night knowing kids are stopped from having diagnoses,and are being damaged because nobody knows they have special needs? When you run all systems to the norm, you have nothing planned for special needs.

I talked to a friend who has been on working from home during  lock down with an undiagnosed autistic child. The family are helping him with maths. It gets very confusing as the mother, father and mature step daughter have different learning cycles from their own generation which is different from how the school does it.

He will get fed up in the long run and sort it out himself, if he wants to and hasn’t been blocked on maths for life. 😂

Text to a mate:
The Gov norm for everything is based on the full spectrum and averaged down or up to the norm. So how can you deal with the spectrum if only working for the normal. 🤔 So they work and plan on what’s expected by the norm.

Anything outside the norm has not been factored in in costing so nothing available if a non-normal situation happens. 🤔 Pandemic , who knew?

Well we will have to learn our lessons and don’t implement the findings because our budgets are just the norm with no room for disaster. What a world.

This is not a case of miss management or ineptitude. Someone planned it. Runs like clockwork but can’t tell the time. We now must move to Who as well as why 4/5 on the scale.✅

If Assange had not been weight down by Trumped up or Obama’s charges and labelled a woman abuser, I’m sure he would of helped. After all how can a reputed women abuser be the champion of Gov systematic child abuse.  Check out all the time lines. Coincidence or far far more? 🤔

30th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Good news, the death rate has fallen back to normal and 65k extra deaths this year.

Unfortunately it does not mean the pandemic is over, it just means we are slowly getting it under control. Not a time to celebrate as seen in Florida where the cases are rocketing due to too early release of restriction to save their economies. Hard choice but must be dealt with in terms of safety not finance. You can always print money, you can’t bring the dead back to life. ✅

Boris has laid out expensive plans yet our economy is now in a worse state than when the banks crashed and austerity became the norm. Can’t wait to see how it’s possible. 👏🏻🤔✅ If possible why did Cameron and co cripple social care and the welfare state? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS I expect the extra deaths recorded in private homes is because people who need care are not going to hospital and are dying in their own homes, or is this a lasting effect of their do not resuscitate law?

PPS Just think if we had the NHS we have paid for without waist and over management, a social system where the patient is put first, we could keep driving the death rate down and improve quality of life. 👍🇬🇧

Question, if there has always been a difference between numbers infected, recovered or died and the thousands who are still recovering, how much damage to lung, heart, kidney etc. has been done and what quality of life can they expect if they recover? 🤔

The reason why I ask is that long term recovery will take up beds and resources and limit NHS abilities if there is a second wave this winter. 🤔

If you think back to the tsunami days when DNR was introduced and a care at home or homes policy to isolate the spread of the disease.

Blank order so many who may have gone to hospital and recovered were never given the chance. Hard decisions where made and fitted round limited PPE and miss management, infect the herd. Oops that was silly, lockdown and social distance. The problem they have is clearing beds from C19 and getting back some degree of normal functions. Until then there is only so much the clinicians can do.

The knock on effect will be high. I’m sure the data boys and girls have already broken down the fluctuations in the individual cause of death, less flu but more Covid, heart deaths through prolonged waiting for treatment, up.

Incidence of depression and suicidal tendencies, up. Hobby deaths down, not falling off cliffs or drowning at see or etc.

I’m sure when all the information is available it will paint a less black and white version, dare I say lots of colour once the surface is cleaned.

Text to a friend:
A hint to the medics.

Of course Vit D or C cannot prevent you catching COVID-19 but if chronically depleted the immune system cannot function at anywhere near peak performance. Like after drought, when the ground is rock hard, water needs to slowly penetrate over a long period or the water will just run off. The more the ground rehydrates the more water it can absorb.

In some of my patients it’s taken years and still not right. Nothing chronic is a quick fix, as you can see fromJFA. 😂

Lucky most of my patients are managed chronic, so I do have an understanding about the time it takes to get the message through.

Why Vit D deficient people not been told to use a UV light daily to help rectify the problem beats me. Prob spent their dosh on drugs to keep them alive. 🤔

We should have a pandemic day off to grieve each year. Prob mid March when the herd was sent for slaughter.  🤔🙏🏾🙊

Let’s face it PHE is publicly funded so not going to bite the hand that feeds it.

Cobra meeting: PHE All our evidence shows that if we don’t stop it there is no point closing borders because it can’t be stopped after a point , once we reach that point we are in deep shit and a tsunami hits, thousand die.

Minister: Well that’s all well and good but what about the economy. Can’t just stop because of a forecast. Go away and think again.

PHE: We’ve got the herd theory from the vets. Fits the bill, and at least we have a plan we can defend and cover up as under war footings. 👍

Minister: Who goes on the telly? The scientists so if it goes tits up at any stage we can blame them. That didn’t take long.

Meeting adjourned ✅

Strangely the vets would have told them you have to shoot all of the herd to get rid of the disease. Thank God for the little democracy we have left.

29th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

The people of Leicester were nowhere near the beaches at Bournemouth yet going back to lockdown. I had to laugh about the Gov response to the beach crowding. There may be a spike in Bournmouth and Boscombe, how as most of the beach goers were tourists from London and Home Counties. Where is the spike going to be?

It is clear from the removal of the cabinet secretary, there has been discord for some time between politicians who are taking further control and high ranking civil servants. Getting rid of any obstacle in their way. Clearly they need to blame people for all that’s gone wrong , pandemic , systemic failure etc. Yet they were responsible for putting it all together and are in control of decision making and taking, the civil service implement with Gov oversight.

Can’t wait to see how Cummings spins it. ✅

Have they taken more power for the greater good, or for self preservation is the question of the day? My problem and concerns over people like Cummings are , they have only run an election and not a country. What looks good on data does not necessarily work in reality. If you get rid of those who have and know how to run a nation and replace them with tame yes men, it will unravel and fall apart. 🤔

It was a Gov decision to under fund and deliberately under estimated the needs of our disabled children. They decided to remove their human rights, they have constantly ignored any complaint and deliberately not diagnosed which has traumatised tens of thousands.

Maybe one day we will see what the CS advice to the gov was and the attorney/solicitor generals was. Always more questions than answers. ✅ It’s prob all covered under the official secrets act or get out of jail free card. 🤔

If you tie the civil service up in knots, it can’t function and just blame everyone else you can see why we are in such a mess now. Tick box system with tick box mentality. If you have no box to tick you don’t do anything. If you create a box you are a trouble maker and don’t last long. Prob end up re applying for their own job. Note on their file so never promotion, you know how it works.

Parliamentary control with no common sense allowed. ✅ All about baronial control of the masses. Our way or the high way. Defo not democratic. Sir Kier cannot be blameless . CPS had to know, as did Corbin and co. Why? If you go back through history much off the abuse happened in labour strong holds/libs.

If you look at the stats for party prosecutions for child offences, labour out in front by a long way. Cyril Smith, Teddy Heath 😤 so other parties highlighted and top people in the churches and lords, privy council decided what happened, so 37 years after Croydon was closed we are now talking about it. 🤔 How’s that even possible?

It was the Heath scam that prob started much of this. Scapegoat and steroids type Crisp, then practicing as a gay who liked nice young men and defo was anchoring in the wrong ports. This is not me being anti gay. It’s what the law dictated for all the country at that time.

So if the PM is at it, the tone was set and the web darkened, secret cover by secret and all interlinked might have had something to do with it. Thank got Epstein wasn’t about then, you can bet MI5 were, I wonder where they hid the tapes?

Politics, who would have it? 🤔 I expect Thatcher was having none of it being a loving mum. Homes closed all over. If the truth had come out then, I expect they felt the herd would not like the truth so on the slow inbox to nowhere. Hence people having to give up their lives to fight the injustice.

Teflon took control of the system through multiple cover up’s, bloods, abuse, illegal war selling his soul I expect as well. Tick box complaint avoidance and robust system to deflect criticism and cover the systems back, not for the greater good but to protect self. Mmmmm.

All Boris and his no 2 are doing is keeping ahead of the game so they can survive politically,. What about us? 🤔 It makes you wonder why Heath got the job in the first place as easily spotted as single man who did not go out with women but sailed with young men. Who protected him and why?

Sorry on a role as everything falls into place. ✅

Something had to happen after Perfumo affair with the osteopaths mate. Next thing a PM with different tastes and a bigger risk to security. 🤔

We can’t allow anything to rock the democratic parliament so in the national interest? No, self interest only due to having the control and power to get away with it for decades!

I remember Mandy and Christine back in the day. I remember my dad saying there would be repercussions. Well look what those quacks did to our nice minister. Straight on the naughty boys list. Those chiro’s do the same thing don’t they, must be quacks as well!

We got hard won recognition but now being down graded, why? They can’t be that petty surely 🤔or can they?

Guardian article – No evidence that vitamin D prevents coronavirus, say experts

I’m sure if they check patients who are deficient in D they would be more prone to severe symptoms due to compromised immunity. If the immune system has enough D to function it does not need stimulus. So extra will not help. Try again.

Howard Lamb

28th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

July the 4th or independence day, would seem to be one of some importance. Not just the UK going back to work but a loosening of the war time controls and censor ship.

Personally I think the British have done well, just a shame they have been so let down by the powers at be. After all only a few parties for the young and beaches which are protected by UV light and salt in the atmosphere. Let’s hope the kids got pissed as alcohol would have protected the back of their throats from the bug. If it was all pills and powder, not so much.

We have seen how much autism needs to be understood, diagnoses and proper stuff put in place. What’s the chances when Handcock promises a year ago to help the two thousand under permanent lock down often in solitary. Yet a year later there are more under lock and key than when he promised.

Have they done anything criminal or just wrongly diagnosed, wound up and not treated correctly?

We then have tens of thousands being rammed through a system that is not designed to suit them and are all blamed for their behaviou. I’ve been through it and it’s not very nice. I had hoped for truth to prevail, unfortunately all I’ve had is deflect and defer.

As for the scientists getting it so wrong and thousands died unnecessarily, I don’t believe it for one moment, more a case of no PPE so what could we do?

Still no news, let’s see what happens next week. 👍

Guardian article – Ministers ignored police chiefs’ warning over risks of lifting lockdown in England

If there are new spikes, they can’t say they weren’t warned. Like the scientists, they can only give advice, they can’t make the Gov take it. ✅

Let’s face it, I’ve been telling them about child abuse for 8 years, I’m sure they have listen, just not wanted to act, clear history. 👍

All sorts of interesting things happening.

Cummings, the cad, is culling the upper end of the civil service and passing the buck on Gov failings. The CS has only done what the Gov told them to do and are not happy about taking the blame. Schools who already under spaced in the class rooms has now to turn them into Tardis by Sept, good luck with that one.

NHS says it will take 4 years to recover from the bug so far, a second wave could finish it off. The Spanish flu hit hard in the second wave because the first wave had rocked its foundations. In the USA that Oct, over 100k died.

Gov clearly trying to hurry unlocking to save the economy. If they have not eradicated it from our shores by Sept we will enter the cold and flu season where the bug could go rampant again.

False economy because like the nhs it will take years and vast debt for the economy to recover , a second wave over winter would finish it off .

It’s ok though Boris leading the way getting is out eating pizza. 👍

I can’t blame the Gov for making mistakes, you learn from them, repair the damage and move on wiser than before, however the decision to abandon the old and enforce do not resuscitate orders, is something else. 🤔

It’s a bit like if you don’t make huge changes now our planet will not allow us to live on it anymore. ✅

Gov , “it’s in a long line because me must save the economy.” Not much hope there then either. The frustrating thing is we could solve the lot but whilst the world order is at sixes and sevens, we have no chance.

The people are ready for change. A Gov that is ethical and green, that finds and not just deals with problems but solves them. Rather than slip it under the carpet and then suppressed by the next lot, as we have now. 🤔🇬🇧🙏🏾

X files should have been a hint. Not Y files. 🤔✅

Howard Lamb

26th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Guardian article – Government climate advisers running scared of change, says leading scientist

It’s not just the care system or pandemic but the Gov seems incapable of making the changes until well after the event.

If they had spent as much time and effort sorting out the problems as they have covering them up, we would not be in the situation we are now. ✅ After all, if they hadn’t covered up they would not be paying compensation years after the event. I bet nobody at these councils in charge ever got prosecuted, not even a mal administration, I bet. ✅

I expect the abused could have used the compensation to help rebuild their lives, if paid at the time. No money can compensate for years of injustice. 👍

Howard Lamb

PS If Croydon was closed in 1983 that all happened in the Thatcher years and before. Realistically you have to put Major at the top with Blair. No point Thatcher as is no longer with us. 🙏🏾

PPS How far back do you go, Heath dropping into ports in the Channel Islands when illegal? 😂

Whilst Crisp was being beaten Heath was PM , how is that even possible? Jeremy Thorp. More to history than meets the eye. Jimmy Saville, may he rot in hell, how was that possible and nobody knew?

It all puts Epstein and Andrew into perspective. The truth is that they all knew and twisted the system so complaint could not be heard ✅ from the herd. 👍 Let’s hope the sins of their fathers are finally laid to rest. 💋

It would seem that back in the day, if you weren’t involved you had to know. How many orphanages, care homes, mental hospitals have there been run by church, council or other. Years of abuse all over the place, yet nobody knew. ✅ How could that happen in a free democracy? “Wrong office mate, try them down the corridor. ”  I expect , after my documented travels.

25th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Another case was on Sky News last night. Not the first case they have publicised where an autistic child has not been diagnosed, traumatised and is in solitary confinement in a secure hospital. Handcock was meant to sort it all out, in their manifesto, yet the numbers (over 2K) have risen.

The parents are worried sick about their child but have no control.

Time and time again there is no justice.

Maybe Mr Handcock would like to exchange with the child for a few days, so he can have an experience as to how their policies effect people. 😡

Howard Lamd

PS The first thing Handcock should learn is that autistic children always need at least one person to bond with to draw them out of themselves, hard to do when you are being fed through a door in isolation.

The autistic person is now 31. I would love to do a case study to pin point how the system failed and abused a child and then locked him up as an adult.

Handcock has called for all cases to be checked. This will be done by the same people who put him in the situation in the first place and will work of wrong notes. More cover up I expect.

I’ve just talked to a friend in Scotland, whose child is autistic. She was telling me about E.L,V.I.S. research into salt water gargling to restrict and kill the corona virus. Doing tests on people as we speak. ✅

It’s nice to have confirmed what I was saying about salt killing viruses and how saline gargles help to protect the back of the throat from viral colonisation, is based on good scientific principle. It’s just such a shame it wasn’t adopted at the start and saved countless lives. ✅

We also talked about research into inflammation causing some spectrum strains. This would tie up with my theory on autoimmune response to vaccination. Bit by bit the truth will out. ✅

Text to the profession:
The UV light I have in the clinic is not strong enough (prob ) to kill the bug but it will have to protect itself and switch off. Essential oils in the atmosphere will encapsulate and protect from infection. Mild saline atmosphere will, through osmosis dehydrate and kill the bug. How’s your research going?

PS Add a Dyson air flow/purifier carbon filter. Wash hands and appropriate PPE . Reg staff checks re swab if not got antibodies/gens. Phone check and priority led clinics. Under 55 clinic and then those at risk in different clinic times etc., etc . 😇

Flexible and common sense lead, driven by staff and patient safety.  No change really. That’s what we have always done.

Shall I put it in a formal letter so you can ask if I would be still insured? 👍

I’ll do that then as soon as back in July with access to the office. Any help you could give in finding the right people for me to discuss it with, I would be very grateful. 💋

Isolated for too long. Office opens Monday for us to start phoning patients and taking bookings for the following week. I can put it together and have it out by Wednesday. I’ll start treating the week after.

At least I’ll be on record first, which tends to help in these situations. 💋

It closed in 1983, 37 years ago and it’s just being talked about. Clearly problems for normal children let alone AS and the others with special needs. Lambeth and Croyden, how many more or hidden? Guardian article – ‘I have suffered all my life’: survivors tell of abuse at Shirley Oaks children’s home

24th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

As we saw from Cummings, the actions of those at the top set the trend for how people act. They break the rules so why should we stick to them? When politicians seem more interested in filling their own coffers, why would people want to pay tax?

When the Gov says it’s alright to abuse those who are different we have splits in society. The moral fabric of our system has been cut away and what’s left is not just or humanity at its best. The Gov knows what it has done and is still doing but are protected by a corrupted system that they can control and manipulate. How did it all go so wrong?

It was clearly no accident as interwoven throughout departments so working to a plan. Who’s plan, who was responsible for it, who installed it, who unforced it and who was responsible for the cover up? Once they work that out, we might get somewhere. Remember this has been covered up so those in charge are having to go through a steep learning curve to catch up.

The problem throughout has been their inability to admit wrong doing. That leads to change or the children will not get the help they need and are then another generation of wasted lives. ✅

I’ll check the computer at work tomorrow to see if there is any news. What do you reckon?

Just because it was hidden via cover up, is no excuse because they have known what happened ages ago and have not shifted the parties line and dealt with it justly. Sword and scales. Got fingers crossed, tough it out and hope it goes away. 👍

Back in 2012 anyone who read the whole tribunal must have realised something had gone horribly wrong. Yet social services and education did not for file the judges ruling and blamed the child. ✅

A tried and tested path which cuts costs but damages an already damaged child. 😡

Howard Lamb

PS It is of high probability that all areas of Westminster, know and have known for years and done nothing and you wonder why I got the hump. 😂

PPS Not just me who has been writing. I know many of my patients have, and got nowhere. ✅

Only 5 or 6 people involved really. Blair, Brown and the Lib/Lab Cons who propped them up, Cameron and May. Boris has had time and chance but due to holidays, child birth, ill health and furloughed paternity leave, he hasn’t had the time. Bulls–t

Is it their fault? It happen on, during and after their shifts/watches. Leaders in chief. You have to feel for Boris. Brexit, pandemic, systematic child abuse, blood scandal, tower scandal and God knows what else on the back burner.

Their problem is that once you go digging in a graveyard you will keep finding bodies. So what does he do? A. DOB in all his mates and bring Parliament to its knees or B. follow the party line? 🤔

Remember none of this could of happened without their say so. ✅

It would seem, that on face value, that there is true Evil at the heart of it. 🤔 Once we get all the paperwork I’m sure we will find out.

Nuremberg comes to mind or The Hague, as is now, I wonder why? 🤔

Text to a good friend:
Was Tony Teflon the anti christ, as in end of days, do you think? Will good triumph over even? Do the horsemen get through? Has Armageddon still to happen or are the righteous holding the pass?

Now all I can do is Hope. 👍✊✅

The last few days have been intense on IFA as I unravel the last part of the scam. Where to from here? Who will make a stand for justice? How many kids have killed themselves in the waiting?

More Q than A as always.

Sticking to the rules is important. ✅ Guardian article – ‘I am angry’: Germans back in lockdown demand accountability

How long does the bug live on fresh meat?How many tons left the factory? Where did it end up? Wow endless questions. How did they get away with it, to start? Hope they had UV sterilisation facilities. ✅

23rd June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Each letter I sent should have had a protocolled response. You have to ask why this was constantly under used or mainly not at all?

If it were just shoddy work or make administration, in one department, that’s one thing but when it’s all departments you have to ask why?

Total incompetence or two sets of rules, manipulated to protect the system and those who manipulated it. 🤔✅

Howard Lamb

PS The last time we as a nation had so much debt was when we were the sick country of Europe without empire. So history does repeat itself.

The Gov uses computers to crunch data off the cloud to predict future stratagems. Computers do not have common sense. How does that work? ✅

PPS Why protocolled response? Any accusation re child abuse has to be investigated. 👍 Reported then investigated. I’m sure it was but if the out look is not great, cover up, reputation and pensions at stake. 👍

Let me think. 🤔 Prob why they have never wanted to talk to me or listen to the not bad and naughty mother and child who have had a huge ordeal. Just one of thousands.

PPS THOUSANDS, prob min 250k plus historic 🤔 lots more. ✅ Worldwide, you would need a super computer to work the numbers out.

PPPS You can’t believe how much paperwork a protective mother with OCD can COLLECT. 😂😂😂😂

Text to a friend:
How the Gov works is crunch the numbers to find the trend then make it happen. Where is the logic in that? 🤔

The only way to predict the future is to understand the past and make changes to break the millennial cycle. ✅

Rome, Normans now the UK. 🤔

UK the British Isles, works for me and don’t forget the Common Wealth. 👍

Speechless. 🙊 Guardian article – Hancock tried to block plan to build 400 homes in Newmarket

Clearly more going on than C19. 🤔

Text to friend in profession:
If you gauge a profession by minimum standards as the norm anything other than the norm is not covered, hence the educational and professional limits and controls put in.

The flip side is that you are having to comply with protocols not suitable for your own level of development and understanding, then judged by those who conform to their norm.

What a mess.

22nd June, 2020

Dear Patient,

The one good thing about being old is that if you have lived a full life you have tons of experience. For instance my first expert witness case 30 years ago. Before you needed a certificate to say that you are one. It does not say you know what you are talking about but you can fulfil the courts requirement for the correct paperwork and protocols. I digress.

It should have been a simple case but justice was not done because of a technicality. I remember feeling robbed of justice.

Since then I have always been a bit cagey around courts. And research any experts testimony before the day. I haven’t lost a case in court, tribunal appeal court or public enquiry since.

Well if what you are saying is true and it is different to what’s being said, someone must be lying.

This is why I have been pushing so hard and so long. If my site for justice has any wrong info on it, it would have been closed down long ago. So who is doing the lying? 🤔

Question of the day. ✅

Just because an expert says something, it doesn’t mean it’s right. Take my malpractice suit, a consultant in neurology was discussing a disease of bone marrow, then gave expert opinion on three different expertise with no knowledge or educational qualification. What could possibly go wrong? Well your solicitors believe the expert and you are in deep shit. ✅

When the chiro expert member of your own association uses the opportunity to pervert justice and achieve a political goal and have big influence on my insurers. It’s lucky I got justice, never went close to trial.

Look for dear Sue and dear Bernie letters to BCA and MCA in the archives. It will explain what I have just said. ✅

Once you see the SCAM you can pull it apart. Another form of diagnosis, that’s all. 👍 For God sake I did not change my CPD at all and was reinstated because they didn’t understand their own forms. ✅ No political agenda there then. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Scary thought, if everything I’ve said is based on truth through evolved opinion on and finally diagnosis which will adapt as more information comes out. And their’s is not, how big has the cover up been? ✊👍

20th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to Child X’s mum:

Without the sword, the scales can never balance.

Why has the sword of justice been axed? Probably the cuts?

How can the scales of justice balance when the child is abused and has no voice? Always more questions than answers.

After all a trial to save a run away slave in 1773 established his right to be a free man. Justice matters. 👍

PS Many a black sailor fought as freemen with nelson at trafalgar. ✅

Well good luck. Hope the lovey dovey stage not over so soon. Hip sore.  Did some stuff to loosen it yesterday, paying today. ✅

PPS The sword is prob not PC any more. Someone might get hurt after all.

They took away children’s basic human rights as shown by trial. They under budgeted knowingly for at least two decades. As seen by parliamentary evidence, on site.

They have future planned and not changed the dysfunctional system. No room for justice other wise it will all unravel.

Excalibur stoned and needs to be held high in one hand and some balance to the scales in the other.

Well I live in hope. ✅

The sword I would have thought (as not expert) was to defend and up hold justice. The scales where to show even handedness to both sides. Prob out of date sentiment, I’ll try and research the PC version. ✅

Howard Lamb

19th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Over the last few years when the economy was intact they refused to spend out on these children. Now the economy has run up a ton more debt and shrunk by 20%, what are the chances of justice? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS We saw what happened under Cameron with austerity after the last crash, which was minor compared with what’s going on now. ✅ Don’t worry because they will have a plan. Blame the kids and parents, the Chinese, Europe for not having a plan and then just keep abusing our disabled. Why should they change, after all they have a historic way of dealing with things they don’t want to admit to? Deflect and defer and leave someone else in the shit. ✅

I expect their frame of mind is well it’s been happening for ever. Once the economy is safe, we might look at justice. 😡

A Norman designed parliament run by the Barron’s who would not deal with the home nations and ruled with a rod of iron.

18th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a professional friend:
I must, at this stage, assume there are still divisions in the profession.

They run deep and have been there from the start.

Me, I don’t care. If you have the best interest of the patient at heart, you are alright by me. 👍

Like any pressure cooker, the whistle eventually has to blow. Some may see it as just hot air. Other have heard the whistle miles away. 🤔

It’s just the time lapse due to distance before you hear the message.  💋

Howard Lamb

17th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

What to do next? I’ve covered most aspects now in reasonable depth. More than enough for an investigation.

Let’s say that the investigation has taken place and there is enough proof to show I’m right. The Gov would have to admit wrong doing and open themselves up to civil/criminal prosecution. Would they do the right thing or continue to cover up. All the way through I have given them multiple chances to come clean and they haven’t. What are the chances now?

They know from experience that block someone for long enough and finally they will get away. They clearly have no clue about autism. If you block an autistic child they will only try harder to get their message across, good or bad. Why will he not do what everyone else does? Derrr.

One thing I have learnt, if you do what they expect, nothing gets done. ✅

You can see they are already censoring social media. Press and media under war footing type control. As you see from Cummings they use two sets of rules, plebs do this we can do what we want?

So choices limited. Write more letters? Well if they never got the message with my series of letters to PM’s etc., they never will.

How do you get them to admit to wrong doing when power and reputations are at stake? 😂 Where there’s a will there’s a way. 👍

When you see your people as a herd and you are above the rest, totality is next. 4 legs good but 2 legs better, so to speak.

Let’s face it there have been lots of committees looking into it. I’ve chronicled a few. So why have I not been answered?

DC and May put it on ice. Brexit, two elections and new PM’s, followed by Covid-19 and actual start of Brexit. I expect an alien encounter next to deflect people’s eyes off the ball.

What’s the Gov machine been doing whilst the countries distracted? 🤔🤔🤔 My guess would be covering arse. 👍

Why sensor fake news? Print the truth from a reliable, which actually is, source to counter it. I would prefer to sort the wheat from the chaff myself rather than pre processed and deleted. Until you see the whole truth it’s only an opinion.

Penny just dropped. They will only answer once their arse’s are fully covered, sod the kids. ✅

The scientist in me would love to experiment. Put in a complaint about the Gov to the child abuse police and see what happens. 😂 Shall I tell you now, or wait for the result?

Will they will check my back ground and as a naughty boy and trouble maker I’m sure it would not go far? Seen it with Child X multiple times. 🤔

Even if it got to the CPS, I’m sure the new sir Kier would only take it on if the evidence was full proof, beyond reasonable doubt and top lawyers with unlimited funds to counter it. 🤔

So another 3 years and at the end, because the paperwork was incomplete they win the case and they never did anything wrong. ✅

You can guarantee the fire investigation officer said straight off, you should not have flammable cladding or this will happen.

If the owners had not been a conservative rich council with pull at the top but a private owner, would it if been handled a bit quicker? 🤔 So the owner responsible for planning , what could possibly go wrong? ✅

How do you cover up a tree? Plant it in a deep forest so it can’t be found or the dithering public inquiry. Which ever suits. 👍

So either the planners were scammed by the developers and suppliers or they found a cheap option and turned a blind eye. Prob a bit of each, most maybe. Defo ducks closer to a line.

Once planning is navigated around it becomes a precedent and everyone wants the cheap safe option  cleared by planning. How do I know involved with 5 different public enquiries on planning over the years so have seen the tricks of the trade to get their result.

You can’t drop the notion of back handers from the American suppliers. USA has a long history of carpet baggers and can not always be trusted. 🤔

All you have to do is see how many sites they supplied with dodgy cladding to see the huge turnover they had on cheap redundant materials. Christ, if they are doing this to us, their mates, what are they up to in the rest of the world. Profit and greed or capitalism if you wish, nice posh word, for I’m one of the one percent and am coining it.

Better late than never like the rest of virus activity. I was talking about Vit D deficiency I had seen in my patients with skin pigmentation to block out the sun ✅months ago. Guardian article – UK ministers order urgent vitamin D coronavirus review

Howard Lamb

PS They could always have done tests to see if the patient was Vit D deficient and given a booster shot to help the body out. ✅ This is the problem for hospital Doc’s and GP’s they can only treat one thing at a time. ✅

16th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I researched sentences for crimes against humanity and perverting the course of justice and was pleasantly surprised by the prison time you can get. I wonder why they don’t want to talk? ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Why the research? Well if you have protected the system and abused the child with a full blown cover up. That’s what’s been done. ✅

Text to a mate:
Freedom is what the Yanks mouth says.

Reality is a fragmented society based on greed. How’s that working for the planet? 🌎

Tea party in Boston was about tax evasion and then never changed, I expect. ✅

Well if they always avoided rating tax. There has never been the money for social care

Hence “Never give a sucker an even break” ✅

I do love history, even got an O level. 👍

American independence had F all to do with black life matters.

Change of master and not for the better. Slaves Escaped to British Canada for safety, well chronicled. 🤔

After Hollywood treatment, who would know? 👍

Early capitalism, rape everything, don’t pay tax or wages, just a one off sale fee. No change there then, just PR and lawyers between words and reality.

What non Celts don’t understand is we had to fight for our freedom, we were enslaved by the Normans, men only got the vote in recent history. Women under 100 years. Yet we get the blame and the money lenders rule the world. I read a big book about that, back in the day.

We banned and enforce against the slave trade as owned the seas. Spain Portugal and France/Holland all at it. Slavery everywhere except the Empire, lines were crossed as profit at stake but we started the end of slavery going back to prehistoric time.

Another autistic block,  just because I’m white does not automatically mean I’m a C. Same for black lives mater I expect. ✅

Independence gave them a chance to twist the system so the rich get richer and the poor stay poor, capitalism. Not huge change since there civil war which in theory gave freedom.

No, got a minimum wage and F all else instead. Ford paid better and his workforce bought his cars. Genius.

Never give a sucker an even break. ✅

We have never mass murdered on an industrial scale like so many others. Russia, Germany, Japan to mention 3 in living memory. America killed millions in Vietnam and deformed the gene pool with agent orange. Caused millions of deaths in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan. Not saying we were perfect but defo not in those leagues.

Just heard about Boris’s wonder steroid. Cheap and saves goning on a ventilator. ✅ Any life it saves is fantastic but not anywhere near a solution.

15th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I am sure I have dented the out of control machinery of Gov control but how do you make the break through to truth and reality? Kids are suffering unnecessarily whilst we wait. Those who know are guilty of perverting justice as they have protected the system and not the child.

Who is going to put their hands up and take responsibility? No one. 🤔

I thought for Prince Charming. If Epstein had taped the Prince, what pressure was put on? If Epstein did it to the Prince he has tape of everyone who partied at his place over a long number of years. Explains his protection. Lots of power for those who had access. He was most prob a shared asset with Mossad. Hence the case going nowhere fast.

Trump doing porno, 😂😂 bet someone pushed delete. Prob a copy in that secret book that the Presidents keep.

Hopefully Andrews is safe there as well. 😂 Pay to view Royal porn. Doesn’t bear thinking of.

Hence MI6 involvement and Andrews debriefing, so to speak. Defo game of Spies going on.

If Maxwell turns up alive. It will prob be in Israel. Just imagine if she did a Snowdon and moved her floppy discs into the Kremlin. Hence game of spies. I bet the yellow emperor would love to get a copy of Trump porno. ✅

I expect each young woman who was used and abused would be fare of birthed at the beginning of the tape. Sex is one thing but with a minor it’s another.

Howard Lamb

PS If Epstein had done what he did to Andrew, to one of my family, I would have wished him dead. I am sure that is all our Queen’s involvement was.

The smell is coming from the west and a long ways over the pond. 👍

I wonder how many EU porno’s he had? If it wasn’t for the abused standing up, we would never have known.

Did Boris party with Epstein and is that why him and Trump get on so well? Always more questions than answers.

When everyone in power just lies, how can you see the truth? 🤔

Could you imagine, the front page of the file you are sent has a picture of the girl dressed down to look young then bypass the glamed up bit so she looks 21+ then edited porn? In the future, we might need a favour. We will contact you then. ✅

My mind is boggling. Is there UN porn, NATO porn, court of human rights porn, The Hague porn? No cover up potential there then. 🤔 Defo city porn. ✅

14th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I have had to make some big decisions about the practice and we hope that once open I will not be in breach with PHE but defo in line with WHO.

It prob will need defending at some stage. Luckily I am used to that. For Christ sake my father qualified in 1939 an ran a highly successful practice which helped thousands, when standard procedures did not help at all. Why pay when you can get it free on the national health? He was seen as a quack, that did not stop the patients from coming. My research and free clinic are not subbed by a third party. (NHS) Because we are putting back into our patients as we have always done.

I started with my quest on autism the wrong way round. I treated a patient and he improved when I used an upper cervical adjustment to clear a spinal block. Why did that help, how could that happen? What did I effect to cause the change? 40 years later I’ve got a better handle on it but miles away from a clear answer. But the patients still improve.

This is prob why there is confusion on my qualification to treat as not a clinical psychologist. Yet they can’t do what I can.

Add the confusion by my regulatory body who should know what we can do and defend us from wrongful complaint and failed miserably, as seen by the damage done by Mr Singh.

Constant in fighting between the associates with the BCA trying to dictate policy to the whole profession and not just their dwindling % of the membership.

Everything gets confused and then overseen with no direction as we can’t prove what we do. You would think, being the GCC, they might have talked to the patients, not just through complain.

In 20 years of recognition by everyone except the Gov and NHS, our complaints are low and in gen trivial very few cases of any note. So if my regulator is incapable of understanding what we do, any reports to the privy council will not be based on truth.

Clearly once child abuse was mentioned it landed on deaf ears. You have to ask the question why? Physical and mental abuse has nothing to do with my treatment but was a professional whistle blowing. 🤔

How do we get this over the line and make the changes needed?

No easy answer, unless the Gov admit responsibility this will drag on for eve.

Upper cervical block, we used to call it a subluxation due to its neurological ramifications. We are not allowed to now. Even though, through HIO training, that is my area of expertise. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Why would the NHS admit someone else can treat certain conditions better than them? Because it would show they were giving substandard treatment. We can’t have that can we.

PHE up to their necks in that one clearly those at the top are not chiropractic friendly. Politics , don’t you love it. 😍

Text to a mate:
It’s all in the job description. Chiropractic for musculoskeletal skeletal injuries and physio do the re hab.

Yet Docs refer to rehab before we have dealt with the injury. Mark you 2+2 is rocket science, if you don’t understand maths. 👍

PS Have you ever tried to put an autistic child into PPE if they don’t want to wear it? Good luck to PHE on that one. 😂😂😂😂

Common in clinic. I did tons of rehab but it didn’t solve my injury. Well that’s 2*2 and we are all off to the moon.

Or it was never the same after the injury 10 years ago it’s really arthritic now on scan, can you help?

What have you done about it. Doc gives me heavy duty pain killers, anti inflammatory and the physio gave me 3 exercise on a printed sheet.✅.

When Mctimmeney worked with the Olympic team they seemed very grateful, that must have pissed physio off. 😂

Strange they (McT) are the only ones with an animal degree, 3 years on top of human. Yet are the least listened to and most abused over the years, 🤔 yet I’m dyslexic.

What our Gov trying to spin something, surely not in such grave 🤔circumstance. Guardian article –  Oversupply of kits to care homes raises concern over Covid-19 test figures

How is that going to work then, no deaths, borders open and us still in PPE? 🤔 Do they think anything through? ✅  No obviously not. 😂

How did they help athletes in the Olympic? Improved their kinetic balance and so performance. And aiding physio to recover from minor day to day injuries. ✅

Not just me then. Guardian article  – Lancet editor attacks UK government for ‘catastrophic’ handling of Covid-19 pandemic

13th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend re Epstein no RIP:
Do you think they sat round the Oval Office and watch their team take down Epstein like they did bin laden? 🤔

Well the White House has no idea that black lives matter. Children can be abused in national interest and Arab lives should be ended. 🤔

I can’t help but not see the irony in BLM marches. We will go above R1 and more black and vulnerable people die.

Then get blamed for all the Gov’s cock ups because of the second wave that was going to hit any ways as they have not taken the preparations to stop it.

Text to a mate:
Maybe I should apply for a grant. I can find a vaccine I just need 30 mil. ✅ Ready in ten mins, honest.

How much have they spent in making our spaces safe?

Kill the bug and live your life. Or be wrapped up in plastic and kept on ice. So to speak.

Experts say hygiene and social distance. A mask at times you can’t.

Add UV sterilisation and no toxic substances, salt, oils, alcohol actively trapping and killing the bug. Dyson type airflow sterilisation to cleans particles out of the air, then life could normalise a bit. Honest.

Howard Lamb

12th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Last thoughts on Prince Charming. Old Epstein was protected up to his eye balls, why? Cases were dropped, why? All evidence went missing, why? Died in a suicide proof room? 🤔 James Bond was prob called in to save the crown. 👑 Not the queen. 👸✅ More Man From Uncle than MI6.

I think those in Uncle Samland call it a honey trap. ✅ Always questions???

Who in the White House knew Epstein was peddling children to get intel on the world’s elite. That’s a good one to start. ✅

There had to be Israel involvement. After all Christ through them out the temple for peddling children back in the day. The money lenders not the Semites that is. ✅ What did Michale Cane say? I only said blow the doors off. Was that a whistle or what? 😂

For Gods sake, it was impossible for the White House not to know. 👍 They can detect a terrorist behind a blade of grass in the middle of a remote mountain range and missed the potential security risks of Epstein. Ducks all over the place. Prob lots go missing already.

If you don’t keep hearing from me I will have accidentally hung myself, 👍 you know how it goes. Wrist cut by blunt pen knife whilst semi unconscious, like back in Blair’s time.

Any civilised country that turns a blind eye to child abuse for the greater good, is not civilised. Just a facade of civilisation to control the masses or herds to be milked. Is this really where we are today?

You’ve read my stuff, what do you reckon?

Howard Lamb

11th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Some text from yesterday:
I’m bored and doing profiles, got Boris spot in on JFA . Cummings, well he masks, clear lack of empathy, etc. Not spoilt or naughty. Not clear if he is on the spectrum, but high for sociopath or beyond.

Interesting case. Uses mild brain washing technique to control his victims. Not just a book , he speaks volumes without opening his mouth. ✅

Boris and Cummings exactly the same as Andrew and Epstein. Puppet manipulated by a master. ✅ Let’s hope Andrew infiltrated Epstein web for queen and country to get inside info for MI6

I know, scraping the barrels. Randy Andy and young totty. Hung himself really.

If MI6 has down loaded the names and the places he had learnt about through his conversations with the girl, and that became public knowledge, the girls life would be even more at risk?

No national inbred racism here and now in the USA then. My jaw hit the coffee table.  Guardian article – Rand Paul stalls bill that would make lynching a federal hate crime

It explains there foreign policy. 👍

It’s impossible that Andy didn’t have to answer questions at the time and since. MI6 would have traced and tracked any info gained and used on any current oops. Anything else of importance would have been shared with the spook community as per our deal with the yanks . 🤔

Epstein dead within 24 hrs and all the evidence gone. Homeland Security and CIA. Yet others want Andrew for a smoke and mirror job. Oh what a wicked web they weave.

If the bug was not helped by mankind, who lost control and caused this nightmare? Why were they so sure that it would prob burn out, right at the start? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Which cold virus has ever burnt out?.✅

It will go deep. Epstein, Maxwell’s daughter and the Mossad. A touch of Homeland and CIA and we will not be that short of the truth. Which will never come out.✅

Another good result for public health England. Help cull the infected herd. Guardian article – BAME coronavirus protection advice ‘unpublished’, says senior academic

Howard Lamb

10th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’m having a few days off, trying to save the practice. Clearly we will only be able to see 40% of our normal numbers and will be making a large loss if we reopen. These are not the playing fields of Eton but reality. If anything worth updating or some news I will let you know.

Over 100 years of trying to get proper recognition, then killed by the flu. 😪 As private and not NHS we have to run like any other business. We cannot afford to run up billions of debt or make mistakes.

If we are primary health, and treated in this way, what chance has a normal business? 🤔

Just my paranoid self but how do you stop the world from looking for change, yellow shirts, Hong Kong. Greta, rebellion. Well they have control through lock up. Then the police killed a black bloke after the bug killed far more than other pigmented or not people. And off we go again. Far more to this than meets the eye. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Lucky we borrowed 700 billion the other year. 🤔 The only thing Boris seemed to learn on Eton’s playing field was how to take a beating. 😂

Boris prob a spoilt mother’s boy who got by by being cheeky and naughty. Love sex addicted due to rejection as a child, you could write a book. 😂

Well you can be sure they have profiled me.✅ Last thought, where is all the trillions promised to boost recovery, coming from? 🤔

Much much better to go bankrupt, reset the dials and pay 5 cents on the dollar or the world will always be the slave to debt. ✅

A free market in its literal sense. ✅ If it’s free you don’t need profit do you, if you don’t need profit there is no debt because you are not trying to make money. There’s a theory to play with.

If I come up with an answer I’ll let you know. 😂

If the World changed profit for purpose we could save the planet and much much more. 🤔 Prob why Boris gets on so well with Trump. 🤔 After all what is a life without purpose? 🤔

Where are the trillions to bail the world out coming from? Let me have a guess. Print factories around the world are in overdrive so they can lend money that doesn’t exist and live well of the profit. ✅

World banks rate barely above zero. Yet need to be around 2.5 to break even and they are lending trillions. Oops where did all the ducks go? 🤔

At the end of the day, C19 was prob meant to be a scare tactic to get people off the streets that got out of control and is now a nightmare. That’s the way my thinking is leaning at the moment. How about you? If the gov thought it was just going to be a scare. Why would they prepare? 🤔

9th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Could the Gov get laid in a brothel?

Guardian article – England’s test-and-trace system not fit for purpose, say scientists

Prob not. ✅

I was talking with a friend earlier who has been listening to re runs of Yes Prime minister on 4x, I think he said. When he said he could not tell the difference between the radio re run and the real thing at the daily briefing, I had to laugh. 😂

Text to colleague:
If PPE was so important why didn’t we do it 3 months ago before they trashed the profession? Who do I bill?

The associations for not protecting us. The GCC for bottling it and handing control back to Privy Council and PHE. The regulator for invisibility in the heat of battle. Do need a public inquiry into the setting up and subsequent running of the GCC.

Lucky I started the E vote a couple of years back. 👍

Clearly not fit for purpose.

Sue the Gov for incompetence is my first choice. Twisting their approach to take into account the shortage of PPE, acting too late, putting themselves at risk of infection and nothing done until Boris was fit again. They are still on wages and expenses, whilst the press keep quiet about the hardship caused due to public interest in war time condition.

Long list, chronicled well by dispatches and Sky on the telly in the last 48 hrs. Or do I go for the easier targets? 🤔 Just think if I can do it on a one on one basis I could tap into their pensions. ✅

I’ve been working on a scatter gun type case. You know how that works? Trip the first in the line, like Stu and me, and then the rest fall. This time with proper experts and my playing field. It’s just a question of which level I start with. BCA, GCC, regulator? I’ve been busy doing nothing for 2 months. ✅

As I did not take a scan and was a shit chiro I missed myotonia. No he got better under my care for a separate condition, accident at work and was signed back to work by his Doc who did not see the need for a scan because the patient was symptom free and healing well, until he over did it clearing gutters and went to a physio, which we had told him to do in the rehab stage of his injury. 😡

Not about PPE but aiding and abetting child abuse.

When you write it down it makes me cringe. I have seen first hand how it has affected people through no fault of their own and they have not had a voice.

How can you be sued for not diagnosing but not backed up for making one? 🤔 Obviously if the BCA fall, the dominio effect will be large. I had always hoped to start with the regulator as have had previous but why bang my head against a brick wall when there is a much easier course? 🤔

If I was expected to diagnose multiple myeloma without symptoms related. It’s not musculoskeletal or neurological and the patient went from agony to symptom free and passed back to work by his GP. Yet autism that thousands of chiropractors worldwide have been treating it by stimulating brain stem and autonomic to cause antalgic change. Musculoskeletal skeletal /neurological and covered by the chiro act is not stood up for. Why?

Text to another mate:
PHE only got into this position because of the bloods scandal and Harold Shipman. All clinician are now dangerous so they must stop us from doing anything. ✅

Howard Lamb

8th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
I don’t know where you stand on save black lives. Me, murder is murder, black, white, brown or yellow. On their own pigment or other. The points been missed. If you herd people together with poor schooling, no work  and social injustice, people die and are killed, go and find me a happy ghetto. Doesn’t happen. Then blame them for being law breakers.

Give no help and suppress. Let gangs control the streets and blame the ok residents for letting it happen.

All death is tragic but injustice makes it somehow much worse. 👍

During my time with Child X, I have met many other troubled children. I’ve also seen the socials solutions. How about this for woolly thinking.

One young hormonal teen who had been traumatised. The social wanted to take the two good siblings into care and leave the bad mother with the rotten child and save the others. Let’s not get to the bottom of it, just destroy the family. ✅

What was her problem? Well under age, non agreed to, sex with an adult, not believed or investigated prob didn’t help. 🤔

We will never know the truth but the girl was in classic fright and flight mode and totally unmanageable. She was as good as gold with Child X and her other mates but did not trust adults. 🤔

She blamed her mother’s supportive boy friend and was seen to be trying to break up the relationship. 👍

You couldn’t write.

Each one of these kids has a story. The injustice is that they never are heard. 😪 That’s the thing with the Trojan 5 case that really pissed me off. You had a school that had gelled and the kids were handled in a new way which helped them improve exam results and pupil wellbeing.  Did not comply with the norm so was a threat and had to be stopped.

PHE are at it now, no brains and make everyone tick the same box, or else!

Good caring and educational facilities with above average exam results in the inner city.

What next, God they will want a job and then where will we be? What do we do with social etc. if they can look after themselves. That’s radicalisation in our book. 📚

Why such a dif to the norm? They engaged with the children backed up by NLP. Not them and us, as is the norm, in it together and we will all pull through. Attitude is all important to these kids otherwise they switch off and your talking to the hand, so to speak. ✅

As radicals all their ground breaking work to improve the system for the children in their care is disgraced and everything settled back down to the norm. If you don’t believe me do some research and check their stats before, during, then after ✅for grades and passes. That may give you a clue where to start.

Teachers are in general normal sensible people of a low professional level who see things from their own limited view point. These kids aren’t. What could possibly go wrong and has? ✅

Re PPE and PHE, by the time the world and its wife are wearing full protective care. There are not enough factories on the planet to sustain that level with the second wave in the autumn flu season.

Waste tons of non recyclable plastic now, don’t start to hygienically protect the people and make our environment safe for the future. They can’t move or they will show they have cocked up big time. So let’s have some more committees and kill some time to work out how to spin it.✅

Do I blame the foster parents, some who only do the bare minimum for the money but the rest are doing it for the right reasons?

They are told the bare minimum about the child and left to get on with it. Rules regs and attitude does not often work for isolated traumatised children. So some placements fail. Other foster parents feel they were never able to bring the child into the inner circle, the child never wanted to be there, wanted its own mum. 🤔

If you don’t diagnose the child and put in the correct treatment plan, you will often damage the child further and leave emotional scars on the foster side who are clueless as to why the child does not behave normally.

What about Arab lives matter? ✊ Treated like sand niggers so what do you expect. Prob be the yellow peril next. Don’t F with the Russians they will kill you. 👍

Why did NLP work on these kids? They engage then it’s shit happens the whole time. See what it is, come to terms with it, learn any lesson and move on with your life. Not your fault. 👏🏻

A small change in attitude goes a long way in both directions.

I’ve just done the PPE maths. My practice see’s 8o patients a day

I have to or Stu change PPE and sterilise. The patient needs mask and gown as do staff. As virus lives on plastic a long time they would have to change with each patient, lost count for one day let alone 52 weeks bar Sundays. Then I have to interview each patient to see if fit. This is where it becomes mind bending.

Multiply that by each professional using it and the number of patients seen in a day each changing.

That should push up the price of oil so it’s OK.

Howard Lamb

7th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

In hind sight, we used my testimony as the main diagnosis as the only clinician involved at that time and an educational psychologists with a diagnosis qualification as it was an educational tribunal. With the paediatric notes to back it up. But as the council conceded the case and will only deal with their own tame clinical psychologists they were able to turn the tables on the child.

Bad aggressive mother who twisted the result. Rather than the truth that they had been caught trying to prevent justice by supplying the tribunal with false information. 😡 All in the chronicles of JFA if they could be bothered to read it.✅

You have to ask? If the GCC had been made fully aware of the situation why didn’t they stand up for my right to diagnose and defend if needs be and help the child under chiropractic care? 🤔 My right as per the chiropractic act of the time. 🤔

They even passed a years CPD on my research for my free clinic for those with autism, cerebral P and traumatic brain damage which was showing good clear improvement in all cases. That’s in the archives as well. ✅

Why do I say their own tame psychologists? Well in the testament sent to the tribunal I describe a visit to Dr W his psychologist. The man in question had no interest in the child, as clearly seen at the time, he only talked to the mother and that was only about medicating him. 😡 He clearly did not like the child or mother, or me observing. 😂

When the child was excluded for calling him a wanker non stop after being ignored for ten mins, I got thrown out as well. I could not complain. I told the child before we went in not to call him rude names unless he deserved them. ✊ I think he got the hump when I was explaining to the child in simple terms, what he was saying to his mother. ✅

Remember, back in the day I was the child’s protective adult and mentor for police, solicitors, SS, education, council and was involved with meetings with all of them with the child. What an education that was, I can tell you. Why do you think the cover up has been so big? 😂😂

Re diagnosis, if they accepted I treat autism in my CPD, I have to diagnose which areas of the brain to stimulate to elicit an antalgic response. You can’t do that without diagnosis. Drrr.

Rule 1 for dealing with autistic children. Engage one on one. Do not isolate and then ignore. However as a hyper active naughty boy with poor parents. Take the drugs son, next. ✅

Those who have read the tribunal/GCC letters will see that names were changed to A and B others as 123.The Doc was in W and child X and Y 🤔

You tend to find in areas where to Gov fail like with air pollution, it didn’t happen. 👍Gaurdian article – Omission of air pollution from report on Covid-19 and race ‘astonishing’

Text to profession:
If I read WHO right, if I have to be in a zone closer than social distance, wear a quality mask. +hygiene and epidemic protocols.

That’s the chap for me, when I re open. Do you think I will be ok? 🤔✅

Dr W prob formed his opinion after seeing Ed and SS reports and didn’t bother to pull the notes back from Northants and before 🤔 and on face to face with a family in crisis. 😡

I have to wonder why Northants did not diagnose autism and post traumatic stress.

Prob blocked because we don’t want to label children, they might just grow out of it with good parental control, so let’s try fostering. Oh that failed, child prob too damaged for us to help! If the child is taken away from the family without diagnosis and the correct treatment plan they do not thrive and create their own isolation because the foster parents are holding them prisoner and not allowing them back to their home. Not good for an obsessive child on their own.

The child is often paranoid as everyone seems to be talking about them behind their backs and low self esteem because they all think you are a total f..k up. Body language and attitude are important tips for us spectrums. The mouth may say one thing but the body language, instinctively rings bell. Once you hear the bell, flight and fright takes over and things go horribly wrong. Often as not. Then the legend is born. ✅

I had to laugh at one of the child’s responses to yet another professional asking more dumb question:
Q Why do you think you behave like you do?

A Well if you and all the others haven’t worked it out, how would I know, why ask me? 😂😂😂

Why fostering? The so called cheap option. ✅Box and damage/blame the child. Remember, it’s ok to fail as long as you did something and can blame someone else. ✅ Aided and abetted by the council who only see what they want to.

Text to the mother:
Write an email to the press, relevant facts and f.. k them. Why do you have to keep taking council on? ✊  Local paper, they will love it. 👍

I bet the Gov hate people power. 😂 Guardian article – Dominic Cummings: call for new investigation into Durham trip

Howard Lamb

6th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I was asked earlier why I thought the Gov was taking so long to deal with my complaints. A multitude of letters to two PM’s and the attorney general of the time? Not a clue I’m afraid. After the Baby P case new protocols were put in place and there is no excuse for not dealing with it. Are they bad people?

Prob not but in this case they are in breach of rules regulations and law. If they admit wrong doing they will open the gates to litigation and criminal prosecutions on an industrial scale and have to actually deal with the problem. More staff, (10’s of thousands) re-educate teachers, social services, the care sector, the medical sector and give the kids back there human rights.

All this from a Gov that will not admit to wrong doing, as seen during the pandemic. It’s people like Cummings who get in the way and use the system against the people. Once they realised how big a problem this is and has been, they just block and front it out.

So so wrong at so many levels. Clearly we have a modern democracy where there is none.

Still no news. 😷🇬🇧

Howard Lamb

PS Back in the archives is a letter to the GCC re CPD refusal and brings up the Baby P case so not just got round to it. You remember the case where the Labour Gov sacked the head of the SS? Only to have to pay up for wrongful dismissal. 🤔

PPS I expect the Gov at the time and those since blamed the bad mother and felt they were wrongly blamed by the media, so nothing changed. Clearly they felt no responsibility for knowingly leaving the child in danger. 😡

You can’t just blame the SS, after all they had spent most of the budget on new offices so they can have lots of meetings about children they know nothing about and run purposely on wrong diagnosis to save more money so they can have more meetings. ✅

Remember I have a small copse of paperwork on this child, meetings and more meetings all based on the wrong diagnosis and treatment. Prob why they don’t want to talk. 🤔✅

Text to a mate:
In modern cars it can be mechanically perfect but if the chip is wrong or not fit for purpose the car goes nowhere fast. Just like Britain is today. The system is there and could do a great job but until you get the loose chip sorted the program will always be wrong.

Where did Cummings go so wrong? 🤔

He under estimated his ego and over estimated his intelligence.😂

Me being spectrum, and dyslexic are pretty much directly opposite.

What could possibly go wrong for him? 😂😂😂😂😂🤔🤔🤔

Yea your right, the last stuff up on JFA tends to explain the Gov’s dilemma and the reason for the cover up. ✅

How about this for justice. The police have to go on what social and others council departments say. Naughty boy, poor mother means you are already on a sticky wicket before you start.

Once you are on the council’s spotlight for being trouble makers and clearly a scummy family you go on the black list where they make your life miserable until you leave the area.

Take the mother, she has just won another ombudsman against the council over a new heating system which has never worked properly. They are trying to stop her access to her own property. She has not had back up or contact with anyone about helping her child. Everything is a battle to get what she has by right.

Mother being OCD about paperwork has it all. Another book there somewhere. Part of social housing plan I’m sure. Put the scummy ones on the street and get some nice new tenants that can pay council tax. 👍

I know, it’s catch 22. Even if Cummings goes they will replace a spin doctor with another one to keep their image intact.

My hope is that the British stand for justice around the world which is what we were always known for. Look around the ex-colonies, all built on law and justice. Always exceptions to rules but in gen have been democratic successes.

Iran was evolving until the yanks got involved, so not our fault, Kenya was a bit of a disgrace, Egypt did well until America backed Israel etc. So learn from our rich history and move forwards as one. 👍How nice. System defo needs an upgrade or two. 😂😂😂😂

Even America had our two house system and law and order, before the capitalist revolution.

Re diagnosis, Paediatric assessment pointing strongly to autism before 6, my diagnosis and a top educational psychologist for tribunal and 2 NHS consultants, once all the damage had been done. Benefits office etc.

So my diagnosis was always sound. ✅

I could not agree with them more. Guardian article – Prime minister told to dump rhetoric and plan for new Covid wave

5th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

It would seem the MP is viral free but the question is still the same as half the Gov has already been infected .

Boris, Cummings? Handcock , Gove. Long list. How is that possible if they were sticking to the advice? Boris was shaking hands still.

We are on lock down yet most infections are via NHS and care homes, their responsibility. A minimum requirement would be a temp check before entering the halls of power.

If they had taken their responsibilities as seriously as the people did, there would be thousands more of us than there is now!

Text to profession:

All the way through no masks on transport now masks must be worn. Air flow around mask will allow the bug to settle on head neck and upper torso. Which will contact other people,often 20 mins or more at a time.

Us have to wear gloves plastic and mask with helmet to be 30 seconds or so to treat, whilst within the two meter limit, no body contact, never face to face. After the patient has been processed to make sure they are not infectious and in a sterile environment with uninfected staff.

No knee jerk there then.

Do I still have to wear it if anti body positive? 🤔 Always more questions than answers. Should we exclude those who use public transport as high risk? 🤔

If I am toggle HIO, one adjustment at arms length is all that I would need to do to comply with my chiro protocols etc. 😂

Oh yes and don’t forget the ten mins of extra one on one time with the patient to do a question and answer session which had already been done through our epidemic protocols. ✅

Even the Gov does not hire consultants to track and trace but they expect us to. 😡

Text to a mate:
You could say the Gov has caught a cold on this one. 😂

No matter what PR they try it will only look like they are trying to dig their way out of trouble and not take responsibility.

Howard Lamb

4th June, 2020

Dear Patient,

Parliament will prob be shut today after a positive member was taken ill in the chamber. He would have been in contact with people who were in contact with people. So by the new rules they should all go home and self isolate. I bet due to national interest there will be two sets of rules. Why were they not tested before they entered the building? 🤔

If a person has been infected but shows no change in temp or any symptoms are they infectious or only infectious once the temp changes? That would help, one small bit of information.

As a temp change will happen before major symptoms it’s important.

Masks on public transport. If it’s so important now and a hefty fine for non-compliance, why did it not happen in Feb, March and into April?

Yea you guessed it. No PPE in hospitals and care homes, let alone the train. ✅

More texts to my profession:
Dog patient now walking properly. Solicitor friend does feel clarification is needed. Is that the sort of thing you do or should I go direct to the MD/Chair? 🤔

Long memory and the Flyn case comes to mind.

Why are we being held to the same level as hair dressers? Oh yes we are incompetent therapists, not trained in epidemics and professional hygiene.

PHE has clearly not been fully truthful throughout the pandemic. So how can we trust their judgement now? Whose been pretty spot on?

If chiro assistants double check patients on the phone. Temp check on arrival. UV light in entrance oils and salt in humid atmosphere, mask if needs be if any doubt. + hygiene and staff protection protocols etc. for filled.

MP’s can go to the House of Commons and infect anyone because they are not even doing the basics. Not happy. 😊

Howard Lamb

3rd June, 2020

Dear Patient,

A selection of texts to different people, just to keep you in the loop:

On the one hand we are told to social distance but if you need to you can and wash your hands, be safe and use common sense. That’s what I did.

Now it’s no common sense and toe the line or your out.

Am talking to an animal patient and his dog about the right direction for this to go.

I treat him and his dog he gives me free advice. Rules said only need PPE for wild animals, not domestics. ✅

Might get him to write to Balines for clarification on whether we work to WHO and dictates from our professional bodies, except the GCC who are rubber stamped by PHE.

Only mention about PPE was to treat animals, who wash hands and practice hygiene. Where did the PHE get their information from to make a balanced response or just knee jerk white wash?

I do believe under war time rules. Cowardice was a shootable offence after summery court marshal.

Lucky for Cummings, prob get community service now days. 😂

Howard Lamb

2nd June, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’m still laughing at Cummings front. The only reason you would check your eyes out after the bug is if you were getting visual problems in the first place. And if you are getting visual symptoms you should never drive in the first place. I went on a long drive and had a walk in the park just in case I might get some symptoms and checked it out. Liar. Sorry spinner. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS You have to be PC about these things. 😂 Defo do not mention child abuse, PC term is naughty child. 👍

How far did he have to drive to make sure he could see . 50+ miles was it? Should have known by the end of the drive. Now let’s go for a walk on a nice day whilst everyone else is sticking to local or stay at home.  😡

Boris obviously can’t be Prime Minister without him so wants to move on. That’s a bit of a worry don’t you think? Not what it said in the manifesto is it. ✅ All spin as put together by the master. Another worry. 🤔

Have they released all their autistic prisoners without charge yet? I’m sure I read something about it in the manifesto or relevant paperwork at the time.

Text to a mate:
Old Cumming might just as well have said I’m only coughing to see if I have a cough. 😂

A letter to Cummings:

Dear Dom

Short but sweat, you are a total XXXX !

Love and kisses

H Lamb DC

Can’t his wife drive? Could have taken the train back to London and borrowed a white stick. 😡 They told us to be safe and use common sense. I’m sure that is the case with Ferguson, after all it’s his profession.

Then we have Cummings and spin, who’s actions were not safe and spun. Still on wages. 🤔

Defo two sets of rules.

Maybe not. 🤔

Fergy blew Cummings herd control due to lack of PPE out the window. Was then invited into the inner circle but was the proof of their cock ups and had to be discredited by Cummings to keep control. Or is that more spin?

Ha ha, I didn’t just mean safe sex. Feel so sorry for the poor woman and her family. 😭

How could I tell he bottled it and shot up north. Body language, I’ve read it for years which is partly why I’m a good clinician. He wasn’t in a hurry when he left No. 10, he was in fright and flight mode, get me the hell out of here. You see it a lot in autism and abused animals that I have had 40 years experience with. 👍 If you look at the body language of the daily reports you can see those uncomfortable with spin and those who embrace it. I don’t watch them otherwise I do a goggle box.

Who would want an affair exposed during family lockdown? Not a lot of laughter there then. 😷

I most probable missed the numbers of local and between the castle walks there were for his daily exercise. So he decided to break lockdown rules. Mile down the road to check eyes, 😂 half hr walk in the country. Could have driven around the farm land and walked around the fields.

But he’s special. 👍

Could and should have stayed at home. After all he helped put it together, hence his spin, just enough elbow room to wriggle through.

Boris has an inferiority complex prob from his Eton days. Hence the fool we see at times. The frustration is he has the mental capability but like the lion in OZ, lost his heart and bottle. Belief in what you are doing give heart and the power of the greater good would get him through.

The problem is, how many rabbits live once transfixed by a bright light.

The truth will come out as the spin is removed. 👍 Guardian article – UK coronavirus death toll passes 50,000, official figures show

1st June, 2020

Dear Patient,

If gloves, masks etc. are now so important. How wrong did they get it when it was wash hands only. How many lives did that cost?

How thick are they? Now if you have had contact with an infected person you have to self isolate for two weeks. Not get tested immediately but take two weeks unpaid leave from your business and in some cases close down again. Yet care workers, NHS , army etc. don’t have to.

For instance if an infected mail person gets signatures off 200 people, they will all have to do 2 weeks solitary and still not know if they have or have not been infected.  I’m speechless.

Remember this is all going to be run by 20k people with no job experience on a new system, put together in haste. Not going to go to well to begin with. 🤔So an idiot ticks a box and you are sin binned.

What a way to mess up people you don’t like. Defo cough near them. 😂 If infected and went to Tesco, what happens then?

Howard Lamb

PS The first rule of Gov is to keep the nation safe, they failed and covered up or span which ever you prefer. Did to little to late, because they had no PPE. Promised to protect the old and hid the death rate in homes until forced to release the data. Now they want to move on. No surprises there then.

Wash hands don’t use masks or gloves now PHE want us kitted out from head to toe. 🤔

You work it out.

If Cummings at the bottom of all the spin he would have been responsible for all the lies Boris got done for during Brexit. ✅

Until I gather further information, to prove differently, I have Gove and Cummings at the bottom of the blocks I have experienced over Child X.

I can see why Cummings calls himself a political strategist rather than a cover up doctor. 😂 I wonder why? After all what’s a bit of spin? 🤔

If Cummings king of spin and that’s what he has done over a walk in the park. What else has he been up to? 🤔 I suspect rules don’t apply to geniuses. In this case anyhow.

The herd has left the paddock, Cummings left the gate open. 😂 Guardian article – Public trust in UK government over coronavirus falls sharply

31st May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Always more questions than answers. I drove fifty miles to test me eyes?
Who was in charge and what did they do when Boris and his no 2 were out ill?
Why was it so important to the Gov that Cummings stays?
If Cummings in charge of lots, why hasn’t he wanted the Child X case to see the light of day?
Why has it all been covered up?
Long list .

Howard Lamb

PS I would check his phone and emails to see how ill he was, just to clear the air. I had a bug on my week off in Feb, hardly did anything for 3 days. 🤔Has he been screened for antibodies just to make sure he didn’t just have man flu?

PPS As for drive fifty miles to test his eyes, he could hardly say I drove my wife to a nice place to have a nice day together but was more than two and a half miles from home, which we did not stay in, opps sorry.

He’s a spin doctor and she in the press. Do leopards change their spots?

If his eyes were spun , what else isn’t what it should be 🤔

If the system is already twisted will more spin help? 🤔 There was a clip of him running away from No.10 right at the start and I have seen no evidence to show different. Look after number one and those I care about and pop my head back up later and hope I wasn’t missed.

Question after question and only spin back for answers. Something defo wrong,

Ducks spooked and flying everywhere. 😂

The three amigo’s, PM , Cummings and Gove. Gove runs the mechanics, Cummings dictates policy and Boris takes the flack. Defo not what the north voted for. 🤔

At the same time he bolted, we were just about to be hit by a tsunami. The infected NHS workers were having to die without PPE but I’ll just run away and be safe. ✅

I think that writes volumes about the man.

PPS I thought it strange at the time. Ferguson intervened, big shift and then everyone disappeared from top office and the youngsters were brought into bat, following the party line. If given the question in advance you have the time to spin it before the honourable member of the Gov has to give an answer. 🤔🤔

Cover up as you go strategy, by the sounds of it. Obviously in the public interest and defo not saving arse, then. ✅

30th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I have just reread my new protocols so I can reopen mid June.

Talk about confusing, I have to wear protective helmet and mask, gloves and a protective gown. Well if you remember we were told not to wear masks as not effective, plastic face shields and gloves will allow bug to survive for hours yet wash hands with every treatment is more effective. Bug will live on plastic gown much longer than clothes.

Yet I put a system in place that worked and was based on killing the bug as soon as a patient entered our protected space. Antiviral mist in every room so even if a bug gets in it’s in a hostile environment and will not survive. Mildly humid and saline atmosphere throughout the clinic.

It would seem that a knee jerk rubber stamp is being used and the people who have made the decisions do not understand what kills the bug but have finally, 4 months down the line and you must tick your box or you are trading without insurance and possibly struck off.

Wearing gloves to treat patients is impossible as need full fingertip sensitivity to diagnose and treat my patients.


We are not general medicines front line. We are front line for musculoskeletal health. Big difference. Our patients turn up with soft issue and joint pain only. Not like hospitals and A&E. 99 percent of the time staff will be socially distanced from non-symptomatic patients.

As the GCC does not seem to understand what we do, they clearly are not in a position to stand up for us to PHE.🤔😡

Howard Lamb

PS On the air flow charts for masks and shields, most of the exhaled breath spats around your head, so hair head and neck most likely place for the bug to settle. You can’t ask each patient to wash their head hair face and neck. However a UVlight and antiviral mist would do the trick. ✅

PPS Public Health England have consistently got it wrong and have had not to just adapt but totally rethink. Yet the same people who got it wrong are still in charge. How?

Do not wear masks and gloves, not going to stop you getting the bug. Now it’s wear everything you can, it won’t stop you getting infected but at least you look the part. 👍

The NHS has told its Docs and Consultants to spend the bear minimum of time talking to patients to keep safe, yet Public Health England want us to sit down with them and fill in an in depth questionnaire. Wankers.

29th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Public Health England don’t seem to have their fingers on the pulse. The protocols and procedures are only workable with a reduced client base and lack of profitability. Why should PHE care as they are on wages, no matter what?

My system in the clinic before we closed, with a UV curtain when the patient enters to kill any bugs on them. Hand sanitisers. Social distancing. An antiviral mist or vapour causing mild humidity which will take the bug out of the air and kill it in the air and surfaces. Staff interview prior to bringing potential infection into my clinic. They will be temp checked on arrival. Reviewed again by trained staff on entry. Kept six foot apart in reception and waiting room. Each treatment room has its own oildiffuser to kill the bug with a mild saline content to purify the air. Z wash hands after treatment and wipe down table. Sounds reasonable to me yet I would not be in compliance and uninsured.

That’s the problem when PAYE staff make decisions for the self employed.

Is there any point me making a fuss? No

Have they got it right? No (no respect for herd, no PPE or Ventilators. Olds do not resuscitate etc. )

Will they change or admit to getting things wrong? No, so what’s the point?

Frustrated from Pinner.

Howard Lamb

PS it’s not just us. I was talking to a friend yesterday who had to go to the hospital re her reproductive system, a fault was found and she has a referral to a specialist, her Doc at the hospital said he would normally spend time and explain and help her over the shock but is not allowed to at the moment as can only spend minimum time with a patient. Wow.

Apparently the Doc was not happy which helped. ✅

It’s strange how they can recruit 20,000 people to track and trace in no time at all but there have been 10’s of thousands of unfilled positions in all areas of care. (historically)

All making boxes to tick or just ticking boxes. Care is another department. ✅

Just talked to the mother who had just come back from the vets. Dogs handed over, jabbed then handed back. The problem is the dog is possibly carrying the bug and can transfer to other people’s pets. Minimum PPE was used.

Prob not covered by public health England but the vets themselves, vets are the only people allowed to treat animals by law, which is why animal chiro has not been recognised. Mmmm.

She was asked if she had symptoms though. ✅

Luckily for the vets, only the dogs could give evidence at the lack of PPE adherence but prob safe and sensible.

Mark you vets would have good labs for testing so prob well ahead of the game. But if caught not ticking a box the world could fall on them, like us.

Personally instead of wasting tons and tons of PPE now when the need is much less, rather than stock pile for the second wave, if it comes, in the flu season this autumn/winter.

We have had a trial run and we know what to do. Now we need purified, viral free air and we are in with a chance. 👍

So much for populist as part to his job. 👏🏻😂 Guardian article – Constituents bombard MPs with tens of thousands of emails over Dominic Cummings

28th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to associates:
I’ve just had a long chat with Stu re new protocols/reopening. With test and Trace. If linked back to me through a patient, does the whole practice have to self isolate for two weeks? Before we reopen we need to have anti body tests for staff, has that been organised?

The extra time and paid work, who is paying for our self employed time? We pay their wages via registration. So no loss to them.

Knee jerk reactions and insurance companies, did anyone bring up UV and safe environment re saline, oils in a humid vapour etc.

For instance. If the patient is masked and I am antibody positive and safe, why should I jump through their hoops because they f’d up and are now going over the top? Do as we say or you are not insured, if you are not insured you cannot be on the register. 🤔

Do I have to write to them? Still on threat of excommunication for the last round. 😂 ✅

Howard Lamb

27th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

What’s the difference between a spin doctor and a political strategist?? Beyond me. Defo would not lie then. 🙊 😂😂😂 Only spin it. ✅

If he was guilty of anything it was misreading the publics anger. Prob span out of control, crashed and burned but hasn’t realised it. After all, that’s his job to judge the public mood. ✅

What’s the difference between a spin doctor and a political strategist?? Beyond me. Defo would not lie then. 🙊 😂😂😂 Only spin it. ✅

If he was guilty of anything it was misreading the publics anger. Prob span out of control, crashed and burned but hasn’t realised it. After all, that’s his job to judge the public mood. ✅

I wonder when spin become trying to pervert justice. Like that MP who lied about his wife taking the points. 🤔

Is it time to go crowd funding for historic government crimes against humanity or should I wait a bit longer? 🤔

Text to a mate:
I’ve been thinking about water for some time now. It would seem I’ve been looking arse about face. Clean water was my focus but fowl water is a major problem.

Fresh water pipes bursting everywhere allowing chlorine to kill the soil. Then I realised, sewage pipes are the same age. If they leak or fracture or become porous, toxins are constantly dripping into our eco system and finally sea.  🌊  How depressing.

Perception of 2 set of rules I expect. Guardian artice –  Lockdown violators using Cummings as excuse, say police

Howard Lamb

26th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Why are people not putting their hands up and doing the decent thing?  Well you would have to be decent in the first place, I suppose.

Why have they not passed judgement on themselves? Well if they can get away with it, it seems that is all they want to do.

Facts. Children are being denied diagnosis and then blamed for behaviour which is due to not being diagnosed and treated appropriately. Once the blame game to save money starts the child has no chance. The families are not heard because it’s their fault and the circus just grinds on. All complaints are handled in house and the system rigged so truth cannot prevail and justice is not done.

In one of my letters to Mrs May, I did give her some idea of what could be done. However that would show wrong doing by making the changes so hasn’t happened as yet and nothing changes for the X Children.

All it would take is a change of heart. That’s if they can find it, and these kid’s lives could be transformed. Unfortunately as the Gov cannot be seen to be wrong or involved with wrong doing it all gets swept under the carpet and their lives grind on in despair with no hope. That cannot be right.

Why were there human rights removed so they can be legally physically abuse and mentally traumatised? Always more questions than answers.✅

Howard Lamb

PS Why is restraint not an option on a non-diagnosed child? Because it entrenches their feeling of alienation and blocks them further. ✅

PPS It’s the same with the shortage of PPE and ventilators. We can’t have the NHS collapse so all patients in care homes are deemed as do not resuscitate and not sent to hospital. ✅ Political genius.

Just think, there should have been enough home production of PPE and kit after the 2016 report showed we were not ready for a pandemic. If we had had good expanding testing for antibodies as well as the bug, thousands would be out of lockdown and helping the economy. If we had closed down properly and earlier we would have saved thousands and thousands of lives and suffering.

We got, ” can’t stop it so let’s do the herd thing and get it over as quick as possible”. If Boris had not changed course when he did and God smiled and gave us sunshine the death toll would have run into the hundreds of thousands. Cock up from start to finish. Thank God for Ferguson and sunshine say I. ✅

I’ve just read yesterday’s Cummings story, it’s possible that his son has special needs and proper care would be absent. 🤔 The bit that got me was his wife who, apparently had the virus and went to hospital and stayed overnight. Yet it was only the child who was tested. Is it just me?

Take an infected woman without PPE in ambulance to A&E, then ward. In and out on phone . Up and down corridors. Sleeps overnight then takes child home. Let’s hope they did not infect anyone. Or maybe she was never infected in the first place and is being misleading. 🤔

Political strategist (paid liar) and reporter. What could possibly go wrong ?

I don’t mind so much that he bottled it and bolted up north. Apparently she was milking it in the press during this period. So Boris is down and no 2 up north in isolation, it would be interesting to see his work logs. 🤔 I do hope it’s not all smoke and the flames do come through and those who have lied get truly Roasted. ✅

Back in the day when you take the PM’s job up it was for all of the country not just party. Well that’s gone because we have Tory biased strategists at the helm. How does that work? Spinning Tory policy so black is now the new white. Nothing changes, except they hang on to the power, reputation and fortune. 🙊

If a Marine biologist can trace everything back as each strain has its own bar code. So test them and check to see if they had it and where the strain came from. Let’s hope there is not a spike at the trust who looked after their child. 🤔

Just read some bollocks from Handcock saying a huge move forwards in the treatment of the virus by using a drug left over from Ebola.

Like everything you have to look for the truth as is about somewhere. In the worst cases, a survey found that those on the drug recovered in about 11 days and not 2 weeks. Helpful but not earth moving. Check out the possible side effects short and long term and then wonder why they have made such a big deal out of a small but helpful treatment that has not shown to save lives at the moment. Saving it for the younger and healthy because it prob kills the old and weak. 🤔

As for Boris needing glasses. How did he get them in lockdown? Eye test, fittings etc. No social distancing there at opticians. All closed. How many sets of rules have they? Clearly more than just 2.

25th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
Why is it taking so long? Good question. Cameron and May will not want child abuse shown on their shift, I expect. Who is going to go against them?

They can’t say they didn’t know and did not lift a finger to help.

Attorney general put in place and is loyal to them. Influence in privy council and hence control of the GCC through stealth and are trying to ruin a whole profession to give me no credibility.

Much worse than a Miss Marple because true, not fiction.

Strange how things turn out. I expected much more from Cameron having had personal experience with disability. There must have been reasons but I’m never likely to know. 🤔

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they did talk about it. After all, years of working together in cabinet and May in key positions to help. Makes you wonder how much the CPS and Sir Kier knew???

Yea, who wants to go down in history for being in charge of mass child abuse, prob why I’ve been banging my head on the proverbial brick wall. 👍

About the only thing I agree with Boris on. He is a girly twat. ✅

What they have done to the rioting class since the riots is disgraceful. Not what they said at the time. Solve social injustice by austerity mmmmm. 🤔

It does make me wonder if my profession had stood up for my right to make and defend diagnosis. Would it be in such a mess now? 🤔

Howard Lamb

24th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Where do we stand at this moment in time?

It is impossible for the Gov not to have investigated. I expect those who I have been critical of will have joined forces to block me.

For them, this has never been about what is right. It’s been a battle to keep their reputation and positions of power. How is this possible in the 21st century?

Tens of thousands of kids are not safe because the Gov wants to cover arse. That can’t be right.

I started with truth and have never wained from it, I expect they are not used to that and don’t know how to deal with it. After all we don’t see much truth in politics.

I am sure if I had lied about anything the JFA site would have been pulled. So more of the same until the truth will out, I expect.

Text to a friend:
God does work in mysterious ways. The universal timing of all of this. Britain has the opportunity to re write everything and bring it back to proven truth, not spin and bullshit. Laws based on the greater good and greed restricted. Planets needs with safe children would be a great start. ✅

Right or wrong Boris looses his right hand man in the middle of a crisis. Tory voters got him the job. Tory politicians want him to loose it. 🤔 Guardian article – Dominic Cummings timeline: what we know about his movements

Is there any proof either had it? Just bottled it and shot north maybe.

He has to step down from his position but common sense would mean a transition period until the new one is up to speed. ✅ Prob should be antibody tested just to make sure.

I read this and shook my head in disbelief. You could not write it. Guardian article – Doctors condemn secrecy over false negative Covid-19 tests

Howard Lamb

23rd May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I read somewhere yesterday that we are now below the five year death average but still infected in NHS and care sectors where the government clearly failed.

I expect they will just want to move forwards and not look back if they get the chance. One of those things and we did just as bad as Europe.

Clearly lessons not learnt yet and it’s the warm sun that’s made the difference and not them. Can’t wait for the bugs return from around the planet as we go into flu/C19 season in the autumn.

Not that many businesses will be still open by then. I don’t expect mine to be. With the rules as they are I would be running at a loss. How long can you do that for and not go bust?

Still waiting for a plan to deal with the bug so we are safe again. Social distancing and washing hands we can do. But we still have an R rate so the virus can return at any time. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS If MSRA is making a comeback in the hospitals they can not say they have been on top of hygiene. Why? Very basic stuff, yet not just C19 on the loose and infection rates for both, still too high. Not clinicians or their teams fault, has to be poor management again. ✅

To survive, chiropractors will need to double their fees at least to make up the shortfall. See how hyperinflation starts. ✅

I pay tax as do my staff and business. So if I’m not in profit, jobs and profit gone so little tax for the Gov who is throwing money around like there is no tomorrow.

Without leadership in the right directions it’s not going to end well.

If they are running up debt to cover us and then bankrupt the world economy, pay 5 cents on the dollar for debt/creditors. Reset the dials and off we can go again in a green save the planet and humanity strategic plan. ✅

If you have no money your assets are only worth what someone will pay and no money means they can’t pay much. You work it out.

PPS How long into recovery does a patient stop being infectious? That would explain a lot.

Stats show abuse no’s down. Wait for it, because all the people who spot it are on furlough. Another great success for the Gov. ✅ Guardian article – Vulnerable children ‘suffer alone’ in UK lockdown with schools shut

22nd May, 2020

Dear Patient,

If you look at the figures per million, they don’t tell the whole story. London was the only capital city with millions, living in close proximity. It should have been much worse. Well done the British people. Once you knew what to do, you did it and saved thousands.

As always the weather has something to do with our victory. Armada, storms, D Day, calm between two storms. For us it was clear blue skies and UV, best April and May ever .👍 God does look after us, shame the gov didn’t 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS How would you have queued, six foot apart in gales and pouring rain? ☔️ 😂 No sitting in the park, bike rides, lovely walks in the country. No sun and vit d at the end of a long grey winter. Thank you 🙏🏾😇

PPS I thought I would get that down before we are blamed for any new spikes in cases. 👍

PPPS When Gov policy is based on being popular there is no long term planning. If the previous strategic plans are defunct as not based on Europe anymore and the houses are seemingly not capable of putting one together.  Don’t just sit there and blame. DO Your f’ing job. 👏🏻

Here is the rub, so to speak if everyone doesn’t agree, each Gov in term will try and alter it, again and again until we are back where we started. Who said “history if not corrected ,will repeat. ”

Crap strategic plan after war, fought over ever since really. Thatcher repeated the 30’s, a good example to follow, then Blair medalled with it and it fell apart for Cameron. Cameron shit at poker and got stripped by vertically everyone. Then Brexit. What a mess they have made of it.

It’s ok though because it’s our fault. ✅ Ironic that a Cameron nearly split Scotland from the union. 🤔😂

It’s strange how at the end of the war we gave up empire and gave self democratic rule and freedom to a large chunk of the world. What did we get back but Hollywood blame and a rigged market. Nothing was free in the new battles between communism and capitalism which enslaved us all. 🤔 Ola Joe Stalin did not comply and America stitched us up, left right and centre.

What a world we live on.

If America was just in recovery from the great crash, how could they possibly have the funds to pay for everyone’s war? Britain bankrupt and could not pay cash. Russia plotless sorry, potless. You work it out. Not a duck in sight, let alone a line. 🤔

21st May, 2020

Dear Patient,

It would seem the Gov only wants to admit to one mistake and cover up, at this moment in time. Until they come clean nothing will be done for the X Children. Obviously they don’t want too because they have no budget or inclination to admit guilt. Defo not democratic. Just or fair but their reputations are still intact.

Howard Lamb

PS The Gov’s normal weapon of choice is to tough it out. Then over time they can distance themselves, changing personnel and manipulate the paperwork. I knew this at the start having dealt with this sort repeatedly over the years and knew if I had all the paperwork, up to and since the tribunal. When the gaps show I can fill them in.

Then you wonder why they don’t want to communicate? 👍 How can you have gaps with data protection?  A good question when the time is right.

PPS The problem with toughing it out is you never solve the problem because it never happened. 🤔 That could be seen as criminal intent in a democracy. That’s what you get when the system is run on avoiding the truth, distancing from responsibility and damage limitation. ✅

Lastly my ducks are all over the place on education. Social distancing means the children need 4 times the space in over crowded, small classrooms. Hygiene, UV lights, antiviral vapours, temp checks, contagion area. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Take the lunacy going in in my profession. Each patient has to be screened before treatment by the clinician. More unnecessary paperwork and large amounts of my profession time. I have to wear PPE and social distance, then fumigate the place. My practice would run at a huge loss and be unsustainable. Have they listened? Just toughing it out I expect. My back is killing me Doc. Let’s just fill in the questionnaire. Only take ten minutes. Why? Well if I think you are infected I can treat you. Never had a cold in my life Doc, honest. 👍

If I don’t comply I have no indemnity insurance.

Text to my professional friends and colleagues:
Hope well and C19 free. 👍

The lack of true leadership will be the end of our profession.

No PPE organised. No plan going in and no sign of one coming out.

I do not blame the Associations as they can only go down the party line. Muted by protocols and procedures and prob the official secrets act, for all I know.

The organisation had to come from the top, but it was put together by administrators. With no understanding of the professions different needs. Prob ending high volume practices in one go to balance the norm. Open plan will need more space or less patients with more time with each, lowering your capability to treat patients.

How to change that is not my decision. I can only do what I am doing. At the moment I am looking at having to abandon most of my geriatric care. Some I have known most of my life.

20th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Apparently the Gov does make mistakes. But this time they will not cover it up. Bet it’s not the whole truth and nothing but!

Another mistake was to follow Europe and then react. So we were always behind the game, before we started. The ones who did the best shut down quick, tested and chased up those in contact. Quarantine, meant quarantine. High hygiene, sprayed everything. Long list.

For years EU has told our Gov what to do, so when we had to make big decisions on our own, clearly were not able. As they said today they are willing to learn. ✅

When it comes to the X Children, they will need a long re-education .

Howard Lamb

PS Technically they are the XX and XY children, as all in the genes. 👍

I expect the Gov was told that once the bug got past a certain point they could not stop it. Never dawned on them to shut down Britain. Once everyone else started we then looked at it seriously. If Europe had locked down sooner and tested /chased down the infected contacts. How many fewer cases worldwide would there have been?

The speed that the bug infects and the length of incubation/asymptomatic carriage is unique and channels are slow. But could have been much much worse.

How could you shut down the country when we are trying to do trade deals around the world after Brexit? Not the greatest sales pitch. We are locking down 🇬🇧 can we get back to you? 👍

Not all is lost. Could we have done better? Yes! Could we have done worse? Yes.

We have more people immune now per million than anyone else so there is a positive. Are those opening up safe? No because the bug is now global and can come back at any time. Vaccine will do what all vaccines do and protect for that strain. How many different flu vaccines are there? C19 will almost certainly be the same.

We are not even close to understanding the damage to the healthy that’s been done. Children with strange conditions. Bugs in seamen, animal contagion. 😷 List of questions unanswered.

We are learning and more importantly the Gov has had a crash course in pandemic management. And has learnt tons. Long way to go but I do feel positive that the first steps are being taken.

PPS It’s 8 years this month since Child X won his tribunal. Don’t you think it’s time that the judgement was for filled?👍

PPPS Once we got to lock down the low key handling whilst they went through a steep learning curve, was actually quite good. Shame they didn’t start with truth and we would be left with less of a bitter taste.

If we have to blame someone let’s try the Euro lot. Where was the Euro pandemic response? Germans , I’m all right Hans type attitude. Belgium highest rate per million dead. No supplies or co-ordination.

Do what Who tells you and find your own PPE and ventilators. 👍 Oh yes and the Jerry’s invented propaganda. 😂

19th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’m still smarting over the Gove interview. Of course fewer people left hospital because we have 50,000 extra deaths. That’s the Gov for you, spin anything you can to cover up the truth.

I’ve seen it time and time again with these children over many many years so I am never surprised at the depth they will sink to to save reputation.  After all who would vote for or hire anyone involved in child abuse? ✅

Howard Lamb

I’m still smarting over the Gove interview. Of course fewer people left hospital because we have 50,000 extra deaths. That’s the Gov for you, spin anything you can to cover up the truth.

I’ve seen it time and time again with these children over many many years so I am never surprised at the depth they will sink to to save reputation.  After all who would vote for or hire anyone involved in child abuse? ✅

Yes I hope so, that it would be viewed by what was in place at the time, would be very important.

Yea absolute field day if based on truth but they will have already put the wrench in to avoid it. 👍 You can legislate to protect reputation.  Shame they didn’t do it to protect the kids. 😡😡

Exactly. How can you trust anything the Civil Service puts together when it’s based on avoidance of the truth? ✅

Exactly that’s why they never wanted to be confronted with evidence and joined up thinking and why I’ll be the last person on the planet they want to talk to. How else can the JFA chronicles be explained? 👍

Only through truth can you find justice!

Wow, osteopaths in America are main stream medicine and can prescribe by the sounds of it. Totally different to ours. I would love to see the reasoning for this drug and why it’s being used, does it help or not, did Trump twist his arm because one of his dopey mates put him on to it? 🤔 Guardian article – Sean Conley: the doctor who agreed to Trump taking hydroxychloroquine

Let’s hope Trump isn’t a share holder, dummy corp and run out of Russia. 😂

18th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I watched part of an interview with Gove yesterday. I started yelling at the telly after a short while. He cleverly avoided the point of the questions re infections in old folks homes. The question I wanted to ask was, when they emptied hospital wards, ready for the tsunami, how many of the elderly sent back to their homes, were screened for C 19?

Gove did say they released fewer than last year, I presume that’s based on similar times. Nothing about how many people they sent back who were possibly infected, without tests. No responsibility at the Gov or Gove’s feet.


Howard Lamb

PS Why was that so important?

Well they were ring fencing the old to protect them. Then potentially infected them and did not make sure after each death, the home was cleansed and everyone tested. If caught early and controlled survival rate would be higher than ignoring and allowing it to do the rounds.

It beggars belief that not only were people not tested and the chain of infections were never chased or the homes deep deep cleaned after infection. Then when the old are dropping like flies, all we get is “we released fewer than at the same time last year.” 😡

If you remember they stopped taking new cases into hospital so if nobody is going in, of course fewer people will come out drrrr. 😡

Remember Gove was in charge of education during the Trojan five farce and perversion of justice, so what do you expect. Leopard and spots come to mind. 🤔 Why did he do such a thing? 🤔

Well then the school in questions exam results improve to the point where it makes a mockery of your policy. What would an ethical man have done? ✅ Prob only politics. In his position he is able to do an Ides of March on Boris and take over the country after Boris blamed for the crisis. 🤔

It will all be in the stats. How many non C19 patients were admitted from end of Feb till now against the five year average. I wonder what the death to admittance against the five year norm are? 🤔🙊

It’s not the time or place to chronically educations mistakes over my ten year case study. With relevant paperwork and understanding, covering pro 3 chapters of the book and a large chunk of the film, I don’t want to spoilt the ending. 👍 Especially the early years when the abuse was covered up and the family blamed.

Well that’s not a surprise really and how many came in via rail and boat? 👍 Guardian article – More than 1,800 private planes landed in UK during Covid-19 lockdown

Welcome to my world where it’s like pulling teeth to get the correct picture.

17th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Says it all. Nobody was prepared. Why? Guardian article – Across the world, figures reveal horrific toll of care home deaths

A text to a friend:
Very short sighted. If we are closed our patients, who in gen are NHS failures, are thrown back into the system, which is already overloaded and failed the patient before. Then become more chronic and difficult to stabilise, once we open again. What do we know? Nothing, clearly just idiots.

Why would our patients pay for a substandard treatment when they could get something better for free with the NHS? Drrrrr

Howard Lamb

PS Re getting country up and running again.

Prob the Gov has is to get ahead of the game. They can see rates of infection and deaths through statistics but always after the event. Testing will only tell you if you are infected and you could be infected the day after the test. So you can’t predict. Antibody tests will help to see how much of the herd, in infected area, has some immunity. You can then start to predict on fact not fiction.

The rest I have covered repeatedly. Hygiene, in the air, on the ground, in the shop or cafe or pub or etc. Protect throats and saturate with UV light and antiviral vapou, when and where appropriate.

It is vital to have hygiene as well as antibody tests. With the tests people can get back to normal as not infected and hopefully immune but could carry from infected people. ✅

Again a bit wordybut very clear point. If it starts to go tits up, cover up. Guardian article – UK wrong to rule out global coronavirus comparisons, experts say

PPS USA, UK and Brazil are in the lead. All right wing. 🤔 Capitalism works for the rich and capitalist sentiments are killing people. Always a why? Why has Russia got high numbers infected but a relatively low death rate? What did they do differently?

16th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just got off the phone having got the up to the minute standings for our profession re the bug.

Social distance. (how if you are treating someone? ) PPE for you and your staff.

GCC has not organised anything yet we are not insured to treat without PPE and in breach of codes etc.

Even if we can get the right PPE (big problem) there is no guarantee of continuity of supply. So just opened then 10 days later had to shut again. Not so bad for the one man band but 12 staff needing 2 or more masks a day and visors and disposable gowns.

We then have to vet our patient. Have you got the bug? Absolutely not just get me out of pain. No testing for staff or patients. Not on National Health pay role, so without income we starve. Our businesses get trashed, with no help from the GCC who have not petitioned for funds for our profession.


Howard Lamb

16th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I had a day catching up with people yesterday.

One friend had been rushed to hospital with chest pains and difficulty breathing. Turns out BP was through the roof and heart rhythm was all over the place. Her nurse could not find her viens, in either arm and ended up causing a big bleed. She was phased by her little cubical in isolation with everyone with full PPE and had a panic attack. She was not happy about the nurse.

I explained that before Brexit the NHS was short staffed, then lots went back to Europe and they recruited from around the planet. The nurse was clearly inexperienced and went for help twice, but none available. I felt sorry for her and the nurse trying to cope in a new environment without back up or support.

Let’s face it, if it were not for retired or ex NHS staff who came back the NHS would have crumbled by now.

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 NHS

Howard Lamb

PS She did laugh when I said ‘clearly not the queen , just the same as the rest of us’. Nothing personal, she was having a bad day in the office. Well who wouldn’t be with death round every corridor. 🤔

PPS It turns out the root of her anger was that not only has she a heart problem now but has been into a hospital full off people with the virus and is over sixty five. ( typo clearly under 40 😂) She is just keeping her fingers crossed. Day 5 and no symptoms yet. 👍 She will be fine by the way.  A quick shock to the heart to stabilise rhythm and drugs to bring down BP and an eye kept on by GP till her cardiologist has an appointment.

Austerity means there was no point planning for anything beyond the norm, as they did not have the staff or facilities to cope now, let alone a pandemic.  At the same time pension debt rocketed.

Defo not got all my ducks in a line on that one as yet. It’s not just us. Clearly Europe in the same situation. We’re did all the money go? Certainly not based on the greater good by the UN elected heart of the EU.

I expect it all looks good on paper. Cost efficiencies and no excess capacity. Truth would be run down to the bare bones. Complaints through the roof and people leaving in droves because the machine has no room for a heart. ❤️

Text to a mate:
I’ve just started touching on pensions and huge sums of money gone missing. On JFA think back. Banks went bust and we bailed them out. We then had to tighten belts whilst the banks were given billions to get us out of recession by printing money and devaluing the pound on the markets from 140 to 150 euros to the pound down to whatever it is today. We had to borrow 600+million if I remember just to cover pension debt.

This of course is our hard earned taxes and we have been saddled with huge debt to cover their lack of prudence in that area. So banks OK. Happy as more debt and profit come their way and more printed money to spend.

CS pensions doing very well out of it and ring fenced. NHS not so much. Docs loosing pension if they work. CS get fat contracts and an honour.  A top clinician who has saved countless lives doesn’t even get OBE. CS, the sky is the limit. Tale wagging the dog I expect. 🤔

As our debt is prob in dollars it is then more expensive to buy back. 🤔


13th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Apparently the pandemic plan has been a success , says Gov spokesperson. When the evidence tends to show that that’s not the case. Guardian article – Ministers were warned two years ago of care homes’ exposure to pandemics

Cover up and cloud the water and try not to tell the truth. ✅ Guardian article – 95,000 have entered UK from abroad during coronavirus lockdown

If 93K people have entered the UK with 0.05 infected that’s potentially just under 500 super spreaders on the loose, unchecked. 3% Die. Then factor in an R rate of above 1, as potential super spreaders who don’t conform to the norm and they could have infected tens of thousands by now with the relevant death toll. But too insignificant to worry about. 😡

Half truths and lies do not help fight the bug.

Make the air we breath sterile so we can get back to normal, don’t just hide behind the invisible scientists and then not do what you should and then try and cover your tracks, please.

Howard Lamb

PS just think when millions were still flying in and we didn’t even check one temp. Go home and self isolate for 2 weeks. As if? How many would still be alive?

Gov still on herd immunity. Starting their flow again. Do not send to hospital or resuscitate the care community and we have now got ventilator capacity to save 50% who will have been damaged in the process.

On war footing so Gov can do what it wants and the press restricted. What a mess.

PPS At this rate of herd immunity it will be 2030 before we are out of the woods. Vaccine needs lengthy trials and long term case studies before it’s let loose, or long term other problems can be created. 🤔

Anti viral sprays and mists to sterilise the air we breath and the surfaces we touch. Hygiene/disinfect tube, trains/buses, taxis etc. Streets and roads. UV curtains to cleanse so if you have a bug on you, you can’t take it into the shop, bar, etc. And don’t take anything out into the street.

They need to think, then act outside the box. To scared to move or change and just blagging it. ✅

Last bit on travel.

Multiple infections from multiple areas with multiple variance in each areas virus. Prob didn’t help as we got hit by multiple strains and reacted far too late.

50K spike in the seasonal, 5year average, death rate. If 2 or 3 different variants have joined together in a moist atmosphere and then infect someone, it can’t help. 🤔

13th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Lies or just politics? 🤔 Guardian article – Coronavirus: real care home death toll double official figure, study says

Why would the Gov hide the true figures? You work it out. ✅

How much pressure would they have had to put on people to corrupt the system, is defo a concern? 🤔 An investigation should be already active before they try and consign it to unsolved history. ✅ Just like the Child X’s

Maybe they could say the virus has created 22k deaths in hospitals but the figures show an extra 28k are dead above the 5 year norm so the corona affect has killed 50k. Then we may be a bit closer to the truth. ✅Before the world spirals out of control with mass unemployment. Huge recession, prob hyperinflation, global unrests. As I’ve said before and will prob again, say!

The world economies need to go bankrupt, pay creditors 5 cents on the dollar and once the world is viral stable, reset the dials and off we go again, no debt so can invest in the planet and our futures. 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Howard Lamb

PS If we have a choice between America or China, 🤔take the Yanks and sue China for our loss over their virus. ✅ Much of the American attitude came from us originally so we understand their game and can manipulate to our advantage. No chance with the Chinese empire.  Just entered the industrial revolution so have a ways to go before human rights catch up. I’m sure, through Irelands involvement with Europe trade will still take place. 😂😂

12th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

You can clearly see what lengths a Gov will go to, to show they are never wrong, even when we saw the mistakes they made as they happened.

This is exactly the same with the X Children and the lies and cover ups have been on going for at least the decade I’ve been involved.

I wouldn’t mind so much if they cleared up there messes but they don’t, they use draconian measures to keep the status quo. Until that changes, we have no democracy. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Just think how many people could have been saved if each infected care home and hospital had got the army in to sterilise and stop multiple infections plus a good testing program. If you are over 70 stay home is all they got. 🤔

PPS If you can’t be wrong and have been, what would an ethical person do?

As lockdown is started to relax, much to early. Do not forget to gargle before you leave home, to protect your throat. Wash hands, try not to breath in anyone else’s used breath, make sure you keep the bug outside the home. ✅

Let’s hope Boris soon stops role playing and actually does his job. The attitude of ‘well in 2016 they predicted what would happen in a pandemic’, if they did nothing. So by doing nothing, it happened.

Well, what could we do, after all it was predicted? So we will do nothing because it’s going to plan. ✅ Must change. 👍

Can you imagine being over 70 and at your home, where the person across the corridor has the bug? I’m sure you would be very alert without being told. 🤔

Text to mate:
Why? The problem with a pandemic is you never know when it is going to happen. Everything has a sell by date, so you could spend billions buying then throwing away expensive PPE etc.

The minimum they should have done was made sure we had the home capacity if and when call upon. ✅ How hard could that have been?  🤔

Why had the facilities, through the science community to test millions if needs be, not been utilised? Why was there no strategic plan to facilitate and enact when needed?

Long list.

Why was the armies man power and capabilities not used at any stage?

Where was the co ordinated plan, bar wash hands and don’t breath or touch anything?

Country on war footing with Gov able to do anything it wants. Yet done nothing as there was no co-ordinated defense plan, just the stats as to what could happen.

With USA trade deal based on China or US. Free trade is a farce. ✅ Guardian article – Australia-China trade tensions raise fears over future of agricultural exports

A bit wordy but worth the read. You can bet every country minimalizing. BBC article – Coronavirus: How many people have died in the UK? 

11th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just finished my first stab at a new letter to Boris. It’s how most of them start, key facts and tone, so more difficult than others. This one was quite simple. Have a read, obviously the finished article will be PC’d up and literate.

Dear Boris,

You total arrogant W….. ! . Took the wrong path with the virus. Had to be told you were wrong , caught the virus, had a kid and came up with be alert. 👍

We all now know your plans were based on killing the old and vulnerable because you had no workable plan for a pandemic. Can’t have the press fuming over our overwhelmed NHS with dead in the corridors, much better they pop of in a home. Then only quote hospital deaths. Political genius!


Yours truthfully

H Lamb

Howard Lamb

11th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Stay alert, for an unseen enemy. How does that work? From what I’ve read it would seem the majority of infections stem from the NHS and care home systems. With relatively low infection of the herd.

So if the Gov had for filled its promises and protected our elderly and health vulnerable as well as those who work in the NHS we would not still be months off getting back to normal and far less chance of the second wave in the autumn.

Boris seemed to slip past most of that without answers.

As for the X Children, well if they lie and alter truth to suit their needs, as seen with the virus, what chance of truth after decades of abusing children to save money? Their numbers and needs were hugely underestimated by Blaire’s lot. (paperwork from parliament on this site) Tens of thousands trashed by the system through deliberate non diagnosis and following the party line.

Each Gov, covering up for the last, aided and abetted by the privy council, who can control and manipulate the system to suppress truth and rubber stamp the party line. Or a large spanner in the works which stops the mechanism from doing the correct job.

It’s lucky I enjoy a challenge. 😂

I expect their attitude will be, keep going as he must give up at some stage! Well, they are obviously trying to make sure it doesn’t break during lock down. Just think, everyone fed up and bored at home and nothing else to talk about!  So keep dragging it out and we might get away with it. How is any of this possible?

Howard Lamb

PS A hint for Boris. Deaf disabled people might have wanted to know what you were on about. Even Sturgeon has her summery signed.

PPS Why he hasn’t used the army to sterilise all care facilities beggars belief?

Remember they found live bugs on a cruise ship 17 days after it had been emptied. So when a bug invades, it stays until sterilised, drrr.

10th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Boris has several choices re his speech today:

  1. Hands up we could have done better but we are moving heaven and earth now to make our environment safe again so we can get back to normal.
  2. Not our fault, just followed the experts. So having a reshuffle. It didn’t help that the population did not stick to lockdown or we would not be in the shit. Now still.
  3. Not doing well since I returned and think I’ve over done it, baby crying disturbing my sleep. 😴 Need some more time off. I’m sure he will find his own way. We will soon find out.

Howard Lamb

PS Who knows? He might even tell the truth.

PPS I hope he explains why the army has been so under used in hygiene and logistics of testing, just to mention two possible roles. 🤔

Even if he blames the experts, they had a responsibility to have chosen the right ones. Wash hands, social distance and now we have stay alert at home doing nothing.

9th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
What has been damaging genomes and causing spectrum faults in the brain, more now than there used to be? That’s the question. And why have they tried so hard to hide it? That’s a better question of the day. 👍

Do vaccines cause genetic memory or just for the season???? Something not in alinement.

Do they alter normal response and interaction with the immune system ???

Is there an auto immune response? Did early vaccines damage genomes that come out in subsequent generations?

As always too many questions.

Howard Lamb

PS The reason I query vaccines genetic memory is because we have to inject every generation. Great business if you can get it.

Why no genetic memory? I hear you say. Well if you bypass the normal process you don’t get any memory for how you did it. ✅

At last some common sense. Just need to test cross sections for antibodies now. ✅ Sky article – Coronavirus ‘largely gone out’ of UK population outside hospitals and care homes, professor claims

I expect Boris will cover much of this tomorrow ✅ Guardian article – This is what you should be demanding from your government to contain the virus

8th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to friends :
When the mother picked the placement I was not able to go. I had the previous time and blown it out as not suitable. Events got ahead of themselves and child had major melt down and I paid for him to go to the placement blind. Plausible from the literature I saw and a good feedback from mother and child. At that stage I did not realise they were clueless and had no structure for diagnosis and specific treatment plan, as had been promised to the mother which is why, when she won the tribunal, they were listed in the judgement as the way forwards.

In hind sight people did the job they were paid for and the rest was to up keep and profit. Defo not highlighted in promo lit. Got all the paperwork from all parties at the time. Does not show any effort to get down to his issues, just cataloguing failure and he’s not engaging properly. F..k knows why? Mother is always to blame, telling us our job and that wannabe doc giving stress, what does he know? SS paying so do what we are told. ✅ Autism and brains,where do I start?

Let’s try where I am now, not how I got here, another book by itself.

The brain itself is prob perfectly capable but does not understand it has automatic access to other areas. Sometimes they get a light bulb moment which helps them partly correct, sometimes it has to be taught until understood because they have to make new connections/pathways as can’t access through normal channels.

High levels of natural instinct, react to atmosphere, mood etc. of others and feel unwanted. Emotional blocks cause chemical reaction in the brain and alters there perspective. Obsessive and in fright and flight mode. So will not listen as only wants to get away. Must be engaged with one on one by his will or you will get nowhere fast and ruin any chance of a relationship.

That’s my base line then dealing with each part is the difficult bit. Each child is unique but the ground rule is always the same. If you abuse them they don’t do very well. ✊

There problem is in the deep subconscious where auto pilot lives. That’s where the dysfunction of their genes show up. It disrupts the normal program and needs to be over ridden. 👍How do you do that? Well that’s prob another book. 😂

I was concerned by the possibility of only short term immunity as suggested by the science community. I have faith in the body. I am sure that a genetic memory from the bug will be left, even if not detectable. The trouble is with theory, only time will tell what’s true. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS I can not talk about the second placement, that can only be seen as a child minder service rather than any help. Run on minimum wage to max the profit. I am always open to new info to up date or disprove a theorem. But what I saw at first hand takes some forgetting.

Oops I can see another toy about to go.

Why do spectrum kids develop so differently? Enquiring brain connecting to areas without understanding. Brain will prob open doors or rebalance chemicals to suit environment throughout development and find different ways through adaptation to thrive.

Pineal body not doing much so can reroute through cerebellum to get the job done. ✅

So each will be in different areas of strengths and weakness, with their own way of working things out. How many times was I told you do it this way, when I do it a different and it works?

7th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

It’s prob time to go over why I’ve thrown my toys out of the pram. 10 years ago I took on a young patient who clearly was traumatically stressed, autistic with mild learning difficulties. With a case history as long as my arm and showing constant failure of the system to diagnose the child and put in place what would be necessary to help him thrive.

I banged my head against a brick wall and then financed a tribunal against the system and won. The council involved had to give in because they supplied incorrect paperwork. (prooved to have lied) Judge awarded the child special help and threatened the council with a judicial review if not compliant. Job done, so I thought.

I had filled in the gaps for the GCC and BCA with the tribunal paperwork clearly showing abuse and my diagnosis was not taken seriously. Nothing happened except I was charged with malpractice soon after. I showed it to be a scam and the case failed.

The incompetence of my defence still rankles now. Even though I had destroyed the evidence of the opposition but because I was the client with no back up from my association I was not listened too, why? All in my paperwork and it’s easy to see why but as this will prob be evidence at some stage I have not put it up.

During this time the child was failing as the placement only did what the SS and education had told them and paid them to do. The placement, humoured the bad mother and ignored me. Even though I was the only clinician involved with my patient at the time. So treating him like a thick naughty boy that just needs structure rather than a traumatised AS/ADHD with processing problems and emotional blocks because of the abuse he had had to endure.

I re-contacted the GCC/regulator to see what had been done about my complaint and got no answer. After some running battles over my retention to practice, I was wrongly removed from the register which meant I could no longer work and be call a chiropractor. On appeal and without changing my CPD, I won and had to be reinstated.👍

More running battles with the next two regulators, who finally threatened me with profession exclusion if I didn’t shut up.

I had already contacted Mrs May who directed me around the houses and did not authorise and investigation into child abuse. Mark you she did not even bother to respond to my complaint about her. Winding the clock forwards letters to labour and Tory party chair, Attorney General (several) and Boris. (several) Much of it is chronically as it happened on this website.

It should have taken 6 months with the right input to sort the child and then with the right handling he could have thrived. Just thinking about the injustice to save reputation makes me want to throw another toy. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Once the child went into the placement, the mother collapsed with chronic fatigue and diagnosed ME. She trusted the placement until it became clear it was going horribly wrong and even though the court had laid out the foundations, they were only partially adhered too, and that’s being generous, hence the gap between my first series of contacts to my profession worldwide and the regulator of the profession. And the gap till the next lot.

The mother handled the child well whilst in her care. Knew how to handle him and understood why he was behaving like he was but was labelled a bad mother and not listen to. So the child who needed structure emotionally was isolated and re traumatised daily whilst as a square peg being rammed into a round hole. If that’s not abuse, the restraining defo was. If you wrongly put in place structure that winds the child up to the point of explosion, how can it help to then restrain? It only confirms the hatred he felt for his placement and just did not want to be there but had no choice.

PPS I’ve often wonder why the SS behave as they do. I know that they are just following orders but I expect that if these placements were more successful, more kids would be sent and it would be a big dent in there budget and could not afford to do the paperwork. Can’t have that can we?

How did the SS twist the placement? That’s simple, told them that the mother only won the case because someone cocked up the paperwork and she is just trying to get out of her responsibility. Defo bad mother. And they were paying the bill with education and we are not paying for any extra’s so 24 hr minder and a bit of maths. ✅

I can’t help but feel that the herd policy is no different. Not able to cope with a pandemic so I’m sorry to say lots of you will die but that’s ok because we need business as usual. ✅

Just imagine, if the British, European and world associations had backed my right to defend and make diagnosis, I would have bad a voice. Where would the child be now? Why didn’t they? Where were the BCA and associates when I was removed from the register? MCA and UCA ,who had no influence on events, did back me the whole way to be treated instated. 🤔 Not political then. (as in stitch up)

Remember I’ve had full access to all documents from all parties at the time or just after to make my opinion and diagnosis before I charged in. ✅ SS, EDand council by the copse full. Through departments and management. Very interesting reading when you actually know the truth. It’s not pretty re paperwork. The child did this that or the other. If you handle an autistic traumatic child in that way , of course that’s going to happen. Ignorance is bliss.

The stuff back from the placement was interesting to see their spin on a naughty boy. It didn’t matter if autistic because we do the same thing. 🤔

Well done the diggers. 👍✅ Guardian article – China’s coercive behaviour a ‘wake-up call’, Australia’s former top public servant says

6th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I see Mrs May has broken cover and thinks we should all pull together and globally sort the bug. Maybe if she had had the same attitude with Brexit, it would not have been such a mess.

I had hoped that with a change of Attorney General, more would have been done or is the new one just following the party line and blocking this absolute scandal. Will we ever find out? Has anyone the will to sort it out?

Nothing has changed for our naughty kids and families. Whilst there has to be truth there can be no political solution, as it’s not in their best interest and the penalties for truth would be harsh.

So what is the answer? 🤔 I have written repeatedly to everyone and been ignored.

Yet the abuse through ignorance will continue. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Ignorance of the law does not give you protection from it. But it would seem politics can. How does that work in a democracy?

PPS What do you mean you can’t rob banks? Nobody told me. 😂

Not just me then. 2016 test said we could not deal with a pandemic and nothing changed. Guardian article – ‘Complacent’ UK draws global criticism for Covid-19 response

At the very least we have the most infected and recovered as well. So herd immunity the best.

Wow temp checks and the use of UV lights to sterilise at Heathrow. 3 months later but a good start. Guardian article – Heathrow to carry out temperature checks on passengers

5th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

This waiting game is not helping. The longer the Gov keep this covered up the harder it is to get at the truth, that’s all I have ever wanted. How is it possible for them to do so? Are there no morals? Has ethics been dropped from the curriculum at the political colleges of education or is it just good politics for them to do so?

When self-protection is more important than the greater good, we all have a problem. Still no news but to be fair how can they communicate when they know I am right and they have broken the law? (repeatedly) How do you get them to admit the truth so these children’s lives can change?

Clearly nobody will want to take responsibility so the only game plan they have is to cover it up. What a world we live in.

Howard Lamb

PS If you look at cases per million in each affected country you find Belgium 🇧🇪 out in front by miles. Home of the EU and the worst starts. Says lots.

Why? Is a question I have to ask a lot. Why did they twist the system so autism is just being naughty? Why did they not put in place what these children needed? Why were staff not trained, why were complaints not dealt with in a correct fashion? Why did people shirk responsibility? Why have they just lied to cover up? Always followed by who and why did they do it. Far too many questions for this to be a proper democracy.

Bottom line will be reputation and cost. They prob saved billions abusing these children, so who is going to admit that? 🤔 Let’s face it they only abused these kids and families because they were vulnerable and could not fight back.

I can, have and will continue no matter what! Why? Because I hate bullies!

I had to laugh yesterday. The alternative to Sage group had their first meeting yesterday, convened by a professor who wants transparency. He said that when he was in charge during Blair’s reign he insisted on it, yet that’s when it went really wrong for these kids. So why did he come out of the closet now? The irony of saving money doesn’t even ring true.

The cost of not doing anything and just blaming those who cannot defend themselves, will be far greater than having it sorted out, that’s a defo financially and emotionally as well. Whoever twisted the system must have hated these people. Class them as sponges and damage them as much as the system could. That’s just evil. Something very dark at the heart of this.

The alternative professor, would have the same type of CV as the head of Sage etc. So why has he gone public instead of through the professions? Automatically after dealing with these people for 40 years I would say Political gain and cover arse by muddying the water. Man of honours because of his job not deeds remember. Honours should be for those who have done something deserving of it. Not part of your job package and pension. Sir Kier will tell you. The way it seems to stand with job honours. Even if you are crap, as long as you don’t drop all your mates in it, you get the title. So wrong at so many different levels.

How many Sir’s and Lords had to earn an honest crust? 🤔 I’ve always seen the honour list like medals leading up to the Victoria Cross. How wrong was I? Ask sir Phil in Monty. I expect they learnt from America who gave medals for just turning up.

Text to my associations:
Getting bored with all this now. All on wages and don’t do what they are paid for as the Privy Council is pulling their strings. Have the GCC organised tests yet? One to make sure your clear and one to see if you have had it. Then with PPE we can start back at some stage. How’s their organisation of that going, do you think? 🤔✅

Do we have primary care workers numbers to get on the list or did they want to sort it differently?

Let’s face it, all they have done so far is rubber stamp what the Gov wants and I thought they were independent. 😡

Another good article, if they knew the NHS were bare boned why did they take the policies they choose? 🤔 Guardian article – Why has eastern Europe suffered less from coronavirus than the west?

4th May, 2020

Dear Patient,

How can lockdown end when we were never fully locked down? Look at the Chinese. Temp checked and swabbed on entry and 2 weeks quarantine.

What have we got? Open for business unless you are a resident of the U.K. who must stay at home, wash hands and social distance which is very hard to do at home.

The Chinese sanitised everything cars, trains, streets, people. We got dodgy hand cleaner with no approval markings to say it killed the bug. Even when it’s safe to come out, the bug will be still there. Official figures show under 4 million infected worldwide, even if you multiply that by a factor of 10, we are miles away from global immunity.

My concern is that they will not learn from their mistakes and try and bash through regardless. Like normal!

It’s about time bullshit stops baffling brains and intelligence clears the way to move forwards. What’s the chances of that?

Looking at the Child X case, as soon as reputation is threatened , everything disappears down a rabbit hole, for special people, with a get out of jail free card if needed. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS How can you social distance on the underground? A cool, moist, dark place which is a perfect environment for the bug to survive? Not disinfected. 😡

PPS Try this for a theory. Why do men over 55 who’s natural skin pigment is not white, die more than any other category?

  1. I have seen a huge rise over the years in vitamin d deficiency in the Asian community. Darker skin, more protection from the sun and less UV absorption so less vit d replicated in the body. Mainly due to climate change. Much fewer blue skies and frost, more grey skies and damp. People got spooked about UV and skin cancer so don’t go out in the sun as much, d deficiency effects people in different ways. Some it’s osteoporosis, others it’s joint and muscle pain, fatigue and a feeling of being unwell. More prone to coughs and colds due to immune dysfunction, again to d dysfunction.
  2. With D dysfunction you will imbalance other systems, serotonin /cortisol for one. Low sex drive and energy, testosterone and the adrenals. During a man 5th decade he goes through a form of menopause where his hormone levels change in a different way to women. I would be researching down that avenue if I had access to the right information.
  3. Pollution, it would be nice to put figures together about how much time these men were in cars, lorries, buses etc. and which had high exposure to diesel.

Well I did say a theory. Can’t back it up but makes sense.

Just been on a site for information re vit D deficiency. Use supplements (made from oily fish skin and sheep grease from sweating) or a UV lamp.✅ Defo NHS advice. 🤔 Who didn’t do their home work?

How about some common sense. On high UV days everyone should spend some time sitting in it. Gardens, parks. Those who live together can sit together. If they haven’t infected each other at home, the chances are they are safe from each other, they can then safe group social distancing with verbal interaction with others, at a safe distance. Just thinking out loud.

If mainly woman get osteoporosis after their menopause. (Vit d important in calcium control) What do men get?

In most cases, of the bug, oxygen levels drop in the body, not helpful in defence against the bug. Bug must affect the bloods ability to carry o2. Either through direct damage to haemoglobin or block its ability to transport 02. This is where it all gets a bit tricky.

My understanding of what blocks or retards or increases o2 saturation of blood by haemoglobin inhibition, to be frank, I’m a bit foggy with, and how nutritional depletion accelerates the process.

Well, it will give us all something to do during lockdown. 😂 They have a plan for everything. We could start a book on when the Gov feels law and order will break down and then wait for the leak. ✅

Well it will be the same everywhere,  so all figures need to be re-calibrate to suit the new information ✅ Guardian article – French hospital discovers Covid-19 case from December

3rd May, 2020

Dear Patient,

The PM had a big week, a child and playing catch up. Well I say catch up but nothing has happened. They seem to have missed the point. Prob only 2 or 3 percent of the herd infected and no end of lockdown in sight. Staggered working hours and not enough masks to go round. Wash your hands and sneeze on your arm. What is wrong with a handkerchief? Nothing about making the air sterile and safe or what safely kills the bug. No UV curtains or diffused antiviral mists. They are just getting temp checks in, 3 months late. People still entering the country without swab or temp check and not even 2 weeks self isolation. Plan A did not keep us safe and can’t have a plan B because a Gov cannot be seen to be wrong.

Had some constructive time with Child X yesterday (I’m primary health care and he is a patient). I hope I helped but he needs much more than I can offer. Very frustrated indeed 😞

I read somewhere the Gov says an investigation into the virus would not be helpful at this stage. I expect there can be no stage where it could be helpful to them, particularly once the truth comes out. I would like to say the truth will always come out in time, but looking back, I can’t because it’s clearly not true.

Even with 100,000 tests a day, one has to ask, how many people are tested and how often? That number would not cover the NHS, daily staff checks, let alone work out how much of the herd has been infected. Just thinking out loud.

If the NHS has been treated as badly as my part of primary care, only heaven will be able to help them.  🙏🏾 The management of the NHS are like the captain of a huge supertanker, who turns the wheel but the ship travels miles before it starts to turn. All staff should be temp checked and swabbed before entering the hospital, let alone a ward. Reg swab tests of wards and corridors for infection etc. etc. Maybe next year eh!

Prob no staff as 100,000 short due to idiot management and Gov clueless as to the staffs professional needs. How else could this have happened?

Text to a friend:
You can only change your destiny if you want to. How to do it? Whole country has their undivided attention and will comply with anything sensible, that’s a good first step.

Each employer is responsible for their staff and must keep them safe. Temp checks, swabs if need be. Clever use of UV light. Not disinfectants which will harm the environment. So salt and naturals is the way to go. Fine mist of microscopic anti viral to keep air and surfaces sterile. Sanitisers and wipes, easily available. The new hygiene to keep us safe.

Gov has to legislate and regulate. Chop chop, job done. Only need someone who could organise a piss up in a brewery.

I would offer but my parties were legend, and not ever PC. 😂

You never know. More exposure to UV not only kills the bug but helps you replicate vit d. Win win, your immune system can now fight it. ✅ You never know. Up vit d, up feeling of wellbeing , up serotonin down cortisol. Up sex drive and testosterone. 👍 All linked, thank God I’ve only just finished a refresh of endocrinology. 💋

Everyone scared of catching cancer from UV. This goes back before sun block and understanding. Passing through a UV curtain would be like stepping into the sunshine on a hot day, then stepping back.

Christ sake remember the good old British lobster, burnt from head to toe, often both sides. And still didn’t get skin cancer. 🤔 Yet the stigma continues. Without UV we die. Simple.  Regular exposure vital to health.

Howard Lamb

2nd May, 2020

Dear Patient,

I will be seeing the child today. He had an unsolicited check by the police during the week to see if he was behaving himself during lockdown and not breaking the law. He has actually been very well behaved but had the right hump by the time the police had left. The joy of autism when labelled as a naughty boy, I expect. Mother tried to get to the bottom of it and was lied too. Just a routine situation, well never did it before, so how routine is that? ✅.

Defo two sets of rules.

If you are not trained in autism you will not have a clue why a person acts like they do, particularly in a stress full situation. Not normal behaviour, must be up to something. No, just reacting to their unneeded presence.

One police person, when he was young, took it upon themselves to explain what should be done, in their opinion, to children like him. Not helpful and left him very confused if I remember. All water under the bridge now, but damage was done.

Still no news from Boris or Attorney General’s office. So they are still avoiding the truth and hope they can cover their tracks during the pandemic. What a country, justice and honour, a thing of the past.

Howard Lamb

PS I believe the Mirror did a piece on the House of Lords putting a committee together with informed world experts to understand our predicament and look for a way forwards. I expect the results will be in by 2025. Then we can compare it with the history of what actually happened. ✅

If you do the same thing in the same way, you get the same result. Good or bad. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 but predictable. ✅

Govs record on prediction not as accurate as the local psychic and medium on the pandemic. As they always do things in the same way, you can predict the outcome before they start. 😂

Lords will most prob hit turbulence in the Channel and can’t get the boat home until after the next election and beyond. Not us mate. Try them down the corridor and some silly chap pushed the delete button by mistake so can’t help you I’m afraid. ✅ He got a Stern letter but it won’t affect his pension but his promotion is delayed. That’s the way to do it, said Punch. 😂 Who then hits everyone with a big stick.

The End.

They have been doing it so long unchallenged they think it’s their right. Most certainly not God given, totality, more than likely. 😡💨🌊 then ✅ What do you reckon?

1st May, 2020

Dear Patient,

Wow MP’s standing up for what’s right, what next? Guardian article – Environmental controls key to coronavirus recovery, chancellor told

Howard Lamb

30th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just been to the clinic to do some paperwork. Even in the rain the garden at the clinic looks good. 👍

Read the news this morning and by death per million of population we are out in the lead. When the true figures are finally published, we will be the winners. What a mess. Didn’t flow much just killed lots. 😡

All Sages fault? No it wasn’t. In action by Gov since 2016 and decades before. Only a political cock up so Gov in the clear. No, fully responsible but would have to prosecute itself, like with the X children. Will they get away with it this time? No, not a cats chance in hell. 50k tests a day not 100k as promised.

Bless them they did try. 💋

At least 2% of the heard has immunity. Only 98% to go. ✅ If you think about it, everything is opposite to what they say, so we got half the tests which prob means there have been twice the deaths. .🤔🌊💨🙏🏾😇

I expect all countries figures are fake news or propaganda as it was known in my day. That’s for their peoples to sort out. What do we do with our lot? 🤔

On the bright side we will have the most immunised herd per million in the world. Well done Britain. 👏🏻

How much damage would they have done if they had let it rip to get to 60% immunity to reduce the effect of the second wave. Someone who knew his onions. Finally bypassed Sage and got through to Boris who jumped into gear only to crash after being infected at the meeting.

You couldn’t write it!

Howard Lamb

PS Gov experts advice on nutritional aids such as vits etc. If you have the correct balanced diet, with foods rich in vits mins and proteins you don’t need them until you are infected so you can give the body the tools to fight off rather than deplete and allow immune system to fail. If your diet does not allow you to for fill your dietary requirements, you need to stock up before infection as your immune system not able to fire on all 4 cylinders. Simple.

It makes you wonder, if vit d is replicated by fat in the body and this is stimulated by UV light. Is part of the bugs semi dormant state in the summer months due to elevated natural vit d production as well as the bugs low tollerence to UV light? Poss explains why so many people with darker skin tones are most effected, clearly social situation as well, nutrition in the poor etc. needing far more light to stimulate vit d production so are more depleted than the lighter skinned people, during the winter months. The darker the skin, the more protection from the sun, eskimos are white and polar. Negro’s live in the hottest places. Each colour between will have climatic influence.

Just a thought. 🤔

The irony of life, the ones who have bought up all the c and d prob don’t need it as socially they can afford it. Those who are poor and need it, can’t afford it 🤔and even if they could, the docs say, save your money it’s all a scam. ✅ More irony

Don’t have much direct contact with the sun if white as over exposure over years will cause cancer. So everyone blocks the sun and covers up. Seen hundreds of Asian patients who are vit d deficient, I wonder why?

29th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Congrats to Boris who is now a six/seven by three. A mates son has 4 from to partners so is a four by two. At least he isn’t taking leave. What a week he is having. My mother always said, be careful what you wish for.

Well my 10 year case study of the systems abuse of Child X concludes tomorrow. Ten very hard years on the family, on top of 13 previous tough years. If you don’t diagnose these children their lives will become a living hell.

Whilst they are uncovering all the virtual deaths, to get the correct figure, maybe they could find out how many have taken their own lives because there was no justice. ✅

Text to a colleague:
Into the end of 4 weeks of close down. Has anyone found a supplier of PPE that for fills the criteria for our profession yet? Or is it, sort it out yourself and if you get it wrong we will prosecute, still? 🤔

I’m not being hard on Boris but have seen the damage broken homes have done to children and how a father is often missed and seen to love others more. ✅

Howard Lamb

28th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

While waiting on Boris to settle back into work, I’m sure his medics will have recommended not to over tire himself and enlist a relapse. I’ve been researching his chapter at the end of the book. 😇

A friend told me today that the BBC had a big thing on autism that was very good, yesterday morning. Well done the BBC ✅

Over the last couple of years there has been a large amount of information through good reporting and documentaries showing some of the faults. Yet the gov still seems blind, I wonder why? It was our fault, we know what went wrong, we are in control so can cover up and who would know. Yet the children still suffer. What a mess.

Text to a mate:
Just read the Hun had got there infection rate down to 0.07 from 1 infects 1. Within in a week of mild control loosening they are back to 1 infects 1. A new little spike in two or three weeks time.

Let’s just kill the bug, in the air, on the ground, up your nose and down your throats. UV lights, anti viral fragrance and salt infusion. And personal responsibility with hygene and the world could be a different place. A dead bug can not infect anyone. Hello!!!!

Then with antibody tests many can go back safely whilst the others are environmentally protected, whilst out and about. Free mask with every condom so to speak. Well who can stop the young in love? Prob why we could not get bellow 1 infects 1 like Germany. Well it is spring. ✅

Why is there a battle? We paid for it? Guardian article – Matt Hancock urged to publish secret review of pandemic plans

Transparency laws, surely Gov said, we told you it was coming, what else could we do? 🤔 BBC News article – Coronavirus: Care home deaths up as hospital cases fall

The logistics of running a care home means lots of people are in and out not just relatives. Medics , ambulance, day and night staff, cleaners, management, deliveries, food and drugs etc. How could you possibly protect the old without PPE, testing, and external expert cleaning after a case?

I expect the figures balance out. Fewer dead in hospital which is within capacity and don’t resuss those in the homes, less likely to survive. We told you to wash your hands and stay 6 foot apart. Mmmm

Many care home were prob infected by clients coming back, untested, from hospitals, to make room for the tsunami. Freshman mistakes that are costing lives. They must just hate kids omg. Guardian article – Children in care at risk since coronavirus crisis, say campaigners

Well done the sun again. ✅ The Sun article – ‘BATTLE WON’ How New Zealand ‘eliminated’ coronavirus in weeks using the British university model that jolted UK into lockdown

Howard Lamb

27th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I really don’t think I need to cover much more at this stage. I’m willing to give Boris his chance. Man must have gone through agony whilst laid up. Wounded in battle before he went over the top. Felt he had let everyone down. He didn’t, the dye was cast back in 2016 when nothing was done by Cameron and May.

I’ll work on the book just in case things go wrong.

Howard Lamb

His medical advice given the state of things was most prob the best they could come up with, which is part of why we are in the mire now.

26th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Sage not happy with having Cummings, the PM’s adviser, attend their meeting. Scientists only, as they try and close ranks. Why? Prob because when they went all herd on us and 20K deaths was a result, when on course for 250K + in reality. Other scientists had to tell the gov and then changes were made.

If my advisers had done that to me I think I would want to know what happens in their meetings as well.

As to what the true figures are, God only knows as many are “do not resuscitate” in care homes.

California, on checking back found there first death was in Feb not March, well that sort of messes up all the projections and stats. Stats are of no use if compiled with incomplete information.

The mortality rate is stabilising, just as Merkle said. With lockdown and social distancing, an infected person only infects one. So always one new case.

Howard Lamb

PS If I were Boris I would add some onion to sage and do some stuffing on my return. 😂

At the end of the day we didn’t need a panel of scientists, a world expert on pandemics would have been more than enough. We have them but why are they not heading Sage? I expect they are all nice chaps and a wiz in their own areas, but that’s not what the country needed.

All down to politics and power so you can cover arse when you have to, unfortunately for them they have the public hanging on their every word and who will not forget.

Such a coincidence that Boris was infected about the same time Sage was shown to get it wrong 🤔 and changes were made. Gov acted quick enough then. You would have thought the chief medical officer would have protected our PM. 🤔

Sage wants to stay secret. That way we can’t see the cv’s of those who were expert or not on pandemics. I wonder why? ✅

Text to a friend (As phone on lockdown and can only send one at a time)
My next question is what links do they have with the privy council, or the heart of the crown?  I can’t believe unknown people are in charge so the privy council must have had a role. Under threat of reform as are the civil service. All for the greater good or not? 🤔

Atlas, who knew, huge lump of ice flying past the sun and expected to blow up in May. First question I asked was is it going to hit us and that’s why we were infected and locked down? Getting old and twisted. Bright light in the sky, 3 wise men, started before Easter. The rebirth of Christian beliefs and Christ’s spirit walks the world once more. Happier with that explanation. ✅

The Gov needed someone who could organise a piss up in a brewery. Cut red tape and get it done. Take PPE, it’s always been out there but not in normal channels. Same stuff but not from that scam of official suppliers to NHS. NHS is paying through the nose but has ticket boxes. Prob due to bloods scandal, they must be sure of the quality and after shipman who listens to a doctor? 🤔

So management clueless and rely on closed shop to keep us safe. Bin bags, same as in Tesco but at an inflated rate. Prob came over in the same container from China. Everyone has a finger in the pie. Ministry’s avoid go getters. Gov full of puppets who are deceived by the civil service. Covered by committee and lobbied for by capitalist pressure. If you add it all up, a plastic bag in the ward prob costs a fiver. ✅

It’s as if the civil service want the Gov to fail so they can’t be reformed. More to this than meets the eye. Ducks gone missing. Everyone gone quiet. Why?

I expect that’s why they have not backed my profession. Not tried and tested, restrict via regulation then down grade to therapist, ever though you have a valid doctorate. 🤔

We were tried and tested. Came out better than physio who had acute cases. We had better results on their chronic failures. Better than osteopaths. Yet by some magic that has all changed. No politics there then. How much work had to be done to twist that? 🤔

I wasn’t even part of it, mainly BCA type who were going for some integration into the national health. I didn’t want to show them up. 😂😂😂 The GCC is controlled or reports to and takes orders from the Privy Council. So the major general is up to his armpits in all parts of this cover up. BCA Singh used to work at GCC and had to be in on it, leading the BCA and our profession to the slaughter. I expect it will just be blamed on politics. Not perverting the course of justice. ✅

Well done clinicians. 👍 Guardian Article – If ministers fail to reveal 2016 flu study they ‘will face court’

If they knew this,it explains why they gave up so fast and did the herd thing that followed. Where was the science then?

Words fail me. Guardian article – Germany’s Covid-19 expert: ‘For many, I’m the evil guy crippling the economy

25th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Let’s hope the world does not slide into an international free for all and blame game. The signs are already there. We need to work as a well coordinated machine to bring the world back from the brink. If oil is worth nothing, neither is the global petro economy. So we are bankrupt, full stop.

Once declared, and the dials are reset to 5 cents on the dollar to its creditors then we would have the finance to sort this mess out. Trump having been a bankrupt will see the advantage. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

It would tend to affect China and Germany the most, being the only major powers in credit. But as they are responsible for the emissions scam and responsible for shortening the lives of millions, I am over it already. ✅

I expect we will soon see if Trump is a true commander in chief or just the C in charge. ✊

I expect on the German faced emissions scam. They had to stick to the law in their own country. Prob why their death toll lower than those they polluted. 🤔 Prob over thinking it due to lockdown. They could not be that evil again, surely.

Howard Lamb

PS C in charge COMIC

24th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I keep looking at the figures for those who have recovered against those who have not. I hope it’s due to admin not catching up but I have a horrible feeling that there is more to it.

How much damage to lungs, heart and organs is there on those who may not fully recover? 🤔 ?????

Howard Lamb

PS It would prob be handy to list, not just the dead but the injured as well, like in any war, to understand the full extent of damage being done to the population, sorry herd!

Dead, injured and fully recovered. 👍

23rd April, 2020

Dear Patient,

That explains a lot and how things do or do not get done. Wikipedia article – Privy Council of the United Kingdom

I also expect that the reason the Gov is against killing the bug to get back some normality. A dead bug can not infect anyone, a live bug could infect someone two weeks later, is the cost?

More woolly thinking. If it costs a business £500 to safe guard the air and surfaces of your enterprise, so you can start to trade again, who is not going to pay it? Airports , planes, trains are someone else’s responsibility and not the Gov. All a bit like a rabbit in the headlights, just before it gets run over by a truck. 🤔✅

When it comes to honourable people, who makes sure they are? I forgot much better to cover up as don’t want to be seen in a bad light. 🤔

You can’t assume that one bad apple will spoil the rest. But you can’t assume it hasn’t either. How do you solve that one? 🙏🏾✅

Text to a friend:
Going to have a tea break for the next few days. If Boris post viral syndrome’d, he will not be back anytime soon. He has had pneumonia and will take a year to fully recover or he will relapse once tired. The rest will already be trying to get in pole position to take over. What a mess!

Howard Lamb

22nd April, 2020

Dear Patient,

You have to ask why they clearly don’t want to talk to me and face up to the fact they have been abusing disabled kids for decades? No human rights and nobody to stand up for them. Prob because some would have to do time.

So the question of the day is:
How can you prosecute the prosecutors who are guilty of serious crimes, when they run the country? ✅

I do have sympathy as they are only doing their job. The people I am after are the ones who twisted the system in the first place and are truly guilty of horrible crimes. Until that is sorted nothing can move because if you change things it’s an admission of guilt. 🤔

Privy council is prob saying they will not deal with terrorists as I am public enemy no 1 and prob on the terrorist list, like those who glued themselves to London’s infrastructure, up the rebellion. 👍

The sooner the privy council is reformed, the sooner we move forwards. Out all those who are there to cover arse? In all those who are for the greater good. 😊✅

After Brexit and into pandemic the privy council has obstructed and failed miserably. Time for a change. ✅

As to their true guilt over the X children, hopefully time will tell! Who knows, if you did the same to all world authorities, we might even save the planet .👍

Old 6th’s father was reforming the council. Anyone heard how he got on? 🤔

Question of the day

Question of the day, which chapter am I on? 😂 I missed a few because they were done at the time. Let’s hope for a happy ending. ✊

How many reports are missing? The child minister getting to the bottom of it, Norman Lamb’s charge into the NHS management structure. How it was missed that the children’s rights had been removed? If you think back lots were said but seemingly f..k all done. Why, if they have nothing to hide?

Howard Lamb

21st April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
I don’t blame Boris at all for any of this strangely enough. He was voted in to get Brexit done and move the country forwards after years in the doldrums. Why did the civil service not switch into gear as they are the custodians off all knowledge present and past?Why didn’t anyone speak up?

Gov had an intake of newbies that needed help to settle in. Where was their cover? Why didn’t they listen to who? Pride ? Did not want to be seen as useless so came up with their plan and didn’t think it through. Which experts advised them in correctly. Why did they not take advantage of British industry? Why can’t we get our tests right when others have? List getting longer with each day.

Who was in charge in 2012, when this all kicked off? Not Boris.

Who decide to black ball me out of the profession through false claim litigation and correct CPD but taken off the register anyway? Not Boris. Long list.

Who perverted the law to abuse children? Not Boris, he likes blonds with baps.

Who organised the system to fail but with no ability to complain? Not Boris.

How many people had to cover it up?

How many laws did they have to bend? 🤔

Another long list.

It’s a shame that Boris has been side lined by the bug, if he has post viral syndrome, he will not be back for a while. What happens then? 🤔 Hopefully not Gove as his hands were all over the Trojan 5 disgrace. Good people accused wrongly then covered up. 🤔

How do I know? One of them is, an extended family, a patient who talked to me about this farce in the early stages. ✅

Remember, radicalised kids in Birmingham. The truth, better exam results than Gov’s norm. The five were all cleared after their careers were ruined. Only thing that was radicalised was the exam results. All in the records.

My patient is Muslim but it was his ability as a NLP coach that made a difference. I believe the others were either of no faith or a range of others. 🤔 NLPworks well with autism. Is how it is, no flannel. Mother is highly qualified in NLP, a small part of her search to help her child.

Chapter for the day:
How education failed this child. Going to be a long one. Gove was in charge of Ed and ruthlessly blocks change. Education has not learnt its lesson.

Prob ask my nice Muslim mate to add his experience to my chapter. Particularly the bit about how these kids should be treated in the class room environment, to get the best out of them!

Text to a friend:
I’m pretty sure that the shambles we are in is reversible. That’s what we brits do.

Look, once the last over is bowled, you will get our full attention. Once our backs are up against the wall, proper people stand up and are counted. Look at the NHS. Crippled by management incompetence and going beyond the call of duty. Proper honourable people. Not like the wankers we have with titles now. ✅

Just googled D. Raab esq. Been in all the right places to have helped Child X and clearly failed for his ten years in Gov and Parliament. What a sorry state of affairs.

Gove at it again I see. Guardian article – UK coronavirus live: Hancock says vaccine trials start this week but denies ‘political decision’ not to join EU ventilator scheme

Oops, not just me then. Guardian article – Philip Pullman: ministers should face charges if Brexit politics slowed PPE

Howard Lamb

20th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I’ve just been told that it was predicted under Cameron that if there were a pandemic we would be short of PPE and respirators. If true you can understand why the Gov has been so defensive on the subject. Why did they, knowing they would be short, not pull all the stops out back in Feb, when it was clear what was about to happen? Another one for the post mortem!

Just like my Child X case, if they don’t want to listen, nothing can happen. You look at the opportunities they have had, at multiple levels, to talk to me. All that’s happened so far is I talk to you, ten years on. This cannot be right in a democracy.

My problem is the Gov cannot just say, hands up we cocked up and are so sorry for the damage done to these children, so law and justice stops and we are in ground hog day. After all if the child had been handled correctly from the beginning all our live would have moved on. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS that’s why I’ve talked about no civic responsibility. It would seem, from my observation the bigger the cock up the more honours are dished out to cover it up.  🤔

If that were not the case, why am I writing to you and not been listened to by them? My letter to Sir Kier is nearly done.

It makes you wonder what secrets Cameron’s hair dresser heard to get his honour. 😂

Text to a friend :
About to finish my letter to Sir Kier. Any idea what his record, as head of CPS, which earned him his knighthood was? Did he prosecute more rapes. Child abuse. Domestic violence, fraud? Were sentences lighter as no room in prison? Never heard of him until he took over labour!

Do you have to sign the official secrets act to get a sir or lord or is it done by being in the old boys club do you think? 🤔 It would explain his embarrassment with his knighthood. Explains why Sir Mike got his. How do you prove that?  🤔

I’ll go back through the paperwork, to remind myself, it will be in there somewhere!

All Sir K is going to do, is show how caring he is and helpfully pointing out the error of their ways, whilst ready to take power if conservatives explode from scandals. 🤔 F..k the peasants, nice man. Human rights lawyer and self. 🤔

Exactly !!!

One idiot who is clueless in an area where you need expertise, followed by another who covers up for the last and gets an honour and pension for his time and good effort. How do you correct that? 🤔👏🏻👏🏻

Good scam eh. 🙊 Yea all good stuff for the book. As a wanna bee therapist, no point doing the paper, as who would listen, so never had the time before. Lockdown has been a blessing. 😂

Yea in time, I have two patients willing to ghost write for the family. Do a video interview for net and off they go. One half of my family been in film industry for 50 years so not a prob.

BCA have a hole chapter. 😂😂😂

Yea you can see where my research and ramblings took me over the past 4 yearsor so as I did all my prep work and chapter topics. ✅ All in my paperwork if you read it. That’s a bit harsh, I’m sure you can be honoured if you are not a thieving baron 👍 ah Sir Phil ✅

Better late than never. Old tech so could have been done much sooner. Guardian article – UK to trial coronavirus treatments using blood from survivors

More common sense. ✅ Guardian article – Will there be a second wave of coronavirus?

Really , who would have thought. Guardian article – Air pollution may be ‘key contributor’ to Covid-19 deaths – study

Ironic the Germans fiddled emissions and have better health cover thanks to profit. 🤔

I don’t blame Boris at all for any of this strangely enough. He was voted in to get Brexit done and move the country forwards, after years in the doldrums. Why did the civil service not switch into gear as they are the custodians off all knowledge present and past? Why didn’t anyone speak up?

Gov had an intake of newbies that needed help to settle in. Where was their cover? Why didn’t they listen to who? Pride ? Did not want to be seen as useless so came up with their plan and didn’t think it through. Which experts advised them incorrectly? Why did they not take advantage of British industry? Why can’t we get our tests right when others have?

List getting longer with each day. Can’t blame Boris for what he inherited. ✊

19th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

The whole world has been infected, even in the countries who have it under control, it will still be there and ready to go again when the conditions are right.

It’s much like many of the back problems I see. They are chronic, with a long history, once you stabilise them you keep them on maintenance to control the condition, because too much damage has been done and it’s not curable.

So if we treat the virus we then have to keep it under control.

It is over 2 weeks since we last saw patients and none of us has been infected, I cannot prove that the measures I took are responsible but we are in an area where Northwick Park hospital and Watford general were both full of victims.

Even if a vaccine is found in due time, what about the next bug, and the one after that or this bug again once mutated?

The world is shut down and nobody is thinking straight. Time for a rethink I would hope. ✅

Maybe they should be looking at why the general health of the nation is so poor and why so many people are vulnerable.

There are several books to be written on that subject alone.

Drugs are a tool to help stabilise and control, not the answer to good health. 🤔 As long as the nation are reliant on drugs for health, the NHS can never be big enough to cope. Everything is geared to stop you from dying. Not to stop you from getting into that state in the first place. 🙊

I expect the food industry must be at the bottom of it, we are what we eat. All veg and fruit that is sold should be certificated that they actually contain all the bits and minerals they should have. If the soil is over cropped they will look the part but be just full of water. Ready meals that actually supply the balance of proteins and good fats necessary for health.

Long list. Fast or shit food should be taxed to help pay for the medical bills later.

The TV chefs with responsibility to produce balanced meals not just pretty with flavour. People are being conned, low sugar means more fat and low fat means high sugar. Sweets should be an occasional treat not large daily intake. Free market so who gives a damn.

Labelling on food is a joke. You need 18 different proteins and 9 essential fatty acids plus vits minerals and trace elements, fibre etc. Are you any the wiser once you have read it? 🤔 Like fags there should be stuff on the packaging. If you eat all the pies you will die horribly in time and a pic of a huge fat liver. 🤔 If you eat this product you can pay your own health bills. 👍

All you have to do is read a list of alien ingredients on the package to know it’s full of preservative and flavour enhancers. May not kill you today but the long term use will shorten your life

Howard Lamb

PS Once upon a time I bought a loaf of bread which would go mouldy in time, yet you buy a loaf now and it’s so full of preservative it now takes weeks, not days. Wheat intolerance and irritable bowl come to mind. Food is safe, we irradiated it or picked it early and store in the cold. Not natural but it looks the part.

PPS When it comes to labelling it should be based on what’s digestible after being cooked. Not ,what in theory it contains but actually.

PPPS I have just read a long piece, re the corona cock up, by 3 people from the Guardian. (Toby, Emma and Robin) Said much that I have already covered.

It explained why Child X was side lined by Gov thinking. Brexit, new cabinet and trade deals were of priority. Not vulnerable children and anyone over 55. Particularly if male and ethnic. What was Blaire, Brown, Cameron and May’s excuse?  🤔

18th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

We are not 100% sure this is not man made at the moment. The bug seems not to conform to the norm. So we can’t be 100% sure they will find a vaccine. If genetically modified and designed for whatever reason in a lab and escaped, it’s a new ball game.

I hope that this is not the case but whilst we are not sure, it should be planed for, and that means we have to kill the bug, slow its replication, and control the damage being done to humanity .

Please read texts to a friend on the subject:
It’s taken 4 months to infect 2 million. How long will it take to get through 7 billion.

As the summer comes and we survive the first wave it is vital to prep for the autumn and winter, when the second wave comes. 🤔

I say old chap, I would, a bus hits the man he was talking to and kills him. Get out of the way,a bus is about to hit you. 🤔 Never mind!

To get off lockdown the environment must be safe. UV light does kill the bug so every shop, café, bar, pub and restaurant can have one. Entering a safe atmosphere. You could have heat sensors to restrict the infected. Salt kills it. Saline atmosphere with suitable essential oils. Frankincense was not worth, ounce for ounce, more than gold for no good reason. Back in the day, a birthday gift for Jesus. 🤔

Throat and nasal sprays that inhibit or stop replication and help the body kill and conquer the bug. Aircons having sterile air attachments fitted. Tube air systems sterilised and the air and surfaces kept bug free. Got a better idea? 🤔

Just to be helpful, Mrs Merkle reckons that with social distancing an infected person will only infect one person and not 3. Sounds good, however to get to full herd immunity it will take years. If one gets it and gives it to one, you still have one infected. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Mrs Merkle is actually a rocket scientist and does joined up thinking so I believe what she says Ours and their death rate tends to show they used intelligence. ✅

No brainier really. They traced every case. We had a flow expert and failed foot and mouth defence. 🤔 Well in foot and mouth they destroyed the herd. 🤔

Remember back in the early days a couple of months back, they were only going to test in the early stages. Once past a certain number of tests they were into the herd theory. (prob based on mad cow and foot and mouth , their only previous training , years ago) So are now clueless as to how much of the herd is infected.

If I die from it at 65, smoker and had atrial flutter, not medicated at the moment as no need. I would end up in,the going to die anyway starts. Mmmmm

So all the people with huge bucks prob over 55 (some exceptions as always to most rules) must have health issues due to the stress and strain, like mine controllable. Long healthy life and male. Not good PR to tell them they have a high chance of death. 💀✅ Nothing is ever what it seems to be.

So all the people with huge bucks prob over 55 (some exceptions as always to most rules) must have health issues due to the stress and strain, like mine controllable. Long healthy life and male. Not good PR to tell them they have a high chance of death. 💀✅ Nothing is ever what it seems to be.

I do love stats, how many who have had flu vaccine died re how many who haven’t for instance? How many women have been on the pill/HRT in comparison to those who didn’t? If there is a difference, there must be a reason. ✅

You could then cross reference areas where there are levels of oestrogen and progesterone s in our water supply. 🤔 Prob a bit of a problem there, as nobody wants to admit there’s a problem. ✅ It’s possible that as men’s testosterone levels decrease in there 50’s it leaves them more prone.  🤔 Big hormonal influence to have immune system working at high levels. 🤔

Just think football again. UV lights, antiviral mist, throat and nasal suppression, temp check and social distanced. Players tested every day and staff. ✅ Only local home fans rest can watch at home

I have noticed that the daily figures tend to fluctuate between the mid 700’s to the mid 900’s. If Mrs Merkle is right the figures will stay stable and slow to reduce even on lock down, as one person infects one more so one is always infected. Yet she is trying to open up the economy. Prob not rocket science why that’s such a bad idea. To simple I expect.

Common sense at last. ✅ Guardian article – Don’t bet on vaccine to protect us from Covid-19, says world health expert

Oops that would put us up there with Italy and Spain for numbers. Guardian article – UK care home Covid-19 deaths ‘may be five times government estimate’

17th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Now you have been on lockdown for a month and wound down/up, with no end in site.

Welcome to benefit world. One happy day a fortnight when the giro hits. Then skint, bored, demotivated, no help, and life in gen is s—.for the next 13.

Disabled person, mental health, (life’s shit and the bug not helping) beggars/homeless (sharp fall in corp profit) old folks homes which have been infected. Human tragedy long before 19. 🤔

Kids in homes unsupervised. Trafficked women with no profit. Once you start to think it is horrible ✅

That makes sense. Early days yet, more to come I expect. Fox News article – Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US

Howard Lamb

16th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

A friend told me yesterday that some lawyers were talking to the Gov about autistic kids being restricted during lock down and apparently autistic kids can go out a bit more.

Sounds good but when you realise the Gov has gone out of its way not to diagnose autism, it’s not going to help most of them.  🤔

Howard Lamb

PS I also believe the Cabinet Secretary has decided to do nothing in the PM’s absence. No surprises there then. He is prob responsible for my Child X case study not getting anywhere after all. Don’t do anything if you don’t have to, standard procedure. ✅

15th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I talked to the mother yesterday. Child is stressed. No money, nothing to do and on his own. Having dark thoughts and no relief from them due to his obsessive nature. His passion is mechanics but has not got a project to keep him occupied.

He has been banned twice and failed his test over a dozen times. Not because he can’t drive but his brain configuration does not allow him to pass the theory. Long story. If he was talked through the test so he understands the question he would get it right.

Part time job as a white van man would be perfect to allow him to start to move forwards. Who cares? Well the Gov created the situation and don’t want to pay compensation to countless thousands. That would explain a lot.

Sod the child, our reputation is at stake. Do not resuscitate. There is something really dark at the heart of all of this.

I’ve only asked questions, that nobody wants to answer to!….🤔

Many a young chap like mine has kept our traffic police busy for years. Maybe the traffic police can get them through theory and test, saving a fortune in chasing them about. 🤔 Care in the community at long last, how nice. If you have not educated them, how do you expect them to pass a written/computerised test?  😡

He passed his bike test first time which was based on driving and answering questions. He is a bright boy. You work it out.

It’s all translatable. And some fell on stony ground. You don’t throw good money after bad.

Final texts re Easter:
You work it out. Nice Jewish boy giving a chat on just the one God. Let’s schlapp miles and have a listen. The family, livestock and small holding will be fine for a few weeks whilst I just F off. Ducks not in alignment defo. What moved so many so much? I’ll let you know once I’ve worked it out.  🤔😂😂

Romans and Herod had a plan for the holy land. The peasants were quietly revolting not wanting the cross. Pagans rule in Gods country, I expect didn’t go down well. Never ending taxes to the Romans and Herod’s building plans, children sold into slavery by the temple.

Then a lone voice says there is always a better way when things go wrong, let’s talk.

Being pacifist they couldn’t just charge in an chop everyone up. Politics what else. 🤔 Ducks gone V shaped.  😂 All those thieves crucified, were prob just people who could not pay tax. Stolen from the state, just to make the point.

Jesus threatened capitalism so had to go. Jesus started human rights. That’s prob the message that has been conveniently forgotten.

Rome made the masses obey religion under their control and influence. Loads of dodgy Pope’s and here we are today. ✅ End of human rights for centuries. Who kicked it off again? 🤔

Mohamed I expect. ✅

And all those who aren’t in homes but in their own or family or on the streets. In other hospital wards. Long list, we already know the answer. ✅ Guardian Article – UK coronavirus: care providers allege Covid-19 death toll underestimated

Howard Lamb

14th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend :
40 years in the wilderness and still not seen the promised land , I get where Moses was coming from 😂😂😂💋

I bet the feeding of the thousand was due to the word getting round, bring your own food as not enough to go round. Well there was not phone or internet. 👍🤔

The sermon on the mount was prob something to do with acoustics, so many fed and watered people, with good sanitation, could hear him. Bit like an early ad Glastonbur , without RV’s. Set in the place and time, just to put it together would have taken a miracle but the message is still spoken 2,000 years later. Defo miracle.

PS Sanitation. Well it’s not called cholera on the mount is it. 😂 The tribes were prob in the desert till the last of capitalism, from there Egyptian travels, was exterminated so they didn’t rape the promised land. 🤔 How did that work out? ✅

Greed is within human nature and must be resisted or in the long run it can’t be sustained. ✅ Capitalism through history has been like the virus, every time you think it’s under control, it breaks out somewhere else.  🤔

Thought of the day: Then the meek will inherited the earth. Amen. ✅

Just think, Christ had shamanic roots. The mount in the middle of Lebanese red, 00 rocky. Afghan black and the opium fields. Would not have been the church or Hollywood experience I’m sure. Shit faced and hallucinating to drums and gongs I expect.

Must have been some party, it’s memory is legend.

You could not write it, again. Guardian article – UK government’s coronavirus response beset by mixed messages and U-turns

Well done Ireland. 👏🏻 Why is coronavirus killing so many more people in the UK than in Ireland?

Howard Lamb

13th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

The Gov is still trying to get its head around the virus. After seeing how they have handled autism, I have grave doubts of their abilities to handle this situation.

If the country is going to be locked down for another year before herd saturation and countless thousands dead. Civilisation as we know it has gone. We need to kill the bug, on the ground, in the air and get life back under control. Hopefully soon they will produce a list of suitable antiviral agents that will do the job and get on with it.

I am enjoying my enforced rest but worry about my patients.

As for Autism, what a good time for all involved to get the right CPD. Then diagnose and put in the correct care plan in place and move forwards, after all its all in the genes. ✅

I have mentioned before how important mentoring for these kids is. When you hate school and they hate you, when your anger is taken home and is destructive. When you are bullied on the street, you must have a safe place or person who understands and helps you through. How else can you break the cycle? 🤔

How I managed to achieve this with Child X is in my case study and papers to the major general, in 2012. If education and social services had continued my treatment plan the child would not be in the situation he is now. Screwed.  🤔 i.e. No qualification, predictive text written English no understanding of normal life. Can’t be on his own, long list without the traumatic stress, then you have to understand which are processing problems and which are emotional blocks/patterns. Just a naughty boy?

I expect all those MP’s locked away with nothing to do till the 21st would love to hear from you, to give them something to do until then. Then maybe we can get some answers when parliament is back.

Makes you wonder how things get done in their absence.  🤔 Don’t hold back as there can be no justice until the injustice is undone. ✅ Change or the better and not just for the sake!

Howard Lamb

PS The miracle of Easter is, of course, the spirt of Christ as a holy ghost reminding us of his teachings, common in many religions. At least read through the 10 commandments and see how well you are or are not doing. ✅ Got through mine ok but need to do better in some areas.  🙏🏾🤔😂✅

If you live by the commandments and stick to your oath , how can it have gone so wrong.  🤔

Well done Australia, can’t wait for ours to be published. ✅ Guardian article – Australians are as happy as before coronavirus lockdown, Guardian Essential poll finds

No not our Gov.  😪 Guardian article – Half of coronavirus deaths happen in care homes, data from EU suggests

Prob due to Brexit but dumb. Guardian article – Timeline of UK’s coronavirus PPE shortage

More on the streets then. Guardian article – Millions in UK having to choose between paying rent and eating, poll suggests

12th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Easter Sunday
A day where all hope would seem to be gone, then a miracle.
By the hand of God or other.

The Sunday Sermon:
Being spectrum positive my childhood was not the norm and I was blocked on multiple subjects by abuse. Caning, detention and mental torture at school did not help. All my fault as I was stupid and rebellious.
It took me till I was 23 before my proper education started because I actually wanted to do it.

I had great fortune with my flat mates . In exchange for me leading them astray,they got me through the first yea . All had 3 A levels in science subjects at A grade. I was a mature student with an O level history and geography plus grade 1 CSE in maths.

After catching up I actually started to enjoy learning. ✅ The next 40 years shot by and we are here today.

The moral of my story is do not judge a book by its cover, otherwise the story cannot come to life. Once I had learned how to learn, with my brain configuration, life became much easier. ✅ Key words that open that memory bank, the nut of truth, at the centre which can expand out to cover everything.

I expect that is why I have mastered our technique based on my fathers and BJ Palmer whilst others could not. 🤔

Text re genome damage and autism:
If a girls gene on one X is autistic, the other X will help to balance it. If the y gene has it the X gene cannot influence. Thought for the day.
Prob hidden in the female population ready to explode on marriage.  😂

Howard Lamb

PS Wasn’t having a pop at women kin.

In many cases the autism comes to the surface when in a safe secure environment. Often suppressed and blocked further through parenthood and relationships. Then fee suicidal once the kids grow up. 🤔

What do you get if cross an autistic Y gene with an autistic X gene? 🤔 A very confused child or a genius or etc. But anything but the norm. ✅

You can’t factor out human influence. Traumatic births, causing brainstem and cranial compression at birth, drugs. No slap on the bottom whilst dangled upside down to elicit reflex change if not complete naturall .

Then being viewed like a specimen. We have done nothing, the family situation has deteriorated so must be their fault.

You could not write it 😞 Guardain article – Reveal cost of 3.5m unusable Covid-19 tests, health chiefs told

PPS if they can easily check genomes for autistic traits. Why do you have to wait for years to be diagnosed by a clinical psychologist?

Why aren’t all kids checked at birth so the parents, careers, medics, SS know and can then handle the child correctly with the correct diagnosis?

PPPS I see Handcock said Germany had better testing facilities, naming a Swiss company.

Truth is it’s a no brainier? You’ve got temporary hospitals, why didn’t you do the same with testing and bring in all the others who could? Universities fish farm or animal labs, clueless. 😡

If 2 lab technicians can do 1,000 tests a day . You only need 200 with a bit of kit to do 100,000 a day. Not rocket science. 🤔✅

PPPPS Two technicians in a hospital with a bit of kit. How many tests would that be? 🤔 They could do all staff each day and prob patients as well. 🤔✅

11th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Interesting article:
Figures up to August and no prediction of what percentage of the herd would be infected by then, at 30 plus thousand dead at one percent death rate, nowhere near 60 percent. ✅ What do they then do? Guardain article – US institute revises down forecast for UK coronavirus deaths

PS The reason we are projected to have the most deaths in Europe is because the Gov decided that was the best answer they could come up with, they got their death rate wrong, which is why they had to change course, just before Boris was infected by the scientist who told him. You could not write it. 🤔✅
Clearly waiting for the summer heat to kill the curv . Then what in the autumn? 🙏🏾

Howard Lamb

10th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Maybe we could say a prayer ,not just for the viral infected but all those autistic kids who are illegally locked up, those who have been labelled and ignored, their mothers who have banged their heads on the official brick wall and got nowhere. Even for the SS so they can have a clue.
The way the virus has been handled follows the norm that I found in my case study, don’t do anything to rock the boat, ignore the facts, listen only to your own experts who may not be expert in the specific field of interest. When things start to go wrong , do nothing because if you do something now it shows you were wrong to begin with.

When it is clear that something is going horribly wrong, blame somebody else and deny responsibility at all costs. Cover in huge amounts of paper. It doesn’t have to be that way.
Amen 🙏🏾

Howard Lamb

PS I wonder what the death figures are for those who died in their own or families homes.  🤔 I’m sure tissue samples from the dead would paint a fuller picture of the virus.✅

Dear Oxford, it would be nice to check ,not assume 👍 Guardian article –  Less than 1% of Austrians infected with coronavirus, study shows

In the press this week were two stories:
1 How a scientist in the Faro islands, who ran a salmon, testing for virus in the farmed fish, lab. Used his brain and adapted,to test for Corona and managed up to a thousand tests a day. Hailed a hero as they have not had a death so far and they have the virus under control at this time.

The other was an article in the sun where do not resuscitate for autistics in working age. If true, another disgrace.

9th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

How does the Gov cope with a crisis? Cover up.  Guardian article – NHS staff forbidden from speaking out publicly about coronavirus

Text to a colleague:
Well 6 days after the clinic shut and staff and I are still clear. If someone had advised the best face mask in the early stages we could all be practicing safely. The damage this is doing to my practice, immens , even if we went back tomorrow contacting thousands of patients and rebooking etc. My accountants are working out projected loss.
Who do you want me to send the bill to?
Do like a day in court. Just thinking
As GCC is the mouth piece of the Gov,  maybe our regulator could secure 100million to help the profession over the crisis they have made. 🤔
We could communicate with the other Royal Colleges and Portadown to find out what we can do to sterilise the air in our clinics without killing anyone.
Test each potential killing agent eg. salt for instance and find out how small a level in atmosphere would kill it. UV what strength and length of exposure, oils singularly and in combination, alcohol etc. etc. And with Gov funding it could all be done quickly.
Oh yes I forgot we are not proper doctors. 🤔
Text to a friend:
Same thing in same way?
2 patients, similar in all way . One improves and says they did everything I told them. The other says I’m doing everything you told me to do and am getting worse. 👍🤔✅
If I did the same thing the results should have been the same.
Ah yes. Someone telling porkies and carried on regardless, is 99 percent of the cases, with investigation. The 1 percent you refer to the docs for urgent bloods. So always a reason.
Once you have found out why, you can continue and if the patient gets the message about healing time, you can both move on.
Revolutionary to the cabinet office, explains much. Well if everyone is fibbing and ticking boxes ,the patient will never recover. That’s how you can manage to ram square pegs in round holes and mark your own work, which was perfect and close to budget. ✅
Cause and effect:
If you cause something to happen, affecting everyone in certain groups of society on purpose. Where is the ethics and justice for those it has harmed?  🤔

What can I say ✅   Guardian article – Hundreds of UK care home deaths not added to official coronavirus toll

Howard Lamb

8th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Hate to say I told you so. Let’s pray they are wrong. Guardian article – Coronavirus live news: global trade forecast to fall by up to a third as US sees highest one-day death toll

Howard Lamb

7th April, 2020

Dear Patient,
As more information comes out, our understanding of the virus improves. Earlier I found it had a temp limit but was wrong at 27 degrees, as thought in the early stages, it is higher than that, but still effective. The conclusions below come from test carried out in China. 🇨🇳

The survival ability of SARS coronavirus in human specimens and in environments seems to be relatively strong. Heating and UV irradiation can efficiently eliminate the viral infectivity.

Howard Lamb

PS Still looking for trials with salt.

PPS It can survive in faeces and mild urine for up to 96 hrs which was a surprise. And animals can catch it. 🤔

It would be helpful if the Gov released a list of effective agents which do have a negative affect on the virus and take the guessing out.
Hot water salt gargle should work as should a hot toddy. UV works but I don’t know the exposure needed as yet but I’m sure that will come in time.

Text to a friend:
The one thing that really spooked 😳 me right at the beginning was the thought of super spreader not showing symptoms and being contagious for potentially a long time. So as soon as lockdown eases we are off again. 🤔
Hence my thinking about hygiene and kill the bug, otherwise, like the common cold, variants will come back and haunts as again and again.
Not hard to achieve now business suffering. UV curtain at a non-damaging level to humans at every entrance, office, shop, station etc. Mild saline mist or other proven environmental friendly compounds. Everywhere, after the army has debugged everything. All aircons must have antiviral capability. You get the idea.

It would follow their plan for foot and mouth, disinfecting anything moving in and out of an area to stop the spread of the disease. ✅
Super spreaders are prob infected people, whose immune system keeps the virus at bay but can’t get at it properly, so can not get rid of it until circumstance change. Hot toddy or two. ✅ 😂 Thank god they didn’t model it on mad cows, solved it by shooting and burning everything if I remember.
So, if we get to a point where restrictions are lifted on the herd, and only 1 or 2 percent have been infected, what will happen again do you think? 🤔✅  I would love to see their exit plan. Wash hands and stay 5 meters apart. 🤔

PPPS I got the figure of 27degrees from the National Health. Prob explains a lot. 🤔

Also public health England’s only expertise over the last 40 years has been with live stock, hence the herd theory.🤔 Didn’t go well for the herds as all infected were slaughtered. 🤔

Is it because the cows did not stand 6 foot apart or other reasons why mad cow and foot and mouth infected livestock nationally?

6th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I hope Boris gets well soon. After being infected by the guy who told them their herd strategy could kill over a million, it’s not what he needed. Then he thought he could work through it, which has already killed doctors and health workers and wonders why he ends up in hospital! I don’t know who was responsible for keeping him safe but they did not do the job they were paid to do.

We have a tiger in New York zoo positiv ,🤔 so it can infect animals too. Let’s hope London’s rat catchers are testing their quarry?

To many questions:
Why are the Tubes not been made virus free?
Why has proper face equipment not been produced?
Why has the gargle with salt water or alcohol message not got through? Sure, wash hands and distance but kill the bug in the throat before it’s colonised by virus.
Why hasn’t the army got involved in killing the bug? After all their job is to protect the nation.
Long list.

I expect that when plan A fell apart there was no plan B. It needs to change and fast. Even at 1% fatality, which is low for a forecast, 700,000 could die over the next two or three years whilst the herd gets full immunity.

Howard Lamb

PS I would love to see the figures of how many, who ended up with pneumonia, have returned to the same health as they had before infection and how many are permanently damaged. 🤔

PPS My thoughts are with the NHS. Best time for the bug to invade, is in those who are fatigued. The most dangerous thing to do is finish your 10 hr plus shift because of staff shortages. When you didn’t feel great at the beginning. 🤔 Torn between self and the patients care.

God bless ya. ✅

5th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

I see some expert reckons that if we all behave ourselves it could be over in a month.

How’s that possible with the NHS workers constantly being infected and not in isolation? Call girls (self employed). Travellers and gypsies, army moving about. Police on the streets. Supermarkets open, a long list.

Maybe only experts on the virus should give opinion based on fact instead of uneducated opinion of those who are expert in different area’s.

Howard Lamb

PS They have given up tracing infected peoples victims weeks ago and don’t have a clue how deeply imbedded it has become. If we are truly running at 10% deaths in a population of 7 million we are in trouble.

Thankfully that is not the case but it is clear the Gov has no idea how many are and or have been infected. ✅

PPS How hard can it be to produce a full face mask with filter breathing? Everyone got one in 1939, with a nice box as well. 🤔
Could catch on. Now, how do I accessorise my mask today? 🤔which colour? 🤔 With or without ear muffs ?

Text to my other associations: 👍
Before I move to the next level, I would like to make it clear, I have nothing against BCA members. Know lots, some good friends. Went to their college and was a member of the BCA. As was my father before I was born.

It’s the egocentric arseholes, who damaged our profession, that have and are running it, my beef is with them. I’m sorry to say I will not be able to protect the membership. 😥

As for Toggle does not work? Our practice was the first and prob still the only one in Europe to see over a million patient treatments through personal referrals. Defo no marketing machine. I think I mentioned that bit to Howell in my first letter back in 2012.

Why haven’t the army been allowed to give their surplus chemical protective clothing to the NHS? Same could be said for all those who need hasmo suits to protect from everything from insecticide to lab technicians.🤔

4th April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Very impressive Germany. Clearly have more and better facilities/equipment. Good organisation.

How have we compared? New York Times article – A German Exception? Why the Country’s Coronavirus Death Rate Is Low

Our pandemic started with young skiers as well, so we’re did it go so wrong?

If they did sample tests across the nation for antibodies they could actually have some data to work on and see approximately how many people have had the virus.

Our figures of 10% deaths would change and give a clearer picture of what we can expect in the autumn and start taking steps to stop it from happening.

Check out how well Australia has done, had infections before us.

Howard Lamb

3rd April, 2020

Dear Patient,


Not happy. If someone had sorted out the best masks and let us know we could have been catering for our patients still. Who’s was that responsibility? World or EU or Associations? 🤔 Or most prob GCC and regulator.

Texts to Associations:

Left out to dry. First time we have closed since 1948.

Still no sick staff.

This is not financial, cheaper to close and claim 80%of wage bill. I have several thousand patients on maintainable, who will slowly fall apart and dozens coming out of acute phases.

Howard Lamb

2nd April, 2020

Dear Patient,

We are having to close.

The GCC has reminded us of our duty of care and then told us to follow the Gov’s protocols.

Unfortunately we have to be 6 foot away from our patient to comply and as such not able to treat them.

I am sure my staff and patients are safe in our clinic with the measures we have taken. However, an infected member of staff who contracted the virus elsewhere, could infect my other staff and patients

First time in my time the practice has been closed, a sad day.

We will open as soon as possible.

Howard Lamb

PS Mmmmm Guardian article – Coronavirus testing: how some countries got ahead of the rest

Having had previous experience, how did they manage to infect the World?
Chiropractic is primary health care and not supplied with any equipment. 🤔 Guardian article – UK clinicians: revised PPE guidance must be backed by adequate supplies

2nd April, 2020

Dear Patient,

Texts from my colleague re GCC weekly bulletin:
Look we covered our arses and not sorted protection for you in our duty of care and really you are on your own. ✅

GCC newsletter out. Seems to be saying the same as they did last week. Do you want me to copy and paste it to WhatsApp for you to read?

The Spinal Column by Nick Jones, Chief Executive and Registrar

These are difficult and unprecedented times for us all.

I acknowledge the challenges faced by the profession; these are real and will have far-reaching consequences for registrants and their families.
In the face of such uncertainty there is of course an understandable desire for clarity, detail, answers, direction and more – including from UK government, the Chiropractic Associations and (as we have experienced) from the GCC.

There are often no easy answers. Absolute clarity can be elusive. It is a fast-moving situation and things will change.

We have issued guidance and we will issue additional guidance where we believe it is needed. I summarise our statements so far and signpost to them.

We have consistently emphasised the importance of following government instructions and advice and did so first on 13 February 2020. That information is most easily accessed at GOV.UK – and applies to us all. This is the registrant’s starting point.

On 18 March 2020 we issued guidance to registrants in the form of frequently asked questions. We covered the management of treatment and clinics; CPD requirements; fees and so on

On 24 March we issued additional guidance following the Prime Minister’s announcement of 23 March. We restated the guidance we issued on 18 March 2020 and further emphasised that decisions about how and who is treated are for the registrant. The rules or requirements that a registrant must have regard to in the treatment of a patient in need of care are set out in the Code, as required by legislation. The GCC must only work within the powers established by Parliament. That guidance states, amongst other things, that a registrant must only provide treatment if, in their professional opinion it is safe to do so. Registrants are professionals and must make professional judgements. Registrants will want to consider advice and guidance from the professional Associations and the Royal College of Chiropractors amongst others (which advised significant restrictions in relation to contact) in making those judgements. This approach is in line with other professional healthcare regulators.

On 27 March 2020, we issued guidance further to the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) Regulations coming into force in relation to businesses and premises that are required to close, and businesses and premises that are exempt from closure – including chiropractors. We say more about those regulations below.

We know some have concerns about arrangements for CPD this year; and what flexibility we may have in relation to fees given the financial challenges that many of you face. The guidance referenced above outlines our position, and we say more in the newsletter below.

We have received large volumes of enquiries via telephone and email. We have responded to all I believe, and I am grateful to my team for handling these during a challenging time for them. We will continue to respond to further queries to the best of our ability.

Finally, on behalf of the GCC, I wish you and your family well.

All they had to do was organise proper face masks for us and staff and hygiene did the rest. Forgot no proper face masks so wash your hands and stay 6 foot from your patient. Derrr.

Howard Lamb

PS The Royal College could not prove we successfully treat spinal conditions in the Singh Wars as we have seen over the past 10 years. They have not contacted me and any information would only be shared with its members, but sounds impressive. ✅

Oh yes and didn’t stand up for Child X even though copied in, in the early stages.

I also copied in European and World authorities (chiropractic) and the BCA who I was a full member, as with the others.

My other associations. MCA and United, I was only an uninsured secondary member and they had no power as were minority associations, even in combination with the Scots. Fortunately the quango has been broken and the 3 minor associations now have the majority of members and are starting to make the changes we so desperately need as a profession. ✅

I was prob the only person in Britain who could have been a member of BCA, MCA, UCA and the animal faculty of the Royal College, having been given a degree from the royal college after my family had been treating and formulated our own techniques since 1939, long before a Royal College was formed or there was formal education, I apprenticed under my father before I took my doctorate. Politics eh. Why can’t life just be simple and not ego power driven?

To be a member of the animal faculty you must have done 5 years of chiro human, then 3 years of animals on top. BCA would only allow members if they had graduated from the AECC in Bournemouth who do not treat animals.

Because animal chiro not recognised, we were ignored by the Royal College and overridden by the crack and crunch Bournemouth lot. BCA) 🤔

So BCA, GCC, Royal College all threw me out at the same time and I have no paperwork with their support. 🤔

Remember you can only be a member of the associations if you are a registered chiropractor. When they cancelled my memberships the didn’t bother to write. Luckily for me MCA and UCA stood by me and I won my appeal to be reinstated to the register, without changing my CPD at all. How does that work, if there had been a case to answer in the first place?

1st April, 2020

Dear Patient,

It’s about time that hygiene is brought in to fight the bug on the ground, if the bug was found on a ship after 17 days. Otherwise we will never get rid of it. Guardian article – How long does coronavirus live on different surfaces?

Text to an association:
Whist waiting for the GCC to stop washing their hands of it.

Well all clear still. No staff  have the virus. Mark you, I’ve lost most of them. Some have elderly parents at home, some have health conditions. 2 are isolated due to family members having coughs but with runny nose, fingers crossed. If I lose any more staff I’ll have to close. ✅

Just think, if the protocols we put in place had been taken up by the nation, we would not be in the shit now.

Harrow, my area was the first hospital to fill up and hit the panic button. Yet we have not caught the bug? 🤔 All the oils, salt, alcohol and UV light have scientifically backed ability to sterilise bugs. Cheap, efficient and clearly effective. ✅

They have developed a test to see if you have antibodies to show you have had it and go back to work. How good is that? Once China is up and running again I expect we will get them. 😡

I expect they plan to test the nation to see who can work and who stays at home, once they have a couple of dozen meeting and a committee or two. It will be too little to late again.

Easy to do, post it from election register. Prick finger and wait 10 mins, prob cost a little more than a letter from Boris. Much more help though. ✅

Text to a friend:
The chief medical office, is right at the bottom of the Child X case. Did he stand up for diagnosis or try and ruin a profession to save his neck.

Clearly nobody wants to listen to me. Hospitals should have UV curtains all over the place. Mild salt humidity. Mild smell of disinfectant, mild smell of essential oils. Minimum temp in isolation 28 degrees. Warm 02 in the incubators so respiration is above 27 degrees. Saline drips with colloidal vits. Staff should mild alcohol/hot salt gargle hourly. Kill the bug so it can’t kill you. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Above 27 degree, poss up to 35, dry air in respirator to make life difficult for the bug. ✅

Maybe the gov should have thought of that before allowing this to happen. All our fault you see. Guardian article – Stark warnings part of government’s new coronavirus messaging

Wash your hands, it will be all right. Guardian article – Cats can infect each other with coronavirus, Chinese study finds

No comment. 🙊 Guardian article – UK healthcare regulator brands resuscitation strategy unacceptable

31st March, 2020

Dear Patient,

More figures massaged. Only 40 more dead included those on death certificate said Corona. What about all those that said pneumonia? Sepsis or other body failing condition linked to corona?

How many have died due to lack of treatment as hospitals are filling with flu victims? Those waiting for bypass? Cancer diagnosis etc. etc. etc.?
One thing you can trust, is the fact you only get the truth they want you to see. Still no news. Expect they all have flu. 😷

The speed of diagnosis determines the course of the condition. As with this flu, diagnose as soon as infected and deal with the condition, then it prob will not develop into the terminal pneumonic stage. ✅

Hence gargle salt or alcohol regularly. Well everything I’ve said really over the last month. 👍

Dear Gov.,
This is not the war for propaganda. Please tell the truth ✅ Kill the bug
Do not let it get hold of you. Kill the bug at every opportunity. Keep hot and fight it. Slow its progress at every turn and give your body the time it needs to work out how to kill it ,before it is overrun.
Why a hot toddy?  Because it helps physically against the bug (being a steriliser) and good for moral in a long campaign. Didn’t harm the Navy for centuries. ✅

Text to an old friend a few weeks back:
Sorry missed call. I have researched this, stick to it and you will live.
Bug dies at 27 degrees body 36 🤔 colonises airways at the back of the throats where cool air passes into the lungs. It is then in perfect climate to multiply, so boil the little f…er. Hot toddies, shots, night caps all alcohol act as a sterilisers and kills the little f…er. Nothing lives on a salt flat, why? Because it messes up cell membranes and osmosis does the rest. Hot salt mouth wash will nail the f…er but you don’t swallow and are left with a salty taste. 🤔 Salt will help sterilise whilst in dilution in saliva thus protecting you whilst there is a mild back taste. No cold drinks as will lower mouth temperature and allow the bug to develop unchecked. Hot water with lemon or honey or whisky. Tea, any coffee,  hot chocolate. All hot and it’s toast. If cough starts it’s dropped into lungs and the pneumonic stage starts. Do not panic, you have a plan. Salt gargle to restrict its growth, heat and hot air. Turn the heating up in one room so it’s over 27 degrees and keep hot, wrapped up and toddies warm above 27 degrees otherwise the bug gets upper hand.

You can smell alcohol on someone’s breath so if you drink some it pass out through the lungs as a fine vapour with the interchange of co2, to the in breath o2. Helps to sterilise your lungs and will not help the little f…er. Fresh air for UV light so you can produce vit d which is important in immune system. Up the vit c from your stock pill at home. Let’s hope it’s not all bog rolls and pasta, didn’t help Italy much.

Good luck and hope to see you again. 💋

By slowing the little f…er you give you immune system a chance to work out how to kill and job done.

If bug is in house everyone got it. 5 to 7 days incubation whilst infected. All surfaces must be covered in disinfectant, so you can smell it when you enter the room. You are killing it in the air. Burn candles that clean the air by flame and heat, that kills the little f…er. Tee tree, oregano and cinnamon, 3 of the better oils. Salt water on radiator will leek a small amount of salt into the air, that will kill it. Wash hands at home and face regularly. When a few people get it in a confined space the cross infect constantly and don’t give the body a chance and overload it, hence lots of young doctors died in China. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS The Spanish reckon that one in seven new cases is a health worker. So stuck in a never ending catch 22. If you do the same thing in the same way, you will get the same result. ✅

If you haven’t the equipment to deal with it in the hospitals, get the nation to kill it in the homes. Airborne on micron moisture from mouth not just spittle.

If you check the stats for death rates in age groups from related viral symptoms from December till now and cross ref with the norm. We will see where it first showed and will be able to plot a more accurate course. ✅
Years ago I was invited to a hunt breakfast. All in their smart jackets and horns. Big pack of dogs. As they sat on their horses, on that cold frosty day, everyone had a vapour trail, at times it almost was a mist. Heat off horses and dogs, moisture of the hunts people.

The hunters were doing shots to keep out the cold. Prob why no one caught cold. Sterile atmosphere. On the reverse, that moist vapour from the lungs and mouth, if infected, would put more than two at risk.

Not just me then. Guardian article – UK coronavirus death toll reaches 1,789 amid data reporting concerns

Protecting our old and vulnerable. Fail. ✅ Guardain article – UK care home staff ‘at breaking point’ as coronavirus cases rise

30th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Well not to many of you seized up. Thank God, only a dozen or so in this morning, some could hardly move. So I’m glad we could help.

After 38 flat out years this slowing down bit is surprisingly difficult. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Prob will not want to go back when it’s over. 😂

Howard Lamb

PS Yesterday a nice lady on the telly said it’s going to take 6 months. Prob actually 18 at the rate they are going. It got me thinking. 🤔 Just out of EU. No trade deals in place and the Worlds borders shut. Not going to end well. ✅

Text to a friend:
If physio is so shit hot, why isn’t there any education (TV or net) about exercise in the home that would help to stop everyone seizing up? Slim the nation. Nutritionists actually showing how to have the right balanced diet and how to prepare and cook. Not nobhead chef who wants a creation. Or flip a burger. 🍔

Educate teachers, carers, etc. about autism, how to recognise it and how to engage with the child, SS can go on trial. 🤔

Dear Physio,

Please do not make my patients do things that are beyond their normal ranges or they will all seize up.

If forgot, you are only going to give out the same exercises as normal on a sheet with a cross on 3 of the dozen on offer, next.

PPS What is the right balance of diet for people who are burning far less calories than before? 🤔

30th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Well not to many of you seized up. Thank God, only a dozen or so in this morning, some could hardly move. So I’m glad we could help.

After 38 flat out years this slowing down bit is surprisingly difficult. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Prob will not want to go back when it’s over. 😂

Howard Lamb

PS Yesterday a nice lady on the telly said it’s going to take 6 months. Prob actually 18 at the rate they are going. It got me thinking. 🤔 Just out of EU. No trade deals in place and the Worlds borders shut. Not going to end well. ✅

Text to a friend:
If physio is so shit hot, why isn’t there any education (TV or net) about exercise in the home that would help to stop everyone seizing up? Slim the nation. Nutritionists actually showing how to have the right balanced diet and how to prepare and cook. Not nobhead chef who wants a creation. Or flip a burger. 🍔

Educate teachers, carers, etc. about autism, how to recognise it and how to engage with the child, SS can go on trial. 🤔

Dear Physio,

Please do not make my patients do things that are beyond their normal ranges or they will all seize up.

If forgot, you are only going to give out the same exercises as normal on a sheet with a cross on 3 of the dozen on offer, next.

PPS What is the right balance of diet for people who are burning far less calories than before? 🤔

29th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Boris sending us all a letter, how nice. At a pound a pop that’s another 70 million waisted. Clueless Will it help? 🤔 No. Cheaper to have it broadcast and internet surely.

Hopefully by now the army knows how to kill the invading bug and the death Tole starts to drop. If that information had been around at the start, we would not be in the shit now. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Every urban lamp post could have an air stick attachment that saturates the air with non toxic vapour to kill the bug. Cheaper that a rail link to Birmingham and far more useful. 🤔

How do they spray everything? Well talk to the farmers and gardeners who spray pesticides, I would have thought . Raid garden centres and put in your nontoxic mix and off you go. ✅

😂 Crop dust London, starting at the back of the wind 💨 not into. ✅

Make sure farm equipment sterile, as don’t need pesticide contamination. ✅

Hercules transports rigged for dusting should do it. Lent from yanks if needs be.  Well they did stitch us up with lend lease so they owe us. ✅

I bet the nation would applaud from their widows as the planes fly over low. Might not be a full solution but somebodies done more than wash their hands of it. 😂

On the rail, in tunnels trains act like pistons forcing air in front and pulling air behind. This forces air, in a confined space, to push up and draw back air in all tunnels to the surface. In fine moist breath particles will move long distances before settling on clothes, walls and floors. Yet the underground who has a duty of care has done sweet FA about it. Big post mortem I’m sure. ✅

You can imagine the conversation at the highest level.

Train person – You said get the important workers to work on time.

Ministry – We did not say infect them all as well.

Train person – Well that’s hygiene. Not our department.

Ministry – Who is in charge of hygiene?

Train person – Department was closed due to cuts. ✅

If this is the best that the world can offer over a tiny bug. What the hell is going to happen with global warming? 🤔

Let’s hope it wasn’t a letter from Boris, hand delivered through a chain, that infected our queen. 😡😷

On the trains – Big extractor fans pumps air out of the tube and on to the streets, must be a ventilation system. What hygienic measures were put in place?

28th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

What a mess . The herd has been isolated but still in contact via transport. Trains and taxi. Down the shops. In the parks. Call Girls doing a delivery service, so to speak. You can’t go to church but at least your kids are safe. PM down. Cabinet in pieces, Royals down. At least the army and Portadown trying to find a solution.

How long will it go on? Next spring I expect at this rate, once enough of the global herd has been infected. All a bit depressing really.

We have the technology to kill the bug in the air, on the ground and in the mouth. Yet we are waiting for the vaccine for the same family as the common cold.

To many experts and not enough intelligence I suspect. If you do the same thing in the same way , you get the same response,  good or bad. As I wrote to Howell in my first letter to the GCC in 2012.

Howard Lamb

PS It is microscopic so toffee not sledge hammer. Don’t want our eco system bleached or our water treatment filter bed damaged. Please. 👍

Operation fight back. Army sprayed everything with mild saline and essential oils. Make everything smell nice as well. UV curtain in every shop entrance, coffee, bar etc. Diffusers everywhere with nontoxic antiviral fumes. Antiviral nose and throat spray. Long list, cheap as chips.

Don’t make it easy for the bug to replicate. Aircons run hot on and off during the day to kill it, a bit of intelligence maybe. We know what kills it, so why aren’t we doing so?

UV curtain will not give you cancer. No different to walking out in the sunshine on a hot sunny day, then going back inside. 👍✅


26th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

If you have walked on a frosty morning and can see you white breath vapours, you can see how the virus spreads. If walking 6 foot apart from someone, you will still hit the mist from the person in front 🤔. Hence do not go out unless it’s necessary.

People all wearing gloves. Idiots, the bug dies at 27 degrees so will only live on your hands for a short period due to body temp of 36 degrees. Put gloves on and insulate the bug from hand warmth and it could live on your gloves for hours.

No cover hands in antiviral. Gloves will spread it everywhere. It lives for hrs on gloves, everything you touch will be infected. Spray mask with antiviral agents and let dry then go out, salt gargle on way out and soon as home, change clothes.

Remember, if you can breath through your mask, 😷 the bug can get into your lungs and throat. If you are going to wear them spray with antiviral and let dry. Prob give you 30 mins of mild protection. Then get home.

I was married and learnt social distancing in bed long before the divorce.  😂✅

Aftershave (alcohol) and perfume would be better than a mask, as will kill it on skin and if high alcohol levels prob in the air around face and mouth. 🤔

Texts from friends:
Coronavirus Update Friday 27th to March 2020 6.30pm

Dear Colleague,

As fast as I write something, by the time you have read it, it’s probably changed! So here is some new information that I need to share with you tonight:

I told you about advice from the Government released on Wednesday morning regarding the possible exemption for ‘other professional vocational medical services’ and that I would seek clarification on this as to whether chiropractors were included.

Well now this has been superseded by a new Statutory Instrument (SI) just released by Government. In this SI it clearly states that Chiropractors and Osteopaths are exempt from closure. You can see the SI here

So does this change everything?

I think it’s a bit too soon to start making immediate decisions – we are still in lockdown for at least another two weeks. The GCC is aware of this new SI and has indicated that it will be providing more information in its Wednesday Bulletin next week. What is clear now though is that Government has definitely not told chiropractors to stop practising.

The profession made the socially responsible decision to restrict services for the time being. There has been broad agreement by the professional associations that routine chiropractic care should stop in the short term while we are in this period of extra restrictions. We believe this is still the right decision, not just for our patients, but for us too.

The situation (lockdown) will be reviewed on 13th April. At this time there will be more information available as to whether the restrictions should continue or are revised. I believe this is the time for the profession to reflect and review our position and the direction we should be moving towards.

In the meantime, the advice of the MCA, the other professional associations and RCC remains the same – stop face to face routine appointments for the time being, offer advice remotely, and if you feel that it is essential that you see a patient in person, only do so if there is a real clinical need and it is safe to do so.

I have conference meetings set up over the weekend with our legal advisors and will be back in touch early next week.

With very best wishes,

Berni Martin, President
McTimoney Chiropractic Association

Big ta saw it coming, let’s not make a decision and if it goes tits up it’s our fault ✅

Ambiguity is the key to delegation of responsibility.

You could not write it. Guardian article – ‘There is a lot of Covid-19 in Westminster’: how politicians fell ill

Howard Lamb

26th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Guardian article – London woman dies of suspected Covid-19 after being told she was ‘not priority’

I expect Boris will not have to phone 111 if infected. I expect he will get a ventilator even though he is in the wrong age group. Shame a nice little old lady will have to die. 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS I see the USA’s policy of shoot the bug and business as usual in the early stages, when in denial, didn’t help either

Whilst the bug is infecting NHS staff the crisis can never end. Use second hand masks, Arseholes,

Even beer will kill the bug, at the back of the throats and as fumes comming out of your lungs. ✅ Hot toddy better though. Green tea, honey and whisky or bandy or spirit of choice. Look as it as a hot cocktail. 👍 Just the one before bed time of course.

Oh and finally this is not the Somme, where you just keep pushing men over the top because you don’t have a clue what else to do. 🤔

Just feeding the pheasants in back garden and they all spooked as some woman yelled look at those pheasants to the rest of her clan. Birds flu. 😂 I yelled back, “Do I peer over you fence and make comment.”

25th March, 2020

Dear Patient

When I was dealing with council, the SS etc. during the Child X case stud, they had their own experts on children who were clueless and just following the party line. What has amazed me is they have done the same with the virus. It’s not that bad you will only infect 2 people, what they didn’t say is in no time at all, those 2 have each infected 2, who infect 2 each, so in a two week period 60,000 are infected.

Need to control the flow. Well if it replicates fast it expands quickly. One gallon of water doubles and doubles so the flow becomes a huge lake and people then literally drown in their own mucus. All our fault though because we went out on Sunday, in the uv rays that kill it. 🤔

So if 60,000 people all infect another 2 and so on we prob have over a million cases which will break soon. Who have infected 2. Wash your hands and you will be ok. 😡 If washing hands was that great why have we a pandemic. Gargle salt water before you leave the house, wash hands, face and gargle when you get home. Hot toddy ASAP. 👍

If it stops at a million infected which it will not. 2 percent dead that’s 20,000 people or as many people who watched Arsenal before the ban. 😂

If they had banned the Premier League two weeks earlier with all the rest. Heavy tv, radio etc. showing why, the dangers as we have not got anywhere near enough stuff to cope with a pandemic, how to protect your work force, as I did. Or customers or travellers etc. and mobilised the country, rather than what are we going to do to stop the stock market crashing. We would not be in the shit now. ✅

I just had a horrible thought. If it infects 80% of the population, it will kill more people than go to football on a Saturday. 😲

As seen in Iran, no isolation or respirators so the death rate is much higher. Luckily if they turn their air cons off and open windows once their temp gets to an average 27 degrees they will turn the corner. Needing to organise for the second wave in the autumn. ✅

I’ve been texting a mate over the financial side of the crisis:

The world needs to declare bankruptcy. Pay creditors 5 cents on the dollar and nothing changes. Well we then have the money needed to pay for the green revolution and changes in society. Also the need to only be paying off others debt on top of your own out of your pay cheque. ✅ I’m sure the ethical side of the planet will see the advantages. 🤔

Yes that simple I expect it could be done by app. What’s 5 percent of world debt, the touch the app and the world can move forwards as one. ✅

Howard Lamb

24th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

We are now closed except between 9.30 to 11.30 Mon, Wed and Fri. Please cancel via answer machine.

Regulator has been about as much help as a jiffy to help you treat wild animals. Why, if we need to wear protective clothing whist treating species, which are not contagious and be able to treat humans who are, with no protection? Prob due to the fact they weren’t prepared, clueless as to what to do and will be responsible for the death of some of our patients.

Who do they have a duty of care to, as they also do to the clinicians. Disgraceful.

All those who have read the site from back to front will know the problems I’ve had with them. I laid out clear child abuse for them and they ran away and blocked me at every turn, they even tried to ruin my reputation and livelihood by wrongful removal from the register after 80 years. Our family could not call ourselves what we were, qualified as doctor in and practiced at a high volume as we had done for all those years. To much power and no means of complaint so they can get away with murder. I choose my words carefully.

Text to my associations:
Dear All

Once the dust settles, would it be possible to do the stats of how many of our patients died and then we can work out how many would still be here if the regulators had acted sooner? 💋

Howard Lamb

PS A patient asked this morning why I didn’t have a bowl of salty water, as I have suggested, on my radiators. I explained, I have a 30lb lump of Himalayan salt crystal and several smaller one which when light circulate mildly salty air all day long. 👍✅😂

Part of a text to a friend:  (nothing else better to do)
I think my battles for their reputation will peak soon and like our science officer flow experiment, will not work as planned, water works differently to the virus. It does not flow, it replicates at an alarming rate. Like rats, in no time you have a plague. You can not control it once you let it rip.

They decided we were going to get it, whether we wanted it or not. So 60% of the herd can function whilst the other 40% go down with it. I expect anything under 500,000 dead was a result. 🤔

If you had a safe solution to the pneumonia I could not criticise them. However their cavalier attitude, in this circumstance, beggars belief.

24th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Now BJ has dipped a toe in the water at last, we can talk about how you handle an out break in your home. Please to God you will be saved the need. However for those who are not it is advisable to have a plan.

Often mums go down first as they have had the most contacts, shops, chatting if time, 😂 children, kids friends, kids friends family, own extended family, well you get the point.

As most families are incapable to do anything and it’s left to mum. 🤔

So what do you do if mum is infected, what do you do when you are the only one not laid up in bed. Who disinfects, who cleans the virus, how are you going to do that? 111 isn’t there. Which is the best hot toddy?

You won’t be bored when you get it, plan now and work on remote control later. Not as if you have something better to do. ✅

Howard Lamb

23rd March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Well done Britain! You have now all been exposed to the virus and finally people are staying at home after everyone travelled all over the place at the weekend.

Virus has a 5 to 12 day incubation period before symptoms. If one of your household is infected, you all will be before they show symptoms. Then you all re infect each other and end up in hospital with out of control pneumonia.

Still not too late, wash hands and face. Mouthwash regularly not forgetting to gargle warm to hot salt water, cheap, but effective. Restrict how many bugs get into you and kill as many as you can whilst your body learns how to kill it. Sweat it out. Keep bedroom hot, wrap up, keep throat and lungs warm. Control carbs (pasta) eat protein, fat, veg, salad and fruit. Hot drinks. Cold drinks lower the air temp in throat and the bug can breed. Hot toddy as alcohol sterilises throat and lungs. Antiseptic house floors and surfaces, heavily disinfectant so you can smell it in the room. Disinfectant in air killing bugs. Alcohol and salt water in an atomiser so you can spray around to kill in air or anywhere it settles ., hair dryer on hot and blow anyone who enters ,then close the door . Make them wash hands and salt gargle. Spray with alcohol and salt water, if they cough, ask them to leave.

If tending ill member of family spray room, wait a min, then enter. Wash anything that comes out, including yourself. Burning candles will help clean air. Bowl of salt water on a hot radiator will allow a mild salt atmosphere which will help. Good luck. 😷

Regulators meet today. As they have been not much help so far I expect it will end up with us making the decision. I hope I can skeleton down staff and hours and open times to cover emergencies. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS Before you are ill and on your own. Blend food into purée and keep in fridge. Stagger to kitchen nuke for a min and collapse in your nice hot area, well wrapped up and have an easily digestible hot and easy to eat protein and veg rush to give the immune system a bump start. ✅

Text to a friend:
Salt eats metal for gods sake. It kills the virus on contact. Even at a minute level. Toffee hammer not sledge I expect.

Bored already and I’m still at work. 80% drop in patients. Sat around a lot. Held hands and had a rallying sing song with my staff.

Have time for yoga on the patio tomorrow. Worst thing you can do to an autistic child is isolate them when they have the hump. 🤔🤔🤔

God works in mysterious ways ✅ Guardian article – Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution

22nd March, 2020

Dear Patient,

We have a care system that has been designed to abuse children. We have a planet which we are killing and a country on lockdown. How did it all go so wrong? I am sure that social media will be trying to get to the bottom of it whilst in isolation. Keep gargling and washing please and stay safe. 👍

Howard Lamb

PS All those munching pasta, a healthy food, think again as pasta is carbo hydrate or sugar which you should reduce as not helpful with the bug. Body breaks carbs down to glucose to use as energy. ✅

3 plus years of incompetence with Brexit then this, what the f… ?

What was the prob with Brexit. Geographically things did not change. Mutual defence interlinked with crime and terror. Cultural and language stay the same . What the f… could have gone wrong? Then politics gets hold and you saw what happened. Defo for the few and not the many. ✅

F…… walkers all over the place. As you know I live in isolation in the country side all ready, by choice. Now I have Tom ,Dick and ducking Harry talking within yards of my back door. No staying 6 feet apart. One dog killed a lamb. So every time I’m at the back door and having a fag, I start to cough loudly as soon as I hear them. Should have filmed and YouTubed some of the reactions, whilst catching sun as I lean up against the open split back door.

It’s the protein and salad that help the immune system, remember.

Once I’m in lock down and have the time, I’ll go through all the rest of the scams. After all only a herd, so not meant to think. ✅

When the body runs out of carbs it burns fat. Ketosis, sun no need for carbs at all. Ketosis causes scoring and alters body PH which is prob not helpful to the bug. So no sugar to keep strength up as body fat works well. Veg, fruit and a mixture of proteins or a proper diet. 🤔

I blame the food industry for fattening the herd and coining it. Who needs to sell proper food when we can manipulate the herd to eat shit. ✅ It’s the protein and salad that help the immune system, remember.

How a pandemic seems to work is slow infiltration at a mild level, as more and more people cross infect the bugs potency to over load the body increases particularly with each virus group evolving a little in transit. Multiple bugs entering the body regularly in group isolation. Is the worst possible situation unless the air and area of containment is being sterilised. Carried on the wind, rats fur etc.🤔🤔🤔. Hot toddy it is then. 👍

Helpful hints to serialise home and air as you can’t always use bleach. Candles circulate air and take the bug out via heat, directly and by heating the moisture in the air the bug lives in. Grind some salt then add to warm water and find the smallest atomiser in the house, perfume bottle or any that produce a fine mist in the air. Any alcohol based product can be added. Then light spray the house.

Any essential oil with an antiseptic quality and anti viral capability can be used in burners, defusers, even a few drops in the molten candle wax, will do. It does not like hot so use your hair dryer on hot and wave it over people entering, uv light if you have one. Only way to deal with the bug is to kill it if you can. Protect your own environment. Do not give to others. Bleach floors and surfaces. Sun light when you can. Open curtains and the window a little, uv kills.

Wash hands at home and face as you may not have symptoms yet but contagious. Mild salt gargle. As mouthwash expensive and runs out, salt the best option. Keep throat warm, drink hot drinks. (Had a hot oxo last night, first in 50 plus years) For those who are not AA or religious, hot toddy or other to help sterilise the lungs, 👍 medical. If sick stop eating shit and have light simple foods with good proteins and Vits etc.

Last on the subject of kill it in the home. A bowl with salt hot water with or without cinnamon oregano and turmeric, on top of your hot radiator will leave a slightly saline atmosphere and harder for the bug to survive and breed. ✅

21st March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Very interesting. Gargle to stop infection dropping into lungs, limit cold drinks and keep warm air entering the lungs. I hope the oxygen they pump into the very ill is at body temp because if cold will aid the virus and kill the patient. Guardian article – What happens to people’s lungs when they get coronavirus?

Text to a friend:
I bet self employed cabbies who work in a confined space with shared air will drop soon, then all their passengers. All super spreading. Figure for Italy for deaths about the same at the same stage so when you view Italy you see our future. They stopped everything sooner. They didn’t panic buy and spread it everywhere.

With only 8 k incubation units for pneumonia it looks like they followed the stats and did not learn from reality. What a mess. If everyone deep gargles. Keep their throats warm, hot water with lemon, tea, coffee, hot chocolate etc. so body can fight it and the heat can kill it. Don’t care just hot, cold creates a positive environment for the bug to flourish. If you restrict the bug there is less infection to infect others and the immune system is given time to learn how to defeat the bug.

Let sun light into the property if any. Kills bug with uv and allows your body to make vit d (important in immune system) and increase vit c if your stockpile isn’t just bog roll and pasta. (didn’t help the Italians) Put blood on your front door and pray. 👌🙏🏾

Howard Lamb

PS Hot toddy, night cap or gargle shot before bed time. Why? Because it will release mild alcohol fumes, released from your lungs during the night, which may help to sterilise and slow the bugs progression. Any way you don’t get the Dunkirk spirt on a salt gargle. 😂✅

PPS Pass over was when the first born died. Same again if you think about it.

PPS Do not over strength the salt, as could inflame the mucosa at the back of the throat, not helpful. If it’s not dissolved prob means water saturated and to strong. Light and regular not burn the soft pallet with boiling drinks and too many shots. Patients, what can I say.

Good explanation and clearly shows who’s fault our run away virus is. Guardian article – Coronavirus: how Asian countries acted while the west dithered

19th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

There still seems to be confusion as to how to protect yourself. Hygiene i.e. Washing down surfaces and hands and face if been out. Gargle hot salt water, mouthwash or alcohol to stop the bug colonising your throat. If start symptoms keep up the throats hygiene to slow or stop bug entering lungs and give your body the time to fight it off before the pneumonic stage. Increase C,D and Zinc to help immune system fight the bug off. Simple but effective.

By constantly, 4 times a day, using anti viral throat cleanse (salt, alcohol,) and hot drinks. Even if infected you are lowering the risk of infecting others. Wrap a scarf around face and nose impregnated with anti viral, may help when out but wash face and hands and gargle once home.

Supermarkets will be viral hotspots due to the low temp and more than 10 people. So now you’ve stocked up and caught it remember oral hygiene. ✅

PS If in isolation and viral, turn the heating up to 30 degrees every now and then and that will help you not cross infect with other members of the family.

Text to my Associations:
UV light in entrance that sterilises their clothes. Essential oil mist kills bug in the air, on wall and floor as have been pumping it around the clinic for two weeks. It gets in your eyes, ears, nose mouth and lungs and protects me and my staff. Add clinic hygiene and a hot water salt gargle morning, noon and night. Very hot bath with essential oils and salts which you imbibe whist relaxing and a hot toddy to go to sleep stiff brandy, imbibe the fumes and the alcohol will pass through the lungs once in circulation, which is why you can smell it on your breath. Cost less than £100 light, 3 oil defusers and oils. Worth every Penny and helped staff moral. Sod’s law is I’ll catch it off the fox and later the badgers I feed every night but that Sod’s law for you. 😷

The salty taste I’ve got used to but it is protecting my throat. I just have to remember not to swollow.

Howard Lamb

18th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Being spectrum I need my ducks in a line. The govs stats don’t add up. Each infected person infects 2 people, yet super spreaders have infected far more. e.g. Bloke coughs on a plane to Vietnam 🇻🇳 and the English couple two rows back got infected. They travelled all over seeing the sights and finally were tracked down and isolated. They did a lot of damage and did not infect only two people. The Singapore 🇸🇬 to alps English super spreader took it to France, 🇫🇷 they did not catch all the infected who went back to Italy. Can’t ski here so let’s ski over there! And look what happened. Prob why Boris did not answer a question about is he was responsible if his experts got it so wrong. If I stand in a footy stadium singing and yelling for 90 mins you can be sure that you will infect more than two, all those people taking good deep breaths, very helpful to the virus. 🤔

If the virus enters the mouth, normal enzymes will prob kill it and trap it in saliva and swollow into the acid bath or your stomach which will kill it for sure. In deep breath it will enter lungs and the back of the soft palate. Good place for it to grow. 🤔 For god sake I’m only a therapist lower than a physio and I can work it out but for some reason the chief medical officer is clueless. ✅

If you select the people you test the results will be false. i.e. Tested 2000 people and 50 positive and then crunch the figure of only infects two others. The truth of course is that thousand not tested were positive but never got seriously ill, which tends to undermine their stats. 🤔

More likely to infect two people every hour they are in contact with other people or places they all hang out. 🤔👍😡

Lol just read advice from World Fed of Chiro. Apparently I must be wearing protection when around wild animals. Mind boggled. Was going to treat a tiger on the way to work but couldn’t because I wasn’t wearing a jiffy. 😂

World shortage of protective clothing so impossible to get hold off. So what else could they mean?

Got some good sense with clinician understanding from the MCA. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS We have a duty of care and will stay open as long as we can. It’s just shameful that the others with the same responsibility did not stand up to the plate.

The picture is slowly revealing itself. You cans do that with 3k but not 8 million. 🤔 Guardian article – Scientists say mass tests in Italian town have halted Covid-19 there

17th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Take a DEEP breath. Here’s some GOOD news which the media doesn’t seem newsworthy…

-China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

– Doctors in India have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally.

– Researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus.

– A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China.

– Apple reopens all 42 china stores,

– Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours, not days.

– Good news from South Korea, where the number of new cases is declining.

– Italy is hit hard, experts say, only because they have the oldest population in Europe.

– Scientists in Israel likely to announce the development of a coronavirus vaccine.

– 3 Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered; able to return to everyday life.

– A network of Canadian scientists are making excellent progress in COVID-19 research.

– A San Diego biotech company is developing a COVID-19 vaccine in collaboration with Duke University and National University of Singapore.

– Tulsa County’s first positive COVID-19 case has recovered. This individual has had two negative tests, which is the indicator of recovery.

– All 7 patients who were getting treated for at Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi have recovered.

– Plasma from newly recovered patients from COVID-19 can treat others infected by COVID-19.

Text to a friend:
Ok busy. Suprised. Was looking forward to a couple of weeks off. Country run by wankers. Got a page from the regulators which basically said we are on our own and if anything goes wrong make sure your insured.

If they tell us to shut they maybe responsible financially. So got a classic “yes prime minister” Well ,stick to your protocols and all stick together. What a joke.

Well they did not listen to me. And only heard what they wanted to hear. Maybe they will listen now. BBC News article – Coronavirus: UK changes course amid death toll fears

Another scandal, as it unfolds. Guardian article – ‘There is a policy of surrender’: doctor on UK’s Covid-19 failures

Prob not checking staff at old folks homes either.

Howard Lamb

16th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Ban flights once the horse has gone, don’t worry though you can still travel on trains, cars, lorries and ferries. ⛴ No real effort to contain. The science officer prob not qualified in relevant disciplines. Most prob a structural engineer or something. Has anyone googled him to see what he is expert in?

Masks are useless? Yet surgeons use them for good reason? My uv light is in the entry hall, please will all patients slowly spin round in front of it and then use the hand sanitiser.

Howard Lamb

PS At the start I said they can get antibody/antigens from the blood of people who were infected and give it to those in more serious condition. I believe that’s what the Germans have done and its reduced the death count. Our science officer should know this and taken the correct steps to save life.

My advice to my elderly patients:
Mouthwash, hand wash, go out if sunny, burn some anti virus essential oils as soon as you come home and gargle. Allow sunlight in when available. Hot toddy before bed and if you fancy one, have one at any time. Virus dies at 26 degrees and the alcohol sterilises the throat to stop the virus from contaminating the lungs.

If the virus enters via eyes or ears it will still end up in the throat as body temp higher than the 26 degree, upper limit of the virus. In the throat not a problem, it’s when it hits the lungs that the pneumonia starts.

By sterilising the mouth and throats regularly you restrict the virus from over loading the body by killing it before the infection gets out of control and will limit your ability to infect others. Once infected the slower the onset the greater chance the body has to fight it off and build immunity. If you have no mouthwash rinse and gargle with vodka and a splash of water. If swollowed, remember not to drive. ✅

For those who do not drink, hot water impregnated with salt. But you don’t get the same Dunkirk spirit as with the alcohol. 👍

Do not burn your throats. Hot not straight out of the kettle, only needs to be 35 degrees 50 to make sure. ✅

15th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to friends:
How many tested positive via euro star and ferries? Not just about airplanes it’s about travel.
The prob with stats is only one in 7 oldies will die, but the truth is the majority will die in an infected home and nobody in the Ones who aren’t.

They have purposely allowed it to flow and then put in minimum protection for the old. Prob not going to end well. 🤔

Why? Business as usual or our rich mates may loose a few bob?

Exactly, same with global warming, that’s not happening. If they had spent the same time and effort they did on denial and spent it on solving it, the planet would not be on the brink of the extinction of man kind, as we know it. 😡

Understood not just cream that floats to the top. (Oil, Shit, Scum just to mention a few) Wood floats, can’t see it for the trees I expect. 😂✅

This shit can happen and is. No denial will withstand investigation when the truth is known. ✅

To be fare to Boris, just left Europe’s pandemic plan and resources. No plan of our own. So ask the experts for guidance on what to do as we are totally unprepared and have to have some sort of plan. Then the spin to sell a crock. Can’t wait to see what they have planned next or is it fluid on the ground, as the yanks would say. 🤔

Much down to France again, who did not track down the Singapore super spreaders contacts and allowed the spread.

Just saying before we get the blame. We had mad cow disease they had JCB disease where farmer just buried it, if I remember, so have history of cover up at high levels.

Howard Lamb

15th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just think, if we handled the contagion with all the right measure from day one, they would not have to spin the fact that lots of people are going to die but it’s ok because our flow chart works. ✅

Howard Lamb

15th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

I put up a leaked NHS memo yesterday which has left me asking questions. Why did the staff not get all that helpful information a month ago? Why was it not put out in commercials so everyone was singing off the same sheet? Why was I not cc’d in as a clinician? Always more questions than answers.

Why were people in self quarantine not given ankle bracelets to make sure they stayed at home? Why has the gov left us in the situation of not having essential supplies made in this country? So in a pandemic we can’t look after ourselves and are waiting at the bottom of the waiting list. What you have seen in our supermarkets will be the same in global supply terms. 🤔

Why, when it took 2 decades to get MSRA under control and no cure for the common cold, do they think they can sort it with a vaccine. 🤔✅ Prats!

The prob with these people is they run on stats. They are not interested or know how to resolve an issue,so only interested in the situation not getting worse on their watch. If it does paperwork, like magic, disappears and red herring rules the roost.

Afterall people die in hospital, so when you expect something as the norm, you do nothing to change it. Especially if it makes someone else look bad. Would be seen as not cricket and then you have to re apply for your own job. ✅

When I said the gov should only talk to top people in the field and not rely on the chain of command, I was talking about proper people not the men from the ministry who clearly are not. I suggest we herd them up in parliament and get immunity from them and then after diagnosis we put in a treatment plan.

Expert evidence V political solution. Nasty virus on the way put pandemic plan in action. ✅ COBRA. No masks. All supplies from china so can’t restock, we are F’d.

Plan. Let it leach into the population whilst we have the less aggressive type and build up the herds immunity. Then pray for the angle of the sun to alter enough to shower uv light and allow normality in the summer before the winter of hell. Nothing else we could do. Disgrace. 👍

Once they make the plan, whether right or wrong or evolving, nothing changes because that’s the plan. Not we will do everything to protect you, that is humanly possible. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS And this lot are handling Brexit and my child abuse allegations and cover up.

I haven’t prayed for a while prob should start again. Maybe the energy of collective thought can change the planet.

Well that will give me something to think about whist in quarantine. What will the country do? No soaps or sport or filming? Bitch about the way this was handled world wide. ✅

14th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Internal email for staff in St George’s Hospital
Virus Detection:
The simplest way to distinguish Coronavirus from a Common Cold is that the COVID-19 infection does not cause a cold nose or cough with cold, but it does create a dry and rough cough.
The virus is typically first installed in the throat causing inflammation and a feeling of dryness. This symptom can last between 3 and 4 days.

The virus typically then travels through the moisture present in the airways, goes down to the trachea and installs in the lungs, causing pneumonia that lasts about 5 or 6 days.
Pneumonia manifests with a high fever and difficulty breathing. The Common Cold is not accompanied, but there may be a choking sensation. In this case, the doctor should be called immediately.
Experts suggest doing this simple verification every morning: Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 10 seconds. If this can be done without coughing, without difficulty, this shows that there is no fibrosis in the lungs, indicating the absence of infection. It is recommended to do this control every morning to help detect infection.

The virus hates heat and dies if it is exposed to temperatures greater than 80°F (27°C). Therefore hot drinks such as infusions, broths or simply hot water should be consumed abundantly during the day. These hot liquids kill the virus and are easy to ingest.

Avoid drinking ice water or drinks with ice cubes.
Ensure that your mouth and throat are always wet, never DRY. You should drink a sip of water at least every 15 minutes. WHY? Even when the virus enters water or other liquids through the mouth, it will get flushed through the oesophagus directly into the stomach where gastric acids destroy the virus. If there is not enough water, the virus can pass into the trachea and from there to the lungs, where it is very dangerous.
For those who can, sunbathe. The Sun’s UV rays kill the virus and the vitamin D is good for you.
The Coronavirus has a large size (diameter of 400-500 nanometers) so face masks can stop it, no special face masks are needed in daily life.
If an infected person sneezes near us, stay 10 feet (3.3 meters) away to allow the virus fall to the ground and prevent it from falling on you.

When the virus is on hard surfaces, it survives about 12 hours, therefore when hard surfaces such as doors, appliances, railings, etc. are touched, hands should be washed thoroughly and/or disinfected with alcoholic gel

The virus can live nested in clothes and tissues between 6 and 12 hours. Common detergents can kill it. Things that cannot be washed should be exposed to the Sun and the virus will die.

The transmission of the virus usually occurs by direct infection, touching fabrics, tissues or materials on which the virus is present.

Washing your hands is essential.

The virus survives on our hands for only about 10 minutes. In that time many things can happen, rubbing the eyes, touching the nose or lips. This allows the virus to enter your throat. Therefore, for your good and the good of all, wash your hands very often and disinfect them.
You can gargle with disinfectant solutions (i.e. Listerine or Hydrogen Peroxide) that eliminate or minimize the amount of virus that can enter the throat. Doing so removes the virus before it goes down to the trachea and then to the lungs.
Disinfect things touched often: cellphone, keyboard, mouse, car steering wheel, door handles, etc

Howard Lamb

13th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

So the gov’s policy has been to let it spread so after infection you are immune. Well people have been infected twice as there seems to be variants of the virus. Maybe then we can all have a double dose just to make sure we are immune. 😷👍✅
Guardain article – Coronavirus: science chief defends UK plan from criticism

Clearly stopping it early and hard control like Hong Kong and give breathing space to develope a vaccine would affect business, so better to wash your hand and sing happy birthday, twice. I hope there is a proper investigation after this is over and mistakes highlighted so we are actually prepared for the next one.

If you look back over the past 6 weeks we could have stopped it but if the gov decided that it wants the country to build up immunity, where we are now is all part of their plan. 500k prob will not die but thousands who should have lived will not. 🤔

I did mention political gain recently. Clearing out old folks homes and hospital beds and housing which will save lots. All so they can waist more on white elephants 🐘 and incompetence. ✅ Have a knighthood for a job well done.

A uv curtain at every entrance to airports, stations, malls etc. Effective masks 🎭 to slow the spread. Natural antiviral sprays in alcohol media.

Long list. Temp checks before entering airport. Air hygiene on planes and offices via sterilising agents in aircon’s. And a change in culture were you do not spread your virus. Only flu no need to stop work, if you have not had a vaccine (which doesn’t work on new strains) it’s your own fault if you caught it and killed the mother in law.

Just a thought. As the infected breath out the virus is on moisture so will fall to the ground yet where is the advice about wiping feet and sterilising shoes, or washing clothes. Gyms will be a hot bed as fast deep breathing in a confined space. Jacuzzi and pool OK due to high levels of chlorine. ✅ Changing rooms where the gym people go will infect you though, if at a spar.

If a sensible plan was in place with the capability to hospitalise and isolate the sick. (China built a new hospital in weeks) I expect the gov would have had more choices. We can’t even manufacture masks or suits in the quantity the NHS need, let alone the public at large. I despair. 😩

All airports needed quarantine facilities. None. All incoming passengers from an infected country needed to be tested and checked in quarantine, not who would know if I popped down to Asda because we’ve been away and there is nothing in the house. Silly really as I’m not Ill. (poss contagious though)

Long and the short of it is, they had no real plan, had not thought it through, after all Ebola only killing Africans and someone else stopped swine flu so only academic exercise. Prob statistically less chance of being hit by lightning.
So, we spent a few mill on a few chaps sitting around for ten years chewing the cud. And when it happened they panicked as nothing was in place. So warn everyone it might happen, not a lot we can do but a least 96% will build up an immunity to this stage of the virus developement. Only 1 in 25 die. 👍

That prob why the Chinese locked down 20 mill people and trashed their economy. 🤔😩😷

If you have read my chronicle you will know what they are and have done to disabled kids with special needs, why be surprised at the caviler way they have handled the virus. Thank god for all the health professionals who are going into battle to save lives. My heart felt gratitude. ✊✅

One last thing, after Brexit we could have shut our borders. The U.K. is an island for god sake.

Text back to a friend:
Unless the virus, with similar symptoms, that went around end of Jan early Feb was this virus and the rest has been a charade, as the pandemic was already amongst us. 😂

Different text same friend:
I wonder if there was a seasonal increase in pneumonia cases from mid Jan to now, then we might see when contagion started. Gov already knows of course. Interesting to see chief medical officers spin on allowing the virus to rip. Good for the country’s immunity. 😂😂 He is having a laugh. Between 1 in 25 to 1 in 50. I expect lots of people have had it and are recovered so even if the figure is one in 500 and we could have done more it’s shamefull. We are jabbing kids non stop to kill off disease but accept constant deaths from flu as ok. How does that work?

Howard Lamb

12th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just me then. Guardian article – Health expert brands UK’s coronavirus response ‘pathetic’

How ironic if Boris caught the virus at a cobra meeting and has been a super spreader, killing off the flood victims and hospital patients he says he has been shaking hands with.

I could not have put it better myself.

So 70k people at Old Trafford who were yelling and cheating pushing the virus prob 20 meters or more in the air are safe. Let’s hope the flood lights are uv friendly. Prats. Guardian article – Coronavirus: many infections spread by people yet to show symptoms – scientists

Howard Lamb

11th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Don’t you love autistic kids. Can’t be told have to work it out. Guardian article – Man’s ‘experiments’ with explosives were lawful, court rules

I expect he was diagnosed as a naughty boy by the SS and wrote a damming but wrong report about him that put the police in the wrong state of mind.🤔

Its amazing how everyone else has masks that work. Not necessarily to stop you being affected but to limit the virus in each breath you throw out into the world once infected and contagious.
We have seen super spreader all over the place who had no symptoms. Wash your hands and hope that’s where the virus lands. Not thought through properly. I wonder how many years the chief medical officer worked in viral control. Most prob expert at pushing a pen. Took advice and prob did not fully understand it as not expert in the field. Didn’t matter as we havn’t got enough masks for the NHS so what chance us. No no no don’t bother with a proper mask because there aren’t any due to bad planning. ✅

Nearly there, 2 uv lights in the entrance Friday. Tea tree, cinnamon and oregano seem to be 3 best anti viral essential oils. Defused for them at reception, waiting room and treatment rooms. White spirit and essential oils to spray. Dettol anti viral spray. And just waiting on my NHS protective suits etc. Any idea when they will arrive??? 🤔

Propopollis, colloidal silver and mouthwash reg as well as washing hands and face. All staff. Done my bit to protect staff and patients.

I expect the GCC are just sticking to normal people’s advice from the gov and not the clinical protection of a clinician. Maybe you could let me know if that is the case and I’ll take it further.

Remember this is just the beginning. Lesson learned now and implemented with us re learning hygiene is essential. Before the main event in the autumn with no vaccine and many all ready having seasonal coughs and cold. Learn and act now or retail will die by Christmas.

Once a virus has already got hold and the Corona piggy backs, that’s when we will see it effecting all age groups to some degree. I hate winter.

Howard Lamb

10th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news from GCC or gov about the virus or abuse. 🤔

Panorama was good last night and showed how the department in charge of the disabled (work and pensions) is not disabled friendly to their staff. Why would they be considering what’s been done to our disabled kids? ✅

I was talking to a nurse today who told me that last month their alcohol base hand sanitizer had been ramped up to 98% if that’s possible. She hasn’t been able to use it this week because the two dispensers had been stolen. My jaw dropped.

Well done NHS for getting that right. However if the same did not happen to the stuff we use, how effective is it? 🤔 My electrician does not want to put my uv lights up because WHO says they don’t work and can damage your skin. So uv light has no effect yet there is a whole industry producing units for sterilisation. 🤔

Each patient will only get a few seconds exposure and it’s out of the way of staff who will only get exposed entering and leaving the building. We treat through clothing so anything that helps sterilise the air or other is ok by me.

It would seem that the gov departments have ticked all their boxes and are ready for the battle. Maybe banning flights from Italy sooner and proper quarantining,it would not have been necessary. In hind sight maybe stopping crowds sooner. Cheltenham will prob send all of Ireland viral.

Let’s all pray for a hot and sunny spring full of uv to save the day. Bit like when the storm sank the Armada back in the day.

Howard Lamb

PS If it’s a 5 day incubation, at what stage are you contagious? 😷

I would love to see the standards set for industry to kill it. And how they were made to be carried out. Then all those gels and sprays will be doing exactly what it says on the tin. 👍

Are these the villains of the piece or just the tip of the ice berg? Guardian article – Cabinet secretary betters even Sir Humphrey at being utterly opaque

9th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

The virus is air born. So I have tee tree and lavender impregnated air to help as a steriliser, in the entrance room. How can I improve this? Hope to have two UV lights up soon to sterilise surfaces and air. Are they the right lights can they be made more effective? Staff are using oral spray and hand washing. Spray anti viral aerosol when place is quieter. Washing hand and spraying room and couch. I’m mouth washing for Britain and prob fail a breath test but pass the bloods. Alcohol sterilises. Non of this may or may not help but as a placidity for my staff that I care about their and my patient’s health and doing as much as I can is good for our moral.

Howard Lamb

PS Plus standard advice re supliments c and d, zinc etc to give the immune system reserves for the poss fight ahead. Good anti oxidant. Liver and kidney support the list goes on. Bottom line a good multi vitamin daily will not protect you but give the body help to fight it off if infected. 👍✅

PPS If you have kept a cheap Perfume, old gift, chances are it’s alcohol based so will be a mild sterilant. Every time you see someone cough sneeze or blow their nose, give them a few squirts. You should be able to smell the infected coming. 😂✅

Reply to a text:
Exactly, how do you deal with you, infected your grand parents in their 80’s. 🤔

Good question. Is the low level of alcohol in hand sanitizer foam strong enough to kill the bug and is the hot water doing the job? I’m sure the gov dept with responsibility has it covered. ✅

I expect we are learning from the USA and will follow suit. Guardian Article – Florida school defends handcuffing seven-year-old boy with special needs

9th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a clinician with input to the GCC:
Knowing full well we are more skin on skin contact than most clinicians, I expect we are on the top of the list to help stop contagion. 😷.
So all our protection kits are on the way?

I have many geriatric patient, many who started with my father, some 60 years ago. If any of them die I will not be happy and if i survive there will be hell to pay. 😡

It’s not just an oldie. Often there children are patients in there sixties whose children and grand children have been checked and or treated, a family practise in one area since 1948.

A big practise as you all know and busy. I signed up to help heal people not infect them.

Howard Lamb

8th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

They must really hate disabled children. 🤔 Guardian article – New budget rules for councils may hit special needs school spending

Defo will not be wanting to diagnose any more. Better to just blame them and their bad mothers.

Text to a colleague:
I expect that the NHS will be sending us protective clothing as clinicians. Or the GCC sorted it all out for us? What do we do if they don’t?

GCC are in place to protect chiropractic patients, what have they done if wash hands isn’t enough?

Do you close disrupting all treatment plans and essential emergency care and keep your reputation or do you wait for a case and get shut down and quarantined? And loose reputation for letting the side down. Help.

Howard Lamb

7th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news I’m afraid.

The problem with strategic planning is that once you decide your plan, you stick to it and don’t alter anything even if you should, to make right corrections. I expect the world pandemic plan feels once it starts nothing can be done except draconian measures in democratic countries.

So nothing is done until you have the will of the people, by which time it’s already to late. Catch 22. However, no sterilising UV systems available, no masks , no supplies of toilet paper for quarantine. No hand wash, travellers still travelling and it’s going to get messy.

Just going to the clinic to spray it with anti virus spray. Which I’m running out of. 🤔

Political gain of course would be the freeing up of housing and a cut in the drain on NHS, benefits and pensions from the premature demise of our patients and grand/great great grand parents. 🤔

I think I put up some possible protocols on this site before it happened. We could and should have brought in changes in hygiene years ago. Why didn’t we?

Howard Lamb

PS Or the country is run by piss heads which would explain a lot.

Imagine if parliament was a hospital or any industry really. They would all be struck off or sacked. 🤔
Two sets of rules, I forgot .✅

Text to a friend:
Several things concern me.

Virus has mutated into different forms. Most will fade but one has got stronger. It seems to be evolving and not fading as the norm.

If it gets into the Southern Hemisphere and developed further by the time our flu season starts it will be a monster. Will we be prepared in 6 months, we had better be and have over killed than the other way round.

World economy f ‘d for a long time unless steps put in place now. Hygiene and non bleach approach needed to not trash the planet further.

Trouble is when you are in a wood you can only see the trees. 🤔

Sports are anti viral agents. Coating their mouths and throats to protect them I expect. Guardian article – Last orders! Report calls time on boozy Westminster culture

The truth will always come out in the long run. Not just me they have refused information to. Why if you have nothing to hide? Guardian article – MoJ challenged to release details of child restraint in prisons

6th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:

If three quarters of a million die each year of the flu worldwide and nobody gave a shit, why the panic now?

What aren’t we being told? 🤔 Oh yea the positive lady who caught it off the dog. 🐶

Virus will settle on clothes, hair (pets not exempt). Toilet seat, everywhere hence wash everything, not just your hands. If dog has virus as well, that is a problem, rats and the plague come to mind.

I have to conclude my thoughts on why our govs have been so poor.

Complacency to the Nth degree. Well if you have stitched up complaint and everybody has ticked a box, you don’t have to do FA, so you muddy water and deflect and defer so there’s no responsibility, do your time, pick up generous pension and a nice bit of consultancy.

They are all in it so deeply they can’t stop or the truth will come out. As seen so often when 30 years of fighting for the truth to solve an injustice, never gets resolved.

Two sets of rules. 1 for us and jail, 1 for them and a peerage at the end.

Total control with AI and official secrets act to stop whistle blowers. Well not good anyway time for a rethink I expect. 👍✊

Sorry but if all this bleach enters our sewer system, it will damage the filtration beds or just dumped at sea what could possibly go wrong?

If they have planned for years as a worse threat than terrorism or disaster. Why haven’t we been protected now?
What steps were put in to prevent this and why are there no proper masks? Bio degradable anti vitals, long list. Guardian article – UK has plans to deal with pandemic causing up to 315,000 deaths

Howard Lamb

5th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Jab scam. 60 years ago my mum drummed into me “coughs and sneezes spread diseases” then forced me to use a hanky and wash my hands. What went wrong?

My theory is that once we could vaccinate against viruses we gave up on hygene. Didn’t bother to limit its spread and as it only really killed the oldies job done. ✅

As always I’ve condensed volumes of information to come to these conclusions. Visited many and old established patient in a care home over a long number of years. Read the riot act to a few, carers that is. ✅

You have to cover all bases to limit disease and its spread but whilst we have a false security in yesterday’s vaccine that can not effect the new virus, one day we will not live to regret it.

Howard Lamb

PS I bet no one is responsible though. 🤔 To be fair, as everyone worked through their flu had far fewer days off sick. ✅

4th March, 2020

Dear Patient,

One of you gave me a hard time today over the jab scam blog I put up the other day. Apparently it’s saved thousands of life’s. Well that’s partly true. Last figures I checked a couple of years back showed 27k deaths and the jab only 3 percent effective. New virus so the old ones in the jab did not help much.

I would be much happier if hygene and education were involved. Had the jab, I’m ok so can cough and sneeze to my hearts content. 🤔✅ Work until you can’t and back as soon as you can. Needs a rethink.

Traumatic for the mothers and doubly so for the child and that’s before before birthing trauma and cranial compression effecting brainstem at a time of reflex change . I.e. Eye ears lungs intestine all switch on others switch off 🤔 BBC News article – Women in labour refused epidurals, government finds

Howard Lamb

PS Mortality is usually under one percent, corona in some places is nearly triple that. Gov figures so you are never sure how they are massaged and what the full truth is, always nice to get independent stats. ✅

Old folks homes, in my experience, do not seem to have isolation for contagion or hygene protocols for visitors, trades people or even visiting medical professionals. I wonder why so many die each year. 🤔

I’ve never seen one do a deep clean after a viral death. Patients often dies in hospital but the virus was caught at the home. 😡

Minimum wage careers seeing 10 clients a day. Don’t get paid if they don’t work.🤔

Prob part of govs plan for our over population on old Sick people who are bankrupting the state.

If they don’t give a fig about kids who need money spending on them, what chance have the old got? Many die of pneumonia on death certificates. Prob why they have pulled out the stops with this one because it is pneumonic and can’t be hidden. 🤔

A patient today asked “If it came from animals can other animals catch it and carry the virus which could then leap back to humans?” Pass, because I could not phone a friend to ask. My answers was “prob not but it’s new so I can’t say for sure.” 🤔

The virus is RNA and changes through replication, hopefully like any clone, with each replication it demonises a bit, it will weaken in time and finally die out. 👍

Finally do you wear or don’t wear a mask? 😷 My understanding of their medical use was not to breath on open wounds and help infection. So to restrict your ability to infect others before you realise you viral, but the virus is invasive so not great to protect you from others. World shortage anyway. Hopefully someone will develop something better than the crap on eBay, that would certainly help. 👍

2nd March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Going to let the waters settle for a while whilst we look at ways to protect staff and patients.

Please read Boris 4 and make your own minds up as to what should be done and we will see the outcome. 👍

Draft of Boris 4:
To the Right Honourable Prime Minister.

Dear Sir,

You are at the moment looking for solutions to the high number of autistic people (young and older) who have been incarcerated for their condition, having had their human rights removed.

I expect staff will be briefing you on the unfortunate abuse of probably a huge number of others through wrong on non diagnosis. Also checking the link with trauma and suicides.

I have 38 years in the field and could be of great help. I am on the healing side of the species and my only real interest is to stop the suffering and give these kids a chance to flourish.

As to blame, that is what people seem to do to get out of responsibility, and as such does not concern me. It is impossible for you, at this stage to understand the full gravity of the situation when those around you and prior are only interested in shifting blame and covering the tragedy up.

I hope to hear from someone who would like to resolve these issues and then we can all move on.

Howard Lamb

1st March, 2020

Dear Patient,

Texts to a friend:
When our gov is torn between the economy and viral safety it would seem its business as usual. Airlines still not checking temps before and after travel. Got to earn a buck or go out of business. Banks will foreclose on mortgages and loans. People have to go to work. Half the country can’t afford to quarantine until the last family member is cleared could be a long time. Boris needs to grow some.

Stock exchange, world wide, should be frozen and then re adjusted once the virus is under control. Banks need to freeze payments of those who are quarantined.

Well if they can lock away 2 thousand autistic kids and abuse them through ignorance what hope is there they will do the right thing.

Even if we keep it under control until flu season is over, dry air and high uv in the summmer. It will still be global and will come back this autumn. Trail run before the main event. Need to get it right

I expect the virus will thrive in a range of PH. Is it possible to alter our ph through diet to help protect us??? Research of the day.. 👍

As the globe spins through the season our soring and summer will be the Southern Hemisphere autumn and winter or flu season, India and South America, Southern Africa will have huge problems which does not look good for the huge numbers of poor people who are low on nutrition and have not been told what’s coming. 🤔😡

Maybe in the future all ac units must pass through uv light to sterilise it before being and during circulation. Could start with airplanes maybe. ✅

If it doesn’t kill everything, passing it through a mild electric field would prob do the job. There must be people out there with all the right knowledge. Ah well dream time over.

I’ll do what I’m told and wash my hands and hope.

I wonder how much help we will be to our Commonwealth when it hits?

One of the NHS professionals said: Take one or two sheets of the most absorbent kitchen towel, fold in half, Fold back the two halves and staple the ends. Fold stapled ends, after placing a rubber band in the fold, staple end to towel and hay presto you have a better mask, if done properly, than the unavailable cheap shop Iines. 👍

Tip of the day: Spray some anti viral agent on it and let it dry before use. Anti viral agents tend to be bleach and can damage your lungs so go gentle.

As I said to a twenty something patient who was happy he was in a safe age group. 🤔 I asked him if he was also happy it might kill his grand parents and close family? ✅ Penny dropped.

Flu jab scam. Give them old viruses and clean up or put in infrastructure to suppress its movement. 🤔 What you recon? ✅

Why the time wasting jab at a clinic? Surely a pill form, selfhelped, in one end or the other would be a fraction of cost and time. Down the chemist for a prescription suppository. Job done. ✅

Old viruses you haven’t caught, prob because you were immune to them. 👏🏻

As it spreads, those nations who have been relatively isolated or have had limited access to global viruses hitting there uneducated immune system and few facilities will come off worse with mortalities. Slums and lightly packed communities, particularly in the third world will also suffer higher casualty rates.

So as long as you are rich, live on a private estate, have access to wonder drugs. Cleans staff and have stocked up your ok. The rest of us can only hope for a bad cold.

When it comes down to the grey moment in the Assange case where the paper though wiki had it covered and wiki thought the paper had.

Assumption is the mother of all cluster f…s. Prob a minions fault for ticking a box without checking. Hardly cause for waterboarding in Cuba as a terrorist. Maladministration at best. 🤔

Trump said there was no such thing as this virus 🤔 New York Times article – Coronavirus May Have Spread in U.S. for Weeks, Gene Sequencing Suggests

Howard Lamb

29th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Another week slips by and the cover up continues. Nobody will talk to me as it would show guilt and so the merry go round never stops. Why? I can only guess but I expect it’s something to do with abusing children and not wanting to pay the price.

Not good on your c/v and finishes reputation. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

I’ve written a draft letter to Boris which I’ll put up soon, I prob want bother to send it as I am sure he will see it on jfa. He is in charge, so it’s his responsibility. They are tinkering at this moment in time so if I don’t go away they can say they were doing something and try and wriggle off the hook.

Lucky I’m expert at hooking and landing monsters. 😂😂✊

Howard Lamb

PS I see Priti Patel is throwing her weight around and force a top civil servant to resign. Labour did the same thing after the Baby P case and sacked a woman in charge of the SS and ended up paying through the nose with tax payers money, only to find she just moved jobs but with a large golden handshake and pension no doubt.

Bloody amateurs. 🤔

PPS Talking of amateurs, I’ve had a few NHS professionals in this week who are all worried as front line. Aande full of people coughing and spluttering and passing germs who are sure they have the virus, even though they are told to stay at home. No real protection. Hygiene should be much imp. It’s only a matter of time before you have a major outbreak in a hospital full of sick people, like in Italy, and it explodes with high mortality.

Do not got to hospital, doc’s or anywhere, go home and ring 111. Use anti viral spray around the house, increase vitamins and minerals to boost your immune system and hope it’s just a cold. Should have hygienic testing centres and fully kitted up, not just mask, mobile people. Happy days

I use tea tree and lavender on a small candle burner at home both good antiseptics. Maybe the old herbalist knew a bit more than they are credited with. ✅

Why use anti viral agents in the home and office? When in quarantine if infected the whole family gets it and re infect each other until even the healthy die, as see in China.

28th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

On the wired up wrong theory, I would tend to say it’s misleading. Most of the kids I have dealt with and from my 65 years living with it, my conclusions are that certain pathways in the brain and interconnections are healthy but not functioning properly or at all, which stops the child from accessing those area’s.

This can be due to genome dysfunction or hormone control or combination of factors. Many of these children heavily rely on natural instinct and are easily blocked, which causes a multitude of other problems.

The child can learn to use the pathways as with any learnt skill set but it will be much harder for them and the pathways have to be used regularly otherwise they are lost again. Just scratching the surface of their complexity but brains wired up wrong so nothing can be done is not the answer.

Still no contact. 🤔👎

Hence the importance of the correct straight chiropractic treatment during the child’s natural growth spurts when things switch off and other things switch on. So if a genome dysfunction has blocked pathways, brainstem stimulation to help the body to reboot during time of neurological change can really help. Unfortunately by the time of hormone changes in early teens the child can be so blocked and entrenched as normal the results are not what we hoped for.

I would like all babies craniums checked and rebalanced with light brainstem stimulation in the recovery room within hours of being born. What would I know. ✅

Clearly I could have explained all this to the GCC and BCA if they had asked. Clearly on their own agenda so didn’t.

The BCA have spent most of my professional career and most of my dads trying to get rid of straight chiropractic and only a crack and crutch musculosketal version should exist. So not in their vested interest to support a part of the profession they are trying to get rid of. Ask the MCA if they were nearly closed down during recognition. All in the history and paperwork.

The long and the short of it is, don’t force an autistic child to to learn, encourage and enthuse them to teach themselves and you can go wrong. One on one until the get the hang of it. Must keep them interested so the can make the connections otherwise is just Greek to them.

Howard Lamb

PS The BCA were trying to sell a standardised musculoskeletal model and using therapists to rehab. All they managed to achieve was therapists control back patients in NHS and they have denigrated the rest and stolen our credibility.

27th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

At last some sense. I knew this 35 years ago, it’s nice they are finally catching up. Guardian article – Brain wiring could be behind learning difficulties, say experts

It’s not that their brains are wired up wrongly just differently to the norm, so need a different approach. Otherwise you will traumatise them.

Their figures will not be relevant as they don’t bother to diagnose and just blame a large proportion of these kids.

Howard Lamb

26th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Top politicians protect child rapists in their own party, so their shot at power is not threatened. Perverting justice, drawing wages and pensions so they are there to cover their arses and keep the lid nailed shut. What chance justice?

Just because that’s how it was, it doesn’t mean that it’s right for it to continue but it has.

If one in 45 boys and one in 55 girls are on the spectrum all you have to do is simple mass. How many kids are in or been through the system since Blair was elected and how many kids were registered as autistic in the same time? 🤔

Then you start to see the scale of the problem. What Child X went through is inexcusable, people have been jailed for doing less to a pet.

The gov has to take responsibility and prosecute those who knew and aided and abetted this cover up, otherwise how can we ever trust them and their system ever again.

Still no contact however other stuff is going well. 😁 Will let you know if anything concrete happens.

It makes you think. For every criminal caught there are many who aren’t. History shows that paedo’s communicate and share info. How much more does Steele know or was he involved at the rape end as well? When they all lie, what is the actual truth? 🤔

Howard Lamb

PS Seems that the Assange case really isn’t one. Yanks clearly had plenty of time to safeguard their and our spies but didn’t. Why? Case closed.

PPS I said early this year that the gov under Cameron and May had put child abuse on the shelf or back burner till Brexit was sorted. I meant of course Jan 31st 2020 not Dec 31st 2020 as they would like it to be. Then they will need a select committee to find they have no responsibility and nothing will get done for years.

Select committee i.e. One where you select the committee to do what you want not what’s right.

According to my maths, not to be fully trusted, there will be 400 thousand plus non diagnosed with the modern spectrum forms. That will not take into account more old school types. Total is prob closer to a million and a half people on the spectrum to some degree. Minus the diagnosed is an absolutely huge number, all who will carry scars from the system in its many forms. Tends to explain why they want to keep it buried. ✅

Re Assange the Yanks were helping to redact name’s with Assange and a newspaper but someone had a grey moment and it was published before it was completed.

What sort of spymaster would leave their staff out in the cold when they fully knew the consequences? Assange did not steal the embarrassing data which rocked the world. They Clearly broke most rules in the book and are just trying to shut the door on freedom of speech and whistle blowing.

I still have to work out how many suicides can be linked to traumatising and blaming there has been, my unofficial count has shocked me. Prob far, far more than knife crime. What a can of worms.

PPPS Research on EU law a bit sketchy when it comes to child abuse. So my opinion is that the decision to take the rights away and rig the system was unique to U.K. However, apart from Switzerland the rest of Europe do their own thing. And worse than us. 🤔

25th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

What chance do AS/ADHD children, abused and traumatised, have considering they have been covering up sexual abuse for years? Guardian article – David Steel quits Lib Dems after child abuse inquiry report

Oops, who bothers to report sexual abuse of minors? Not politicians it would seem. Guardain article – Cyril Smith accuser calls for David Steel to be prosecuted

Not just us then. BBC article – British pianist James Rhodes drives child abuse reform in Spain

Howard Lamb

24th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
Assange day 1. Yanks bitched that he did not redact names of spies and put their lives in jeopardy. Bollocks, their covers were blown as soon as the information was stolen. Big time lapse. Russia/china had the info before Assange published it. 🤔

Knowing their agents covers were blown, why didn’t the yanks protect them? 🤔

Apparently agents disappeared. Prob playing both side and do a runner.

I was going to drop the new Attorney General a line but after the fun and games with the regulators. Attorney General(gave prime minister the wrong advice, nothing new then). And repetitively to PM’s, so no point really. It is impossible for them to not have and now know about what has transpired. Why the wait?

I expect the yanks forgot to tell anyone whilst they protected themselves. Then got caught out and had to blame someone, what do you recon? 🤔

Howard Lamb

23rd February, 2020

Dear Patient,

I see that Trump will pardon Assange for perverting justice. What a world we live in. Boris hiding behind the law. The dollar reigns.

Assange or AS as I like to see him certainly not going down without a fight. 👍 Full support mate, AS rules.

Has to be spectrum blessed. How else could he have got in such a mess for doing the right thing.

All I need now is a Tesla type and I have a full house. 😂

Prob time for the world to stand with AS and sort out the truth and how bad the corruption is or we can never save the planet let alone humanity. If there’s any left. ✅

Text to friends:
Assange the ultimate AS ADHD naughty boy who will not comply. Locked away and abused. Story can’t be told. Thousands all over the EU. Why? 🤔

Howard Lamb

22nd February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just what I have been saying but worldwide. Guardian article – Greta Thunberg’s mother reveals teenager’s troubled childhood

Howard Lamb

22nd February, 2020

Dear Patient,

How do the changes they are and have made helping these kids?

I talked some time ago about a friend in Scotland trying to get her son diagnosed, bullied at school and then reprimanded for his behaviour. Told it would take up to a year but through staff shortage 18 months later no appointment.

Why his paediatrician could not give a basic diagnosis to be confirmed once they have hired and trained a new clinician to diagnose and get the process moving, I do not know? Maybe their lack of trained staff to deal with these kids with diagnosis is a factor. 🤔

SS, teachers and nurses are not trained to spot these kids and have years of just blaming them and family rather than understand and have positive input to change the child’s direction before too much damage is done.

Sturgeons article I put up the other week on the subject was clear, there are problems that need dealing with. Who have they got with proven experience of successfully dealing with these kids, putting it all together for them? Otherwise it will be a mandarins money pit with pension extravaganza and no help to the kids.

You can see why they are having to play possum as nothing about this case is easy to solve. Firstly you have to admit you have a problem, bit like A A. (power love addiction, explains much) Then you talk to people with experience and have overcome. Then you have a support network to stop a relapse into old ways. 👍✅ They have know. Made changes, altered the law, then covered it up and worst of all have the arrogance to think it’s OK.

Howard Lamb

21st February, 2020

Dear Patient,

I was hoping, by now, that there would have been contact.

I expect the powers that be don’t want to answer awkward questions and just keep ignoring the child abuse they have caused and hope in time the questions go away.

From my side, that’s not likely to happen. Next week I will have to ramp it up again and start to put stuff outside the country and see what happens. 🤔

I’m sure our British editors are doing what they can but owners and gov prob not being helpful.

Soon as I hear anything I’ll let you know.

Just to be clear Google Search: what constitues child abuse 🤔

Is non diagnosis and the physical and emotional trauma it causes abuse. ✅

The system is a juggernaut, what it can’t run over it avoids, only to continue on its pre determined route. Everyone doing their bit to make sure the system does exactly what it was set up to do. So who set it up to abuse disabled children and what did they gain from it? 🤔

That’s why nobody feels that they did nothing wrong. Only my job description. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS My 10 year case study, mothers/child’s stories and a mountain of relevant paper work, is officially up for sale for book and film rights.

Their stories will be heard one way or another. ✅

19th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Nothing still.

Boris prob only just understanding the magnitude of the situation. Attorney General is prob caught in two minds. If he moves, those above and below him get into trouble and so does he for not moving sooner and potentially seen as involved with the cover up. If he does nothing and it blows up it’s the same but much worse.

Mrs May will want to muddy the water and play the blame game.

Politics is one thing but perverting the course of justice is something else. I say that because I talked with an old patient today about her naughty granddaughter.

The mother has had to give up her job, schools can’t cope with her and blame child and mother.

My patient was scathing about the clueless tick box SS. I was quite surprised about the descriptive language she used to describe their UN helpfulness. I have know her for 30 years and never a rude word, until now.

If you have know about this and had the power to change countless thousands of lives and don’t. It makes them aid and abet a criminal act. ✅

Sort of explains why nothing is, seemingly, being done.

Howard Lamb

PS The mother is single. Father not really any use or help and on benefits that don’t cover the bills. Lucky for her that my patient is helping out. This is an all to common story .

PPS It’s hardly a surprise that the patients cervical disc/degenerative change flailed due to the anger at everyone failing her granddaughter and and the stress of day to day dealings with a traumatised non diagnosed as ADHD hormonally charged teenager.

The teenager will feel abandoned by the father. Controlled and not understood by her mother. Alienated from making friends at school so communicates and only believe what her mates, who are also excluded from normal society say. Labelled and dumped on with guilt. Easily groomed or abused by anyone she lets in and trusts. What could possibly go wrong? 🤔

Oh yes and no confidence lack of education and no self estimate. That’s before you can start to understand her type of spectrum needs and what traumatic experiences have helped to trigger the life she has had so far. ✅

Once there you put in the treatment plan, as we did at the tribunal and won. Why was it never executed? 🤔

The teen will be very angry. After all it’s not her fault. 👍✊

Constant running on fright and flight mode not good for developing a healthy balanced hormonal calibration during development and overworking other areas to compensate. Add drugs for adults to the mix. Then alienate them, it doesn’t end well.

The worst thing about this cover up. By not diagnosing, the parents haven’t got a clue why their child is like they are and don’t understand why they don’t act normally when using all the expected tools for the norm. Constant battle up hill with no end in sight, no home life, no social life, blamed as it’s all their fault.

These children cost money you don’t have and often alienated from friends, family and neighbours. 🤔

18th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Nothing again today. I would hope there are things happening in the corridors of power but I have no way of knowing. Ethically things should move quickly in the right direction because there are thousands of families that this is still affecting. The corridors of power have shown little evidence of ethics thus far.🤔

If there had been any ethics in the first place this whole situation could not have happened.

Question of the week. How can you make those who are responsible for these crimes put there hands up and admit responsibility? Without that nothing will change because they have the power to control, manipulate and cover up.

Howard Lamb

17th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Nothing today.

There was a worrying clip in the paper today, I sent a text to a friend:
Sick of watching poor sods getting through uninsured flooding. If you get hit by an uninsured drive, a fund sorts it out. Whole idea of insurance is to spread the cost but all they want is the profit and not give the service.

Howard Lamb

17th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Saw something in the press today about Boris distancing himself from a Cummings advisor, who thinks you can breed out poor people only letting those with top genes breed at all. 🤔 Yet we let in thousands of poor people who do well.🤔

Prob the shit holes they are brought up in. Deprived, often under nourish with shit education, no facilities and blamed for being naughty. Prob their solution to solve the cover up. Maybe the SS are closer to the Nazi’s than I thought.

Howard Lamb

16th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Blair had a good relationship with the owner of the News of The World. 🤔 They fell out.

Then The Nnews of The World closed and the press don’t seem to be free anymore. 🤔

Well it’s early days, they only got the letter on last Wednesday, I expect I’m just impatient for a response but we will see in time.

Howard Lamb

15th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Once you start to see the abuse of power the whole picture changes.

Bush and Blaire twisted the world after 9/11. Planned to change/destroy and control the Arab/Muslim world. Rules were broken. Once the lies start, there is no going back.

Just like Child X, a wrong was done to this child and his family . A wrong was done to thousands of others, it cost some their lives.

Who is going to put there hands up to that? The cover up will just keep rolling on.

How do you get the gov to act with ethics? Who was there to stop this from happening? Why did they fail? Always more questions than answers.

Howard Lamb

PS If they don’t stick to the rules of democracy it’s a steady decline into some horrible structure we did not fight to world wars for, in fact the fascists and nazi win.

A very slippery slope.

PPS China to build HS2, nuclear reactors and computer network.

The pupil outstripping the teacher. They will not have forgotten about the opium trade for tea and all the other stuff of our Empire.

I hope we can be friends as their top people were as much to blame as ours. Hong Kong should be the bridge and not the threat it is seen as.

Can’t help thinking about why our gov is turning its back on the yanks. 🤔 Much more to this than meets the eye, I am sure.

Makes me wonder what the Chinese have on Boris. Well once the rule book is out the window, anything is possible.

14th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Practice manager in on Monday so I will be able to see if there has been any contact. Nothing by phone or mail.

The PM has loaded his carinate with supporters and is ready to get the job done I hope. We will see next week I am sure ish.

I expect all those in contact with the 2 MPs who are under quarantine will have to go into quarantine themselves. Does that mean the gov, parliament, lords and ministries will all have a 2 week break?

Maybe they could all be quarantined in their place of work and we might get some done. Always a rainbow. 👍

Let’s hope that ego doesn’t get in the way. Who does he think he is, I’ll deal with it when I’m ready, didn’t happen on my watch not my problem. This seems to be the norm in these circles.

Howard Lamb

12th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Letter to the press will have got there this morning. I expect they will take some time to decide if they will or will not join the battle. Let’s hope they let me know so I can move one way or another.

After watching the killing of Tony Blair on the TV last night, the scale of his abuse of power amazed even me and put a shadow on this whole case. It would seem that if the PM does or does not want something done or heard, it isn’t. 🤔

Howard Lamb

10th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Short of staff this morning so my practice manager was on reception. I’m sure if she finds the time the letter will go out today but if not defo Tuesday.

Just in case I don’t hear back I will email them Friday just to make sure. Even on their website it says things can get lost and not get to the right person.

I had a concerned mother in today who has been told her naughty girl needs drugging. As she said “Drugs do not solve the problem” and asked me what I would do? Well no simple answer because unless you change the system you are still ramming round pegs into square holes, which will constantly unbalance their child but they are too stoned to worry about it. Not ideal

Nothing from BJ or Cox. Long gave up on Mrs May.

Howard Lamb

PS I hope wikileaks got their copy and with the Guardian getting the editors copy to share there is not a lot else I can do at this moment in time.

I expect you will see changes in personnel here, there and everywhere as the Gov continues its cover up. If you do not expose the route cause of this situation it will never change as the next lot say it was before our time and we need to move on and continue to trash kids. Maybe not in those words but you get the gist.

PPS After all there have been 3 regulators since the major gen. And guess what they have said, even put it in a letter, bless them. 👍

I’m sure it’s on jfa. If I remember I wrote a strong letter to the chair of the GCC who never responded but I did get a threatening response back from the regulator telling me to move on or I would be put in the naughty room and nobody would talk to me. No change there then.

Their answer to my charge of covering up child abuse and having me removed from the register illegally. I did not change one word of my CPD and my appeal was successful, then I was re instated. 🤔
The Regulator system had to be put together by Blair and his itts hanged the profession out to dry, don’t do what it says in the act of Parliament and no complaints process so you can always tick your box and everything is tickityboo. ✅

8th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Please read my last draft of letter to the media. Ready for spell and grammar check before being put in letter form and sent out. ✅

Letter to media:
Dear Editors,

The Child X case study, life of an undiagnosed, AS/ADHD disabled person, has been active for nearly 10 years now. He was unfairly treated, blamed, then abused by the system. Which is sworn to protect him.

Outside of the system you are alone and vulnerable to the abuse of others, which I have seen first hand.

I would like to say this was accidental but can’t. I have supported the family and been a fly on the wall with clinical understanding of the child. I have whistle-blown to my profession, tribunal, Ombudsman and Government. Chronicled by (jfa) as it transpired.

In recent times I have contacted Mrs May, Mr Johnson and Attorney General repeatedly for an investigation as to how and why this has happened. Only after diagnosis can you put in the correct treatment plan. All to no avail.

Paperwork requests have been ignored, denied complaints procedures and no proper response. How can this be just? To this end, I ask you, on behalf of the family, to contact No. 10 and find out why this case has been ignored?

All the information on jfa is accurate and can be backed up by the vast archive of the mother and my own. Hardly a surprise no one seems interested in justice.

One has to assume they already know and are protecting those with responsibility. Certainly not democracy as I knew it.
Any help you could give would be gratefully received and appreciated by this forgotten family.

Howard Lamb

7th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

No news I’m sorry to say.

If pesticides and other toxins are at the bottom of our new spectrum ADHD kids and the gov has known. Not only have they covered up the abuse but the are also partly responsible for its cause.
Will have my letter ready soon and hope to send early next week.

Whole water treatment system needs to be up graded. It was not designed to remove or neutralise many modern day toxins and hormones and Christ only knows what else.

I only drink boiled water and even then I cant be sure it’s neutral. Usually with a tea bag and some organic milk. 👍

Don’t forget the nitrates, electro magnetic field, etc. Lots of new influences and no time to evolve.

Did I mention heavy metals and carbon monoxide?

Electro fields. Phone, lap top, computer Microwave. Bodies are being bombarded from the womb onwards. Not just for a minister here and there. 🤔

Howard Lamb

7th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Just one of many possibilities, especially the older ones DDT etc.
Guardian article – Largest maker of pesticide linked to brain damage in kids to stop producing chemical

I saw an article about EU waters i.e. rivers ponds canals, etc. which showed up high concentrations of everything from toxic insecticides some specific to damaging insects neurology, hormones to confuse the young and a list of stuff you would not like to drink. 🤔

I bet all the sewage plants have not been affected by cuts and are all ✅ box clean. 👍

Sixty years of toxins leaching into the water table can’t be good, 60 years of toxin build up in everyone’s soil, can’t be great either. I expect that’s why we had the organic revolution in the first place.

Are we seeing the early stages of its long term affect? 🤔 Always more questions than answers.

Howard Lamb

6th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

I just had another laugh. Friend and undiagnosed child talked to their paediatric clinician. Apparently the brain is evolving and that’s why we have all these kids.

Heaven help me. If the brain was evolving why are they finding more and more damaged genomes? And why are they still ramming round pegs into square holes as seen with so many naughty kids?

Damage is not evolution it’s man made.

Howard Lamb

5th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

To little too late for thousands of ruined lives. The new system prob will not be much better, as it will be run by those who abused these kids in the first place. ✅
Guardian article – Children’s care system in Scotland needs replacing, review finds

Boris can not possibly say they know nothing about it. 🤔✅

Howard Lamb

5th February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Some more texts to a friend:
There is no point me going over the early years where the child was put at risk in the school, I talked about in the original documents to the tribunal. That’s better coming from the child and mother. The change of head teacher and failed Ofsted sealed his fate and the start of the cover up.

It explains why education and the SS went out of their way to make this family’s life as difficult as they could. I did say that the SS seemed to have a vendetta with the family in my stuff to the tribunal and for good reason.

I talk to patients daily who are effected by this type of situation. A mother with a five year old, who is clearly spectrum ADHD, who has waited for an assessment for over a year. That is just the start of the process and with limited facilities the chances, are they will get a few labels and no diagnosis? I’ve seen this repetitively over a long number of years. What has stunned me is the numbers that we are talking about. Far more that 40 years ago when I started treatment of these children. Why?

When the powers that be are in denial that they exist who will actually get to the bottom of it?

Letter is nearly done, they have until Thursday 14 days after receiving my complaint. Prob go Friday or Monday.

We will soon find out if we have a free press or not but as always do have a Plan B.

Howard Lamb

2nd February, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a mate:
Putting my letter to the media world wide, sent to the xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx. A real tear jerker from the child’s point of view, after constant bullying and restraint at schools it was impossible to get him to go back for more of the same. He was a naughty boy and drugged to the hilt to suppress him. Not his fault.

Who would go back? Police constantly looking for him as he escaped again etc. He was home alone so to speak. Teachers SS and the police were stopping him from getting home.

Mother under threat of prosecution if child not at school.

All before my time and well documented

I described part of one day of his life in my backed up testimony to the tribunal 2012. CC to the major gen at the GCC and later the judgement.

Then it went very quiet. Next thing you know I’m being sued out of the blue. 🤔

To be fare to the major General he would only have been following orders. ✅

When you are a child 👶 of 10 or less and you are out and about on your own, it’s everyone you have to worry about. Made me cry. 😭 I don’t do that easily. But who cares? We will find out.

After we won the tribunal the SS perverted justice and treated the boy as a naughty child. You could not write it. But the law was seen to be done. ✅

Well documented. Child did not get any of the help the judge said he should, under the threat of a judicial review.

Defo no confirming diagnosis at any stage.

Remember the NHS finally confirmed his diagnosis at a later stage and went missing around the time of the mother’s case at the ombudsman.

How would you like to live in a controlled environment, isolated without friends, followed everywhere by a minder, no privacy? No free time, whilst recovering from years of traumatic stress through wrong diagnosis. He even complained to ofsted about restraint and won. Nothing changed.

He now partially hates his mother for sending him there. This has caused a multitude of problems since.

The placement brain washed him daily that it was his bad mothers fault and he needs to pull his socks up, type attitude.

It will make good reading. 👍😂

Now you get the SS. Enslavement of children. 👍

Now you get crimes against humanity and it’s cover up. 😩

How much damage to my reputation did the BCA do by not standing up for my right to diagnose? How much more damage did it do to child x?
Lots of questions but do they have the answers. Or are they covered up? 🤔

Howard Lamb

31st January, 2020

Dear Patient,

I managed to get tons done on my week off. Still wading through EU law, constructive time with the mother and planning now till April when I go. 🎣

No contact still

Dear Sir,

After 7 1/2 years of you explaining it to us, we finally got the message and will make amends.

Yours ✅

“Not going to happen” as the consequence would be dire for them, who will have a reputation or pension left?

So they will do what they have always done deflect and defer? Even the Grenfell Tower inquiry complained of the blame culture trying to cloud the water.

Monday will be two weeks since I sent Boris 3. It is expected within the professions to respond to a complaint within the first two weeks. 🤔

Prob send a reminder if nothing in post next week.

Their focus is on damage limitation and not child welfare. Just shows what type of people we are dealing with. 😱

I expect no 10 has now had all the paperwork they have asked for and are in a position to do something. How is that possible without talking and getting evidence off the mother, child and good old me? 🤔

This is what I’m have been dealing with at every level I have been through.

When this story breaks, as it will have to, there will be no hiding place for the guilty. It is clear that Gov does not listen to the people, only the accountants and people who are not qualified to do the job. 🤔 Just thinking about their pensions. They must reduce the budget available to do the job. But by paying pensions they can’t afford to. 🤔😡

Howard Lamb

30th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text on virus and inoculation:
I expect the inoculation saga goes back in time. If early jabs cause genome damage, how will that effect their children? 🤔

The modern jab is then the trigger. 🤔 More unanswered questions that nobody wants to look at. 🤔 In time they will be able to isolate old school autism genome and the more modern ones. That should give a time frame for the transition period and that could be a good starting point. 🤔

Dear ——

Nasty virus on its way. Any idea where I can get effective masks for my staff? Portable UV unit for all patients to walk past and an effective air born agent that doesn’t harm us? Poss guide lines as to how the profession should deal with it?

Ironic if we can’t get enough UV bulbs because they come from China. 🤔

You have to ask why the Chinese are so on the ball? They prob know more than they are telling. 🤔

Thank god we can close our borders if we have to.

Howard Lamb

29th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

I see Grenfell inquiry held up over people not answering questions due to claiming privileges re self incrimination.

The article suggested that the Attorney General may give them this so they can testify with no risk of prosecution. I expect he is looking into a way of getting everyone off the hook in the Child X case .

Then I came across a story of an abused child who was home taught and nearly died. Mother and step father doing hard time. I bet he was one of the 10,000 kids ofsted lost.

Case after case, tragedy after tragedy. Year after year. It has to be time for a change, surely!

Then we had ministers saying that they may give the blood scandal survivors some extra medical help from an NHS with bare bone structure and no compensation. Why were the Americans not sued at that time? A Major cock up I expect.

It’s strange how if the man in the street, or woman and non gender specific people, refuse to give evidence in court, they are seen as guilty. How does that not work at a public inquiry?

Howard Lamb

PS If cladding had to go through planning, they all knew about the flammability except for those who work on planning law only. That’s where it was twisted. How was it kept from the planners who gave permission and why? 🤔✅

Council might of rigged it to save a small fortune. 🤔 I’ve lost track, have they already covered that bit? 🤔 No they couldn’t have, I mean Westminster must be above reproach. 😱

As for the bad mother, I expect she was abused by her brutish partner and did not get the help and support she and her children needed. Ask any battered wife how it works? Victims not co-conspirators. But justice was seen to be done. All those who helped to create this situation and showed no care get off scot free. We have no staff or facilities and are working flat out. Well if they are not to blame who is? 🤔✅

26th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

I had a long chat with the mother yesterday. She is in contact with a few mothers going through the same hell.

Many have children who are not diagnosed and are being blamed by the system. The same council who lost the tribunal and was ordered to make amends to the child and never did, back in 2012. 7 1/2 years ago. They have known of their crimes against humanity but are doing the same thing to a new generation.

I was deeply saddened by the stories. Groundhog Day for the innocent and vulnerable.

Herts is one of the top councils, (apparently) what’s happening in the areas of bad councils, I hate to think. Just take their rights away and blame them and their mothers, then they can tick their box, not do the job they are payed for and get a pension for doing their job so well.

PS The council conceded the tribunal. If they had lost they would have had to answer questions. Much better to sweep it under the carpet so no questions were asked. 🤔 Not the whole truth and justice seen to be done, where as in truth it was covered up and suppressed. ✅

Text to the mother:

Councils are responsible but a case on human rights will have to expose it. Part of Gov, local and national, plan to not only cover up but to suppress complaint.

I’m on it right now and we are doing well. 💋

There must always be hope. ✅

Howard Lamb

PS I was abused by teachers when I was at school (held the caning record, very proud that I never gave in)
So they should be doubly ashamed. ✅

25th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Questions and answers.

JFA site needs to be cross referenced and made easier to use for new people! Agreed but there is only 24 hrs in a day and I hate computers. ✅

So sorry but you will have to make do for a while longer.

Do I think this cover up is linked to others? How can we know for sure they aren’t with this one hanging over their heads? ✅ Is there a link across Europe due to EU law? That’s part of my research next week.

I can’t see it wouldn’t be, assumption needs to be based on fact not fiction, hence research.

How many autistic children are locked up in Europe?

I hate to think maybe the Germans should spend their surplus in correcting these problems which occurred under their control.(Helped by the French?)

To many questions and no answer still. 🤔

Howard Lamb

24th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

One more clinic then a very busy week off. I’m not going away so will do a lot of catching up.

The Attorney General has his work cut out. He’s prob waiting on the Solicitor General to see how big a whole the gov is in and what they legally should have done. I could have helped him but you know how important people are. 🤔

It must be a year or so since I first contacted him and no one has been in contact with me or the family in all that time, why?

What has he actually done, knowing full well that more and more kids have been damaged and neglected in that time, as they are crashed out of a system for the norm and then blamed and neglected. 😩

I’m sure no 10 is finally cutting through the BS and are starting to understand the magnitude of the problems in all areas because of the incompetence and cover up.

Will they talk to me? Prob not. I think they have no other options but to call my bluff and hope I finally get fed up and go away.

Clearly have not done their research on autism and not understood it’s relevance. They have my details and can be available next week. ✅

Howard Lamb

22nd January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Two more of you asked the same question today, what will I do if I don’t get a response?

Well I can’t tell you due to giving the opposition a chance to counter and strangle it at birth. If you read the site (jfa), I have left all the clues. We have the UN man telling the Gov off, maybe contact him and see if the UN will facilitate prosecution at The Hague.

Through wikileaks find solicitors with a back bone who will raise the funds for prosecution of the gov at Hague, court of human rights and different aspects of this case at home.

100,000 chiropractors world wide start to kick off and form media pressure outside this country so our press/media have to get involved. Believe me, my profession is sick of being constantly belittled and not taken seriously.

If you look hard enough there are other possibilities on jfa. Me personally, I would do a family pod cast to set the tone, sell the rights for the book and films and put my feet up. The problem with that is, the family are then exposed and it could take years, if at all, to change the system.

Best option all round would be constructive dialogue. Legal advice would be not to do that because you are admitting guilt. 🤔 So that’s where we are, the clock is ticking. 😰

Howard Lamb

PS In a just democracy, the victims should not be left to prosecute those who have abused them, without back up, support and finance, as in this country.

My patients site (jfa) clearly shows that the Gov and Ministries have become totalitarian to hide the corruption of the system, without a clue how to sort it out.

Defer and deflect for 30 years, small inadequate changes and at the end, it nobodies fault. (the norm)

21st January, 2020

Dear Patient,

I was asked today, by one of you, what happens if the Prime Minister does not respond for the second time?

Well they broke the law and protocols with no 1 .

No 2 have not reported my complaint that child abuse by the system was covered up at the highest level, no response at all. 🤔

No 3 was my last attempt to communicate. Three complaints about abuse and ignored, writes volumes about the sort of people that we are dealing with.

As to what will happen? 🤔 Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that and some back bone is shown.

Howard Lamb

21st January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Who cares, it’s only scummy kids after all. Wrong!!! It’s a disgrace! Independent Article – Grooming ‘epidemic’ as almost 19,000 children identified as sexual exploitation victims in England

If you take their rights away, this is what happens. ✅

Howard Lamb

20th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Text to a friend:
My opinion which in the world of clinicians meant all the relevant facts that allow me to make my diagnosis. ✅

Well, I bet my bottom dollar they are all holding hands and praying that it will go away. I expect press have been suppressed by a combination of the good, bad and downright ugly.

Internally I’m sure it’s abandon ship, sod the woman and child only one lifeboat.

I expect the men in black have been spooking about and hold a mountain of evidence but how can the crown prosecute itself and not be open to bias? 🤔

Diagnosis. No Civic Responsibility. Then treatment plan. ✊

Howard Lamb

19th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

What a busy year so far. I’ve had to stop new patients till March to calm the practice down, as Stu and I are struggling with the work load.

I managed a couple of hours with the mother on wed afternoon, instead of going to the dentist. (no brainer, another long story)

She feels very alone and trudging up hill with the cares of the world on her shoulders and can’t see an end.

What do you say when you have seen what she has been through in the past 10 years? Let alone everything before then.

She has been blocked and suppressed by the system, a jack boot on her neck and being pushed into the mud, is a good metaphor. Without hope, the will to live slowly goes.

Justice can not be just to control the population but actually that. Without justice nothing is wrong and truth is selected.

Well Boris 3 finally, as seen on site, got to no 10 on Sat. Let’s see what happens next. 🤔

Howard Lamb

18th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Tory’s know then. Guardian article – Children in care services are at ‘breaking point’

Howard Lamb

13th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

A draft of the letter to Mr Boris Johnson (RT honourable Prime Minister)

Dear Prime Minister,

I believe this is my third letter to you, on the subject of Child X and the catastrophic failure of the system to protect him.

I would hope by now that you have been fully briefed and have a good understanding of the enormity of the problem and the tasks ahead to change its future.

As for blame, once all the evidence has been gathered I’m sure it will all become clear. To that end, once terms are met, I am your servant, in all areas to help find the justice we as a nation we’re revered for.

Please respond by the 31st January to clarify which pages we are all on.

Your respectfully,

Howard Lamb

10th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

One of you in clinic today wanted to get the press involved.

I finally had to say they have been since the beginning.

I wrote to the Guardian early on. I asked them to view my site and if I crashed and burned would they take up the families case for me.

At that stage, I was still in the process of working it all out but could not be sure that dirty tricks would not prevail.

Since then I believe the media have done a job well.

The TV networks have chipped in and much good reporting from many areas of the press.

During that time and intense research, I believe they hold a mountain of evidence which will help all these families. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Well done them.

Would open war from the press help at this stage? 🤔 Like them I feel there is a better way.

Howard Lamb

8th January, 2020

Dear Patient,

The independent had a good article on the fact we have dropped from 11th to 140+ on the nations league on child human rights.

Again it’s not just me.

If you put it all together and the fact that they are trying to wallpaper over the cracks at this moment in time, it’s impossible to say there has been no cover up.

This is what you get when those in the wrong have too much power and no independent investigation.

They have no motivation to solve the problems as it would show their guilt. 🤔

How do you get around that one without a big step outside the box?

Still working on Boris 3, how can you tell the PM he is sitting on a crock of s–t and needs to flush, politely?

It will come to me I’m sure but may have to do it via a letter to the press.

I have given them enough time to come clean, clearly not in their nature. ✅

All goes back to the concept of spin, part of the truth exploited and twisted into their own advantage, with complaints not heard and a system to rubber stamp things, you can get away with murder. Oh ! They have with all the suicides. Mmm 🤔

Not just mental and physical abuse then. That would make any boy naughty. Guardian Article – Welsh children’s homes owner jailed for sexually abusing boys

Yet another ofsted triumph. How many more have they missed? For Christ sake they lost thousands . What’s happened to them? 😡

As I said in my first letter to the major general right at the start, if you do the same thing in the same way, you get the same result. Good or bad, if you don’t change, the results don’t either.

One system fits all. Which only works if you are the norm. ✅

If those who traumatise the child get off scot free, the child will be blamed for the rest of their lives.

Howard Lamb

1st January, 2020

Dear Patient,

Not just me saying it but the UN as well 🤔 BBC News article – Poverty in the UK is ‘systematic’ and ‘tragic’, says UN special rapporteur

Howard Lamb

PS Have they got a new 10 year plan? As clearly the last one destroyed society.

understand the magnitude of this cock up.

What are the chances? First Friday after never I would have though.

Howard Lamb