From: Howard Lamb [] Sent: 14 December 2012 16:39 To: ‘Sue Wakefield’ Cc:;;;;;; Subject: RE: Child X

Dear Sue,

Thank you for your response.  I understand the position I have put the BCA in.  Please supply all details as to why you do not agree with Chiropractors making a diagnosis when protocols and procedures are in place.  Also, what are the protocols and procedures that are stopping you from agreeing that a Doctor of Chiropractic is qualified to make a diagnosis?

Please can you send details of our next AGM so I can be prepared.

Kind regards,

Howard Lamb

A doctor has the right to diagnose.  If he or she gets it wrong, the mechanism is in place to deal with it, i.e. the GCC, insurance etc.  To make a diagnosis is what I was taught in college.  There are 3 things that make you a good practitioner- diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis.  It is my right to diagnose and if I am wrong it is my reputation on the line.

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