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The Surgery, 48 Marsh Road, Pinner, Middlesex, HA5 5NQ


                                                                                                                    6th June, 2016


Dear Mr Howell,

This letter is an official complaint and should be treated as one.

In over 4 years you have not taken any action to stop the abuse, by the system, and others, of my patient. You were clearly informed by a series of letters and e-mails as the situation went steadily from bad to worse.

I have informed you of significant problems on the insurance and legal worlds. I have clearly shown why and how I diagnosed this child and with scientific back-up. I told you how the abuse was done, and by whom. I highlighted these problems in my CPD (refused) and covering letter 2013/2014.

Your back-up on simple things like right to diagnose and advance the profession would have made significant improvements to my patients’ lives. I would have had a voice and could then not have been ignored. All so that you can downgrade the profession further.

My complaint is about Jamie Button who obviously did not show you your mandatory obligations. It has to be his responsibility as he sends them around the profession. Either he is incompetent, or you and he decided not to act on them, or you were told and ignored them.

Awaiting your response.

Howard Lamb


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