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                                                                                                             7th October, 2014

Dear Jamie,

Thank you for your letter dated 2nd October regarding CPD points. I believe that the consultations within the profession, regarding ‘the Chiropractic Act’ are valid for CPD points. How then is it possible that my research into the profession not developing properly since the original formation of the GCC and their protocols and procedures is not valid for the forum on ‘Said Act’.

For instance:

A test case in the courts regarding notes and note-taking came to the conclusion that they are the personal property of the practitioner, and as such cannot be the basis of prosecution. Yet the GCC are still prosecuting chiropractors and influencing subsequent legal proceedings, ie Mal-administration GCC – negligence in court.

No proper right of appeal or suitable independent complaints procedure against the GCC.   This would seem to be a possible breach of human rights.

No interest in the disabilities legislation. This is probably also against the law and human rights, and is all covered in my research.

I have within the last few weeks informed the GCC about child abuse (they have known about it for 2 years) and the potential criminal acts of an ambulance chaser trying to defraud an insurance company. My next year’s CPD will be partially based on all the notes/documents/

e-mails etc that I have drawn back to find out if the GCC fulfilled their legal requirements, which are standard across the board, when informing a professional body of such acts, especially after ‘Baby P’ and a host of other cases which showed governing bodies and others tended to stick their heads in the sand. Not a great defensive position.

As it would seem that I will not be able to call myself a chiropractor soon, it will be the end of an era, ie a family history since 1936 and an unblemished record of over one million patient treatments as a family practice. I will have to start to explain to my patients why I will not be insured, and why I can’t call myself what I am a world’s expert in.

I have also found out in my learning cycle that if the GCC cannot stand up for a chiropractic patient or diagnosis, that you as a practitioner have no credibility with any other professional (including the GCC) as seen in the Child X and ambulance chasers cases.

I believe that much of this is not covered by the new Chiropractic Act, so I have also leaned in my cycle that the GCC are wall-papering over cracks, and in time will harm the profession further by not correcting mistakes. Tick box, job done.

I have handed this matter over to my association (BCA, MCA, UCA, and Royal College of Chiropractors) with this letter and will be sending authority for them to draw back all relevant documentation on both the child abuse and fraud cases. I will also ask them to find out what has been done and who has been contacted for my case study for the Court of Human Rights and other litigations.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Howard Lamb

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