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17th June, 2016

Dear Mr Howell,

I believe that Jamie has my CPD retention form and my 3 letters of complaint which have not been dealt with in your absence. Clearly they show that my CPD is correct, and the information we discussed in correspondence regarding my networking at the ECU, BCA and UCA conferences gave me the information needed to formulate them. Where it says in the Chiropractic Act that you have discretion on how to deal with the law, you and your predecessor have taken it that it means discretion on whether you complied or not to the legislation, which seems to be where the problems have emanated. Law is law, you cannot pick and choose.

Reading back through my correspondence to you, your non-compliance to the Chiropractic Act has had far-reaching effects, particularly over your duty of care for chiropractic patients, or lack of should I say. This is one of the major reasons for the GCC’s existence. If you had complied with the law I am sure that we would not be in this situation today.

Even at this late stage you can comply but this is up to you to decide, or you may feel that a regulator is too big to fail, and continue with your current course where there will be consequences for your actions whether I am still in the profession or not. After all, my father treated my spectrum autism so I am certainly a chiropractic patient of long-standing and as such will still have a voice.

Yours Sincerely,

Howard Lamb

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