17th January, 2017

Dear Rosalyn,

Please could you confirm that I am on your register for the whole of 2017.  As you probably know, your predecessor removed me whilst under complaint (on separate issues) and, as it turns out, for no reason at all, halfway through the year.

Please could you also confirm that you have seen my letters of complaint to Mr Howell, Mr Dunshea and Mr Button, and inform me as to your action.  There has obviously been a cover-up between the GCC, BCA and Hertfordshire County Council over child abuse, and breaches of rules, regulations, and laws, under your predecessors’ regimes.  I believe that you have been given a ‘poisoned chalice’ and at this moment do not hold you responsible for any of this.

A prompt response would be of great help so I can set the wheels in motion one way or another.  If your paperwork is a bit short at your end please view my patient’s website which will contain much of the information you need at www.justiceforautism.co.uk

Kind regards,

Howard Lamb


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