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27th May, 2016

Dear Mr Howell,

Thank you for your prompt response. You have not stated, for the record, that you are protecting our Doctorates and advancing the profession. Obviously you can’t because history clearly shows that you are not, and have not done so. As you have not taken up the role of advancing our profession, I find it difficult to understand why you have refused my CPD. Obviously again, if you are and have not done your job as shown in the Chiropractic Act, we must do it ourselves and as such must be CPD eligible. Having someone in charge who has not done their job and has the power to throw me out of the profession cannot be right. I am still waiting on your chiropractic expert who would know whether my CPD is about advancing the profession or not.

This is censorship, and as such I must make another formal complaint about you and your handling of this situation. Please send details of your complaints procedure to Paul Gardener. I will take his advice as to whether to change my CPD and advance my work for the Court of Human Rights by involving the Privy Council who are ultimately responsible for your actions.

Your belated understanding of disabilities legislation is appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

Howard Lamb


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